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Paint codes and colours - Porsche 964 (1989 - 1993)

Code Base Colour (Eng) Farbe (Ger) Code Base Colour (Eng) Farbe (Ger)

Standard Colours

L12G L22C L22R L22S L347 L38B L39D L39E L548 L60M L61M L700 L719 L80K L82N L908 Speed Yellow Murano Green Mint Green Signal Green Dark Blue Maritime Blue Amaranth Violet Riviera Blue Apricot Beige Linen Grey Silver Metallic (Wheels only) Black Black Guards Red Rubystone Red Grand Prix White Speedgelb Muranogruen Mintgruen Signalgruen Dunkelblau Maritimblau Amarantviolett Rivierablau Apricotbeige Leinengrau Silber Metallic Schwarz Schwarz Indischrot Sternrubin Grand Prix Weiss

Special Order Colours (Contd)

L37X L37Z L38A L38W L39A L39C L39G L39N L39R L40L L40M L550 L554 L693 L697 L729 L738 L744 L746 L81K L81L L82H L83E L83K L83W L84R L92A L92E L92M L92T L980 L990 L999 Horizon Blue Metallic Amazon Green Pearl Effect Amethyst Pearl Effect Lavender Blue Metallic Amazon Green Pearl Effect Midnight Blue Pearl Effect Viola Pearl Iris Blue Metallic Aventura Green Metallic Cognac Brown Metallic Vesuvio Grey Metallic Linen Grey Metallic Mirage Metallic Stone (Pebble) Grey Met Diamond Blue Metallic Satin Black Metallic Black Pearl Effect Black Metallic Black Metallic Salmon Silver Metallic Velvet Red Metallic Coral Red Metallic Rasberry Red Metallic Amethyst Metallic Wimbledon Green Metallic Arena Red Metallic Zermatt Silver Polar Silver Metallic Polar Silver Metallic Arctic Silver Metallic Silver Metallic Silver Metallic Match colour to sample Horizonblaumetallic Amazonasgruen Pearl Amethyst Pearl Lavenderblaumetallic Amazonasgruen Pearl Nachtblau Pearl Viola Pearl Irisblau Pearl Aventuragruen Pearl Cognacbraunmetallic Leinenmetallic Paladiometallic Steingraumetallic Diamantblaumetallic Schwarz Pearl Schwarzmetallic Schwarzmetallic Lachssilbermetallic Samtrotmetallic Korallenrotmetallic Himberrotmetallic Amethystmetallic Wimbledongruenmet Arenarot Mica Zermattsilber Polarsilbermetallic Polarsilbermetallic Arktissilbermetallic Silbermetallic Silbermetallic

Water Water

Special Order Colours

L10L L22D L22E L22L L23F L23I L25C L25H L35U L35V L37B L37C L37E L37U L37W Fly (Ferrari) Yellow Slate Grey Metallic Forest Green Metallic Oak Green Metallic Water Slate Grey Metallic Wimbledon Green Metallic Turkis Metallic Ocean Jade Metallic Venetian Blue Metallic Marine Blue Metallic Baltic (Dove) Blue Metallic Tahoe Blue Metallic Violet Blue Metallic Cobalt Blue Metallic Midnight Blue Metallic Ferrarigelb Scheifergruenmet Tannengruenmet Oakgruenmetallic Scheifermetallic Wimbledongruen Met Tuerkismetallic Ocean Jade Metallic Veneziablaumetallic Marineblaumetallic Taubenblaumetallic Tahoeblaumetallic Veilchanblaumetallic Cobaltblaumetallic Nachtblau Pearl



Based on data published in "Porsche 964, 993 & 996 Data Plate Code Breaker" by Adrian Streather - ISBN 978-184584-195-9

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