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Federal Aviation Administration

Jane Garvey

Administrator AOA-1

Monte Belger

Acting Deputy Administrator ADA-1

David Leitch Chief Counsel AGC-1

Louise Maillett Acting Assistant Administrator for Policy, Planning & International Aviation API-1

Brian Riley Assistant Administrator for Government & Industry Affairs AGI-1

Scott Brenner Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs APA-1

Fanny Rivera Assistant Administrator for Civil Rights ACR-1

Chris ChristoGlenda Tate Bertram pher Assistant Administrator Assistant Administrator for Hart for Human Resource Mgmt. Financial Services Assistant Administrator AHR-1 ABA-1 for System Safety ASY-1

Ruth Leverenz Dan Mehan Assistant Administrator Assistant Administrator for for Information Services/ Region/Center Operations Chief Information Officer ARC-1 AIO-1

Steve Brown Acting Associate Administrator for Air Traffic Services ATS-1

Air Traffic Airway Facilities Air Traffic System Requirements System Capacity Independent Operational Test and Evaluation Runway Safety AAT AAF ARS ASC ATQ ARI

Charlie Keegan Associate Administrator for Research and Acquisitions ARA-1

Acquisition ASU Air Traffic System Development AUA Aviation Research AAR Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Systems AND System Architecture and Investment Analysis ASD William J. HughesTechnical Center ACT

Nicholas Sabatini Associate Administrator for Regulation and Certification AVR-1

Accident Investigation Aircraft Certification Aerospace Medicine Flight Standards Rulemaking AAI AIR AAM AFS ARM

Woodie Woodward Associate Administrator for Airports ARP-1 Planning and Airport

Programming Airport Safety and Standards

Patricia Grace Smith Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation AST-1

Licensing and Safety APP AAS AST AST Space Systems Development

Systems Engineering & Training AST

Office of Business Management


Regional Administrator

Alaskan Region Pat Poe

Regional Administrator

Central Region Chris Blum

Regional Administrator

Eastern Region

Great Lakes Region

Regional Administrator

New England Region Robert Bartanowicz

Regional Administrator

Arlene Feldman

Cecelia Hunziker

Northwest Mountain Region

Regional Administrator

Regional Administrator

Southern Region Carolyn Blum

Regional Administrator

Southwest Region Ruth Leverenz

Western-Pacific Region William Withycombe

Regional Administrator

Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center Lindy Ritz


Larry Andriesen

April 2002


FAA Organization Chart

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