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Director Colonel James J. Wesslund Security:

Base Visitor Procedures to the 379 AEW. For base visitors* requiring short term access to the base: 1. Email "379 AEW/HN Security"** the following information: - Visit Dates - Purpose - Name(s) - Scan of photo/visa pages of passport 2. Expect a minimum of 2 weeks to obtain approval from Host Nation's General Headquarters -Security Officer will contact you to explain the rest of the process. Notes: * If the visitor is either arriving or departing the base using the on-base airfield, then the Host Nation Coordination Cell Immigrations will perform the coordination. Email "379 AEW/HN Immigrations"** ** This is an email address on the Air Force Global Address List (GAL). If you do not have access to the GAL, then contact the HNCC Security Liaison at 00-974-589-1157 or DSN 318-437-1110 and request patch to 589-1157.


General Immigration guidance, to include contact information per the country/countries you may be transiting or deploying to (i.e., requirements may vary), can be located at (.mil/.gov restricted). Please contact deployment/contractor POCs at your current and deployed locations to confirm specific immigration requirements. If a passport is required, please contact your deployment/contractor POC for applicable documents, fees, etc.--information, forms, etc., may also be located at Foreign Nationals/Third Country Nationals, including DOD Contractor Employees, exit or entry is at the discretion of the host nation. Immigrations laws differ significantly for non-U.S. citizens depending upon nationality; foreign nationals may not be authorized to utilize the base. HNCC cannot request permission for entry or exit on behalf of Foreign Nationals/TCNs. The Foreign National/TCN must coordinate approval through their defense attaché or embassy with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the country they plan to visit. Foreign Nationals/TCNs entering the military installation without advance host nation approval in writing will be denied entry and must depart on the first available military aircraft. Foreign Nationals/TCNs attempting to depart the country without proper entry documentation may be detained and/or deported.


Customs: If being deployed to the following organizations: 379 AEW, a tenant organization, a US Army unit, USCENTCOM Forward HQ, or USSOCCENT Forward HQ the following pertain:

1. 2. Customs inspection is required for all arriving and departing travelers and their baggage, regardless of the airport or mode of travel. It is strictly prohibited to import or export weapons, weapon accessories (magazines, ammunition, scopes, lasers, etc.), handcuffs, body armor, military-issued items, etc., through the International Airport. Import and export such equipment only through the Air Base after obtaining advance written approval from the host nation through the 379 AEW Host Nation Coordination Cell or Office of Military Cooperation. Do not import or export any weapons or weapon-related materials without proper prior coordination with 379 AEW Host Nation Coordination Cell or Office of Military Cooperation. a. 379 AEW Host Nation Coordination Cell can be reached at: 1. DSN Phone: 318-437-6101 2. DSN Fax: 318-437-6121 3. Commerical Phone: 011-974-450-4371 4. Commerical Fax: 011-974-458-9560 5. Email: 379th AEW/HN Customs b. Office of Military Coordination can be reached at (Commercial) 011-974-488-4299/4130 Obtain advance written approval from the host nation through the 379 AEW Host Nation Coordination Cell to import any electronic devices other than standard civilian mobile phones, laptop computers, cameras, PDAs, MP3 Players, etc. Request approval no later than 30 days prior to arrival. To request approval, include the following information in the clearance request, and follow the procedures specified in 3., above: a. Equipment type. b. Make. c. Model. d. Serial number. Customs will confiscate any weapons and equipment, including US Government-issued equipment, classified documents, classified equipment, and classified communications, that are being imported or exported without following the proper procedures and may also detain the travelers involved. If any items are confiscated: a. Make sure to get a receipt. b. Call 379 AEW HNCC at the phone numbers listed above.




Aircraft Diplomatic Clearances:

For all aircraft refer to applicable country in the Foreign Clearance Guide located at for instructions especially if final destination is to the 379 AEW location. Request approval no later than 30 days prior to arrival for aircraft capable of offensive operations (fighter/bomber/etc.) Cargo and passenger aircraft require 7 day notice for host nation approval.


The Host Nation must approve any activity involving construction or relocation of facilities outside of Coalition Compound, any use of their frequencies and any AAFES-affiliated vendor operating on Al Udeid. Infrastructure Request Procedures: Construction: All requests to construct or relocate a facility outside of Coalition Compound must be staffed and approved by the 379 EMSG/CC. Requests must include the following information: Purpose · · · · Color scan of location with GPS coordinates HNCC will submit approval requests to General Headquarters Qatar (GHQ) 379 EMSG will coordinate with the local Host Nation Civil Engineer Expect an average of 60 days to obtain a response from GHQ


Frequencies: All requests to use Host Nation frequencies must be routed and approved by the CAOC Frequency Management Office. Requests must include the following information: · · · · · · · Purpose Requested frequency range Duration of use Requestor must complete all required Host Nation request forms (to be provided by the CAOC Frequency Management Office) HNCC will submit approval request to GHQ HNCC and the CAOC Frequency Management Office will coordinate with the Qatar Emiri Signal Corps Expect an average of 60 to 90 days to obtain a response from GHQ (for routine requests)

Vendors: All requests to permit a vendor to operate on Al Udeid must be approved by the Qatar AAFES General manager. Requests must include the following information: · · · · · · · Vendor Purpose and services to be provided Location List of required operating equipment HNCC will submit approval request to GHQ AAFES and the vendor will coordinate with the Qatar Department of Finance for associated fees Expect an average of 30 to 60 days to obtain a response from GHQ

Contact Information: DSN: 437-6105 Cell: 550-5682 379 AEW/HN Infrastructure



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