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30th NC State issue flag

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Colonel Francis Marion Parker Civilian Alliance

November-December 2010

Remember these Dates: November 12-13, Sessionville December 4, 30th NCT-CFMPCA Christmas Party

From the Captain

September and October saw the 30th NCT/CFMPCA participating in two events, which were outstanding for the company. Bost Grist Mill, hosted by the unit, was another good event with many in the company actively involved to make it a success. Kudos to all those that stepped up and volunteered their time. The decision to move the camps to the mill was a good reason for the success of the event. Hats off and three cheers to Gene Bost and his family and crew for all the work put in over the weekend and the prep work to get the site ready. The Anniversary Party and the Flag Retirement Ceremony were without question memorable times for those in attendance. A tentative decision was made to host the event again in 2011. Our second event was JEB Stuart at Laurel Hill, Ararat, Virginia. The weather was impeccable and everyone had a great time. The 30th NCT was among several companies recognized for supporting the event over a long period of time. After conferring with the former leadership of the 30th, it was determined we have been at every event held at the site during the events twenty year history. We're proud to have been a small part in the success of the event, and look forward to many more events there. There has been some discussion of holding the Christmas party at Numertia Plantation, home of Walt and Pat Hilderman. Please give serious consideration to this possibility and voice your opinion at the Secessionville event, or send me an email advising if you would or would not attend. The guys usually camp outside, and the ladies and Walt have the house. We could make the gathering a period party if the company so chooses to do so. The parlor in the house can be arranged for photo's if couples/families so desire. If the company decides not to have the party at Numertia, the Captains house will be available. Photos of Numertia can be found online by searching for the name Numertia Plantation. COMPANY ELECTIONS AT SECESSIONVILLE! VOTE EARLY IF YOUR NOT ATTENDING! Doug Wright, Captain 30th NCT Co K

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New Member

It is with great pleasure we welcome Joe Cursi to the ranks of the 30th NCT Co K. Joe joined us at Bost Grist Mill.

In Remembrance We take a moment to remember the brother of Steve Shaw, Dennis Patrick Shaw who passed away on Oct. 16, 2010.

2010 Events

November 6-7, 2010 Fort Branch, Hamilton, NC (4th Regt, 30th Optional) A group will likely attend. Contact Capt Wright if your interested in attending the event. Those going will walk on and fall in with the 13th/43rd NCT. November 6, 2010, Living History Mint Hill Anyone wishing to assist with a Living Hisotry in Mint Hill contact Paul Troutman at 704-527-3977, times from 10am to 2pm. November 13-14, 2010 Sessionville, Mt Pleasant, SC(30th NCT) Held at Boone Hall Plantation hosted by the Palmetto Battalion. Web site: $15 walk-on. Directions: The camp site is behind the plantation. Efforts have been made to have a low country boil on Saturday evening. November 20, 2010 Charlotte History Museum-Hezikiah Alexander Place Lantern Tour hosted by the 43rd NCT. Several company members have assisted the 43rd with this event the past couple of years followed by a get together at the Captains house. Located at 3500 Shamrock Drive, Charlotte, NC. December 4th, 2010 Christmas Party. Tentively scheduled for Numertia Plantation, Eutawville, SC. December 11-12, 2010 Goldsboro, (4th Regt) NC Web Site: This is an optional event for the 30th NCT. All going will walk on unless previously registered. The event in 2009 was cancelled due to ground conditions-wet, and those registered last year will be able to attend this year with no registration due. December 11th, 2010 Workday at Bost Grist Mill for the winter encampment.

2011 Events

January 8, 2011 1st NC Battalion Meeting, Hillsborough, NC 10am 30th NCT Staff event. January 12, 2011 Joint Meeting, Schedule for 2011 to be determined. Location TBD. January 22, 2011 Winter Encampment To be held at Bost Grist Mill.

Page 3 February 19, 2011 21st NCT Ball. Kernersville, NC 700pm The 30th NCT has received an invitation to attend the ball held by our sister company the 21st NCT. Additional information will be forthcoming. February 25-26, 2011 Battle of Aiken, Aiken, SC. Web site: Normally a good event with spring weather (sometimes not). Registration is $5 due by January 20th to the event registrar. March 12-13, 2011 Carolinas Campaign, St Paul, NC. Registration is $8.00 deadline is January 15th. March 25-27, 2011 Battle of Charleston, Charleston, SC Web site: Registration Free. April 9-10, 2011 Trinity, NC. Hosted by the 21st NCT. April/May 2011 Possible Museum of the Waxhaws event. May 1, 2011 Confederate Memorial Day, Elmwood Cemetery, Charlotte, NC June 4-5, 2011 Warm Springs, Hot Springs, NC. July 9-10, 2011 Battle of Rich Mountain, Beverly, WV July 21-24, 2011 1st Manassas, Manassas, Virginia. 150th Manassas is the first of many anniversary events for the sesquicentennial. Web site: We need to start considering your impression for this event. Registration will be $20.00 per person and the date for cut off will be June 1st, 2011. The event is being capped at 15,000 and therefore early registration is encouraged. August 2011, 30th NCT /CFMPCA Cookout September 10-11, 2011 Bost Grist Mill, Concord, NC The company has decided to host the event for the coming year. October 2011 JEB Stuart, Ararat, Va October 14-16, 2011 Cedar Creek, Middleton, Va. Likely a battalion event for 2011. November 2011 Fort Branch, Hamilton, NC November 2011 Sessionville, Mt Pleasant, SC


The Robert E Lee Heritage Association meets the 2nd Thursday of each month. Contact person for the group is John

Ellis, Phone: H 704-847-4812, W 704-839-6576

The Civil War Roundtable meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Providence Baptist Church, 4921 Randolph

Rd. Charlotte, NC at 7:30pm. The meeting is on the 2nd floor near the white portico entrance. Contact person is Bill Quinn, 704-362-0165. The CWRT often has interesting speakers on various topics of the civil war.

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Musuem of the Waxhaws

Living History the third Saturday of each month, next to be held will be 11/19/2010. Paul Troutman attends this event regularly, and if anyone is interested in assisting Paul, contact him at his home phone: 704-527-3977.

Shirt Embroidering and Patches

If anyone is interested in having a shirt embroidered with the 30th NCT Paul Troutman has found a company located in Fort Mill that will do so for $5. The company is located at Trader Marcs Flea Market and does business by the name of J&B Flags and Figures. Patches can also be purchases for $5. Contact Paul for further info if interested. If an order is placed prior to Thanksgiving, they guarantee it will be ready for Christmas.

30th NCT Flag Preservation Project

Our Company continues to pursue the preservation of the company's flag surrendered at Appomattox. I hope you all will consider a donation to the flag fund as this is part of our history and preserving this flag is saving a piece of what those men touched, saw and fought under. We have an opportunity to make a statement to them through this project. All donations will be tax deductible as the LHANC is incorporated as a 501c3 organization.

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Battle of Secessionville

On June 16, 1862, a Union attempt to capture Charleston, South Carolina, is thwarted when the Confederates turn back an attack at Secessionville, just south of the city on James Island. In November 1861, Union ships captured Port Royal, which lay about halfway between Charleston and Savannah. This gave the Federals an important base from which to mount operations along the southern coast. Before dawn on June 16, Yankee General Henry W. Benham led 9,000 troops onto James Island. Benham had a checkered career as a commander. He helped clear western Virginia of Confederates in the summer of 1861 but was ordered arrested by General William Rosecrans for "unofficer-like neglect of duty" because he was headstrong and critical of leadership. Eventually, he and Rosecrans made amends, and in the spring of 1862 Benham was sent to Port Royal to command the northern district of General David Hunter's Department of the South. Benham decided to attack the strong fortifications that protected Confederates under the command of General Nathan "Shanks" Evans. But the Rebels' fortifications were nearly impenetrable. The approach to the fort was across a strip of firm ground bracketed by marshes, which narrowed the ground that the Confederate artillery needed to cover. Only 500 Confederates were inside, but another 1,500 rushed in from Charleston. Benham staged three attacks against the fort, but each failed. The Federals lost nearly 800 men, while the Southerners suffered only 200 losses. After the disastrous battle, Union officials began pointing fingers, and Benham was arrested three days later. His superior, Hunter, had ordered no assault without permission. There was disagreement between Benham and his three subordinates over plans to attack. The three later said they had presented objections on the eve of the battle, but an aide to Benham said there had been no such discussion. Benham blamed one of his commanders, Isaac Stephens, for the botched charge. The Judge Advocate General's Office recommended revocation of Benham's commission. But the aggressiveness he possessed was in short supply among Union generals in 1862, and the Lincoln administration rescinded the revocation. Benham joined Ulysses S. Grant for the Vicksburg campaign, and he commanded the Army of the Potomac's engineering brigade during Grant's Virginia campaign against Robert E. Lee in 1864.

2010 30th NCT Military Staff

Captain: Doug Wright: Commanding Officer, Registration, Treasurer, and Newsletter.... ...704-792-2341 1st Lt. Daniel Honeycutt: Unit Historian, Website, Recruiting.....................................704-608-7504 1st Sgt: Rob Weltner: Personnel, Ordinance ............................................................704-272-8069 2nd Sgt. Aaron Lawing: Quartermaster, Recruiting (Battalion Chaplin).................................. 704-223-5286 Cpl Chris Wright: Squad Leader........................................................................704-773-0522 Cpl CJ Lewis: Squad Leader........................................................................... ..704-807-0231 Cpl Jason Porter: Squad Leader..........................................................................704-773-1642 2010 Board of Directors: Chairman: Bob Weltner. Board members: Shaun Gibson and Daniel Honeycutt

Colonel Francis Marion Parker Civilian Alliance 2009 Staff

Co-Chair/Treasurer: AnnaLuree Wright...704-792-2341 Co-Chair/Quarter Master: Cliff Grimsley...704-922-6149

E -Communications:

Commanding Officer, Doug Wright................... [email protected] Chairman, Board of Directors, Bob [email protected] 30th NCT Website Information......................... [email protected] 30th NCT Website......................................... 1st Division Army of Northern Virginia 4th Regiment ANV (1st NC Battalion) 9th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps

Note: For the purpose of insurance coverage, the "Future Events" listed in this newsletter constitute the official schedule for the Living History Association of North Carolina, Inc. (30th N.C.T., Col F.M. Parker Civ. Alliance and 9th Regt. Co. H Pennsylvania Reserve Corps). The membership of the Army of Northern Virginia is covered by insurance which is coordinated by Jennifer Haines, PO Box 2430, PMB 2893, Pensacola FL 32513 email address: [email protected] All members are required to have coverage to participate with the LHANC at events. Capt Steve Hall is the coordinator the 4th Regt ANV. The appearance of "30th NCT", "1st NC Btn." and/or "ANV" in parenthesis after each Future Event indicates that one or more of these organizations has designated that event to be a maximum effort event for that organization. Registration: This newsletter will list the sponsor's or host unit's registration deadline date for each event. You must have your registration fees to our EVENT REGISTRAR prior to his/her deadline; otherwise you must register directly with the event sponsor.

"It is history that teaches us to hope" Gen R.E. Lee


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