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A White Paper drafted by Jim Mills, President of 360 Marketers, Newport Beach, California January 1, 2009

Today's New Revolution in Marketing: 360 Degree Strategic Marketing Plan Why a New Marketing Strategy is Needed for the Changing Economy.


Good News & Bad News. 2008 was a year of a shifting economic landscape and historic volatility. 2008 is the end of an era. The U.S. has been running a financial model fraught with danger. Marketing services have reached a crisis point, caught between saturated markets, short-term commercial objectives, and a disconnection from consumer's daily lives. But there is some surprisingly good news as well. Solid brands are becoming even more relevant; earning trust and when delivering on brand promises; these corporations are still developing profits continuing to fuel Wall Street growth--and grow on a global scale. However, it is a good time for prudence. Everything evolves---so to, with business strategy for today also needs to evolve for the next-generation of businesses. What is the emerging strategy? We are convinced; it is a holistic approach to today's business environment. It is a 360 degree viewpoint and a 360 degree delivery. 360 is an integration of a number of valuable programs tied cohesively together forming one single message. Today if you leave out a single component--or wisely incorporate all of them -- your results will vary significantly. Time to Change Strategy. Trying to build a business today around `great branding'-- `great advertising'-- `a great competitive advantage'-- `our great people'-- is only a partial way to succeed. What is truly needed today is `more'--- a more complete strategy. Forgetting to include all the significant elements will be costly to your firm. Period. With that statement in mind---consider this: 360 degrees is a complete viewpoint. When it is applied to business marketing -- it translates to comprehensive approach for never letting your guard down-monitoring your hyper-competitive environment. You can't eliminate `one thing' in your effort to see your business accomplish its strategic goals. `The World is Changing' --- its already changed. But it will Change more. A few `unrelated facts' on how the world is moving in its ever-changing mode. Or, are the facts unrelated? · 22% of the world is now on the Internet, or about 1.46 Billion users (In the USA it's an astounding 73.6%). · There are now 3 Billion cell phone users with 60% being on a pre-paid financial plan. · 5 concentrated nations account for 50% of the total global GDP (Gross Domestic Product) ($29.7 Trillion), and 6 nations account for approximately 50% of the World's population. · Wal-Mart is the world's largest corporation with $378 Billion dollars in revenues and the USA is the country of record for 153 (30.6%) of the Global 500 companies. Just behind Wal-Mart is Exxon/Mobil in a very close 2nd. These American corporations are as large as the top 24 countries. · The Nation of India is expected to become the world's 3rd largest economy by 2030 -- just 21 years from now, and currently has 25% of the world's fastest growing metropolitan cities. · Europe's population is declining---not growing--because of its low fertility ratio (dropping to below 1.3% birthrate---2.1% maintains a population) Will Europe become a Euro Disney? · The Continent of Africa has over 967 million people---but by 2050 is expected to grow to 1.9 Billion · The United States of America is still approximately 25.6% of the total GDP for the world. · Large Yacht purchases are at an all-time high. On a global scale, we are seeing the largest accumulation of wealth ever. Much of it new money. The nouveau rich Russians, Chinese, Mexicans, and Middle-easterners are moving into the yachting world that has traditionally been reserved for Americans and Europeans. And looking for ways to spend their new found wealth. · The `green movement' goes mainstream. It has been expanding rapidly in the USA and the U.K. Next years sales are expected to be at $500 Billion---double the current purchases. · USA population make-up is 66% white alone/14.8% Hispanic/13.4% Black/1.51%-2.9% Gay/Les/Bi · California has the world's 9th largest economy with over $1.8 Trillion dollars annually

So Where is the Future heading? Where does that leave businesses and business people for the future? The wise ones will embrace and foster changes---that's for certain. Where are the opportunities? Where is the profit potential? Where are additional income streams? What will marketers be faced with? What will the new consumer mindset be; and what will they be asking for? What role will `value-oriented' products and services play? How will this impact brands? Questions eventually provide answers--and the answers provide direction. Trend to Value and Loyalty or `Bonding' The trend toward value is: 1. Unmistakable 2. Pervasive 3. Not going away. This tips the scale in favor of developing a proactive and aggressive strategy to address the value-market. But will less be more? Will consumers buy less but become more quality conscious? Strong brands that can create the `bar of trust' and create bonding with its consumers will be in a powerful position for profitability. Looking at what consumer's value now ---versus 10 years ago gives us an interesting insight. Technology products are becoming more important to consumers than ever. Currently Google has the highest bonding metric of any company--45% (10 years ago it was Gillette with a 48% bonding metric) The proportion of technology brands has more than doubled --- proving that technology products are much more necessary to our lifestyle today than ever. Are we becoming technoslaves? Health consciousness is another key arena that is expanding as people live longer and are more informed. Branding is more crucial than ever, but there are other critical aspects. "Products are made in the factory--but brands are made in the mind" Branding is a well-known term that any self-respecting marketer has in his or her marketing weaponry. Building strong brands in a day and age where people do not want to be `bothered' by uninvited messages (telemarketers, e- spam, no solicitation notices and mute buttons on remotes) clearly show that it's necessary to build a brand people request. Not the hard-sell approach of the past. Adding strategic branding, and getting your support staff and employees to buy into your branding carrythrough is important. However if you don't understand your core advantage, and if you haven't done the hard work of research in your quest for an advantage in the `intelligent risking' platform---you may find yourself in a dire position eventually. Tying it all together. Putting all the pieces together--much like a puzzle--and not leaving one piece out--is what is required. Research. Competitive Advantage. Developing the Brand. Disseminating a relevantly compelling message. Using the new media. Leveraging a Public Relations programs. Understanding the economic factors. Utilizing core leadership principles. This is what 360 degree marketing is all about. For over 25 years we have seen authors put out books and papers that had nothing to do with a complete strategy---but were more about one aspect and one area of interest of study for them. Books with 300 pages on the subject of branding. Books with 400 pages on Advertising. And of course--books and articles on `how to use the Internet'. But how do you tie all the unrelated parts together? You develop a 360 degree program. 360 Strategic Program Elements: 1. Accurate Research. Beginning with accurate market research and original research--if you can manage the budget. Real research will help in finding the true answers and bridge the gap in your `intelligent risking' journey. Information is powerful. Especially when blended with trend-signals. 2. Assessing Competitive Advantage. Discovering which core advantage and exploiting it is crucial. Is your competitive advantage 1. Timing and know-how 2. Cost-Quality 3. Barriers to Entry 4. Deep Pockets, or today is it a combination of more than one of these elements? 3. Branding Development. Branding is much more than a great logo or a nice brand-line. It's about positioning, it's about the brand experience, and it's about delivering on the promise externally and internally. It's also about helping your staff `living the brand' to your customers. Strong brands develop more profitability over the long haul.

4. Marketing Message. Once you've done the foundation work---you develop the message or campaign. Traditional advertising delivery still has a role in today's market as we make the transition from what we are familiar with to the new media platforms. Remember, there are still the 78 million USA baby boomers (44-62) with approximately 2.1 Trillion in net worth--who are still more familiar with traditional media delivery. 5. New Media Message. Utilizing the new media is more efficient and cost-effective and is even capable of driving traffic to a client's retail store as well. It is also part of the way to get the message out today and for tomorrow's audience; especially for the demographic of 18-42, 90% use the Internet. 6. Public Relations Message. Public relations campaigns are not free to develop ---but they are basically free to place. When crafted correctly they are more believable than traditional Ads and even than Internet messages. PR should be a crucial part of your 360 degree campaigns. 7. Leadership Principles. One of the key areas I don't believe I have ever heard much about in a marketing paper or marketing book address is the area of leadership. But without key principles a company is eventually doomed for failure. Great firms stalled last year because of the failure to build leadership around brand values based on ideas and the core tenets driving the marketplace. 8. Economic Evaluation. Keeping abreast of what economic changes are taking place and what economies are growing is part of our research. Without this important information, including supply chain management data--- a firm is on a journey ---in the dark---without the proper light to show the pathway ahead. With the global economy GDP at $54.3 Trillion (2007 data)--this is crucial. Thought in closing: Trend analysis and the things to watch for. There are 20 important trends developing that will impact businesses; note these below and consider how they may relate to your business in the future.

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Continued Internet Growth and mobile phone growth in emerging markets Recessionary Living Simple Pleasures The Energy Race The Small Movement The Mobile Device as Everything Hub Career Reinvention and Extension Distraction as Entertainment Redistribution of Power The Collective Consciousness Your Health as Business Eco-Green goes Mainstream Changes in Spirituality New Wealth Creation Global growth in Unexpected areas Consumerism of Technology IT Virtualization A Wireless World Real-Time Infrastructure Software As Service

Sources: Available upon request. Jim Mills is a strategic marketing professional from Newport Beach, California, and President of

newly merged 360 Marketers. He has over 25 years of marketing, advertising, branding and strategy experience. Developing programs for

companies ranging from start-ups to Large Corporations -- and including non-profits and political campaigns, Mr. Mills has always targeted significant growth for his clients. His `real-world' approach keeps him in touch with today's consumers and trends.

Mission: Our critical mission is to provide our clients with innovative professional marketing services that will help them achieve their business goals, thereby providing them with the financial resources for accomplishing their dreams. We will always operate with integrity striving to provide service that goes the extra mile--and in so doing, we will solidly build our firm, basing it upon personal excellence and the creation of powerful results for our selected clients. Defy convention and the status quo, dive deep, discover the unexpected relevance, generate self-perpetuating word-of-mouth, propel brand equity, create new wealth, then--rest.


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