Welcome to Readbag - powered by people

We hope that Readbag will be the antidote to the super-abundance of information on the internet.

Readbag will help you:

  • When you find stuff you haven't got time to read
  • When you resist bookmarking an interesting page because you think you'll forget about it - your bookmarks list just isn't working
  • When you want to know what others are reading or think important enough to share

But it's more than that.

We hope that Readbag will help everyone to discover, consume and share more interesting content in less time than ever before.

Beta testing

Readbag is currently in beta testing and development, what you see online today is just the start. We've let just a few thousand users participate at this stage, but we'll open up Readbag to everyone as soon as we think it's ready.

Whilst we're testing and fine-tuning, some of our results might look a bit strange - that's because the number of users have yet to generate enough data. We're trying to handle that, but expect some weird results during the next few months and please don't judge us on that alone!

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