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1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Pickup


ENGINE Factory Name Type Displacement Bore x Stroke Compression ratio Horsepower @ rpm Torque @ rpm Main bearings Fuel system Lubrication system Electrical system Ignition system Exhaust system TRANSMISSION Type Ratios: 1st 2nd 3rd Reverse DIFFERENTIAL Type Ratio PAINT & UPHOLSTRY Exterior Body Color Exterior Trim Color Interior Primary Color Interior Trim Color Seat Upholstery Fabric Seat Upholstery Color Seatbelts

235 Thriftmaster Valve-in-head inline six-cylinder 235.5 cu. In. 3.563 x 3.938 8.25:1 145 @ 4200 rpm. [email protected] 2000 rpm 4 Single Rochester "B" 1-bbl. Full pressure spur gear 12 volt Electronic Ignition [Chrysler] (modified) Single, one muffler 3-speed Selective Synchromesh, steering-column-mounted shift 2.94:1 1.68:1 1.00:1 2.94:1 Semi-floating hypoid 3.90:1

Tartan Turquoise Bombay Ivory Comanche Gold Metallic Charcoal Gray Leather with vinyl trim Papyrus and Charcoal Aftermarket GM reproductions

WHEELS & TIRES Wheels: Front Rear Tires: Front Rear WEIGHTS & MEASURES Wheelbase Overall length Overall Width Front track Rear track Shipping Weight CAPACITIES Crankcase Cooling system Fuel tank CALCULATED DATA Bhp per c.i.d. Weight per bhp Weight per c.i.d.

Steel 15" x 6.0" six-lug 15" x 6.0" six-lug Diamond Back Classics radials P235/75/R15 - 29.1" H x 6.1" W P235/75/R15 - 29.1" H x 6.1" W 123.25 inches 208.17 inches 76 inches 60.75 inches 61.02 inches 3385 pounds 6 quarts (includes filter capacity) 17 quarts 17 gallons 0.616 23.34 pounds 14.37 pounds

STEERING Type Ratio Turning circle BRAKES Type Front Rear

Power (modified) 21.3:1 23.43 feet Four wheel hydraulic Power assist 12" disc / caliper (modified) Manual 11" drum internalexpanding duo-servo single anchor (stock) All-steel body-on-frame Double-dropped, channel and box section steel, four crossmembers Stepside long bed Wood - Alder wood finished in automotive clear coat (modified) Reverse Elliot "I" beam front axel with inclined kingpins; longitudinal semi-elliptic leaf springs; direct double action shock absorbers Longitudinal semi-elliptic twostage leaf springs; direct double action shock absorbers

CHASSIS & BODY Construction Frame Cargo box type Bed type SUSPENSION Front

PRODUCTION 1959 Chevrolet Trucks (All series)


ACCESSORIES Heater Windshield washer Radio Direction signal Rear bumper Rear view mirror


Standard re-circulating heater and defroster Push button vacuum windshield washer Delco AM radio Class B pickup direction signal Rear step bumper Inside rear view mirror


1959 Chevrolet Apache 32 Pickup

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