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456th BOMB GROUP ASSOCIATION 2007 - 2008 President: Don Redding 16602 E 53rd St S Independence MO 64055 816-350-3686 Ivan Thomas 2000 1st Street N 5 Alamogordo NM 88310-5259 541-889-3765 Board of Directors: Chairman Harry Edwards 505 Sullivan Rd. Greenfield TN 38230 901-235-3066 William C. Bahr 53 Rhodes Dr. SE Marietta GA 30068 404-971-0782 Robert S. Cooper 1714 Napfle Ave. Philadelphia PA 19111 215-722-8967 Dominic Jemella 1830 Brantley Rd #D8 Ft Meyers FL 33907 239-939-0458 Alvin W. Miller 47705 San Salvador Indio CA 92201 760-346-9147

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2nd Vice President, Frank W. Amaditz Secretary/Treasurer: 428 Natchez St. Pittsburgh PA 15211 412-431-4217 or 412-481-6404 Vice Secretary / Treasurer Historian: Ruth Reitmeyer (Honorary) Contact thru Frank Amaditz Fred H. Riley N 944 Daisy Dr. Genoa City WI 53128-1962 262-279-3623 Leon Staab 115 W. 10th St. Hayes KS 67601 800-318-7544 Alvin W. Miller 47705 San Salvador Indio CA 92201 760-346-9147


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The purpose of this newsletter is to keep the spirit of the 456th Bombardment Group (H) alive and maintain the fellowship of all of those who served and fought together from Stornara Italy during WWII. Material for publication in the newsletter should be sent to the editor or secretary. The expense of publication is paid through funds derived from your annual dues and contributions. Material for the 456th web site archive can be sent to the webmaster via email or regular mail. Association Enrollment: Yearly dues: Life membership: $ 15.00 $ 10.00 $100.00

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456th Bomb Group Association

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

February 2008

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ASSOCIATION UPDATE From the Desk of the Secretary/Treasurer, Frank Amaditz

Recently Joined Regular Members: Gordon Luther (son of Martin) Martin Trent Luther (son of Martin) Robert Luther (nephew of Martin) William Luther (nephew of Martin) Cathleen Matteson Dervan (sister of Junior Matteson) Paul Matteson (nephew of Junior Matteson) Chester Valliant Timothy Morrow James Yagmin (associate) Charles Mazzola


Richard Shields Manny Lawrence Robert S. Capps Ivan Thomas Martin Luther Richard Sciaroni Dennis Thompson Walter Maciewicz Anne Fitzhugh Walter P. Nelson Dave Tavel Alvina Savage James Tanzilli

New Life Members: Dwight Fulmer Note: See page 23 for Richard McCavitt notes from the 2007 Jed B. Wooley Men's Business Meeting Owen T. Billingsley Quentin Humm Alber McDaniel Robert D. Bollard Thomas L. Porter Karen Weiskittel (daughter of David Ogden) Janet Stuelpner (daughter of Manny Lawrence) Shari Pfleeger (daughter of Manny Lawrence) William Cissna (son of David Cissna) James Miles (son of Denver Miles) Richard R. Collier (son of Richard I. Collier) David Amaditz (son of Frank Amaditz) Frank C. Amaditz (son of Frank Amaditz) John P. Green Chad Lunt (associate) Richard Ganczak Donna Whiting (associate) Sam Forck (associate) Helen Berch(associate) Lois Caddy Lawrence (associate) Gregory Graham Anita Bryan

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Valerie Mahan, in memory of her husband, Joseph Robert Bollard, in memory of Pat Redding Manny Lawrence, in memory of his wife, Beatrice Anne Fitzhugh, in memory of her father, Eugene Alvina Savage, in memory of her husband, Frederic Lois Cleary, in memory of her husband, James T Cleary 456th Bomb Group Association Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1 February 2008

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21 December 2006 Roy, Found your website, joined immediately, and just received Aug. 06 newsletter, where I read with interest the articles on the 27 Feb. 1945 mission to Augsburg, Germany. I was a navigator in the 744th and this was my 35th and last mission. The rest of my original crew had finished their tour and waited for me so we could all go home together. Since this was my 35th I rode the radio operator's seat as an extra navigator. I believe this was on Voss's crew, and we were flying lead. Flak was heavy and accurate and we were hit hard just at bombs away. We lost the number three engine and fuel was running back into the waist. I couldn't see from my position, but one of the crew shouted that our left wingman received a direct hit and was blown in half. We managed to make it back to Italy, but had no hydraulics, and while preparing to land, ran out of fuel to the number two engine, so we started an approach to one of the other group's runways. The main gear came down OK, but the nose gear did not. A couple of the guys managed to get it out just short of touchdown. The landing was then uneventful but without brakes. While trying to taxi using the outboard engines we went off into a ditch. I climbed out and waited for the truck to pick us up. I didn't go to the debriefing, and left for home with my crew a couple of days later, so never got the full story on this mission. I understand some of the aircraft ended up in Switzerland. I returned to active duty in 1949, flew a couple of years in KB-29's of the 301st Bomb Wing, commanded by our own Col. Steed, and retired in 1970. Jed B. Wooley, LtCol USAF (Ret)

L-R: McCann, Pilot; Lemon., Copilot; Wooley, Navigator; Hill, Bombardier

(Charlie asked to use the Mission 207 painting image to make postage stamps, which he did ­ and they turned out great!)

16 January 2008 Hi Roy, Here are a few stamps. They didn't use the picture that you sent so next time I will make sure they do. Also note (they printed) 747 "SQG" (a mistake). Not bad. If you look close you can see the 456th BG website address in the sky from the computer picture. Thanks. As ever, Charlie (Kiritsky) 456th Bomb Group Association

19 March 2007 Roy, Not sure if you publish these in the Flying Colt or not, but wanted you to know. (copy of Lloyd M. Beaver obituary enclosed; Lloyd passed away 6 February 2007). My dad was very proud of his service to our country. We buried him with what I think you call Military Honors. The casket was draped with the flag and two officers were there to play taps, and present me, his only daughter and only child, with that flag. My mother had just died in August so this hit me really hard. Thanks, Robin Klaas (Robin, my condolences and that of the entire association to you for your loss. Thank you for letting us know; your father will be missed by many.)

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

February 2008

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Via Email, 27 July 2007 Hello, My name is Ralph C (Chris) Lee, son of Ralph E. Lee, Capt USAAF 456th Bomb Group 744 Sq. I don't know if the terminology is exactly right. My father wrote many letters home, kept some mission records and flight logs, and some 8 mm movies. I also have his DFC and other awards. I would love to contribute and also to learn more about the people he served with. Your latest record of him showed him at the rank of lieutenant but he ended up as a captain, and also served for quite some time in the ATC after his 50 missions were completed. He was hit in the shoulder with flak on his 50th mission, over Wiener Neustadt, which luckily hit him on the flat side, and did not penetrate his jacket, merely knocking him out of his seat; otherwise my sister and I would most likely not be here. Anyway, I'd like to talk to you further and see if I can learn anything from you as well as provide any interesting data to you. I have lots of records from his WWII experiences. Chris Lee After his discharge, Denver obtained his B. S. degree from Oswego State Teachers' College, his M.S. degree from Syracuse University and eventually came back to Sandy Creek Central School where he taught middle school until his retirement ­ serving a total of 36 years. As part of the community in which he was born (Lacona), Denver was an active member of and volunteer for the Service Club, The Village Players, Cable Trail VFW, Boy Scouts of America, Lacona Fire Department, Little League Baseball, member and a past Master of the Sandy Creek Masonic Lodge, Sandy Creek Methodist Church, a Dispatcher for N.O.C.A. Ambulance Corp. and various other town organizations and committees." Sincerely, W. James Miles

29 March 2007 Dear Mr. Firestone, Some input for Taps, all 744th, all same crew, 1959-2006: Joseph Mahan, 744th, William C. Meyer, Tony S. Bakes, Jerrel P. Walker, Clyde W. Johnson, Warren S. Schmitt, Billie R. Cantrell, and Harold C. Jeppsen. Favorite airplane "JOKER" never got battle damage when we were assigned to fly it 744th squadron. Henry Hain

Via Email, 14 May 2007 to Fred Riley Fred, Dad (Denver I. Miles) broke his hip on January 4, 2007, and as a result of complications over a four month period, Dad died peacefully in his sleep on Tuesday, May 8, 2007 at 6:12 a.m. Here is an abbreviated bio which appeared in the newspaper: "Upon graduation from Sandy Creek High School, Denver enlisted in the U. S. Army Air Corp and was assigned to the 15th Army, 456th Heavy Bomb Group, stationed in Italy from 1942-1944, flying B-24s ("Liberator"). 456th Bomb Group Association

27 March 2007 Dear Mr. Firestone, I am Susan Ramsey, daughter of Russell K. Bingaman. I would like to have my father's passing put in your newsletter. He is on the mailing list but I want to be sure I get a copy of the newsletter when published. I would really appreciate it. Also, I have written twice for his personal records where the newsletter said to write (St. Louis, MO) and to this date I have not heard or received anything. I did also send for his medals and I have received most of them over the past year or so but nothing on his personal record. I am especially looking for his flight mission records. Do you have any idea for me on how to obtain them? Russell K. Bingaman, b. 8/11/20, d. 1/23/06. 456th Bomb Group, 744th Bombardment Squadron. Flew on "Betty Lou", s/n 42-78623. Discharged 8/7/45. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call me 302-366-1183. Thank you and I hope to hear from you. Susan Ramsey Susan, as to personnel records, its possible his were destroyed in the 1976 fire at the St. Louis archive; many were. Keep trying would be my advice. The group history record lists what missions that particular aircraft flew on ­ however, there's no real way to say which of those he participated in since my records indicate "Betty Lou" flew 72 missions. See the letter on page 11 from Al Couture for information on further searching, and good luck! February 2008

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

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Via Email, 14 May 2007 My father was Harold Bern who is one of those in the "group" in front of the tent (in the photo on the website). It warmed my heart to see him in this picture - you'll never know. He passed away in 1998. Still miss him. Thank you! Cindi Drasites ries I have from him. He never talked in too much detail about his missions but loved to talk about the times with his crew and the bond they all had as a team. All of you who served are truly part of the "Greatest Generation". Anyway, just wanted to update you and ask that you include Dad's passing in the Taps section of the next newsletter. Take care, and hope you are well. Robert Niess

Reply via Email May 24, 2007 Hi Robert, Sorry to hear of your father's passing. Via Email, 04 April 2007 to Fred Riley You gave us some interesting information so I am Hello Fred, forwarding to our web master, he will enter his deNot sure if you remember me or not but I parture in our TAP's, sec./treas, contact for associactually came to your house during a business trip ate membership and Ed Moore who arranges our and went out to dinner with you 5-6 years ago. I reunions. If you get around here again stop in. really enjoyed talking with you and meeting with Ciao, Fred you that night. My dad was Joe Niess of the 745th and passed away July 7, 2006 at the age of 87. He was the waist gunner/radio op. on the crew piloted by Paul Marler and flew most of his 50 credit missions on the "Phoney Express I and II from May thru AuVia Email, 19 May 2007 gust of 1944. The noseart for the Phoney Express I recently discovered your site on the 456 II is used as the model plane on all 456th letters Bomb Group. It is quite impressive. I thought you and correspondence and also appears on the webmight be interested in (this photo, below). site. Dad painted that noseart for the Phoney ExHarold L. Bern, Jr. press II and his crew's flight jacket (I still have his A-2 jacket), and many pictures of him and the plane are on the website. In fact, he is also the "unknown" guy in the great photo of the 456th book and on the website painting the door of his tent with the picture of a pinup girl and "Peek In" while the dog sits on a stool and watches. After the war he went on to graduate from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia on the GI Bill. I am obviously very proud of my dad's service in the 456th and will always cherish the photo's, medals and stoUnknown, Harold Bern, Forest Beck, "Pop" Walker, Unknown 456th Bomb Group Association Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1 February 2008

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Via email, 02 April 2007 to Fred Riley I wrote to you three years ago in hope of getting some information about my brother. You gave me three names to call, One person did not know him, the phone of the second no longer existed, and one had passed away. I just got a new computer and had Java added to it so I have been able to get information that I did not have. I had no idea that you had reunions or I would have asked to put a little advertisement in your paper or letter. I would really like to talk to someone who knew him or someone's wife or family who had a picture of him and his crew. I have half of a picture made when he was a co-pilot. The names on the back are almost impossible to read but I believe that Jensen was the pilot, Nadaly (Joe Nadolny) was the nose gunner, Liley (J. Farley) was radio, Niebur was navigator, Gaff was bombardier, Pete Nolan was tail gunner, and Montag (engineer) was also there, I think (also Bill Thorpe, ball gunner, and Jim Byrnes). Very faded, written in pencil. I had to make some strong guesses on the names using a flashlight and a magnifying glass. I would like to write a letter asking for someone who knew him to contact me. I believe his first plane where he was copilot was "Miss Conduct" as we have several small partial pictures of it. I do not know the name of the ship he commanded when he had his own crew. If you could tell me how to get a letter out to these people at the reunion or my letter on the Internet, I would appreciate it. I do know that his tent burned once when he was away on a mission. Thanks so much! It seems like someone would know him. Cathleen Matteson Dervan (Lt. Matteson's sister) 7 February 2007 Dear Roy I guess it is time I wrote something about all the stories I have read in the newsletter about our plane the "Short Snorter". I have to use a black flair pen as I am a diabetic and my eyesight is bad ­ I can't see my own writing. All of us veterans of World War II are in our 80's ­ 90's now. Now to start, in newsletter Volume VIII, Number 4 (March 2006) on bottom right of page 12 is a picture "Short Snorter". That was our plane. We flew... mission(s) to Brenner Pass four days in a row: .April 8, 9, 10 and 11 of 1945 in N. Italy. (In my dining room) I have a blown-up picture of our plane dropping the bombs. So as my 12 grandkids and 4 great-grandkids grow up and ask me about it I have a story to tell them. Now to newsletter Volume VIII, Number 6. Our target on February 27, 1945 was Augsburg, Germany. Our 8th mission. Flak was very bad. Number 1 engine was shot out, holes all over the plane, low on fuel and falling behind the group. The plane next to us had the whole forward section blown off and the rest of the plane went spinning down, no chutes seen <ed. note: this would be on mission 207; see website and newsletter Volume VIII, Number 5 for more on this>. Now we were all alone ­ a lone P-51 came along to cover us (I sure wish I could meet him today). (Our) pilot wanted to know if we wanted to bail out or try to make it with (the P-51) to a British fighter field, (but) the field told him we were too big to land on a fighter field. (Our) pilot said "I'm coming in" and we did. The plane went off the runway. We made it with no injuries. It took seven days to contact our field and (notify) Col. Steed. He was just about to send (MIA) letters to our families. I was 18 at the time. Here's a picture of the British getting our plane back on the runway. James F. "Jams" Jamrock 744th Sqdn Tailgunner PS, Hope you can use this. After the war we flew the "Short Snorter" home to the states. We had flown 30 missions.

Picture shown here is extremely faded and was difficult to scan; also, there is still some confusion over the S/N of this aircraft but it is believed to be 44-40878, making it a B-24J-185-CO manufactured by Consolidated Aircraft in San Diego, California

456th Bomb Group Association Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1 February 2008

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Via email to Fred Riley, 11 December 2007 I am sending this email for my friend Larry Deditius. He is Ray's son. Ray passed away about 15 years ago or so. A site that may help you find those who have passed is There is a Social Security Death Index listed there (SSDI) Really helpful for various things from genealogy, high school class reunions etc. Ray lived in Washington State, which will assist in using the SSDI advanced search option. Thanks, Ron Everist Boris, Thank you for your letter. Its good to know that our website is of value beyond the US. Unfortunately I cannot find any current contact information for Pete Ladsic. However, the letter writer is Martin Luther, immediate past president of the Association, and a resident of Oregon like me. I can provide you with contact information for him of you like and perhaps at the least he can give you some additional information on Pete. Regards, Roy

Via email, 14 November 2007 Sirs: I just found you on the web. And it's been a very cool thing. I am sure my dad, Sam Dalton (now deceased) was a part of your group. He was a tail-gunner on a B-24 on what appears to be the Lady Corrine II. I have his log book and some photos. Enclosed is a photo of the crew. I noticed he was mentioned in your newsletter in December of 2006. Naturally, I am interested in [learning more of] your organization. Sam Dalton, Jr

Via email 10 October 2007 Hello, I'm looking for any info on my uncle Albert J. Wyrsch. He was with the 456th BG 744th BS. He died over Budapest, Hungary July 2, 1944. I'm looking for plane s/n or name, crew, MACR, etc., but having no luck! If you know any resources for this I would appreciate a reply. Thank you, Gary Gray Dear Gary, Here is what I have in my aircraft database for the day, and this shows a "Albert J. Wyrach" as navigator, KIA. This should provide some info for your further searching. Google the MACR and see if other info exists. Regards, Roy Serial Number - 41-28947 Squadron Depart USA - 744 First Mission - 19-May-44 Last Mission - 02-Jul-44 Total Missions - 16 Battle Marking ­ None known Aircraft Name ­ None known Disposition - Crashed MACR Number - 6442 Crash Location - Szalkszentmárton (BudapestSouth) Crash Date - 02-Jul-44 Pilot When Crashed - Frank O. Powell Group Mission Number - 77 Target - Budapest, Hungary Remarks ­ 3 KIA, 2 MIA, 5 POW. Group received second Distinguished Unit citation on this mission. Lost To - Fighters

Via email, 29 October 2007 Dear Sir, My name is Boris A. Ladisic, and I'm police officer from City of Novi Sad, Serbia. I'm also military insignia collector and WW2 Air Force enthusiast. Browsing the net I fond name of SSgt. Peter (Pete) Ladisic, tail gunner in crew 22, 744th Squadron, 456th Bomb Group (H). I was quite thrilled because I found US Airmen with the same last name which is quite rare even here in former Yugoslavia. Reading the story about their mission when Pete was wounded (in your newsletter volume VIII, NO.3 from August 2005) almost make me cry. How much you guys suffered for victory. However I would like to contact Pete (if he is still alive) or his family and find more about him and his war story. Unfortunately I didn't manage to find any informations abut him or his family, so your Association is my last hope. Any information will be highly appreciated. Sincerely yours, SSgt. Boris A. Ladisic, Novi Sad PD, Serbia 456th Bomb Group Association

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

February 2008

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Via email to Fred Riley, 25 September 2007 Dear Fred, I've just discovered the website for the 456th Bomb Group. I must say that it is quite a thrill. My father, James B. Hendrix, was part of this group. I was so excited to find his name in the list of unknown members. I am very sorry to say that he passed away on February 1, 1983. I have one of the original statistical summary books of the 456th along with some other official war documents. How can I obtain more information about his particular squadron? I would like to find out if anyone who might have served with him is still alive. I noticed that the 456th Bomb group Association is located in Clackamas, OR. This is also quite a thrill since I live in Portland. Sincerely, Amy Hendrix Amy, It was a pleasure to speak with you here locally. Perhaps with the publication of your letter here someone that knew of your father may come forward. ­Roy Shauna, I have no idea where you might find one of the unit ribbons you mention other than a veteran's personal possessions. I don't think they are commonly available as reproductions. Also, what do you mean by unit patch? The 456th was a bomb group consisting of the 744th, 745th, 746th and 747th bomb squadrons, and there was a patch representing each at the time. Reproductions of these patches are available from Fred Riley, but I do not know your grandfather's name so I don't know which squadron he was in. If you can provide more information and his name I will see what I can do. -Roy 1 August 2007 Roy, Thank you for your help. My grandfather's name was Dale C. Lorensen and he was a Refuel Unit Operator (932) with the 745th bomb squadron. My grandmother was able to get a little more information from my grandfather's discharge papers, but unfortunately his uniform was burned in a house fire shortly after he returned home from the war. I am looking for the distinguished unit badge GO902904 15th AF 28th Aug 44 w/oak leaf cluster and a patch for the 745th bomb squadron. If you can find any information on these two items or point in the direction of someone who can help I would be greatly appreciative. Sincerely, Shauna

Via email Thursday, September 27, 2007 I had read a very nice article on a gentleman that flew in the `Miss Conduct.' I thought it was very interesting. My father's crew picked it up in Kansas and flew it overseas and it was taken away from them and they were given the "Life" plane. I had always heard that it made the cover of Life Magazine. I never have been able to find it. Also I was looking for a Bomber Jacket from that Bomber Group and wondered if you could let me know where I could find one. My Father is in a picture on your Web Site. Staff Sgt Bloyce F. Jordan. Thanks, Lindy Jordan Via email Monday, July 30, 2007 My grandfather was part of the 456th bomb squadron (sic) during WWII. He recently passed away and we are trying to find all of his ribbons and special awards to display with his flag. I am having a really heard time locating the unit ribbon with the bronze oak leaf. Could you send me a link to a picture of the ribbon or a link to where I can buy one? I would also like a unit patch if you know how I could get hold of one. Thank you, Shauna Childs 456th Bomb Group Association

Via email 20 July 2007, in response to Mail Call in the last newsletter Andy - This is Bill Case, your tailgunner. I have that picture of "Heavenly Body" - let me update you on crew names (picture next page). Top row - Gordon Malm - pilot, Gerry Smith - Co Pilot, John Cudone - Navigator and Lew (don't know the last name) - bombardier - I don't think he ever flew with us but was with the origianal crew of "Heavenly Body". Second row - me, Bill Case Tail Gunner, Lawrence Conkright - Engineer and you Andy - Nose gunner. Burrell Martin - Balll gunner, Hershel Carpenter - Radio operator, Bill Gorrell - Top Turret. As I recall, most of our sorties were on "The Baby". I am enclosing a picture of her (same crew) but Bruce Clifton was our pilot then. Good to hear you are still with us, Andy. Bill Case, 746th February 2008

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

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can do to further the Association in it's decline, I am willing to do! Let me know!! I spoke with Fred Riley today and he reported my Dad's remains may have been recovered from the Adriatic and buried on the coast of Italy in a cemetery there! I am, of course, going to look into the whereabouts of the cemetery and consider, if possible, returning him to the USA for re-burial. The information was based on the "456th Bomb Group - 1943 Steed's Flying Colts 1945" written by Fred in 1997 I believe. I found it on the Taylor Publishing Co. web-site, but none are available. I have searched the entire internet for a copy of this meaningful book. I have not found one! Do you know of any of the members, deceased or alive, who's family might be willing to sell the book to me or allow me to donate money to the Association in their Veteran's honor? I know the ranks are declining as our "boys" are advancing in age and financial support for the 456th is getting low! Please research this for me and let me know. RI's wife, my mother Charlotte, lives with us in Allen, Tx and is 89 years old this Summer. I would love to get the book for us! He was the only crew found, if accurate, while the other 9 were not. To be able to find his grave-site would be an awesome thing indeed! I may be overly excited about this but having never met him (I was born 8 days after he went MIA) any glimpse of hope is worth so much!! I would also like to donate the money for a copy of the print of the B-24 Liberator by Mr. Lind. If there are copies left let me know. I pray I am finding you well with so much more to offer to the memory of our vets of the 456th and all other Veterans of the US Military. "Support our troops" Sincerely, Richard R Collier

Gordon Malm Crew

22 April 2007 Dear Roy, Announcing the release of a new book "Final destination: Slovakia!" by Peter Kassák and Marian Hrodegh 288 pages, ~ 500 photos, 25 color aircraft profiles, maps, formations and more on the 15th Army Air Force. For more info: Or email me at: [email protected] (ed. note: Peter is a well known aviation historian)

Via email 10 June, 2007 I am Richard R Collier, son of 2nd Lt Richard Iverson Collier (RI or Dick) of Sq 756 Bomb Group 456. He was reported MIA on 10/16/1944 (MACR 9201) and was Bombardier and/or Navigator aboard 42-78201. They went down going toward a bombing mission to Steyr, Austria at 9:45 am. There was no attack or other hostile cause, but his plane disappeared from a cloud bank and was reported seen going into the water somewhere near the Island of Cherso, Yugoslavia (Croatia) by a crew member of a B-24 in the formation. I am researching his military history and have since joined the 456th Association as a lifetime member. I am honored to be associated with this organization and only wish I could have discovered it sooner. I doubt I will be able to attend the Boise get-together this summer. Maybe you can network with the members and get further info for me. Anything I 456th Bomb Group Association

Via email 31 March, 2007 Dear Sir, I was in JFK airport March 02 and spotted a man wearing a B-24 WW2 cap having a sandwich with his wife. I approached him and asked if he had been on B-24's. He had. I told him my Dad had been a waist gunner/radio operator on a B-17 with the 457 BG. He said he'd been with the 456 as a tail gunner. I thanked him for his service to our country and chatted for a while. He has a quick wit and great sense of humor. I told him that I am a February 2008

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

Page 11

member of the Eighth Air Force Historical Society and suggested that he check it out. Like my Dad, he has never contacted any of the guys from the war. His name is Joe. I don't know his last name or squadron. It's a New York airport, I didn't want to pry or make him uncomfortable. I just wanted you guys to know. Joe's out there and he takes quiet pride in being one of you. God Bless you all. Respectfully, Mal Reiman 3497 to get specifics re: security and procedures for making the records available for review. They should indicate the folders are for the 15 Air Force, 304th Bomb Wing, 456th Bomb Group and the time period they are interested in, e.g., entire file, or for specific months of May, June, and July 1944. Appreciate the great job with the Flying Colt Newsletter and the outstanding web site. Al Couture, 747th (Thanks Al, great information to pass along!) Via email to Fred Riley, Friday, 19 January 2007

Via email 9 March 2007 We are sorry to inform you that Gerald Kogelschatz passed away before he was able to attend your reunion. He loved getting his Flying Colt newsletter and if you do collect photos and articles please let me know as we go through his papers..... thanks so very much. Tom and Willow Cole, Jerry's daughter and son-in-law. Jerry was on the same crew as my father, Melvin Waggoner's crew in the 744th. I am very sorry to hear of his passing. -Roy

Via email 21 February 2007 Roy, I've noticed correspondents stating a desire for mission info in the Flying Colt and the 456th Bomb Group web site. The following may be of interest for anyone wishing to follow up in their research. The mission folders for the 456th Bomb Group are available for review at the National Archives, 4601 Adelphi Rd., College Park, MD. The folders are maintained in box files by month and contain information such as: pilot/aircraft assignment in the formation, route info, target maps, strike photos, MACRs, etc. The amount of info may vary by mission. Also, I was unable to locate folders for missions flown during the last few months we were there--if I remember correctly those were folders for the months of February, March and April. This particular section of our National Archives is located close to the exit for New Hampshire Ave. on the north segment of the Interstate 495 Belt around Washington. Mapquest provides a good map of that area. I would advise calling them at 1-301-837456th Bomb Group Association

Dear Mr. Riley, My name is Mignon Mims. I am the Editor/ Publisher of The Flightline newsletter, 455th BS, 323rd BG. I am writing you to ask if you have a current address on John and Edie Guldemond. They have been receiving our newsletter for many years and they are coming back to me. I would appreciate any help you can give. If you are interested in exchanging newsletters please let me know. We formed The Heritage Flight about 5 years ago and now have about 50 second and third generation members. If you don't have a heritage group I would be able to help you get on started. Thank you, Mignon Hello Mignon, I have a data base of 5204 men who spent one or more days in the 456th Bomb Group but there is no Guldemond. You might try going to our web site,<, then scroll down to "Site Search" and click on and insert "Records" in the browse box. When records come up surf about and you will find a listing of other 8th and 15th AF groups with names of their historians, some e-mail addresses, mail addresses and phone numbers so that you can contact them for information. Also, you can find instruction on contacting the information center in St. Louis. Usually only the individual or a blood relative can get the information. All members are entitled to one complete reissue of all of the awards and decorations. If the individuals discharge is available, the back side usually (Form 214) contains information needed to access their records. I am not familiar with the Heritage Flight you mention. However, we do accept relatives of February 2008

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

Page 12

members as associate members and they do receive newsletters and are welcome at our unions. Contact Roy Firestone, our webmaster and news letter author about exchanging news letters. I am sure that both he and I would appreciate copies of your newsletters. You can see the web site above. Also, you might try doing an address search on yahoo or google for the Guldemond's, they may have relocated and filed to notify you of an address change. Best wishes and Ciao, Fred Hello Winslow, Thank you so much for your enquiry about Thomas Williams. He was an upper turret gunner on a B-24 in the 744th Squadron of the 456th Bomb Group stationed in Italy. They were shot down 6/18/44 and he was a POW in Stalag Luft 1V. Apparently he returned to the U.S. and died later. He lived at 1608 3rd St., Portsmouth OH 45662, the phone at that address was or is 614353-3454. There may still be family living there. I have a data base on 5104 men who served 1 or more days in the 456th BOMB GROUP. I went through my data base and sent in the names of all of those who were deceased so their names would be on the memorial. Stewart McFarland, a ball turret gunner on the crew, advised me of Thomas's passing. He is a current member and was also a POW at the same place as Thomas Williams. The address I have for him is in Pinellas Park, FL. I am sure that any of his family would like the information you have. I know who the rest of the crew were but their current status is unknown to me. I hope this will be helpful to you and if you can contact any of his family or Stewart McFarland please keep me posted. This is great information to put in a newsletter so that other living friends who served with will know the history of these two men. Again, thanks so much. Fred Riley 456th Bomb Group Association Historian Mr. Riley, Thanks for your help. I located Stewart McFarland at ph# (727) 544-8661 they must have changed his area code. Mr Mcfarland informed me that both Sgt Williams and his wife were deceased, but they did have children. I contacted the Veterans affairs office in Portsmouth and with their help finally found the Daughter of Sgt Williams. I will be sending the letters and Air Medal to her. Thank you again for your assistance W.A. Wolfe Ssgt USMC I'd also like to extend sincere thanks to you Mr. Wolfe for taking the time and going to great effort to get these important heritage items back into the family's hands. ­Roy

Via email 22 January 2007 I discovered my father's name listed in the second group of names at the web site [http://]. He was S/ Sgt. Alfred L. Taylor - Turret Gunner. I know that he was with the 512th Bomb Squadron and 376th Bomb Group as I have a couple of letters in my possession that provide this information. I recall my father saying that he was a 'tail gunner'. His service number was: 31362193. He was born in Fall River, MA on Sept. 19, 1917, married Jeanne C. Lord on July 12, 1941 in that city, had 3 children [Thomas A. Taylor, Phyllis J. Taylor [Donovan], and Janet A. Taylor [Kosinski]. Alfred L. Taylor died on August 10, 1962 in Fall River, MA but was residing in Tiverton, RI at the time of his death. Don't know if you wanted this information for your files, but hope it is of some value. I have been compiling my 'family tree' so any new information is always welcome and exciting. Sincerely, Thomas A. Taylor

Via email to Fred Riley, 21 January 2007 Mr. Riley I have come across some letters written to his mom & possible girlfriend by a Sgt Thomas H. Williams USAAF during his imprisonment in German POW camps. Also his air medal and I am trying to find his heirs to send these items. I found your name as the person I believe entering his name on the WWII memorial website. Any help/advice in locating the family of Sgt T.H. Williams 35-652-734 so they can have these letters would be great. Thank you, W.A. Wolfe Ssgt USMC 456th Bomb Group Association

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

February 2008

Page 13

Via email to Fred Riley, 11 January 2007 HiI just read Bob Reichard's oral history of the 745th Bomb Squadron and it brought a tear to my eyes. My father, Joseph E. Simmons (0-855828) was a 1st Lieutenant and pilot in the 745th. He told me the same story about making the shower using all scrounged materials and using aviation fuel dripping into sand to heat the water. My dad passed away too soon in 1981 and never wanted to tell his young son, so proud of his brave father, many war stories. "Too painful" he would say. I just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for keeping the stories I can know more of my hero's life during war-time. Thanks again. Joseph E. Simmons PS- my sister has the family archive and I believe there is a photo of his crew. If it does in fact exist, I will scan it and send along any info we still have. Hello Joe, Your father was among those whose status was unknown. I am forwarding this to our webmaster so that his name will appear in a forthcoming Taps section in a newsletter in order to let any of his friends know his status. Our web site is Also a copy will go to Frank Amaditz, our Sec./Treas. who you can contact for you and your sister to become associate members, and join us at reunions and receive our newsletters. I am sure that both Roy and I would like copies of the photo. Your father flew the "Short Snorter", is that the plane in the photo? Also send me your e-mail address. Ciao, and best wishes to you all. Fred My mother was a child when she lost her father and knows little about his military career. She knows very little because my grandmother, Flora Scheets (at the time), to this day cannot bear to talk much about him. My mom's memories are very fond of her Dad and can remember being "Daddy's Little Girl". It is of special interest to her, as she followed her dad's footsteps and retired from a career in the Air Force. I hope this information, albeit sad, helps inform my grandfather's former colleagues and friends. I welcome even the smallest bits of information on my grandfather for my mom, aunt, and myself. My mom has a Fat Catz beer stein and we have recently discovered its origin of being given to the "Wive's Club" (my grandmother) by my grandfather's squadron. Traci Picciano Hi Traci. I am forwarding this to Roy Firestone, our webmaster, and Frank Amaditz, our Sec./Treas. for their information and if you or any of your family wish to become associate members contact Frank and get on our mailing list. Have you toured our website?, if you do be sure to go to "Site Search" and put "Riley" in the browser box and you will find three very interesting stories about me!! Your grandfather was a Co-pilot on the crew of Delbert Phifer in the 744th Squadron in Italy. The status of most of the crew is now either unknown or deceased. I will give you the names and addresses of those who are still current and on our mailing list. Navigator - Frank Bartolmei; Ball Turret - Donald Phillips; Flight Engineer - Ray Buiezynski; Bombardier - Robert Brooke. There you are, keep us posted on any information you learn. Our best wishes to you and to your family and all of the relatives of Homer Elwood "Downwind" Scheets. Ciao, Fred.

Via email to Fred Riley, 28 December 2006 Dear Mr. Riley, My name is Traci Picciano and I am the granddaughter of Homer Elwood Scheets. You have him listed in your "unknown" status webpage. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away in a training crash in March 28, 1958. He was stationed at Vance Air Force Base, Oklahoma at the time. He was attempting an emergency landing, due to a storm, at Will Rogers Airport, Oklahoma when the crash occurred. 456th Bomb Group Association

Via email, 15 November 2007 Dear sir. I'm an Italian fan of aviation, and today I search the photos of Italian airfield during II WW. I see 3 photos of Stornara Airfield, into the " Stornara airfield And Encampment", and I wish to You if it's possible to have a copy of 3 photo. Thanks Sincerely, Giorgio Dorati, Italy February 2008

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

Page 14

Emailed response: Giorgio, Please tell me which web page you saw the photos on and I will extract them and email them to you. -Roy Via email 08 December 2007 Excuse me for my delay, but my PC is out. Now I use a new PC. The 3 photos are included into page " Stornara airfild and encampent " on your site. Then, is possible, to have a chart of the airport of Stornara for to see now them. Sincerely, Giorgio Dorati Emailed response: Giorgio, I believe the attached digital photos are what you want. Please be sure to credit the 456th Bomb Group Association website if you use them in any publications or online documents. Best regards, Roy made a perfect landing and as we were taxiing the plane to park the engines stopped--we were out of fuel. Needless to say we were exhausted and our nerves were rattled. The pilot received the Distinguished Flying Cross for this heroic mission. The crew was sent to the Isle of Capri for a little R&R. This was the crew: Pilot--Bill Croft Copilot-- Ken Myers Navigator--Wylls Casselman Bombardier--Bill Weber Nose Gunner--Jim Nye Upper Turret--Charles Cole Ball Turret--Bill Mondak Waist Gunner--Richard Jenkins, Flight Engineer Waist Gunner--Bill Grielich, Radio Operator Tail Turret--Jim Grieves

(No date on this letter from Bill Mondak) Dear Frank (Amaditz): Here is another story about one of those nail-biting missions over Germany. I was a member of Lt. Bill Croft's crew (747th) and we were on a mission to Munich. Just before the bomb run we lost a supercharger on number one engine and dropped about 5,000 feet. The pilot was able to control the plane and we continued on the bomb run alone since the rest of the formation continued on ahead of us. Over the target, with heavy flak hitting us, one engine was hit and had to be feathered. The 4-engine plane (now) only had 2 good engines and we were in trouble. The navigator gave the pilot a heading for Switzerland but the pilot opted to try and return to our base. We were flying alone and at a low altitude and barely making it over the Alps. The ball turret was brought up into the fuselage in order to cut down on wind resistance and I then manned the waist guns. Our air speed was slow and it soon became dark. We could not see the ground but the navigator informed the pilot that we should be close to the base. We were told to put on our chutes and get ready to jump. Meanwhile the radio operator was calling Mayday! Mayday! Fortunately someone heard the call in the radio shack and the ground crew placed a truck at both ends of the air strip with the headlights on. The navigator was right on target and the air strip was close by. The pilot 456th Bomb Group Association

4 October 2007 Dear Roy, Couple of months ago I bought some old photos at the ebay. In these photos one can see some 456th BG officer and other high ranked commanders of the 15th AF etc. I thought you would be happy with good quality print copies of them. Here I am sending them. I am sure you will recognize the individuals like: Col Steed, Gen Upthegrove (commander of the 304th Bomb Wing) and Gen Twining (Commander of the 15th AF). Feel free to use these photos as you desire. In the last couple of years I was working in cooperation with an American organization called DPMO (Defense POW/MIA Personnel Office). Along with the DPMO's analysts we are researching for US airmen who are still accounted as MIA. After 60 years of the World War 2 it is quite a hard job, but thanks the God we have some real results. As one of the "result" of this work this summer the remains of a Gunner Martin F. Troy were excavated. He went down with his plane on June 30th, 1944. He was flying with the 460th BG. One of the survivors of another B-24 which crashed on the same day (couple of miles far) visited to Hungary. He is Jerry Conlon a former bombardier of the 460th BG. With Jerry we visited the American team was working on the excavation. I enclosed an article about it, which was published in the local paper of Troy's hometown. With friendship, Nandi (Nandor Mohos, Hungary) February 2008

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

Page 15

General Fay R. Upthegrove

General Henry "Hap" Arnold visits the 456th His aide Dean Yount on left.

General Nathan F. Twining presents the 456th with the Distinguished Unit Citation

456th Bomb Group Association

General Nathan F. Twining addresses the 456th

Photos courtesy Nandor Mohos

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

February 2008

Page 16

Gen Twining, LtCol Joe Russell (acting 456th cmdr), Gen Upthegrove, and ?? at September, 1944 Awards Ceremony

Colonel Thomas W. Steed and General Fay R. Upthegrove

General Upthegrove decorates Colonel Steed

Colonel Steed, General Upthegrove, and ??

456th Bomb Group Association Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

Photos courtesy Nandor Mohos

February 2008

Page 17 25 October 2007 To: Those concerned From: Martin Luther, 2006-2007 Association President Re: 456th Bomb Group Reunion, Boise, Idaho, 18 thru 22 July 2007 Please accept my apology for the delay in writing this report. However, I do have a legitimate excuse for the delay. I had major surgery on 28 August. This was done at the Boise VA and turned out well. I did lose track of things for the month of September and the first weeks of October thanks to some potent pain meds. It seems that at 86 years one doesn't rebound like we did at 20. Evrything is good now and I'm back at the gym 3 days a week. Following is my view of the events at our Boise Reunion. Please excuse the typos, misspelled words and poor grammar, but this is what you get with a blind guy typing on a not so cooperative computer. Wednesday, 18 July 2007 This is the arrival date for registration and check-in at the hotel and reunion desk. We received our reunion packets containing an updated schedule of events, name tags, welcome letters from The Honorable C. L. "Butch" Otter, Governor of Idaho and The Honorable David Bieter, Mayor of the city of Boise. The packet also contained information about points of interest in and around Boise and the state of Idaho. We were headquartered at the Double Tree Riverside Hotel which is situated along side the Green Belt walking and bike path which is 27 miles following the meandering Boise River. A beautiful location and great accommodations. The hotel management and staff were very courteous and responsive to our needs. In keeping with tradition, we enjoyed an Italian dinner at the hotel and an opportunity to meet with old friends and make new ones. We all share the disappointment of those not able to attend due to airline glitches. There is a saying, '"when you have time to spare, go by air". Thursday, 19 July 2007 At 0730 hrs we were treated to an Early Bird Breakfast at the hotel. During breakfast we enjoyed a talk by Trish Nixon from the World Center for Birds of Prey. Trish displayed two Peregrine Falcon birds that

456th Bomb Group Association

Martin Luther, Association President 2006-2007, with 456th Panels at the Warhawk Air Museum were rescued and nurtured back to health prior to release back to the wild. One could sense the bonding between Trish and the birds. The Center is located near Boise. Following breakfast, we boarded the Boise Tour Train for a ride to view points of

February 2008

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

Page 18 interest within the city of Boise. The Conductor (Driver) did an excellent job of describing the history of points of interest such as Ann Morrison Park. Anne Frank Memorial, State Capitol, and others. This is a great introduction to the City of Boise. We were returned to the Hotel for a short rest, lunch and to get ready for the next events. At 1400 hrs we boarded the buses for a short ride to the Warhawk Air Museum at Nampa. Idaho. The mission of the Warhawk Museum is to teach and preserve World War II History from the Home Front to the War Front, and Aviation History from the advent of flight through the Space Age: The Warhawk Air Museum encourages an educational experience about the technology, culture, and social changes that have occurred. In keeping with this philosophy, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with John and Sue Paul, Founders and Curators, Staff, and Volunteers in the educational programs involving students of all ages, teachers, scholars, and the general public. This experience motivated me to propose a history display of the accomplishments of the 456 Bomb Group at the museum. John and Sue Paul approved the concept. I began sorting through file drawers of photographs, crew and individual stories, and Web Sites, I soon realized that I was in way over my head and needed help. (Being blind is definitely not an asset.) I approached Mrs. Jana Mehlhorn at Dominick Printing at Ontario, Oregon for help. I had known Jana from work that she had done for me in the past. Jana is a lovely multi-talented lady. She is outstanding in comprehension, composition, graphic arts, photography, printing, and presentation. Jana literally took all the random information and assimilated it into a very comprehensive presentation. Two days before the Reunion, Jana and I posted six 4x4 panels of the display. The display is three hinged panels, on rollers, so that the view is at eye level. The panels will be covered with Plexiglas. Thanks to our Board approval, we have purchased the panel unit and given it back to the Warhawk, which will insure that the 456 Bomb Group story will remain on permanent display at the Warhawk. I heard many favorable comments from our Group and continue to hear them now. We spent time viewing the many aircraft and other items on display. We were treated to an excellent dinner, catered by Angels. During dinner, we were entertained by Kimberly Koted and six of her children from a babe-in-arms to 12 years old. She was joined later by the father. They sang 40s and 50s songs i.e. "Don't Sit under the Apple Tree with Anyone Else but Me" and others. Everyone fell in love with them. At 1830 hrs 50 hardy souls boarded the bus for a short ride to the Idaho Center and the Snake River Stampede Rodeo. This is one of the top rodeos on the PRCA circuit and attracts top cowboys end rodeo stock. The Idaho Center is a great venue for a rodeo; air conditioning, theatre-type seating, great sound and lighting systems and design of the facility to maximize fan comfort and viewing. We had great seats with a clear view of the arena and the bucking chutes. The performance included bull riding, bronc riding, roping, barrel races, and mutton-bustin. This is an event where 3 to 5 yr. olds try to ride a sheep. The sheep most often wins. This is one of my favorite events, especially watching the sheep dogs round-up the sheep into a tight band and keep them there until released

February 2008

456th Bomb Group Association

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

Page 19 by their handler. That's poetry in motion. The light show choreographed from horseback with the arena completely dark was a great show. An emotional time was when Bob Tallman announced the presence of our group and gave a brief Bio of our WW II experiences. The arena action stopped and 8,500 fans stood in recognition of our group. There was not a dry eye among us. This just proves that patriotism is alive and well in America today.Those not wanting to attend the rodeo enjoyed other events in and around Boise. Friday, 20 July 2007 After Breakfast at the Double Tree we boarded the buses for a short ride to Gowen Field and a windshield tour of the base and flight line. Gowen is an Idaho National Guard base and host Air Force and Army units. The base is home for C130 Transport Aircraft as well as the A10 "Warthog" Fighter Squadron, which was so decisive in the Gulf War and currently in Iraq and Afghanistan. We also visited the Idaho Military History Museum located adjacent to Gowen Field. We then boarded the buses for a ride to Gowen Field Tour Guides Mountain Home Air Force Base. After a thorough security check at the Main Gate we were afforded a windshield tour of the base followed by luncheon at the Officers Club hosted by Colonel Anthony Rock, Commanding Officer of the 366th Fighter Wing ("Gunfighters"). Colonel Rock gave a great Mission Briefing talk. He commanded the interest of all by his enthusiasm, professionalism, technological, and

456th Bomb Group Association

command abilities. We also visited the flight line and r e a d y h a n g a r where we got up close and personal with the F15 aircraft and the Colonel Rock, 366th Gunfighters ordnance she can deliver. The men and women under Colonel Rock's command were all very professional and shared the Colonel's dedication to the mission. This unit is a Rapid Response Force in support of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. We then boarded the buses for the return trip to the hotel for a brief rest and to freshen up for the Banquet Dinner. At 1730 hrs, we gathered for cocktails and the Banquet Dinner and program. The group was called to order and Sgt. Rich Fuhrman and six uniformed officers of the Boise Police Department sounded the Call to Colors and posting of the Colors to the sound of bagpipes and drums. The presentation was done with impeccable

February 2008

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

Page 20

protocol and precision. We remained standing for the Pledge of Allegiance and lighting of the candles in memory of those of our Group that were killed and have passed-on. Following a brief silent prayer, Mr. Frank Amaditz read the names of those that have died since our last reunion. The candies were then extinguished. Following dinner, our Guest Speaker, Major Scott Smith, an A10 Pilot with the Idaho Air National Guard Squadron based at Gowen Field, gave a very captivating talk on the mission of the A10 units in support of the Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan Wars. Major Smith showed some actual combat footage of strikes by A10 Missions in Iraq. These pictures showed the deadly accuracy of the A10 Weapons System. We all expressed our appreciation and thanks to Major Smith for his dedication and service to our country. We were pleased to have the following invited guests join our evening activities: John and Sue Paul, Founders and Curators of the Warhawk Air Museum, Nampa, Idaho; Jana and Ed Mehlhorn, Dominick Printing, Ontario, Oregon; Burt Strom, President of the Blinded Veterans Association, Boise, Idaho; Mark Strom, Fireman, Boise, Idaho; Trent and Nadine Luther, Clackamas, Oregon; Dale and Jane Luther, Ontario, Oregon; Bob and Susan Luther, Huntsville, Alabama.

456th Bomb Group Association

Saturday, 21 July 2007 0730 hrs Men's Breakfast and Business Meeting. After disposing with the business at hand, Frank Amaditz introduced Don Redding as President for 2008. I then relin-

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

February 2008

Page 21 quished the Gavel and Candle Holders to Don. He announced that the 2008 meeting would be at Branson, MO in September 2008. The meeting was then closed. 0730 hrs Ladies Breakfast which hosted a Fitness Program. 0900 hrs boarded the buses for the Thunder Mountain Train Ride, a short trip to Horseshoe Bend where we boarded the train. We were scheduled to de-train at Banks

checked-out some of the shops at the center and boarded the buses for the ride to the Double Tree and a well needed rest. Sunday, 22 July 2007 0730 hrs Buffet breakfast and the Hospitality Room open for goodbyes. Leon and Ann Staab, and Ed and Georgia Moore are to be commended for the great photographs and displays at the Hospitality Room. CREDITS I would like to recognize and give credit to the following persons for their efforts and dedication to making the Boise Reunion a great success: Ed and Georgia Moore, Hayes, KS; Frank Amaditz, Pittsburg, PA; Ruth Reitmeyer, Pittsburg, PA; Leon and Ann Staab, Hayes, KS; Jana Mehlhorn, Ontario, OR; Joe Dominick, Ontario, OR; Dale and Jane Luther, Ontario, OR; Shirley Luther (my wife) Ontario, OR; John and Sue Paul, Warhawk Air Museum, Nampa, ID; Staff and Volunteers, Warhawk Air Museum, Nampa, ID; Lisa Edens, Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau; Lt. Chris Borders, Gowen Field, ID; Major Scott Smith, Gowen Field, ID; Colonel Anthony Rock, 366 Fighter Wing, Mountain Home AFB, ID; Bob Taltman, Rodeo Announcer, Snake River Stampede Rodeo; Support personnel; Hotel staff, bus drivers, tram and train operators; Angels Catering; Basque Center and Dancers; and other people that I may have failed to mention!

February 2008

Don Redding and Ed Moore (about 1/3 the distance and time to Cascade) but due to mis-communication between the train and bus people the buses were not at the Banks stop, so we opted to stay on the train all the way to Cascade. The train was well equipped; air conditioned club cars and an open-air car for a better panoramic view of the beautiful countryside and the Payette River with all its white water as we rolled through steep canyons and open ranch and farm lands. Although the train ride was a bit long, we got to see some really beautiful country between Banks and Cascade. We even got mooned by a rafter on the river. We might check Leon's camera for a picture. Fortunately the buses met us at Cascade and transported us to the Basque Center at Boise for a great Basque style dinner and entertainment by the Basque Dancers. After dinner, we

456th Bomb Group Association

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

Page 22

God willing and the creek don't rise; we will see you at Branson next September. Thanks for a great experience and reunion. Sincerely,

Martin Luther

456th Bomb Group Association Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1 February 2008

Page 23

456th Bomb Group 2007 Reunion Men's Business Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Frank Amaditz, Secretary / Treasurer. The men's business meeting was opened by Martin Luther, President. Frank Amaditz asked for a silent prayer for all the members of the group that were not able to attend. He then read the financial report. He explained that we were spending more than we were taking in. He said that we have a lot of life members, meaning no dues from them. At this time we could cash in one of the CDs. Walter P. Nelson made a motion that we make a request from the members to make a second life payment. His reason is once you start to cash in your CDs you will have little resources to fall back on. Martin Luther said we could call this a survival fund. This was voted on and approved. One of the members mentioned the polo shirt and it was explained this was Roy Firestone's project (for the 456th website). Other PX items were mentioned and it was told that was Fred Riley's project. Dominic Jemella said that anything that was needed for the Warhawk Museum, panels, plexiglass covers should be approved. It was voted (on) and approved. It was also approved to give a donation to the bag pipers / honor guard that was at the banquet. Also to Jana Mehlhorn. She helped Martin organize all of his information for the panels. She worked 50 hours on this. She was shocked and impressed on what she read on WWII. The board of directors names were read by Frank Amaditz. It was announced that Don Redding would be the president for 2008 (with a reunion scheduled) in Branson, MO. They are looking for a date late in September. Don accepted the gavel and the candle holders from Martin. Don thanked Martin for all of his work with the reunion and said it was a great success. Martin goes to the Warhawk Museum and talks to the young people about WWII. They are very interested and we have to make sure it is not forgotten. From your newsletter editor and webmaster: With the beginning of the new year an all new online forum and message board was launched on the 456th website. This highly interactive, multi-threaded approach has already started to attract many users and there are over 50 registered participants now. Its easy to get involved and you have the answer to someone's inquiry, or even find an answer to your own. Log in to and join the group. Due to unavoidable issues there was a long delay in getting this newsletter published. The last issue published was Vol. VIII, No. 6. I apologize for the delay. I am halfway complete with scanning all of the 456th BG Association newsletters from 1990 to present and posting them online on our website. These are in PDF and can be printed at home. There's plenty coming in future newsletters, but keep your letters and stories coming!

456th Bomb Group Association


What will happen to your records, memorabilia, collected mementos, priceless photos of friends and events...? This has been written in these pages before and its time to put it out there again. If you have not made arrangements to pass along these important memories and critical links to the past to family, a museum or archive, please consider doing so as soon as you can. Don't let your history disappear - make every effort to preserve it now!

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

February 2008

The Association of the 456th Bomb Group, and Attached Units 744-745-746-747 Bomb Squadrons, request the pleasure of your company at the 64th Reunion of World War II Veterans of the group who served in Cerignola-Stornara, 1943-1945

Note these are the final firmed-up dates. Details are still in planning, but these tentatively are the activities being planned: Thursday night, a visit to the Branson Titanic Museum. From www. Today the great Titanic lives on. A towering symbol of hope and courage recreated in all its glorious splendor in Branson. Here guests will relive the last hours of that fateful voyage. Make haunting emotional connections to passengers and crew through their words and stories... Friday, a riverboat trip and dinner on the Showboat Branson Belle on Table Top Lake. See for more information. Saturday, daytime events are still being planned, followed by the annual banquet dinner, to be held at the hotel with Titanic period-attired guests. The reunion will be held at the Branson Radisson Hotel and a large block of rooms has been set aside for the group--but rate information is not yet available. However, you can make reservations by calling the hotel directly at (417) 335-5767 and indicate you are with the reunion. Don Redding, the association 2007-2008 president, says "Branson is a beautiful and amazingly hospitable town, especially for veterans, with lots of family entertainment and activities. Be sure to bring your kids! See you in Branson this September!" Questions? Check the 456th Bomb Group website for updated information, or call Ed Moore at 785-625-7515 or 800-424-7515 .

456th Bomb Group Association Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1 February 2008

Page 25

456th PX ITEMS

A PX has been established in order to provide the following items for your pleasure and to provide funds to supplement the operating expense of providing this newsletter for the association. NOTE: Please contact FRED RILEY for the following items by mail order or order at the reunions. Aerial Photo: Stornara, Italy Air Base ---$5.50 ea. VE Day Photo: Copy of 8" x 10" autographed photo of Generals "Hap" Arnold, Nathan Twining and Colonel Steed, 10 AM, May 6, 1945. Inscription "Hitler and German Army surrender unconditionally!". Taken at 456th Hdq. and signed by the three. --------- $5.50 ea. Photograph of Rome to Paris navigation chart: Shows many of our missions plotted with flak perimeters -------- $5.00 ea. (Suitable for framing, 18" x 25" , many of our targets are plotted showing route and flak perimeter.) Donated by John Bello. Lapel Pins: 456th or any Squadron ------- $5.00 ea. Patches: 456th or any Squadron ------- $3.00 ea. Steed's Colts: 4" patch for jacket breast ------ $6.50 ea. 456th Bumper Stickers: ------- $1.50 ea 456th Association Decals: ------- $1.00 ea. The 456th Bomb Group History Book are no longer available

Order the above PX items from and make checks payable to:

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FRED RILEY 456th Bomb Group PX N 944 Daisy Dr. Genoa City, WI 53128-1962

456th Bomb Group Association

ROY FIRESTONE 456th Bomb Group Webmaster 12042 Sunnyside Rd., PMB559 Clackamas, OR 97015 COMING SOON: 456th Liberator Tee Shirts!

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

February 2008

Page 26

Charles DeRose, Group 30 October 2006 per son-in-law David Culbertson, 746th 20 January 2008 per nephew John A. Napoli, 744th December 2007 per Ed Moore Ralph W. Dexter, 744th 10 January 2008 per Ed Moore R. Keith Daniels, 744th 2 December 2007 per Joe Schuster John J. Cioffi, Jr., 744th 1 November 2007 per Ed Moore Robert Lane, 744th February 2007 per daughter Commodore Beaver, 744th October 2007 per Ed Moore William M. Stoeppler, 744th 10 October 2007 per returned mail Gerald Kogelschatz, 744th 2 March 2007 per daughter James B. Hendrix, 744th 1 February 1983 per daughter Lloyd A. Blaschke, 744th July 2007 per son

456th Bomb Group Association Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1

Carsten J. Gorder, 746th 5 May 2005 per daughter Martin S. Reidy, 747th 2005 Lionel Allen West, 746th 24 December 2006 per son Bill Williams, 745th 2003 per son John R. Lupe, 744th December 2006 per daughter-in-law Douglas G. Adkins, 745th 11 November 2001 per Fred Riley John E. McCasey, 745th May 2007 per wife Robert Murphy, 744th per wife Junior Matteson, 746th per sister Harold Bern, 745th 1998 per daughter Eugene E. Domulevicz, 747th 29 March 2007 per daughter Michael Martin, Group June 2003 per wife Nathan (Mike) Koechel, 745th 28 September 2006 per daughter

February 2008

Page 27

Arnold K. Gerritsen, 745th 3 April 2007 per son Edward Kaiatt, 746th 27 March 2007 per wife Eugene Krasno, 745th 11 January 2006 per Martin Luther Melvin L. Wood, 747th 2 March 2006 per daughter Joseph E. Simmons, 745th 1981 per son John D. Gilder, Group 11 October 2007 per daughter Frank Bumgardner, 747th 6 February 2008 per Bob Capps Hector Patenaude, 744th 2 February 2008 per Frank Amaditz Joseph J. Howard, 745th December 2003 per son Joseph D. Hindman, 745th 1 January 2007 per Bob Reichard Edwin E. Loughlin, 744th 2004 per son-in-law Charles Hawkins, 744th 1950 per son

456th Bomb Group Association

Robert Niess, 745th 7 July 2006 per son Beatrice Lawrence, Wife of Manny Lawrence April 2007 Helen McCrosson Wife of James McCrosson 2006 Toinette Lysek Wife of Peter Lysek 13 April 2008 Pat Redding Wife of Don Redding February 2007 Ralph W. Dexter, 744th 10 January 2008 James J. Cleary, 745th 16 January 2008 per wife James A. Rose, 745th 7 February 2008 per son

ON THE BACK COVER Via Email, 6 July 2007 Dear 456th Bomb Group Assoc. I was recently presented the attached drawing of my father, Bernard J. Mayotte, who flew with the 745th squadron of the 456th Bomb Group. The artist, Robert Voorhees of Holt, Michigan gave me his permission to share this with you. I thought you might be interested if only as an example of a tribute to one man, his crew, and the plane that brought them back alive. Michael B. Mayotte

Newsletter Vol. IX, No. 1 February 2008



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456th NL February

28 pages

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