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Coach, As you probably realize, many college and NFL teams are coming back to the odd front because of its flexibility in adjusting to multiple formations and offenses. Over the past few months, we have put together a series of DVDs to aid in installing and coaching the odd front. The discs are complete and are exactly the way we coach the defense, based on our 35 years utilizing the odd front. Our roots in the defense come from Coach Pat Mancuso. Coach Mancuso became my mentor in 1970, and still serves in that capacity today. From 1984 to 1993, I was fortunate to serve as Coach Mancuso's secondary coach as we went to more than 20 playoff games and 3 state championship contests. After leaving Princeton in 1993, I joined Coach Greg Bailie at Lakota High School as defensive coordinator, and as the district split in 1997, we went to Lakota East High School. In 2006, I retired as defensive coordinator at Lakota East. I hope I can give back a little with these DVDs and help you as you plan for the upcoming season. Sincerely, Jim Semones

Disc #1- Concepts, Terminology and Alignments (90 min.) Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Philosophy and Alignments Chapter 3: Terminology Chapter 4: Teaching Progression Chapter 5: Defensive Structure and Organization Chapter 6: Base Angle Defense and Calls Disc #2- Interior Run Defense - Defensive Line (55 min.) Chapter 1: Defensive Line: Alignment, Key and Responsibility Disc #3- Inside and Outside Linebacker Play (65 min) Chapter 1: Inside Linebackers: Align, Key, Responsibility Chapter 2: Outside Linebackers: Align, Key, Responsibility Disc #4- Secondary Play (85 min) Chapter 1: Coverage Concepts and Base Techniques Chapter 2: Drills Chapter 3: Coverages Disc #5- Defending Option Football (70 min.) Chapter 1: Veer Option ("Bone") Midline, Inside & Outside Veer Chapter 2: Shotgun Zone Option Series: Zone Dive Option, QB Read, HB "Dart", QB "Dart", Speed Option

Disc #6- Nickel Defense vs. Spread Offenses (75 min.) Chapter 1: Theory and Alignments vs. Spread Chapter 2: Pass Rush Techniques Chapter 3: Zone Blitz, Theory, and Schemes Chapter 4: Man Blitzes Disc #7- Basic Wing T Defense (70 min.) Chapter 1: Alignments Chapter 2: FB Trap Chapter 3: Buck Sweep Chapter 4: Power Play Chapter 5: HB, WB Counters Chapter 6: Belly, Boot, Counter Passes Disc #8- Game Planning (38 min.) Chapter 1: "Jimmys and Joes" ID the strengths Chapter 2: Data Input Adjustments Tendencies- Personnel/ Formations, etc Chapter 3: Role of the Kicking Game Chapter 4: Long & Short Yardage Two Minute Defense "Sudden Change" Chapter 5: Defensive Substitution Pattern Communication -Coach to Coach Communication -Coach to Players Chapter 6: Halftime Procedures Chapter 7: Game Plan Chart Complete Defensive Notebook - Over 750 pages in Powerpoint presentations which can be customized to your defensive terminology. - Print your own Notebook or use the presentations to install your defense using a computer and a projector.

"The organization and teaching progression contained in these DVD's are excellent. If I was a young coach or even an experienced coach I would purchase these DVD's as there is something in each one that I could apply to what we were doing."

Pat Mancuso Head Football Coach, Retired Princeton High School

"What a great opportunity it was to have Jim Semones visit Georgetown College and spend two days talking about defensive play with my entire staff. Offensively and defensively my coaches came away with new and refreshed ideas on becoming a more productive defense. The entire scheme was easy to follow with video clips of technique and principles of a very successful and proven game plan. I suggest anyone to use this as a tool to review, refresh, and inspire better defensive play! Thanks again Jim!"

Bill Cronin Head Football Coach Georgetown College

35 years with the....

The Complete Set of 8 DVDs are Priced at $250. DVDs may be Purchased Individually for $35. The Complete Defensive Notebook is available for only $49. All Prices Include Shipping and Handling. Give us a call or visit us on the Web.

3-4 Defense

"The complete Coaches Guide to Organization, Structure and coaching the 3-4 Defense."

"Great Stuff, very specific, and as good as, if not better than any we have used. The fact that you can rewind, review and your staff can discuss the information is outstanding. In this manner you will not get confused as to exactly what was said, as often happens at a fast paced, clinic format."

Steve Specht Head Football Coach St. Xavier High School

"I have known and worked with Coach Semones for 30 years. He is the most thorough and organized defensive coach I have ever known. His teaching skills and methods as well as his attention to detail and the study of the "Slant and Angle 50", serves as an excellent model for all coaches. All coaches will benefit greatly from the knowledge relayed through this presentation."

Greg Bailie Head Football Coach Lakota East High School

Jim Semones

6681 Maud Hughes Road Liberty Township, Ohio 45011 [email protected] Home: (513) 777-4520 Cell: (513) 236-1746


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