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Commanding Officer LtCol Michael Folgate Executive Officer Maj Robert McCracken Sergeant Major SgtMaj Brian Taylor

Family Readiness Officer

A word from the

Commanding Officer

Dear Green Knight Families, We are all back from South Korea, and dried out from all the rain and mud we lived with for two weeks. I must tell you that our Marines and Sailors did awesome. We flew the most hours of any squadron and provided the most support of aircraft to the exercise. And, at the end of the two weeks, our maintenance department kept the jets in such good shape, we flew them all back to Iwakuni with no problems on the final day of flying. This is a monumental task and one I am very proud of. Even though we were in the rain and mud a lot, and some of the work tents even flooded out, our attitudes were great and everyone had a good time (partly because we knew it was only two weeks of tent living). We ate a lot of MRE's (meals ready to eat) and occasionally had some Korean food. While we were there, most of the squadron was able to take a day trip to either Seoul or Osan to sight-see and do some shopping.

Kristina Hammock

ENTERTAINMENT TICKET OFFICE FOR ALL YOUR SUMMER FUN Your Entertainment Ticket Office (ETO) has military discount tickets to a variety of San Diego attractions like SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo/Wild Animal Park, Bodies in Motion, San Diego Padres, San Diego County Fair and much more. Save by buying through your Entertainment Ticket Office. Ticketmaster is also available. Stop by today and enter the FREE monthly drawing. In addition, don't forget your Big Bear cabin/campsite reservations. Call 858-577-4126/4141 for more information.

Now that we are all back in Iwakuni and flying a regular flight schedule, we are preparing for two upcoming events. The first event is a small det of Marines, five of our jets and ten officers to fly down to Okinawa and participate in shooting live missiles from our jets. Our small detachment will be at Kadena Air Base the last week of May. Most of the squadron will remain in Iwakuni training and working on aircraft, preparing them for the next full squadron detachment to Komatsu, Japan in June. On June 4th we will depart as a full squadron det to Komatsu, focused on training with two Japanese F-15 squadrons. We will fly with the Japanese Air Self Defense Force for two weeks, then come back to Iwakuni. Komatsu, Japan isn't too far from Iwakuni, only about a 4 hour train ride, and is located on the upper part of Japan on the western shoreline. You may recognize Komatsu as a name used on tractors and heavy equipment, just like John Deere or Caterpillar. Our S-4 department and planners are currently working on the entire plan of how we will get everyone there and where we will live for those two weeks. All in all, we are doing great and working a lot. 10-12 hour days are normal and our Marines are always seen either on aircraft fixing them, or launching and recovering them. We are flying much more than we did at Miramar. It keeps us busy and time passes by quicker while we train. We haven't had to work any weekends yet, so we do get some time off to explore Japan or participate in activities on base. Keep in contact with your Marine or Sailor, as it helps to pass the time knowing families are doing well.

Semper Fi, LtCol Michael D. Folgate Commanding Officer VMFA(AW)-121

"Sergeant Major Says"

L.I.N.K.S... THE FAMILY'S LINK TO THE CORPS L.I.N.K.S. is a class given by spouses for spouses, and is geared toward helping those new to the Marine Corps way of life. Even so, it doesn't matter whether you've been married to your Marine for two days or 20 years-- there's always something new to learn. Because living the Marine Corps lifestyle is like a journey, each participant goes home with a tote bag filled to the brim with materials to help make the trip a little easier. Call 858-577-4810 to register. Gre

Green Knight Families, One-Third of the deployment is behind us. The Marines have performed admirably during the Foal Eagle Exercise in the Republic of Korea and here in Iwakuni Japan. They are working relatively long hours and are doing an incredible job keeping our aircrew in the air. After having spent several weeks in a tent without consistent heat, eating MREs, and tromping through a field of mud in Yechon; no one is complaining about our living conditions in Japan. Iwakuni's Friendship Day (Airshow) was a success. Over 250,000 Japanese nationals came on base and were exposed to the work of your Green Knights. Now, we are preparing for operations in Komatsu Japan and a Missile Shoot in Okinawa. Marines are traveling and staying busy. Their professional conduct has been above the norm and I am very proud of each and every one of them, you should be too! Semper Fi... SgtMaj Brian Taylor Squadron Sergeant Major Marine All Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 121

A Word From The

Family Readiness Officer

Greetings Green Knight Families, As the Sergeant Major said, we are one-third of the way through WestPac '10 and for the past two months, Green Knight families from all around the world have been participating in a variety of Family Readiness events. We started off by celebrating Easter with our good friends from VMGR-352 (The Raiders) at Mills Park. There, GK families enjoyed a myriad of games, events, good food, and of course, a visit from the Easter bunny himself! Family members have joined us at two different self-defense classes, where they learned personal protection moves from the best; United States Marines. GK family members have also attended financial planning classes and have learned about the CACO process. Yet, by far, our biggest event was our banner making party! On Friday May 7th, between the hours of 6 and 8 pm, more than 40 GK family members stopped by the Miramar Room to write their messages of love and encouragement for their Marine or Sailor on the banner. Moreover, we had more than 25 GK families who currently reside outside of the San Diego area email in messages and pictures to be added to the banner by our Banner Event Morale Support Volunteers! By the end of the evening, the families and volunteers created a magnificent 25ftX6ft banner which read: "WE LOVE OUR GREEN KNIGHTS" and was adorned with beautiful pictures and messages from loved ones. We have a complete calendar of events for the duration of WestPac which includes a care package making event and an "In The Midst" Hawaiian Night Luau in June. Of course, we will also be holding the single most anticipated event that all of our GK families live for; our Return and Reunion brief! For a complete list of the scheduled Family Readiness Events please visit: and view the "Announcements" section. Until next time Green Knight Families, be safe and take care of one another! Semper Family, Kristina Hammock Office: (858) 577-9363 Cell: (858) 864-4782 [email protected]

SAN DIEGO MILITARY OUTREACH MINISTRIES (MOM) Free Food and household items Ministries (rates E-5 and below 1st 30 min. E-6 and above after) For locations & times visit:

A word from the


What's Happening?

Check out this web site for lots of events going on right here aboard MCAS Miramar! Greetings, Green Knight family: My name is Chaplain Johan Baik, MAG-11 Group Chaplain, but more importantly, YOUR CHAPLAIN! My job is to support you in all your spiritual, moral, and morale needs. Please do not hesitate to call upon me in your times of need. One of my mottos comes from the Old Testament Scriptures in Genesis 12:2-3 which says, "I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." God was talking to Abraham about what became the kingdom of Israel, but this passage equally applies to us as we reach out to other nations and be a blessing to others. As we do good to other nations, our own nation will be blessed. In the same way, we ought to be good to each other. I pray God's blessings be upon every Marine and Sailor of VMFA(AW)-121, and their families. Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful), Chaplain Johan Baik, LT, CHC, USN


A place for families to connect and share with each other. Marine Parents offer numerous venues for communicating with other Marine Corps parents: * Chat room and message boards for all Marine Corps parents to connect * Database of local military support groups * Database of USMC Units to learn about the specific unit of a family members Marine, such as location, contact information, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and more

Chaplain Johan Baik, LT, CHC, USN MAG-11 Group Chaplain Office: 858-577-4443 [email protected]

Promotions and Awards

Congratulations Marines!

May April

- Everhart 1stLt Zachary promoted to Capt - Stripling Sgt Brandon promoted to SSgt - Mellos Cpl Thomas promoted to Sgt - Young Sgt Adam promoted to SSgt - Wilkinson Cpl Eric promoted to Sgt - Harmon Cpl Thomas promoted Sgt - Smith LCpl Sean Michael promoted to Cpl - Lloyd LCpl Robert promoted to Cpl - Belt PFC Tryler promoted LCpl - Sleeman PFC Jeremy promoted to LCpl


SURVEY!!!! Marines, Sailors and Families (includes single Marines): m/FR-Marines-and-FamiliesSurvey


Whether it's help with child care, personal finances, emotional support during deployments, relocation information or resources needed for special circumstances, Military OneSource is there for military personnel and their families 24/7/365! All Services are available by phone 1-800-342-9647 and online. When you call Military OneSource, you'll talk with a Master's level consultant, trained to offer confidential support and practical solutions.


Have you received your DVD yet? Encourage your Marine or Sailor to make a recording that your child will be able to watch again and again. There is nothing like having Mom or Dad's face and Educational Benefits voice right there at home, even if they are deployed. By Reading aloud with participating in United Through Reading® the bedtime story children will provide a tradition can begin or continue. If you have received a video, don't forget to complete the "Full Circle of Communication" by sending feedback to your deployed loved one in the form of a picture, video, or even a letter or email. Let your Marine or Sailor know their time was well spent and how much the tape means to you and your child. And remember you can always mail your Marine or Sailor another book and another video could soon be on its way. Emotional Benefits

Spouse at home feels more parenting support. Improves morale for all family members.

solid foundation for their success in all of their educational experiences.

Think about ways to bring the story into your everyday life. Did the characters go on a picnic? Why not pack a picnic like the one in the book? Did they bake cookies together? Try baking the same ones, then talk about your favorite moments in the story. This is a great way to make the special moments last.

Upcoming Family Readiness Trainings Assistant/Advisor Training:

Wednesday & Thursday June 23rd & 24th 6:00pm ­ 9:00pm To register email Angel Deluz at: [email protected]

I would love to feature some of our own Green Knight United Through Reading success stories, so if you would like to submit a comment, contact me, your United Through Reading® Homefront Coordinator, Erin Tavernier, at [email protected] or fill out a homefront survey on United Through Reading's website ( Your stories could help encourage other Marines and Sailors to start the United Through Reading tradition with their children.

United Through Reading®

Below are pictures sent in from families first viewing their United Through Reading DVDs

Do Your Kids Need Help with their Homework?

Check out Free online homework help with various subjects For more information:

FREE Programs Available to You!

ON- STATION ON- STATION COLLEGE CLASSES COLLEGE CLASSES Miramar College FALL Miramar College FALL Classes start 08-24-09 Classes start 08-24-09 National University National University Classes start every month Classes start every month

Courtesy of the ASYMCA

Mom & Tots Program: A fantastic opportunity for children ages 12 months to pre-K to learn new songs, hear a story, and develop fine motor skills through crafts. An excellent way for parents and their children to socialize with other military families. Tuesdays from 9:30-10:30am at the NTC Community Center. Thursdays from 9-10am at the Murphy Canyon Chapel. Healthy Living Walking Group: Get active while you exercise with other military families. Take a stroll with your children or set a more aggressive pace with our staff. Mondays from 9-10:15am behind the Murphy Canyon Chapel. Spouse Support & Craft Groups: A relaxing way to meet other military spouses while doing a craft. While the parents craft and socialize, their children interact with other children in our Kids' Club childcare area. Mondays from 10:15am-12:15pm at the Murphy Canyon Chapel. Fridays from 9:30-11:30am at the NTC Community Center. Information, Resource and Referral: Our professional social workers are in contact with a variety of agencies and community groups that provide a range of services to military families. It can often be difficult just to find the right number to call for the service you are looking for. If you need a service that you do not think we offer, or are having difficulty finding a service you need, let us be your first stop! Call (858) 751-5755 and ask to speak with a Family Outreach social worker. In-home Counseling: Our professional social workers offer free and confidential short term therapeutic services to military families E7 and below. As a community agency we are not connected to your command, and our services are tailored to meet the needs of your family. We address a wide range of issues with families, such as: deployment and reunion, anxiety, depression, isolation, pregnancy support, grief, adjusting to life changes and/or military lifestyle. All services are provided in-home so there is no need to arrange transportation or childcare. If you would prefer, however, appointments are also available at our office. Call (858) 751-5755 and ask to speak with a Family Outreach social worker.

If you are part of a military family you can sign up for our Military email list for free tickets and upcoming events!

Central Texas Online & Central Texas Online & Saint Leo VTC Classes Saint Leo VTC Classes start Continuous Registration

CLEP Testing

The CLEP/DSST National Test Center is now open. Tests are given every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 0930, 1200 and Education seats are Advising 1430. Six Advisors are standing by to available for each test time. answer any question you or Call Kristina Stasko your family members may at 619.563.7356 to reserve have relating to higher a seat, or email her at education. Appointments [email protected] are encouraged but walkins are welcome. TA Make Your School Go funds High TA $ Further completion, Vocational Whileand Associate Training stationed in California, military through Doctorate Degrees personnel are considered to for active duty service be California residents for members. Many programs tuition at California are available online. Community Colleges. If you need lower division classes (freshman/sophomore) classes, why not take them at a CA Community College at $60 for a 3-s.h. class instead of $750, or Scholarships higher at another college? Scholarship information MCAS Miramar may be found at: Education Center or 577-1801 The federal PELL grant website is The Marine Corps' Academic Explorer at is an excellent site to help you get started and find programs that may fit your needs.


Hey FRO, I heard there was a Green Knight webpage where I can find out all about the Green Knights and what is going on in Family Readiness. Can you send me the link to the web page? Sincerely, In the know in Idaho Dear In The Know, Indeed, there is a Green Knight web page where you can find all kinds of interesting info. You can learn about the current Green Knight Command Team, the amazing history of the Green Knights and yes, lots of good info on Family Readiness. Every family is unique unto itself and each family member requires a different type of support when it comes to learning about the Marine Corps and understanding their Marine, here at "121" we recognize that! On our web page, Green Knight parents can find a link to Marine where they can connect with other Marine parents like themselves and even learn about ways to get involved and support our Marines. If you are a Marine spouse and need to view an upcoming LES or print an old LES, there is a link to MyPay. And for all members of Marine families, there is a link to Marine Corps Family Team Building, where you can take a variety of different classes that can better educate you on your role and responsibilities as the Marine family member. In addition to these links, GK family members can also view pictures taken around the squadron and at different Green Knight events. They can also check out our world clock which always shows the time in Iwakuni or they can learn about different Family Readiness programs. The link to our webpage is: Enjoy! Warm Regards, FRO Hammock


Distribution location: ASYMCA parking lot on Tues May 25. Register at ex.php?option=com_eventlis t&Itemid=99999999&func= details&did=607&utm_sour ce=Feed+the+Children&ut m_campaign=f57d4689a0May&utm_medium=email

Do you have a question for the FRO? Just send an email to [email protected] and title it "Hey FRO." Your question might be the one featured in our next newsletter!

Green Knight Family Readiness Programs


Here at the Green Knights, we want to ensure our new moms and moms-to-be are well informed and a little pampered too! This amazing program, headed-up by Sandi Kerkhove has welcomed dozens of baby Green Knights over the past year. Sandi and her team of volunteers ensure our moms-to-be receive all the info they need to be prepared for pregnancy and parenting. When the baby has arrived, Sandi coordinates with her Welcome Baby Volunteers to have 3 meals delivered to the new baby's family; this gives mom a few nights off! She also delivers a Welcome Baby Basket to every new mom , which contains a variety of baby items, including a Green Knight onesie and a Green Knight bib! For more info on this program contact the FRO at 858-577-9363

121 Story Time with Jessica Ashmore

You won't find more fun on a Wednesday morning anywhere else! If you have a child between the ages of 0-5 then this is the place for you!! Children who participate in the 121 Story Time group enjoy having a book read to them while being asked their thoughts about what might happen the book. Afterwards, the children get to enjoy a craft or some type of hands-on activity. Below are some pictures taken at April's Story Time where the children bounced balls in a parachute and blew cotton balls with straws. This group meets at 10:00 on the second Wednesday of every month in the Children's Library aboard MCAS Miramar. This is a great way to get your children involved and to meet other Green Knight spouses like yourself!

For more information on joining this group please contact the FRO at 858-577-9363.


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