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IL GEM Premier 3000/4000 GEMwebTM Software - Assessment of Efficacy and Function

Justin Oostenbroek, Miscellaneous Chemistry, QML Pathology, 11 Riverview Place, Metroplex on Gateway, Murarrie Qld 4172


Instrumentation Laboratory's GEM Premier 3000/4000 blood gas analyser (GEM 3000 pictured) is a compact, self-contained system, consisting of the instrument platform itself and disposable cartridges, offering various test menus and capacities. Its numerous innovations, reliability and simplicity of operation have, in recent years, established the GEM as one of the world's leaders in blood gas analysis technology. As a stand alone analyser, it adapts equally well to point-of-care (POC) environments as it does to a laboratory situation. However, through the use of GEMwebTM software, usually offered free with

instrument purchases, GEM systems also integrate seamlessly into a more complex network of analysers, meeting the needs of larger organisations which require multiple installations across many POC sites. The software enables remote connectivity, monitoring and management of each instrument from any central location within an organisation's intranet firewall, placing key efficiencies and functionality at users' fingertips. The individual features of this system and the degree to which they add value to the instrument package, will be presented and assessed in this poster.



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· View analyser status (instrument, cartridge, sensors, QC) Authorised users gain remote access to the instrument via a login screen, which then displays the screen as currently displayed on the front of the instrument itself. From here, the user can navigate through a number of menus to access the information desired. Each menu has the look and feel of a standard windowsbased application. · Review of patient results The `sample review' menu allows a search through the instrument database for patient results based on criteria including analysis date/time, operator ID, sample type/status and patient demographics if available. The results returned by the search may be simply reviewed on screen or may also be forwarded via email to other authorised network users. · Review of Quality Control (Intelligent Quality Management ­ iQM), Corrective Actions and/or Calibration Verification Product (CVP) results Selection of the `iQM Reports' tab opens three sub-menus: `Delta Chart', `Corrective Action Report' and `CVP Report'. Examples of the first two of these appear to the right.

· Email cartridge diagnostic data The GEM instrument stores diagnostic data for each cartridge in an internal database. This constitutes a useful tool for troubleshooting purposes, particularly by IL/supplier support staff. Submission of the data may be accomplished by copying it to 3.5 inch disk and then forwarding by email or `snail mail' to the supplier. However, with a pre-configured email address entered into the instrument, GEMwebTM enables this data to be sent more conveniently and quickly, directly from the analyser. · Control instrument remotely (enable/disable sample analysis or individual users/chemistries, initiate two point calibration etc.) On the rare occasion that remote troubleshooting should uncover a problem with the instrument, several courses of action are remotely available through the GEMwebTM browser interface. These options include: completely disabling sample analysis, locking out individual users, disabling single/multiple analytes and initiation of a two point calibration. In addition, messages may be sent to the analyser where a `Messages' icon will be highlighted, prompting users to open and read information thus received. · Access IL Corporate website Selecting the `Go' link on the GEMwebTM browser screen will take the user directly to and the additional resources and information available via the international website.


GEMwebTM software offers the user remote communication with every analyser with connectivity access to an organisation's local area network (LAN). Once an IP address is assigned to the instrument and appropriate parameters are set up on the instrument itself, the analyser effectively becomes an intranet site that is accessible from any PC in the network using standard web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Netscape.


GEMwebTM connectivity software offers the GEM 3000/4000 user remote access to a wealth of analyser information and functionality, and packages this in a format that is both simple to implement and to use. GEMwebTM may be used on a daily basis for delta chart reviews of on board quality control (iQM) management, corrective action tracking, and patient results. All this information is useful, particularly when abnormal or critical results require verification. For any instrument that cannot be interfaced, the user can confirm both the patient result and verify valid QC for all analytes without leaving their desk or telephone. Additional information about corrective actions and analyser status are also easily accessible, as well as some less obvious data. For example, a patient result search specifying only a date range will give workload statistics for the specified period and help to predict when additional cartridges should be ordered. Any actions that arise from the information collated in this way can be implemented via messages to the analyser or by remotely disabling analysis until potential problems are remedied. At QML Pathology, GEMwebTM implementation has fulfilled its potential by allowing coordinated management of all network connected instruments from a central or remote location. With authorised access, managers or supervisors may monitor any instrument from any location in the network. QML Pathology's GEM installations are spread over many sites across Queensland, some more than 1800km apart. Yet with minimal IT support 10 installations have been quickly and easily connected to the network. On the few occasions where installations have not had access to a suitable port within QML Pathology's firewall, connectivity has not been achieved, necessitating a more hands on approach for these instruments. Nevertheless, the robust nature of the GEM analysis system and the rarity of this scenario, has not made this problematical.


It is no accident that the IL GEM Premier 3000 has become a world leader in blood gas analysis. Among its many innovations and advantages are the following: · Essentially no maintenance · Cartridge-based technology simplifies ordering, tracking and replacement of individual components and consumables, by consolidating all these components into a convenient self-contained package · Intelligent Quality Management (iQM) system, a significant and totally automated advance in quality control · Robust, portable and user-friendly operation suited to a wide variety of analytical environments, including critical care and POCT · Optional modules for co-oximetry and coagulation In addition, the new 4000 platform retains all the proven benefits of the 3000, while also adding further enhancements including additional analytes and functionality, along with on cartridge co-oximetry. (See Australian supplier, Abacus Diagnostics, or IL for details of the above). With the added enhancements afforded by GEMwebTM software for instrument and data management, the system becomes an even more formidable and attractive package. GEMwebTM is user-friendly, and works with a standard web browser. It provides much useful information and functionality without the need to physically attend to each and every instrument to obtain it. Further enhancements are always possible but as it stands the GEM critical care analyser system, partnered with GEMwebTM software, constitutes a formidable technical package delivered in a most convenient framework.

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