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RC Conversion Kit for Tamiya 1/35 Leopard 2A5/A6 Tank

with MTC-2 and ACU

User Manual


1) This kit is designed for experienced model makers. It may be difficult for beginners. Please read this manual thoroughly to see if you have the required skills and tools. 2) Cutting tools are used frequently in this kit. Extra care should be taken to avoid injury. Wear hand gloves and eye protection spectacle if necessary. 3) Keep room well ventilated when working with cements, paints and organic solvents. 4) Visit for addition tips and update information.

scriber side cutter modelling knife carving knife Attention!

apply cement do not apply cement apply instant glue wait overnight solder

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Lower hull


Lower hull

Attach to upper hull

2A Suspension arms


5° A3




1) The suspension arms will tilt under loading. To compensate for this, use two pliers to twist suspension arms A3 by 5° as shown. 2) Write marks to distinct left and right arms.

Take care the labels on torsion bars


L (x 5) L1 L7

R (x 5) R1 R7






Wait a few hours for instant glue to cure completely

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2B Suspension arms

12x160x1mm PS plate R7 R R R R R1 R L7 L L L L L L1 Hold with cellophane tape

wooden block wooden block Table

1) Hold all suspension arms with cellophane tape. 2) Cut 1mm PS plate. Apply lots of cement to PS plate and lower hull. 3) Use G-clamp or add weights to press PS plate firmly to lower hull. 4) Wait till cement has cured completely. Attention - Do not use instant glue! It will spread along torsion bars and stick suspension arms.

G-Clamp Use G-clamp or apply weights


Side skirt

101mm sprue

There is little space between side skirts and tracks. To ensure space for tracks, insert 101mm sprue between side skirts.

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Magnetic catch and motor mount

Steel part - S2 Upper hull Magnet

Steel part - S2


Lower hull Section view


Steel part S1

Acrylic part A1

PS plate


12x12x1mm PS plate

Steel part S1 Acrylic part A1 Section view

PS plate locations

Motor mount

Place A1, S1 at centre line of lower hull. Keep screw thread away from instant glue.


Flexible mud guide (optional)

Cut 18x6mm sheet from heat shrink tubing

6A Turret ring gear

Acrylic part A2

Keep gear teeth away from instant glue.

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6B Turret ring gear

To have a smooth turret rotation, turret ring gear must be positioned with high accuracy: 1) Insert the ring gear fixture to upper hull. 2) Position the ring gear in position as shown. 3) Apply instant glue. Take care not to stick the fixture!

Upper Hull

Ring Gear Fixture

Ring Gear

Ring Gear Fixture

Ring Gear Fixture

Ring Gear

Ring Gear



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Attach to C29

Attach to C37

Attach to C30

Remove Remove


Use 1mm PS plate to make four pairs of snap catch.


snap catch (2mm)

1 4


snap catch (2mm) 10

5 1 4 3

snap catch (3mm)

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MTC-2, ACU and receiver mount

Receiver mount MTC-2 mount ACU mount



10 Attach turret and gun servos

Turret and gun servo assembly

1) Position turret and gun servo assembly as shown. 2) Apply instant glue carefully. Avoid sticking moving parts!

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11 Gun mantlet

C11 Part A3 Remove






Machine gun led


12 Gun barrel

Drill 3.2mm hole gun barrrel Remove

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13 Attach turret

2) Rotate and secure the locking plate.

1) Engage pinion into ring gear.

14 Track

The track made by TAMYIA is too flexible, which made it not suitable for RC tank. The tracks must be strengthen as follows:

Warning: Keep room well ventilated when working with organic solvent!

Step1: collect all sprue from the track Step2: dissolve all sprue in 10ml of nitrocellulose lacquer thinner inside a small oil dropper. Resulting a black 'glue'. ( Do not use thinner for model paints. Use thinner that dissolves PS plastic)

Step 3: Fill up the gap between track links with the 'glue'. Wait overnight to dry. If the 'glue' is too dilute, repeat the process until the bond is strong enough. Tips: 1) The sprue from the kit is just enough. Find more sprue from another box if you require more. 2) Use the 'glue' to join and repair tracks.

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15 Motor and sprocket

M2,6 x 2.5 Power switch AA size x 6 battery pack


Move to adjust track tension. Track will detach easily either too tight or too loose. Adjust till tracks run smoothly. Tips: 1) Align sprocket with last wheel. Prevent sprocket touching the side skirt and the last wheel. 2) Check if all wheels are smooth to turn. 3) Apply baby powder to new tracks for smooth running.

16 Install MTC-2, ACU and receiver

Secure MTC-2 by M2x3 screws

Futabe R114F 4CH receiver Attach using double side adhesive tape

Secure ACU by M1.7x4 screws

1) Tie up cables neatly and away from moving parts. 2) To avoid interference, keep receiver and antenna away from motor cables.

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17 Antenna

wrap antenna end with cable tubing 0.5mm steel wire antenna

to receiver

0.5mm pin connectors Antenna connector

1) Antenna length depends on receiver used. See technical tips for details. 2) Construct antenna connector as shown.

18 Attach gun barrel

Press fit gun barrel to recoil unit. Do not use permanent glue.

Test the recoil mechanism before apply instant glue. Make sure the gun barrel and gun mantlet are well aligned. Gun flash LED will explode during recoil. Adjust the LED position if necessary.

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