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Chroma® applied: Guidelines for Use

3form Chroma ® applied panels make for beautiful solid surfacing applications. produced with UV stabilization technology, the applied Color collection is suitable for both interior and exterior use. Most Chroma applied colors are opaque by design to accomodate applications where the Chroma is mounted to a solid substrate (wood, metal, etc.). Blue opal, Topaz, ruby, Zircon, Wheat and lime are all translucent and will require liquid White to be considered opaque. Because the color is opaque Chroma applied panels are best illuminated with edge lighting. Chroma applied panels must be mounted using mechanical fasteners. DO NOT use adhesives to apply Chroma applied panels. The Chroma applied color palette is designed to complement Chroma infused colors. For each Chroma infused color, 3form offers a Chroma applied color pairing similar in hue, however the colors are NOT exactly the same. it is recommended that samples are approved before specifying. w h e n t o use a pp l i e d col or Chroma applied colors are best specified in countertop or table top applications that will be attached to a solid substrate (wood, metal, etc.). Because the Chroma applied colors are opaque, the fasteners used to attach substrate to the Chroma will not affect the overall aesthetics. Chroma applied colors should always be specified as the second surface. Chroma applied colors can also be specified for exterior applications. Chroma applied colors are formulated with inorganic pigments that are UV stable and will not change color over time in exterior applications (Conversely, Chroma infused should NOT be used in exterior applications as the color will be affected by UV light and change color over time). another good application for Chroma applied are privacy partitions or glazing panels where NO light transmission is desired.

Countertop applications like this vanity show the impact of Chroma applied panels

For more information, please visit or call 877.649.2670

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h ard c o at Chroma applied panels that are installed as countertops and table tops that have more than 3" overhang can be further protected by specifying 3form Hardcoat on the applied color surface. 3form Hardcoat is an added high-gloss clearcoat layer that protects the applied color from incidental scratching. The 3form Hardcoat has a pencil hardness of 2H and a gloss of 90°+. c u s t o m app l i e d col or One of the benefits of 3form applied color technology is the ability to match almost any solid color. 3form offers a ten business day lead time on all Custom Chroma applied color requests. Custom color matches are processed in two different ways. if the color to be matched is part of an existing color system such as pantone ® (U, C, or TpX series), Benjamin Moore ®, aKZO ®, Sherwin Williams ® or Dunn-Edwards ® the color can be retrieved from our database of over 60,000 colors to match the specified color. For color requests that are not in our database or for colors that are to be matched to a cusomer submitted specimen, the Custom Chroma applied order form will need to be filled out. The process for this is described below: 1. Call the 3form sample team (800-726-0126) and provide the information regarding the sample so they can create a Sample Order Number (SO #). 2. Fill out the Custom applied Color Order Form ( custom_applied_color_order_form.pdf) including the SO #. 3. Write the SO # on the color chip. 4. Send the filled out form and the color chip to: attn: Kristine Dallmann 3form Color Matching 8201 100th Street pleasant prairie, Wi 53158 Ke y Fe at ur e s oF chr oma a p pl i ed Chroma applied colors are excellent color pairings to Chroma infused colors product results in beautiful edge-lit applications Custom color matching available Suitable for exterior use Samples readily available (2" x 2" in 1" gauge) Other gauges and sizes can be custom ordered (5 day lead time) Can be used with optional Hardcoat

For more information, please visit or call 877.649.2670

april 29 2009 | MaTDOC 36 rEV 002 © 2009 3form, inc. all rights reserved



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