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Toshiba Value Added Package (TVAP) Version 1.1.7 Update Procedure

Version Information : 1.1.7 Applicable Notebooks : Portege Qosmio Satellite Satellite Pro Tecra M400, M500, M600, R400, R500 F30, G30, F40, G40 A100, A130, A200, A210, M100, M200, P100, P200, P200D, R20, U200, U300, X200 A100, A120, A130, A200, A210, M100, M200, P100, P200, P200D, S200 M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M9, P4, P5, A6, A7, A8, A9, S4, S5

Table 1 - Applicable Notebook Models for TVAP Update version 1.1.7

Applicable OS : Windows Vista Feature : 1. Installation of this update will provide improvements in the creation of tokens. 2. Support for 16-bit mode display 3. Ensured that pressing Fn+TAB during ODD disable would not result in the wrong presentation of selectable items. 4. Improved functionality with Fn sticky settings in Accessibility. 5. Improved functionality for Help section in the PC Diagnostic tool and Toshiba Zooming Utility. Prerequisites : For the models listed below , an update of the RAID Utility to version is required prior to installation of the updated Toshiba Value Added Package version 1.1.7. Portege Qosmio Tecra M400 G30 S4, P4

Table 2 - Notebooks which require RAID Update prior to TVAP Update

How to update the RAID Utility : · · · · · Download the RAID Utility Update from Extract this file onto a convenient location on the notebook. Run "update.exe" (Run with /qn switch for silent install) Follow the on-screen prompts. Reboot the notebook.

How to confirm the RAID Utility version : · Go to [Start] , select [Control Panel] , select [Programs and Features], the version is

A) How to Update TVAP version 1.1.7 : 1. Download the Toshiba Value Added Package update version 1.1.7 from . Please note that the updates are specific to the notebook model and also the number of multimedia buttons. Refer to Section B for further details. 2. If a previous version of TVAP has been installed, run upgradeTVAP.exe 3. If no previous version of TVAP has been installed, run setup.exe 4. Follow the on-screen instructions. 5. Reboot the target system.

B) How to identify the Number of Multimedia Buttons Note: Some models do not come with Multimedia buttons (No button models). The Power button is not counted as a multimedia button.

Figure 1 - Typical 2 Buttons Style

Figure 2 - Typical 6 Buttons Style

Figure 3 - Alternate 6 Buttons Style

C) How to check the version of Toshiba Value Added Package : 1. From [Start] --> [Control Panel] --> [Programs and Features] --> Click [TOSHIBA Value Added Package] 2. Select [Organize] --> [Layout] --> [Details Pane] , (As displayed in Figure 4)

Figure 4 - How to check [Toshiba Value Added Package] version


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