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Army driver training­ Fort Campbell, KY

Every generation grows up hearing that the youth of today have gone to hell and that they no longer support America and its ideals. To that I say... "Bull....". Come spend a few days with me training some of our military. Today's soldiers VOLUNTEER for military service... while we are at war. They know the dangers, but they still sign up. They have my full support! A team of professional trainers spent four (4) days in Fort Campbell, KY training Army Transportation drivers in off-road driving techniques. The vehicles were up-armored HMMWVs.

We spent the first two days on a specially constructed obstacle course and the next two days driving trails in the nearby woods.

We literally began our safety briefings in the dark using a flip chart under the headlights of a vehicle. We drove from morning until evening.

The training topics included traversing rough terrain, safe recovery techniques, combat parking, the use of brake throttle modulation, and more. These soldiers deployed to Afghanistan within a few weeks of this training program. I wish them well.


Microsoft Word - Fort Campbell story revised.docx

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