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OVERVIEW A stricken Thunderhawk gunship is about to crash land. It contains vital cargo that must be retrieved at all costs. SCENARIO SPECIAL RULES Thunderhawk Down uses the Concealment, Deep Strike and Infiltrate mission special rules. SET-UP 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Both players roll a die, the player with the highest score may choose which long board edge to deploy on. The other player's deployment zone is the opposite side. The player that scored lowest deploys one unit on his side of the board. His opponent then deploys a unit on his side. The players take turns deploying a unit at a time until the whole of both their forces is on the table. Units must be deployed within 15" of the long board edge at the start of the game. The players must deploy their units in the following order: Heavy Support first, then Troops, Elites, HQ, and finally Fast Attack units. If both sides have Infiltrators then roll a dice; the winner may choose whether to deploy his Infiltrators before or after the enemy Infiltrators. Roll for who gets first turn. Highest score may choose whether to go first or second. Deployment Zone

THUNDERHAWK This side 1-3 Turn 2 = 4+ Turn 3 = 3+ Turn 4 = 2+ Turn 5 = 1+ Travels 12 D6"


THUNDERHAWK This side 4-6 Travels 12 D6"

18" 24"

Deployment Zone


MISSION OBJECTIVE Your force is trying to gain control of the stricken Thunderhawk gunship. The problem is, it has not crashed yet. The Thunderhawk will crash onto the table on Turn 2 on a roll of 4+. Failing that, it will crash on Turn 3 on a roll of 3+, or on Turn 4 on a roll of 2+. It will automatically arrive on Turn 5 if it has not already done so. The Thunderhawk enters play from a random short table edge (1-3 left, 4-6 right), and travels down the exact centre of the board (24") for a distance of 12D6" before crashing. Move an ordnance template along the path of the Thunderhawk. Any model underneath the template as it moves is hit by flaming wreckage on a roll of 6+, and gets a full armour save. Open-topped vehicles will take a glancing hit on a roll of 6+. Closed vehicles are not affected. Place the ordnance template on the exact point that the gunship crashes. Any model underneath the template is hit as if by a Battle Cannon (Str.8, AP3). Mark the wreck site with a crater. The crater counts as difficult terrain. Units inside the crater gain a 5+ cover save. The winner is the player with the most scoring units within 12" of the centre of the crash site at the end of the game. Units inside vehicles do not count. If no units are within 12", the result is a draw. GAME LENGTH Six turns. TOTAL VICTORY You control the crash site, with no enemy scoring units within 12" of the centre of the crater (+1 BP) LINE OF RETREAT Troops forced to retreat will do so towards the nearest board edge of their deployment zone, using the normal fall back rules.

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