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Medical Council of Canada Exams

Dates Offered Location Date Results Expire How Often Can Take Exam Scoring MCCEE 3 times/ year January, May & September Various locations throughout the world After 5 years No limit Pass/Fail MCCQE Part 1 2 times/ year May & November Various locations in Canada No Expiry Date No limit Pass/Fail MCCQE Part 2 2 times/ year May & October Various locations in Canada No Expiry Date No limit

Specific score, & must have completed a certain number of stations Full day: morning & 3.5 hrs +4hrs =7.5 3 hours Length afternoon 3 hrs each hours (plan to be there 6 hrs) Medical Degree from school Medical Degree from listed in WHO or FAIMER, & Medical Degree from Eligibility Criteria school listed in WHO Pass standing on MCCEE and school listed in WHO or to Take Exam or FAIMER, & Pass MCCQE1, & twelve months of FAIMER standing on MCCEE acceptable medical clinical training Cost Language Format $1,000.00 English/ French Handwritten (soon to be offered on line) $650.00 $1,400.00 English/ French English/ French Computer-based & Clinical exam - standardized computer adaptive patients (OSCE) 196 MCQ (7 sections of 28 questions each). Rotate through a series of Also Clinical stations with standardized Reasoning Skills patients; Two types of stations component (CRS) 30 Couplet & Ten-Minute Stations 45 cases with 1 - 4 questions each Medical knowledge, clinical skills, attitudes; problems in Medicine, Pediatrics, OB/Gyn, Medical knowledge, Community Health, Psychiatry, clinical skills and Surgery as well as in allied attitudes as outlined disciplines. Also looking for by MCC Objectives. candidate's: ability to focus on Some material patient's problem; specific to Canada. communication & interpersonal skills; good ethical and professional behavior.


324 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Material Being Tested

General knowledge of Medicine, OB/Gyn, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Community Health, Surgery. Some questions on basic medical sciences as applied to the clinical sciences. Very limited Canadian content.


Notification 6 - 8 weeks 3rd - 4th week of after exam; Receive June 3rd - 4th week of June letter by mail indicating (spring)/December (spring)/December (fall); pass/fail and standing (fall); Receive letter Receive letter by mail; in each discipline; also by mail; pass/fail also pass/fail also listed on website posted on website listed on website On MCC web site: On MCC web site: On MCC web site:

Sample Questions


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