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How To Setup Your XpanD X103 Universal 3D Glasses

Step 1. To turn the glasses on press and release the power button on the left side (#1). The LED light on the right side (#2) will fade up. Step 2. Press and hold the power button (#1) for approximately 3 seconds, the LED light (#2) will then stay on ­ this means you are now in programming mode. Step 3. The LED Light (#2) and the lenses on the glasses will blink once to indicate it is now ready for either Samsung or Mitsubishi 3D HDTV's Step 4. To select another 3D HDTV please press and release the power button (#1) each time to cycle through the options. Please see the chart below to select the 3D HDTV you want to use: · · · · · · Samsung or Mitsubishi = 1 blink LG = 2 blinks SONY = 3 blinks Panasonic or Toshiba = 4 blinks Philips = 5 blinks XpanD Emitter = 6 blinks

FYI, the LED light (#2) and lenses on the glasses will both blink together the same number of times according to the chart above as you press the power button (#1) to cycle through the options of 3D HDTV's. Step 5. Once you have selected the correct 3D HDTV you can begin to enjoy your 3D content. After 30 seconds the 3D glasses will exit the programming mode and store your selection in memory. The glasses will always start up in this mode the next time you turn the glasses on. NOTE: To turn the 3D Glasses off, let it go out of programming mode by waiting approximately 30 seconds and then press the power button (#1) once. The LED light (#2) will fade down. Some Tips & Tricks To Remember: · · If you are setting up your glasses try to reduce any intensive lighting or sunlight, otherwise you may have trouble setting it up correctly For Samsung 3D HDTV's some models may have trouble setting up correctly if there is intense backlighting Make sure the IR emitter on the TV is not blocked and the viewing angle is not too large



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