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Seat Swatch

C A Solo Seat, Luggage Rack & Pillion Pad C EZ Pull Dip Stick

Have you been meaning to check the oil but can t find the wrench? Harper EZ Pull dip stick eliminates the need for tools. Once it s installed all you need to do is pull the dip stick with one finger! Helps eliminate an oil starved engine because you will check your oil more frequently. 011029 Short Dip Stick $59.95 011030 Long Dip Stick 59.95 011031 Ex Long dip stick fits V11 Sport 59.95

for that custom look! Replica seat of original Eldo. LAPD solo seat. Made in the USA to Harper s Specifications. Tough fiberglass pan is impervious to rust unlike the original Moto Guzzi Seat. A very comfortable medium density foam. Moto Guzzi logo silk screened on the back. Easy mounting. Luggage Rack will not work with dual seat. 1346 0542H Solo Seat V700, Ambassador, $297.00 Eldorado 061070 Luggage rack Black Powder 105.00 Coat V700, Ambassador, Eldorado 061070P Pillion Pad Fits V700, 169.00 Ambassador, Eldorado PURCHASE ALL 3 AND SHIPPING IS FREE! (U.S.A. only)

D Seat Cover

for V7, Ambassador, Eldorado Exclusive! Not available anywhere else! The pattern is made from the original seat cover. No stitching or ridges across the top of the seat. Moto Guzzi is silk screened on the back just like the original. Made exclusively for us by a local craftsman. Excellent quality. The black Stencil Swatch is cut oversize for many upholstering uses. Has large Moto Guzzi letters silk screened in white. 06 1069 Seat Cover $94.00 06 1069S Seat Swatch 25.00

B Solo Seat

for your Tonti frame Moto Guzzi Made in the USA to Harper s specifications. Fiberglass pan is impervious to rust unlike an original Moto Guzzi seat. A very comfortable medium density foam with seating area covered with vinyl basketweave material. Moto Guzzi logo silk screened on back. Easy mounting and quick battery access. 13460543H Fits 850 T, T3, G5, Convert, $297.00 SP Cal 2 , 06 2070 Luggage rack Black Powder 105.00 Coat Fits T, T/3, G5, Convert, SP Cal 2 , 06 2070P Pillion Pad Fits T, T/3, G5, 169.00 Convert, SP Cal 2 , PURCHASE ALL 3 AND SHIPPING IS FREE! (U.S.A. only)

Welcome to the Comfort Zone The Gel Pad

It is a tough visco-elastic polymer for any place you sit, lean or kneel. Prevents butt soreness and pain. Great for those long rides. Soaks up vibrations and redistributes pressure. Natures own shock absorber. Also works for wheelchairs, stadium seating and boating.° Visit our web site for more information, °photos,°°and prices.





C ClearView Replacement Windshields

Windshield s not large enough? Try ClearView. Part# Fits, Size (approximate) WMGZ-EV03 EV Touring model w/fairing (shown) 22H x 22"W WMGZ-CC03 All 98 & newer classic model Moto Guzzi s w/windshield 22H x 26"W WPAC-AFE07 Pacifico Aero Foil fairing 17H x 22-1/2"W Price $149.95 149.95 89.95

A Valtek Mufflers

Triple chrome plated or stainless & repackable. 3" diameter. Direct bolt on no drilling. Very nice tone, slightly louder than stock. Part# Fits Price Ha100 Chrome-plated. 850T, T/3, G5, $375.00pr Convert Cal II, Mille, Jackal. Attaches to the crossover pipe HA200 Chrome-plated. V700, Ambassador, 375.00pr Eldorado. Eliminates crossover pipe HA300 Stainless. 1989-2004 California 395.00pr 1100 Series, except for the Jackal. Attaches to the crossover pipe

D H&H SE Fairing Handlebar Mounted

Based on an old favorite. H&H SE Fairing provides weather and wind protection. Clean aerodynamics. Easy installation. Hand laminated fiberglass in Black or White color. $495.00 Complete. Add $15.00 for extra tall shield. for Black or Add B Color to Part#W for White below Part# Fits 011300 T, T/3, Cal II, G5, 76-80 Convert, SPI 011400 1989-97 Cal III, Cal 1100 011500 1998-on, California models

B Handle Bar Risers

Raising the bars up approximately 1-1/2" makes a real difference in the weight on your hands. Raising your bars with our handlebar riser lets you raise the bars but still retain the stock angle. This is very important to maintaining even weight distribution across your hands during braking and turning. The handlebars will not hit the fairing or the tank when turned full-left or full-right. There is no need to remove or change any of the controls on the handlebars. Most installations can be completed in as little as 10 minutes. These risers will raise the bars up approximately 1-1/2" and back approximately 1-3/4". This will help to relieve wrist and neck pain on long rides. May require some re-routing of control cables, wiring, or hoses. Will not fit 1" tube handlebars. Note: For 7/8" bar only. Fits: T & newer. Also fits V50's & 750 Breva. O6 2900 Risers $99.95

E LaFranconi Mufflers

Slightly louder than stock. Beautifully chromed. Very nice. Silenziator Lafranconi Competizione imprinted on side of each muffler. Priced per pair. Part# Fits Price 1142600S/D V7 Sport Performance $550.00 1142800S/D Monza 430.88 1145800S/D SP T/5, Cal II+III Performance 550.00 , 1146000S/D T/3, G5 Original 550.00 1146200S/D Ambassador, Eldorado Orig. 550.00 1146500 California 1100, 1996 on 550.00

"...Frequent oil changes are a must for PROLONGED ENGINE LIFE. The Outsider makes changing your oil filter a thing of pleasure..."







Harper s Outsider for 1998 and later

Outsider for 1976-1997

A Original Outsider-Redesigned

Made from billet aluminum with steel lines and


Crossover Pipe

Harper s Outsider External Oil Filter Kit

We have improved an old favorite. Just when you thought it couldn t get any better... With the internal oil filter there is always that chance that the filter could come loose and cause expensive internal damage. Not with the Outsider. The Outsider allows you to move your oil filter to the outside rear where you can change it easily and enables you to monitor it at anytime. For peace of mind, we added an oil filter protector to the new style Outsider. The Wedge. It attaches to the oil pan bolts and sets under the oil filter. Frequent oil changes are a must for prolonged engine life. The Outsider makes changing your oil filter a thing of pleasure instead of drudgery. Just spin off the old and spin on the new. No more dropping the messy oil pan just to get to the filter. All metal construction-no internal rubber lines. Simple installation. Does not increase oil capacity significantly. The Outsider works on bikes with internal oil filter, only. Complete kit includes: The Outsider, easy to understand instructions, a stock oil filter, two pan gaskets and all necessary hardware.

stainless steel fittings. Fits all Tonti frame machines 1976 thru 1997. Some exhaust changes may required. 85 & newer LeMans and 93 & later California s require X-over change. Call for application. Easy bolt on application-no drilling. B Harper s New Outsider For 1998 and newer cruisers with deep sump and the Quota. Will not work on sport models. Made from billet aluminum with easy bolt on application no drilling. No need to remove the cross over or flywheel guard to install the Outsider. 062065 Outsider for bikes 1998 and newer ...................$369.87 062066 Outsider for Tonti frame machines 1976--97 ....... 329.55 1712 3962S Replacement Cross Over .................. ................... 176.22 1415 3000 Stock Replacement Oil Filter .......... ................... 9.49 01 1029 E-Z Pull Dip Stick-Short ....... 3-3/4".................... 59.95 01 1030 E-Z Pull Dip Stick-Long ............... 5".................... 59.95 01 1031 E-Z Pull Dip Stick-Ex Long .......... 6".................... 59.95 Note: Order the E-Z Pull Dip Stick for $49.95 when purchasing the Outsider and save $10.00! 17030 Oil Filter Wrench .................................................$ 9.89

C Crossover Pipe chrome

This aftermarket crossover makes your oil changes easier and you will be able to use the Harper s Outsider to make your life even easier. Fits all California II s, 1100 s & all other machines with large collector that denies access to the transmission drain plug, except LeMans 1000. 1712 3962 Chrome Crossover .............................................$179.54 1712 3962S Stainless Crossover .......................................... 176.22





A Harper s 6061 Billet Aluminum Shift and Rear Brake Levers

For all V11 Sport models from 1995 on and the Centauro. These great looking levers are made form 6061 billet. It is a direct bolt on replacement that retains the original feel but are much stronger and more resilient than original cast parts. Sand blasted finish. Gives a really nice look to your bike. In stock and ready to ship! For a polished finish, add $30.00 for each lever. Purchase a pairat the same time-and save $10.00! 0110830 Brake Lever $159.00 0110831 Shift Lever 189.00 0110832 Centauro 159.00 Brake Lever 0110833 Centauro 189.00 Shift Lever

C Gasket Sets

Complete gasket set includes all paper type gaskets for your bike from the front of the engine to the rear drive unit. Generally much less expensive than purchasing each gasket individually. Rubber seals or o-rings are not included. Part# Fits Price 1120400 Stornello $39.95 1122500 750 Ambassador 59.95 1122510 V700 59.95 1122600 850 T, T/3, LM 850 1 & 2 59.95 1122800 850 LM 3 59.95 1122900 1000cc Round Head 59.95 1123000 1000cc Square Head 2 valve 59.95 1123100 V65 2 Valve 59.95 1123200 650 Lario 59.95 1123300 Eldorado, V7 Sport 63.22 1123310 1100California, 1100 Sport 59.95 1123320 1000 4 valve 79.95

B Dog Leg Levers are back!

With our Dog Leg Levers you are reaching a shorter distance and using less effort to pull. This results in less hand fatigue and stress and more comfortable riding. For more added comfort try a new pair of grips. Note: Dog leg clutch lever not available for T. Dog leg brake lever not available for V50 I & II. 062939 Pair, fits: V50 III, V65C, V65SP , T/3, G5, 1000SP CX, CAII , 062940 Brake Lever: Fits T and all models listed above $61.95 pr 61.95 ea

D Piston Rings

American made rings for most models produced throughout the 1970 s. Substantial savings over OEM rings while performing as well or better than original. Includes rings for both pistons. Part# Fits Price MC-121 Ambassador $110.00 MC-125 Eldorado 110.00 MC-128 Convert, G5, CX, SP 120.00 MC-132 850 T, T/3 110.00 MC-132-1 850 LeMans 1 110.00


D C A A Spot Light Kit

Harper s Spotlight Kit for 98 & Newer Cruiser & Touring Moto Guzzi s. Fits all 98 & newer California models except the EV touring with the fairing. Kit comes complete with all necessary hardware and instructions. 01 1095 Spotlight Kit $239.00 04 9000 Replacement Spot Light 39.95


B Fork Seal Tool

Use on your classic V700, Ambassador or Eldorado. 1142001 Fork Seal Tool $49.95

C Fork Seal Set for 1998 thru 2004 Guzzi Cruisers

OEM fork seals and dust seals cost $104.46 to replace using original parts. Now from Harper s we have aftermarket replacement parts for this operation at a great savings to you. OEM quality parts made specifically for all California s from 1998 on. Save $$$ with Harper s Fork & Dust Seal Set! 0353 0000 Fork Seal/Dust Seal $48.75 Set save $55.71!

D Timing Gear Set

Replace your chain with our Timing Gear Set. Your engine will run smoother, be more responsive and perform better. Fits all models with timing chain, except Eldorado. 1126400 Aluminum Timing gears $325.00

Fuel Tap Gasket° Leakey fuel tap? The internal fuel tap gasket is now available. Easy rebuild! 1210 5401G2 Ambassador, Eldorado $4.00 ea 1210 5401G3 Ambassador, Eldorado 4.00 ea 1710 5460G3 T thru California II 4.00 ea 1710 5460G4 T thru California II 4.00 ea


E Metal Carb Banjos

These are available in single or double outlet. Next time your plastic banjo cracks or breaks replace it with the single outlet, metal banjo. Or try our banjo replacement kit. Kit includes: 2 double outlet metal banjos, 2 fuel filters, 2 fiber washers, and one 3 ft. length of fuel line. 1171 600 Single Outlet $°°5.25 1171 800 Dual Outlet 6.25 1393 4700 Gasket .38 4393 4000 Screen 2.91 0400098 Banjo Replacement Kit 24.95

F Valtek Economical Braided Oil lines

These rubber pressure oil lines from Valtek are covered with braided stainless steel and are better than original at better than original pricing! 1212 100 Square Head $29.95 ea 1212 200 Round Head 29.95 ea 1215 4200 Crush Washers .87 ea

Valtek Economy Oil Return Lines

1212 300 850 T & Newer Round Head Engines $29.95 pr


G V1100 Improved Oil Cooler Brackets

We made them stronger. And they look good, too! Fits all V11 Sport and LeMans models from 1999 on. 02 1060 SS Bracket $49.95 pr

A High Output Electronic Ignition

It s been a long time coming. The much needed High Output Electronic Ignition for the V700, 750 Ambassador and 850 Eldorado is here! You requested it and Harper s met the demand. The Harper s Ignition helps reduce troublesome detonation problems so your bike runs much stronger and smoother. The much needed electronic upgrade for the loop frame Moto Guzzi is here now. Reality check no more points to adjust! Easy installation. Direct bolt on, no modification to your bike is needed. Comes complete with everything you need to get the job done... including instructions! 07 1001 Harper s Ignition $329.90

B Dyna III Ignition

Increases the high rpm coil energy storage by °approximately 70%!°It also allows the coil to build up to maximum current, and even at high rpm s, you get a more powerful consistent charge to the plugs for top °operating efficiency. The sealed aluminum module is unaffected by dirt, moisture, oil or vibration D37-1 Dyna III 1974 & later big block $195.00 Moto Guzzi engines °



C Dyna Ignition Coils

°They produce spark voltages in excess of 30,000 volts and spark energies second to none. DYNA Coils are made to replace stock coils. °DYNA Coils work with point ignitions, aftermarket electronic ignitions and factory electronic ignitions. Before selecting a coil, check the coil primary resistance requirements as specified by the manufacturer of the ignition being used. DC1-1 Dyna Coil set for Dual Output (Dual $155.00 Head) 3ohm for Dyna III DC10-1 Dyna Coil Set for Points 5ohm and 138.95 Single Output (stock plug set up). Fits T & newer & V7 Sport. Works for bikes w/Dyna III installed, also.


D Dyna Ignition Booster°

Boost ignition power in your points equipped motorcycle. The unique Dyna Ignition Booster improves performance by transforming the usual inconsistent electrical surges into precisely controlled bursts of energy to the coil for more thorough and efficient combustion. ¥ No more burned points; current reduced to 0.1 amp ¥ Module is unaffected by dirt, moisture, oil or vibration ¥ Ultra fast spark voltage rise time; 50% faster than points ¥ Extends spark plug life ¥ 3-Year factory warranty ¥ Single and dual ignition models available DBR-1 Ignition Booster° Single Point System $89.95 DBR-2 Ignition Booster° Dual Point System 99.95

Ignite some


Christmas cheer!

E Dyna S

A complete self-contained electronic ignition system built with the latest state-of-the-art engineering.°It is completely housed behind the ignition cover and uses a magnetic rotor with the original spark advancer, so the factory advance curve is maintained. DS5-1 Dyna Electronic Ignition V35, V50 III $164.00 and All 650 Guzzi s


F Aftermarket Replacement Handlebar Switch

Your headlight switch is broken and no longer available? We have the answer.°°Try this Headlight On/Off/Park/Hi/Low,°Horn, Flash and Push-to-cancel Turn Signal switch.° Universal mount. Fits any bike with a 7/8" handlebar. Very nice quality. Wiring diagram included. 120030 Switch No kill button $58.95 120040 Switch with kill button 68.95


A Brushed Aluminum Turn Signals°

Cast Aluminum turn signals give a whole new look to your bike. Small but bright they can be used as turn signals or marker lights. Available in amber and smoke lens with single or dual filament bulb. 51-196 Mini T/signal single filament $24.95 pr 51-197 Mini T/signal dual filament 24.95 pr 51-199 Mini T/signal replacment lens--Amber 2.95 ea 51-199s Mini T/signal replacment lens--Smoke 2.95 ea °


B Lucas Replica Turn Signals

Original Lucas t/signals are nearly impossible to find and getting very expensive. This Lucas replica t/signal is a very good likeness and you don t have to spend a bundle to get the original look. Complete T/signal with 3" stem. Does not replace CEV turn signals. 01725 Lucas T/sig w/stem $19.95 ea 01726 Lucas Replica replacement lens 4.95


CEV Turn Signal Lens & Mounting hardware° No Photo°°

1013400 1013500 1065300 1065400 01697 Black stems 5" $ 8.49 ea Chrome stems 5" 8.49 ea Black Nut 1.75 ea Chrome Nut 1.75 ea CEV Replica Taillight Lens, only. 13.50 ea° Fits T/, T/3, G5, V7 Sport

C Valeo Starters & Parts

We stock the Valeo starter that will retrofit to any 5 speed machine fitted with Bosch equipment as original. Valeo starters will draw less current from the battery and are 4 pounds lighter than the Bosch as well as being less expensive. This is not a cheap Chinese copy. 3073 0711 Valeo Starter $295.38 ea 12351P Positive Brushes 7.98 ea 12351N Negative Brushes 5.95 ea 02342 Solenoid 79.95 ea

D Aftermarket Voltage Regulators and Starter Solenoid pre -1974

For Generator systems before 1974. Mechanical only. 040007 V700, Ambassador Regulator replacement for Marelli 040005 Eldorado Regulator Replacement for Bosch (No Photo) $69.95 ea 69.95 ea Solenoid



E Mechanical and Electronic Voltage Regulators

for all Bosch alternator systems after 1974 We have both types of regulators for all bikes with crankshaft mounted Bosch alternator charging systems. While both choices are quite serviceable, the electronic is a bit more durable to vibration and is more water resistant. 040003 Electronic Voltage Regulator $34.95 ea 040002 Mechanical voltage regulator 89.95 ea 1473 0558a Replacement Bosch Starter 51.95 ea solenoid




F Voxbell Horns are Loud!

Want to be heard? This is your horn.°12V. Relay & a wiring diagram, included. 1209300 Voxbell Horn $69.95 pr Electronic

G Custom Electric Horn

Replaces stock 12v horn. 4" Diameter.°Chrome Grill. 49-0538 Custom 12V horn $27.95 ea




New, fun design! Potato Chip Tee. All usual sizes. Visit our web page or call°for more information & other Tee's.





E Windshield Bracket

for V7, Ambassador & Eldorado Original LAPD style windshield mount with no modification to gauge panel necessary. Mounts to panel mounting bolts, allowing for a variety of windshields. Relocates windshield and allows for spotlight mounting. Black powder coat. 01 1071 Windshield bracket $59.95

D A Foot Board Conversion

Lower the position of your feet, relax your knees and get the mobility & comfort of footboards for your bike. 01 1090 Fits: Jackal, Bassa, Stone and $225.00 all California Series with foot pegs. 190522 Replacement Pads 18.95 pr

F Chrome Headlight Rim and Gasket

Can t find the V700, Ambassador or Eldorado headlight rim? They have not been available from Moto Guzzi for years. We have them. Very nice reproduction. 1274 0321A Headlight Rim $35.95 1274 0420A Headlight Rim Gasket 7.74 1774 0424 HL Gasket fits T, T/3, G5, 45.00 Convert, CX100, LM I

B Passenger Boards

Don t forger the comfort of your passenger. Moves passenger s feet up and back, making it more comfortable for the passenger. We all know if the passenger is happy everybody is happy! 01 1093 Fits: T, T/3, G5, Convert, $175.00 Jackal 01 1094 Fits: V11EV, Bassa, 2002 175.00 Special Sport & California series with the aluminum foot peg mounts. 26565 Replacement Pads 18.95 pr

G Generator Cover & Bracket

Replace that ugly black plastic generator cover with this polished stainless steel cover. AND it cost less than OEM! Includes SS bolts. Harper s Generator Bracket with double thickness at the base is stronger than OEM! 1270 0610S Polished SS Gen. Cover, pair $45.90 1270 0300A Harper s Generator Bracket 39.87

C Highway Pegs w/Mounts Now also fits the Vintage!

Extend your riding time by giving yourself one more way to change your riding position. These polished stainless & chrome hiway pegs mount at the front of the frame giving a comfortable and stable feel to add miles to your day. Fits T & newer except Convert & G5 with large rectangular crash bar. Not for Quota or Sport Bikes. 011081 Highway Pegs $119.00

H Exhaust Thread Repair Sleeve

Fix stripped exhaust threads in the cylinder heads with our sleeve then use our 2 piece exhaust nut to prevent future problems. Sleeve requires installation by qualified machine shop. 1212 0200S Sleeve $60.00 ea

J Battery Hold Down Kit

These have been somewhat hard to obtain. We have powder coated the battery hold-down frame and cad plated the hold-down bolts to make a better looking unit. And it costs less than OEM! 1270 4601A Battery Hold-Down Kit $48.97

D Spotlight Mounting Bracket

for the older Moto Guzzi s V7, Ambassador & Eldorado Put spots on your bike for greater road visibility at night. Reproduction of original spotlight mounting bracket. Requires windshield bracket #011071 for mounting. Includes all necessary hardware. 01 1072 Spot light bracket $59.95 01 1071 Windshield bracket 59.95

K Exhaust Nut

This is a cad plated, two piece steel exhaust nut which uses a lock ring to stop vibration damage. Using these exhaust nuts will not only reduce the chance of damage to the heads but they cost less than the originals, too! And they work! For V700, V7 Sport, Ambassador & Eldorado. 1212 0200A Exhaust Nut $45.96 ea







Nikasil Electroplating

Better than Relining Why have your cylinders Nikasiled? You get much better results than with the steel sleeves. Nikasil dissipates heat much more efficiently than steel. Nikasil coated cylinder walls have a hardened surface that cannot peel and is more wear resistant than the steel sleeves. Although the Nikasil process is expensive, the resulting increase in the cylinders life span, performance and reliability more than offset the cost. We will bore the cylinders to fit your pistons or to new pistons. Note: This process uses the same rings and pistons as OEM cylinders. No special parts needed. Turn around time about 14 to 21 days. NIK Electroplate your cylindars $409.90 pr

C OEM Oil Filters

1415 3015 1915 2715 ° 3000 3000 3000 3085 All 850-1000cc $°9.49 ea All 1100cc 9.50 ea All 500-650cc 10.90 ea Breva 750 & Nevada 350+750, 13.63 ea Strada 750 & Florida 650

D Oil Filter Wrench

17030 Fits Filters: 3015 3000 and 1415 3000 $ 9.89 ea

E OEM Air Filters

1211 3600 1711 3651 2811 3660 3011 3600 AP810 4211 V700, Ambassador, Eldorado $14.95 850/1000 75-81 14.95 850/1000/1100 Thru 1997 15.47 1000/1100 94 on 14.95 Breva, MGS Corsa 1200, 27.51 Norge, Sport 1200 We carry the FULL LINE of K&N products for your Moto Guzzi! ea ea ea ea ea

B Alternator Removal Tool

If you do your own work, this is a tool you will want in your tool box. This special tool makes removing your alternator much, much easier. It is worth the money. NOTE: This tool is a hardened dowel pin that we have cut to

the proper length. This is not a taper pin. Taper pins are soft as well as most other things you can put in there which will bend and then it is lodged in the hole and you can t do anything else until you get it out.

F OEM Fuel Filter

2910 6061 3010 6000 Fits° FI°Cal 1100 s and the Quota Fits all 1100 sport models 1998-2002, Daytona &°Centauro $22.95 ea 28.95 ea

1490 6600

Alternator Removal Tool


RED LINE Heavy-Duty Shockproof Synthetic Gear Oil

75/90 multi-viscosity. Get more life from your bike! 1. High-Performance Gear Lubricant 2. Greatest extreme-pressure protection 3. Completely resists throw-off 4. Reduces temperatures dramatically 5. Reduces gear noise 6. Lowest coefficient of friction available 7. Reduces metal-to-metal contact 8. Provides thicker oil films between gear teeth 9. Low fluid friction improves power transfer 10. Compatible with petroleum s and synthetics 11. Provides gear teeth shock loading protection. 1271 SAE 75/90 Red Line Oil

Fin-Q Grips

These grips have a pad for your throttle hand to rest on and eliminate some of the stress of holding the throttle with you wrist and hand in the proverbial Death Grip . Made from Neoprene rubber to fit all bikes using 7/8" bars. 15100001 Fin-Q Grips $19.95 pr.

U Joint Split Boot

No need to remove your drive line to replace the boot with this split boot. It s flexible & impervious to grease & oil. Fits V700,Ambassador, & Eldorado. 1254 8000A Split Boot $14.95

$17.38 qt.

Molybdenum Disulfide Gear Oil Additive

for the Rear Drive The following are some of the advantages of using 1261 Moly in your Moto Guzzi 1. Greater energy efficiency 2. Reduced gear wear 3. Reduced gear noise levels 4. Reduced start-up torques 5. Reduced new gear break-in time 6. Lower gear oil operating temperatures 7. Protection during intermittent, heavy load conditions. 1261 Moly, 3 oz

Alternator Rotor

New, Not Rebuilt This is the correct fit rotor for all Moto Guzzi s with a Bosch charging system. The commonly used BMW rotor produces less charge to the battery because it s smaller diameter leaves a large air gap causing dim lights and inefficient operating conditions. 1771 2457B Alternator Rotor $125.00 $6.95


With two extra plates per cell you get an amazing 30% more cranking performance! Contains Sulfate Stop which retards sulfation for longer battery life during times of continuous drain from accessories. 7-1/4"L x 4-15/16"W x 6-15/16"H. Six month factory warranty. Shipped dry. Fits: V7 Sport, 1975 and newer Moto Guzzi s that were originally equipped with wet cell batteries. 58 1058 Yuasa Made in USA. $126.87 78 1160 Bikemaster Made in Taiwan 59.95

Alternator Removal Tool

If you do your own work this is a tool you will want in your tool box. This specially hardened°tool makes removing your alternator much, much easier. It is worth the money. 1490 6600 Alternator Removal Tool $ 13.36

Drycell Batteries from Odyssey

PC545 Supplied as OEM on the 1100 Sport, Centauro and Daytona RS. Though smaller and five pounds lighter than OEM, it delivers 230cca! Longer life, superior cranking, fast recharge and great vibration resistance. Can be used in all Moto Guzzi s. Shipped to you fully charged and ready to install. PC680 Same benefits as the PC545 but has 220cca. Three pounds heavier and fits in place of original in 2002 and later models.

PC925 Same benefits as the PC545 but has 470 cca! Biggest, baddest, crankinest battery you can get to put juice to your bike. Six pounds heavier than stock. Fits in place of the original. Part# Specification Price PC545 230cca, 7.00"L x 3.37"W x 5.17"H, 12 lbs. $179.95 PC680 220cca, 7.27"L x 3.11"W x 6.67"H, 15.4 lbs. 169.95 PC925 470cca, 6.64"L x 7.05"W x 5.04"H, 26 lbs. 228.00

Progressive PS Magnum 1200 Series Shocks

Touring Racing Cruising Off-Road Commuting Sport Touring This is the best darn shock on the market period! Model V50/65 750/850 & 1000 thru 82 All dual shock after 1983 Pricing Shock Part 77-1201 77-1202 77-1203 $204.10pr Shock Length 12-1/2 13" 13-1/2 Std Chrome Spring 77-1394 77-1394 77-1394 $89.95pr Chrome HD Spring 77-1367 77-1367 77-1367 $92.90pr Std Black Spring 77-1301 77-1301 77-1301 $66.65pr Black HD Spring 77-1302 77-1302 77-1302 $78.30pr

NOTE: All Progressive Suspension shocks are the same except for length. Example: If you have an 1100cc and want to drop the bike by 1" use 77-1201 shock body and corresponding spring.° These shocks are gas charged for superior fade free dampening and consistent operation. Magnum springs are dual rated and they are so good they come with a manufacturers Lifetime warranty! Spring rates are matched to the proper load carrying capacity for your needs. Optional heavy duty springs for two up, racing or extra load carrying capacity are available for most applications. Important Suspension Information The standard spring recommended is for the bike sold as new, excluding any bold-on accessories, rider weight under 200 lbs., and passenger use to under 50% of the time. Heavy duty spring is recommended for riders over 200 lbs., passenger usage over 50% of the time and/or add-on accessories (such as fairing, bags, etc.) that have added considerable weight. Springs sold separately. Priced per pair.

Merry Christmas!

Heavy Duty Fork Springs

1252 6600A V700, Ambassador, Eldorado 1852 6650 V7 Sport and 1975 through 1987 models $39.75 ea 49.35 ea

Choke Lever

Get rid of those choke cables! Give your bike a less cluttered look, in one simple operation. Replace your choke cables and the choke lever on the handlebars with this choke assembly. Installs easily on your carburetors. Not for VHB 29 s. Takes 2. 1493 7800 Fits VHB 30 & 36mm carbs $23.44 ea 1073810 Fits PHM, 40mm carbs 24.07 ea 1073700 Fits V50 20.10 ea

on g ips rin T e w bike lo r ou y

If you are wanting to lower the bike here are some suggestions: You want to do everything in small stages as you are changing the dynamics of the bike.

1. Shorter shocks but never more than an inch shorter than

stock as you can starve the U-Joint of lubrication.

2. Remove some foam from the seat. 3. Lower the triple clamp on the forks. 4. Lower profile tires.





D A Harper s Head Guards

E E Moto Guzzi Logo Patch

789000 789001 789002 4" 6" 11" $ 3.50 7.25 22.95

Polished Billet Aluminum Protect your heads, valve covers and spark plugs should the misfortune of dropping your bike ever come your way. Machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum with new designs are stronger and more attractive than ever. Also now supplied with stainless bolt set for valve covers. Bolts included 011052 All big block round head $95.95 pr motors 011054 All big block square head 95.95 pr motors Old Style -- Tube Type Dress up your bike with a little extra chrome. Similar to types found in the early 1970 s. Better period look for older bikes. Less money, too! Fits all big block twins except the Daytona. 1019010C For Round Head $59.95 pr 253300 For Square Head 59.95 pr

F Books make a great gift!

Great Christmas Gift ideas !

B Head Guards

We have Parts, Workshop and Owners manuals for most models available. Some are reprints as they are no longer available from the factory. A Factory Parts Book is invaluable as a companion to the workshop manual. Not only does it show you all the exploded views to help with repairs but gives you the part numbers to help make ordering much more accurate. There are too many to list them all here. Visit our Web site or call and order by year and model. Prices vary.

Moto Guzzi Stoneware Mug

El Grande mug. White with green handle & rim. 011002 12 oz. Stoneware Mug $9.45 011001 15 oz. Stoneware Mug 9.95

C Low Compression Gasket Kit

Leaded Premium is nearly impossible to find. With stock gaskets your bike rattles and pings on regular and unleaded gas. Install our Low Compression Gasket Kit and your bike will run quieter and smoother on any type of gasoline available. These low compression gaskets are manufactured to factory specs using factory type material, insuring a good seal. No messing around with super sticky gasket sealer. COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES: * 2 Low Compression Base Gaskets * 2 Head Gaskets * 12 O-Rings * 2 Valve Cover Gaskets 03 1015 Eldorado Kit $54.95 03 1016 Ambassador Kit 54.95 03 1018 Round head 850cc engine 54.95 03 1019 Round head 1000cc engine 54.95 1402 0850A Low Compression Base 12.95 pr Gaskets

Harper s Pocket Knife

Handy little 7 function Stainless Steel pocket knife including a Phillips head screwdriver. With Harper s Moto Guzzi logo. KN 303 Knife $5.75

Flex Fit Ball Cap

The best fitting ball cap on the market! No uncomfortable adjustment tab in the back. Adjustment is done by a wide, comfy elastic band inside the cap. The cap is black with red edging on the bill. Moto Guzzi logo embroidered on the front and Moto Guzzi lettering embroidered on the back. 791003 S-M $24.95 See Tee shirts for 791004 L-XL 24.95 matching black T!

D Aluminum Throttle Cable Block

for 1979-1987 bikes. Replaces plastic cable block used from 1979 to 1987 that wears out at the end allowing the throttle to return too far. 6560 4400A Throttle Block $29.00 6560 4400B Retainer Spring 8.96

4" Personal Black Glass Ashtray

Has red Moto Guzzi logo. 011060 4" round ash tray. $4.95

Red Vinyl Key Fob Fun Little Decals

Great little stickers to put on helmets, books, etc. 1028100 Moto Guzzi -- red and white oval. $1.50 Size: 1-1/4" x 2-1/4" 44 00157 Made in Italy -- Red, Black, Gold.° 3.50 Size: 1-5/8"L x 5/16"H 44 00158 Made in Italy -- Red, White, Green. 3.50 Size: 1-1/2"L x 3/4"H Won t scratch your gas tank! 781002 Key Fob $1.95

Moto Guzzi Logo Decal

788100 788100B 789002 5" 9" 11" $ 1.78 7.95 22.95



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