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Newsletter March 2011


GROUP CONTACT Alys Helm [email protected] VACANT after Easter Contact Alys Helm [email protected] Sharon Coletta [email protected] Jane Benfield Geoff Webb [email protected] Bridget Huggett [email protected] Paul Geoghegan [email protected] Mike Tully [email protected] Terry Newman [email protected] Nicola Tunstall [email protected] Ron Ockelford Alys Helm [email protected] Keith Day [email protected] BEAVER SCOUT LEADER










Welcome to the new edition of the Newsletter. The highlights of last year included the trip to Austria in August and the Frylands Activity Day in October. This year we have lots to look forward to including the Family Camp at Blacklands Farm in June. The Section Leaders have lined up a fantastic range of activities to bring fun, excitement and new experiences to our loved ones! Please let me know if you have any ideas for the Newsletter. Have a great read! Keith Day [email protected]


Having read the last edition of this esteemed publication, a very good friend of mine (and an exleader with our Group) questioned me on why the section reports now always seem to refer to what they did "this Term", and why is the word "Term" used nowadays. It never was when he was a leader. I couldn't really give a satisfactory answer other than when planning programmes, sections nearly always follow the academic year. But we're not a school so why use "Term"? As it happened, there was an article in Scouting Magazine last year on the subject of following the academic year and this now follows. What are your views on the subject?

Should Scouting follow the academic year?

YES ­ Liz Craig, District Commissioner

I think following the academic year does work for Scouting. It makes sense for the young people, who often go away with their families and are in need of a rest, just like the adults. The summer break is also an opportunity for adults to recharge and get re-enthused about Scouting. Lots of volunteers I know use the summer to do different things in Scouting. For example, I went up to the West Lancashire Jamboree at Great Tower and helped by delivering a low ropes activity. It was a great opportunity to meet young people in an informal environment as well as other leaders and managers to exchange ideas. It also makes sense in terms of moving on. Young people are in peer groups academically and it makes sense that Scouting follows this in terms of moving up from Beavers to Cubs and so forth. September is also the start of a new season and it feels like the natural time to start things afresh ­ school, work and Scouting.

NO ­ David Stokes, Assistant Scout Leader and District Explorer Scout Commissioner

The problem isn't the academic year, but the mentality that Scouting stops when school stops. Thirteen weeks of school holidays is a quarter of the year when we could be running an exciting and active programme. 3

Our troop breaks for two weeks at Christmas to give leaders a rest and there's also no troop meeting when we're on summer camp. Our year is based around Scouting milestones with an extra ten weeks of Scouting activities. We still manage to take family holidays and compensate for lower numbers during the summer. We make the best use of outdoor activities, running less formal, but more exciting outdoor programmes such as river crossing, orienteering and so on. Continuing to meet during school holidays also helps with retention. You can usually rely on parents to bring Beaver and Cub scouts back after the holidays, but most Scouts and explorer Scouts come through choice. It's useful that our older sections get a taste of the real world ­ where most of us don't get 13 weeks' holiday. We should be looking to provide all the Scouting that we possibly can ­ and not arbitrarily accept a calendar imposed from outside.

And straight on to the third instalment of -

"Cowshed Scouting"

41st Beckenham/3rd West Wickham Scout Group Memories of Roy Gaved from 1943 to 1961

The Scout Troop From now on I entered a world where I was one of the youngest and not the oldest. Everybody about me seemed so big! The Scouts met on a Wednesday evening and still met in the Gym. I was given my Tenderfoot Test Card (I still have it!) and my time as a Tenderfoot was not very long, as I quickly passed all the tests required. These included the history of the Scout Movement, the Scout Promise and Law, the Scout salute-with and without Scout staves, know about the Union Flag, how to hoist, break and fly it. Basic First Aid, Woodcraft Signs and Knotting and Whipping. The time came for my investiture in August 1945, as a Scout. We had about twelve Scouts at that time who were formed up in a horseshoe with the Scouters and Troop Leader in front. The Scoutmasters name was Terry Weigh (?) and he had an Assistant Scoutmaster ­ Stan Raine. The Troop Leader was Ted Mealing. I was brought out to the front by my Patrol Leader who was Dereck Wheatley and I was asked if I wished to become a Scout. Answering yes, I had to place my left hand on the green and yellow Troop Flag and recite the Scout Promise after which I was welcomed into the 41st Beckenham, 3rd West Wickham Scout Troop. The gold and blue Group Scarf was placed around my neck and I was given my Scout Badge, County Badge, Group shoulder tab and my Patrol ribbons. 4

Round about this time there was a change of Leaders and Alan Hammond, a Rover before the war in our Group, recently demobbed from the Army, became Scoutmaster with Doug Murray as Assistant Scoutmaster. Negotiations had been going on with the Rector to move into one half of the now unused buildings that later became known as the Rectory Rooms or more informally as `the cowsheds'! These had been used by the Auxiliary Fire Brigade, during the war, to house their small fire engine and pumps, with large garage doors at one end. These buildings were restored and modified, with the garage doors filled in by the Toc H, who were again to use the other half. The `Scout Hut', as it became known, was very basic, with a rough cement floor, minimal lighting and, as I remember, initially no heating. A large fire-place with chimney was later built in the corner, at one end but this gave out more smoke than heat and despite modifications it was never very successful! However this was `our' Scout Hut and we loved it! We had a flag pole fixed near the entrance door, from which we flew the Union Flag, when we were meeting and an ex Navy, grey, ship's lamp alongside, which was used as an outside light. The Troop began to quickly grow, under our enthusiastic young Leaders. Two Patrols, Bulldogs with my brother Ken as Patrol Leader and Kestrels led by Des Young. I was appointed Second in my Brother's Patrol. To be continued ­ more next time. Doug Sullivan President And on to some quotes that Doug has supplied from "A Canny Crack"... "Youngsters will respond to anything that involves action". "Few things help a teenager more than to replace responsibility upon them and let you know you trust them". "And don't clean up after youngsters. That's their job."



First of all a progress report on "Fix the Floor". We have so far raised about £4600 towards our target of £20,000 to get a new floor. Unfortunately, of course, as time goes by costs go up and the cost will now exceed the estimates we originally obtained. Additionally, this winter has been exceptionally hard on our floor and large sections rose up as the damp atmosphere penetrated the now rather poorly anchored wood. We have patched the most damaged sections and trimmed and stuck back some others. Mostly, however we have dried out the raised floor and hammered it back into place! Given that it will take several more years to raise the full amount needed we recently started investigating other alternatives and have agreed that we will look for ways to reduce the costs by doing some of the work ourselves. This could include doing some or all of the preparation such as removing the old floor and levelling the base, or even doing the laying ourselves. From a climatic point of view, it would be best to lay a new floor when the weather is fairly warm and dry and also when the hall is not in use for an extended period. We are looking at an August ­ probably 2012 ­ as a possible time to do this. If we go down this route expect to see appeals for physical help in future in future newsletters. Meanwhile, please support our fund raising for the floor if you can so that we can avoid having to nurse the floor through too many more winters. See the Sponsor a Square metre form on page 15. Next, our Family Camp at Blacklands Farm (17th ­ 19th June). Once again we have a sell out on our hands and by the time you get this newsletter the next letters will be going out to those that have booked, inviting you to choose the activities you would like to do. A few reminders for you ­ we have a field to ourselves this time and should be able to have music and singing during Saturday evening, so if you have an instrument that won't be damaged by using it in the open air please bring it along and join in. This time the Explorers are going to have their own part of the field and do their own catering ­ but if they come up with anything really good we expect them to share it! Also, both the crew from the 3rd West Wickham and the activity leaders provided by Blacklands Farm will be working hard and all activities will go ahead whatever the weather. So please be prepared to take part, even if the weather forecasters predict gloom and doom ­ they are usually wrong in any case. Finally, a reminder that our AGM is back at our HQ this year on the evening of Friday July 8th with games for the children. We hope to be able to use part of the Coney Hall Football Club's field subject to fitting in with their reseeding programme. There will also be a BBQ and we hope to see you there. Remember that we are always looking for more people to help with section activities or to become a leader. If you can help us with this or in any other way, please contact Alys, me or any of the leaders. Mike Tully [email protected] PS ... Keep up to date with events through our website ­ 6

3rd WW Supporters

Recent Events The November quiz proved to be a popular standard as ever raising £330. So many thanks to everyone for their support. Myra Ward's Christmas Quiz proved a tempting tasty success. We sold 208 copies and raised £180 for the group. The winners were drawn at random from all of the correct entries received, and were the "Simms family". So well done to all who took part. The correct answers have been posted on the web site. Forthcoming Events Myra tells me she is planning another quiz for the Spring, possibly on sale at our Auction on Saturday March 5th. She is currently working on her theme, something with less calories than the Christmas chocoquiz, me thinks. If you are having a Spring clear out, then the Auction is open for Lots until 26th Feb, and please come and buy more goodies on the 5th March to brighten up all those dull empty Spring-cleaned spaces. The 100 Club Our 100 Club currently has 30 something members, so is still open to new entrants wanting to hit the jackpot. We have a monthly draw paying cash prizes to two lucky winners each month, and all for only £12/year. .Full details from Myra at [email protected] if you would like to join. How can you not want to have a go! Coney Hall Fair - Assembly Rooms - 5th May The Supporters will be running a sweet and toy stall at the village fair. The sweets we can buy, but we would like your help to gather unwanted, unloved toys and games. Please bring any donations for the stall to the section meetings at HQ during April or the first week of May. Alternatively if you call or email I can arrange collection. We would also welcome any volunteers to help on the stall for an hour or two on the 7th May, and if you don't have any toys, and can't help on the stall you are still more than welcome to come and buy. Terry Newman, Chairman [email protected] 020 8776 1331 STOP PRESS! Next Auction is on Saturday 5 March There has been some confusion as a date of 12 March is shown on the website ­ we do apologise for this mistake. If you have items to put in the Auction please email [email protected] If you wish to come and bid at the Auction viewing is from 12.00 and bidding starts at 2pm.

A very big thank you to everyone who helped on the Jumble Sales on 13th November and 12th February ­ collectors, sorters, sellers, refreshment helpers and to the Cubs and Scouts who delivered the leaflets beforehand. The February sale raised a magnificent £630. What a team effort! Well done to all. The next Jumble Sale is on 14 May. Alys Helm 7

Jumble Sale

Group Annual Subscriptions and Fund Raising

Thank you to all those who have already paid their subs for this year. There are a few outstanding second payments ­ perhaps you could get your cheque in the post quickly? So where does the money go? At present we have 60 children enrolled in the Group each being charged £90 per year. This raises £5,400 out of which we pay capitation fees to the Scout Association for each child and adult leader ­ a total of £2,250 leaving a balance of just £3,150 to cover the cost of all the activities, running and repairing the building. Unfortunately Ground rent, rates, insurance, water, electricity and gas amounted to approximately £4,000 last year!!! As you can clearly see the annual charge does not meet the expenses of running the group let alone repairs to the building and we are very dependent on the volunteers on our Supporters committee organising fund raising events. If these events are not successful we are left with a considerable shortfall each year and the Annual Subs would have to be substantially increased! Lately we have found that parents are not attending the Supporters functions and this may well be because they are not interested in those events. We desperately need more parents to join the committee to bring new ideas to the table and help motivate everyone to join in and raise more money! I am very aware of how many demands there are on everyone's time in our fast paced modern world. We all try to juggle work and family and other commitments plus have a social life as well. All our leaders give vast amounts of their time to making Scouting enjoyable for the youngsters in their care not just in the weekly meeting but they also run extra events such as camps, badge days, overnight hikes plus the `backroom' work of planning everything. Perhaps you could take a moment to discuss with me how you could help the Supporters Committee raise additional funds for the Group I would really like to hear any ideas you have to help us to raise more funds to support our group. My ideal would be to have events to raise funds rather than increasing the subs. However, you may feel differently. Please let me know your views. Alys Helm

With the weather finally warming up the 3rd WW Group t-shirts (£6 each) are great for wearing under uniform and we now have them in smaller sizes. . Please ask any leader when you are at HQ.

Group T-Shirts


Greenacres Maintenance News

I am beginning to believe that all parents whose children enjoy their scouting with the Group are involved purely in high tech and IT careers judged by my constant inability to obtain help with those jobs around the H.Q. which require skilled Tradesmen. Fortunately we do have some excellent D.I.Y. helpers. I am afraid that my pleas for a Plumber fell on deaf ears again so, more in hope than expectation, do we have a Plumber in our midst who can help with the refurbishment of the Ladies toilet? The floor has again been badly affected by moisture and many areas have lifted. Mike, with help from Cruz and Andy, has spent some considerable time patch repairing and, as contributions for funding for a new floor have slowed, I wonder if there are any floor layers amongst the parents who would be prepared to give us some time if we were to do the work in house. I am not holding my breath but remain optimistic. With the pressure on family finances, due to the current situation with the economy, maybe some of us will have a holiday at home and would like to spend a few days in sunny West Wickham floor laying rather than laying on a beach in some foreign climate. Now that the weather has started to warm up! We shall start on the tiling to the walls of the Ladies toilet and this is where the Plumber comes in; we need to adjust the position of the W.W.P's and reposition the old or fit new wash basins. Hopefully Spring is round the corner and we shall also need painters to redecorate the external walls and joinery together with some work to the guttering. Meanwhile if anyone wins several million on the Lottery or if there is a Banker out there looking for a good cause to donate part if his/her large bonus to, maybe they would like to make a huge donation to the Fix Floor Fund. Ron Ockelford

District Scout Shop

The District Scout Shop is located at St Francis of Assissi Church in Ravenswood Avenue, West Wickham. It is open Saturday Mornings, except Bank Holiday weekends and the month of August, from 10.30am until 12 noon. All items of uniform for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorer Scouts, Network and Adults are in stock, as well as more popular Publications and forms. What we do not have can be ordered, including all items of equipment, which are in the Scout Catalogues or on the Scout Associations Scout Shop Website. Prices are slightly less than recommended retail prices in most cases, unless it is a special or urgent order in which case £6 p&p may be charged. All profit goes into District Funds, and is reflected in membership subscriptions and in contributions to District events. I will be pleased to deal with any questions on 8462 5536. Ron Ockelford 9


As usual the Beavers are busy, noisy and looking for adventure! We said goodbye last term to Callum Goodman and early this term to Kieran Harris, Jordan Burns, Samuel Brand, Oliver Bennett and Thomas Pleant. All are now settled in Cubs. In their place we have 7 new Beavers, so we warmly welcome Alfie Appleby, Joel Davis, Jude Morgan, Lucas Wright, Michael Rowley, Louis Axel and Ted Jenkins. Explorer Tom Mead continues to help us at meetings and we have also been joined by former Scout Nick Pharo as a young helper this term. Last term the Beavers enjoyed a Pirates Evening when they dressed up and made treasure maps and even found some gold coins (of the chocolate variety!). Many Beavers earned their Imagination Badges, making some fantastic robots and spaceships out of old boxes and they had some great ideas on what life might be like in the future. Beavers also earned their First Aid Stage 1 badge, in which they had to learn who to call in an emergency and how to treat simple scratches and grazes. The Activity Day at Frylands was well attended by Beavers, many of whom earned their Adventure Badge by doing activities such as rifle shooting, archery and wall climbing. On our Remembrance evening, Beavers tried to carry out some simple tasks without using some of their limbs or senses such as sight or hearing, imagining they had been injured like many of the soldiers during war time. It was a fun way of getting across a serious message. Beavers learned about the American tradition of Thanksgiving and made Native American dream-catchers. One of our meetings was disrupted by the snow but we still had time for some fun and games at our Christmas party. So far this term the Beavers have learned about the animal beaver and they mastered the Beaver Scout Promise using sign language. For Burns Night, the Beavers tried some Scottish food, such as haggis and neeps, which some actually enjoyed, and shortbread biscuits, which were far more popular! We also made a long Nessie using old egg boxes which you can see displayed in the Scout Hall. We have plenty more planned for the coming term, including a trip to Adventure Kingdom and a chance for Beavers to earn yet another badge, Scientist. Beavers will also be doing their bit towards the Fix the Floor fund by running a stall at a Spring Fair at the Assembly Rooms on 12 March ­ look out for signs for this and come along and support! 10

After just over 4 enjoyable years as Beaver leader juggling my family, work and other commitments I have now decided to stand down at Easter. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved with Beavers, especially Alys, Elaine Seager my previous Assistant Leader and the current team, Sue, Kevin and Marcus. I must also thank all the parents who have helped out during my time as Leader. This will of course mean that we need a new person to join the Beaver team ­ it is great fun, very rewarding and can be fitted around your life (really it can!!!) If you feel you could help support our youngest members please speak to one of the leaders or contact our Leader in Charge, Alys Helm. Janet Simms Beaver Scout Leader


There is really good information and mascots on the Scout web site at This is the Beaver Scout mascot and the Cub Scout mascot, "Snaggle",

and there are some Scout cartoons as well.

Info on uniforms is at Keith Day 11


This term we have welcomed Calum Goodman, Kieran Harris, Sam Brand, Jordan Burns, Oliver Bennett, Thomas Pleant and Freddie Jasper. The first six swam up from Beavers over Christmas and Freddie joined us late last term. They are now all invested as brand new Cubs (it was a mass investiture that required precision and not a little help from Jane!) We also said goodbye to Aaron Huxley and by the time you receive this, Matthew Simms and Caleb Pinnell, who have all gone up to Scouts. Goodbye and good luck from all the leaders. We also waved goodbye to Alex Bailey, the Explorer Scout who came to us to complete his Duke of Edinburgh award. Thank you Alex for all your help, we shall miss you. Well ... what did we get up to since the last newsletter, I hear you ask with bated breath. In that case, I suggest that you make yourself a lovely cup of tea, put your feet up and settle down in a comfy chair as we have been very busy cubs. We have had a wide game at Wilberforce Scout Camp in Keston, taken the Cubs through their IT badge, Level 1, had a challenge night, been swimming at West Wickham Pools, had a brilliant night at QASAR in Bromley, made Christmas Crackers and had our Christmas party. This term we have had a couple of games nights, spent a night decorating biscuits and guessing what food was in the dish, blindfolded! Talked about the SOS Children's Villages in Africa, had a quiz on child labour in India, tried not to wake the bears by making a maze with the cubs' teddy bears and, in pairs, guiding each other through it, again blindfolded, made Swedish currency and attempted to buy Bagheeras camera with it! What busy little bees we have been. Future evenings will include a water awareness night, chocolate tasting, pancake night and if we can arrange it a visit to a synagogue! We also had some fabulous news this term. Two of our leaders decided to get married. Mel Newman and Dom Lillywhite have got engaged and we wish them both good luck for the future. I know that every newsletter I thank the leaders for their time, help and patience and efforts but this time it really is a big THANK YOU to Jane, Mel, Dom, Geoff, Kevin and Jack for their support to me as for a short period of time this and last term as I had to take a slightly back seat approach for both work and personal reasons. They all ensured that the evenings went ahead as planned, not knowing if I would attend or not. Thank you to each and every one of you, I shall be eternally grateful. Sharon Coletta Cub Scout Leader

Cub Scout mascot "Snaggle"! 12

Scout Shout

Great News! For all of us who love getting wet, the Bewl Water weekends are now open to Scouts in Year 7 and above! Previously, you had to be age 13, which ruled out a lot of Scouts. As Bridget loves paddling, and I adore sailing, hopefully you can join us at some stage during the summer. Check out the website: Briefly, over a weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, you can learn to kayak, canoe, dinghy sail and windsurf at one of the best stretches of inland water in the country. You will be awarded British Canoe Union (BCU) or Royal Yachting Association (RYA) qualifications, that count towards all kinds of Scouting badges. We also get to camp on Friday and Saturday nights in a gorgeous field overlooking the water. Also as of this year, you can now do water activities for one day, and something else on the other, such as cycle around the water, or visit Bedgebury forest nearby. There are many other events and activities happening; please put the following dates in your diary:

14 May 20-22 May 11 June 17-19 June 1-3 July 9-10July 15-17July 2-4 Sep 9-11Sep 10 Sep 11 Sep 24-25 Sep 24-25 Sep

Topper Dinghy sailing at Upnor Bewl weekend Danson Water Fun Day 3WW Family Camp! Bewl weekend Leybourne canoe/kayak/sail Bewl weekend Bewl weekend Bewl weekend Topper Dinghy sailing at Upnor Go power boating at Whitstable Tidal Dinghy sailing at Whitstable District Camping Competition

Age 10.5 up Year 7 & up Cubs to Explorers

cost £20 £45/canoe, £55/sail or windsurf tbc

Everybody! See you at Blacklands Farm! as above all Scouts as above as above as above as above Scouts plus age 13 plus Scouts cost £15 cost £55 tbc tbc (not overnight)

Please note that there are also camping/food fees for Bewl, and transport costs for all events. We probably won't be able to cover all of them, so please tell Bridget or myself which ones you are most likely to want to attend. 13

Pioneer Sailing Trust ­ please note that I have not yet received any further info from the Trust, but bear in mind that as they have said that it would not be possible to get to Holland and back in a weekend, plus it costs about £150 plus transport each anyway, we should put this one on hold for a while (maybe one for Explorers to consider). Back to this term's events, we have already enjoyed the cooking, swimming, pioneering and mapping nights, and will have gone skiing by the time you read this. We are camping (in a Scout Hut) at Hamlet Wood, close to the Medway River, near Maidstone, next month. We said goodbye to Faith last term, but have formally welcomed Hannah to our Troop, and look forward to a few more investitures shortly.

Yours in Scouting, Geoff Webb, Scout Leader


We have 22 young people at the moment with a regular turnout of about 15 for our meetings; the Unit continues to be run by Paul Geoghegan ESL assisted by Edward Bagally AESL. We have a varied programme planned for the coming term. Looking ahead to the rest of the year, we have planned a Whitsun Camp to Crockham Hill 27th May ­ 30th May, and a summer camp to The Black Mountains of Wales 21st ­ 27th July. These camps are both to a farmer's field where the youngsters have an opportunity to fend for themselves using what nature has provided (they do get to sleep in tents). We will also be joining the Group at Family Camp 17th ­19th June as a "family" and will be catering for ourselves. A highlight of the year for Explorers when many of them have finished exams is the Gilwell 24 weekend 8th ­10th July. We recently invested 1 girl and 2 boys at an overnight stay in Jim's Cabin, Wilberforce campsite. We are looking forward to spring when our outdoor activities, hopefully, will be a little dryer and less muddy. Paul Geoghegan, Explorer Scout Leader


Bag packing at Sainsbury's Thanks to those who raised funds for our Fix the Floor with a bag packing session at Sainsbury's High Street, West Wickham on 11 December. Beavers, Cubs and Scouts took part and helped collect £217 towards the new floor. Well done for a great effort. Alys Helm


3rd West Wickham Scout Troop

"Fix the Floor"

Sponsor a Square Metre

Sponsorship Form I would like to Sponsor (please tick): 1 square metre @ £25 2 square metres @ £50 4 square metres @ £100 Name Address ...... ...... ......

............................................ ........................................................................ ........................................................................

Please send this form and a cheque made payable to "3rd West Wickham Scout Group" to: Roger Norman Treasurer, 3rd West Wickham Scout Group 15, Sylvan Way WEST WICKHAM Kent BR4 9HA

You can help us even more by enabling us to reclaim tax on your contribution under the government Gift Aid scheme. If you are a UK tax payer and pay an amount of income tax or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax we reclaim on the payments (currently 28p for every £1.00 you give) please tick here ..... and sign below. Please treat my donation as a Gift Aid donation. Signed ................................ Date ..............

Registered Charity No. 1017765


Mar Mar Mar Apr May June July July Sept Oct Saturday Sunday Saturday Wednesday Saturday Fri-Sunday Sunday Friday Saturday Sunday 5th 6th 19th 27th 14th 17 ­ 19th 3rd 8


2.00pm 9.40am 6.00pm 2.00pm 9.40am 7.30pm 7.30pm 9.40am

Auction (viewing from 12 noon) Church Parade District St Georges Day Event at HQ Jumble Sale Family Camp Church Parade Annual General Meeting Quiz Night Church Parade

10.00am Cubs District Badge Day

24th 2nd


Whist Evening HQ Maintenance Scout Shop 2nd Saturday in the month, starts at 8.00pm 2nd Sunday in the month from 10.00am ­ 12.30 St Francis Church, W Wickham, Saturday 10.30am-12.00 (not open bank holiday weekends) Group T-shirts can only be purchased from our Group Leaders

Email items for next issue to: [email protected] before 1st May 2011


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