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October 20, 2009 Marina Arandjelovic Property Manager Kenmark Real Estate Group, Inc. 360 Post Street, Suite 1111 San Francisco, California 94108


Indoor Air Quality,

360 Post Street, San Francisco, California

Dear Ms. Arandjelovic, In accordance with your request, IndoorAirSciences, (IA Sciences) has performed an evaluation of the indoor air quality within the building located at 360 Post Street in San Francisco due to fire and smoke debris that resulted from the recent fire. The good news is that there appears to have been no hazardous materials involved in the fire including asbestos containing materials (ACM), lead based paints, oils, solvents or cleaning products. The fire consumed electrical components, fiberglass insulation and plastic materials only. Evaluation of fire related debris by Transmission Electron Microscopy indicates that the deposited smoke is comprised of mineral wool (30%), cellulose (40%) and other non-fibrous materials (30%). We have also conducted a particulate inspection of all floors and have found them to be in compliance with applicable air regulations for particulate matter (both PM-10 and PM-2.5 standards). Please understand however that odors will persist within the building and particularly within each space until final detailed cleaning procedures are completed. These procedures should be performed by trained professionals wearing appropriate personal protective equipment only. We also recommend that the tenants not be present during these cleaning activities. Final testing will be performed in each space once cleaning activities are completed that demonstrate the effectiveness of the restoration. If you have questions or concerns regarding the information in this report or if we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact IA Sciences at (707) 769-2289. Sincerely, Air Indoor Sciences

Chip Prokop, CIEC, REA, CAC 08-4420


Microsoft Word - Air Quality letter.doc

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Microsoft Word - Air Quality letter.doc