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Year 5 Suggested Books

Adventure Story Harry The Poisonous Lynne Reid Centipede's Big Adventure Banks The Penderwicks Forbidden Game A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E. Hacker The Computer Ghost Lion Boy Horace A Dog Called Grk Grk and the Pelotti Gang Grk and the Hotdog Trail The Tower at Moonville The 7 Professors of the Far North The Boy With The Magic Numbers The Black Sphinx The Midnight Beast The Great Escape The Devil And His Boy Jeanne Birdsall Malorie Blackman Malorie Blackman Malorie Blackman Malorie Blackman ZizouCorder Chris D'Lacey Joshua Doder Joshua Doder Joshua Doder Stephen Elboz John Fardell Sally Gardner Matt Hart Matt Hart Natalie Haynes Anthony Horowitz Funny Stories Giant Baby Woof The Boy, The Wolf, The Sheep & The Lettuce Harry, The Poisonous Centipede Sam and the Griswalds Stinky Finger's House of Fun Crazy Party At The House of Fun Holiday Mania At The House of Fun How To Train Your Dragon How To Speak Dragonese How To Cheat A Dragon's Curse How To Be A Pirate The Meanwhile Adventures Night of the Haunted Trousers Misery Guts Puppy Fat Worry Warts Aristotle's Nostril Huffaluks, Magots and Hermits Cowcumbers, Pipplewaks and Altigators Harvey Angell Granny The Falcon's Malteser The French Confection Lots Of Stories Rescuing Dad Little Darlings Desperado Darlings Fleas "DirtieBertie" Series SolomanSmee vs. The Monkeys Rare Beasts Allan Ahlberg Allan Ahlberg Allan Ahlberg Lynne Reid Banks Emma Barnes Jon Blake Jon Blake Jon Blake Cressida Cowell Cressida Cowell Cressida Cowell Cressida Cowell Roddy Doyle Susan Gates Morris Gleitzman Morris Gleitzman Morris Gleitzman Morris Gleitzman KesGray KesGray Diana Hendry Anthony Horowitz Anthony Horowitz Anthony Horowitz Paul Jennings Pete Johnson Sam Llewellyn Sam Llewellyn Alan McDonald Joanna Nadin Ogden Charles

Journey To The River Sea Eva Ibbotson The Star of Kazan Chasing The Falconers The Fugitive Factor Thomas Trew and the Hidden People Deathtrap Hunted Shark Attack Kensuke's Kingdom The Wind Tamer The Wooden Mile The Icy Hand The Darkling Curse Eva Ibbotson Gordon Korman Gordon Korman Sophie Masson Anthony Masters Anthony Masters Anthony Masters Michael Morpurgo P R Morrison Chris Mould Chris Mould Chris Mould

Operation Red Jericho

Joshua Mowll

Pet's Revenge High Wire

Ogden Charles Ogden Charles

Operation Typhoon Shore Joshua Mowll How To Disappear Sara Completely And Never Be Nickerson Found Hatchett "Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness" Series Death And The Arrow "Buster Bayliss" Series "The Invisible Detective" Series The Mausoleum Murder The Race For The Lost Keystone Butterfingers Dragon Keeper The Talent Thief Ghost or Mystery Stories Snow Horse and Other Stories Baldur's Bones Grimstone's Great Tales Of Terror: Deadly Game Tales of Terror: Final Cut The Claygate Hound The Beast Sharp Sheep Mr. Corbett's Ghost The Night of the Haunted Trousers Revenge of the Toffee Monster Invasion of the Vampire Spiders Devil's Rock Harvey Angell and the Ghost Child Dial A Ghost The Great Ghost Rescue Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales Ghost Dog The Phantom Thief The Frighteners The Creeper My Friend's A Werewolf Joan Aiken Mary Arrigan Mary Arrigan Tony Bradman (Ed.) Tony Bradman (Ed.) Jan Dean Ann Evans Vivian French Leon Garfield Susan Gates Susan Gates Susan Gates Sandra Glover Diana Hendry Eva Ibbotson Eva Ibbotson Brian Jacques Pete Johnson Pete Johnson Pete Johnson Pete Johnson Pete Johnson Garry Paulsen Michelle Paver Chris Priestley Philip Reeve Justin Richards Katherine Roberts Val Rutt JM Trewellard Carole Wilkinson Alex Williams

Ribticklers! Funny stories chosen by Michael Ogden Charles Rosen A Series Of Unfortunate Events Simone's Letters You're A Bad Man, Mr. Gum Mr. Gum and the Biscuit Millionaire Lemony Snicket Helen Pielichaty Andy Stanton Andy Stanton

Mr. Gum and the Goblins Andy Stanton KrazyKow Saves The World - Well, Almost Pongwiffy Little Wolf's Book of Badness Books In Letter or Diary Format Wenny Has Wings Meerkat Mail (Pic.) Dear Max Bravo Max Relax Max The Last Polar Bears The Last Cowboys The Last Castaways Do Not Read This Book Simone's Letter Two Weird Weeks Deathwood Letters Dark Deeds At Deathwood Shrinking Violet Little Wolf's Book of Badness Love, Ruby Lavender Myth Or Legend Stone Me! Mind The Door! A Touch Of Wind! Must Fly! Outsiders Barlow/Skidmore Barlow/Skidmore Barlow/Skidmore Barlow/Skidmore Kevin CrossleyHolland Janet Lee Carey Emily Gravett Sally Grindley Sally Grindley Sally Grindley Harry Horse Harry Horse Harry Horse Pat Moon Helena Pielichaty Hazel Townson Hazel Townson Hazel Townson Jean Ure Ian Whybrow Deborah Wiles Jeremy Strong Kay Umansky Ian Whybrow

Lugalbana, The Boy Who Kathy Henderson Got Caught Up In A War Greek Heroes Geraldine McCaughrean

Snaggletooth's Mystery Shock Forest and Other Stories Dancing With The Dead Dark Tower Beware The Wicked Web The Ghost of Grania O'Malley At The Firefly Gate The Rinaldi Ring The Ghosts of Golfhawk School The Wakening The Midnight Hand The Curse of Magoria Curse of the Night Wolf Room 13 Nightmare Stairs Soft Butter's Ghost and Himself Gallows Hill and The Ghostly Penny Bone and the Tinker and Dancing With Francie

Gene Kemp Margaret Mahy Anthony Masters Anthony Masters Anthony Masters Michael Morpurgo Linda Newbery Jenny Nimmo Tessa Potter Paul Stewart Paul Stewart Paul Stewart Paul Stewart Robert Swindells Robert Swindells Martin Waddell Martin Waddell Martin Waddell

St. George And The Dragon Arthur, High King Of Britain Beowulf Robin of Sherwood Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Greek Myths (Pic.) The Illiad and the Odyssey Adventures of Robin Hood Traditional Tales Hans Christian Andersen Stories in Picture Books The Secret History of Tom Trueheart Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? (Pic.) The Princess And The Pea (Pic.) Fairy Tales Into The Woods Hansel and Gretel (PicIllustr. by Anthony Browne) Ella's Big Chance (Pic.) Fairy Tales

Geraldine McCaughrean Michael Morpurgo Michael Morpurgo Michael Morpurgo Michael Morpurgo Marcia Williams Marcia Williams Marcia Williams

Ian Beck Lauren Child Lauren Child Berlie Doherty Lyn Gardner Grimm Shirley Hughes Terry Jones


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