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NYS Licensure Renewal

"Dentists must now complete 60 hours of approved formal continuing education each triennial registration period."

Recent Changes in Continuing Education Requirements

July 1, 2008. A total of 18 hours may be self-instructional course work or home study as approved by the NYSED.A schedule detailing the prorated credits required is available at the district office. Dental Jurisprudence/Ethics This minimum three-hour course covering the ethical aspects related to the practice of dentistry in New York, is required on a onetime basis. The course will be offered through the NYS Dental Foundation, and we'll let you know as soon as it is available

ONCENTER. A home-study course may also be purchased from the NYS Dental Foundation.


NYSDA BOG Semi-Annual Spring Meeting Highlights

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Spring Meeting cont. New Members District News

hange is inevitable, and so it is with the requirements for Mandatory Continuing Education and Licensure. Recent changes include an increase in mandated hours from 45 to 60; a one-time ethics/ jurisprudence course; and a certification in CPR. To keep it simple, the following is a general review of the requirements: Dentists must now complete 60 hours of approved formal continuing education each triennial registration period. This requirement will be prorated for dentists whose registration period is after

Certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) will be required effective January 1, 2009. You are required to continually maintain certification.

A Golden Opportunity St. Lawrence County GKAS Report from 2008 Meeting Dates

2009 Nominations Report Classified Dental Placement Continuing Ed. Calendar

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We've Moved!

Infection Control - Required to be taken every four years (OSHA). The Fifth District will hold the course at the CNYDC on Sept.11 at the

Risk Management - While not required for relicensure, taking a risk management course can provide malpractice premium reductions up to 10% per year for a three year period. Please check with your carrier to see what courses they accept. The Fifth District is holding two courses at the CNYDC on Sept. 11. See you at the CNYDC!

Oral Cancer/Tobacco Cessation- Dentists must complete a 2 hour course in the oral health effects of tobacco and it's products with prevention and detection of oral concer. This is a one-time requirement. If you have taken the Oral Cancer Detection and Prevention course offered by the NYS Foundation, you completed this requirement.

contact us....

Membership Benefits

[email protected]

We also have other changes to announce. We're excited to announce that Trista Phillipson has been hired to be our Event Manager. Trista comes to us from the ONCENTER and has many years of experience in event coordination. Trista has been working diligently on the State

ur new location is right across the road at 6323 Fly Road. We're in a ground floor suite, with our own store-front. We now have double the space of our old location with ample room for storage, conference room, etc. Members coming for committee meetings will find it much easier to access.

And, yes...we truly are in the final stages of completing our website. It should only be another few months before we debut. It will come complete with secure e-commerce, so that our attendees and exhibitors alike may register for our programs online. Other highlights will be a section on FAQ's for the member dentist, and another section devoted entirely to careers in dentistry. An announcement will be mailed to all member dentists when available.

Fair and will be handling all details along with helping to coordinate the Central New York Dental Conference and our other programs. Welcome Trista!


Report on NYSDA BOG Semi-Annual Meeting 2008

he NYSDA Board of Governors Semi-Annual Meeting was held on June 5-7, 2008, in Port Jefferson, New York. The presiding officer was Dr. Stephen Gold of Suffolk County. Tellers Committee Report: Res. passed for dues increase from $407.00 to $477.00 by 71.2% affirmative votes. Res. Passed to re-organize NYSDA financial leadership positions, strengthen role of Secretary-Treasurer to comply w/ good governance initiatives. 92.7% affirmative vote.

Summary of Resolutions:

Peer Review: Adopted ­ Resolution that NYSDA urge NYS Education Dept. to advise patients that OPD does not resolve fee disputes and that its investigations will not result in refunds of fees to patients. Adopted ­ Resolution that NYSDA modify policy to allow peer review cases to commence once OPD has dismissed a case based on jurisdictional grounds. Adopted ­ Resolution that NYSDA change policy to require member dentist to cease collection activity during peer review of case, when pt has placed balance due into dental society escrow. Ethics: Adopted ­ Resolution to amend pg 10 of NYSDA Ethics Manual to enable Ethics Council to deal w/ members found guilty of, or disciplined by NYS Board of Regents for professional misconduct. Specific guidelines given for an official hearing.

Dental Practice: Adopted ­ Resolution that NYSDA endorse Donated Dental Services. Adopted ­ Resolution that NYSDA seek legislation to authorize incentives (tax credits, loan forgiveness etc.) for dentists, RDHs who volunteer in a variety of settings to facilitate access to care.

Dental Education & Licensure: Adopted ­ Resolution for NYSDA to initiate legislation to allow dentists and their hygienists to enter into collaborative agreement that do not require general or personal supervision. Dentist is responsible, RDH to provide preventive services in schools, community health centers, nursing homes, hospitals and other public health care settings, to include educational requirement.

Task Force on Constitution & Bylaws: Adopted ­ Resolution to submit the draft Constitution & Bylaws for ratification in accordance to current Bylaws. Risk Management Committee: Adopted ­ Resolution charges NYSDA to work w/ NYS Dental Foundation to update its Risk Management Course, w/ $40,000.00 budget.

Chemical Dependency: Adopted ­ Resolution that NYSDA send 2 reps. To Univ. of Utah School on Alcoholism and Drug Dependencies conference on June 15-20, 2008 w/ allocation of $3,000.00. Membership & Communications: Adopted ­ Resolution that NYSDA BOG encourage ADA to mandate tripartite membership for graduate student/ resident members.

Nassau County Dental Society: Defeated ­ Resolution to have NYSDA seek legislation to halt whitening of teeth unless provided by licensed NYS dentists.

NYSDA OFFICERS: Adopted ­ Resolution to amend Bylaws to allow suspension or removal of a component by 2/3rds vote of BOG. Discussion held in Executive Session, closed ballot vote held. (30 yes/4 no/1 abs). Bronx County Dental Society: Adopted ­ Resolution to have NYSDA seek legislation to regulate managed care cos. in NY that contract to provide care to Medicaid, SCHIP, & Family Health Plus recipients by requiring that at least 80% of monies paid by NYS are paid to participating dentists.

Task force on Public Health Dentistry & Access: Adopted ­ Resolution that NYSDA seek to encourage residency programs in New York State to require that residents receive training in pediatric and special needs dentistry.

Dental Health Planning & Hospital Dentistry: Adopted ­ Resolution that 2nd Trustee Caucus submit resolution to 2008 ADA HOD calling for ADA to adopt policy supporting requirement of one year of postgraduate clinical training. Awards: Adopted ­ Resolution for Dr. Robert J. Genco to receive 2008 Jarvie-Burkhart Award. Adopted ­ Resolution for Dr. G. Kirk Gleason to receive 2008 Distinguished Service Award.

Dental Benefits: Adopted ­ Resolution that NYSDA send two reps from Council on Dental Benefits to annual ADA dental benefits conference Aug 14-16, 2008 w/ allocation of $4,000.00.

Third District Dental Society: Adopted ­ Resolution that NYSDA encourage ADA to negotiate w/ Cochrane Collaboration to obtain full access to Cochrane Library service by all ADA members.

Upcoming Meetings:

Respectfully submitted by Drs. William Karp & John Liang, NYSDA Governors, FDDS.


Report on Special Events: A special meeting of NYSDA BOG was called by the Executive Committee, and was held @ the LaGuardia Marriott Hotel on July 9, 2008. The meeting was held to discuss the need to recognize the formation of a second component in New York County, named Manhattan Dental Society. BOG discussions were held in Executive Session, followed by open discussion held by all interested parties, including members of the executive board of New York County Dental Society. Voting results: 17 yes, 16 no. Manhattan Dental Society is now a recognized component of NYSDA. Both Dr. Karp and Liang attended this meeting.

ADA House of Delegates 149th Annual Session, Oct 17 ­ 21, 2008, San Antonio, Texas. NYSDA Executive Committee Meeting, Sept. 18 ­ 19, 2008, Albany, NY. NYSDA 2008 Annual BOG Meeting, Nov. 13 ­ 14, Albany, NY. NYSDA 2009 Semi-Annual BOG Meeting, May 28 ­ 31, Gideon Putnam, Saratoga, NY.

he Spring Meeting of the Fifth District Dental Society's Board of Governors (BOG) was held May 15, 2008 at the Turning Stone Resort in Verona, NY. The meeting was called to order by President Elect Dr. Ernest Mears. A motion to accept the minutes of the February 7 & 8, 2008 meeting was passed.


Highlights of the Spring Meeting

COUNCIL & COMMITTEE REPORTS - Dr. Ernest Mears, President-Elect Dental Practice ­ Dr. Margaret Madonian There was a combined meeting with the council on dental education and licensure concerning a resolution at the state level regarding a collaborative agreement between dentists and hygienists. The dental practice council is against this proposal since they feel it would ultimately allow hygienists to practice independently. The Council on Dental Education and Licensure approved this resolution. According to Dr. Michaelson the council felt that there was a need for this change in regard to access to care issues, senior homes, care facilities, etc.. Dr. Michaelson said that the two councils have made their opposing views known. The resolution now goes to the NYSDA board of governors. Dental Benefits ­ Dr. Jonathan Gellert, Chair Dr. Gellert discussed the dental benefits view of the independent practice of hygiene as it relates to insurance. In Colorado, independent dental hygiene did not improve access to care. Hygiene fees were higher in hygiene offices than in traditional dental offices. The ADA feels that things are leaning toward universal health care. The ADA wants to make sure that dentistry is included in universal health care. In terms of Medicaid providers, a new law was passed about a compliance plan required for Medicaid providers (in every profession). A subcommittee produced a brochure to explain to patients the difference between medical and dental insurances. Investments ­ Dr. Jonathan Gellert Dr. Gellert gave a short report on our investments. $158,866 balance as of March 31. Loss of $1100 by the end of April NYSDA BOG. Dr. Brady agrees that there is need for informed consent, however he is suspicious of the origin and intent of this form.

CORRESPONDENCE - Dr. Margaret Madonian, President Dr. Mark Slavin sent a letter requesting that a motion be brought for consideration regarding the teeth whitening done in hair salons, mall kiosks, etc. by non-dentists. Dr. Slavin requested that a letter would come from the Fifth District to each business in violation explaining that the procedure is not in the best interest of the patient. Executive Director Pozzi responded that she has had other complaints about the same and has spoken with Dr. Tom Sheridan, a FDDS member and State Board for Dentistry member, and Mark Hoffmeister, Senior Investigator at the local Office of Professional Discipline (OPD). She related that according to the NYS Dental Practice Act, anyone performing tooth bleaching or any act of dentistry for that matter who are not dentists (or hygienists under the supervision of a dentist) are violating the dental practice act which is considered a class E felony. This is a violation regardless of whether or not there is a complaint from a patient, or there is concern as to the strength of the bleaching agent. Any dentist who knows of any business suspect of violating the law, is urged to call the Fifth District office. A formal complaint letter will be sent to OPD describing that we believe a specific company is in violation of the dental practice act. The letter will then be carbon copied to the Chairman of the State Board for Dentistry, Attorney at NYSED and our NYSDA Executive Director Roy Lasky among others. OPD has promised that they would investigate the business and take the necessary course of action at that time. If necessary they would involve the Attorney General to appropriate a cease and desist order. We have been advised to try this method first. If we do not get anywhere with this route, we will then go directly to the Attorney General's Office. Dr. Burns proposed a motion from the floor, as per Dr. Slavin's direction. It was seconded by Dr. Tim Sweet. Much discussion took place and the board felt that an investigation from OPD of a violating business will carry more weight than a letter from the Fifth District. The Fifth District is not a policing authority or enforcing agent and could be open to potential legal matters. The resolution was defeated. The director will give us an update at the Annual Meeting, and we may revisit this matter at that time. This is a hot topic across the state, and nationally.

Dental Hygiene ­ Dr. Robert Schaefer, Chair Dr. Schaefer and Amy Pozzi attended the advisory committee meeting the previous night in Rome. There are now three dental hygiene programs in fifth district: Monroe Community College (MCC) will be running their program for at least 2 more years at the Jefferson Community College. They will accept eight students this year for the two- year program. In addition to the hygiene program, SUNY Canton has an online bachelor's degree program for hygienists, which is intended to create the next level of hygienist to work in research and dental education. SUNY Canton Dental Hygiene Program in Rome will be graduating 12 students this spring and there will be 31 freshmen in the fall. The program was awarded the 2008 Community Service award for their work in the community by the American Dental Hygiene Association. Employment opportunities can be posted on the SUNY Canton website. Dr. Schaefer mentioned that the school would like to purchase a Piezo scaler at the cost of $850.00. Dr. Karp presented a resolution that the Fifth District fund the purchase of a Piezo scaler for the SUNY Canton dental hygiene program. A motion that the Fifth District fund one Piezo scaler carried. Claims Committee ­ Dr. Alvin Bregman The claims committee will meet in June to discuss five cases. One case is still in litigation. He enclosed a general dentistry consent form, which should be sent to the members of our society. He feels that it is very important to discuss treatment and expectations with the patient beforehand. Dr. Brady passed out a report from the council on insurance (which has not met). They supposedly voted on the general dentistry informed consent form, although the author is not known. This consent form did not go in front of the Council on Insurance or the

Nominating Committee ­ Dr. Edmond Ormond Dr. Ormond presented the list of nominations for 2009. These nominations will be presented at the general membership meeting tomorrow, published in the spring Bulletin, and voted upon at the annual meeting in the fall.

State Fair ­ Dr. Janice Pliszczak In addition to our booth, the NYS Dental Foundation will do screenings for three days of the fair. The screenings will be located in a 40x40 tent located adjacent to the Hall of Health. These screenings will be done Tuesday, August 26 through Thursday, August 28. Volunteer dentists are needed to man our dental booth inside the Hall of Health. As always we are in need of samples for the dental booth, especially toothbrush and toothpaste samples. If you have any questions as how to acquire samples, please call the district office.

Insurance ­ Dr. Timothy Brady Dr. Brady passed out a spreadsheet showing a breakdown of malpractice policies by district. NYCounty dental society has removed its endorsement for MLMIC and endorsed CNA. He reported on long-term care (LTC) insurance. Since all the plans vary, and are tailored to the individual, he felt it was best not to endorse a plan but to provide our membership with information on any and all plans that come our way.

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MCE ­ Dr. Paul Michaelson Dr. Michaelson covered his report in the discussion on the hygiene collaborative agreement.


Highlights of the Spring Meeting continued...

NYSDA ­ Dr. William Karp and Dr. John Liang Dr. Liang reported on the executive committee. NY County Dental Society has some philosophical differences with NYSDA. There is a deadline of June 5th, so this will come to conclusion. From NYSDA's secretary/treasurer's report, the reserve funds are down 5% . NYSDA has repositioned its portfolio. Dr. Gold has appointed a task force to study the issue of governance. Dr. Liang noted that the membership defeated the new governance in the past, but it has been brought up again. With the proposed governance there will be a "house of delegates" similar to the ADA. The new governance proposes several house of delegate (HOD) options. The Fifth was opposed to the previous proposals because we would have lost representation. This proposal would create a house of delegates with 101 members, one of which is a student member. Each district would receive 2 delegates, with the remainder determined by the number of members in each district. In this proposal, we would have a 6% representation. Each district will also receive one trustee. The ADA has a house of delegates, executive committee, and a board of trustees. The HOD is the supreme ruling body. The HOD would meet once per year. The trustees would meet three times per year. The Fifth would have 6 delegates to the house plus a trustee. The rotation of NYSDA president would remain the same as in the past. Within the favored proposal, the officers on the executive committee would not be able to vote. With the officers voting now, they would have a 14% vote, which is more than any district. The task force will make a final recommendation at the June board of governors meeting, at which time it will be decided when it will be voted upon. Cost analysis is currently being done and it is expected that this will cost more, and it will be location dependent. Dr. Karp has been opposed to the proposals in the past. The first reason is that there will only be one meeting of the HOD, so the Board of Trustees (BOT) will be running NYDSA the remainder of the year. His second reason is that in the other proposals the Fifth lost representation. However, with this proposal, we will maintain a 6% representation. Dr. Liang continued that NYS is one of the few states that operate without a HOD. The big states: California, Texas, and Florida all operate with a HOD. With a HOD, the most powerful person at the meeting will be the Speaker of the House, not the president. There will be two bylaws changes to be voted on tonight and tomorrow. One of the proposed bylaws changes what the secretary /treasurer does and would also require that NYSDA change our auditors at least every five years. The second proposed bylaws change is a monetary. It is a proposal to increase the dues by $70. Our reserves are down a little due to the economy and there were costs to move the NYSDA office this year. EDPAC - Dr. Schaefer. Dr. Schaefer has concerns of who makes the funding decisions within EDPAC. He has been informed that EDPAC will be supporting major parties instead of specific individuals. If any member would like detailed information please contact the district office.

New Business ­ Dr. Ernest Mears Because we're making the move and need to change the letterhead anyway, Ms. Pozzi is proposing that we change our name to the Fifth District Dental Association since association is a broader term and is more in line with the New York State Dental Association and the American Dental Association. Dr. Brady mentioned that the name is part of the constitution. Any constitutional change needs to be published in the Bulletin 60 days prior to a vote, and it will need to have 2/3 vote of the membership present and voting at the fall meeting in order for it to pass. Motion to change the name of the Fifth District Dental Society to the Fifth District Dental Association carried. The meeting was adjourned at 10:16 pm by Dr. Ernest Mears.

Office Move Update ­ Ms. Amy Pozzi The Fifth District will be moving the office to a new location across the street from its present location as of June 1. The office will be in a new building; double the space, on the ground floor, and will have lots of storage space.

Announcements/Correspondence: ­ Dr. Margaret Madonian Included as part of the minutes

he Spring Meeting of the Fifth District Dental Society General Membership was held May 16, 2008 at the Turning Stone Resort. The meeting was called to order by President Dr. Madonian at 8:45 a.m. Minutes of previous nights' meeting were read by Dr. Janice Pliszczak.


Council & Committee Reports ­ Dr. Margaret Madonian Included as part of the minutes

NYSDA Dues/Bylaws Vote ­ Dr. William Karp Information on the voting procedure and the voting itself will take place at the lecture break. Nominating Committee ­ Dr. Edmond Ormond See full report on page 6. New Business ­ Dr. Margaret Madonian. Seeing none, Dr. Madonian thanked everyone for attending today's meeting. Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 am.

Seminar Presentation: Dr. Janice Pliszczak, Program Chair, announced the program: Pediatric Dentistry for the General Dentist, presented by NYU School of Dentistry: Neal G. Herman, DDS Amr M. Moursi, DDS, PhD Jill Fernandez, RDH


At the Annual Officers Installation and Awards Dinner in Albany this past fall, our Dr. Mickey Fallon (center) received the NYSDA Distinguished Service Award. It was presented by Dr. Steve Gounardes, NYSDA President (left) and Dr. Mark Feldman, ADA President (right).

District News

Fifth District Dental Society

New Member

Dr. Maria E Dille

DDS, New York University, 1999 GPR, St Joseph's Hospital, 2002 Fellowship,Geriatric Dentistry, Duke Univ. 2003-2005 North Country Children's Clinic, 238 Arsenal St, Watertown 13601

2008 Meeting Dates


FDDS Winter Meeting February 7 - 8, 2008 Syracuse, NY



FDDS Spring Meeting May 15 - 16, 2008 Verona, NY NYSDA Semi-Annual June 5 - 8 , 2008 Port Jefferson, NY

We are all aware of the current surge in the precious metals market, just check your lab bills this past year. After forty years of dealing with scrap gold dealers, I came upon a company, ALBAR, of Pompano Beach Florida. They are precious metal refining specialists. I would like to share the good news. I found them professional, honest and quick, and settled with a very nice return. Albar is recognized by the National Association of Dental Laboratories and other related organizations. They sent me a container, paid for the postage and insured an estimated value of the material. The next day they called and verified the weight of the scrap. If anyone is interested call Jerry Kaye at 800-241-1811 or email at Tell him you heard about them from the Fifth District Dental Society. Jeffrey A. Watson, D.D.S.


Central New York Dental Conference September 11, 2008 Syracuse, NY ADA Annual Session October 17 - 21, 2008 San Antonio, TX

NYSDA Annual Meeting November 13 - 14, 2008 Albany, NY

FDDS Annual Meeting October 31, 2008 Syracuse, NY

Report of 2008 Give Kids A Smile (GKAS) Data St. Lawrence County Dental Society

Town # Dentists Participating Canton 1 Gouverneur 3 Massena 2 Ogdensburg 1 1 Potsdam Totals 8 $ Amount Services Donated 1928 6600 4600 1887 1900 (est) 16915 # Children who received care 9 26 11 8 9 63

Considering several of the programs were done on February 1st, which was a terrible weather day of snow, our County Dental Society should be commended for improving the access to care for the children in our county. There are 27 general dentists in our county and approximately 25,000 school aged children, creating a tremendous barrier to care due to logistics of so few practitioners in a county of 111,000 residents that is the largest county, area wise, in the state. 30% of the dentists participated in the event this year, making our county one of the highest participating counties in the state. Future plans include increasing participation by more dentists next year so there are at least 2 participating dentists in each town. Improvement of our program will help us to qualify for additional funding and certainly would help us to gain more media attention to a serious issue in our rural county: Access to Care. It is my hope that organized dentistry use events such as GKAS to restore some of the lost esteem that dentists have suffered. Dr. Scott Day, CHDM Chair


This Nominating Committee Report was presented to the 2008 President Dr. Margaret Madonian and read at the Spring Meeting, May 15 & 16, 2008. The list, now being published in the Spring/Summer 2008 Bulletin,will be voted on and elected at the Fall Meeting, October 30 & 31, 2008, so that they may begin their terms in January of 2009. Terms expire at the end of year noted. The following slate is therefore presented for the year 2009. Fifth District Officers: Immediate Past President President President Elect Vice President Treasurer Secretary Board of Governors: Oneida-Herkimer Onondaga County NYSDA Representatives Governor Nominations Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Margaret Madonian Ernest Mears Charles Burns Janice Pliszczak Lynn Stacy Glenn Reaves Term Expires 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2010 2009

Fifth District Dental Society 2009 Nominating Committee Report

Dr. Margaret Madonian Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr.

Ziauddin Shaik Stephen Passalacqua Robert Schulman Mark Slavin Gerald Danaher Kevin Sorge

Term Expires 2010 2010 2010 2010 2011 2011 Term Expires 2010 2010 2010

Council on Dental Health Planning Council on Dental Practice Council on Insurance

Dr. John Gellert

Dr. Richard Mayne Dr. Timothy Brady

Dr. Margaret Madonian Dr. Thomas Kearns

ADA Representatives Delegate Given: Alternate Delegate Alternate Delegate

Professional Liability Claims Comm. Dr. Alvin Bregman Dr. John Gellert


Council on Relief

Council on Peer Review

Council on Nominations

Council on Membership & Comm.

Dr. Robert Schaefer

Dr. Bruce Dines

Dr. Joseph Giovannone

Dr. William Karp

2010 2010






Respectfully submitted, Dr. Edmond Ormond, Nominations Committee, Chair, `07 Dr. Timothy Hession, Nominations Committee Dr. Joseph Giovannone, Nominations Committee

Dr. Ernest Mears Dr. Charles Burns

Term Expires 2010 2009 2010



Practice Sales: 3-OP, 2000 Sq Ft DENTAL OFFICE: Closed due to joining military 3/08. Small town 25mi. from Syracuse, NY, 19mi. from Cortland, NY. Own equipment $10,000 + rent building $1000/mo.+ utilities. Own building and equipment for $110,000. Has 1400 sq.ft. 4-bedroom apt. upstairs. 315-727-4845. Leave message. Heath C. Winkler, DDS.

with the potential for purchase of practice. Call Dr. Hassen at 518-863-6065 or 518-774-9102.

Dental Hygienist/Assistant/Office Manager Dental office manager: full time manager and front desk help needed. Excellent benefits. Contact Jeff Albert at 315-246-7233, [email protected]




MEDICAL LEASE SPACE: New free standing Medical Office Building in Liverpool. Prime location near Buckley/Taft Road intersection. Superior construction, beautifully landscaped, large parking area. Approx 1,8003,000 sq ft available. Exc move-in opp. for dentist or physician. North-Court Professional Bldg, 7293 Buckley Rd, N Syr, NY 13212, (315)452-0245, (315)218-0256 fax.

Equipment Sales: Equipment for sale: 2 Apollo 95E Plasma Arc curing/bleaching lights (fast cure 1-3 seconds). Cost thousands new; will accept best offer. Call 445-1321. Plan Meca PM 2002 CC Pan/Ceph X-Ray with Autoprint + 2 cassettes for sale: Works well and was in use until Nov 2007 when switched to digital. $5000 OBO. Call 315-471-6790.

President Dr. Margaret Madonian President Elect Dr. Ernest Mears Vice President Dr. Charles Burns Treasurer Dr. Lynn Stacy

Secretary Dr. Janice Plisczcak

DENTAL PRACTICE FOR SALE: Utica, NY. 5 Operatories with room for expansion. Two doctor practice. Off street parking. Satellite office also available. Contact [email protected] Associate/Partner/Staff Upstate NY ­ Albany Area: Dentist/Associate needed for busy practice. Positions in multiple offices. Unlimited earning potential. Unique opportunity with buy-in possible. Contact Debbie at 518-452-0655. Beautiful Dental Office with 3 operatories for sale. Located 15 minutes from Fort Drum. 315-569-7090.(eves)

Aspen Dental is currently searching for Associate Dentists and Managing Clinical Directors for its locations in Utica, Oswego, Syracuse, and Watertown. Visit for more on Aspen Dental, or contact Recruiting Manager Ron Brush at 866-4537212 or [email protected] ASSOCIATE WANTED for busy seven operatory practice in Mayfield, NY (30 miles west of Saratoga Springs). Looking for high quality, energetic dentist

DENTIST, 2 SG-30 Wanted: Licensed with a current registration & 2 years of dentistry experience, and proper certification of the completion of 150 hours of post-graduate CE within the past 3 years. Benefits include: health/dental/vision insurance, paid vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave, retirement plan. Salary range: $89,081 - $107, 838/yr. FT position, 40 hr/week, Mon-Fri. Mail resume, copy of license, registration, supporting documentation to: Oneida Correctional Facility, Personnel Office, 6100 School Rd, Rome NY 13440.

Oswego and Rome, New York: Great Lakes Dental is seeking a general dentist. Salary includes base plus incentives. Benefits include health ins, malpractice, CDE allowance, 401k, and vacation, personal and sick time. Contact Arwinder Judge, DDS, at 315-247-7111, [email protected], or fax 315-343-8611.

Allcare Dental and Dentures is seeking general dentists, Oral Surgeons and general dentists with superior oral surgery skills for its rapidly expanding network of practices in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Maine, Missouri and Minnesota. Check out our website at We offer the best benefits package and earnings potential of $275,000+. Terry Herr 716-982-7950 or [email protected]

Equipment for sale: (office relocating) (3) Belmont Celebrity center consoles with xray mount, sink and more; (3) Belmont Celebrity 12:00 treatment consoles; (1) Summit dental chair; (1) Belmont Bell 10 dental chair; all the above in excellent condition. I also have dr. and asst. stools; assistant carts, misc. smaller dental equipment and misc. office furniture and equipment. Call 315-474-1711 for more information. Equipment for sale: One overhead track light ­ Proma-Daray; $125. Three Dr. stools $75 each, One nitrous oxide machine- $650. Call 315-453-3636 with any questions or Fax 315-466-3636.

Equipment for sale: (retirement) Kodak Dental DX 4900 Zoom Digital Camera (never used), Triad 2000 (never used), Autoclaves, Aquastat water distiller, other small equipment. For full listing fax 1-315-797-1883.


Jefferson-Lewis County Dr. Joseph Girardi, `09 Madison County Dr. Bruce Stewart, `09 Immediate Past President Dr. Joseph Giovannone

Oneida-Herkimer County Dr. Michael Adornato, `08 Dr. Stephen Passalacqua, `08 Dr. Robert Schulman, `08 Dr. Mark Slavin, `08 Onondaga County Dr. Mark Dropkin, `10 Dr. Steven Stacey, `10 Dr. Gerald Danaher, `08 Dr. Gary Greenberg, `08 Dr. Michael Fallon, III, `09 Dr. James Vlassis, `09 Oswego County Dr. Walter Bozek, `09 Parliamentarian Dr. Timothy Brady St. Lawrence County Dr. Edward Smith, `09 NYSDA Board of Governors & ADA House of Delegates Dr. William Karp, `08 Dr. John Liang, `09

Front Office/Receptionists Seeking Positions Bergman, Jennifer ­ 271-6690. FT/PT. 1 ½ yrs exp. McGraw, Kathleen ­ 622-3735. Fill-in . 5 ½ yrs exp Russo, Darlena ­ 342-0419/352-208-7444. 20+ yrs exp.

Dental Assistants Seeking Positions Bass, Angela ­ 607-643-5192/607-973-2429. 5 yrs exp. FT/PT. Carey, Trudy ­ 264-6942. DA/recep 5+ yrs exp. Fayville/east. Drager, Stacey ­ 451-0343 or 254-5853. 8 yrs exp, Fill-in. Fall, Sherri ­ 727-2848, Temp/fill-in. 2+ yrs exp. Forrester, Tina ­ 264-8483, FT pref, Rec certified DA Morris, Marilyn ­507-3223/271-0044.2 yrs exp, FT pref. Russo, Petrina ­ 487-5940.10+ yrs exp, PT,fill-in, recept exp. Taylor, Donna ­ 663-5389.Fill in, Fri only. 25 yrs exp Yates, Rebecca ­ 420-0896 /695-3749. Rec. BOCES grad.

Dental Hygienists Seeking Positions Cleary, Marilyn ­ 446-5189. 20 yrs exp, temp/fill-in. Crowley, Linda ­ 682-5726/682-8921. 34 yrs exp, Sats only. Devlin, Noreen ­ 853-5462. FT preferred, 22 yrs exp Hilton, Jodi ­ 845-482-3291. 3-4 days/week Utica/ Rome, 8 yrs exp. Kampf, Karen ­ 790-2667. PT/Fill-in Fri/Sat. 10 yrs exp Lockwood, Louise ­ 363­2521. 38 yrs exp, PT/fill-in Ortiz, Cynthia ­ 383-7919. 12 yrs exp, Friday's only. Rufa, Trish ­636-7190. Massena area. FT 4 yrs exp. Trousdale, Darcy ­622-2938. Fill-in. 7 yrs exp. Willsey, Danielle ­ cell 263-9749. 10yrs dental asst. exp. PT/Fill-in Wood, Heather ­653-7306. PT/fill-in. 6 yrs exp. Vespi, Andrea ­510-3467. FT/PT.


6323 Fly Road, Suite 3 E. Syracuse, NY 13057 tel. 434-9161 fax. 437-6013 Executive Director Ms. Amy Pozzi Executive Assistant Ms. Kathie Bowers Event Manager Ms. Trista Phillipson



Seminar Calendar 2008


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9:00 - 5:00

The Bulletin of the Fifth District Dental Society is published by the Fifth District Dental Society, a component of the New York State Dental Association and the American Dental Association. The Bulletin is published quarterly; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, by the Fifth District Dental Society, 6323 Fly Rd., Suite 3, E. Syracuse, NY, 13057.Tel (315) 434-9161, Fax (315) 437-6013. Opinions expressed by the authors of material included in the Bulletin of the Fifth District Dental Society do not necessarily represent the policies of the Fifth District Dental Society or the Bulletin of The Fifth District Dental Society.

The Bulletin of the Fifth District Dental Society 6323 Fly Rd, Ste. 3 E.Syracuse, NY 13057 315-434-9161

8:30 - 4:30 7 MCE 8:30 - 4:30 7 MCE


Why Less Is More: Exploring Truly Conservative Esthetic Dentistry Thomas F. Trinkner, DDS Update on Record Keeping and Insurance Carol D. Tekavec, CDA, RDH The Periodontal-Systemic Link Joan Otomo-Corgel, DDS, MPH

General Member Benefits: ADA, NYSDA & FDDS Publications ADA, NYSDA & FDDS Sponsored Insurance Programs Admission to national, state and local dental meetings and CE programs at member rates. FDDS Endorsed Programs


5:30 - 8:30 3 MCE 5:30 - 9:30 4 MCE 6:00 - 9:00 3 MCE

Managing Risk in the Dental Office Michael Ragan, DMD, JD Risk Management VII Lantier, JD & Seidberg, DDS, JD


NYS Mandated Infection Control Terrence Thines, DDS

Office Support Services American Document Destruction Services American Red Cross: Education & Certificates Business Controls Company: Front office Choice One Communications: Telephone & Web DDS Front Office: Patient Communication Materials Hurbson Workplace Furnishings Dunn Tire Insurance Products Fortress Insurance Company: Professional Liability Insurance Support Services Alliance: Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Insurance

9:30 - 4:30


Speaker Location Contact

16 MCE 16 MCE

The Exceptional Comprehensive Restorative Practice Gregory J. Tarantola, DDS 7 MCE Holiday Inn, Carrier Circle, Syracuse FDDS - 315-434-9161 / 800-649-9161

Upper NYS Society of Periodontics Understanding Periodontics: An On-Site Instruction Course for the RDH


MANAGING EDITOR Amy Pozzi American Society of Dental Editors


By now you should have received your program and registration information in the mail. If not, please call the Fifth District office at 434-9161.

Location Contact

Dental Hygiene Course II: Understanding Periodontal Surgery Various locations in NYS Dr. John Albert @ 451-7151

See you at the CNYDC!

Financial Products: MBNA America: Personal Credit Card MBNA America: Gold Portfolio Deposit Accounts NOVA Network: Credit Card Acceptance Program CareCredit: Patient Payment Plan I.C. System: Collections Assistance WebMD Dental: Electronic Dental Claims Processing Sky Financial Solutions: Loan products Mercer Global Advisors: Financial Planning and Investment Management Office Support Services Office Depot: Office supplies, furniture, technology products Paychex: Payroll Services Sycom Dental: Discounted Dental Forms and Supplies SolmeteX: Amalgam Recycling EBSCO: Reception room magazines

NYSDA Co-Endorsed Programs

The Fifth District Dental Society serves these counties: Herkimer Jefferson Lewis Madison Oneida Onondaga Oswego St. Lawrence

Insurance Products Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company: Professional Liability Insurance Liberty Mutual: Auto Insurance Fifth District: NYSDA: ADA : For more info on the programs available, go to:



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