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FIVE STAR MACHINERY Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd.

Telephone: (08) 9375 3989 33 Kirkpatrick cres. Noranda 6062 W.A. Fax : (08) 9375 3989 Mobile : 0417 31 12 50 Workshop ­ Showroom: No. 6 Agett rd. Malaga W.A. E MAIL : [email protected] IMPORTER AND SUPPLIER OF QUALITY NEW AND SECOND HAND MACHINERY and TOOLS ­ PRODUCTION LINES


CL 104 VDF BOEHRINGER PN480L SLANT BED, SW-500 BC-1500, tail stock, swarf conveyor 44 kW spindle motor, spindle bore Ø65, 3550 RPM, 12 Position tool turret, NEW 280mm FORKHARDT hydraulic power chuck. With New PC ­ Control. OKUMA LSN10 Control OSP 2200 with PC connection, SW Ø 540mm; SW over Cross slide Ø 300mm, BC 1200mm, Machine in good condition. Weipert WNC 802 CNC Lathe Siemens 3T Control With PC connection, PC, 12" Color monitor, MFG. 1985; Swing over bed Ø800; Swing in gapØ850x285; Swng over cross slide Ø500; BC 2000; Spindle bore Ø106; Spindle nose DIN 55022/11; tool turret 8 Tools; Center boring tool unit on Cross slide with Tool holders for Boring bars; 400 mm 3 Jaw Forkard hydraulic chuck, steady, coolant unit, swarf conveyor, Lots of tooling, Jaws for chuck; Siemens 3T control as totally reconditioned at Siemens in Germany. KRASNODAR CNC 1A516, only 3000hrs since new, 10 position tool magazine, Bosch M5 CNC control, faceplate 1400, Max. swing, 1800 by 1600 high, 2 swarf conveyor, machine fully enclosed, tooling, second Bosch M5 control as spare part unit.

CL 106 CL 110

CNC Vertical Borer

CVL 106

CNC Floor Borer

ALL SOLD OUT... Coming up for Sale soon, please call us to order

CNC Bed Milling Machines

CBM 102 CNC UNIVERSAL BEDMILLING MACHINE MECOF CS10VA 1977/1999 WITH SIEMENS 840 C CONTROL; X ­ AXIS: 2270 mm; Y ­ AXIS: 1180 mm; Z ­ AXIS: 970 mm; RPM: 35 ­ 1200 NOSE INT.50; TABLE: 4300 mm x 1200 mm; SPINDLE NOSE: INT 50; New Ball screws 3 Axis; AC ­ Sinumeric drives; Back support rail; New Electro cabinet; Hydraulic clamping all axis; Machine was totally rebuilt in 1999. All mechanical parts, slides, ball screws; New Siemens CNC 840 fitted. Support Rail for Travel Column on back. NORTE VS 2000 CNC Machining centre Control Siemens M3 4 Axis CNC; X - 2000; Y ­ 600; Z ­ 800; Automatic tool changer; Swarf Conveyor CNC 3D MAUSER KM-2 with HP9836 computer and graphic printer, granite table 2400x1000 X1500 Y-1000 Z-1000; ZEISS 3D HEAD WMW Vertical Slotter Hydraulic Operated Table Ø 1200 Max Stroke 1200 mm; Head tilts 2 x 30º; Power feeds; Auto Indexing. KAERNS RICHARD TABLE BORER TYPE SF 100 SPINDLE Ø125mm; X­AXIS CROSS 1700; Y­AXIS VERTICAL 1600; LONG 1800mm; RPM 2-1.021RPM; FACING HEAD Ø800mm; FACING HEAD STROKE 500mm; DRO HAIDENHEIN 4 AXIS; SPINDLE STROKE 900mm; MAX. LOAD ON TABLE 10 ton; AUTO. ELECTRIC CLAMPING TOOL SCHARMANN FB100 4 Axis DRO Heidenhein; New electro cabinet with Siemens S7 PC control; SPINDLE Ø 120mm; SPINDLE NOSE INT 50 Power draw bar; SPINDLE RPM 9­1000 Variable; SPINDLE STROKE 700mm; TABLE SIZE 1400x1400mm; X ­ 2000; Y ­ 1400; Z ­ 1400; TABLE TURN 4x90º auto. 360º in every position (digital positioning); FACING HEAD(BUILT IN);Ø800mm; RAPID TRAVEL X-Y-Z 2400mm/min Variable; FEED X-Y-Z 1,5­2400mm/min Variable SCHARMANN FB125 3 Axis Heidenhein DRO SPINDLE Ø125mm MT 80 INT 50 ADAPTER; RPM 5­1000 Variable; FEEDS VARIABLE; TABLE SIZE 1400x1200mm; X­1400; Y­1400; Z­1200; BUILT IN FACING HEAD 800mm; 3 Cabinets with Tooling; Milling Cutters; INT 50 Tooling; Boring bars; Boring heads; Clamping SAN ROCCO TYPE MEC3 3 AXIS DRO SPINDLE Ø76mm; MILLING SPINDLE Ø130mm; SPINDLE NOSE MT 6; SPINDLE STROKE 620mm; 18 RPM RATINGS 11­1100RPM; VARIABLE FEEDS 10­1000mm/min; RAPID TRAVEL 2000 mm/min; TABLE SIZE 920x920mm; LONG TRAVEL WITH TAILSTOCK 920/1100mm w/o tail; CROSS TRAVEL 920mm; TABLE TURNING FEEDS RPM 0.002­1.8 RPM; TABLE RAPID 3 RPM; FACING HEAD; 3 AXIS DRO; COOLANT UNIT WEBSTER & BENETT FACING PLATE Ø1650mm; MAX: SWING Ø2040mm; MAX: WORK PIECE HEIGHT 620mm; 1 VERTICAL SLIDE WITH 5 POS. TOOL TURRET; Machine was recently refitted with new bearings for main drive.

CNC Machining Centre

CMM 101

Measuring Machines

CMS 109

Vertical Slotters


Horizontal Borers

H 108

H 109

H 110

H 111

Vertical Borers

VB 102

Five Star Machinery

Stock List No. 01 - 2007


Centre Lathes

L 116 MEUSER LATHE, BC ­ 6000, SW over Bed 1540/over Support 1200, Centre Height 770mm Spindle Bore 110, RPM 8 ­ 400 (18 Settings), All threading, Motor 30 kW. Lots of accessories. 2 cross slides, Rapid travel, Totally rebuilt in 1998, near new condition. HEYLIGENSTAEDT 4000L, SW ­ 310, BC ­ 4000, 2 Axis DRO, Multifix Tool holder. WEISSER HEILBRON GOLIATH Center Height 430mm; Swing over bed Ø860mm; BC 2000mm; Spindle bore Ø80mm; Spindle RPM 5.5 to 1120; Threading mm, inch, modul; Spindle Motor 22 kW3 Jaw Chuck Ø 400mm; Facing Plate 4 Jaw Ø 800mm; Steady, Center, 4 position tool holder, Tail stock. Meuser Lathe Model 432083 (Made in Germany) Swing Ø 450; B.C. 1200 mm, 3 Jaw Roehm Chuck Ø 200 mm, RPM 40 ­ 1800, all Threads, Coolant Unit; Light, excellent condition, 2 V slide Bed. WMW Niles Centre Lathe with Deep Hole Drilling Unit Precision Double V Slide Shaft Lathe Swing 630/700; BC 3000 mm; with Deep Hole Drill unit: up to 1500 mm in depth; RPM 22.4 ­ 1120 RPM; Motor 17 kW; Feed and lead screw machine usable as normal lathe with deep hole drilling unit for drilling and honing with separate coolant unit.; Some tooling. HEAD LATHE RAVENSBURG Type K55 Facing Plate4 Jaw Ø 1300 mm; Swing over bed Ø 1250 mm; Swing in Gap Ø 1700 mm x 350 from Facing plate; Distance between centre 1500 mm; Max Workpiece weight 2500 kg / meter; Machine weight approx. 10 000 kg; Floor space 5.2 m (length) x 2.5 m (width) x 2.2 m (height); Power 12 kVA/min; RPM Settings Variable 1 ­ 500 RPM in 4 Ratings. VERTICAL BED MILL BUSCH NF4U, Table 2700x500, X-3250 Y-500 Z-500 Spindle INT 50, RPM 1450, Machine weight 9500 kg, tooling, Pendent control, Automatic cycle, some tooling included. Twin vice heads individually adjustable for key-way milling. FRITZ WERNER MILLING MACHINE 2 SPINDLE Horizontal ­ Opposite spindles; Table 1100x250mm, MAX distance between milling heads 600mm, Spindle INT40, RPM 12x1800, Adjustable heads, Auto feeds. UNIVERSAL MILLING MACHINE GAMBIN TYPE M ( made in France); TABLE SIZE: 1520 mm x 400 mm; UNIVERSAL HEAD; SPINDLE: INT 40; RPM: 25 to 2500 RPM; X - AXIS: 1100 mm; Y - AXIS: 420 mm; Z - AXIS: 710 mm Vertical; WEIGHT OF MACHINE: 3800 kg.; Power feeds; Rapid travel; Hydraulic Clamping and Feeding Milling Head; Horizontal Milling attachment HORIZONTAL/ VERTICAL UNIVERSAL BED MILLING MACHINE SHW UF6 (WEST GERMANY) TABLE CAMPING AREA 2500x1200; X­TRAVEL 2500; Y ­ TRAVEL VERTICAL 1675; Z ­ TRAVEL CROSS ( HEADSTOCK ) 1335; All Axis with ball screws ­ 3 Axis D.R.O Heidenhain; TOOL HOLDING FIXTURE ISO 50; SPINDLE FEE VARIABLE 14 ­ 1400RPM; FORWARD FEEDS X/Y/Z: 5­3000mm/min; RAPID TRAVEL; Milling Head Accessories DEFOUR MILL X ­ 700; Y ­ 250; Z ­ 450; ADJUSTMENT OF UNIVERSAL HEAD 400mm; SPINDLE SIZE SK40 (INT40); RPM SETTINGS 21 ­ 1600RPM; POWER FEEDS; HORIZONTAL MILLING WITH ARBOR UNIVERSAL MILLING MACHINE CNM X6232X16 TABLE SIZE 1600 mm x 370 mm ;X ­ AXIS 1200mm; Y ­ AXIS 550mm; Z ­ AXIS 350mm Vertical; Horizontal Spindle INT50; Vertical Universal Head INT40; Machine only 1 year old. INTERNAL GRINDER STANKO 3K227B OD Work piece diameter 350mm, Grind length approx. 300mm , Facing attachment, Auto feeds, Head tilt 45º for taper grinding, Taper internal grinding.

L 120 L 123

L 124

L 127


Milling Machines

M 119

M 123

M 135

M 137

M 138

M 139


IG 101

Surface Grinder

ALL SOLD OUT... Coming up for Sale soon, please call us to order.

Outside Grinder Cylindrical

GT 134 UNIVERSAL CYLINDRICAL GRINDER SCHAUDT (Germany) Type ARS 500 GRINDING DIAMETER 350mm; GRINDING LENGTH 500mm DONAN FAST RADIAL MT 2, 200-3500 RPM, Automatic threading, table 1000 x 700 4 SPINDLE AUTOMATIC DRILL Round table Ø 800, Indexing 2x180°, Spindle MT4, RPM 40-910 RABOMA RADIAL Arm length 2800mm, Bed length 3000mm, MT6, Column moves on bed 3000mm power feed, Up to Ø 150 mm drill size. Radial Arm Drill Heavy Duty Stanko Model 2 ­ 11 ­ 57 Ser. No: 7A3, Arm 2.5 m; Power auto Clamping all Axis; Auto Feed Horizontal, vertical; Spindle Ø110 MT 6, Spindle RPM 12,5 to 1600, Feed 0.063 to 3.15; Auto selection of RPM and Feed; Very Powerful modern machine. In excellent Condition. ASCOT Radial Arm Drill 1.6 m ARM ARM LENGTH: 1600 mm; SPINDLE NOSE: MT 4; RPM SETTINGS: 47 to 2100 RPM; COLUMN: 2200 mm; Box Table; Manual Clamping Arm; Coolant CARL MAHR NO.895 C,D for testing gears, Pinion gears, worn gears etc. Lot of test gears (Mother gears)

Radial Arm Drills

D 133 D 134 D 135 D 139

D 140

Gear Testing Machines

GT 135

Five Star Machinery

Stock List No. 01 - 2007


Metal Working Machinery

MWM 101 PROTEUS MODEL 192 CNC TURRET PUNCH PRESS CONTROL: FAGOR 8025 P Control; PUNCH POWER: 190 KN (19 Tons); AXES DRIVES: A.C. Servo System; X ­ AXIS TRAVEL: 1290 mm; Y ­ AXIS TRAVEL: 1040 mm; TOOLS POSITIONS: 19 Positions; MAX PUNCH DIAMETER: 75 mm; MAX MATERIAL THICKNESS: 4.8 mm (Mild Steel). DARLEY (Made in Holland) Multi function Punch & Sheer HYDRAULIC OPERATION: 80 ton; PUNCH TOOL TURRET: 6 positions; BRAKE PRESS TOOL ON SIDE TO BEND MATERIALS: Flat bar; Round bar; Square Bar; Angle bar; Notching; Machine is in near new condition; Ex. Darley Factory Display machine PEDDINGHAUS Cropper Type Peddy, Flat bar 150 x 6, Angle and Round; Notching. SMITH HYDRAULIC PRESS 500 ton TABLE SIZE 1.7x1.7; STROKE 760mm COLD CIRCULAR SAW with automatic hydraulic material feeder. Model FCA-710 production saw. Machine Cuts up to 250mm round bar and 220 mm square bar, part counter, included are 28 spare blades Ø710mm, good for heavy production, in excellent condition. Cheap. 2 off C ­ PRESS Type K2122 MFG 1990 Hardly used, 16 tonne, Table 500 x 380mm, Stroke 5 ­ 55mm, Stroke 120/min. C ­ PRESSType K2118 MFG 1992 Hardly used, 6.3 tonne, Table 360 x 280mm, Stroke 250/min, Stroke 5 ­ 45mm. C ­ PRESS Type 2320 MFG 1988 Good condition, 10 tonne, Table 360 x 240 mm, Stroke 170/min Stroke 5 ­ 50mm. BUTTLER PLANER Table size 3100x1100mm; MAX. Table Stroke 3100mm; 2 Vertical heads; 2 Side Heads; Power feed on all heads; Stroke on heads approx. 400mm; D.C. Variable Table and Feed drive Circular Clod Saw Ohler Model 63 (Made in Germany) Cut up to 250 square, Saw blade max: Ø 710 mm, auto hydraulic Clamping, Power Feed, RPM 5.5 ­ 19, V ­ Speed 11 to 42 mm /min. Approx. 20 sharp Spare Cutting Blades. Vertical Band Saw Moessner Type SSF 800 Record TABLE: 900 x 900 mm; Welding unit built in; Variable speeds; Feed on table Vertical Band Saw Moessner Type SSF 500 Record TABLE: 600 x 600 mm; Welding unit built in; Variable speeds Kasto Hack Saw Square 250; Round 300; Into or Anto Feed; Part counter; Auto Clamping THIELER TYPE 1000 RY 10 TON HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION WELDING MANIPULATOR LOAD ON TABLE 10000kg; FACING PLATE 1470x1470mm; T ­ SLOTS; RPM VARIABLE 0.025 TO 1.0; TILT 135º - time total tilting 45 sec.; HYDRAULIC UNIT; REMOTE CONTROL CABLE INDEX TABLES Air operated Indexing @ 1º, Table Size: 2 of 400x400mm 1 of 600x600mm Dividing and Tilt Table NUBE (Germany) Ø 1000 mm; Ø1000 mm; Tilt 110º ELECTRO Furnace NOLZEN ( Germany) POWER: 3.1 kW; MAX. TEMPERATURE: 1050 ºC; OPENING OF OVEN: 250 xx x 250 mm x 600 mm in depth; SIZE OF OVEN: 600 mm x 700 mm x 800 mm in height.

MWM 102

MWM 103 MWM 105 O 138


O 143 O 144 O 145 O 147

O 149

O 150 O 151 O 152 O 154


M 101 M 103 M 104

And much more tell us what you require, we also have lots of tooling available come in and have a look All stock ex. Malaga, Western Australia All prices are negotiable. We accept trade-ins on most machines. All offers on machinery are considered.

Please tell us your needs, and we will look to find the right machine for you. No matter how large the machines are. All machines on the list are imported from Europe. Our offers are subject to prior sale. Technical data without

engagement. Subject to prior sale. +All prices exclusive of GST unless otherwise stated

Five Star Machinery

Stock List No. 01 - 2007




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