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Newtown Recreation Youth Baseball League 7/8 YEAR OLD MACHINE PITCH

(Umpires- all of the rules are important but the items highlighted in yellow are rules that are commonly misunderstood or misapplied. Please take special note of these. ­9RCorp) Update Beginning Summer 2011: The games for this age group have only 1 umpire assigned to them. The umpire should set up behind the plate until the ball is hit so he can see fair/ foul down the 1st & 3rd base lines. Once contact is made the umpire should move into the infield area so he can make proper rulings on the infield/outfield line, tags, etc. Umpires should NOT stay behind the plate for the full game. As the only umpire on the game you will need to be mobile and active. The baseball used in this league will be a Safety 5 baseball. The barrel of the bat shall be no more than 2.25" in diameter. The distance between bases will be fifty feet (50'). The distance from the pitching machine to home base will be approximately thirty-five (35') feet. A batted ball that rolls under the outfield fence shall be ruled a ground rule double. A batted ball that is hit over the outfield fence will be ruled a home run. Pitching Machine Levels- Power Level- 6, Handle Level- 3, Catapult Arm- 4 PLAYING REQUIREMENTS 1. No player will sit out two innings until all other players have sat out at least one inning. 2. No player shall sit out consecutive innings. (Exceptions: injury or illness) 3. All players must play an infield position by the third inning. The catcher is not an infield position. No player shall play the same position consecutive innings. DEFENSIVE RULES 1. The maximum number of defensive players on the field during play will be ten (10). This will consist of a regular baseball infield and four (4) outfielders. Outfielders are NOT allowed to enter the infield to take a throw at a base. Outfielders must be positioned outside the infield line. MACHINE PITCH PITCHING RULES 1. Coaches will operate the pitching machine while his/her team is at bat. Seven (7) pitches will be allowed. Should the batter not hit the ball in those seven (7) pitches, he/she will be considered out. Three "swinging misses" does NOT make the batter out. The batter will have all seven pitches in order to put the ball in play. 2. After pitching the ball, the coach should attempt to get out of the way of play as quickly as possible. Should he/she be hit by the all it is considered a Dead Ball. Everyone is awarded one (1) base. At the umpires discretion if the pitch is deemed unhittable, the umpire may declare a nopitch. Note: If the batter swings and misses an unhittable pitch, it shall count

Revised 08/2

towards the 7 pitches. Any adjustments to the pitching machine during the game can only be made by the umpire. In the interest of safety, Newtown Recreation recommends that all catchers wear a protective cup while catching.

THE GAME 1. 2. 3. Regulation game will consist of six (6) innings. There will be a maximum of five (5) runs allowed in each inning. Games shortened by reason of darkness, rain, or other Acts of God shall be considered regulation after four (4) complete innings. (3 1/2 innings if the Home Team is ahead.) 4. Home Team scorekeeper is the official scorekeeper. The Home Team will designate an adult to operate the scoreboard for the duration of the game. 5. TIME LIMIT - 1 hour and 15 minutes. Any inning in progress as the time expires MUST be completed. 6. Games tied after the regulation time or number of innings) will be considered a Tie Game. (Exception - If time limit has not expired, one (1) additional inning may be played.) 7. Substitution is unlimited. (i.e. A player may come out of playing on the field and go back later in the game.) 8. BUNTING IS NOT ALLOWED. 9. RUNNERS MUST KEEP ONE FOOT ON BASE UNTIL THE BALL IS HIT. Runners leaving the base early will be called out and negate all play for that pitch. Exception: The defensive team can opt to take the play. 10. After pitching the ball with the pitching machine, the coach should attempt to get out of the way of play as quickly as possible. Should he/she be hit by the ball it is considered a Dead Ball. Everyone is awarded one (1) base. 11. A baseball hitting the pitching machine anytime during the game will stop play. - Should the ball hit the pitching machine after being hit by the batter, play will stop and the batter will advance to First Base. Any other players on base will also advance ONE (1) base. - Should the ball hit the pitching machine after being thrown by a player on the defensive team, play is stopped and any base runner OVER HALF WAY to the next base is AWARDED THAT BASE. Any base runner NOT OVER HALF WAY to the next base will return to the base being run from. 12. After a First Warning to a player for slinging a bat, the Second occurrence will result in the player being called out. (One warning per team.) 13. The play becomes dead when any defensive player controls the ball within the INFIELD. It is the Umpire's discretion as to when the ball is controlled and the play is dead. The rule is not intended to prohibit infielders from making a play on base-runners. a. A throw from the outfield to the infield that results in an error or overthrow, keeps the play alive and runners may advance (at the coach's discretion and risk) until the ball is in control. b. Once the ball is in control in the infield and overthrown to any base, runners should not advance. If the runner has already left the base and is already at least 2

halfway to the next base, he/she should continue to the next base. If they are not halfway, return to previous base. Questions about where the runner is at the time the ball is in control is at the umpire's discretion. We don't want to penalize infielders for making an attempt at a play. c. If an bad throw results in the ball being sent to the outfield, the ball is considered dead from the moment the infielder had control (any subsequent overthrow or error is inconsequential) runners should not advance. i. There will be lines marked halfway between the bases. The side of the line that the player is on when the play is called dead will determine to which base the runner will go. This call will be at the umpire's discretion. 14. 15. 16. There will be one (1) offensive coach only allowed on the field to operate the pitching machine. THE PITCHING MACHINE SPEED IS NOT TO BE ALTERED AT ANY TIME DURING THE GAME. There are no forfeits in Machine Pitch. All games will be played. If one team has less than eight (8) players, the opposing team may lend them players if the coach desires. Players who are not registered in Newtown Machine Pitch will not be allowed to play. Hard cast and splints will not be permitted on the playing field. Any player with a cast or splint will not be allowed to play. ALL UMPIRES DECISIONS ARE FINAL!!





Newtown Rec Baseball 7-8 machine pitch rules, v-spring 2011

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