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252 BASICS FALL 2011

You've emailed. You've called. You've talked with your Orange Specialist, and we are listening. Here's what you can look forward to starting with September's 252 Basics!


We've gone through and defined the tools and resources we provide to help you implement the Orange Strategy (see graphic below) to be used in three primary environments: church (252 Groups), home (252 Home) and in-between (252 FX).









We call our resources to be used in the church environment, Groups. So, you'll begin to see those resources with the label 252 Groups. 252 Groups resources include Large Group scripts, Large Group visuals, Small Group materials and other resources for your weekly church environments. Many of these items are included with your 252 license. 252 Home includes tools to equip parents to reinforce the Bible stories and virtues their kids are learning at church, also at home. Examples of 252 Home resources that are included with a church's 252 license are GodTime Cards and monthly or weekly Parent Cues. 252 Home Resources that are sold separately include CUE Box, and the Parent Cue app. Access to is free.


252 BASICS FALL 2011

Orange is at its strongest when multiple families are connecting with each other and with church leaders weekly or monthly. That's what an FX is, a Family Experience where we put parents and kids in the same room. This unique shared event opens the door for conversations at home. 252 FX resources that are included with a 252 license include Weekly FX scripts, Monthly FX scripts and Director's Notes. 252 FX resources that are sold separately include Seasonal FX events, as well as video elements and resources to help you make your FX a success.


SIMPLICITY: 252 COMPACT is the new name for the K-5 version of 252 Basics. This new stream-lined version of the K-5 Large Group makes it easier than ever to pull of Large Group for those of you with fewer volunteers and kids. Also, we have added adaptations for each small group activity so it can be modified easily for older or younger kids with no extra supplies, so that you can adjust depending on who shows up that week. NEW GRAPHICS: The graphics you see for large group screen images and posters will now be carried throughout Activity Pages and GodTime Cards giving each month a "series look." NEW LOOK: Throughout the curriculum, you will notice a new look beginning in September. In addition to the thematic graphics, you will see keywords to help you identify and reference Small Group elements quickly. NEW MATRIX: We're working hard to simplify the 252 download matrix so that you can get the files you need for your environment. Don't worry--we'll walk you through the "new" with our incredible Orange Specialist team, as well as provide helpful tips and guides on our 252 Blog. PARENT CUE: This September, the Fridge Door will now be branded under the label "Parent Cue" as a way to align with CUE Box, the Parent Cue app and other 252 Home resources. This brand will also extend throughout our age group curriculum, so that you can train parents to "look for the CUE" whether they have preschoolers, elementary-age kids or teenagers. There will also be a new monthly option for the Parent CUE--if you are short on paper, this will be a great option for you.


252 BASICS FALL 2011


NEW Feature Presentation: Not only will Feature Presentation include the same dramatic rendition of the Bible Story which it has contained for the last two years, but it will now also include a new style of video that presents the same Bible Story. We are calling this new style 252 Story. 252 Story is going to be a simple, but creative, straight-forward telling of each week's Bible Story. As a leader, you will now be able to choose which version of the lesson is most appropriate for your ministry audience! With these new additions, Feature Presentation will have a small price increase to $59. However, you can purchase a subscription to Feature Presentation for a limited time at the current low price of $49 per copy. (To subscribe to Feature Presentation, click here.) NEW Get Reel 2.0: Our new version of Get Reel, Get Reel 2.0, contains videos that are not only great for enhancing your environments and live teaching, but also intentional about teaching your children Faith Skills. The videos that will show up (in various combinations) on Get Reel 2.0 are: Discovery: Navigate the Bible Dear God: Dialogue with God/Personalize Scripture One Thing: Articulate your Faith/Personalize Scripture Live Loud: Worship with your life New Graphics Elements: Beginning this fall, Get Reel 2.0 will also come with graphic elements that display that month's theme and virtue. Also, look for audio transition clips to help you move between segments in your production without losing energy. The Parent Cue app: The Parent Cue app offers resources for those everyday moments that happen away from home. All of the content on the Parent Cue app lines up with the 252 Basics lessons, allowing parents to continue the conversation all week long. And parents can receive a daily push notification that reminds them to use their Parent Cue and connect with their kids. So, tell the parents in your ministry to go to the Apple App Store or Android Market and pick up their Parent Cue for only $1.99.


252 BASICS FALL 2011

RETRO VISION for CUE Box: Did you know that CUE Box is part of a larger strategy to combine the church's influence with the influence of families to have a bigger impact in the life of a child? By following these simple CUEs based on Deuteronomy 6:7, a parent can make the most of everyday moments to instill faith and character in the heart of his or her child. ACTION when you get up when you walk along the road when you sit at home when you sit at home TIME MorningTime DriveTime MealTime HangTime COMMUNICATION encouraging words informal dialogue formal dialogue shared experiences intimate conversation GOAL instill purpose interpret life establish virtues create memories build intimacy

when you lie down BedTime

"Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up" (Deuteronomy 6:7 NIV). subscriptions: Want to equip families at a whole new level to talk about the monthly theme, virtue and Bible stories, but need to do so in an affordable way? now offers group, annual subscriptions so that you can provide an online code to the parents in your church to log in and get access to videos, Bible stories and more.

Make sure you stay tuned to the 252 Blog ( for the latest news, tips, resources and more!



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