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Evaluation AND Analysis

This is NOT a comparison of which is better (Evaluation or aAa® Analysis), but rather an objective look at how they are different. This clarifies how both support, but in different ways, the dairyman goal to breed profitable cattle and AI company goal to sell semen. Dairymen and AI representatives can achieve these goals of breeding and marketing more easily and more effectively, when evaluation (including genomics data) and analysis are used together, rather than either one alone. It's not a question of which is better, evaluation or analysis, but rather why not both? Consider ...

EVALUATION Genomics, Scores, Indexes, Linear

_________________________________ 1. For selected traits only, indicating positive or negative, good or bad. _________________________________ 2.Looks individually at single traits, apart from their interrelationships. _________________________________ 3.Measures for degree or extent showing how much good or bad _________________________________ 4.Profiles how the average daughter looks after mating occurs. _________________________________ 5.Indicates where. Leg ... + or Front Udder... Milk... + or + or -


_______________________________________ 1. For all qualities, added or needed, in first to last order from left to right. _______________________________________ 2. Considers relationships and functions of all traits and qualities, one to another. _______________________________________ 3. Determines the reason, nature or cause of what evaluation measured good or bad. _______________________________________ 4. Shows what is needed or added by a cow and bull before mating occurs. _______________________________________ 5. Explains why. Straight Legs: shallow feet... needs #3 uneven feet... needs #5 square thurls needs #6 Bulgy Udder: meaty... needs #2 spread... needs #3 swollen... needs #4 Low Yield: saddle loin... needs #1 shallow chest... needs #4 slabby rib... needs #5 _______________________________________ 6. Assists in determining which cow and which bull to mate to each other. _______________________________________ 7. Same basis and standard for all countries and all breeds. ANALYSIS... SHOWS HOW GOOD BULLS ARE DIFFERENT! Use to get bulls above average daughters born, at your farm!

_________________________________ 6.Sorts the best cows to keep and best bulls to consider for breeding. _________________________________ 7.Different basis and standard for each country and breed. EVALUATION... IDENTIFIES WHICH ARE THE GOOD BULLS! Use to decide if bulls are good enough for, your cows!

Get the RESULTS you deserve... Knowing the difference, can make a difference, in the quality of your herd!


Congratulations to aAa and Dale Button for decades of outstanding service to the dairy industry!

Fessenden Dairy has utilized the services of aAa and Dale Button continuously for nearly 30 years. Initially, I was intrigued with the independent and `eyes-on' approach that aAa provided. I made the commitment to continue with this service long enough to give it a fair chance. The results became evident sooner than I would have hoped for, within a few short years. Visitors to Fessenden Dairy from all over the world are quick to recognize the quality in these cattle. To me, this is proof of an effective genetic program, such as aAa. I have been pleased with the results every year. aAa is one of the many tools we utilize on a consistent basis to help us achieve our herd average of 31,829 milk; 1053 fat; 978 protein; Feb.2010.

An Excellent Future!

Cristalene Adolph Lulu

EX-90 3-08 2x 305d 33,090 3.7 1211 3.0 996 Sire: Tri-Day Adolph-ET Dam: Cristalene Gibson Libby VG-88 5-07 2x 305d 3,1950 4.5 1423 3.0 960 Lulu has a fancy 3-year-old Stormin Norman daughter and a fancy 12/09 Bam Bam daughter!

Tim Fessenden, owner

Cristalene Encounter Luna

EX-90 EX-MS 3-07 2x 305d 29,340 4.2 1232 3.3 977 Sire: Indianhead Encounter-ET Dam: Miss Luck-E Spokane Lolly VG-88 Luna's red Talent heifer due in June has tons of potential!


My first contact with aAa users in my area was unforgettable! The way they talk about cattle breeding was much different than I heard before. I liked it immediately because aAa gave me the answers I was looking for. Now as aAa analyzer, each day I realize how unique the system is and how it helps farmers to get better results on their farms.

Maurice Kaul

EX-90 EX-MS 2-02 2x 305d 27,830 3.6 1002 3.2 901 Sire: Veazland Marion-ET Dam: Regancrest-UR Robin-ET VG-86 Risky makes 8 out of 9 generations of Excellent cows from the world- famous Saturday family! She has an eye-catching 9/09 Talent daughter! Using aAa over the past ten years has allowed us to see consistent improvement in our herd! We don't mate a cow or heifer without their aAa numbers. We're anticipating the development of the daughters of these three Excellent cows!


Uno cial BAA: 109.6% RHA: 70 cows 25,619 3.73% 956 3.15p 808

Kerndtway Marion Risky

Chris, Lori, Anna, Austin & Addison Smith N2256 Bagley Road | Juda, WI 53550 262-490-0611 cell | [email protected] Assistant Herdsman: Je Rackow

Cri-Lo Dairy

Deckersstraat 1a, Leveroy The Netherlands

What is the greatest source of satisfaction in your work as an aAa analyzer?

It is hard for me to imagine I am the only one at Singing Brook Farms with memories of Bill and George. Bill was full of passion; he had a brilliant mind and knowledge for breeding dairy cattle. I remember the first time a magazine featured the aAa number beside each bull; my Dad valued the aAa tool greatly. A great deal of the success we've had is because of aAa. It is a blueprint for each individual. It is simple and is not partisan. We have been fortunate to have a Vet that realizes the importance of aAa. These fellows see the worst in the bulls so we can read about the best in the individuals.

Analyzing cows is fantastic work because it helps farmers breed more useful cattle. It really gives satisfaction to see good animals or hear farmers talk about their breeding results. As an analyzer it is nice to find the cause of the weak points of a cow and give the farmer perception to what kind of bull can work on that cow. Who and or what inspired you to seek aAa approval and become an analyzer? aAa gave me answers to questions I had about how body parts function. After that, I got enthusiastic and realized that I would learn more about it, a lot more! With what I had learned I would also get other people to realize what Bill Weeks created for us. As an analyzer I may help farmers to get aAa in practice and achieve a better herd of cows.

Weeks Animal Analysis Congratulations!!!

Since we started using aAa in our two herds in 1997, we realized a constant improvement of our dairy cattle. No more real extremes and fewer disappointments. Today we are excited about the opportunities that Genomics may offer to the breed. But to use Genomics right, we use aAa to make the correct mating decisions.

Bruce Snider 9805 William Penn Road | Imler, PA 16655 Ph. 814-276-3457 | Fax: 814-276-9231


Jurjen Groenveld Walperterwei 35a 8731 CD Wommels Netherlands Phone: +31 515 331821 Mobile: +31 629179607

Markus Kaiser Meinkenbrachter Straße 31 59846 Sundern/Germany Tel.+49-2934-770880

Johannes und Uta Kaiser Bonacker 3 59872 Meschede/Germany Tel. +49-291-57060

p.s. Visit us in our little farm vacation house!! meschedehennesee/bonacker/ferienhausduennebacke.html

Photos L to R: Heath, Fisher, Heath

GOLDEN EYE's Mat. Granddam Windsor-Manor Rud Zip TV TL EX(95),EX(94)Mam., EEEEE, 3E GMD, DOM Former No.1 Prod. Life Cow of the breed 4-07 2x 365d 39,230m 3.8% 1490f 3.3% 1298p 2nd gen. over 200,000m Lifetime!

GOLDEN EYE's Dam....Sold for $94,000, 2008 Windsor-Manor Z-Delight-ET TV EX (92),EX(92) Mam. 2-03 2x 365d 33,290m 3.8% 1278f 3.1%1046p 3-08 2x 365d 40,820m 3.8% 1543f 3.2%1306p

Sire Stack: GOLDWYN +2181 TPI, an EX(92) DURHAM, an EX(95) RUDOLPH, an EX(90) JOLT GOLDEN EYE is very unique in many ways. He is Delight's only Goldwyn offspring, her natural calf. He is a very high... Genomically proven bull with no Shottle, O-Man, BW Marshall or Prelude in his pedigree. He follows our criteria of offering the breeds very best cow families, for ACTUAL production both high lactation and lifetime, Excellent type for generations, extremely high components, depth of pedigree and the ability to produce top proven sons. He is a long... fancy bull, as indicated in his photo. Semen is available in the US now, internationally at a later date. We hope to hear from you.

555HO00007 Regancrest -BH GOLDEN EYE USA 64943657, 100%RHA-NA, TR TV TL TD, aAa 432156 +964M +63F + 0.10% +43P +0.05% 72% Rel. +$552 Net Merit, +$628 Cheese Merit 100% US, Calving Ease 8, Mat. CE 7 +3.10 Prod. Life, 2.72 SCS, -0.80 DPR ,+2.89 Type, +2.34 UDC, +2.20 FLC, 69% Rel. +2100 GTPI (1/10) 104 Stony Mountain Road Tunkhannock, PA 18657 Phone: 570-836-3527 Fax: 570-836-1549 email: [email protected] April 2010 HOLSTEINWORLD 33

We don't solve problems by using the same thinking that created them.

, 60 years of problemsolving, adding profit & pleasure to dairy farmers' lives worldwide.

I've had the benefit of 30 years of experience with aAa ­ both as a farmer & analyzer. I'd welcome the opportunity to visit with you. Kurt Schulz aAa® Approved Animal Analysis Associate 9656 160th St. Glencoe, MN 55336 320.864.5292


1. About every 5 years the academics have changed their formulas to what's good for dairymen. 2. aAa keeps the balance and that's what makes cows keep milking for many lactations.

After being approved for almost 10 years already I can say that aAa has given me the opportunity to help breeders achieve their goals in a more efficient and economic way. That is my greatest source of satisfaction as an aAa analyzer. When I met Jan Schilder while he was analysing my friends cows I heard things I never heard before. That day I decided I wanted to know more about aAa. I discovered, just as many before me, that aAa is the only breeding tool that explains WHY some problems occur in animals and HOW they can be prevented in the next generation.

2644 260th Street Fredericksburg, IA 50630-9425 Ph: 563-237-5989 or 6332 Fax: 563-237-6597

Weeks Analyzer in Netherlands, Ireland and UK. 0031622563873 [email protected]

Marcel Verboom

The Proof is in the Pudding!


Dam: Ms BMS Durable Adorable-ET EX-92 2nd Dam: BKB Alexis Lee-ET 2E-91 3rd Dam: Shoremar S Alicia 3E-97



EX-91 EEEVE @ 4-04 3-05 2x 357d 22650 4.3 969 3.4 766 · Solitarie Jordan Kylie-Red ­ the winning 4-year-old at the 2009 Midwest Spring R&W Show ­ was an aAa mating from a GP-83 dam. Her Redliner sister may be just as good! · aAa is an unbiased mating program that allows the breeder to choose the best bulls available. · Improvement is noticed after one generation, regardless of the genetics of the cow. · After February, 2010 classification, 22 of 31 cows are Very Good or better with two Excellents!

Alison is a potential 5th generation Excellent from the Alicia family! She scored Very Good just fresh with an 88-MS and EX-FL. She has a Laurin heifer born in January and female pregnancies due in March and June. We respect that aAa is a tool that is not biased toward any one AI stud ­ a breeder can use any AI organization they want. We look forward to ushing Alison extensively to some elite 651 bulls!


Kevin Strickfaden 14017 Hwy. D, Darlington, WI 53530 608-574-1981

LaFollette Holsteins

8978 Hwy G | Mt. Horeb, WI 53572 608-832-6673 Phone & Fax | Email: [email protected]

John & Joan Judd



60 years aAa!!!

1,2,3,4,5,6 decades of great help for dairymen


he Dutch association of users of the aAa-system is thrilled with the 60th anniversary of aAa. We would like to congratulate the Weeks family, analyzers, management and all dairymen who are using aAa. Our association was formed on October 20, 1992 through the initiative of the late Ab de Groot. He and other dairymen were anxious that the aAa-system was getting lost in the Netherlands due to opposition of certain parties. But since then, a lot has been accomplished. The aAa-method of mating animals cannot be ignored in the Dutch (and European) breeding industry anymore. Most bulls are getting analysed, their aAa-codes are being published. Without aAa, our cows wouldn't have as much quality as they do! Our special thanks go to the Dutch analyzers Jan Schilder, Maurice Kaul, Marcel Verboom and Jurjen Groenveld for their great work by helping dairymen bring their cows to a higher level. We have a lot of recognition for the passion and persistence of Europe's first analyzer: Jan Schilder, having been an analyzer for 20 years already! Congratulations Jan! Best wishes for you and your family in times to come. Fellow dairymen around the globe... with aAa, we have a unique tool in our hands. It's unique because in this period of 60 years no one was able to find errors in what Bill Weeks has put down on paper. It's unique because an independent party helps us dairymen to breed better cows. So don't let it slip from our hands!

Ron Wood running Gor-Wood-D Holsteins, Tioga, Pennsylvania, told us about his experiences with aAa at the 2004 annual meeting and received a painting of Skyway Esteem. USA analyzer Phil Hasheider at the 2004 annual meeting telling about the biography of Bill Weeks and the history of aAa.

USA analyzer Jim Sarbacker (left) (presented at 2009 annual meeting) and NL analyzer Jan Schilder are analyzing European bulls.

Ab de Groot initiator of the Dutch association of users of the aAa-system.

John Burket of BurketFalls, East Freedom, Pennsylvania, with a Dutch Red & White sired by Burket-Falls Polled Plus at the 2007 annual meeting.

(website will be launched shortly)

Cattle can be Good!

by Tim Baumgartner When we received notice from the Holstein World staff that they planned to devote the April issue of their magazine to aAa® - Animal Analysis, a flood of thoughts surfaced as Jim Sarbacker and I talked about articles and stories, ideas and concepts, that we could use to honor the successes of the farmers who have used aAa and pay tribute to its founder and creator, Mr. William A. Weeks. Much can be said about this man that I never had the opportunity or privilege to meet. Yet from what I have learned through the years he was a person of few words, but his concepts spoke volumes! In the August 15, 1953 HolsteinFriesian World, Mr. Weeks penned the article "A System For Making Selective Matings". * This article was the worldwide introduction to his new service known as "Analysis". Mr. Weeks challenged breeders to think about their cows by asking a simple question that remains true today, "Is she too round to milk or too sharp to live?" In that article he used a chart to explain his question, and Fig. 1 illustrates his concept. This very simple concept of round versus sharp is applied every day on farms around the world. Whether one realizes it or not, Weeks concept is applied by anyone involved in making mating decisions. Regardless if they are working with it to bring balance to form and function or if they are working against it, his concept is always being applied.


We could spend endless hours discussing how aAa works or present thousands of photos of Excellent cows, class winners, and production leaders created by analysis. We could include stories of dairy farms that expanded from within or create additional revenue from dairy cattle sales over milk sales. Yet, I would rather respect the quiet nature of Mr. Weeks, so at your own leisure, review the lists on the following page and you will soon understand why Mr. Weeks

was so humbled every time his analysis program could help another producer ­ one cow at a time. Regancrest Elton Durham is currently impacting the globe like few other bulls. His pedigree is presented here to show the results of balancing of circles and wedges, or the round and sharp animals, from his parentage which assisted in creating this impact sire. His pedigree also illustrates another often heard Weeks saying, "Cattle can be Good".

* The article in its entirety can be viewed at

Fig. 1 ­ Weeks Theory of Round and Sharp Type The two extremes of round and sharp characteristics are illustrated by the circle and wedge. The blending of these qualities is represented by the triangle, or the ideal cow of any breed.

Regancrest Elton Durham-ET

Emprise Bell Elton

Osborndale Ivanhoe Penstate Ivanhoe Star B & W Heilo Creamelle Pawnee Farm Arlinda Chief Glendell Arlinda Chief

Carlin-M Ivanhoe Bell Skokie Ned Boy Skokie Champion Duke

Regancrest Elton Durham Walkway Chief Mark

Pawnee Farm Arlinda Chief No-Na-Me Fond Matt Walkway Matt Mamie

Lakefield Fond Hope

Cash-Mar Reflection Triune Snow-N Denises Dellia Penstate Ivanhoe Star Carlin-M Ivanhoe Bell Snow-N Dorys Denise B & W Heilo Creamelle

Treasure Model Reflection Triune Cash-Mar Corrine Black Beauty

Osborndale Ivanhoe

Round Oak Rag Apple Elevation MD-Sunset View RA Wonder No-Na-Me Fond Matt Lakefield Fond Hope Arlinda Commander Harborcrest Happy Crusader Harborcrest Maple Raven Harborcrest Rose Milly


herds using aAa®

Do you recognize any of these aAa® results:

Osborndale Ivanhoe (EX-GM) No-Na-Me Fond Matt (EX-GM) Romandale Reflection Marquis (EX-ST) Pawnee Farm Arlinda Chief (EX-GM) Paclamar Astronaut (EX-GM) Paclamar Bootmaker (EX-GM) Round Oak Rag Apple Elevation (EX-GM) Pamtom Blackstar Sunbuck (EX-97) Pamtom Salvation (EX-97) Dun-Did Storm Cloud V (EX-97) Rothrock Tradition Leadman (EX-GM) Hilltopper Elevation Warden (EX-ST) Walkway Chief Mark (VG-GM) Arlinda Rotate (EX-GM) Lakefield Fond Hope (EX-GM) Woodbourne Inka Reflector (VG-GM)

Do you recognize any of these aAa® results:

Harborcrest Rose Milly (EX-97-GMD) Allen Dairy Glamourous Ivy (EX-96-GMD) Gene Acres Felicia May Fury (5E-97) Ski-Hi Mars Helen (4E-GMD-DOM) Fleetridge Bootmaker Dixie (EX-GMD) Ideograph Burkgov Steps (EX-GMD) Lylehaven Sultry (EX-94) Derrwyn Factor Miata-Red (EX-94) Sully Fobes Bootmaker Dot (EX-97-GMD) Sher-Mar Highmark Hiawatha (EX-GMD-DOM) Collins-Crest Ivanhoe Triune J (EX-96) Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence (EX-95-GMD) Maple-Flat Ares Rosie (3E-96-GMD-DOM) El-Dor Saber Pansy (EX-95-GMD-DOM) Minco Arlinda Chief Cleo (4E-97-GMD) Cochran Ivy Ivanhoe (3E-94) Dolvic Fury Bubaleah (2E-97) Northcroft Ella Elevation (4E-97-GMD) Windsor-Manor Rudolph Rip (3E-95-GMD-DOM) Dreamstreet Astro Bunnie (EX-96) Mission-Bell Milu Dixie (6E-94-GMD-DOM) Lake Aire Dora Crisscross (EX-96) Kanza Matt Tippy (3E-96) Future Hope Rocket Flicka (3E-97) Plain View Inka (EX-95-GMD) Hedegard Burkestead Ivanhoe (5E-95-GMD) Cash-Mar Lovely Lady (EX-96) F H Walker Elmoka Honeywood (4E-96) Burket-Falls Elevation Sophia (4E-93-GMD-DOM) Gor-Wood-D Bootmaker Jennifer (EX-92-GMD) and so many more . . . .


Consider these facts:

Top 10 TPI list 1976-2006 268 prefixes total 29 prefixes with two or more bulls

62% use aAa® analysis

Of the 29, only 5 have more than two sires on the list. The top three have used aAa® analysis. Ricecrest ­ 9 Arlinda ­ 4 Sandy Valley ­ 4



(first printed in 1984 Winter Edition, Dreamstreet Journal)


Since its inception over thirty years ago, aAa has become one of the most widely used tools for corrective mating in the dairy industry today. Bill Weeks, the founder of aAa, needs little in the way of introduction. His breeding philosophy played an instrumental role in the making of two great bulls: Paclamar Bootmaker and Paclamar Astronaut. aAa is a unique mating program because it is not affiliated with any one bull stud, although most all of the bull studs use the aAa program to analyze their sires; therefore, aAa allows the dairyman freedom in his choice of sires. Another impressive aspect of Bill's mating guide is its easy-to-use formula. aAa analysis numbers show these qualities: #1 is Dairy; #2 is Tall; #3 is Open; #4 is Strong; #5 is Smooth and #6 is Style. These numbers are then assigned to bulls in the order that they sire them and to cows in the order they need them. Thus any dairyman, young or old, can find a desirable mating by simply matching numbers between the two.

1. What inspired you to create the aAa analysis program? A: Observations in my own herd, and as an HFA classifier in many others, gave me the idea that the better cows were born when each parent contributed those qualities that the other parent needed most, and that this was equally as important as the parents being good cattle. So the development of a method to implement the idea, going beyond the other services available to dairymen, seemed like a worthwhile change. 2. When and how did you get started? A: In June 1950, I designed the form to record those qualities a given cow needed to make her offspring better, and began to provide the analysis to dairymen who would hire me. 3. What were you doing at the time that you conceived the idea? A: Full-time HFA classifying and operating my own herd of Holsteins. 4. Was the business slow getting started? A: A slow part was the intense study of inter-relationship of the parts of a cow, both physical and genetic, so that the analysis made would be accurate as well as easy to use and low in cost. Then a counterpart procedure for analysis of bulls took time to


develop. Also, the prevailing attitude was that if the parents were good, nothing else mattered in breeding. This made acceptance of adding analysis to evaluation a slow oneon-one explanation process without financial or promotional support from any source. 5. Who was your biggest customer in those early days? A: There were no big ones. Most farmers wanted to "try it with a few cows and see." Curtiss Candy Farm was the only one to have as many as fifteen cows analyzed the first year. 6. Is there any one person that really helped you make a go of it? A: My wife Doris above all others. However, Leo Blanding in August of 1950, and George Reed a few months later, became associated with me and used the same report forms to analyze cows for herd owners. George designed the Trade Mark "aAa" signifying Animal Analysis Associates and registration was soon made in the U.S. Patent Office. For twenty years, Ed Hubbell learned about every aspect of the aAa analysis business better than anyone and must be given credit for the extension to over 10,000 herds in all 50 states and many other countries. 7. Could you tell me something about your training program? For example,

do you train your personnel in a classroom type setting or on-the-job? How long does it take a person to become approved to use the "aAa" Trade Mark to analyze cows? A: The purpose of training is to have aAa analysis numbers assigned uniformly and able to do some good for any dairyman who uses them. Since each cow is something new and different, considerable experience by each person, as well as classroom study, is relied on. Testing must be passed at a high level, on a severe score basis, for anyone to become aAa approved. The process requires a month or so and some applicants never make it. A new test must be completed every 60 days for the approval to continue. 8. The analysis numbers you assign a cow are good for her lifetime, according to your pamphlet. However, do you ever find you need to make a change on a mature cow that seems to have changed since you analyzed her as a heifer? A: A little more than 4% are changed some as cows become more mature. The same holds true of bulls as they become proven and more is known about them. No fee is charged to review a particular animal. 9. How would you analyze the

ity of cattle that you see in your travels across the United States? In other words, what qualities do American breeders need to bring back to the breed? A: Dairymen keep their better milk producers and use the higher PD bulls. The difficulty is maintaining the strength, size and substance necessary for longer life of the daughters. Good bulls, either proven or young, that are some combination of aAa 2-4-6 are very scarce. 10. We breed for style because it increases both the show and sale value of the offspring. Does style have a functional, as well as aesthetic role in the breeding program? A: Substance of bone with a harmonious blending of parts make stylish and attractive show and sale cattle. These become less beat-up or worn out during a lifetime of heavy production, and they have fewer foot trimming problems. 11. How much significance should be placed on deep cow families in sire selection? A: The relative goodness of many members of a cow or bull's family is alone evidence of significance. Other factors being equal, the deeper and wider the cow family, the better. 12. Who is your all-time favorite cow and why? What would be her aAa analysis numbers? A: Snowboots Wis Milky Way. Excellent97-3E-GMD, she calved every year for ten trouble-free years, produced 201,187 pounds of 3.8% milk, was twice Grand Champion at Waterloo Dairy Cattle Congress, twice Reserve All-American Aged Cow and the dam of Paclamar Bootmaker. In the show ring, in the barn or anywhere else, her disposition seemed to be "Keep your head when all about you are losing theirs." aAa numbers for Snowboots would be 4-2-6-3-1-5. 13. What is the greatest source of satisfaction in your work? A: There is a lot of satisfaction to see herds breed better cattle after starting to use aAa analysis. The list would be quite long but a few of the great ones are: Allendairy Glamourous Ivy, Arlinda ABC Daffy, Harborcrest Rose Milly, Lakefield Fond Hope, Mowry Prince Corrine, Northcroft Ella Elevation, Osborndale Ivanhoe, Paclamar Astronaut, Paclamar Bootmaker, Pawnee Farm Arlinda Chief and Round Oak Rag Apple Elevation. But the favorable influence of these animals on today's dairy industry is the greatest! April 2010 HOLSTEINWORLD 39


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