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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SHANGRI-LA INDUSTRIES, LLC TEAMS WITH THOMPSON NATIONAL PROPERTIES, LLC TO FORM $100 MILLION TNP/SLI GREEN BUILDING FUND TO ACCELERATE SUSTAINABLE REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT Shangri-La's Sustainable Build Design Expertise and Thompson National Properties Management Strength Offers Commercial and Industrial Building Owners Opportunity to Upgrade Facilities For Long-Term Energy and Operating Efficiency

Los Angeles, December 9, 2008 ­ Shangri-La Industries, LLC and Thompson National Properties, LLC, jointly announced today the formation of a $100 million fund, the TNP/SLI Green Building Fund. The objective of the TNP/SLI Green Building Fund is to invest in valueadd commercial and industrial assets that can be retrofitted, repositioned or redeveloped as energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. Properties selected by the TNP/SLI Green Building Fund for investment and sustainable development design build services will focus on buildings that will meet the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification criteria that will enhance the value, efficiency and marketability of these real estate assets. In conjunction with the announcement of the $100 million TNP/SLI Green Building Fund, Shangri-La Industries' specialty unit, Shangri-La Construction, that offers sustainable design, consulting and construction management and services, unveiled the world's first Platinum LEED certified aviation hangar at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California. "We are extremely pleased to be joining forces with Thompson National Properties to work with property owners to upgrade structures to feature intelligent design and sustainable features that can significantly lower operating costs while conserving natural resources," commented Andy Meyers, President, Shangri-La Industries. "All of the green features in Hangar 25 that can help businesses become more environmentally sustainable are directly transferable to commercial and institutional facilities such as offices, universities, warehousing and manufacturing." Hangar 25, located at the Bob Hope Airport, features a solar-powered roof system that supplies 110% of all necessary power needs including clean powering of aircraft auxiliary power units in use while aircraft are on the ground, tow and maintenance vehicles and office operations. Surplus clean power is sent back to the municipal electric grid. Additional sustainable innovations that helped the facility earn platinum certification include a HI-FOG water-based fire suppression system, evaporative coolers and fans to manage temperature control, low-emitting materials and furnishings, low water plumbing fixtures and low water landscaping featuring native desert plants and no-mow, no-water Synlawn grass. "In property development and management, `green' facilities are very attractive to owners and tenants for multiple reasons, foremost being energy efficiency," said Tony Thompson, Chairman

and CEO, Thompson National Properties. "We're proud to partner with Shangri-La Industries in the creation of the TNP/SLI Green Building Fund to provide capital to increase the use of sustainable development practices, and are confident that Shangri-La Construction's sustainable approach and expertise will contribute significant value to projects the fund pursues." About Shangri-La Construction Shangri-La Construction is a build design and consulting company that provides the construction expertise to encourage green building and retrofits done in a way that is both environmentally and economically sound. Shangri-La Constructions goal is to create the most sustainable, efficient buildings possible and to open the door to green construction in sectors that typically would not give it a second thought. About Thompson National Properties Thompson National Properties, LLC provides real estate investment opportunities and asset management to high net worth domestic, foreign, individual and institutional investors. As of October 31, 2008 Thompson National Properties has more than 8.5 million square feet of property under management. For more information regarding Thompson National Properties, please visit Media Contacts: Shangri-La Industries Becca Frucht (310) 553-7700 [email protected] Griffin Schake for Shangri-La Yusef Robb / Marissa Moss (323) 384-1789 / (213) 785-5352 [email protected] [email protected] Thompson National Properties Jill Swartz 949-833-8252 x123 [email protected]



Shangri-La Industries Becca Frucht (310) 553-7700 [email protected]

Griffin Schake for Shangri-La Industries Yusef Robb /Marissa Moss (323) 384-1789 / (213) 785-5352 [email protected] [email protected]

SHANGRI-LA INDUSTRIES, LLC LAUNCHES SUSTAINABLE REAL ESTATE AND CONSTRUCTION UNIT; ANNOUNCES COMPLETION OF FIRST LEED PLATINUM-RATED AVIATION HANGAR LOS ANGELES, December 9, 2008 -- Shangri-La Industries introduced its newly formed business unit, Shangri-La Construction, at today's unveiling of their inaugural project: the world's first aviation hangar to achieve Platinum certification under the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Rating SystemTM. Hangar 25, located at the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California, showcases Shangri-La's commitment to competitive capital investment and long-term operational savings achieved through sustainable, aesthetic design and energy efficiency. Shangri-La Industries is a diversified firm integrating environmentally-conscious development, sustainable construction and innovative green technology to create the next generation of business solutions. Steve Bing, a longtime businessman and environmental advocate, is the founder of Shangri-La Industries. As a property owner, Mr. Bing recognized that reducing energy consumption would not only yield environmental benefits, but also generate significant cost savings. Mr. Bing's role as the major donor behind the Natural Resources Defense Council's LEED Platinum-certified building in Santa Monica, CA and his crucial involvement in the Make It Right Foundation, Brad Pitt's green housing project in New Orleans's Lower Ninth Ward, demonstrate Mr. Bing's dedication to sustainable development. Mr. Bing shares this philosophy with Senior Advisor John Picard, one of the world's preeminent experts on sustainable construction and founding member of the U.S. Green Building Council. Mr. Picard ensures that Shangri-La clients maintain cutting edge green practices and environmental strategies in pursuit of energy and cost reduction. Beyond aviation, Shangri-La is working with clients to retrofit commercial office space with energy- and costefficient upgrades. Most notably, an exciting relationship has been forged with Thompson National Properties to create sustainable developments in the government, university, hospitality, and low-income housing sectors through the jointly created $100 million TNP/SLI Green Building Fund. "Our company focuses on corporate and institutional clients who want to lower their carbon impact, fight rising energy costs and stabilize economic uncertainties through cost-effective sustainable development," said Andy Meyers, President, Shangri-La Construction. "Hangar 25 represents the future of the commercial building industry as it demonstrates the financial viability of environmentally friendly construction. We prove that businesses can go green without sacrificing their balance sheets or high design standards."

Research has shown that buildings are crucial in the worldwide effort to shrink emissions and energy usage. A 2007 study conducted by the United Nations found that energy-efficient architecture can do more to fight global warming than all greenhouse gas caps under the U.N.'s Kyoto Protocol. According to the USGBC, the new wave of green buildings can reduce energy usage by 25-50% and carbon emissions by 33-39%. With these facts in mind, Shangri-La Industries has crafted a unique offering to reflect the rigorous demands of our modern economy and environment. "The ability to build and deliver a LEED Platinum certified aviation hangar, an industry first, without a significant cost increase over a traditionally built hangar is a result of the Shangri-La team's highly focused proprietary approach," commented Mr. Picard, founder of John Picard & Associates, LLC. "This project is proof that the bottom line in green construction is black. Companies can reduce their carbon footprint while maximizing short-term and long-term cost savings." Avjet Corporation, the operating partner of Hangar 25 and a full-service global aviation company, is pleased to be working with the Shangri-La team on this ground-breaking endeavor."Given the volatility of fuel prices, the aviation industry must develop and implement practical solutions," said Marc Foulkrod, CEO, Avjet Corporation. "Hangar 25 tackles the major cost and carbon challenges related to the aviation industry's ground operations, from reducing jet fuel to diminishing operational electricity usage. This improves efficiency and addresses the environmental demands of our customers." Hangar 25's key sustainable design features include: Solar array that produces 110% of the building's operational electricity needs Electric tow and other vehicles powered by the solar array instead of diesel Daylight harvesting through strategic design including a diamond-polished concrete floor that reflects light Diamond-polished concrete floor does not use toxic sealants that require regular reapplication and maintenance A water-based hi-fog fire suppression system that eliminates toxic and ozone depleting chemicals that require storage infrastructure, regular replacement, and, if deployed, damage aircraft and require hazmat cleanup "Big Ass Fans" and evaporative coolers employed to eliminate need for refrigerant-based cooling that increases thermal comfort by 10 ­ 20 degrees Plumbing that reduces water use by 60% through low flush, low flow and waterless fixtures to reduce the burden on city water supply and wastewater systems Sustainable landscaping including the use of drought-tolerant native plants and a no-mow, no-water Synlawn. About Shangri-La Construction Shangri-La Construction's goal is to create the most efficient, environmentally conscious structures possible and to open the door for sustainable development in the commercial world while maintaining fiscal responsibility. Shangri-La Construction is a sustainable design, construction management and general contracting services company that provides the construction expertise to execute green buildings and retrofits with competitive shortand long-term savings. For more information, please visit About John Picard John Picard is one of the preeminent environmental and sustainable development consultants in North America. Since his start as a residential builder in the 1980's, John has pioneered a philosophy of natural systems and sustainable design in his work as a green building engineer, corporate strategist, and executive advisor. John is a founding member of the U.S. Green Building Council, a long-standing member of the Interface's Dream Team, and an environmental advisor to EarthPark, Eco-Town and a number of corporations around the world.

About Avjet Avjet Corporation is a full-service, global aviation company, providing clients with the entire range of aircraft sales, acquisitions, charter and management services, including oversight of completions and refurbishments. Clients of Avjet maximize the many benefits of private aviation while reducing the total cost of operation, experiencing the industry's highest level of professionalism, safety and comfort. To learn more about the company, visit ###

Backgrounder ­ U.S. Green Building Council and LEED® Certification The U.S. Green Building Council is a nonprofit membership organization whose vision is a sustainable built environment within a generation. Its membership includes corporations, builders, universities, government agencies, and other nonprofit organizations. Since UGSBC's founding in 1993, the Council has grown to more than 17,000 member companies and organizations, a comprehensive family of LEED® green building rating systems, an expansive educational offering, the industry's popular Greenbuild International Conference and Expo(, and a network of 78 local chapters, affiliates, and organizing groups. The LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating SystemTM is a featureoriented rating system that awards buildings points for satisfying specified green building criteria. The six major environmental categories of review include: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation and Design. Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels of LEED green building certification are awarded based on the total number of points earned within each LEED category. LEED can be applied to all building types including new construction, commercial interiors, core & shell developments, existing buildings, homes, neighborhood developments, schools and retail facilities. LEED for Healthcare is currently under development and is expected to be released in early 2008. Incentives for LEED are available at the state and local level and LEED has also been adopted nationwide by federal agencies, state and local governments. For more information, visit Press Information: USGBC main line: 2028287422

Andy Meyers ­ President, ShangriLa Entertainment and Industries Andy Meyers graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) with a Bachelor of Arts degree. As an accomplished student athlete in UCLA's prestigious football program, Mr. Meyers excelled both on and off the field. He was honored as a twotime AllPAC 10 Guard, Third Team AllAmerican, Academic AllPAC 10 and Academic AllDistrict. After graduating from UCLA, Mr. Meyers accepted an offer from the Buffalo Bills to explore a career in professional football, but ultimately made the difficult decision to leave upstate New York because of a personal desire to work in real estate and business development. Upon his return to California, Mr. Meyers obtained his real estate broker's license and began working on highend residential properties in Bel Air, Beverly Hills and West LA. For the next three years, Mr. Meyers gained extensive experience in the commercial real estate sector, eventually leading him to a strategic management role with ShangriLa in the acquisition, construction and sale of a 12acre project in Bel Air. In addition to Mr. Meyers' involvement with ShangriLa real estate development, he has overseen ShangriLa Entertainment (Polar Express, Beowulf and Martin Scorsese's Shine A Light) and ShangriLa Music (Jerry Lee Lewis's Last Man Standing and The Pretenders' Break Up The Concrete) since their inceptions. As current President of ShangriLa Industries, including its new Construction unit, Mr. Meyers recognizes the urgent need for costeffective sustainable development and green innovation.

John Picard ­ Founder, John Picard & Associates, LLC John Picard is regarded as one of the preeminent environmental consultants in North America. He began his career as an architect, builder, and entrepreneur. In 1995, John made an important personal transition from building big to building smart when he built his own home to operate completely "off the grid." His experience, passion, and commitment to sustainability have helped him become one of the most soughtafter experts in his field. Mr. Picard ensures that ShangriLa clients maintain cutting edge green practices and environmental strategies in pursuit of energy and cost reduction. Picard was one of the first members of President Clinton's Greening of the White House team that developed environmental energy audits and innovative upgrade recommendations for the complex. In the early 1990's he worked with The Gap to develop and implement a pioneering environmental and energy efficiency policy for its retail stores. Since then, Picard's unique vision and expertise has brought success and profitability to his many clients including: BP, eBay, Ford, Interface, MGM, Siemens, Sony, the Live Earth/S.O.S. concerts, and the design production of Ashes and Snow. Picard has been published in numerous major trade publications and books and has served as a keynote speaker for Fortune 500 companies, universities and technology events. He has received awards and honors in the fields of architecture, energy and environmental science. Picard's exclusive network of colleagues and friends allows him to build his own "eco dream teams" to tackle the most complex, multidisciplinary projects.

Timothy Donovan ­ Chief Operating Officer, ShangriLa Industries, LLC During his 13year tenure with BP, Mr. Donovan held several global leadership positions in both the US and the UK. Mr. Donovan developed his project management experience leading several largescale BP projects including a global information systems implementation and an organizational redesign in two major restructuring initiatives. He gained unique insight into the corporate dynamic and financial performance of BP on a multinational level as a key member of the Refining & Marketing Strategy and Planning team while based in the London headquarters. As the Director of Strategy and Marketing Performance, Mr. Donovan oversaw the global marketing and advertising budget as well as spearheaded landmark programs in the sustainability space including the launch of Helios House, an ecofriendly petrol station in Los Angeles, California. The successful implementation of these projects inspired Mr. Donovan to move his primary focus from the energy sector to the broader sustainability arena. He then relocated to Los Angeles, California through a partnership with world renowned sustainability expert John Picard. As Managing Partner of John Picard and Associates, he advised some of the world's largest companies on the profitability of a progressive environmental agenda. In 2008, Mr. Donovan joined ShangriLa Industries, a diversified firm integrating environmentallyconscious development, as Chief Operating Officer. ShangriLa Industries focuses on sustainable construction and innovative green technology to create the next generation of business solutions. Mr. Donovan earned a Bachelor of Arts from John Carroll University in University Heights, Ohio and a Masters of Business Administration from The Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

1900 Main Street, Suite 700 · Irvine, California 92614 · T: (949) 833-8252 · F: (949) 252-0212

Anthony W. "Tony" Thompson, Chairman and CEO of Thompson National Properties, founded Triple

Net Properties in 1998 and was its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer until October 2006 when he was elected Chairman of the Board of NNN Realty Advisors, Inc., Triple Net Properties' affiliated holding company. Under Thompson's leadership, these companies raised nearly $3 billion in equity for various investment programs, including securitized 1031 tenant-incommon exchange programs, an industry Thompson pioneered. In November 2006, Thompson oversaw the sale of 33 percent of NNN Realty Advisors for $160 million to institutional investors through a 144A private equity offering led by Friedman, Billings, Ramsey Group, Inc. Thompson started Triple Net Properties with four employees and grew to more than 6,000 by December 2007 when NNN Realty Advisors completed its reverse merger with Grubb & Ellis Company, and Thompson was elected Chairman of the Board of Grubb & Ellis. The new company retained the Grubb & Ellis name and continues to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "GBE." Thompson stepped down as the chairman to form Thompson National Properties. He remains the second largest Grubb & Ellis stockholder. Thompson, in early 2008, launched Thompson National Properties, providing value-added real estate investment opportunities and asset management to high net worth domestic, foreign and institutional investors. Thompson is Chairman of the Sterling College Board of Trustees and active in various other community and charitable organizations. He is a 1969 graduate of Sterling College with a bachelor's degree in economics. Thompson and his wife Sharon have been married for 33 years and have three daughters and three grandchildren. They enjoy travel, golf and rehabilitating unique residential properties.


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