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Development and Launch Hospital Acquired Infection Educational and Collaborative Microsite Proposal The Critical Care Societies Collaborative (which consists of the Society of Critical Care Medicine, American College of Chest Physicians, American Thoracic Society and the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses) proposes to develop and launch a web-based hospital acquired infection (HAI) education and improvement microsite in partnership with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). A microsite is defined herein as a part of a website dedicated to a subject. Content will be focused on one or two potentially hospital induced conditions: ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) and/or central line blood stream acquired infections (CLBSI). The microsite will be designed as an open-access, centralized advocacy resource of excellence. It will be intended for use by the citizens, clinicians, hospital administrators and other stakeholders featuring educational content, tools, bibliography of pertinent articles, resources and opportunity for inter and intra hospital collaboration. The Collaborative proposes to design the new HAI microsite in a similar fashion to the Surviving Sepsis Campaign website which has become the internationally recognized go-to resource for accurate, timely information on sepsis and performance improvement. The HAI microsite would have similar user friendly features with most commonly sought information tabs across the top of the page and a detailed navigation menu. The HAI internet-based microsite will serve several strategic purposes (please note internet links are offered in the following points to the Surviving Sepsis Campaign website for relevant reference/sample materials): Provide a publicly viewable endorsement of the urgent need for reduction of VAP and elimination of CLBSI by HHS and the Critical Care Societies Collaborative. Advocate for evidence-based standardized care in hospitals irrespective of the location of the patient within the institution. Describe history, risk and consequences associated with variation in care for patients in hospitals around VAP/CLBSI i.e. normalized behavior deviance ­ why change? Share national data on incidence, cost and consequences to hospitals, patients and families as the data becomes available Provide tools and implementation advice such as tips on getting started, evidence based guidelines to follow, reliability instruction, as well as information on how to collect, report and analyze data to be used with the conscious intention to accelerate improvement in care. This downloadable information will be widely accessible by any interested visitor to the site. Educational materials such as slide/audio presentations, podcasts, vodcasts and other learning delivery methods will be used. Provide tools and educational content on how to improve including descriptions and implementation techniques for the VAP and CLBSI bundles. Demonstrate how structured communication via rounding, huddles and handoffs can contribute to reliability in care.


CCSC Microsite Proposal Page 2 Offer a community of care forum for information sharing and discussions ­ a two way communication on these topics linking high performing institutions to those in need of improvement. Link to other relevant web-sites and resources that would be helpful to the visitor/user of the site.


The microsite for one HAI will cost $75,000; for two HAIs $150,000. Development and launch time will be approximately 8 months from the time of formal agreement. Maintenance for updated content beyond the launch date will be included for 12 months, and beyond this time at the determination of the hosting organization.

Contact Information: Society of Critical Care Medicine Nancy Stonis, RN, BSN, MJ Director: Program Development and Professional Affairs 500 Midway Drive Mount Prospect, IL 60056 Direct Phone: 847-827-7088 Fax number: 847-827-7123 E-mail: [email protected]


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