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3MTM Veterinary Intensifying Screens and Cassettes

3MTM X-ray Cassettes

Light and Durable!

Hardback Cassettes The cassette is critical in achieving quality radiographs consistently, year after year. 3M hardback cassettes are precisely designed and engineered to guard against the loss of screenfilm contact and light leaks that degrade image quality. This premium cassette is light and easy to use for high productivity from start to finish. The 3M hardback cassette is built tough for long, reliable service to meet the unique challenges of veterinary radiography.

3MTM Rare Earth Screens

~ 3MTM AsymetrixTM Screens ~ Speed and Detail in one cassette!

With the veterinarian's unique needs in mind, 3M has designed a rare earth, green light emitting, synergistic asymmetric intensifying screen system. The 3M Asymetrix screen optimizes both speed (faster screen) and detail (slower screen) in one cassette. The asymmetry of the screens creates a synergy that equalizes the quantity of light emitted from each screen and allows for the imaging of both soft tissue and trabecular bone on one radiograph. 3M Veterinary X-ray screens provide the best-of-two-worlds in one cassette!

X-Ray Cassette

The AsymetrixTM Screen Options

3M Hardback Cassette 3M Vinyl Cassette

3M Asymetrix Detail Screens Designed for slower, detail radiography Equine: Recommended for High Frequency portable machines or greater Small animal: Excellent table-top radiography 3M Asymetrix Fast Detail Screens Designed for faster radiography with detail Equine: Recommended for non-High Frequency portable x-ray machines Small animal: Ideal for radiography of large anatomy/grid (bucky) radiography

Vinyl Cassettes The 3M TM Vinyl Cassette is the lightweight alternative to conventional hardback cassettes. Specif ically designed with the equine practitioner in mind, the 3M Vinyl Cassettes are easy-to-use for a multitude of radiographs at remote locations. Vinyl cassettes must be used with a 3M TM Contact Tunnel to maintain f ilm/screen contact and image integrity. Available in size 8x10 only.

3MTM Veterinary X-ray System... Your Leader in Veterinary Imaging Technology!

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