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Product Change Notice

Product Change Notice #: 002.4

Date: July 2009, 1st Title of Change: Part Number Decoder Modification ­ 3D PLUS Memory Products

QMS Approval n° 9910354

Type Of Change

Manufacturing Site Change Manufacturing Process Change Product Revision Material Change Shipping / Packaging Material Change Packing / Label / Marking Change Product End Of Life (EOL) Data Sheet Change

Description of Change

3D Plus Memory Module Part Number system change (see attached Appendix for details). This change leads to the modification of the labeling and the marking of the Memory Modules. It does not modify their definition, their performances, their reliability and their qualification status.

Reason for Change

- More flexibility needed for the codifications of the New Products - Alignment of Documentation with Memory Manufacturer standard practice for Memory Modules' description

Contact Information

Marketing and Sales Contact Pierre-Eric Berthet 3D PLUS 641, rue Hélène Boucher 78532 Bus Cedex ­ France Tel: +33 (0)1 30 83 26 58 [email protected] Engineering Contact Pierre Xiao WANG 3D PLUS 641, rue Hélène Boucher 78532 Bus Cedex - France Tel: +33 (0)1 30 83 07 51 [email protected]

Product Affected

3D Plus Memory Products

3D PLUS Sites Affected

3D PLUS BUC High Rel. 3D PLUS Buc Indus.

Coming into force

January 2009, 1st for all orders received and manufactured by 3D PLUS after December 2008, 31rst. The cross reference table between current and new part number system is provided in Appendix 2 of this document. 3D Plus Modules already in stock and to be built on order received before December 2008, 31rst will be marked with the current part number and delivered as is.


Product Change Notice # 002.4 Page 1 of 6

JULY 2009, 1st



1 2 3 4 X 5 X 6 7 8 X 9 X 10 X 11 00 12 X 3D XX 000X 00 0 000

Ex: 3DFN32G08VS8259 IS R00M

1 Module Type DP : DPRam EE : E²Prom FN : Flash NAND FO : Flash NOR FR : FRam MR : MRam 2 Module density nnn K : nnn Kilobit nnn M : nnn Megabit PO : PROM SF : StrataFlash SD : Synchronous DRam SR : Static Ram 1D : DDR1 2D : DDR2 10 radiation Assurance R : Radiation Data Tested A : Generic Radiation Data Available - : Not Applicable 11 speed/access time 00 : N/A SRAM 10 : 10ns 12 : 12ns MRAM 35 : 350ns 64 : x64 Bit nn : xnn Bit FRAM 60 : 60ns SDRAM 50 : 5ns 60 : 6ns 55 : 5.5ns 70 : 7ns 75 : 7.5ns, PC133 80 : 8ns DDR 0 0 5 : 200MHz C : CL3 6 : 166MHz B : CL2.5 7 : 133MHz A : CL2 8 : 100MHz 15 : 15ns 20 : 20ns

nnn G : nnn Gigabit nnn T : nnn Terabit

3 Module Data Bit 04 : x4 Bit 32 : x32 Bit 08 : x8 Bit 40 : x40 Bit 16 : x16 Bit 48 : x48 Bit 4 Module Voltage C : 5.0 Volts S : 2.8 Volts V : 3.3 Volts T : 2.5 Volts 5 Module Package B : BGA P : PGA C : Connector Q : QFP J : QFJ S : SOP 6 StackED LayerS 1 : 1 Layer 4 : 4 Layers 2 : 2 Layers 8 : 8 Layers

U : 1.8 Volts


W : Wire Bond

n : n Layers A : 10 Layers

DDR2 0 0 4 : DDR2-400 (200Mhz) A : CL=3, tRCD=3, tRP=3 5 : DDR2-533 (266Mhz) C : CL=4, tRCD=4, tRP=4 6 : DDR2-667 (333Mhz) E : CL=5, tRCD=5, tRP=5 8 : DDR2-800 (400Mhz) G : CL=6, tRCD=6, tRP=6 FLASH 03 : 30ns 05 : 50ns 07 : 70ns 08 : 80ns 09 : 90ns 10 : 100ns 11 : 110ns 12 : 120ns 35: 35ns 25: 25ns

7 CONTROL FEATURES / Flyer reference nnn : Product Flyer Number

Note: The Product Flyer's number characterizes a single product and takes into account the technology flow, the die source, the module's features and the electrical and mechanical user interfaces.

8 Temperature Range C : 0°C to +70°C I : -40°C to +85°C M : -55°C to +125°C S : Specific 9 Quality Level N : Commercial Grade B : Industrial Grade S : Space Grade C : Custom

Note: The Space Quality Grade corresponds to the ESA Qualified Quality Grade for Space applications (Category 1 hybrid Manufacturer as per ECSS-Q-60-05A).


Module Option : No Option*

A : "ARATHANE" Finish E : "EPOTEK 302-3M" ( salt fog protect ) H : HERMETIC Package M : "MAPSIL" Finish T : TANTALUM Shielding W : WALOPACK Shielding X : "XV501T4" (Black) Finish Solder

* By default, there is no finishing nor shielding.


Product Change Notice # 002.4 Page 2 of 6

JULY 2009, 1st

- APPENDIX 2 DENSITY SRAM 5V 64K 4M 8M 8M 12M 16M 16M 16M 16M 16M 16M 24M 32M SRAM 2.5V 16M 16M 16M SRAM 3.3V 2M 4M 4M 8M 8M 8M 8M 8M 16M 16M 16M 16M 16M 16M 16M 16M 16M 16M 16M 16M 16M 20M 20M 24M 32M 32M 32M 32M 32M 32M 32M 64M 64M 64M 64M 64M 128M 256Kx8 512Kx8 256Kx16 1Mx8 512Kx16 512Kx16 512Kx16 256Kx32 2Mx8 2Mx8 2Mx8 2Mx8 2Mx8 1Mx16 1Mx16 1Mx16 512Kx32 512Kx32 512Kx32 512Kx32 512Kx32 512Kx40 512Kx40 512Kx48 4Mx8 2Mx16 2Mx16 1Mx32 1Mx32 1Mx32 1Mx32 8Mx8 4Mx16 4Mx16 4Mx16 2Mx32 16Mx8 MMSR08250801S-CR MMSR08510801S-C MMSR16250602S-C MMSR08001802S-C MMSR16510806S-C MMSR16510804S-CR MMSR16510602S-C MMSR32250602S-C MMSR08002804B-C MMSR08002808S-CR MMSR08002804S-C MMSR08002804B-C MMSR08002804S-C MMSR16001604B-C MMSR16001604S-C MMSR16001808S-CR MMSR32510604Q-CR MMSR32510604S-Y MMSR32510604B-C MMSR32510804Q-D MMSR32510604S-YR MMSR40510805S-X MMSR40510805S-C MMSR48250606S-CZ MMSR08004808S-C MMSR16002608S-C MMSR16002604S-C MMSR32001608S-Y MMSR32001608S-C MMSR32001608S-0 MMSR32001604S-Y MMSR08008804S-C MMSR16004608S-C MMSR16004808S-CR MMSR16004608S-C MMSR32002608S-Y MMSR08016808S-C 3DSR2M08VS1229 3DSR4M08VS1264 3DSR4M16VS2253 3DSR8M08VS2067 3DSR8M16VS6028 3DSR8M16VS4182 3DSR8M16VS2227 3DSR8M32VS2119 3DSR16M08VB4026 3DSR16M08VB8115 3DSR16M08VS4189 3DSR16M08VB4254 3DSR16M08VS4255 3DSR16M16VB4011 3DSR16M16VS4113 3DSR16M16VS8116 3DSR16M32VQ4066 3DSR16M32VS4085 3DSR16M32VB4121 3DSR16M32VQ4127 3DSR16M32VS4169 3DSR20M40VS5270 3DSR20M40VS5226 3DSR24M48VS3055 3DSR32M08VS8171 3DSR32M16VS8106 3DSR32M16VS4235 3DSR32M32VS8099 3DSR32M32VS8124 3DSR32M32VS8140 3DSR32M32VS4237 3DSR64M08VS4233 3DSR64M16VS8059 3DSR64M16VS8125 3DSR64M16VS8234 3DSR64M32VS8236 3DSR128M08VS8232 1Mx16 512Kx32 512Kx32 MMSR16001804STD MMSR32510804STC MMSR32510804STC 3DSR16M16TS4185 3DSR16M32TS4137 3DSR16M32TS4225 8Kx8 512Kx8 512Kx16 512Kx16 512Kx24 2Mx8 1Mx16 1Mx16 512Kx32 512Kx32 512Kx32 512Kx48 4Mx8 MMSR08080801PC-MMSR08510801SCC MMSR16510802SCC MMSR16510602SCC MMSR24510803WCMMSR08002804SCC MMSR16001604BCC MMSR16001604SCC MMSR32510604QCC MMSR32510604SCY MMSR32510804SCC MMSR48510806JCY MMSR08004808SCC 3DSR64K08CP1136 3DSR4M08CS1271 3DSR8M16CS2098 3DSR8M16CS2183 3DSR12M24CW3013 3DSR16M08CS4218 3DSR16M16CB4016 3DSR16M16CS4114 3DSR16M32CQ4012 3DSR16M32CS4084 3DSR16M32CS4261 3DSR24M48CJ6017 3DSR32M08CS8139 ORGANIZATION CURRENT P/N NEW P/N


Product Change Notice # 002.4 Page 3 of 6

JULY 2009, 1st

DENSITY SDRAM 256M 256M 256M 256M 256M 512M 512M 512M 1G 1G 1G 1G 1G 1G 1G 1G 1G 1G 1G 1G 1G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 3G 4G 4G 4G 4G 4G 4G 4G 4G 4G




32Mx8 32Mx8 32Mx8 16Mx16 4Mx64 64Mx8 8Mx64 8Mx64 128Mx8 128Mx8 128Mx8 64Mx16 64Mx16 64Mx16 64Mx16 32Mx32 32Mx32 32Mx32 16Mx64 16Mx64 16Mx72 256Mx8 256Mx8 256Mx8 256Mx8 256Mx8 256Mx8 256Mx8 256Mx8 256Mx8 128Mx16 128Mx16 64Mx32 64Mx40 32Mx64 32Mx64 32Mx72 128Mx24 1Gx4 1Gx4 512Mx8 512Mx8 512Mx8 512Mx8 256MX16 64Mx64 64Mx64

MMSD08032804S-C MMSD08032804B-C MMSD08032402S-MMSD16016404S-_ MMSD64004604B-R MMSD08064808S-C MMSD64008604B-R MMSD64008608B-U MMSD08128404S-G MMSD08128402S-MMSD08128804S-E MMSD16064802S-L MMSD16064804B--1 MMSD16064804B--2 MMSD16064804B--3 MMSD32040602J-CH MMSD32032602S-C MMSD32032602S-J MMSD64016604B-R MMSD64016608B-U MMSD72016605B-R MMSD08256404S-G MMSD08256804S-C MMSD08256408S-Z MMSD08032808S-C MMSD08256808S-C MMSD08256804S-E MMSD08256408S-E MMSD08256808S-C MMSD08256404S-N MMSD16128808S-V MMSD16128804S-K MMSD32064604S-T MMSD40064805S-S MMSD64032608B-U MMSD64032604B-R MMSD72032605B-R MMSD24510806S-C MMSD04102408S-C MMSD04102408S-E MMSD08512808S-E MMSD08512408S-Y MMSD08512808S-C MMSD08512408S-Z MMSD16256808S-V MMSD64064608B-U MMSD64064608B-U

3DSD256M08VS4009 3DSD256M08VB4246 3DSD256M08VS2245 3DSD256M16VS4241 3DSD256M64VB4032 3DSD512M08VS8006 3DSD512M64VB4034 3DSD512M64VB8128 3DSD1G08VS4007 3DSD1G08VS2143 3DSD1G08VS4148 3DSD1G16VS2180 3DSD1G16VB4242 3DSD1G16VB4243 3DSD1G16VB4244 3DSD1G32VJ2008 3DSD1G32VS2141 3DSD1G32VS2265 3DSD1G64VB4036 3DSD1G64VB8129 3DSD1G72VB5041 3DSD2G08VS4030 3DSD2G08VS4031 3DSD2G08VS8058 3DSD2G08VS8088 3DSD2G08VS8091 3DSD2G08VS4117 3DSD2G08VS8248 3DSD2G08VS8249 3DSD2G08VS4142 3DSD2G16VS8014 3DSD2G16VS4181 3DSD2G32VS4053 3DSD2G40VS5238 3DSD2G64VB8033 3DSD2G64VB4130 3DSD2G72VB5112 3DSD3G24VS6262 3DSD4G04VS8075 3DSD4G04VS8079 3DSD4G08VS8118 3DSD4G08VS8184 3DSD4G08VS8202 3DSD4G08VS8213 3DSD4G16VS8126 3DSD4G64VB8035 3DSD4G64VB8040


Product Change Notice # 002.4 Page 4 of 6

JULY 2009, 1st

DENSITY DDR1 1G 1G 1G 1G 1G 1G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 4G 4G 4G 4G 8G 8G 8G DDR2 512M 1G 1G 1G 2G 2G 2G EEPROM 5V 1M 2M 4M 4M 5M 8M 8M EEPROM 3.3V 1M 2M 4M 4M 5M 8M 8M




256Mx4 128Mx8 64Mx16 64Mx16 16Mx64 16Mx72 512Mx4 256Mx8 256Mx8 256Mx8 128Mx16 128Mx16 128Mx16 64Mx32 32Mx64 32Mx72 512Mx8 512Mx8 512Mx8 256Mx16 1Gx8 1Gx8 1Gx8

MMDD04256402BTZ MMDD08128802BTZ MMDD16064601STC MMDD16064602BTZ MMDD64016604BT2 MMDD72016605BT2 MMDD04512404BTZ MMDD08256804STZ MMDB08256804STZ MMDD08256402ST6 MMDD16128602STZ MMDD16128604BTZ MMDD16128802STZ MMDD32064602STC MMDD64032604BT2 MMDD72032605BT2 MMDD08512808STZ MMDD08512408ST5 MMDD08512404ST6 MMDD16256804STZ MMDD08120808STZ MMDD08102408ST5 MMDD08102408ST6

3D1D1G04TB2187 3D1D1G08TB2212 3D1D1G16TS1267 3D1D1G16TB2196 3D1D1G64TB4155 3D1D1G72TB5108 3D1D2G04TB4188 3D1D2G08TS4164 3D1D2G08TS4211 3D1D2G08TS2240 3D1D2G16TS2174 3D1D2G16TB4200 3D1D2G16TS2217 3D1D2G32TS2268 3D1D2G64TB4156 3D1D2G72TB5110 3D1D4G08TS8165 3D1D4G08TS8166 3D1D4G08TS4221 3D1D4G16TS4224 3D1D8G08TS8177 3D1D8G08TS8210 3D1D8G08TS8223

8Mx72 256Mx4 128Mx8 64Mx16 256Mx8 128Mx16 32Mx72

MMDD272064809DU MMD204256402BUP MMD208128802BUP MMD216064602BUP MMD208256802BUP MMD216128602BUP MMD272032605BU2

3D2D512M72UD9167 3D2D1G04UB2186 3D2D1G08UB2197 3D2D1G16UB2199 3D2D2G08UB2206 3D2D2G16UB2209 3D2D2G72UB5220

128Kx8 256Kx8 512Kx8 128Kx32 128Kx40 1Mx8 512Kx32

MMEE08120801SCC MMEE08250802SCC MMEE08510804SCC MMEE32120804SCYD MMEE40120805SCYD MMEE08001808SCC MMEE32250808SCYD

3DEE1M08CS1193 3DEE2M08CS2097 3DEE4M08CS4029 3DEE4M32CS4102 3DEE5M40CS5175 3DEE8M08CS8020 3DEE8M32CS8163

128Kx8 256Kx8 512Kx8 128Kx32 128Kx40 1Mx8 256Kx32

MMEE08120801S-C MMEE08250802S-C MMEE08510804S-C MMEE32120804S-YD MMEE40120805S-YD MMEE08001808S-C MMEE32250808S-YD

3DEE1M08VS1192 3DEE2M08VS2154 3DEE4M08VS4145 3DEE4M32VS4162 3DEE5M40VS5257 3DEE8M08VS8190 3DEE8M32VS8094


Product Change Notice # 002.4 Page 5 of 6

JULY 2009, 1st

DENSITY FLASH NOR 16M 128M 256M 256M 256M 256M 768M 2G 2G 4G 4G




2Mx8 2Mx64 16Mx16 16Mx16 16Mx16 4Mx64 48Mx16 256Mx8 128Mx16 512Mx8 256Mx16

MMFL08016804S-C MMFL64002604B-D MMSF16016604L-C MMFL16016604S-C MMFL16016604S-D MMFL64004604B-D MMFL16048603P-C MMFO08256804S-C MMFO16128604S-C MMFO08512808S-C MMFO16256608S-C

3DFO16M08VS4250 3DFO128M64VB4061 3DFO256M16VL4252 3DFO256M16VS4105 3DFO256M16VS4269 3DFO256M64VB4131 3DFO768M16VP3138 3DFO2G08VS4215 3DFO2G16VS4214 3DFO4G08VS8203 3DFO4G16VS8198

FLASH NAND 64M 2G 2G 4G 4G 4G 4G 4G 4G 4G 4G 8G 8G 8G 8G 8G 8G 16G 16G 16G 32G 32G 32G 32G 32G 48G 40G 64G 128G 8Mx8 256Mx8 256Mx8 512Mx8 512Mx8 512Mx8 512Mx8 512Mx8 512Mx8 512Mx8 256Mx16 1Gx8 1Gx8 1Gx8 1Gx8 512Mx16 128Mx64 2Gx8 2Gx8 1Gx16 4Gx8 4Gx8 4Gx8 2Gx16 512Mx64 6Gx8 5Gx8 8Gx8 16Gx8 MMFL08064804S-C MMFN08256808B-F MMFN08256804B-F MMFN08512808B-F MMFN08512804S-C MMFN08512804SMMFN08512804S-F MMFN08512804B-C MMFN08512804S-C MMFN08512801S-F MMFN16256602S-F MMFN08102808S-F MMFN08102808B-F MMFN08102804B-C MMFN08102804S-C MMFN16512602S-F MMFN64128604B-F MMFN08204808S-F MMFN08204804S-F MMFN16102604S-F MMFN08408808S-F MMFN08408808S-FR MMFN08408808S-D MMFN16204608S-J MMFN64408808B-D MMFN08612806S-J MMFN08513805S-J MMFN08816808S-F MMFN08163808S-F 3DFN64M08VS4251 3DFN2G08VB8062 3DFN2G08VB4063 3DFN4G08VB8064 3DFN4G08VS4087 3DFN4G08VS4101 3DFN4G08VS4120 3DFN4G08VB4132 3DFN4G08VS4222 3DFN4G08VS1258 3DFN4G16VS2195 3DFN8G08VS8089 3DFN8G08VB8133 3DFN8G08VB4228 3DFN8G08VS4230 3DFN8G16VS2159 3DFN8G64VB4161 3DFN16G08VS8134 3DFN16G08VS4208 3DFN16G16VS4158 3DFN32G08VS8289 3DFN32G08VS8204 3DFN32G08VS8259 3DFN32G16VS8160 3DFN32G64VB8263 3DFN48G08VS6216 3DFN40G08VS5219 3DFN64G08VS8194 3DFN128G08VS8266


Product Change Notice # 002.4 Page 6 of 6

JULY 2009, 1st



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