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Refusal for cause without dishonor - Basics -

A simple method often used to refute a traffic ticket is to "refuse to accept the document without dishonor". You are not the capitalized name, the strawman. There is no contract.This is the polite solution. Doing this means you have not set a court date for a preliminary hearing. If you are a Secure Party Creditor and have made the proper UCC1 filing to claim the strawman as your asset then you stand on even stronger ground and can file a counter claim for damages by Administrative Process. A proper counter claim is unstoppable because of the fraud being perpetrated by the Criminals Justice System. A Secure Party Creditor is basically a statement in the public record that you refute an claims the fictions may have that you are in an implied contract with them.



Refusal for cause without dishonor - Basics -

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