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The following tutorial will take you through the simple process of communicating with a Benq VAD6038 DVD Drive using Maximus Toolbox and an MAXIMUS LIZARD adapter. Requirements:

Maximus Lizard DVD Drive Power source (the tutorial uses an Maximus Power adapter) Sata Cable (Supplied with Maximus Lizard ) USB Cable (Supplied with Maximus Lizard ) Latest version of Maximus Toolbox (TBX) Latest version of MAXIMUS LIZARD firmware must MAXIMUS LIZARD USB Windows Drivers Windows XP / Vista / 7 - 32bit or 64bit MAC OSX (Using Parallels, Bootcamp or VMWare)

There are two firmware versions of the Benq VAD6038, the 64230C and the 64930C. This guide covers both models. To find out which version of Benq drive you have simply look at the label and you will see "FW Ver.: 64X30C" Here is an example of the Benq VAD6038 DVD label. As you can see we have highlighted the F/W version - in this case it is the 64930C.

Before you connect everything you first need to install the Maximus Lizard Drivers. These are signed and work in Windows XP / Vista / 7 both 32bit and 64bit. The drives should auto install on Windows 7 and Vista. You are now ready to hook everything else up. It's very easy to hook up your Benq VAD6038 to your PC. Simply connect the DVD power supply (in this case the Maximus Xtractor Pro 2.3) to the DVD drive (take care to make sure it is fitted the correct way - the wrong way can damage your drive) and to a molex power cable from your PC or from an external Molex power supply. Then connect the SATA cable from the DVD drive to the

Maximus Lizard , and then connect the USB cable from the Maximus Lizard to a USB port on your Netbook/Notebook/Laptop/Desktop computer.

OK we are ready to begin: 1. Plug Lizard to USB to power on and open Toolbox. 2. Press Select COM Port 3. Click Get Device Details Lizard 4. Now we need to put the drive into Vendor Mode. (1) Press UP button on Lizard until you see Ben-Q Drive Menu and press the Enter Button (2) The most common method of getting a dump is using the Unlock Ben-Q Drive w/ Magic Key Method, select this and press Enter (3) should see BENQ MTK STEP 1/1: **Turn drive on or if drive is already powered press ENTER to continue. (4) after a few seconds you will see MTKIntro: with a check mark on the screen

5. Now press Enter button 6. Press the UP button until you arrive at Full Read Firmware nad press ENTER button

7. Lizard will show "START FILESET ON PC

8. In the Toolbox Software press the Lizard File/Snapshot Get button

9. You will we prompted to save the file, (*NOTE: Always choose a New Folder to save files to avoid overwritting existing files)

10. Once file has been sent to PC, you will see a Read Complete prompt. Press OK

Once drive read you will see a READ Complete Displayed on Lizard

11. This will AUTO Load the dumped file to the CFW Generator Tab,

12. Select the Pull down Menu from CFW Fileset Template and select Either Original Fileset or LT PLUS 1.1 Fileset

13. In this case we have selected LT PLUS 1.1 Fileset, the press the CFW Save as... button and save in the same folder your file read was located.

14. A prompt will ask you to create the BENQ_CFW File, press YES


Now you are ready to program your drive

How to Write 1. On Lizard press the UP button until you arrive at Write Fw to the DVD Drive

2. Press the OK button 3. You will be double prompted to ensure you want to write to the drive, we do this so you don't accidentally write the drive when you meant to perform a different action

*** NOTE: Once the drive has been WRITTEN to all previous information on the drive will be LOST, there Is no way to go back. 4. Lizard will not start PC Receive MODE

5. In Toolbox select the Lizard File Server (Write or Send a file to Lizard)

6. A browser window will pop up using the last directory a file was saved to

7. Select which file you want and clock Open, the Lizard will start the write process and you will see blue slight flashing

PC will show File completed

Your Done


Microsoft Word - benq

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