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Walk Thru the Old Testament

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Name __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Email __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cost includes a seminar book, lunch and snacks. Children in 3rd grade and above are encouraged to attend. Childcare for children up through 2nd grade will be provided, but pre-registration is required (see below).

Registration Form

$15 (if postmarked by January 21st) $20 (if postmarked after January 21st or at the door)

Make check payable to SSBC with WTB in the memo. Mail Registration to: Seven Springs Baptist Church Post Office Box 55 Seven Springs, NC 28578 Childcare Pre-Registration (if postmarked by January 21st) Please provide the name(s) and age(s) of child(ren):

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If, at the end of the seminar, you do not believe you have received your money's worth, SSBC will be happy to send you a check for your complete registration fee. In order to receive a refund the registrant must be in attendance for the entire event.

100% Money Back Guarantee

It's that simple. You can't go wrong!

Saturday, January 29th 9:00am - 3:30pm

5924 NC Highway 55 East Seven Springs, NC 28578 ~ 919.812.5210

Walk Thru the Old Testament Schedule

8:30am - Registration 9:00am - Sessions 1 & 2 12:00pm - Lunch (included in registration!) 12:45pm - Sessions 3 & 4

What are the biggest rewards of being an instructor? I get to see people get excited about God's Word and start putting the pieces together. You can see where they start to understand something that has confused them in the past, or you can see them put together a timeline of Bible stories and the look of that "ah ha" moment is priceless to watch. For many people, this is the first time they've had fun learning the Bible. That's the greatest gift for me -- when someone is doing what God created them to do and He is using them for that purpose, there is no better experience except salvation. When I see someone's heart and mind get engaged it fulfills that deep call in me. What are some of your greatest teaching memories? I taught Walk Thru the Old Testament at a church in South Carolina. At the end of the day I asked the group for a commitment to read the Bible on a daily basis. About 11 months later I went back to that church to teach Walk Thru the New Testament, where I again asked for the same commitment from the group. I was getting ready to leave, and a 17­year old girl walked up to tell me she'd been reading the Bible daily since she took Walk Thru the Old Testament. That was such a confirmation about the importance of Walk Thru the Bible's live events -- they ignite a passion for God's Word. My other great memory is about a woman I met at another Walk Thru the Old Testament live event. The woman told me she'd been a Christian for 68 years and she'd learned more about the Bible that day than in the past 68 years. Now that's incredible! That's my favorite thing about Walk Thru the Bible live events -- they span the spectrum of Bible experience and knowledge. Our programs meet you where you are -- it doesn't matter how much or how little you know about the Bible.

"I've learned more about Scripture today than in 68 years

of being a Christian." -- Walk Thru the Old Testament participant

That is an incredible statement -- almost unbelievable, but this is the type of feedback Terry Seamon hears on a regular basis. As Walk Thru the Bible's National Ministry Consultant, Terry travels the country teaching live events to people of all ages and across a wide variety of denominations. When you go for a Walk Thru the Old Testament, you'll meet key Bible characters up close in this one-of-a-kind experience that is creative, interactive, life changing and fun. We'll be led by dynamic instructor Terry Seamon, a national ministry consultant for Walk Thru the Bible. Terry Seamon In only a few memorable hours you will understand the Bible like never before and will retain the life-giving wisdom God has revealed in the past 4,000 years. Terry was interviewed for an article that was published at in September 2010. What was your experience like the first time you went to an event? The first event I attended was Walk Thru the Old Testament. I was shocked at what the retelling of God's story in such a simple, concise way did for me personally. I had been to seminary and had been a pastor for 15 years and, even with all that experience, I left with a reignited passion for God's Word. The event gave the Bible a 3­D feel, and I was surprised at how excited I was to read the Old Testament again. What was the biggest surprise of teaching live events? As a pastor I teach from the Bible each week, but I rarely have the opportunity to share the complete Old Testament or New Testament. I love teaching the Bible and I expected to enjoy leading the live events; however, I didn't expect to see the immediate impact on the participants. It is an incredible joy to see the Bible come alive and to see someone "get it" for the first time.


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