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Established in 1982, 3V Fasteners is a world class manufacturer of fasteners for aircraft and aerospace applications. A manufacturer of Boeing, AN, MS and NAS certified fasteners, 3V Fasteners supplies most of the world's leading aircraft companies.

Processes and capabilities: · Cold Heading · Threading/Tapping · Milling · Broaching · Nut Forming · Drilling · Lab Testing · Heat Treating · Prototyping · Screw Machining

Materials: · Titanium · Inconel 718 · 303 Stainless

· A286 Stainless · 431 Stainless · 416 Stainless

· PWA Alloy · PWA 17-22 · Alloy Steel

· 13-8 MO Stainless · 17-4 PH Stainless

· Brass · Aluminum

Bolt/Screw Head Styles: · 12 Point · Hex · Flat Fillister · Pan

· Flush · Socket Head Cap

Thread Sizes and Lengths: Diameters - #2 to 1/2" Lengths - 3/16" to 4"

Quality: · ISO 9001:2000 · AS9100 · QSLM Approved

Sales: 951-734-4391





AN173C AN174C AN175C AN176C AN3C AN5C AN6C


MS21250 MS21277 MS21278 MS21279 MS21280 MS21281 MS21282 MS21286 MS21287 MS21288 MS21289 MS21290 MS21291 MS9033 MS9034 MS9035 MS9036 MS9060 MS9061 MS9062 MS9088 MS9089 MS9090 MS9091 MS9110 MS9111 MS9112 MS9113 MS9146 MS9147 MS9148 MS9149 MS9157 MS9158 MS9159 MS9160 MS9169 MS9170 MS9171 MS9172 MS9177 MS9178 MS9206 MS9207 MS9208 MS9209 MS9210 MS9211 MS9215 MS9216 MS9217 MS9218 MS9219 MS9489 MS9490 MS9491 MS9492 MS9493 MS9494 MS9500 MS9501 MS9502 MS9503 MS9504 MS9505 MS9554 MS9555 MS9556 MS9557 MS9558 MS9559 MS9563 MS9564 MS9565 MS9566 MS9567 MS9568 MS9572 MS9573 MS9574 MS9575 MS9576 MS9577 MS9912 MS9913 MS9914 MS9915 MS9916 MS9917 MS9921 MS9922 MS9923 MS9924 MS9925 MS9926 MS9930 MS9931 MS9932 MS9933 MS9934 MS9935 MS9939 MS9940 MS9941 MS9942 MS9943 MS9944


NAS1003 NAS1004 NAS1005 NAS1006 NAS1007 NAS1008 NAS1096 NAS1100 NAS1101 NAS1102 NAS1103 NAS1104 NAS1105 NAS1106 NAS1107 NAS1108 NAS1121 NAS1122 NAS1123 NAS1124 NAS1125 NAS1126 NAS1127 NAS1128 NAS1131 NAS1132 NAS1133 NAS1134 NAS1135 NAS1136 NAS1137 NAS1138 NAS1141 NAS1142 NAS1143 NAS1144 NAS1145 NAS1146 NAS1147 NAS1148 NAS1151 NAS1152 NAS1153 NAS1154 NAS1155 NAS1156 NAS1157 NAS1158 NAS1164 NAS1165 NAS1166 NAS1167 NAS1168 NAS1171 NAS1172 NAS1173 NAS1174 NAS1175 NAS1176 NAS1177 NAS1178 NAS1181 NAS1182 NAS1183 NAS1184 NAS1185 NAS1186 NAS1187 NAS1188 NAS1189 NAS1190 NAS1191 NAS1223 NAS1224 NAS1225 NAS1226 NAS1227 NAS1228 NAS1303 NAS1304 NAS1305 NAS1306 NAS1307 NAS1308 NAS1578 NAS1579 NAS1580 NAS1581 NAS1620 NAS1621 NAS1622 NAS1623 NAS1624 NAS1625 NAS1626 NAS1627 NAS1628 NAS1630 NAS1631 NAS1632 NAS1633 NAS1634 NAS1741 NAS1742 NAS1743 NAS1801 NAS1802 NAS1953 NAS1954 NAS1955 NAS1956 NAS1957 NAS1958 NAS1972 NAS1973 NAS1974 NAS1975 NAS1976 NAS1977 NAS1978 NAS1992 NAS1993 NAS1994 NAS1995 NAS1996 NAS1997 NAS1998 NAS428 NAS464 NAS560 NAS563 NAS564 NAS565 NAS566 NAS567 NAS568 NAS6203 NAS6204 NAS6205 NAS6206 NAS6207 NAS6208 NAS624 NAS625 NAS626 NAS6303 NAS6304 NAS6305 NAS6306 NAS6307 NAS6308 NAS6603 NAS6604 NAS6605 NAS6606 NAS6607 NAS6608 NAS6703 NAS6704 NAS6705 NAS6706 NAS6707 NAS6708 NAS7103 NAS7104 NAS7105 NAS7106 NAS7107 NAS7108 NAS7203 NAS7204 NAS7205 NAS7206 NAS7207 NAS7400 NAS7401 NAS7402 NAS7403 NAS7404 NAS7405 NAS7406 NAS7407 NAS7408 NAS7500 NAS7501 NAS7502 NAS7503 NAS7504 NAS7505 NAS7506 NAS7507 NAS7508 NAS7700 NAS7701 NAS7702 NAS7703 NAS7704 NAS7705 NAS7706 NAS7800 NAS7801 NAS7802 NAS7803 NAS7804 NAS7805 NAS7806 NAS8100 NAS8101 NAS8102 NAS8103 NAS8104 NAS8105 NAS8106 NAS8602 NAS8603 NAS8604 NAS8605 NAS8606 NAS8607 NAS8608 NAS8702U NAS8703U NAS8704U NAS8705U NAS8706U NAS8707U NAS8708U NAS9603 NAS9604 NAS9605 NAS9606 NAS9703 NAS9704

© 2009

3V Fasteners Company, Inc. 320 Reed Circle Corona, CA. 92879 Sales: 951-734-4391


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