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These scripts are taken from Dani's script book. Go to her website and order "Dani Johnson Script Book and CD set" it is less than $40. It is very important that you purchase this script book if you want to reach your maximum earning potential.

But Before You Begin Reading The Scripts Read Below:

This home based business is as easy as reading the scripts provided, and this is one of the reasons why this business is extremely duplicatable. Simply stick to the scripts and you'll see amazing results. This is an amazing opportunity, you don't need to try and sale it. Let people sale themselves. The first time you'll use these scripts is when you practice on a few of your most trusted resources. You If you have done your homework and listen to both videos including the important recorded calls by Dani Johnson, you'll know what resources I'm talking about.

The more you help others, the bigger your income will grow. Understand that you are not trying to sell anything. Your main goal is to find a persons desires and needs by which, you'll be able to determine whether you have a solution for what their goals, desires and need are. People want a home based business for different reasons and your only job is to find out why... by asking questions and being truly interested in what their needs are. Whatever their needs are, more than likely, this home based business can help lead them to where they want to go in life. Do you like salesman? Do you like when someone calls you trying to sell something? Most people don't! Which is why we don't sell anything. We simply ask questions that allow potential home based business owners to sell themselves. By following the scripts, people will tell you exactly what they need and why they need it. Don't look to sell anything but look to offer a way...a their problem. If you have the heart to help others by providing a profitable business that will make their lives much better, then your

checks will be bigger.

Your Posture Is IMPORTANT!

Although these scripts are very effective, there is a little more to just reading the script. There is verbal communication, which is only 7% of what you say and then there is nonverbal communication which holds the other 93% of the way you communicate. Believe it or not, people can hear your body language through the phone. So, while what you say is important, the way you say it, is even more important. It's also very important that you speak with authority. Sounding overly nice and afraid of rejection will not aid people to trust and feel comfortable talking to you. Just think of some of the interviews you've had in the past and you'll get a visual picture of a professional business person and someone who is very unprofessional. Most of what you'll be doing is conducting information to find out about the person...simple! Do you know this is a great opportunity? Do you know you will succeed? Do you know this opportunity can change peoples lives? If you know, then you must sound, look and act like you know. It's as simple as that! Prospecting Script


Hi "PROSPECTS NAME", how's it going? This is "YOUR NAME", I'm calling you back. How are you doing today? You requested more info about working from home? What can I do for you? If prospect doesn't remember requesting information say, "Hmmm, I just want to make sure our department didn't get things mixed up.... I am speaking with and your address is and did I call . Hmmmm okay well I do apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your time... I'd like to leave you with my name and number....our company is looking for qualified individuals in the area where you are who are looking for a career change with the potential of earning a 6 figure income. If you could just give my name and number to anyone you know interested in the an opportunity such as this, it would be great! Do you have a pen and paper handy? My name is and my number is . Thanks for your time! Goodbye." Do you have a pen and paper handy? To save us both time, I need to ask you a few questions to figure out what info to direct you to.

Some Questions To Ask Are:

Are you currently working from home? (if yes) What is it? (if no) What do you do for a living? How long? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? Are you thinking of replacing your current income or just supplementing it? Do you have a family, spouse, kids? Have you ever been self employed or owned a home business before?

Now what level of income are you accustomed to? What kind of income are you looking to generate in the next 12 months? Do you have some capital set aside to start your business?

You know "PROSPECTS NAME"; our company has quite a standard for the people we are looking for. There's a lot of work on our part in setting someone up in a home business successfully. So we are looking for people who are absolutely serious about building a business and making money from home. So "PROSPECTS NAME", how serious are you about starting a home business? Tell me why? Great, let me tell you a little about the company I work with. I am an independent representative in a 7 trillion dollar industry which is Traverus Travel. Have you heard of us? David Manning is the company President of this 26 year old international company. We have tens of thousands of agents spanning over 90 countries and we continue to grow rapidly. We hold the title of having the best compensation plan and the most lucrative opportunity for anyone desiring to start a home based business, not only because travel is big business, even the number one most searched keyword on the internet, but because they pay us better than any other home based business opportunity can. Now "PROSPECTS NAME", the person we're looking for has 3 main qualities; they are a team player, self-motivated and dependable. Do you feel you have these qualities? Great! Do you have Internet access? Go ahead and visit "YOUR website" , I want to make sure you can access the website without any problems. (if no) What's your email address? I'm going to send you a link to a site with more info. (Give them YOUR website, have them read it back to you) (if no email) You can listen to a brief audio message of the opportunity over the phone. The number is "1-646-222-0102 "

Let me give you my number: "YOUR NUMBER". We're pre-screening a lot of people right now. We'll be making a decision real soon, so the sooner you can go to that website the better. Depending on what your response is to this info will determine whether or not we work together and where you fit in on our team. If you're available on (choose a day and time that's best for you) I will call you to answer any questions you may have. (Set a follow-up appointment or you can have them call you.) Voice Mail Message Script


Hi "PROSPECTS NAME", this is "YOUR NAME", calling you from Traverus Travel, I'm calling you back to get you the information you requested. We're doing some prescreening interviews right now because it takes a lot of work on our part to establish someone in their own home based business. So if you're serious, give me a call back, I'll get that information to you and we'll see if you have the qualities of the kind of person we're looking for. At that point we'll decide whether or not we'll be able to work together. My phone number is: "YOUR NUMBER" and my website is: "YOUR WEBSITE". Good luck and God bless! Follow-Up & Closing Script *********NOTE:

You didn't? Okay NAME is it that you're truly serious about (repeat their needs) and that (whatever their excuse) or are you really not serious at all about starting a home based business and didn't know how to tell me so? Okay NAME If you are absolutely serious about (repeat their needs) I'm going to give you another chance to review the website...okay? Are you able to get on the Internet now? Great...go ahead access the Internet so I'll know you don't have any problems downloading the website. (While waiting hold a short conversation) I'm not sure if this will work for you but at least it's a way that you can (repeat their needs) I'll be making my decisions tomorrow so I will give you a call back in about a ½ hour or so and see whether or not we'll be able to work together ...okay? I'll talk to you If your prospect did not follow through by viewing the presentation read the following script:

soon. End******** Follow-Up & Closing Script


Hi "PROSPECT NAME", how's it going? I appreciate you being here for the appointed time. (build rapport) Did you get a chance to review that information yet? 1. What did you like about what you saw? (heard, read, etc.) 2. Tell me more about that? (Let them sell themselves. Take notes here, you should already have some notes from your first phone call with them.) 3. Okay, "PROSPECT NAME", do you want make a little or a lot with Traverus Travel? 4. What for? (Get them to tell you what they would spend that money on, get them dreaming about it.) 5. "PROSPECT NAME", at your current job, how long will it take you to be able to (list the goals they just gave you)? 6. Where do you see yourself getting started? (Basic/test the water level or serious level?) Great, Welcome aboard, what do you want to call your travel store. What is your legal first and last name?

Note:You should already have your sign up page up and ready to go, so that you can

ask them the information required to get them started ­ you simply type and fill in the blanks for them. Now if they are uncomfortable giving their information over the phone then send them to your business site where they can enroll themselves.

Handling Objections

Handling Objections: Do not be on the defense when handling objections. Remember, they are afraid of "risk". Just pile up the worth by repeating their goals back to them. Example: prospect gives you an objection, "I don't think I can do this." Really... tell me about that? (Keep asking to get to the root issue) You know "PROSPECT NAME", how you were saying that you want to (repeat their goals back to them, sell them on THEIR dreams and goals). So are you serious about that? How serious? So are you willing to learn, work and try at something that maybe can give you a chance? Just give it a shot, this is a chance to get (list some of their goals). Great, here's your next step. They keep giving objections or excuses like "I don't have the money, etc." "PROSPECTS NAME", is it that you really don't have the money (time, etc.) and you really do want to get started or you just can't say no and don't want to hurt my feelings?

*****Closing Objections & What You Might Hear*****

1. How much money are you making? You know what..I just got started in my business and much like any other don't see a HUGE in your first day or even first know when Bill Gates started Microsoft he didn't make a profit right away either and so I see it coming and everyday I'm working toward building my business and customer base and I'm looking forward to the profits that will be coming in real soon. ( Tell one or two testimonies) I'm real excited. 2. You know what I don't have the time. I can understand. Tell me why you say that? Earlier you talked about how you (repeat their needs)....tell me why(repeat their needs)? Ask these questions that are relevant to what their needs are How long did it take to get into debt or How long will it take you to (repeat their need) if you don't do this business? If you stay on the same path ( repeat their goals) Okay you said you were serious to (repeat their needs) so are you at least willing to work, willing learn and willing to give it a you can (repeat their needs) 3. Nows not a good time..maybe later. tell me this, is it that you are really serious about (repeat their needs) or are you just that you don't know any other way to blow me off or tell me you really don't want to do this? (If Yes, continue) I'm just curious because it doesn't seem like you're real serious about ( repeat their needs). How much longer are you willing to live your life without the things you most desire? 4. Is this a pyramid / Is this a pyramid scam, where the guy at the top makes the most money? What exactly are you talking about? Do you mean something like where your manager makes more than you and your manager boss makes more than the both of you, and the CEO of the company makes more than everyone else? Well know this is much more profitable and will allow you to eventually quit your job. Okay, well do you want to sign up your friends? 5. I don't have the money? Tell me why you say that? You know you kind of remind me of certain testimonial by a woman named Dani who was homeless living on a beach, with her belongings in the trunk of her car. She had only $2.03 to her name and was tired of her situation. She built her business for a pay phone booth and became a millionaire within two short years. But let me ask you a question.....where do you think she'd be today if she hadn't made a decision to do what she had to do in order to change her life? 6. I'm not good at sells / I don't like sells. Well tell me what you mean by that? Is there a reason why you don't think you're good at sells? Okay well great because many people in our

company have never been in sells. Do you like being in customer service? Do you like helping others?

7. I don't think it's for me. I don't think I can do this. Tell me what you mean by that? let me ask you this... do you remember the way you felt your first day on the job or the first day you started to learn how to drive? Remember how uncomfortable you were and how many mistakes you made? And how you got better over time? And now you don't even have to think about it right? Well this is the same way...Anything new can be intimidating..that's why we've got awesome training to help you get through that learning curve. 8. Well you know the compensation plan looks real good but I don't think it's for me. Okay well tell me what you liked most about what you saw? (Then continue the script) 9. I'm checking out other companies and I'll get back with you on my decision. That's absolutely great to be checking out other companies and when you are absolutely serious give me a call because I'm looking for a few key people to work with this month and depending on your response to all this information will determine where you will fit in on our team. I'll be making my decisions soon, so when you're serious give me a call. 10. I need to talk to my spouse. What exactly do you mean by that? Okay I just want to level with you here really quick. So is that you are really serious about (repeat their goals)..and that you're really serious about those things and that you really do need to find (repeat excuse) or are you just telling me that you don't have the money because you really don't want to do this and you that you don't want to hurt my feelings? I'll be making a decision real soon so what would be a really good time that I could call back and talk to you and your spouse together? If you get other objections not listed above just use your strength and knowledge. A lot of power lies in the ability to see what the individuals family will look like years from now if they don't get involved in this incredible opportunity to.

Reality is that if a person can take a look around in their house at the countless dollars they have spent on decorations and entertainment and the fact that none of it is not contributing to their success...they wont have a problem investing less than $200 in a legacy for their children and for their childrens children.

NOTE: If they have questions you can't answer, put them on a 3 way call to one of

the following team leaders: Get to know some of your Team Leaders! Call them . . . Introduce Yourself . . . Get Help Or Advice . . . Use Them For 3-Way Calls With Your Prospect. (I have indicated the type of prospect each leader is most effective with on 3-way calls.) Joe Marcelino - 310-770-7307 (YTB reps, or anyone) Daryl Djuan - 817-723-3544 (YTB reps, or anyone) Juana Dillon - 201-522-2117 (YTB reps, women, anyone) Pastor Brewer - 515-277-6462 (laid back personality) "Tim" Miller - 601-212-3374 (Strong prospects, Men, Networkers, Comp Plan) Kemp Satchell - 267- 539- 7935 (ANY) Jamal Mumford - 287-286-5662 (Any) Bruce Baily prospects) -301-257-3343 (YTB reps, Young

Dottie Smith - 706-868-6392 (Women, networkers, professionals) Larry Buhrandt - 615-824-9772 Referral Script

SMILE WHILE YOU'RE ON THE PHONE - YOU ARE NOT A SALESPERSON #1: The prospect says no to your opportunity, but you have built a great rapport with them: Okay great, I really enjoyed talking to you and I agree with you that this is not for you. Who do you know that would like to save money on their health services? #2: If you are following up with a customer and they liked your product or service: I am so excited for you that you are (repeat their success on the product). Who do you know who also wants to (repeat their results again)? #3: If you have a friend or business associate you've previously spoken to: Hey "PROSPECT NAME", how's things going for you? (F.O.R.M. Them) I'm expanding my business and I need your help. Who do you know who would want (list some benefits like: to make extra money, pay off debt, pay kids college tuition, etc)? Warm Market Scripts

SMILE WHILE YOU'RE ON THE PHONE - YOU ARE NOT A SALESPERSON CREATE URGENCY AND EXCITEMENT. Be yourself and be casual. No one likes pushy people. Schedule a time to talk with them immediately after they get the information. Follow-up is the key to success.

Test Market Approach #1

I was wondering if you would be willing to help me out with something? We have been looking for a way to (get out of debt, pay off our car, stay home with kids, increase our income, etc). After carefully searching for what we felt would work we found something. But before we completely get ourselves too deep we are first doing a test market through our friends who we trust will give us an honest assessment. It's kind of a look under the hood and test drive before we buy kind of thing. So would you be willing to test something out for me?

Test Market Approach #2

Hey "PROSPECTS NAME", how's it going? Hey can I get your help with something? I've got this new thing I'm doing a test market with. It's a home business and I have this product that (list some benefits of your product). I'm thinking it might really take off because I am working with (name of successful person you're working with) and they have (list some results they've created). But before I commit fully to this advertising campaign, I want to do a test market. So would you be willing to be one of my customers for a month or two and try these our service out? I'd really like to get your honest opinion to see if it's something you'd use and refer to other people. If you don't it, you can get 100% refund. It would really help me out to have your feedback for my test market,

would you be willing to do that for me?

Practice Approach #1

I know you are really busy with all that you have going on in your life and I almost didn't call you because of your schedule. But, I really need your help. We have been looking for a way to (get out of debt, pay off our car, stay home with kids, increase our income, etc) I believe we found a way. But before I begin my national advertising campaign I was hoping I would gain some experience first with practicing with you. Do you think you could help me out? Can we talk tomorrow at (pick a time) at (pick a location)? Great, I really appreciate your help, I'd much rather get some experience with someone I know before running ads.

Practice Approach #2

Hey "PROSPECT NAME", can I get your help with something? I'm starting a home business and I could really use your help. I need to practice on someone. Can you visit my website and look the info over?

Opinion Approach

Hey, I need your help, can you look over this info and tell me what you think? I want to get your opinion on it. (Give them your website, recorded call #, FOD, etc. Or... if in person, sit down with them and do a 1 on 1 presentation)

Direct Approach

Hey "PROSPECT NAME", how's it going? Hey I have a quick question for you. Choose one: a) How would you like to capitalize on your people skills, contacts, expertise, experience and knowledge? b) If there was a way for you to (pick one: double your income, get out of debt, retire early, diversify your income, pay for kids college tuition, stay home with kids, travel more, etc.) would you want to get more information? c) Would you like to have more fun while earning money? d) Can you see yourself doing what you are doing right now for the rest of your life? Are you serious about that? Great, we need to talk. I'm working part time doing something I'm really excited about. I'm not sure if this would be for you or not, but I think you should get the information so you can (repeat what they agreed to i.e. get out of debt, etc.) When are you available? (Take them to a recorded or live call, web presentation, or book them for a live meeting.)

Face to Face Conversation Approach

(F.O.R.M them and find a need first) Hey "PROSPECT NAME", you know you mentioned (repeat what their need was). I work with a company that is expanding all over the country right now. I don't know if you have the skills and qualities of the person that they're looking for and I'm sure you're totally satisfied with your current job, but let's exchange phone numbers. I can get you the information of what they have available and then we can go from there. If it's a match, great. If not, that's fine too. At least it's a chance for you to (repeat their need). So when are you available? (Get their number, email address, etc. and the best time to reach them. FOLLOW UP and direct them to your website, recorded call, schedule them for a live meeting, etc. When you follow-up, continue to build a rapport.) (If they ask a question) That's a really good question, it's best to get all the info first so you have a full picture. Are you serious about (repeat their need)? Well this is a chance for you to be able to (repeat their need). If it works for you, great, if not, that's fine too. So when are you available?


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