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CoDeSys SoftMotion

Motion Control directly integrated in the PLC Programming System

Control and Motion become one CoDeSys SoftMotion - that is powerful motion functionality completely integrated in the IEC 61131-3 programming and runtime system CoDeSys. Anything from a simple movement to a complex CNC application can be programmed and controlled with CoDeSys SoftMotion. Classic motion solutions usually implement motion tasks with monolithic, hardware-dependent control systems. CoDeSys SoftMotion offers a different approach: A tool kit integrated in the PLC Programming System supplies the desired motion functionality. This tool kit makes use of the Basics: Programming motions independent of the bus or drive: The POUs used in the application are called synchronously to the communication and cyclically calculate set values. Communication based on system-dependent driver libraries: The drive itself does not require trajectory generators and simply has to comply with the specifications of the controller. CoDeSys SoftMotion Features Bus and Drive Configuration # Abstract drive configuration in the I/O editor # Supported drive interfaces: EtherCAT, step motors, different CANopen drives, +/- 10 Volt # Currently supported drives:

· CAN/CANopen: KEB F5, Nanotec SMCI47S, Schneider Electric SD3, Lexium05, Lexium32 · EtherCAT: Beckhoff El2521, ControlTechniques Digitax, Mentor, Unidrive SP ClosedLoop, Unidrive SP Servo, Copley Accelnet, Danaher Servostar300,400,600,700, Stöber Posidrive

functions of the IEC 61131-3 programming languages to solve complex motion tasks. The axes are made available to the user in form of an abstract data structure which is busand manufacturer independent. The actual field bus connection is implemented via a driver interface. The drives are parameterised in the device configurator in the project tree.

Input of simple Motion Tasks # Programming is done directly in the PLC application code # PLCopen Motion Control supported Integrated Components for complex multi-axis Movements # CAM editor # DIN 66025 3D CNC editor (G Code) # Comprehensive POU libraries consisting of decoders, interpolators, visualisation templates etc. # Comprehensive library for kinematic transformation e.g. portals, H-portals, bipod, tripod or SCARA robots

Drive Configuration

Visu Template

Parallel Kinematics

SCARA with 3 Joints

H-portal Kinematics


Specifics of the movement planning editors # CAM Editor: graphical creation of CAMs and tappet tables, optional transfer as 5th grade polynoms or dot tables # CNC Editor: 3D compliant graphical and textual editing of DIN 66025 files, table editor, DXF import Typical Applications # CNC Application: Using the CNC editor, jog the axes with PLCopen POUs, portal kinematics with step motors, teach functionality # Pick&Place Application: Using PLCopen POUs to position (pick) and belt-synchronously place an object on a moving target, visualising the process with visualisation templates # Tripod Robot: Using the CNC editor, parallel kinematics (transformation), visu template for parallel kinematics, configuration of EtherCAT drives # Labelling / CAM Application: Using the CAM editors, the PLCopen POUs and the virtual axis as king pin, as well as divers visualisation templates, CANopen servo drives, using the touch test / latching functionality # Injection Moulding Machine: Implementation using PLCopen POUs and SoftMotion specific functions such as on-the-fly operational switch from position control to torque control and back.

CAM Editor

CNC Editor The major advantages of CoDeSys SoftMotion Motion Programming independent of Drives Motion programming is almost completely independent of the drives used. A drive can simply be replaced by a different type of drive with similar performance data without having to change the software, simply by exchanging the base libraries in CoDeSys. The motion program does not need to be changed. Portability All motion libraries except for the system-specific ones are written in structured text and can therefore easily be ported to all platforms supported by CoDeSys. CoDeSys SoftMotion is currently being used under Windows XP, Windows CE, Linux, VxWorks, QNX as well as on embedded platforms (FPU recommended). Integration in CoDeSys The modular structure makes it easy to change the motion program. If necessary the user can insert a POU for edge rounding or tool radius compensation between the decoder and the interpolator. References: # ASYS Automatisierungssysteme GmbH, Dornstadt/Germany # Schneider Electric Motion Deutschland GmbH & Co.KG, Lahr/Germany # CYBELEC S.A., Yverdon-les-Bains/Switzerland # Grossenbacher Systeme AG, St. Gallen/Switzerland # KEB Karl E. Brinkmann GmbH, Barntrup/Germany

Flexibility The modular structure makes it easy to amend the motion program. If desired the user can insert a POU for edge rounding or tool radius compensation between the decoder and the interpolator. The openness of the system allows the user to program and implement his specific functional requirements. CNC Programming independent of Kinematics The kinematics are not in any way relevant when writing the CNC program. Only the POU responsible for the transformation has to be exchanged when for example switching from a gantry robot to a SCARA system. No strict Limitations The number of axes or the update rate is merely limited by the performance data of the processor, the field bus used and the available memory.

# # # #

Kuhnke Automation GmbH & Co. KG, Malente/Germany Robert Bosch GmbH PA-ATMO, Stuttgart-Feuerbach/Germany TEVOPHARM B.V. (Member of BOSCH Packaging Technology), Schiedam/Netherlands Trumpf-Laser GmbH + Co. KG, Schramberg/Germany

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3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH · Memminger Str. 151 · DE- 87439 Kempten · Tel +49 / 8 31-54031-0 ·

We software Automation.



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