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Phone System

3CX Phone System for Windows

Break Free with a Software-Based IP PBX for Windows

Break free from expensive proprietary phone systems and move up to an open standard IP PBX that increases productivity of employees and IT staff, while costing much less. Evolve your communications by enabling employee mobility: Calls to and from your extension can be made and answered seamlessly from anywhere via your iPhone or Android smartphone, whilst voice mail and faxes can be received by email. Connect your national or global offices and re-direct local customer service numbers via the internet to your phone system at negligible cost. Add extensions or lines by adding standard SIP telephony equipment and save on consultants' fees because of 3CX's easy to use web-based administration. Overcome the limitations of outdated hardware-based PBX systems, reduce costs significantly and add advanced communications features that will make your company more efficient and competitive! 3CX Phone System for Windows is an award-winning IP PBX that completely replaces your proprietary PBX, supports standard SIP soft and hard phones from any vendor, VoIP service providers and VoIP gateways to connect traditional PSTN lines.

Unified Communications

Enhance Productivity with Unified Messaging and Presence

3CX Phone System for Windows delivers Unified Communications technology by unifying voice mail, fax and email as well as providing presence information. 3CX includes a fax server that is able With 3CX Phone System, employees can easily see the presence of other users and a void making or transferring calls unnecessarily. Presence is displayed in any standards -based IP phone, as well as in the 3CX MyPhone user portal. Furthermore, 3CX unifies voice mail and faxes with email by delivering them to the user's inbox. . With 3CX, businesses save time and money as they can forget about fax machines and extra telephone lines. to route incoming faxes as PDFs to email. Users can send faxes via traditional fax machines or by using a 3rd party T38 capable fax server software. 3CX provides full video capability using 3CXPhone or a SIP video phone, video calls can be made with a click of a button.

1. Presence ­ eliminate expensive telephone tag 2. Voice mail ­ receive voice mail in your inbox 3. Fax ­ receive faxes as PDF files

Freedom to the User

Boost Mobility and Allow Staff to Tele-Work

3CX gives total freedom to the user, by enhancing mobility and allowing staff to work remotely. 3CX Phone System includes a webbased user portal that gives extension users complete mobility and independence. Users can configure extension preferences using a web browser without help from IT staff. Call forwarding rules can be created based on time received, caller ID and type of call. For example, calls outside their own working hours can be routed to voice mail or a mobile phone. 3CXPhone for Windows, iPhone and Android and traditional hardware phones can be used at the same time using the same credentials. For example, the hardware phone can be used when at the office, but when at home or on the road it is very easy to switch to the soft phone and remain connected to the company's phone system. 1. User Portal ­ Configure your own extension preferences easily and from anywhere 2. 3CXPhone ­ Stay connected to the office wherever you are 3. Advanced forwarding rules ­ Set-up by caller ID, time and type of call 3CX is the only IP PBX to include a free Windows VoIP phone, and free VoIP phone apps for iPhone and Android that can be used in or out of the office. This way, crucial calls are never missed, and there is no need to give out personal mobile numbers when out of the office.

Freedom to the Network Manager

Manage the Phone System via 3CX's Web-Based Console

With 3CX, network managers break free from the archaic user interfaces of conventional PBXs and from the traditional PBX vendor. With the intuitive web-based console, administrators can easily create extensions and make PBX configuration changes without needing the PBX vendor. Because 3CX Phone System is just another Windows server application, it is easy to manage too. It can be monitored just like any other Windows server application using your existing network monitoring package. As 3CX Phone System is completely software-based, it provides many advantages over a traditional PBX or an IP PBX appliance. 1. Web-based Management Console - Access the phone system from anywhere 2. Virtualize - Save on hardware, energy & administration costs 3. Monitor - Monitor events & performance of PBX like any other server application You can easily backup your PBX and restore it on another machine in case of hardware failure - an impossible task when an appliance breaks down. It's easier to manage and control and you do not need to learn how to update and troubleshoot an obscure home-made Linux version. A software-based phone system scales a lot better too -- just add more phones and lines as you go along without being limited by the ports or processor on the appliance. You can install 3CX Phone System on your existing server or virtualize it and eliminate extra hardware, energy and management costs.

Freedom of Choice

Tested Interoperability with Leading SIP Hardware & VoIP Providers

3CX has completed interoperability testing with leading industry VoIP hardware providers of SIP Phones and VoIP Gateways, giving businesses total vendor independence and freedom of choice. Many leading SIP Phones are interoperable with 3CX Phone System including Grandstream, Aastra, Linksys, Cisco, Yealink, Polycom, Siemens and X-Lite. 3CX can automatically configure most SIP phones with the appropriate extension settings. VoIP Gateways that seamlessly Leverage low call costs by using 3CX with popular VoIP Providers worldwide or use 3CX Phone System with Skype Connect to make and receive calls to Skype users at no charge. 3CX has a global network of thousands of 3CX Partners who provide businesses with fully integrated, cost-effective VoIP solutions, and top grade support.

interoperate with 3CX include: Berofix, Patton, Grandstream and Sangoma. 3CX comes with `out of the box' configurations for the leading models. 1. SIP Phones ­ Automatic configuration of popular SIP Phones 2. VoIP Gateway ­ Continue to receive and make calls on your existing phone lines 3. VoIP Providers ­ `Out of the box' configurations for leading VoIP providers worldwide

Break Away from the Cryptic and Limited Phone Interface

Finally an Easy Way to Use your Phone from Windows with 3CX MyPhone!

3CX MyPhone is a web-based utility that can also be installed as a Windows or Mac desktop application. 3CX MyPhone offers extension users an easy way to transfer, divert, launch or park calls via drag and drop rather than via a cryptic phone interface. You can view status of other colleagues -- even if your colleagues are in another office via the 3CX Bridging feature, and avoid `voice mail tag' and unnecessary phone calls. Launch calls by double clicking on an extension, selecting a contact from the phonebook, or by highlighting a number on a web page and hitting a function key. 1. 3CX MyPhone ­ Manage Managers can monitor phone line and call queue status. A handy instant messaging feature allows you to send text messages to other users. your phone from your desktop, not a cryptic phone keypad! 2. Microsoft Outlook ­ Launch calls from Microsoft Outlook or other popular CRM systems 3. Instant Messaging ­ Communicate with colleagues via text chat All extension users can also view their call history, manage voice mails, phonebooks and more. 3CX MyPhone also integrates with Microsoft Outlook,, Google Contacts, and other CRM systems to allow launching of calls and call journaling. Caller ID can be matched to a contact record to automatically identify the caller as well as bring up information from previous calls for improved customer service. 3CX MyPhone works in tandem with any IP phone, 3CXPhone (soft phone) or even analog phones! If using a hardware IP phone, the call will be setup to the IP phone.

Boost Customer Satisfaction with 3CX Call Center Module

Stay Ahead of the Competition with the 3CX Call Center Module

The 3CX Call Center module provides professional call center features at an affordable price for small to medium sized businesses. Wrap-up time assigns a configurable Boost your customer care agents productivity by reviewing real time queue and agent statistics. Supervisors can review the number of calls in a queue, how many calls have been answered or unanswered, average and longest wait-times and more. Improve your customers satisfaction with the Call Back feature. Customers can hang up after a configurable length of time and maintain their position in the queue. Using the Listen feature, supervisors have the ability to listen in to calls. The Whisper feature allows the supervisor to speak directly to an agent, giving them vital feedback whilst on the call and without the customer hearing. The Barge feature allows the supervisor to enter the call and assist the customer further. 1. Queue Statistics ­ Monitor the queue status, which agents are logged in and out of queues and more. 2. Call Features ­ Listen, Whisper & Barge in to calls. 3. Configure ­ Fully control how queues work right down to setting wrap-up times. amount of time for your employees to carry out any admin tasks or to complete other follow-up tasks. The SLA alerts feature allows supervisors and managers to be notified when callers have to wait beyond a configurable amount of time. The Call Center module is a license key only upgrade to 3CX Phone System. Simply purchase the upgrade, and reactivate your 3CX Phone System to instantly activate the call center features. With more detailed call center driven reports, you're always up to date with how your customer care is developing.

Save on Costs with 3CX

Say Goodbye to Expensive Expansion Modules and Costly Phone Bills!

3CX Phone System for Windows is much cheaper than a traditional phone system. The initial purchase cost and the expansion cost are both much lower compared to a proprietary PBX, and with 3CX Phone System you also save on maintenance fees from vendors. Unlike appliances, 3CX can scale to an almost unlimited capacity because it leverages modern server hardware. With 3CX, businesses can also use VoIP Providers & Skype to save on international calls and to terminate international customer service numbers on the local IP PBX. Manage the PBX in house and save on consultants fees. Further savings come from connecting branch offices with 3CX' Bridges, so that all inter-office calls are setup as internal calls and therefore free. Also, integration of remote workers is easy with 3CX Tunnel, boosting mobility and resulting in savings from teleworking possibilities. 3CX Phone System includes enterprise -level features as standard. Businesses do not need to pay extra for advanced features or add-ons, as these are incorporated in the software: inbuilt fax server, digital receptionist, paging/ intercom, integrated voice mail, central phone book and more.

1. 3CX Bridges ­ Setup interoffice calls as FREE internal calls 2. Advanced Features ­ No extra cost for voice mail, auto attendant and Queues. 3. Tele-work ­ Employees work remotely while staying connected to the company's IP PBX

How it Works

An Open, Vendor-Independent System that Grows with your Business

A complete 3CX Phone System for Windows consists of the server software, soft phones or IP phones, and a VoIP Gateway to connect your existing phone lines. It is also possible to re-use existing analog phones with the use of FXS gateways. A VoIP provider can be used to leverage low cost calls across your network. 3CX can use the existing computer wiring, sharing the network point with the computer, and can be installed on an existing, non-dedicated Windows server or run as a virtual machine. Overcome the limitations of outdated hardware-based PBX systems, reduce costs significantly and add advanced communications features that will make your employees more productive and your company more efficient and competitive. Add extensions or lines by simply adding standard SIP telephony equipment and save on consultants' fees because of 3CX's easy to use web-based administration.

1. Soft phones ­ Use in combination with your IP Phone 2. IP Phones ­ Use any leading SIP hardware phone 3. Phone wiring ­ No need for extra cables as phones use your computer network

What Others Have to Say About 3CX

"Configurability of 3CX is outstanding" - Caterham F1

"3CX Phone System is a great Windows-based PBX solution for our company. It is a cost-effective solution which is easy to install and maintain." - Mike Faster, President, Coyote Creek Consulting "3CX has significantly helped in achieving our business goals to expand with mobility." - Chris Green, Managing Director, NANT Ltd. "Configurability of 3CX is outstanding - we can easily make changes to the PBX ourselves, something that was unthinkable on a traditional PBX." - Bill Peters, Caterham F1 Head of IT "I was attracted to 3CX' software "3CX was remarkably flexible and easy to install. It was also extremely simple to manage and being able to run 3CX on Windows Server offers great peace of mind." - Dustin Adam, Director of IT RE/MAX because of its simplicity, because it runs on Windows and because it has web-based management." - Steve Hechtman, President, Inductive Automation / Calmetrics Company

"Our IP PBX is only 30% of the Computer Shopper highly 3CX is Editor's Best Award winner - Windows IT Pro 3CX VoIP solution makes an impression on PC PRO editor Jon Honeyball with PC PRO believes that analogue telecom is a thing of the past, and that to get more value from a computing infrastructure it is wise to switch to VoIP. He went on to test 3CX Phone System for Windows and after installing the IP PBX he concluded: "Overall, I'm very impressed with this solution." 3CX Phone System Review in ZDNet Alan Stevens from ZDNet reviewed 3CX Phone System for Windows and found it to be a very good product: "Very easy to configure and manage, the 3CX Phone System for Windows scores well on functionality and is compatible with most SIP handsets, gateways and services." "3CX is very easy to setup and manage. The MS Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging integration works very well. I am very happy with the product!" - Craig Hyatt, Information Technology Director for Campus Services, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill magazine Windows IT Pro editors select winners based on the product's strategic importance to the market, its competitive advantages and its value to the customer. They demand solid value and performance from the products they select using their product knowledge and subject matter expertise. recommends 3CX Phone System Karl Wright reviewed the Free edition of 3CX Phone System for Windows for UK's biggest technology magazine Computer Shopper and wrote that he "couldn't really fault 3CX's Phone System. The free edition has most of the functions a home office or small business will need...considering you can download it for free, we highly recommend it." cost of other phone systems" Following an interview with 3CX's CEO Nick Galea, Computerwoche's editor Jurgen Hill wrote a very positive article about 3CX Phone System for Window's market position, the advantages of an IP PBX against a traditional PBX, and the Free edition of 3CX VoIP PBX.

Read how companies are benefiting from 3CX Phone System

3CX Impressive Set of Features

General Phone System Features

Call Logging, Call Reporting Blind Call Transfer, Attended Call Transfer Call Forward on Busy or No Answer Call Routing by DID and Caller ID Conference Calling Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist Voice Mail / Music on Hold Ring Groups & Hunt Groups Central Phonebook Call by Name Call Queuing Call Recording Call Parking and Pickup MWI - Message Waiting Indicator BLF Status Updates Conference Rooms Intercom / Paging Ring Extension and Mobile Simultaneously · ·

FREE Edition

· · · · · · ·

Commercial Editions

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Management and Scalability

Web-Based Management Console Configuration Wizard Real Time Web-based System Status Integrated Web Server Backup and Restore Firewall/NAT Friendly Configuration of External Extensions via Tunnel MS Windows Server Certified Integrated Enterprise Database (PostgreSQL) VM Ware / Hyper V

FREE Edition

· · · · · · · · ·

Commercial Editions

· · · · · · · · ·

3CX MyPhone

Web-based Utility Transfer Calls Shows Incoming Calls Shows Caller ID Shows Personal Call History Divert Calls to Voice Mail Queue Monitoring Shows Status of Other Extensions Run as Presence Monitor with Desk Phone

FREE Edition

· · · · ·

Commercial Editions

· · · · · · · · ·

Unified Communications & Mobility

3CX MyPhone Self-Service User Portal Advanced Forwarding Rules Based on Caller ID, Time and Type of Call Make Video Calls Receive Voice Mail via Email Integrate Branch Offices with 3CX Bridges Standards-based Presence Information Integrated Fax Server Receive Faxes via Email as PDF · · · · · · · · · · · ·

3rd Party Application Integration

Microsoft Outlook Integration Salesforce Integration HTTP API to Integrate with any Web CRM Microsoft Exchange 2007 / 2010 UM · · · ·

Devices and Providers

Supports Popular IP Phones Supports VOIP Gateways & cards Make and Receive Skype Calls Supports Popular SIP /VoIP Providers SIP Trunking Support Free Communication Links to 3CX and other SIP Servers · · · · · · · · · · ·


Supports Windows, Android 1.6 and iPhone 4.0 and Up Manage Softphone from Management Console Includes Tunnel to Avoid NAT Problems Auto-Provisioning Remote Configure · · · · · · · · · ·

Receive Email Notifications for Missed Calls

IP Phone Management

Automatic Phone Provisioning Remotely manage IP phones Manage IP Phones Network-Wide Plug and Play Support · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Codecs (Voice Compression)

G711 (a law and u law), GSM, Speex, IIbc G722 G729* · · · · ·

SIP Standards Support

Fully Supports RFC 3261 SIP Forking Establish SIP Trunks with other SIP Servers · · · · · ·

Provision Network-Wide with Correct Settings Restart one or all Phones Remotely Manage Firmware Network-Wide

*The Mini Edition includes two G729 channels, the Small Business Edition includes 4 sim G729 calls, The Pro Editions 8 and the Enterprise Editions 16, 32, 64, 128 or 256

3CX Phone System for Windows available through:

3CX USA 2180 Satellite Boulevard Suite 400, Duluth, Georgia 30097 USA Tel: +1 (800) 687 0903 Fax:+1 (770) 872 0531

3CX UK Unit 2, St. John's Mews, 13, St. John's Road Kingston upon Thames KT1 4 AN UK Tel: +44 (0) 845 869 5215 Fax:+44 (0) 845 869 5218

3CX Germany Baaderstrasse 44a - 12 80469 Munchen Germany Tel: +49 (0)89 / 22061592

3CX Cyprus Office 303 Engomi Business Center 1, 28th October Street 2414 Nicosia, Cyprus Tel: +357 (22) 444 032 Fax:+357 (22) 444 033

3CX Malta 16, Villa Ichang Triq Mons Alfredo Mifsud Ta Xbiex XBX 1063 Malta Tel: +356 2316 8300 Fax: +356 2316 8399

3CX Hong Kong Level 3 Three Pacific Place, 1 Queen's Road East, Hong Kong Tel: +852 2588 3411 Fax: +852 2588 3499

3CX Australia Suite 201 84, Alexander Street Crows Nest NSW 2065 Australia Tel: +61 1300 79 89 25 Fax: +61 1300 79 89 35

© 2012 3CX Ltd. All rights reserved. 3CX, 3CX Phone System for Windows and their product logos are either registered trademarks or trademarks of 3CX Ltd in the United States and/or other countries.


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