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february 16, 2010


SPHS makes Mardi Gras Plaquemines Parish Schools benefit from baskets for servicemen principals' training to improve performance

The Belle Chasse Primary School in Plaquemines Parish hosted 30 principals from area schools at the School Leadership Center "coaches" training for principals. The principals develop their leadership skills to improve the academic performance in their respective schools. Principals from schools in Plaquemines Parish, the Orleans Recovery School District, and St. James Parishes attended. Part of the training consisted of a "Learning Walk" through the Belle Chasse Middle School. Principals went through the school with their peers, and studied how the students are learning as a way to evaluate the teaching experience. It is a critique that gives the principals a new way to look at academic performance and address issues. The afternoon was comprised of a professional development seminar with Ann VanSickle, former Executive Director, Educational Leadership Development Academy at the University of San Diego. "As I travel around the country, I see school districts striving for improvement," said VanSickle. "Unless we deal directly with the instructional core of education, improving the teaching and learning in classrooms, we will continue to ineffectively circle around what is important. The Coaching Model here builds on what has been learned from other successful national initiatives." "This training method has provided me with a unique support system and collaboration with peers that I have not found any other way," said Maria Prout, the principal of Boothville-Venice Elementary School. The School Leadership Center, now in its 12th year, offers this Coaching Program to veteran and second year principals as a long-term mentoring program. "The Coaching Model has successfully served as a catalyst to improve classroom instruction in seven schools districts during the last three years," says program director Janice Bernard. "Through the Coaching Model principals develop a leadership voice and also become stronger instructional leaders." This program is important because it translates into better academic performance at the schools involved - measured success in improved scores by

Students from South Plaquemines High School recently made Mardi Gras baskets to send to deployed troops. Front row, from left: Dominique Alexis, Caleb Ragas, Eric Ragas, Gabrielle Ragas, Eric Barthelemy, Andrew Ancar, Voshon Johnson, Tony Thiel, Andrew Dove. Back row, from left: Andrew Barthelemy, Lana Kim, Kaitlyn Gates, Sylvia Latham. The class made cards to send to soldiers for Mardi Gras.

Representation from Plaquemines Parish. Front row, from left: Debra Lee, Sandy Brechtel, Marty Plellessier, Pam Munsterman, and Maria Prout. Back row, from left: Leland Lee, John A. Barthelemy, Patricia Haydel, Shelley Ritz, Albert Cousson, Tonika Peavy, Kenny Petkovich and Joe Williamson students. This program allows even high-performing schools to improve results. Good school leadership and resulting teachers' success are a win-win situation for students, parents and the community. Studies have shown an impressive 54 percent student score improvement in schools in SLC training programs. "These schools are taking active steps to improve their standing as some of the strongest in Louisiana," said Dr. Brian Riedlinger, Director of the School Leadership Center. "This program is not about theory, it is about real-life situations that principals face. It creates strategies to meet their needs, improve desired outcomes and independent studies show that it works."

SPHS announces second quarter honor roll

Armond Dinet and Lana Kim in pottery class making beads 4.0 Honor Roll or Higher ­ 12th Grade ­ Darah Berghman, Louis Bondi, Shelley Henry, Jamekia Merrick, Sarah Nguyen, Jayna Petkovich, Tommy Phea, Wendell Turner, Gene Young. 11th Grade- Maverick Ancar, Eleni Arceneaux, Allen Barthelemy, Jr., Danica Danos, Meaghan Marquize, Adam Nguyen, Rhea White, 10th Grade - Raven Jones, Anhkim Nguyen, Treyven Ohak, Cayla Poyadou, Dani Jo Savoy, Kentisha Smith, Peter Trinh. 9th Grade-Jardin Barthelemy, Ai Nhi Nguyen, Emma Rankin, DaJuan Riley, Jasmine Williams, Taylor Williamson. 8th Grade ­ Daniel Crosby, Christopher Danos, Robin Drury, Logan Durden, Vinh Nguyen, Julie Ung 3.5-3.9 Honor Roll12th Grade -Megan Autmon, John Bonvillion, Daniel Burris, Eric Conklin, Lacie Gabriel, Hang Nguyen, Chaz Savoy, Brittany Sylve, Santana Thiel, Trey Vasquez, 11th Grade - Evan Fitte, Lauren Gillis, Jasmine Holecomeb, Kaitlyn Mertz, Jeana Milne, Vincent Nguyen. 10th GradeNicholas Gibson, Anthony Huon, Cameron Plumer, Zana Smith ­ 9th GradeMonique Angeles, Danielle Barthelemy, Danielle Cavinta, Andrew Dove, Jeanne Smith, Tony Thiel, Jared Wall, Nashae Williams 8th Grade ­ Jo-nay Brown, Chelsey Cassard, Tanner Gaussin, Buddy Graham, James Graham, Deiontae James, Raijon Johnson, Jasmine LaFrance, Peter Nguyen, Lily Phan, Darione' Powell, Alex St. Ann, Jonquel St. Ann, Justyce Sylve, Maylone' Sylve, Sean Turner, Natalie Whiteley, Nicolette Williams 7th Grade ­ Kaytlin Barbin, Alanna Galmiche, Olivia Henry, Lucy Lim, Sarah Morel, Ryan Rodgers, Brandon Sherman, Lani Turner, Jaynea Williamson 3.0 ­ 3.4 Honor Roll - 12th Grade ­ Seth Ancar, Lindsey Baham, Dylan Boutwell, India Brown, Patrick Kim, Emily Landry, Mynhan Nguyen, Richard Nguyen, Ellen Voiron, Jody Wallace, 11th Grade ­ Kristin Ancalade, Zackary Bardwell, Alexis P. Barthelemy, Macy Barthelemy, Coutney Buras, Mycalyn Jones, Lana Kim, India LaFrance, Allen Lightell, Tacretia Ohak, Daniel Parker, Jesse Phan, Joseph Robichaux, Bradley Sylve, Emma Trahan, Henri Turner, Celeste Venezia. Seth Whiteley. 10th Grade- Tori Ancalade, Lorne Barthelemy, Kevin Khath, Keith Latham, Tijahre Lightell, Nolan Sherman, Jammall Williamson 9th Grade ­ Dominque Alexis, Andrew Barthelemy, Brooke Espadron, De'Janai Hinton, Raijzelle Isidore, Caleb Ragas, Kierilyn Smith, Bonnie Squarsich, Rayona Turner. 8th Grade- Essence Avist, Alexis S. Barthelemy, Alexis Brooks, Sarah Davis, Davin Green, Shayna Jefferson, Jacob Landry, Craig Mackey, Cuong Nguyen, Matthew Polizzi, Jada Rachel, Lesone Smith, Ricole Williams,7th Grade - Isaiah Allen, Adam Billiot, Destiny Brooks, Zena Buras, Payton DeMoll, Bryce Drury, Asia Duplessis, Ashlynn Fontaine, Tommy Foret, Cody Jones, Dzuy Le, Kayla Milne, Adrienne Reyes, Alexander San, Tina Siv, John Trahan, Megan Whiteley

Monique Mitchell and Romney Parker are holding cards they made in class for the soldiers during Mardi Gras.

OLPH students study famous U.S. heroes

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Mrs. Tracy Miller's fourth grade class at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School enjoyed reading biographies and making posters on some of their favorite people. Pictured here from left are Julianna Bubrig as Harry Houdini, Matthew Tucker as Dale Earnhardt Jr., John Gavin Drake as Abraham Lincoln, and Jessica Boyd as Helen Keller.

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