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Prentice Hall/Pearson: Chemistry

Ancillary Resources

Teacher Resources

CA Teacher's Edition Core Teaching Resources CA Progress Monitoring Assessment CA Lesson Plan Book Graphing Calculator Problems Laboratory Manual, Student Edition Laboratory Manual, Teacher's Edition Small-Scale Laboratory Manual, Teacher's Edition Laboratory Practicals Test-Taking Strategies with Transparencies Transparencies Guided Reading and Study Workbook, Student Edition Guided Reading and Study Workbook (ATE) Spanish Study Guide


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Technology & DVD/Video Resources

Teacher Express CD-ROM Exam View Test Bank with CD-ROM Teacher Online Access Pak Student Express Interactive Textbook CD-ROM Interactive Textbook CD-OM Interactive Textbook 6-Year online Access Student Express Interactive Textbook CD-ROM (1 per 4 student editions) Probeware Laboratory Manual with CD-ROM Presentation Express CD-ROM ChemAlive! Labs and Field Trips DVD Small-Scale Chemistry Laboratory Video Virtual ChemLab CD-ROM Single User Version Virtual ChemLab CD-ROM, Network Version

Student Workbooks

Each year school science departments choose one free workbook to use with their students

Guided Reading and Study Workbook Laboratory Manual, Student Edition Small-Scale Laboratory Manual, Student Edition CA Test Preparation Workbook

* Key Resource

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