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"Measurement of Properties of Proppants Used in Hydraulic Fracturing and Gravel-Packing Operations" Modified API RP-56 as ISO 13503-2/API RP19C, Evaluation of Sand Sample Disassociated From Core for AAFFG

Prepared For: Mr. C.D. Rowsell AAFFG/Bosonda International LTD 101-A Hickey Blvd., Suite 328 S. San Francisco, CA 94080-1145 (510) 303-0640

Prepared By: Stim-Lab, Inc. 7406 North Hwy 81 Duncan, OK 73533-1644 (580) 252-4309

____________________________________ Kathy Abney, Conductivity Supervisor

P.O. Number: VISA 3843

File Number: SL8183

September 2008

ALL INTERPRETATIONS ARE OPINIONS BASED ON INFERENCES FROM SAMPLES AND LOGS, WHICH WERE SUPPLIED. WE CANNOT, AND DO NOT, GUARANTEE THE ACCURACY OR CORRECTNESS OF ANY INTERPRETATIONS, AND WE SHALL NOT, EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF GROSS OR WILLFUL NEGLIGENCE ON OUR PART, BE LIABLE OR RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS, COSTS, DAMAGES OR EXPENSES INCURRED OR SUSTAINED BY ANYONE RESULTING FROM ANY INTERPRETATION MADE BY ANY OF OUR OFFICERS, AGENTS OR EMPLOYEES. THESE INTERPRETATIONS ARE ALSO SUBJECT TO OUR GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS SET OUT IN OUR CURRENT PRICE SCHEDULE. Notice: Samples submitted to Stim-Lab, Inc. for use in testing services are subject to disposal or storage fees following the completion of the testing services. Directive as to the disposition of samples must be submitted in writing with the samples or otherwise provided during the course of the project. Stim-Lab, Inc. reserves the right to request that you pickup samples, whether formation material, chemicals supplied, fixtures or other materials relating to a project. You may be charged a reasonable shipping and packaging fee for return of samples for which pick up arrangements have not been made. Stim-Lab, Inc. expressly disclaims liability for intentional disposal or unintentional loss of submitted samples for which no written directive has been provided.

STIM-LAB, Inc. 7406 North HWY 81 Duncan, Oklahoma 73533 Phone: 580-252-4309 Fax: 580-252-6979

September 30, 2008

Mr. C.D. Rowsell AAFFG / Bosonda International LTD 101-A Hickey Blvd. Suite 328 S. San Francisco, CA 94080 Dear Mr. Rowsell: STIM-LAB, Inc. has completed the API RP-56 evaluations modified to ISO 13503-2/API RP19C requested on the submitted core sample. The sample was received at Stim-Lab Inc. on September 18, 2008., at which time the sample was disassociated, washed and dried prior to testing. The results of the composite sieve analysis are provided in Table 1. The crush, sphericity and roundness (Krumbein Shape Factor) and acid solubility results are provided in Table 2. A picture of the sample is provided at the end of this report. The procedures followed are as stated in the old API RP-56 and modified to the ISO 13503-2/API RP19C. The core sample was very well cemented and as a result, some fracturing of the sand grains may have occurred during disassociation, which may result in higher crush. Thank you for having STIM-LAB, Inc. to perform these analyses. We hope you will consider us for your future testing needs. If you have any questions regarding the testing or results, please do not hesitate to give me a call. Sincerely,

Lisa O'Connell Assistant Laboratory Supervisor Conductivity Laboratory

SL 8183 Table 1 Sieve Analysis of Submitted Core Sample From AAFFG Sample I.D. US Standard Sieve No. 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 60 70 80 100 120 140 170 200 230 pan total in-size in-size in-size Median Dia. (mm) September 2008 Retained 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.4 8.3 12.9 25.3 16.7 12.2 7.3 5.3 2.8 2.3 2.0 0.0 4.5 100.0 21.6 63.2 27.6 0.204 Silica Testing Weight % Cumulative 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.4 8.7 21.6 46.9 63.6 75.8 83.1 88.4 91.2 93.5 95.5 95.5 100.0 = as 30/50 = as 40/70 = as 70/140

SL 8183 Table 2 40/70 Frac Sand Sample Labeled Silica Sand Sample Fro AAFFG Arriving 09/18/08 Recommended Practices for Testing Frac Sand Used in Hydraulic Fracturing Operations API RP-56, Section 8, "Recommended Frac Sand Crush Resistance Test" PSI 5000

Suggested maximum fines for 40/70 Frac Sand per API RP-56 = 8% @ 5000psi

% Fines -40+70 Crush Prep 6.2

API RP-56, Section 5, "Frac Sand Sphericity and Roundness"

* mean of a 40 count (non-clustered grains)

Sphericity = Roundness = Clusters =

0.7 0.6 Approx. 1 of Every 100 Grains Contained Clusters

Recommended Sphericity and Roundness for high strength proppants = 0.6 or greater for API RP-56

API RP-56, Section 6, "Evaluation of Sand Solubility in Acid" * mean of 3 analysis Acid Sol. Percent = 1.3 %

Recommended Maximum Acid Solubility for frac sand 40/70 thru 70/140 = 3.0% Tested as per API RP-56, 100ml of 12:3 HCl:HF with 5 grams of sand or proppant at 150ºF +/- 5ºF for 30 minutes

September 2008

40/70 Sample Silica Sand



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