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Volume 27, Number 5-6

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May-June 1998

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theoretical and applied mechanics, and serves as a forum for the presentation and discussion of issues related to the development of the science and profession of mechanics. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily re ect o cial points of views of AAM or the institutions with which the authors are a liated. Editor: Horacio D. Espinosa Purdue University, U.S.A. Associate Editors: Gustavo Buscaglia Balseiro Institute, Argentina, Eduardo Dvorkin Nat. Univ. of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Robert Haythornthwaite Temple University, U.S.A, Pablo Kittl University of Chile, Chile Dean T.Mook Virginia Tech, U.S.A, Djenane Pamplona PUC-Rio, Brazil, G.Ravichandran Caltech, U.S.A The American Academy of Mechanics is a non-pro t corporation incorporated in 1969 under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Its objective is to advance the science and profession of mechanics, with particular reference to the countries of North, South, and Central America. It aims to facilitate cooperation among mechanicists, to encourage recognition of achievements in mechanics, and to promote public understanding of the work of the mechanicist. Board of Directors 1997: Stephen H. Crandall MIT, President and Chairman of the Board; D.B. Bogy University of California, Berkeley, President-elect; Sia Nemat-Nasser University of California, San Diego, Immediate past President; D.T. Mook VPI and State University, Secretary; R.A. Heller VPI and State University, Treasurer; F.C. Moon Cornell University, Director, Region IA Eastern USA; Position open, Director, Region IB Central and Western USA; B. Tabarrok University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada, Director, Region II Canada; P. Kittl University of Chile, Chile Director, Region III Central and South America; H.D. Espinosa Purdue University, Editor; R.M. Haythornthwaite Temple University, Publisher; J.N. Reddy Texas A&M University, Secretary to the Fellows. mechanics ISSN 0076-5783 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to mechanics, Subscription and Membership, ESM, VPI&SU, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0219 Tel. 540-213-6841: Fax 540-231-2290. Editorial and Advertising: Horacio D. Espinosa, Purdue University, 1282 Grissom Hall, West Lafayette, IN 47907-1282 Tel. 765-4944784, Fax 765-4940307. Membership in the American Academy of Mechanics includes the subscription to mechanics.

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Michael W. Hyer, Ph.D, P. E., a resident of

Blacksburg, Va. and professor of engineering science and mechanics at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, has been named a Fellow of ASME International The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Hyer earned his doctorate from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is also a member of American Society for Composites, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Society of Engineering Science, the Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering, and the American Academy of Mechanics. ident of AACE International. AACE is a professional association of cost and project management professionals. She was elected this Spring and will serve as President during the 1999-2000 year. She will assume the duties of President-Elect at the 42nd Annual Meeting, June 28-July 1, 1998, in Cincininnati, Ohio. President-Elect Bates is an employee of B&W Services, Inc., a Babcock & Wilcox Company. She is the project controls manager for Construction Projects for Safe Cities of Colorado at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site. Prior to joining B&W, Ms. Bates was employed by Bechtel Savannah River Inc. as the project controls manager for Tritium Projects at the Savannah River Site. Ms. Bates has more than 19 years of experience in project management and project controls in both the government and private sectors. In her years of project controls experience, Ms. Bates has worked in nuclear, fossil, and hydro-power plant construction operations, and in projects and operations for government-owned, contractor-operated nuclear facilities. She is a graduate of Auburn University with a bachelor of civil engineering degree. President-Elect Bates has been a member of AACE since 1985 and became a CCE Certi ed Cost Engineer in 1987. She served on the AACE Education Board from 1990-1995 and was chair of the Education Board from 1992-1994.

Jennifer Bates, CCE, has been elected as Pres-

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AAM AWARD NOMINATIONS The Awards Committee of the American Academy of Mechanics requests

nominations for the following two awards to be presented at the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition in Anaheim, California, November 15-20, 1998.

The 1998 American Academy of Mechanics Outstanding Service Award

Preliminary nominations will consist of a one-page letter describing the service of the nominee to the Academy and to the profession, a one-page biographical sketch of the nominee, and the names of at least three people willing to write letters of support should the Awards Committed request them.

The 1998 American Academy of Mechanics Junior Award

This award, which will be based primarily on research accomplishments, is open to any mechanician whose highest degree was awarded after December 31, 1987. Preliminary nominations will consists of a one-page nominating letter, a one-page vita, and re- or pre- prints of the candidate's three best papers. In the case of co-authorship, the candidate's contribution must be explicitly indicated in an attached note. Preliminary nominations for both awards must be postmarked by October 1, 1998 and mailed to:

Professor D.E.Carlson, Chair AAM Awards Committee Department of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign Urbana, IL 61801

After screening preliminary submissions, the committee will request complete dossiers on the more promising candidates.



A New Way to Teach, Learn, and Practice Mechanics 0

Thomas R. Kane 1 and David A. Levinson 2

Software packages that enable one to use a computer to perform mathematical tasks in symbolic form have been in existence for a number of years, but have been used very sparingly to date by teachers, students, and practitioners of mechanics. For more than a decade, we have been employing one such software package, AUTOLEV, created speci cally to deal with mechanics problems, and have found this to be an exceptionally e ective tool in teaching mechanics at both the elementary and advanced level, as well as for performing dynamic analyses for professional purposes. It is the purpose of this article to focus attention on the bene ts to be derived from using a suitable symbol manipulation program to teach, learn, and practice mechanics. For readers not familiar with at least one of the commercially available symbol manipulation computer programs, a few examples that show what can be done with such a program may be helpful. We shall create such examples with AUTOLEV, but other symbol manipulation programs could be used. Suppose one wished to expand the expression 1 + t2 , 3t2 + t33 , 4t + 6t2. After invoking AUTOLEV, one would type on line 1


and then press the Enter key, which would cause the following to appear on the screen:

Result = 6 + 6*T^3 + 6*T^8 + 8*T^5 + 23*T^4 - 2*T - 18*T^6 - 17*T^2 - 12*T

If a 3 x 3 matrix M is given by


2 =6 4

A,B C C ,B B C+A A C A+B B

3 7 5

one can obtain the inverse of M by entering the two lines

M= A-B,C,C-B;B,C+A,A;C,A+B,B



0 1 2

Due to editing errors in the previous issue Vol 27, Number 3-4, this article is published again Emeritus Professor, Stanford University Sta Aerospace Engineer, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space


V This elicits the responses

M_INV 1,1 = -A*A+B-B*A+C C*A*C+A+C*B-C-B*B*C-A+C*A -B-A+B*A*A-B+B*B-C M_INV 1,2 = -B*C+A+B*B-C C*A*C+A+C*B-C-B*B*C-A+C*A -B-A+B*A*A-B+B*B-C

etc. As an example of a kind frequently encountered in mechanics, let U, V, and W be vectors de ned in terms of mutually perpendicular unit vectors E i = 1, 2, 3 as


U = 3AE1 , 4B E2; V = ,E2 + 2C E3; W = 4E1 , DE2 + AE3

where A, B, C, and D are constants; and consider the determination of the product P de ned as

P = V W U V

In AUTOLEV, the symbol is used to distinguish vectors from scalars. For example, the vectors U and E1 are entered as U and E1 . Employing this notation, all one needs to do to nd P is to type the lines

U = 3*A*E1 - 4*B*E2 V = -E2 + 2*C*E3 W = 4*E1 - D*E2 + A*E3 P = DOTV ,CROSSW ,CROSSU ,V

and then press Enter, thus eliciting the response

P = 8*A*-1.5+B*C - 16*C^2*3*A+B*D

That considerable amounts of labor and time are saved by using these means to nd P will become clear to anyone who attempts to evaluate P by hand. Turning to the use of symbol manipulation computer programs for pedagogical purposes, let us postulate the following situation. The students in an elementary mechanics class, having already learned how to perform basic operations of vector algebra addition of vectors, multiplication of a vector by a scalar, etc., are to be instructed in the determination of unknown forces by an appeal to the principle that V

VI the sum of the forces acting on a particle vanishes when the particle is at rest. As a case in point, tensile forces in three wires supporting a microphone at a height H above a horizontal oor are to be determined for various values of H, the wires being attached to vertical posts as shown in Fig. 1, this gure being displayed on a screen at the front of the classroom by means of an overhead projector. Both the instructor and each student has a computer on which AUTOLEV has been installed, and whatever appears on the instructor's computer screen is displayed on a second screen at the front of the classroom.

Figure 1: After stating the problem, and telling the students that F1 , F2 , F3 in Fig. 1 are the forces exerted on the microphone by the wires, while F4 is the gravitational force acting on the microphone, the instructor invokes AUTOLEV on his computer, tells the students to do so on their computers, and then begins to make entries, explaining the purpose of each entry as he makes it. The students make the same entries, a task similar to taking notes, and can ask questions and or suggest alternative entries as the lecture proceeds. For the problem at hand, the rst two entries might be the declarations


accompanied by the explanation that FRAMES E serves to create the unit vectors E1 , E2 , E3 shown in Fig. 1, while T1, T2, T3 are the tensions to be determined. Next, after telling the class that @oddfoot

VII each of the forces F1 , ..., F4 shown in Fig. 1 is to be expressed as the product of a unit vector and a scalar, the instructor can enter the line

U1 = UNITVEC7*E1 - 10*E2 + 8-H*E3

in order to create a unit vector having the same direction as the position vector from the microphone to the top of the post to which the wire exerting the force F1 is attached. This causes the response

U1 = 7 149+8-H^2^0.5*E1 - 10 149+8-H^2^0.5*E2 + 8-H 149+8 -H^2^0.5*E3

to appear on the instructor's screen, and each student now can compare this line with the corresponding one on his own screen. Once again, questions can be asked and answered, and each student can make whatever corrections are necessary to bring about agreement between his own and the instructor's expression for U1 . The students now can be asked to create on their computers unit vectors U2 and U3 to deal with F2 and F3 , while the instructor defers making such entries until the students have had adequate time to do so. As regards inputs made by the instructor, it is important to mention that the instructor can make these without doing any actual typing during classroom instruction. Instead, prior to meeting a class, the instructor can prepare and check out a complete AUTOLEV input le. When he next faces his class, he can display this le, as well as the responses it produces, one line at a time, simply by pressing the Enter key each time he wishes to show the students what the next input should be. This capability is a great boon for the instructor, for it guarantees the opportunity to present in a smooth manner well thought out, error-free, problem solutions. Moreover, use of this approach does not preclude spontaneity, for, by pressing the Escape key, one can go into interactive mode, type any number of commands on the spot, examine and discuss the responses to the commands, and then issue the command RUN in order to resume one line at a time presentation of the le prepared earlier. Once the unit vectors U1 , U2 , and U3 have been created, an expression for the resultant of the forces F1 , ..., F4 is constructed with the entry

RESULTANT = T1*U1 + T2*U2 +T3*U3 - 2*E3

Here it is worth noting that the use of a symbol manipulator allows one to assign to mathematical entities names with high information content such as RESULTANT . This enhances the intelligibility of complex analyses, and facilitates communications between students and instructors. VII

VIII Successive dot-multiplication of RESULTANT with E1 , E2 , and E3 leads to three expressions that are linear in T1, T2, and T3, and that must vanish because, in accordance with the principle stated earlier, RESULTANT is equal to 0 . Therefore, to create expressions for T1, T2, and T3, all one needs to do is to issue the command


which yields

T1 = 0.6*149+8-H^2^0.5 8-H T2 = 0.4*109+8-H^2^0.5 8-H T3 = 109+8-H^2^0.5 8-H

Finally, numerical values of T1, T2, and T3 corresponding to a particular value of H, say H = 7.95 ft, are reported with four signi cant digits in response to the two inputs




which yield

NUMERICAL_VALUES = 146.5; 83.52; 208.8

As is now evident, the present way of solving the problem di ers noticeably from the conventional one. The only manual task a student had to perform was to type the lines



IX This consumes minimal time and e ort, and leaves students free to ask questions, listen to explanations, and explore alternatives. Furthermore, each student comes into possession of an easily readable record of the solution process, a record that reveals the underlying logic fully, but is free of relatively uninformative intermediate results. Even the latter, however, can be reviewed easily. All one has to do is to execute the input le and then save the le of both inputs and responses created during execution. For teachers, use of the methodology here proposed o ers not only bene ts associated with classroom presentation, as has already been mentioned, but greatly facilitates the grading of homework and examinations. The burden of having to decipher poor handwriting is eliminated; solutions are free of unde ned symbols because all symbols must be declared prior to being used; and logical aws can be detected relatively easily because statements are made one line at a time, rather than all over a piece of paper, as is frequently the case in hand solutions. In principle, the concept here set forth can be implemented to various extents and in various ways. For example, an instructor using a conventional textbook, could make available to his students one of the commercially available symbol manipulation programs and then leave it to the students to learn how to use the program and to employ it for the solution of homework problems. In our experience, this approach has not been very successful because it imposes too much of a burden on most students. A somewhat more e ective way to proceed is to follow a conventional textbook, but to incorporate computerized symbol manipulation, again with a commercially available program, in the presentation of the material in the book. This can work quite well at the most elementary level, where the analytical tasks to be performed are relatively simple. The most straightforward and, we believe, most e ective way is to use a textbook written speci cally for this purpose and based on a symbol manipulation program speci cally intended for mechanics. We have written two such books, ENGINEERING MECHANICS ONLINE: STATICS and ENGINEERING MECHANICS ONLINE: DYNAMICS. Individuals interested in exploring the possibility of using these can contact us by e-mail at [email protected] So far, we have said nothing about the practice of mechanics at the professional level, a subject worthy of consideration separate from those of the teaching and learning of mechanics. This is where computerized symbol manipulation, in general, and AUTOLEV, in particular, can make an enormous impact, for it enables properly trained individuals to perform e cient analyses of complicated systems quickly and reliably while remaining in full control of modeling and solution processes. In this sense, teaching, learning, and practicing mechanics are intimately related to each other. IX


Forthcoming Events in South America

Contributed by G. C. Buscaglia1

Associate Editor


Balseiro, Univ. Nac. de Cuyo and Comisi n Nac. de Energ a At mica CNEA, o

o 8400, Bariloche, Argentina. The following is a non-exhaustive report of forthcoming activities in Argentina and the region that may be of interest to the members of the American Academy of Mechanics. From June 29 to July 2, the Fourth World Congress on Computational Mechanics WCCM'98 takes place in Buenos Aires, with over 1000 participants expected. Visit http: wccm.html or http: mstorti wccm.html for more details. Two pre-seminars are planned for the previous week, connected to WCCM'98. Professors B. Szabo, I. Babuka and R. Actis will lecture p- on hp- nite element methods in Mendoza Argentina s from June 22 to June 25 contact: [email protected] Simultaneously, the Pre-WCCM seminar Shape sensitivity analysis" will be held at the Lab. Nac. Comp. Cient., Petr polis, Rio de Janeiro, o Brazil contact: [email protected] In what concerns hydrology and hydraulics Santa Fe Argentina will host the XVII Congreso Nacional del Agua II Simp. Recursos H dricos del Cono Sur from August 3 to 7 contact: [email protected],

while structural mechanics is addressed in the XVI Jornadas Argentinas de Ingenier a Estructural that

will take place from September 22 to 25 in Buenos Aires contact: [email protected] Next one should call attention to LATCYM'98, the Latin American Congress on Heat and Mass Transfer Salta, Argentina, October 5-8, contact: [email protected], the International Conference on Martensitic Transformations Bariloche, Argentina, December 7-11, contact: [email protected] and, concerning free boundary problems, the VI Seminario Sobre Problemas de Frontera Libre y sus Aplicaciones Rosario, Argentina, December 14-18, contact: [email protected] Soon after, the AAM community will be meeting at Rio de Janeiro for the PACAM VI January 4-8, 1999. Interested readers are invited to visit the page

http: majordom congresos calendar.html

where Drs. M. Storti and V. Sonzogni mantain the calendar of the Asociaci n Argentina de Mec nica o a Computacional AMCA. @oddfoot


VISIT the AAM Website at http: AAM

Symposium on Advances in the Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Material Behavior

in Conjunction with the 1999 ASME Applied Mechanics and Materials Conference Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA June 27-30, 1999


in Honor of

Professor Roger Fosdick

The purposes of this symposium are to honor Professor Fosdick and to serve as a forum for the presentation of current issues in continuum mechanics, non-linear material models, and thermodynamics and phase transformations in solids - areas to which Professor Fosdick has made signi cant contributions. Papers are solicited in the above and related areas. Deadline for submission of one-page abstracts is January 15, 1999; format instructions may be found on the conference website http: mmconf . Authors also are encouraged to submit corresponding full length papers, also due by January 15, 1999, which, subject to the normal review process, will be published in a special extended issue of the Journal of Elasticity to be edited by Professor Donald Carlson. For instructions on manuscript preparation, consult the inside back cover of any recent issue of the Journal. Send the abstracts and the full length papers to the Symposium organizer: Prof. Yi-chao Chen Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Houston Houston, TX 77204-4792 Tel: 713 743-4533 FAX: 713 743-4503 E-Mail: [email protected] XI


International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Xi'an Jiaotong University, China National Natural Science Foundation of China National Science Foundation, USA

June 16-18, 1999 Xi'an, P.R. China Jointly sponsored and organized by

The International conference on Advanced Manufacturing Technology ICAMT'99 is to be held in Xi'an, China, on the 16-18 June, 1999. We are greatly honored to invite you to attend and contribute to this event. The objective of ICAMT'99 is to provide a forum for experts from international academia and industry community to exchange up-to-date ideas, ndings and experiences relevant to advanced manufacturing technology and innovations in manufacturing engineering education. The conference will consist of keynote speeches, invited papers and technical sessions, focused on both theory and applications. September 30, 1998, Receipt of three copies of abstracts October 30, 1998, Noti cation of Acceptance February 30, 1999, Receipt of camera ready manuscript April 30, 1999, Deadline of advance registration Please send three copies of abstract to Dr. Yucheng Ding Dr. DiChen Li College of Mechanical Engineering Xi'an Jiaotong University Xi'an 710049, P.R.China Tel: 86-29-3268936 Fax: 86-29-3237910 Email: [email protected]

Author's Calendar

First Joint Cost Management Societies Symposium

To be held this fall at the Baltimore convention center. This unique symposium is co-sponsored by AACE International The Association for the Advancement of cost Engineering, ASPE the American Society of Professional Estimators, and ISPA The International Society of Parametric Analysts. For Advance registration, or additional information, please contact AACE International at 800-858-COST. On site registration will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday, October 26, and from 9 a.m. to noon on Tuesday, October 27.

October 26-28, 1998




MAY 3-5, 1999 DEERFIELD BEACH RESORT, FLORIDA Keynote Address: Dan Inman, VPI, Smart Damping Symposia: Thick Section Composites Metalforming Inverse Loading Identi cation 36 Technical Sessions Renown Authors Presenters Composites Materials Crystal Growth Metalforming Fabrication Processes Explosive & Impact Loadings Fluids Heat MassTransfer Elasticity Plasticity Structures Experimental Mechanics Fracture Contact Mechanics Dynamics Vibrations Control Static Dynamic Stability Computational Methods Inverse Problems Geomechanics Hydraulics Beach Resort Hotel Attractive Rates Great Local Attractions For Program Registration Information, contact

Featuring divdept engincer sectam.htm

or Dr. Karl Stevens, SECTAM Executive Chair College of Engineering Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, FL 33431 561 297-3474 or [email protected]


PARIS - France July 5th - 9th , 1999 ANNOUNCEMENT AND FIRST CALL FOR PAPERS Prospective authors are invited to submit abstracts of two pages, including one or two gures, before mid September 1998. All abstracts should be e-mailed to ICCM-12, directly posted on ICCM-12 website or sent to the conference o ce on a disk 3"1 4 PC formatted. Instructions for abstracts and templates for various word-processors can be found on the web site. The general scope of ICCM-12 will be: See Conference World Wide Web Site for more details http:

Composites: from the Process to the Product

ICCM-12 Conference O ce MTE - BP 298 - F33605 PESSAC - France Tel: 3305 57 26 53 42 - Fax: 33 05 57 26 53 43 - e-mail: [email protected]



Fourth International Conference on Constitutive Laws for Engineering Materials: Experiment, Theory, Computation and Applications.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA. July 27 - July 30, 1999 Professor Erhard Krempl, Chair; Professor Chandra S. Desai, Co-Chair

The rst three conferences devoted to constitutive Laws of Engineering Materials were held in January of 1983, 1987 and 1991 at the University of Arizona in Tuscon, Arizona, under the leadership of Professor Chandra S. Desai. Since then signi cant advances in modeling, computation, experimentation, theory and application have been made. The conference is devoted to constitutive equations and provides a forum for the discussion of new and existing models for di erent classes of materials including metallic, polymeric, ceramic, concrete, and geologic materials and their applications in engineering. The conference also marks the 25th anniversary of the workshop on Inelastic Constitutive Equations sponsored by the Solid Mechanics Program of NSF at RPI. Professor Erhard Krempl, Department of Mechanical Eng., Aeronautical Eng. & Mechanics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY 12180-3590, Phone 518 276 6351, Fax 518 276 6025, email: [email protected]

Send inquiries to

http: clem99


The Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Virginia invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position at the assistant professor level in the area of structural engineering and applied mechanics beginning in January 1999. Applicants with exceptional quali cations may be considered at the associate professor level. Applicants should have a strong background in structural applied mechanics with particular interest and expertise in experimental and laboratory work dealing with advanced materials and structural elements. The successful applicant will have the opportunity to participate in the further development and utilization of an existing stateof-the-art laboratory devoted to behavior of advanced materials and structural components. Some background in ber reinforced composites or other advanced materials and their application to structural problems is desirable. Expertise in other areas of structural mechanics such as advanced nite element methods, structural dynamics. stability, and optimization will be a plus. Quali cations include a Ph.D. in structural applied mechanics and demonstrated potential for excellence in both teaching and research. Successful candidates will be expected to establish a quality research program and to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in civil engineering and in applied mechanics. In addition, applicants will be expected to establish and maintain a productive, externally funded research program in their area of expertise and to supervise graduate students pursuing M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Successful candidates should have an earned doctorate with at least one degree in Civil Engineering or Applied Mechanics. Applications will be reviewed until the position is lled. Please send a complete resume, and the names, addresses, telephone, FAX, and e-mail addresses of three references to: Dr. Furman W. Barton, Search Committee Chairman, Department of Civil Engineering, Thornton Hall, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903. The University of Virginia is an Equal Opportunity A rmative Action Employer.



UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA-LINCOLN Department of Engineering Mechanics Faculty Position in Solid Mechanics

The Department of Engineering Mechanics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, invites applications for a tenure track position with main duties at the Omaha campus. The position will be lled at the assistant professor level; however, exceptional quali ed and experienced candidates may be considered for a higher rank. Primary consideration will be given to applicants having a strong foundation in solid mechanics, preferably with application in an area such as manufacturing, advanced materials, or biomechanics. A doctoral degree in Engineering Mechanics or closely related area in engineering or applied mathematics is required The successful applicant must have potential for teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate level and for developing an externally funded research program. Pro ciency in English both written and oral, is essential. Candidates for a higher rank must demonstrate a sustained record of success in terms of research publications, external funding, and teaching. Send a letter of application, and a curriculum vitae including names, addresses, and telephone numbers of at least three professional references to: Dr. M.S. Wu Department of Engineering Mechanics W317.4 Nebraska Hall University Nebraska-Lincoln Lincoln, NE 68588 0526. Applications received before September 1,1998 will be given primary consideration; however, later applications will be considered until the position is lled or closed. UNL is committed to a pluralistic campus community through a rmative Action and Equal Opportunity and is responsive to the needs of dual career couples. We assure reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act; contact M. F Beatty, Chair, Department of Engineering Mechanics at 402-472-2377 for assistance.

THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics Faculty Position in Computational Mechanics

Applications for a tenure-track faculty position in the area of computational mechanics are invited. Specialties of interest include, but are not limited to, computational methods in solid mechanics, multi-body dynamics, materials and materials processing, and biomechanics. Preference will be given to appointments at the assistant professor level. However, exceptionally well quali ed candidates at higher levels will also be considered. Applicants should have a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering or a related eld and a demonstrated ability to conduct independent research. The selected candidate is expected to teach at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and to establish a signi cant research program. The University of Michigan is an equal Opportunity A rmative Action employer. Women and minority candidates are encouraged to apply. All participants should submit two copies of a detailed resume, a statement of research and teaching interests, and the names of at least four references to: Prof. N.C. Perkins, Computational Mechanics Search Committee Chair Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics 2250 G.G. Brown Laboratories University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2125



DUKE UNIVERSITY Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty Position in Structural Engineering and Mechanics

Duke University's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is inviting applications for a faculty position in the broad area of structural engineering and mechanics. The successful applicant will join an active group of faculty specializing in such areas as adaptive structures and magneto electro-rheologica control of earthquake response; computational prediction of large deformation of solid, structural and interfacial behaviors; mechanics of advanced composites; chemomechanics of environmentally exposed engineering and geo-materials; and noninvasive techniques in geomechnanics. In addition to these activities within the department, current civil and environmental engineering faculty engage in several productive interdisciplinary collaborations involving researchers in the other three Duke engineering departments, in the Duke Medical Center, in the Nicholas School of the Environment, and in mathematics. The structural engineering and mechanics group seeks to make research contributions that will in uence the future of civil engineering while also having impact beyond its traditional boundaries. Research areas of interest in the present search include, but are not limited to: computational mechanics, structural hazard mitigation, experimental mechanics, and infrastructure decay and structural aging. The position will be lled only by an applicant with an exceptional commitment to excellence in research, teaching, and professional service The rank is open, and the appointment will be made according to the experience, achievement, and promise of the successful candidate, who will demonstrate the qualities of creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurship that are common to successful academic researchers in the present educational and funding climate. Duke University, which attracts top students at both undergraduate and graduate levels and which has a diverse and vibrant faculty, is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from scholars belonging to historically underepresented groups. Applications will be accepted until the position is lled, but applicants are encouraged to submit a curriculum vitae, a statement of research and teaching accomplishments and goals, and a list of three references by November 1, 1998 to allow a full consideration of their quali cations and suitability for this position. Application materials should be sent to: Structural Engineering Search, Professor Henry Patroski, Chairman, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Duke University, Box 90287, Durham, NC 27708-0287. Duke University Is An Equal Opportunity A rmative Action Employer

Introduction to Wave Propagation in Nonlinear Fluids and Solids

Waves occur widely in nature and have innumerable commercial uses. Pressure waves are responsible for the sound of speech, bow waves created by meteors can virtually ignite the earth's atmosphere, ultrasonic waves are used for medical imaging, and shock waves are used for the synthesis of new materials. Although much has been written about linear and nonlinear waves, most books approach the topic at an advanced level. This book provides a thorough, modern introduction to the subject. Beginning with fundamental concepts of motion, the book goes on to discuss linear and nonlinear mechanical waves, thermodynamics, and constitutive models. In contrast to many classic works, which were limited to nonlinear waves in gases, this text also includes liquids and solids as integral parts of the subject. Among the important areas of research and application that will bene t from this text are impact analysis, shock wave research, explosive detonation, nonlinear acoustics, and hypersonic aerodynamics. Students at an advanced undergraduate graduate level will nd this text a clear and comprehensive introduction to the study of wave phenomena, and it will also be a valuable professional reference for engineers and applied physicists.

D. S. Drumheller




Acta Materialia 468 1998

2573 Computer simulation of stress-oriented nucleation and growth of theta' precipi- DY Li, LQ Chen tates in al-cu alloys 2587 Long range order and vacancy properties in fe-rich fe3a1 and fe3a1cr alloys DG Morris 2603 Thermally induced delamination of multilayers BF Sorenson, S Sarraute, O Jorgenson, A Horsewell 2617 On the kinetics of interface-di usion-controlled peritectoid reactions L Klinger, Y Brechet, G Purdy 2623 Grain rotation in thin lms of gold AH King, KE Harris, VV Singh 2635 Prediction of si contents to suppress the interfacial reaction in the sicp 2014 ai JC Lee, SB Park, CS Oh, HI Lee composite 2645 On the solidi cation of dendritic arrays selection of the tip characteristics of B Spencer, HE Huppert slender needle crystals by array interactions 2663 Dislocation nucleation and the intrinsic fracture behavior of l12 intermetallic JS Wan alloys 2675 The strengthening e ect of a13ti in high temperature deformation of a1-a13ti PW Kao, SH Wang composites 2683 Modelling deformation and recrystallization textures in calcite RA Lebensohn, HR Wenk, CN Tome 2695 E ect of al-rich o -stoichiometry on the yield stress of binary ni3al single crystals D Goldberg, M Demura, T Hirano 2705 Mechanical properties of tinbta single crystals at cryogenic temperatures T Kawabata, S Kawasaki, O Izumi 2717 High temperature creep behavior of oxide dispersion strengthened nial E Arzt, P Grahle intermetallics 2729 Ti-content and annealing temperature dependence of deformation characteristics SM Tan, VH No, S Miyazaki of tixni92-xcu8 shape memory alloys 2741 An internal variable theory structural superplasticity TK Ha, YW Chang 2751 Development of recrystallization texture in if-steel an e ort to explain develop- I Samajdar, B Verlinden, P Van Houtte ments in global texture from microtextural studies 2765 Experiments and full-scale numerical simulations of in-plane crushing of a SD Papka, S Kyriakides honeycomb 2777 Origin of chessboard-like structures in decomposing alloys theoretical model and AG Khachaturyan, Y Le Bouar, A Loiseau computer simulation 2789 High strain rate superelasticity in a continuously recrystallized al-6mg-0.3sc TG Nieh, LM Hsiung, J Wadsworth, R alloy Kaibyshev 2801 W content in co binder during sintering of wc-co S Haglund, J Agren 2809 On the secondary recrystallization of ma754 JW Martin, MA Miodownik, AJ Wilkinson 2823 The solubility and di usion of carbon in palladium H Numakura, H Yokoyama, M Koiwa 2831 The in uence of mechanical alloying on the synthesis of ni3si,ti intermetallics L Delaey, S Van Dyck, L Froyen, L Buekenhout 2841 Power measurements during mechanical milling ii the case of "single path cumu- M Magini, C Colella, A Iasonna, F Padella lative" solid state reaction 2851 A micromechanical model for dual-phase superplastic materials P Dang, N Chandra 2859 Numerical modeling of the creep behavior of unidirectional eutectic composites DV Kolluru, TM Pollock 2877 The solubility of hydrogen in nia1 RB Mclellan, ZR Xu 2881 The e ect of matrix microstructure and reinforcement shape on the creep defor- SL Kampe, J Christodoulou, CR Feng, L mation of near-y titanium aluminide composites. Christodoulou, DJ Michel 2895 Faceting of the interface between al2o3 and anorthite glass MP Mallamaci, CB Carter 2909 Grain boundary strengthening of copper-base copper-manganese and copper- D Lobemeier, H Klein, E Nembach gallium solid solutions 2913 Deformation twinning at low temperatures in a hf-v-nb cubic laves phase DE Luzzi, G Rao, TA Dobbins, DP Pope 2929 Surface relief e ects associated with the formation of grain boundary allotri- XZ Bo, HS Fang omorph in an fe-c alloy 2937 Two-phase coexistence in fe-cu alloys synthesized by ball milling LB Hong, B Fultz 2947 An x-ray study on the mechanical e ects of the peel test in a cu cr polyimide IS Park, J Yu system.

Acta Materialia

2955 Aspects of equivalence between contact mechanics and fracture mechanics: theorectical connectionsand a life-prediction methodology for fretting-fatigue 2969 Creep behaviour of a b'nial precipitation strengthened ferritic fe-cr-ni-al alloy 2977 E ects of age hardening on magnetic and transport properties of mg-1.3wtce alloys 2983 Field kinetic model and computer simulation of precipitation of l12 ordered intermatallics from fcc solid solution 3003 A poly-inclusion approach for the elastic modelling of knitted fabric composites 3015 Numerical modelling of electro-elastic eld in ferroelectric crystal containing 90 twin boundary 3027 Development of nnis-sinclair type potentials for pb, pb-bi, and pb-ni systems application to surface segregation 3033 Shear localization and chemical reaction in high-strain-rate deformation of ti-si powder mixtures

469 1998

AE Giannakopoulos, TC Lindley, S Suresh SM Zhu, SC Tjong, JKL Lai T Yamashita, PM Kelly, P Cavallaro, M Hisa Y Wang, D Banerjee, CC Su, AG Khachaturyan G Huysmans, I Verpoest, P Van Houtte S Kovalev, M Sakai A Landa, P Wynblatt, A Girshick, V Vitek, A Ruban, H Skriver MA Meyers, HC Chen, JC Lasalvia, VF Nesterenko



3047 Subsurface strain distribution around vickers indentations in annealed polycrystalline copper 3057 In-situ high temperature x-ray di raction study of cu al2o3 interface reactions 3063 Elastic analysis of nite sti ness bimaterial interfaces application to dislocation interface interactions 3077 Transition of mechanisms controlling the dislocation motion in cubic zro2 below 700 c 3087 Self-consistent modelling of the plastic deformation of fcc polycrystals and its implications for di raction measurements of internal stresses 3099 Unusual strain rate dependence of low temperature fracture behavior in high nitrogen bearing austenitic steels 3109 Aluminum foams produced by liquid state processes 3125 Damage analysis of aluminum matrix composite considering non-uniform distribution of sic particles 3135 Cleavage fracture and crack tip dislocationemission in b2 nial: an atomistic study 3145 Cube recrystallization texture in warm deformed aluminium: understanding and prediction 3159 E ects of multi-step annealing treatments on the composition-dependent crystal nucleation in na2o.2cao.3sio2 glasses 3165 Analytical determination of the average eshelby tensor for transversely isotropic bre orientation distributions 3175 Measurement of interfacial fracture energy by single bre push-out testing and its application to the titanium-silicon carbide system 3191 Theoretical analysis of liquid-phase sintering: pore lling theory 3203 E ect of weak convection on lamellar spacing of eutectics 3211 Strain localization and formation of heterogeneous distribution of shearable ordered precipitates: application to an al-10atli single crystal 3221 Dislocation mobility and the mechanical response of bbc single crystals: a mesoscopic approach 3237 Interfacial shear debonding problems in ber-reinforced ceramic composites 3247 Modeling reactive wetting 3265 Modeling slip, kink and shear banding in classical and generalized single crystal plasticity 3283 The crystal structure of the b" phase in a1-mg-si alloys MM Chaudhri T Fujimura, SI Tanaka DJ Srolovitz, LE Shilkrot B Baufeld, U Messerschmidt, BV Petukhov, M Bartsch B Clausen, T Lorentzen, T Le ers Y Tomota, J Nakano, Y Xia, K Inoue L Gibson, AE Somone M Geni, M Kikuchi M Ludwig, P Gumbsch I Samajdar, RD Doherty KL Narayan, F Kelton B Johannesson, O Pedersen AF Kalton, TW Clyne, SJ Howard, J JanczakRusch SM Lee, SJL Kang D Ma, WQ Jie, Y Li, SC Ng AW Zhu M Tang, LP Kubin, GR Canova CH Hsueh, PF Becher JA Warren, WJ Boettiger, AR Roosen S Forest

SJ Andersen, HW Zandbergen, J Jansen, C Traeholt, U Trundal, O Reiso 3299 The local interactions of co and fe in beta-phase coxga1-x alloys investigated I Dezsi, I Szucs, C Fetzer, W Keune by mossbauer e ect 3305 Microstructural and kinetic aspects of the transformations induced in a feal alloy S Gialanella, X Amils, MD Baro, P Delcroix, by ball-milling and thermal treatments G Le Caer, L Lutterotti, S Surinach 3317 The process of grain re nement in equal-channel angular pressing TG Langdon, Y Iwahashi, Z Horita, M Nemoto

Acta Materialia

3333 Ferroelasticity or rubber like behaviour in stabilized cu-zn-a1 single crystals 3343 Interdi usion and solid state reactions in powder mixtures one more model 3355 Application of microstructuresselection maps to dropletsolidi cationa case study of the ni-cu system af norman, k eckler, a zambon, f gartner, sa moir, e ramous, dm herlach, al 3371 The evolution of recrystallization textures in body centered cubic metals 3381 B and b precipitation in an a1-mg alloy studied by dsc and tem 3399 Isothermal creep of metallic glasses a new approach and its experimental veri cation 3409 Modeling brittle and tough stress-strainbehavior in unidirectionalceramic matrix compostites 3421 Model of creep in 001 oriented superalloy single crystals 3433 Ternary site preference energies, size mis ts and solid solution hardening in nia1 and fea1 3443 The structure of hcp-bcc interfaces in a zr-nb alloy 3455 3467 3477 3485 3491 3501 3511 3523

4610 1998

M Ahlers, JA Giampaoli, JL Pelegrina AM Gusak, GV Lucenko Greer YB Park, DN Lee, G Gottstein MJ Starink, AM Zahra VA Khonik, AT Kosilov, VA Mikhailov, VV Sviridov WA Curtin, BK Ahn, N Takeda

J Svoboda, P Lukas DL Novikov, NI Medvedeva, YN Gornostyrev, ON Mryasov, AJ Freeman WZ Zhang, GC Weatherly, V Perovic, A Perovic, GR Purdy An experimental and modeling investigation of the external strain, internal stress WD Armstrong, T Lorentzen, P Brondsted, and ber phase transformationbehaviorof a niti actuated aluminummetal matrix PH Larsen composite Grain-boundary segregation in a1-10mg alloys at hot working temperatures XY Liu, JB Adams Nonmental di usion coe cients for the ta-c and ta-n systems D Rafaja, W Lengauer, H Wiesenberger Interfacial instability and microstructural growth due to solidi cation in laser A Kar, W Guo processing Wetting of silicon carbide by chromium containing alloys P Xiao, B Derby Mathematical modelling of the mechanical aloying kinetics SK Pabi, D Das, TK Mahapatra, I Manna Direct measurement of sprayform temperatures and the e ect of liquid fraction B Cantor, KP Mingard, PW Alexander, SJ on microstructure Langridge, GA Tomlinson Precipitation hardening of an alloy P Ratchev, B Verlinden, P De Smet, P Van Houtte



3535 Ti5si3 and ti5si3 basedd alloys: alloying behavior, microstructure and mechanical property evaluation 3547 The in uence of loading rate on crack bridging processes in al2o3 3557 Formation of cavity stringers during superplastic deformation 3571 Constrained yielding in niobium single crystals bonded to sapphire 3583 Compressive deformationand yielding mechanismsin cellular al alloys determined using x-ray tomography and surface strain mapping 3593 Flow behavior and microstructure of co3ti intermetallic alloy during superplastic deformation 3605 Non-linear deformation mechanisms during nanoindentation 3619 Heat transfer in open-cell metal foams 3637 E ects of ductile matrix failure in three dimensional analysis of metal matrix composites 3649 Phase diagram based description of the hysteresis behavior of shape memory alloys 3667 A1fcc:a13scl12interphase boundary energy calculations 3679 Modeling radiation induced segregation in austenitic fe-cr-ni alloys 3693 Dislocations, grain size and planar faults in nanostructured copper determined by high resolution x-ray di raction and a new procedure of peak pro le analysis 3701 Spontaneous growth mechanism of tin whiskers L Zhang, J Wu S Tandon, KT Faber A Youse ani, FA Mohamed, JC Earthman G Soyez, G Elssner, M Ruhle, R Raj H Bart-Smith, AF Bastawros, DR Mumm, AG Evans, DJ Sypeck, HNG Wadley WY Kim, T Takasugi, S Hanada DF Bahr, WW Gerberich, DE Kramer TJ Lu, HA Stone, MF Ashby V Tvergaard A Bekker, LC Brinson RW Hyland Jr., M Asta, SM Foiles, CL Rohrer TR Allen, GS Was T Ungar, S Ott, PG Sanders, A Borbely, JR Weertman BZ Lee, DN Lee

Acta Materialia

3715 Preface to the special section on "coupled property issues in integrated microstructures" 3717 Di usional counter ows during electromigration. 3725 Stable state of interconnect under temperature change and electric current 3733 Current density and line width e ects in electromigration: a new damage-based lifetime model. 3745 Materials issues in design and performance of piezoelectricactuators: an overview 3755 The e ect of surface stress on the stability of surfaces of stressed solids 3761 Internal stresses and strains in coherent multilayers. 3767 X-ray optical multilayers: microstructure limits on re ectivity at ultra-short periods 3777 Microstructuresand basic magnetic propertiesof co-based epitaxial magnetic thin lms. 3787 E ects of substrate cooling in hard magnetic disk sputtering process on protective overcoat and magnetic layer properties 3793 Micro nanoscale friction and wear mechanisms of thin lms using atomic force and friction force microscopy 3805 Fabrication of lm heads with high moment materials 3813 The e ect of nitrogenation on gmr and microstructures of granular ni0.8fe0.220ag80 thin lms. 3821 Kinetics of stress relaxation caused by the combination of interfacial sliding and di usion two-dimensional analysis 3829 Microstructuresand mechanicalpropertiesof rapidly solidi edhigh strength a1-ni based alloys 3839 The strength of a12o3 sic nanocomposites after grinding and annealing 3849 Liquidus temperatures and solidi cation behavior in the copper-niobium system 3857 The e ect of the microstructure on the superplasticity of a duplex stainless steel 3863 Control of grain growth using intergranular silicate phases in cubic vttria stabilized zirconia 3873 Orientation dependence of creep of ni3a1 at intermediate temperature 3883 Unifed thermodynamic analysis of the stress-assisted y-e martenstic transformation in fe-mn-si alloys 3893 The precipitation sequence in a1-mg-si alloys 3905 E ect of inclusion morpholology on the densi cation of powder composites 3915 Computer simulationof morphologicalevolution and coarseningkinetics of a13li precipitates in a1-li alloys 3929 The e ects of cell face curvature and corrugations on the sti ness and strength of metallic foams 3937 High strain rate superplasticity in metal matrix composites the role of load transfer 3949 Modelling of reaustenitisation from the pearlite structure in steel 3963 Stress singularity near the crack-tip in silicon carbide investigation by atomic force microscopy 3975 Misorientation e ects on discontinuous precipitation in a1-ag-ga 3985 A general morphological approach of sintering kinetics application to wc-co solid phase sintering 3995 High temperature plastic deformation of multilayered ytzp zta composites obtained by tape casting 4005 Flow behavior of pst and fully lamellar polycrystals of ti-48a1 in the microstrain regime No Author IA Blech Z Suo O Kraft., E Arzt

4611 1998

K Uchino CH Wu, J Hsu, CH Chen B Shoykhet., PM Hazzledine, MA Grinfeld CC Walton, G Thomas, JB Kortright M Futamoto, N Inaba, A Nakamura, Y Honda EV Anoikin, MM Yang, MT Sullivan, JL Chao, JW Ager Iii B Bhushan, S Sundararajan RE Jones, Jr TS Oh, WK Choo, G Thomas S Onaka, JH Huang, K Wakashima, T Mori JQ Guo, K Ohtera B Derby, HZ Wu, CW Lawrence, SG Roberts D Li, MB Robinson, TJ Rathz, G Williams M Sagradi, D Pulino-Sagradi, RE Medrano M Mecartney, AA Sharif, PH Imamura, TE Mitchell IP Jones, WH Zhu, D Fort, RE Smallman R Stalmans, M Andersson, J Agren G Dunlop, GA Edwards, K Stiller, MJ Couper D Bouvard, F Delie LQ Chen, R Poduri LJ Gibson, AE Simone TG Langdon, Y Li A Jacot, M Rappaz, RC Reed T Kinoshita G Gottstein, S Hirth JM Missiaen, S Roure MJ Melendo, C Clauss, A DominguezRodriguez TA Parthasarathy, MG Mendiratta, DM Dimiduk



4017 Mechanical behavior of an fe-40a1-0.6c alloy 4029 Evolution of microstructures resulting from dendrite growth in undercooled fe-crni melts 4037 High-strain-rate deformation of granular silicon carbide 4067 Modi cation of interdendritic convection in directional solidi cation by a uniform magnetic eld 4081 Crystallography of spheroidite and tempered martensite KS Kumar, L Pang DM Herlach, SA Moir, K Eckler CJ Shih, MA Meyers, VF Nesterenko P Lehmann, R Moreau, D Camel, R Bolcato MX Zhang, PM Kelly

Acta Mechanica

1283-4 1998

141 Uniform asymptotic solutions for small and large sessile drops review Homentcovschi D. Geer J. Singler T. 173 Uniform suction blowing e ect on forced convection about a wedge - uniform Yih KA. heat ux 183 Thermal convection between two coaxial horizontal square containers Nakagawa TMS. Ishikawa KH. Funawatashi Y. Suzuki T. 201 Heat transfer from a continuous surface in a parallel free stream of viscoelastic Hady FM. Gorla RSR. uid 209 Energy ux and dissipation in pre-stressed solids Caviglia G. Morro A. 217 Maximum density e ects on natural convection in a vertical annulus lled with a Char MI. Lee GC. non-darcy porous medium 233 Film cooling e ectiveness for subsonic slot into a cross ow Fitt AD. Stefanidis V. 243 Thermoelastic interactions without energy dissipation due to a line heat source Chandrasekharaiah DS. Srinath KS. 253 A note on the linear instability of the blasius ow Dey J. Das D. 259 Flow of a second-order uid over a stretching surface having power-law Nataraja HR. Sarma MS. Rao BN. temperature 263 Comments and authors reply on the measurementof bulk viscosity and the elastic- Olevsky EA. Boccaccini AR. viscous analogy by wilson,s.d.r. acta mechanica 120, 217-225 1997 - 1 - letter to the editor 266 Comments and authors reply on the measurementof bulk viscosity and the elastic- Wilson SDR. viscous analogy by wilson,s.d.r. acta mechanica 120, 217-225 1997 - 2 authors reply

Acta Mechanica

1 13 Applications of the concept of j-integrals for calculation of generalized forces Analytical investigation of heat transfer in couette ow through a porous medium utilizing the brinkman-forchheimer-extended darcy model 25 New solutions of the ii - stokes problem for an oscillating at plate 31 Analysis of the in uence of various e ects on criteria for adiabatic shear band localization in single crystals 63 Heat transfer in a uid with variable thermal conductivity over a linearly stretching sheet 73 Internal-variable constitutive model for rate-independent plasticity with hardening saturation surface 97 E ect of viscosity on the shock wave pro le in dusty gases 107 Caveats concerning conjugate stress and strain measures for frame indi erent anisotropic elasticity 117 Determination of the macrodispersive parameters of a motion in a two-layer porous medium 127 Asymptotic solutions for two-site non-equilibrium transport Muller WH. Kemmer G. Kuznetsov AV.

1291-2 1998

Turbatu S. Buhler K. Zierep J. Perzyna P. Korbel K. Chiam TC. Fuschi P. Polizzotto C. Hamad H. Brannon RM.

Marinoschi G. Ghergut I. Homentcovschi D. Jaekel U. Vereecken H. Homentcovschi D. Ghergut I. Marinoschi G. Vereecken H. Jaekel V. 133 Some analytical solutions for the 2+1-dimensional nonintegrable and integrable Tian B. Zhao KY. Gao YT. dispersive long wave equations

Acta Mechanica

139 Hyperplastic homogenized law for reinforced elastomer at nite strain with edge e ects 163 Particle deposition from natural convection boundary layer ow onto an isothermal vertical cylinder 177 E ect of thermal radiation on natural convection over cylinders of elliptic cross section 187 A non-hypersingular boundary integral formulation for displacement gradients in linear elasticity 207 Two-dimensional analysis of geosynthetic tubes 219 E ect of thermophoresis on submicron particle deposition from a forced laminar boundary layer ow onto an isothermal moving plate 231 Evaluation of the elastic property based on boundary measurement Pruchnicki E. Chiou MC.

1293-4 1998

Hossain MA. Alim MA. Rees DAS. Dong YF. Gea HC. Plaut RH. Suherman S. Chiou MC. Tadi M.



243 Stability of the boundary layer on a sphere rotating in still uid Taniguchi H. Kobayashi R. Fukunishi Y. 255 A numerical solution for the laminar boundary layer ow with an exponentially Chiam TC. decreasing velocity distribution 263 Certain inverse solutions of the plane creeping ow of a second-order uid Siddiqui AM.

Applied Mathematical Modelling

A linear inverse model for the temperature-dependent thermal conductivity determination in onde-dimensional problems 11 Application of taylor transformation to optimize rectangular ns with variable thermal parameters 23 Beta-distributed age in manpower planning models 39 Comparison of two-way coupling models for con ned turbulent gas-particle jets in ash smelting 57 Conservative motion of discrete, tetrahedral tops and gyroscopes. 69 High-order-accurate discretization of a second-oredr equation with discontinuous coe cients. 81 Boundary element method analysis for the transient conduction-convection 2-d with spatially variable convective velocity. 113 Laminar amelet modelling of turbulent premixed combustion 1 CY Yang LT Yu, CK Chen

221-2 1998

C Shivanagaraju, PKJ Mohapatra MR Davidson D Greenspan M Arad, A Yakhot SJ Desilva, CHOLIK Chan AC Benim

Applied Mathematical Modelling

137 Enhanced lumped-di erential formulations of di usion problems 153 Simulation of free surface recirculating ows in semi-enclosed water bodies by a k-model. 165 A coastal ocean model intercomparison study for a three-dimensional idealised test case. 183 A fast boundary element algorithm for time-dependent potential problems. 197 Stochastic modeling of fatique crack prpagation. EJ Correa, RM Cotta CW Li B Tartinville M Zerroukat A Ray

223 1998

Applied Mathematics & Mechanics English Edition

1 9 15 21 27 37 45 59 67 75 85 95 An improvement and proof of ogy method Imperfection sensitivity analysis of a rectangular column compressed into the plastic range Finite element analysis of temperature eld with phase transformation and nonlinear surface heat-transfer coe cient during quenching Pressure-transient analysis of two-layers fractal reservoirs The existence of solution to the nite elastodynamics with mixed boundary conditions The damage process zone characteristics at crack tip in concrete The theory of relativistic analytical mechanics of the rotational systems Hahn-banach theorem of set-valued map Control of the lorenz chaos by the exact linearization On the regularization method of the rst kind of fredholm integral equation with a complex kernel and its application General analytic solution for elastic bending of reissner plates An extended kappa-epsilon model for numerical simulation of wind ow around buildings

191 January 1998

Yang L. Liu ZG. Cheng YS. Fang H. Lu WD. Cheng HM. Zhang SH. Wang HG. Li JY. Li FH. Liu CQ. Guo XM. Ye ZM. Luo SK. Meng ZQ. Chen LQ. Liu YZ. You YX. Miao GP. Sun WM. Yang GS. Chen SF. Sun BN. Tang JC.

Applied Mathematics & Mechanics English Edition

101 Boundary element method for solving dynamical response of viscoelastic thin plate ii - theoretical analysis 111 Shear e ects on large amplitude forced vibration of symmetrically laminated rectilinearly orthotropic circular plates 121 Bifurcation in a nonlinear du ng system with multi-frequency external periodic forces 129 Limit circles bifurcated from a soft spring du ng equation under perturbation 135 Lagranges theorem for a class of nonholonomic systems and its application 147 Plane problems in piezoelectric media with elliptic inclusion 157 Using fredholm integral equation of the second kind to solve the vertical vibration of elastic plate on an elastic half space 163 The auto-adjustable damping method for solving nonlinear equations 169 Vibrations of one-way rectangular stepped thin plates on winklers foundation Xu JC. Liu RH.

192 February 1998

Ding R. Zhu ZY. Cheng CJ. Bi QS. Chen YS. Wu ZQ. Cheng FD. Li GC. He SB. Hou MS. Yang QJ. Bo J. Chang HP. Huang TP. Zhang YS. Wang XS.



179 The rebel travelling of general nonlinear evolutional equation and discussion on Ouyang SC. Wang YZ. Wu Y. Li C. related problems 191 Reciprocal theorem method for the forced vibration of elastic thick rectangular Li HJ. Fu BL. Tan WF. plates

Applied Mathematics & Mechanics English Edition

207 Simulation of typhoons anomalous track i - rankine vortex model 213 Taylor polynomial stepwise re nement algorithm for lie and high symmetries of partial di erential equations 221 Wavelet analysis in testing signals 227 Snap-buckling of dished shallow shells under line loads 237 Identi cation of quasi-static displacement for constitutive models of viscoelasticity 243 Spherical wave propagation in saturated soils 253 Panderivative blown-up of ground temperature and predicting earthquake 263 The fractal structure of attractor for the generalized kuramoto-sivashinsky equations 279 Property degradation of anisotropic composite laminates with matrix cracking i - constitutive relation developing for 0m 90ms cracked laminates by sti ness partition 289 M-p inverse topological variation method of nite element structures

193 March 1998

Lin M. Li JC. Li L. Zhang HQ. Chao L. Tang LM. Zhang XW. Luo SM. Nakagini S. Liu D. Chen SL. Yang HT. Wu RF. Zhang Q. Xu CJ. Wu SM. Li C. Ouyang SC. Tang MC. Dai ZD. Guo BL. Lin GG. Hua Y. Wang XG. Li ZN. Chen SH. Liang P. Han WZ.

Archive for Rational Mechanics & Analysis

301 319 335 353 Uniqueness of weak solutions to systems of conservation laws Linear approximation for supersonic ow past a delta wing Nonlinear stability of homogeneous models in newtonian cosmology Generic properties of solutions to partial di erential equations Bressan A. Le och P. Chen SX. Rein G. Damon J.

1404 1997

Archive of Applied Mechanics

71 85 103 122 128 137 Microscopic modelling of volume expansion and pressure dependence of plastic yielding in crystalline solids Objective localization criterion and behavior for nite deformation plasticity - a lagrangian formulation Series solutions for a transversely loaded and completely clamped thick rectangular plate based on the three-dimensional theory of elasticity A bilinear form of the variational principle with vanishing parameter Thermoelastic contact problem of two rotating bodies with frictional heat generation in annular region Investigation of metal extrusion and axial compression of compressible media by means of a modi ed slab method Brunig M.

682 March 1998

Khen R. Desoyer T. Dragon A. Okumura IA. Oguma Y. Vujanovic BD. Baclic BS. Yevtushenko A. Kultchytskyzhyhailo R. Axmann C. Mannl V.

Archive of Applied Mechanics

147 A fast algorithm for soil dynamics calculations by wavelet decomposition 158 Critical behaviour of a timoshenko beam half plane system under a moving load 169 Stability analysis of gravity driven shear ows with free surface for power-law uids 179 Nonlocal stress eld of interface dislocations 185 The in uence of variable sti ness of teeth on dynamic loads in single-gear transmission 195 Low-dimensional chaotic response of axially accelerating continuum in the supercritical regime 206 Analytical formulation of stresses in curved composite beams 214 Ultimate deformation behavior of a laminated spherical shell 227 Special approach for the determination of fracture mechanical parameters at an interface crack tip 237 Hierarchical modeling in multibody dynamics 247 Crack shielding and material deterioration in damaged materials - an antiplane shear fracture problem 259 Fuzzy-logic control of parametrically excited impacting exible system 271 Some particular solutions for penny-shaped crack problem by using hypersingular integral equation or di erential-integral equation

683-4 April 1998

Lieb M. Sudret B. Suiker ASJ. Deborst R. Esveld C. Berezin YA. Hutter K. Spodareva LA. Pan KL. Takeda N. Nadolski W. Pielorz A. Ravindra B. Zhu WD. Segura JM. Armengaud G. Zhang XZ. Hasebe N. Herrmann KP. Loboda VV. Eberhard P. Schiehlen W. Jin ZH. Batra RC. Marghitu DB. Diaconescu C. Boghiu D. Chen YZ. Lin XY. Peng ZQ.



281 The homogenization method for the study of variation of poissons ratio in ber Theocaris PS. Stavroulakis GE. composites

Archive of Applied Mechanics

297 On applications of the microlocal parameter method in modelling of temperature distributions in composite cylinders 308 A model for the viscoelastic behavior of polymers at nite strains 323 Shear deformable bending solutions for nonuniform beams and plates with elastic end restraints from classical solutions 334 The in-plane sti nesses of a honeycomb core including the thickness e ect 342 Secondary buckling of an elastic column with spring-supports at clamped ends 352 Analysis of anisotropy and plastic spin e ects on localization phenomena

685 May 1998

Matysiak SJ. Pauk VJ. Yevtushenko AA. Drozdov AD. Wang CM. Chen CC. Kitipornchai S. Becker W. Wu B. Duszekperzyna MK. Perzyna P.

Communications on Pure & Applied Mathematics

515 May 1998

443 On burgers-type equations with nonmonotonic dissipative uxes Kurganov A. Levy D. Rosenau P. 475 Well-posedness, global existence, and blowup phenomena for a periodic quasi- Constantin A. Escher J. linear hyperbolic equation 505 Asymptotic limit of initial boundary value problems for conservation laws with Wang WC. Xin ZP. relaxational extensions

Communications on Pure & Applied Mathematics

551 On the convergence of stable phase transitions 581 A strong maximum principle for weak solutions of quasi-linear elliptic equations with applications to lorentzian and riemannian geometry 625 Long-wave instabilities and saturation in thin lm equations 663 The wave equation on the lattice in two and three dimensions Bertozzi AL. Pugh MC. Schultz P.

516 June 1998

Padilla P. Tonegawa Y. Andersson L. Galloway G. Howard R.

Communications on Pure & Applied Mathematics

697 L-2-sobolev space bijectivity of the scattering and inverse scattering transforms 733 Singularity formation in thin jets with surface tension 797 The gap lemma and geometric criteria for instability of viscous shock pro les Zhou X. Pugh MC. Shelley MJ. Gardner RA. Zumbrun K.

517 July 1998

Composites Part A: Applied Science & Manufacturing

295-6 1998

485 Modelling face-core bonding in sandwich manufacturing: thermoplastic faces and M Akermo, BT Astrom rigid closed-cell foam core 495 Direct monitoring of silane epoxy interphase chemistry ME Connell, WM Cross, TG Snyder, RM Winter, JJ Kellar 503 Prediction of delamination initiation and growth from discontinuous plies using interface elements 517 The e ect of strain rate and prestress on the mechanical behaviour of aal Z Yuanxin, X Yuanmin 525 Fibre-matrix debonding stress analysis for short bre-reinforced materials with JJ Horst, NV Salienko, JL Spoormaker matrix plasticity, nite element modelling and experimental veri cation 533 Investigations into various methods of liquid injection to achieve mouldings with D Abraham, R Mcilhagger minimum void contents and full wet out 541 A nite element simulation of resin transfer molding based on partial nodal sat- M Lin, HT Hahn, H Huh uration and implicit time integration 551 An analysis of the hygrothermoelastic behaviour of glass fabric composites M Karama, P Pegoraro, M Touratier 565 Microstructure evolution during multidirectional solidi cation of al-cu-sic B Dutta, MK Surappa composites 575 Characterization of tensile behaviour of hybrid short glass ber calcite parti- SY Fu, B Lauke cle abs composites 585 Experimental investigation of pultrusion of glass bre reinforced polypropylene A Carlsson, BT Astrom composites 595 Control of composition gradient in a metal-ceramic functionally graded material Y Watanabe, N Yamanaka, Y Fukui manufactured by the centrifugal method 603 Modeling the edge e ect in liquid composites molding A Hammami, R Gauvin, F Trochu 611 Manufacture and properties of a polyethylene homocomposite A Mosleh, NP Suh, J Arinez 619 E ect of interphase on the transverse young's modulus of glass epoxy composites G Wacker, AK Bledzki, A Chate 627 Non-empirical study of the solubility of boron bers in ti-based composite B Revzin, J Pelleg, D Fuks materials



631 Fracture resistance of un lled and calcite-particle- lled abs composites reinforced by short glass bers sgf under impact load 643 Interface morphologies in polyole n ber reinforced concrete composites 651 Rapid prototyping of composite parts using resin transfer molding and laminated object manufacturing 663 Impregnation of a glass bre roving with a polypropylene melt in a pin assisted process 671 Manufacture and evaluation of hoop-wound bre-reinforced aluminium alloy tube 681 Elastic moduli and damage mechanisms in 3d braided composites incorporating pultruded rods 693 Metal inserts in structural composite materials manufactured by rtm 701 In uence of glass bre epoxy resin interface on static mechanical properties of unidirectional composites and on fatigue performance of cross ply composites SY Fu, B Lauke L Yan, RL Pendleton, CHM Jenkins MJ Tari, A Bals, J Park, MY Lin, HT Hahn RJ Gaymans, E Wevers AS Chen, VD Scott, RS Bushby WS Kuo, TH Ko, HI Chen B Ferret, M Anduze, C Nardari S Keusch, H Queck, K Gliesche

Computational Mechanics

91 An error estimate in the efg method 101 A shell theory with independent rotations for relaxed biot stress and right stretch strain 123 A posteriori error control in nite element methods via duality techniques - application to perfect plasticity 134 Numerical study of soft adhesively bonded joints in nite elasticity 141 Some comments on the use of radial basis functions in the dual reciprocitymethod 149 Elastic plastic analysis iterative solution 161 Assumed strain and hybrid destabilized ten-node c-0 triangular shell elements 172 Finite element computation of unsteady viscous transonic ows past stationary airfoils 189 A numerical algorithm for stress integration of a ber- ber kinetics model with coulomb friction for connective tissue

212 March 1998

Chung HJ. Belytschko T. Wisniewski K. Rannacher R. Suttmeier FT. Lebon F. Khaoua AO. Licht C. Golberg MA. Chen CS. Bowman H. Power H. Giambanco F. Palizzolo L. Cirone L. Sze KY. Zhu D. Mittal S. Kojic M. Mijailovic S. Zdravkovic N.

Computational Mechanics

199 Numerical modeling of materials processing systems 211 A modi ed collocation method and a penalty formulation for enforcing the essential boundary conditions in the element free galerkin method 223 A local boundary integral equation lbie method in computational mechanics, and a meshless discretization approach 236 A material point time integration procedure for anisotropic, thermo rheologically simple, viscoelastic solids 243 High-order bem for potential transonic ows 253 A stochastic nite element method for fatigue reliability analysis of gear teeth subjected to bending Jaluria Y. Zhu T. Atluri SN.

213 April 1998

Zhu T. Zhang JD. Atluri SN. Poon H. Ahmad MF. Iemma U. Marchese V. Morino L. Peng XQ. Liu G. Wu LY. Liu GR. Lam KY.

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics & Engineering

151 163 179 193 203 229 265 281 299 319 331 Co-rotational dynamic analysis of exible beams Applications and prospect of the nonlinear decoupling method review Trajectories generation under constraints by linearization method A scheme for tracing the equilibrium path in perturbation methods Physics based gmres preconditioner for compressible and incompressible navierstokes equations A two-step, two- eld hybrid method for the static and dynamic analysis of substructure problems with conforming and non-conforming interfaces Finite di erence methods for the reduced water wave equation A multiscale nite element method for the helmholtz equation Galerkin generalizedleast squares nite elementmethods for time-harmonicstructural acoustics An asymptoticallyexact nite element error estimatorbased on c-1 stress recovery An element free galerkin formulation for stable crack growth in an elastic solid

1543-4 March 1998

Behdinan K. Stylianou MC. Tabarrok B. Cotsaftis M. Robert J. Rou M. Vibet C. Rou M. Verdier M. Lopez S. Nigro N. Storti M. Idelsohn S. Tezduyar T. Rixen D. Farhat C. Geradin M. Yu XP. Oberai AA. Pinsky PM. Grosh K. Pinsky PM. Pomeranz SB. Kirk AW. Baker WD. Xu Y. Saigal S.

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics & Engineering

1 15 31

1551-2 March 1998

Modelling the behaviour of a pwr core by a homogenization technique Jacquelin E. Laine JP. Trollat C. Jezequel L. An improved variationalmethod for nite element stress recovery and a posteriori Tessler A. Riggs HR. Freese CE. Cook GM. error estimation A gauss-seidel like algorithm to solve frictional contact problems Jourdan F. Alart P. Jean M.



49 73 97 119 129 153 181 Upwind schemes for the two-dimensional shallow water equations with variable depth using unstructured meshes Cam-clay plasticity part iii - extension of the in nitesimal model to include nite strains Parallel preconditioning based on h-hierarchical nite elements with application to acoustics A three-dimensional b-spline boundary element The two-level feti method for static and dynamic plate problems part i - an optimal iterative solver for biharmonic systems The two-level feti method part ii - extension to shell problems, parallel implementation and performance results Prediction of the mechanical behavior of nonlinear heterogeneous systems by multi-level nite element modeling Bermudez A. Dervieux A. Desideri JA. Vazquez ME. Borja RI. Tamagnini C. Malhotra M. Pinsky PM. Turco E. Aristodemo M. Farhat C. Mandel J. Farhat C. Chen PS. Mandel J. Roux FX. Smit RJM. Brekelmans WAM. Meijer HEH.

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics & Engineering

193 A theoretical and computational model for isotropic elastoplastic stress analysis in shells at large strains 235 Enhanced-discretization interface-capturing technique edict for computation of unsteady ows with interfaces 249 On the equivalence of generalized di erential quadrature and highest order nite di erence scheme 261 An additive schwarz method for plate bending problems 273 On the parametrization of nite rotations in computational mechanics - a classication of concepts with application to smooth shells 307 A combined parametric quadratic programming and iteration method for 3-d elastic-plastic frictional contact problem analysis 325 A displacement-like nite element model for j2 elastoplasticity - variational formulation and nite-step solution 359 Extensions to karhunen-loeve based approximation of complicated phenomena 369 Simulation of the gas temperature deviation in large-scale tangential coal red utility boilers Miehe C.

1553-4 March 1998

Tezduyar T. Aliabadi S. Behr M. Shu C. Chew YT. Gao Q. Li LK. Betsch P. Menzel A. Stein E. Zhang HW. Zhong WX. Gu YX. Alfano G. Rosati L. Valoroso N. Tarman IH. Sirovich L. Xu MH. Yuan JW. Ding SF. Cao HD.

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics & Engineering

1 15 31 45 75 111 149 171 179 185 211 231 247 259 277 299 309 335 351 363 375 A study of the stability of subcycling algorithms in structural dynamics Numerical aspects for free vibration of thick plates - part i - formulation and veri cation Numerical aspects for free vibration of thick plates - part ii - numerical e ciency and vibration frequencies Structural instability analyses based on generalised path-following Co-rotational at facet triangular elements for shell instability analyses Approximation of shell geometry for nonlinear analysis Two-dimensional lagrangian method for elastic-plastic ow An exact symplectic geometry solution for the static and dynamic analysis of reissner plates Application of an automatic di erentiation method to a 2d navier-stokes cfd code Comparison of some nite element methods for solving the di usion-convectionreaction equation Implementation and adaptivity of a space-time nite element method for structural dynamics Variationally derived 3- eld nite element formulations for quasistatic poroelastic analysis of hydrated biological tissues The nite deformation of beam, plate and shell structures - part ii - the kinematic model and the green-lagrangian strains A consistent nite element formulation for linear buckling analysis of spatial beams Nonlinear analysis based on homogeneous incremental systems Conforming spectral approximations for non-conforming domain decompositions Structural optimization using evolution strategies and neural networks

1561-4 April 1998

Daniel WJT. Lim CW. Liew KM. Kitipornchai S. Lim CW. Kitipornchai S. Liew KM. Eriksson A. Pacoste C. Destuynder P. Salaun M. Lee WH. Zou G. Hu H. Codina R. Li XD. Wiberg NE. Levenston ME. Frank EH. Grodzinsky AJ. Li MG. Hsiao KM. Yang RT. Lin WY.

Kowalczyk M. Karageorghis A. Sivaloganathan S. Papadrakakis M. Lagaros ND. Tsompanakis Y. Scattering of antiplane impact waves by cracks in a layered elastic solid Liu SW. Sung JC. Lin MS. A posteriori error estimation and adaptivity for linear elasticity using the recip- Cirak F. Ramm E. rocal theorem Optimal damper positioning in beams for minimum dynamic compliance Takewaki I. Analysis of dynamic response of prey-predator system with nonlinear di usion- Ding Y. Kawahara M. reaction equations by using superposition



Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics & Engineering

1 A projection method for constructing a mass conservative velocity eld

1571-2 April 1998

Chippada S. Dawson CN. Martinez ML. Wheeler MF. 11 Exact evaluation of dissipation for elastic-damage model dynamics Briseghella L. Majorana C. Pavan P. 19 Anti-optimization technique for structural design under load uncertainties Lombardi M. Haftka RT. 33 The solution of the boussinesq equation using the method of lines Bratsos AG. 45 A new a posteriori error estimation for nonlinear time-dependent nite element Ladeveze P. Moes N. analysis 69 A numerical method for computing the overall response of nonlinear composites Moulinec H. Suquet P. with complex microstructure 95 Load and motion transfer algorithms for uid structureinteractionproblems with Farhat C. Lesoinne M. Letallec P. non-matching discrete interfaces - momentum and energy conservation, optimal discretization and application to aeroelasticity 115 3d delaunay mesh generation coupled with an advancing-front approach Frey PJ. Borouchaki H. George PL. 133 Explicit multi-time stepping methods for convection-dominated ow problems Maurits NM. Vanderven H. Veldman AEP. 151 Finite element computation of unsteady viscous compressible ows Mittal S.

Computers and Fluids

551 553 563 571 581 599 611 619 639 645 651 663 681 689 695 709 721 Preface Re ection and focusing of toroidal shock waves from co-axial annular shock tubes. Extension of spectral nite di erence schemes for computational uid dynamics An e cient cfd approach for simulating unsteady hypersonic shock-shock interference ows Object-oriented uid ow simulation system Overset adaptive-grid method with applications to compressible ows The in uence of entrance geometry of circular re ectors on the shock wave focusing On arbitrary inlet and wall boundary conditions in cascade ows for the navierstokes solver Finite spectral method based on non-periodic fourier transform Unsteady ow computations on a ying projectile within a ballistic range An interactive boundary-layer method for multielement airfoils An improved set method for incompressible two-phase ows Numerical investigation of the stall onset behaviour of the gaw-1 airfoil Improvements to a tightly coupled viscous-inviscid procedure for 3-d unsteady transonic ow Solution of the navier-stokes equation with nite-di erences on unstructured triangular meshes Incompressible navier-stokes calculations for the development of a venticular assist device Improved treatment of intersecting bodies with chimera method and validation with a simple and fast ow solver

275-6 1998

No Author Z Jiang, K Takayama Y Mochimaru S Yamamoto, S Kano, H Daiguji M Hatakeyama, M Watanabe, T Suzuki K Matsuno, M Yamakawa, N Satofuka H Babinsky, O Onodera, K Takayama, T Saito, P Voinovich, EV Timofeev T Miyazaki JP Wang Y Takakura, F Higashino, S Ogawa T Cebeci, E Besnard, HH Chen M Sussman, E Fatemi, P Smereka, S Osher W Sanz, MF Platzer C Berezin, L Sankar HA Dwyer, J Grcar C Kiris, D Kwak, R Benkowski Y Wang, JJ Chattot

Computers and Fluids

741 A coupled phasic exchange algorithm for three-dimensional multi- eld analysis of heated ows with mass transfer 769 Accelerated solution of non-linear ow problems using chebyshev iteration polynomial based rk recursions 783 Interpolation in transient polytropic ow 797 Withdrawal of a uid of nite depth through a line sink with a cusp in the free surface. 807 Evolution of viscous ow around a suddenly rotating circular cylinder in the lattice boltzmann method 829 Dissipation of energy by nite-amplitude surface waves. 847 Numerical similation of a turbulent ow near a right-angled corner using the speziale non-linear model with rng k - e equations

277 1998

RF Kunz, BW Siebert, WK Cope, NF Foster, SP Antal, SM Ettorre AA Lorber, GF Carey, SW Bova, C Harle A Vardy, P Zhiqiu GC Hocking, JM Vanden-Broeck N Takada, M Tsutahara Y Yang, G Tryggvason G Mompean

Computers and Structures

509 Coupling term makes temperature elds unsymmetric in laminated composite A Pramila plates. 513 Evaluation of 2-d coupled galloping oscillations of slender structures. QS Li, JQ Fang, AP Jeary 525 Matrix formulation for the calculation of structural systems reliability N Arwashan

665 1998



535 A contribution to the stability of sti ened plates under uniform compression 571 Penetration perforation of aluminum steel and tungsten plates by ceramic rods 585 Perturbation approach to elastic post-buckling analysis 597 613 627 665 675 685 695 705 OK Bedair NV Nechitailo, RC Batra R Casciaro, G Garcea, G Attanasio, F Giordano Nonlinear dynamic stability of a moving string by hamiltonian formulation RF Fung, JS Huang, JY Yeh Diophantinized fractional representations for nonlinear elastomeric media J Padovan, JT Sawicki Practical aspects of a-posteriori estimation for reliable nite element analysis I Babuska, T Strouboulis, SK Gangaraj, K Copps, DK Data A sensitivity study on number of elements in re ned plastic-hinge analysis SE Kim, WF Chen Modal superposition method for dynamic analysis of structures exited by pre- HC Tsai scribed support displacements Bem analysis for composite materials and a library of green's function L Pan, DO Adams, FJ Rizzo Nonsingular bem for fracture modeling JD Richardson, TA Cruse A new arc-length method for handling sharp snap-backs. HB Hellweg, MA Cris eld

Computers and Structures

713 Interlaminar shear stresses in solid compositebeams using a completeout-of-plane shear deformation model. 725 Application of boundary-domain element method to the free vibration problem of plate structures. 737 Exact solutions for dynamic analysis of composite plates with distributed peizoelectric layers 745 Parametric instability of spinning pre-twisted beams subjected to sinusoidal compressive axial loads. 765 A method for improving dynamic solutions in exible multibody dynamics. 777 Nonlinear dynamic analysis of the string with a harmonically varying transport speed. 785 An e cient and robust integration technique for applied random vibration analysis. 799 An improved superconvergent patch recovery technique for the axisymmetrical problems. 823 Polar decomposition and appropriate strains and stresses for nonlinear structural analyses. 841 On the technique of shifting side nodes in isoparametric elements to impose arbitrary singularity 847 Time-dependent service-load behavior of wood oors: analytical model 861 Computation of elastic buckling loads of rectangular thin plates using the extended kantorovich method O Rand

666 1998

M Tanaka, T Matsumoto, A Shiozaki MC Ray, R Bhattacharya, B Samanta TH Tan, HP Lee, GSB Leng J Ryu, HS Kim, S Wang RF Fung, JS Huang, YC Chen, CM Yao MT Chen, A Ali AA Yazdani, A Gakwaya, G Dhatt PF Pai, AN Palazotto, JM Greer J Qian, N Hasebe KJ Fridley, DV Rosowsky, P Hong S Yuan, Y Jin

Computers and Structures

1 3 9 19 29 37 47 53 65 71 83 91 99 105 119 125 137 147 157 165 175 191 Three facets of uncertainty, editorial The basic properties of interval arithmetic, its software realizations and some applications. Stochastic linearization: what is available and what is not. Models of r.c. structures for probalistic serviceability analysis Time dependent reliability of structural systems subject to deterioration. Errors in geotechnics and their respective weights Seismic hazard analysis: how to measure uncertainty? Structures subjected to stationary stochastic loadings preliminary assessment by statistical linearization combined with an evolutionary algorithm. Nonlinear resonance phenomena of panel-type structures. Uncertainty in the strength of materials and structures I Elishako G Alefeld, D Claudio

671-3 1998

P Bernard E Bljuger M Ciampoli JL Favre G Grandori, E Guagenti, A Tagliani H Grundmann, C Hartmann, H Waubke

R Heuer, F Ziegler K Ikeda, K Murota, K Maruyama, H Yasunami Control of earthquake excited nonlinear structures using liapunov's theory. H Irschik, K Schlacher, A Kugi A comparison of stochastic and interval nite elements applied to shear frames HU Koyluoglu, I Elishako with uncertain sti ness properties. Optimization of uncertain structures using non-probabilistic models M Lombardi On the use of stochastic models of uncertainty in active control and structural C Mariani, P Venini optimization. Uncertainty in the modelling of high-frequency propagators in random media. R Mazar New results in nite element method for stochastic structures. YJ Ren, I Elishako H..-control of random structural vibrations with piezoelectric actuators K Schlacher, A Kugi, H Irschik Reliability assessment and assurance of infrastructure systems N Shiraishi, H Furuta How to deal with and judge the numerical results of risk analysis K Breugel Robust control of uncertain structures. P Venini Buckling mode localization in rib-sti ened plates with randomly misplaced WC Xie sti eners Worst case estimation of homology design by convex analysis. N Yoshikawa, I Elishako , S Nakagiri



Computers and Structures

197 A kinematically exact nite element formulation of elastic-plastic curved beams 215 Free vibration analysis of cracked beams by a combination of nite elements and component mode synthesis methods 225 Object-oriented programming in nonlinear nite element analysis 243 A new approach to geometric nonlinearity of cable structures 253 Free vibration analysis of orthotropic plates resting on pasternak foundation by mixed nite element formulation. 267 Dynamic behaviour of a poroelastic slab subjected to uniformly distributed impulsive loading. 279 Remeshing in analysis of large plastic deformations. Y Dubois-Pelerin, P Pegon ASK Kwan MH Omurtag, F Kadioglu FH Yeh, HS Tsay TO Pedersen

674 1998

M Saje, G Turk, A Kalagasidu, B Vratanar M Kisa, JA Brandon, M Topcu

Computers and Structures

289 Editorial - information technology in civil & structural engineering design 291 Information technology in civil & structural engineering design in the twentieth century. 299 Towards an integrated architecture for the structural analysis of mechanical structures 309 Design of textile structures: methodology and data architecture. 319 Designing bar-mesh modules of reinforced concrete structures 339 A cognitive architecture to support structural design tasks. 347 A knowledge-based system approach for code-checking of steel structures according to eurocode 3 357 A dependency network generator for standards processing 367 Modeling dynamic engineering processes when the governing equations are unknown. 375 Towards computational eco-analysis of building designs. 389 "construction as a manufacturing process: lessons from the automotive industry" 401 Desman: a dynamic model for managing civil engineering design projects. B Kumar DE Grierson

675 1998

L Remondini, JC Leon, P Trompette P Veron, JC Leon, P Trompette JJ Kim, K Ju-Hyung M Hauser, RJ Scherer J De Gelder, M Steenhuis AI Neilson I Flood A Mahdavi, R Ries A Crowley S Ogunlana, J Lim, K Saeed

Computers and Structures

421 Development of computer software to simulate the structural behaviour of steelframed buildings in re 439 Porting an industrial sheet metal forming code to a distributed memory parallel computer. 451 Cdm based nite element code for concrete in 3-d CG Bailey

676 1998

GP Nikishkov, M Kawka, A Makinouchi, G Yagawa, S Yoshimura AH Al-Gadhib, K Asad-Ur-Rahman, MH Baluch 463 Closed form sti ness matrix solutions for some commonly used hybrid nite CK Lee, RE Hobbs elements 483 On control and optimization of elastic multilink mechanisms HL Wang, JW Eischen, LM Silverberg 503 Hybrid component mode synthesis based on test derived data JL Humar, Y Soucy

Computers and Structures

1 17 31 41 57 79 89 101 113 125 139 157 167 Aspects of an object-oriented nite element environment

681-3 1998

T Zimmermann, P Bomme, D Eyheramendy, L Vernier, S Commend Shear analysis of reinforced concrete shells using degenerate elements MA Polak F.e. stress analysis of rubber bearings under axial loads M Imbimbo, A De Luca Three dimensional nite element analysis of shear wall buildings NK Oztorun, E Citipitioglu, N Akkas Parallel adaptive tetrahedral mesh generation by the advancing front technique JK Wilson, BHV Topping An improved reanalysis method for grillage-type structures U Kirsch, F Moses The theorems of structural variation for solid cubic nite elements MP Saka A perturbation approach for the response of dynamically modi ed structural S Benfratello, G Muscolino systems The dynamic behaviour of elastic steel columns GH Little Elastic exural-torsional buckling of structures by computer JP Papangelis, NS Trahair, GJ Hancock Prediction of shear strength of reinforced concrete beams by nonlinear nite ele- P Bhatt, MA Kader ment analysis The e ect of thermal properties and weld e ciency on transient temperatures GH Little, AG Kamtekar during welding Structural analysis of shells by the b-spline eld approximation method AH Vermeulen, GR Heppler



181 Continuum modeling of lattice structures in large displacement, applications to buckling analysis 191 Large de ection analysis of eccentrically sti ened sector plates 207 Evaluation of non-linear analysis of guyed antenna towers 213 Elastic and elasto-plasticanalysis of planar coupled shear walls with exible bases 231 Numerical modelling of cyclic loading on reinforced unbound pavements 251 The use of steel edge surrounds to reduce stress and displacement in concrete pavements 261 The response to uplift loading of pyramid foundations in cohesionless back ll 271 The e ect of the asynchronous ground motion on hydrodynamic pressures 283 Tool design optimization in extrusion processes 295 Towards a more economic & better understanding of the design of structural sections using a di erent interactive approach to software development G Moreau, D Caillerie GJ Turvey, M Salehi YMF Wahba, MKS Madugula, GR Monforton A Nadjai, D Johnson OOR Famiyesin, TG Davies, AHC Chan JW Bull, CH Woodford AJ Birch, EA Dickin A Bayraktar, AA Dumanoglu A Mihelic, B Stok MY Ra q, DJ Easterbrook

Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics

315 Aluminium shear-links for enhanced seismic resistance 343 Optimal instrumentation of uncertain structural systems subject to earthquake ground motions 363 Inelastic seismic response of one-way plan-asymmetric systems under bidirectional ground motions 377 New method of generating spectrum compatible accelerograms using neural networks 397 A modal procedure for seismic analysis of non-linear base-isolated multistorey structures

274 April 1998

Rai DC. Wallace BJ. Herediazavoni E. Esteva L. Destefano M. Faella G. Ramasco R. Ghaboussi J. Lin CCJ. Malangone P. Ferraioli M.

Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics

415 Estimated mass and sti ness matrices of smear building from modal test data 423 A generalization of the drenick-shinozuka model for bounds on the seismic response of a single-degree-of-freedom system 439 Single- and multiple-tuned liquid column dampers for seismic applications 465 Numerical simulation of submarine pipelines in dynamic contact with a moving seabed 487 Pounding of superstructure segments in isolated elevated bridge during earthquakes 503 A damage-based de nition of e ective peak acceleration 513 Introduction to dynamics of stone arches

275 May 1998

Yuan P. Wu ZF. Ma XR. Baratta A. Elishako I. Zuccaro G. Shinozuka M. Sadek F. Mohraz B. Lew HS. Kalliontzis C. Jankowski R. Wilde K. Fujino Y. Basu B. Gupta VK. Clemente P.

Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics

525 Yielding seismic response of code-designed single-storey asymmetric structures 543 Numerical e ciency assessment of energy dissipators for seismic protection of buildings 557 Response analysis of the higashi-kobe bridge and surrounding soil in the 1995 hyogoken-nanbu earthquake 577 Optimum strength ratio of hysteretic damper 589 Response of in lled frames using pseudo-dynamic experimentation 609 Recursive evaluation of interaction forces and property matrices from unitimpulse response functions of unbounded medium based on balancing approximation 619 A discrete wavenumber boundary element method for study of the 3-d response of 2-d scatterers

276 June 1998

Escobar JA. Ayalamilian AG. Foti D. Bozzo L. Lopezalmansa F. Ganev T. Yamazaki F. Ishizaki H. Kitazawa M. Inoue K. Kuwahara S. Mosalam KM. White RN. Ayala G. Paronesso A. Wolf JP. Papageorgiou AS. Pei DL.

Engineering Fracture Mechanics

1 19 37 47 59 83 Initiation and propagation behaviour of microcracks in ni-base superalloy udimet 720 li Constraint e ects on reference temperature, to, for ferritic steels in the transition region. Some simple mode-i sif expressions of nite-width strip with a center crack derived by using an approximate weight function E ect of arti cial closure materials on crack growth retardation Finite element calculation of applied j-integral for cracked ship structural details. Mixed mode fracture of cementitious bimaterial interfaces; part i: experimental results. M Goto, DM Knowles C Ruggieri, RH Dodds, K Wallin QZ Wang

601 1998

PS Song, S Hwang, CS Shin D Xiao, RJ Dexter V Slowik, VE Saouma, JM Chandra Kishen



95 Mixed mode fracture of cementitious bimaterial interfaces; part ii: numerical J Cervenka, VE Saouma, JM Chandra Kishen simulation. 109 Assessing and maintaining continued airworthiness in the presence of wide spread R Jones fatigue damage: an australian perspective

Engineering Fracture Mechanics

133 Universal crack closure integral for sif estimation 147 157 173 187 205 221 239

602 1998

R Singh, BJ Carter, PA Wawrzynek, AR Ingra ea E ect of height to width ratio on k and cmod solutions for a single edge cracked R John, B Rigling geometry with clamped ends. Three-dimensional nite element modelling of delamination growth in notched SC Pradhan, TE Tay composite laminates under compression loading. In-situ sem measurements of crack tip displacements in composite laminates to A Poursartip, I Gambone, S Ferguson, G determine local g in mode i and ii Fernlund Load history dependence of fatigue crack growth thresholds for a ti-alloy. YN Lenets, T Nicholas Plane-stress asymptotic elds for interface crack between elastic and pressure- Y Hongrong, Y Wu, G Li sensitive dilatant materials Weight functions and stress intensity factors for corner quarter-elliptical crack in A Kiciak, G Glinka, M Eman, M Shiratori nate thickness plate subjected to in-plane loading The role of oil seepage in fatigue crack growth of lubricated wearing systems. B Omidvar, A Ghorbanpoor

Engineering Fracture Mechanics

255 Fragmentation of as-drawn pearlitic steel wires during torsion tests 273 291 303 315 323 333 341 361

603 1998

B Goes, A Martin-Meizoso, J Gil-Sevillano, I Lefever, E Aernoudt Analysis of the boundary layer at the free surface of a half circular crack G Dhondt A study of crack closure using the optical method of caustics and consequences IR Wallhead, P Poole, L Edwards for the use of ke as a fatigue crack driving force Transient fatigue-crack growth behavior following variable-amplitude loading in CJ Gilbert, RO Ritchie a monolithic silicon nitride ceramic Visualization of the plasticity-induced crack closure under plane strain conditions R Pippan, FO Riemelmoser Metal thickness e ect on the calibration of stress intensity factors for si3n4 fe V Stamos, SD Peteves, V Kostopoulos and a1203 au joints Weight function for external circumferential cracks in hollow cylinders subjected IV Varfolomeyev to axisymmetric opening mode loading On the nite element simulation of three-dimensionalsemi-circularfatigue growth JZ Zhang, P Bowen and closure An unsymmetric end-notched exure test for interfacial fracture toughness V Sundararaman, BD Davidson determination

Engineering Structures

785 792 805 819 826 837 849 The e ects of asr on the properties of concrete and the implicationsfor assessment A simple optimal pole location technique for structural control Stochastic assessment of the lifetime maximum live load Responses of a cracked half-space subjected to an antiplane impact Dynamics of an aerial cableway system Numerical simulation of turbulent uctuations along the axis of a bridge Seismic reponse prediction of hdr bearings using fractional derivative maxwell model 857 Book reviews 2 AEK Jones, LA Clark CC Chang, LO Yu KA Andam, SBA Asantey SW Liu, JC Sung, MS Lin JMW Brownjohn WW Yang, TYP Chang JS Hwang, JC Wang DA Nethercot

209 1998

Engineering Structures

861 862 868 874 881 Editorial Speci c design and construction details of the boxberg cooling tower Tower on meridional supports: is it really the solution? In uence of adjacent buildings on wind e ects on cooling towers Time-domain simulation of the nonlinear response of cooling tower shells subjected to stochastic wind loading 890 Nonlinear behaviour of rc cooling towers and its e ects on the structural design 899 Design for durability of natural draught cooling towers by life-cycle simulations 909 Strengthening of natural draught cooling tower shells with sti ening rings HJ Niemann U Eckstein, FJ Nunier T Castiau HJ Niemann, HD Kopper W Zahlten, C Borri

2010 1998

U Wittek, R Meiswinkel WB Kratzig, KP Gruber, C Konke, D Mancevski PB Bosman, IG Strickland, RP Prukl



915 A local-global fe model for non-linear analysis of column-supported shells of PL Gould, RV Ravichandran, S Sridharan revolution 920 Study of a proposed 200 m high natural draught cooling tower at power plant D Busch, R Harte, HJ Niemann frimmersdorf germany

Engineering Structures

931 933 940 948 Editorial Optimal planning of retro tting interventions on bridges in a highway network Probabilistic response of prestressed concrete bridges to fatigue Field load testing and reliability-based integrity assessment of segmental pc box girder bridges before opening to tra c 957 Application of reliability analysis in bridge management 960 Probabilistic analysis of resistance degradation of reinforced concrete bridge beams under corrosion 972 Bridge reliability experiences in japan 979 Accuracy of nde in bridge assessment 985 Bridge load and resistance models 991 Fatigue of existing reinforced concrete bridge deck slabs 999 Reliability during temporary erection phases 1004 Assessment of the reliability pro les for concrete bridges 1010 E ect of reinforcement corrosion on reliability of highway bridges 1020 The management of bridges in new york city

2011 1998

No Author G Augusti, M Ciampoli, DM Frangopol JR Casas, C Crespo-Minguillon HN Cho, YM Choi, BC Sho PC Das MP Enright, DM Frangopol H Furuta J Martin, MSA Hardy, SA Usmani, MC Forde AS Nowak, MM Szerszen M Schla i, E Bruhwiler RG Sexsmith P Thoft-Christensen DV Val, MG Stewart, RE Melchers B Yanev

Engineering Structures

1029 1030 1039 1045 1063 1079 1087 1097 1102 Editorial for special issue on dynamic design and behaviour of steel structures. Design of steel mrf connections before and after 1994 northridge earthquake. Seismic design of exible-sti mixed frame with energy concentration. The seismic behaviour of steel moment-resisting frames with sti ening braces. Performance of steel bridges during the 1995 hyogoken-nanbu kobe, japan earthquake - a north american perspective. Response of sti ened and unsti ened plates subjected to blast loading. Design of tension-only concentrically braced steel frames for seismic induced impact loading. Dynamic response of guyed masts. Modal analysis of suspension bridge deck units in erection stage.

2012 1998

JM Ko EP Popov, TS Yang, SP Chang Y Harada, H Akiyama L Martinelli, MG Mulas, F Perotti M Bruneau LA Louca, YG Pan, JE Harding A Filiatrault, R Tremblay MKS Madugula, YMF Wahba, GR Monforton JM Ko, SD Xue, YL Xu

European Journal of Mechanics A-Solids

185 207 237 253 269 285 305 321 339 Thermodynamics of isotropic pseudoelasticity in shape memory alloys Viscoplasticity based on an additive split of the conjugated forces An energy based criterion for high cycle multiaxial fatigue Non-axisymmetric matrix cracking and interface debondingin unidirectional brittle matrix composites Frame analysis and continuum damage mechanics A damage model for masonry structures Mechanics of porous media with phase transformations and periodical structures - 1 - method of asymptotic averaging Mechanics of porous media with phase transformations and periodical structures - 2 - solutions of local and global problems Sticking motions of impact oscillators

172 April 1998

Raniecki B. Lexcellent C. Ristinmaa M. Ottosen NS. Palinluc T. Lasserre S. Ji FS. Dharani LR. Florezlopez J. Luciano R. Sacco E. Dimitrienko YI. Dimitrienko YI. Toulemonde C. Gontier C.

European Journal of Mechanics A-Solids

377 403 421 439 461 New concepts for linear beam theory with arbitrary geometry and loading Behaviour of quasi-brittle material at high strain rate - experiment and modelling Dynamic crack growth in a nonlocal progressively cavitating solid An anisotropic model of damage and frictional sliding for brittle materials Plane behaviour at high strain rates of a quasi-unidirectional e-glass polyester composite - application to ballistic impacts 479 Parametric nature of the non-linear hardening plastic constitutive equations and their integration 499 Yield design theory - an e cient static method formulation 515 Static and dynamic boundary element analysis in incompressible linear elasticity

173 June 1998

Ladeveze P. Simmonds J. Gary G. Bailly P. Needleman A. Tvergaard V. Halm D. Dragon A. Kammerer C. Neme A. Caddemi S. Turgeman S. Guessab B. Guessasma M. Polyzos D. Tsinopoulos SV. Beskos DE.



European Journal of Mechanics B-Fluids

145 Local and global instability properties of separation bubbles 165 Absolute instability conditions for variable density, swirling jet ows 187 Axisymmetric stokes drag on hollow cylinders - computationand comparisonwith experiment 205 Oblique two- uid stagnation-point ow 219 Characterizing boundary-layer instability at nite reynolds numbers 239 E ect of a rotating magnetic eld of arbitrary frequency on a liquid metal column 255 Grid-free particle method for the inhomogeneous enskog equation and its application to a riemann-problem

172 April 1998

Hammond DA. Redekopp LG. Lim DW. Redekopp LG. Roger RP. Weidman PD. Tilley BS. Weidman PD. Healey JJ. Witkowski LM. Marty P. Popken L.

Finite Elements in Analysis and Design

1 21 35 49 65 75 87 105 121 137 153 173 187 205 231 259 Solution of the 3d-helmholtzequation in exterior domains of arbitrary shape using hp- nite in nite elements A simple assumed strain method for enhancing the accuracy of the cubic triangular c0 plate bending element Reliability-based structural optimization using improved two-point adaptive nonlinear approximations Admissible modeling errors or modeling simpli cations? Finite element and boundary element analysis of bridges, roads and pavements | a bibliography 1994|1997 Finite element analysis, design and experiment on solid propellant motors with a stress reliever Generalized high-order accurate newmark method for head-disk interface dynamics in magnetic recording technology A study of the accuracy of some fem stress recovery schemes for 2d stress concentration problems Stability analysis using a geometrically nonlinear assumed strain solid shell element model Finite element free exural vibration analysis of arbitrary plates Application of fuzzy sets to transient analysis of space structures Three-dimensional nonlinear nite element analysis of dovetail joints in aeroengine discs A new method of sensitivity analysis of static responses for nite element systems An evolutionary method for optimization of plate buckling resistance Optimization of nite element bidimensional models: an approach based on genetic algorithms Finite element dynamic analysis of unsymmetric composite laminatedbeams with shear e ect and rotary inertia under the action of moving loads Gerdes , K. Sze , K.Y. Grandhi , Ramana V. Reid , John D. Mackerle , Jaroslav Chen , J.T. Gang , Sheng Tenchev , Rosen T. Cho , Chahngmin Barik , Manoranjan Wasfy , Tamer M. Papanikos , P. Chen , Su Huan Manickarajah , D. Annicchiarico , W. Kadivar , M.H.

291-4 1998

IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics

The e ects of an electric eld on an autocatalytic ionic reaction in a system with high ionic strength 33 Irradiation of a cone by a magnetic dipole 55 On steady motions of isotropic, elastic cosserat points 73 Stability of a microwave heated uid layer 91 Spike layer phenomena for pairs of second-order equations 1

601 February 1998

Merkin JH. Sevcikova H. Snita D. Marek M. Jones DS. Nordenholz TR. Oreilly OM. Gilchrist J. Kriegsmann GA. Papageorgiou DT. Kelley W.

International Journal for Numerical & Analytical Methods in Geomechanics

223 March 1998

153 A nite-element treatment of sea ice dynamics for di erent ice rheologies Schulkes RMSM. Morland LW. Staroszczyk R. 175 Propagation of a shear crack in a compressed plane with a circular hole Galybin AN. 197 Elastoplastic constitutive equation of soils with the subloading surface and the Hashiguchi K. Chen ZP. rotational hardening

International Journal for Numerical & Analytical Methods in Geomechanics

245 A continuum model of layered rock masses with non-associative joint plasticity Adhikary DP. Dyskin AV. 263 Scattering of elastic waves by a plane crack of nite width in a transversely Carcione JM. isotropic medium

224 April 1998



277 Analytically computed rates of seepage ow into drains and cavities 303 Numerical analysis of soil plug behaviour inside open-ended piles during driving Fujii N. Kacimov AR. Liyanapathirana DS. Deeks AJ. Randolph MF.

International Journal for Numerical & Analytical Methods in Geomechanics

327 A practical numerical approach for large deformation problems in soil 351 Dimensionless and unbiased cpt interpretation in sand 393 Stress-strain model for clays with anisotropic void ratio distribution

225 May 1998

Hu Y. Randolph MF. Shuttle D. Je eries M. Masad E. Muhunthan B. Chameau JL.

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering

195 The boundary element analysis of cracked sti ened sheets, reinforced by adhesively bonded patches 219 A general procedurefor deriving symmetricexpressions for the secant and tangent sti ness matrices in nite element analysis 237 A three-dimensional boundary element formulation for the elastoplastic analysis of cracked bodies 257 A uni ed framework for accelerating the convergence of iterative substructuring methods with lagrange multipliers 289 A computational model for elasto-viscoplastic solids at nite strain with reference to thin shell applications 313 Element-free galerkin method for deforming multiphase porous media 341 Finite element schemes for non-linear problems in in nite domains 361 A domain transformation technique in oxygen di usion problems with moving oxidation fronts on unbounded domains Salgado NK. Aliabadi MH.

422 May 1998

Moran A. Onate E. Miquel J. Cisilino AP. Aliabadi MH. Otegui JL. Farhat C. Chen PS. Risler F. Roux FX. Rouainia M. Peric D. Modaressi H. Aubert P. Givoli D. Patlashenko I. Ding ZH. Lagoudas DC.

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering

389 Methods for overcoming breakdown problems in the unsymmetric lanczos reduction method 409 On non-linear dynamics of shells - implementation of energy-momentum conserving algorithm for a nite rotation shell model 443 Error estimation based on superconvergent patch recovery using statically admissible stress elds 473 A method for solving contact problems 499 Upper and lower bounds for local electromagnetic quantities 517 Response surface approximations for structural optimization 535 Topology optimization of compliant mechanisms using the homogenization method 561 Adaptive selection of polynomial degrees of a nite element mesh

423 June 1998

Li HN. Aitchison P. Woodbury A. Brank B. Briseghella L. Tonello N. Damjanic FB. Kvamsdal T. Okstad KM. Zavarise G. Wriggers P. Schre er BA. Albanese R. Fresa R. Roux WJ. Stander N. Haftka RT. Nishiwaki S. Frecker MI. Min SJ. Kikuchi N. Bertoti E. Szabo B.

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering

583 Simulation of two- uid ows by the least-squares nite element method using a continuum surface tension model 601 Iteratively-improved robin boundary conditions for the nite element solution of scattering problems in unbounded domains 631 Coupled thermo-mechanical analysis of metal-forming processes through a combined nite element boundary element approach 647 Boundary condition treatment in 2 x 2 systems of propagation equations 667 Time discontinuous linear traction approximation in time-domain bem scalar wave propagation analysis 685 Direct determination of asymptotic structural postbuckling behaviour by the nite element method 703 An anisotropic elastoplastic-damage model for plain concrete 729 On the metrics and co-ordinate-system-induced sensitivity in computational kinematics 749 Cutting of a 3-d nite element mesh for automatic mode i crack propagation calculations Wu J. Yu ST. Jiang BN.

424 June 1998

Alfonzetti S. Borzi G. Salerno N. Rodrigues JMC. Martins PAF. Guinot V. Mansur WJ. Carrer JAM. Siqueira EFN. Poulsen PN. Damkilde L. Meschke G. Lackner R. Mang HA. Jovanovic VT. Kazerounian K. Dhondt G.

International Journal of Engineering Science

525 A mixture theory of electromagnetism and superconductivity 545 Design isotropic materials using anisotropic components via homogenization AC Eringen A Danescu

365-6 1998



555 Axisymmetric vortex breakdown in a lled cylinder 565 Free vibrations of the vicoelastic human skull 577 599 625 635 645 655 669 683 S Bhattacharyya DI Fotiadis, A Charalambopoulos, CV Massalas Nonlinear thermokinetics of maximum work in nite time S Sieniutycz Reasonant instability mode triads in the compressible boundary layer ow over MP Vonderwell, DN Riahi a swept wing The melting process with moving boundary for mixture consisting of two uids MRABD El-Salam, MH Shehata Magneto-thermo-elastic interactions in an in nite visco-elastic cylinder of SK Roychoudhuri, S Banerjee temperature-rate dependent material subjected to a periodic loading Mukhopadhyay An equilibrium solution for the boussinesq problem for a mixture of an elastic IT Gurgoze, MS Dokuz solid and a uid in an in nite half-space On mixtures of nonsimple elastic solids M Ciarletta Di raction of a spherical electromagnetic wave by a perfectly conducting strip in S Asghar, T Hayat a biisotropic medium Wave propagation of micropolar elastic medium with stretch SK Tomar, R Kumar, VP Kaushik

International Journal of Engineering Science

699 A computational model for the iron losses in rotating electrical machines 711 Free vibrations of a double layered elastic isotropic cylindrical rod 733 739 765 783 801 813 831 843 865 891 913

367-8 1998

LR Dupre, R Van Keer, JAA Melkebeek A Charalambopoulos, DI Fotiadis, CV Massalas Scaling e ects associated with the cohesive zone description of quai-brittle E Smith materials General explicit algebraic stress relations and best approximation for three- T Jongen, TB Gatski dimensional ows On rigid linear heat conductors with memory M Fabrizio, G Gentili, DW Reynolds Analytical model of thermal energy conversion to electrical energy via a ther- N Ghaddar mosyphonic magnetohydrodynamic generator Two-phase potentials in anisotropic elasticity: antiplane deformation MA Kattis, E Providas The overall elastic response of materials containing coated inclusions in a periodic M El Mouden, M Cherkaoui, A Molinari, M array Berveiller Large strain analysis of a rubber wedge compressed by a line load at its tip YC Gao Wavelet and chaos analysis of ow induced vibration of a single cylinder in cross- BA Jubran, MN Hamdan, NH Shabaneh ow Re ection of plane waves from the at boundary of a micropolar generalized R Kumar, B Singh theroelastic half-space Wave propagation in a generalized thermo-microstretch elastic solid B Singh, R Kumar Magnetic uid ow in a two dimensional diverging channel PDS Verma, A Kapoor, JS Massoi

International Journal of Fatigue

263 Fatigue life prediction from inclusion initiated cracks. 271 On a new method for prediction of the scatter of loading spectra. 279 Fatigue crack growth resistance from unbridged defects in continuous bre reinforced metal matrix composites 291 E ects of sequential cyclic and monotonic loadings on damage accumulation in nickel 270 301 E ects of highly stressed volume on fatigue strength of austempered ductile irons 309 The e ect of dwell loading on the strain accumulation behavior of titanium alloys. 319 Metadex pro le-fatigue-september 1997. 327 Book review: advances in fracture research icf9 BM Hillberry, PJ Laz M Nagode, M Fajdiga C Barney, DC Cardona, P Bowen

204 1998

DP Harvey Ii, RJ Bonenberger, JM Wolla CK Lin, WJ Lee ML Thomsen, DW Hoeppner No Author No Author

International Journal of Fatigue

331 The e ect of static tensile strain on fatigue failure - an experimental study using laser speckles 339 E ects of control mode in a cross-ply ti-mmc at ambient and high temperature in air and in vacuum 351 Mechanism of creation of compressive residual stress by shot peening 359 Low cycle fatigue behaviour of y-based ti-48al-2mn-2nb alloy produced by centrifugal spray deposition 365 Mechanism of the two stage plastic deformation following an overload in fatigue crack growth 373 Fatigue properties of high strength materials used in cold forging tools 383 Fatigue strength of spot welded stainless sheet steels exposed to 3 nacl solution 389 E ect of laser hardening on the fatigue strength and fracture of a b-mn steel 399 Metadex pro le fatigue december 1997 407 "an introduction to fatigue in metals and composites" - book review! ML Du, FP Chiang F Brisset, M Shimojo, P Bowen

205 1998

M Kobayashi, T Matsui, Y Murakami WZ Chen, XP Song, KW Qian, HC Gu M Shimojo, M Chujo, Y Higo, S Nunomura P Brondsted, P Skov-Hansen J Linder, A Melander P De La Cruz, M Oden, T Ericsson No Author RA Shenoi



408 Book review: databook on fatigue strength of metallic materials 409 Book review: fatigue and fracture mechanics of high risk part 410 Book review: surface treatment LP Pook LP Pook D Taylor

International Journal of Fatigue

433 A boundary element analysis of misaligned load-carrying cruciform welded joints 441 On plane stress-plane strain interactions in fatigue crack growth 449 Parametric equations for distributions of stress concentration factors in tubular k-joints under out-of-plane moment loading 463 Grain boundry e ects on the fatigue deformation and cracking behaviour of copper bicrystals 471 Prediction of service fatigue strength of a welded tubular joint on the basis of the notch strain approach 481 Fatigue crack curvature under the weld toe in an o shore tubular joint 491 Book review: fatigue under thermal and mechanical loading mechanisms mechanics and modelling ST Lie, S Lan H Bao, AJ Mcevily MR Morgan, MMK Lee YM Hu, ZG Wang D Radaj, CM Sonsino, D Flade D Bowness, MMK Lee J Bryne

206 1998

International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow

Averaged and time-resolved heat transfer of steady and pulsating entry ow in intake manifold of a spark-ignition engine 10 Experimental studies of spray evaporation in turbulent ow 23 Body capturing in impacting supersonic ows 31 39 49 56 59 69 79 1

191 1998

Bauer WD. Wenisch J. Heywood JB.

Sommerfeld M. Qiu HH. Cumber PS. Fairweather M. Falle SAEG. Giddings JR. Examination of interfacial shape and onset of slugging of a strati ed ow at a In WK. Lee SY. combining y-junction E ect of tollmien schlichting wave on convective heat transfer in a wavy channel Blancher S. Cre R. Lequere P. - part 1 - linear analysis Finite element simulation of transient laminar ow and heat transfer past an Gowda YTK. Patnaik BSVP. Narayana PAA. in-line tube bank Seetharamu KN. E ect of porosity on natural convective heat transfer in a uid saturated porous Nithiarasu P. Seetharamu KN. Sundararajan medium T. Comparison of two approaches for implementing stream function boundary con- Shu C. Xue H. ditions in dq simulation of natural convection in a square cavity Laminar ow e ciency of strati ed chilled-water storage tanks Homan KO. Soo SL. On thermal boundary layers on a at plate subjected to a variable heat ux Shu JJ. Pop I.

International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow

89 Foreword thm delft special 90 What's new in convective heat transfer? 102 Heat transfer simulation for industrial applications: needs, limitations, expectations 115 Enhancement of impinging jet heat transfer by making use of mechano- uid interactive ow oscillation 125 Progress in direct numerical simulation of turbulent transport and its control 135 Turbulent budgets of natural convection in an in nite, di erentially heated, vertical channel 150 Pressure transport in direct numerical simulations of turbulentnatural convection in horizontal uid layers 159 Intercellular mass transfer in wavy turbulent taylor vortex ow 167 Heat up and evaporation of shear driven liquid wall lms in hot turbulent air ow 173 Analysis of isothermal and evaporating turbulent sprays by phase-doppler anemometry and numerical calculations 187 Direct numerical simulatons of heat transfer by solid particles suspended in homogeneous isotropic turbulence 193 Connections between lagrangian stochastic models and the closure theory of turbulence for strati ed ows 201 E ects of micro-mixing in gas-phase turbulent jets BE Launder RJ Mo at C Peniguel Y Haneda, K Suzuki

192 1998

N Kasagi TAM Versteegh, FTM Nieuwstadt M Worner N Ohmura H Rosskamp, S Wittig M Sommerfeld Y Sato S Heinz HA Wouters

International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow

209 A new low-re non-linear two-equation turbulence model for complex ows DD Apsley 223 Numerical and experimental study of ow and heat transfer around a tube in E Buyruk, I Owen cross- ow at low reynolds number

193 1998



233 Heat transfer and velocity uctuations in a staggered tube array 245 Heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics in rectangular channels with elliptic pin ns 251 Forced convection cooling enhancement by use of porous materials 259 An experimental study of in-tube evaporation of r-22 inside a 6.5-mm smooth tube 270 Development of laminar mixed convection in a horizontal square channel with heated side walls 282 Conjugate heat transfer of a triangular n in the ow of a second-grade uid JW Scholten, DB Murray QINGLING Li, ZHONG Chen Y Ould-Amer, G Lauriat CC Wang JJM Sillekens, CCM Rindt CH Hsu

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

2263 Heat and mass transfer in wet porous media in presence of evaporationcondensation 2279 Applicability of photothermal radiometry for temperature measurement of semiconductors 2287 Mass transfer properties in a grid generated turbulent ow: some experimental investigations about the concept of turbulent di usivity 2297 A numerical study of interfacial transport to a gas-sheared wavy liquid 2307 On the convection in an enclosed container with unstable side wall temperature distributions. 2321 A general correlation for pool lm boiling heat transfer from a horizontal cylinder to saturated binary liquid mixtures 2335 Reacting stagnation ows in catalytic porous beds 2347 Quantitative infrared-thermography or wall-shear stress measurement in laminar ow 2361 Mass transfer from stationary circular cylinders in a submerged slot jet of air 2371 An experimental study of forced convection boiling in microgravity 2383 Frictional losses and convective heat transfer in sparse, periodic cylinder arrays in cross ow 2399 Modeling of non-uniform heat dissipation and prediction of hot spots in power transistors 2409 Limits of mass transferenhancementin lithium bromide-waterabsorbers by active techniques

4115 1998

A Bouddour, JL Auriault, M Mhamdi-Alaoui, JF Bloch G Chen, T Borca-Tasciuc F Lemoine, Y Antoine, M Wol , M Lebouche V Bontozoglou CC Jahnke, V Subramanyam, DT Valentine MH Liu, YM Yang, JR Maa CT Hsu, H Fu R Mayer, RAWM Henkes, JL Van Ingen T Pekdemir, TW Davies Y Ma, JN Chung AR Martin, CJ Saltiel, W Shyy L Zhuai, K Vafai, L Xu BB Tsai, H Perez-Blanco

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

2417 In memoriam - professor kunio hijikata 1943-1997 t inoue, s kotake, y kurosaki, w nakayama, r buckius, a majumdar, p peterson, gp 2419 Sur le refroidissement d'un cylindre chaufe en regime permanent de convection mixte 2429 Heat and solute di usion with a moving interface: a boundary element approach 2437 Laminar natural convection in a laterally heated and upper cooled vertical cylindrical enclosure 2455 Temperature distribution in swirling jets 2469 E ects of gravity on the boiling of binary uid mixtures 2485 An investigation of the solutal, thermal and ow elds in unidirectional alloy solidi cation 2503 Combustion of unsupportedwater-in-n-heptaneemulsion dropletsin a convectionfree environment 2517 Experimentaland numericalstudy on natural convection from vertical plates with horizontal rectangular grooves 2529 Several aspects of the return ows formation in horizontal cvd reactors 2537 Visualization study of melting and solidi cation in convecting hypoeutectic ga-in alloy 2549 Non-linear convection in a porous medium with inclined temperature gradient and vertical through ow 2553 Study of suspended vaporizing volatile liquid droplets by an enhanced sensitivity holographic technique: additional results 2556 Analytical investigation of couette ow in a composite channel partially lled with a porous medium and partially with a clear uid. 2561 Comments on "numerical study of a backward-facing step with normal mass bleed" 2563 The nite element method in heat-transfer analysis, by r. w. lewis, k. morgan, h. r. thomas and k. n. seetharamu Peterson M Amaouche, A Chenna

4116 1998

M Zerroukat, H Power, LC Wrobel A Lemembre, JP Petit V Shtern, A Borissov, F Hussain S Ahmed, VP Carey JE Simpson, SV Garimella GS Jackson, CT Avedisian CE Kwak, TH Song TM Makhviladze, AV Martjushenko R Derebail, JN Koster Z Qiao, PN Kaloni G Toker, J Stricker AV Kuznetsov Y Nagano B Spalding



International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

2565 Electronic anti-fouling technology to mitigate precipitation fouling in plate-andframe heat exchangers 2573 Flow and heat transfer in convection-dominated melting in a rectangular cavity heated from below 2581 Radiative heat transfer in soot-containing combustion systems with aggregation 2589 An analytical study of heat and mass transfer through a parallel-plate channel with recycle 2601 Direct numerical simulations of evaporating droplet dispersion in forced low mach number turbulence 2619 Analytical modeling of the startup characteristics of asymmetrical at-plate and disk-shaped heat pipes 2639 Vortex interaction with a translating sphere in a strati ed temperature eld 2653 E ective medium approximation for the conductivity of sensible heat in dry snow 2667 Oscillatory instability analysis of benard-marangoni convection in a rotating uid under a uniform magnetic eld 2677 Numerical solution of boundary layer equations in compressible cross- ow to a cylinder 2687 E ects of buoyancy and orientation on the ow in a duct preceded wih a doublestep expansion 2697 The radiation transfer in emitting, absorbing and scattering media of complex geometric form 2705 E ect of magnetic elds on oscillating mixed convection 2710 Experimental study on the relation between thermophoresis and size of aerosol particles 2715 Industrial two-phase thermosyphons, by l. s. pioro and i. l. pioro YI Cho, BG Choi, BJ Drazner ZX Gong, AS Mujumdar TL Farias, MG Carvalho, UO Koylu CD Ho, HM Yeh, WS Sheu F Mashayek N Zhu, K Vafai M Masoudi, WA Sirignano EM Arons, SC Colbeck FP Chiang, KT Chiang H Karabulut, OE Ataer YY Tsui, SJ Shu OG Martynenko, ML German, VP Nekrasov, EF Nogotov B Pan, BQ Li A Toda, H Ohnishi, R Dobashi, T Hirano, T Sakuraya LL Vasiliev

4117 1998

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

2717 2725 2735 2743 2757 2769 2781 2799 2809 2821 2827 2837 2847 2857 2865 Optimization of conduits' shape in micro heat exchangers Mass transfer rate study in rotating shallow electrochemical cells An analytical study for determining the dynamics of a boiling bound in a channel On the evolution of double-di usive intrusions into a stably strati ed liquid: a study of the layer merging process Intregral analysis applied to radial lm ows Propagation of the third sound wave in uid: hypothesis and theoretical foundation Thermal interface resistance and subsurface e usivity of submicron metallic lms on dielectric substrates: an experimental method for simultaneous determination The developing nusselt numbers for slug ow in rectangular ducts Modelisation du transfert de chaleur dans un reacteur de pyrolyse sous pression reduite utilise pour le traitement des sols contamines Surface tension e ect in the two- uids equation system Flow and mass transfer measurements for a at plate of nite thickness in pulsating ow Resonant enhancement of natural convection heat transfer in a square enclosure Radiative heat transfer in anisotropic scattering media with specular boundary subjected to collimated irradiation Rotary heat exchanger performance with axial heat dispersion Flow of a micropolar uid past a continuously moving plate by the presence of radiation

4118 1998

HH Bau FB Weng, Y Kamotani, S Ostrach S Benedek, DA Drew EJ Kranenborg, HA Dijkstra A Rao, JH Arakeri W Roetzel, B Spang, X Luo, SK Das Y Scudeller, N Hmina M Spiga, GL Morini C Roy, JC Choque, J Yang SJ Lee, KS Chang, SJ Kim KS Hwang, HJ Sung, JM Hyun HS Kwak, K Kuwahara, JM Hyun S Maruyama S Nair, S Verma, SC Dhingra A Raptis

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

2867 Transient convective heat transfer in a helical coiled tube with pulsatile fully developed turbulent ow. 2877 A simpli ed wide band model of the cumulative distribution function for water vapour. 2893 Application of the transfer con geration factors in radiation heat transfer. 2909 Boiling vertical two-phase ow at sub-atomospheric pressures 2925 Two-mode on a horizontal heating wire: e ects of liquid sudcoolings 2929 Deposition of tin droplets on a steel plate: simulations and experiments L Guo, X Chen, Z Feng, B Bai O Marin, RO Buckius

4119 1998

J Stasiek H Kockum, A Jernqvist DJ Lee M Pasandideh-Fard, S Chandra, R Bhola, J Mostaghimi 2947 A zero-dimensional model for spray droplet vaporization at high pressures and TB Gradinger, K Boulouchos temperatures 2961 Use of electronic anti-fouling technology with ltration to prevent fouling in a YI Cho, C Fan, BG Choi heat exchanger



2967 Theoretical study of heat and mass transfer in a zeolite bed during water desorption: validity of local thermal equilibrium assumption 2979 Control of thermal runaway - some mathematical insights 2991 Application of a photographic method for determining mass transfer to ow around a submerged parallelepiped 3005 E ect of ba e size, perforation, and orientation on internal heat transfer enhancement A Mhimid J Geer, J Fillo PM Schlosser, MN Godo, TD Fornes, E Cohen Hubal P Dutta, S Dutta

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

3015 Measurements of friction, heat transfer, and mass transfer in a severly outgassing tube bank. 3025 Buoyancy induced ow and heat transfer in a cylindrical annulus with multiple perturbations 3037 Multi-dimensional modeling of thin liquid lms and spray-wall interactions resulting from impinging sprays 3055 Natural convection in a narrow horizontal cylindrical annulus: pr 0.3 3075 In uence of fuel-side heat loss on di usion ame extinction. 3087 A highly radiative combustion chamber for heavy fuel oil combustion. 3099 A guarded cold plate apparatus for absolute measurement of heat ow 3109 Heat and mass transfer for plate n-and-tube heat exchangers with and without hydrophilic coating 3121 Pulsed-wire technique for velocity measurements in natural conversion ows - a numerical optimisation tool 3131 Convective cooling of a heated obstacle in a channel 3149 Transient cooling of water around a cylinder in a rectangular cavity - a numerical analysis on the e ect of the position of the cylinder 3157 Prediction of the resonance frequency of natural convection in an enclosure with time-periodic heating imposed on one sidewall B Debusschere, KW Ragland SV Iyeri, K Vafai DW Stanton, CJ Rutland JS Yoo A Ray, IS Wichman R Villasenor, R Escalera CJ Dey, AJ Read, RE Collins CC Wang, CT Chang M Grignon

4120 1998

TJ Young, K Vafai K Sasaguchi, K Kuwabara, K Kusano, H Kitagawa HS Kwak, K Kuwahara, JM Hyun

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

3161 A new turbulence model for near-wall natural convection 3177 Model reductionin linear heat conduction: use of interface uxes for the numerical coupling 3191 Observation of boiling structures in high heat- ux boiling 3203 Conjugate natural convection from a vertical heated slab 3213 Heat and uid ow in pulsed current gta weld pool 3229 Adsorption of toluene on activated carbon in a packed bed 3239 Conjugate thermal transport in the channel of an extruder for non-newtonian uids. 3255 Heat transfer analysis of buoyancy-assisted mixed convection with asymmetric heating conditions. 3265 Computation of the solidi cation of pure metals in plate geometry using the green's function method 3279 Convective ow and heat transfer in a channel containing multiple heated obstacles 3299 Beam focusing characteristics e ect on energy re ection adn absorption in a drilling or welding cavity of paraboloid of revolution 3309 Thermal in uence of boundaries on the onset of rayleigh-benard convection 3321 The thermal-hydraulic characteristics of staggered circular nned-tube heat exchangers under dry and dehumidifying conditions S Nishio, T Gotoh, N Nagai S Kimura WH Kim, SJ Na JY San, YC Hsu, LJ Wu P Lin, Y Jaluria X Zhang, S Dutta S Hong, K Schwerdtfeger TJ Young, K Vafai PS Wei, CY Ho

4121 1998

W Xu, Q Chen, FTM Nieuwstadt D Petit, R Hachette

S Rahal, P Cerisier, J Cordonnier, G Lebon JY Jang, JT Lai, LC Liu

International Journal of Impact Engineering

117 A study of the perforation of aluminium laminate targets 133 Analytical modelling of normal and oblique ballistic impact on ceramic metal lightweight armours 149 Static and dynamic properties of high density metal honeycombs. 165 Dynamic behaviour of a rigid, perfectly-plastic free-free beam subjected to steploading at any cross-section along its span 177 Further experimental study on the failure of fully clamped steel pipes 203 Ii. james glenie in canada and "america" and new aspects of his life and work. RL Woodward, SJ Cimpoeru R Zaera, V Sanchez-Galvez

213 1998

WE Baker, TC Togami, JC Weydert JL Yang, TX Yu, SR Reid K Chen, WQ Shen W Johnson



International Journal of Impact Engineering

225 237 245 267 283 Visualization of the damage evoluton in impacted silicon carbide ceramics Fragmentation of targets during ballistic penetration events Quasi-static impact damage in con ned ceramic tiles The decay limit of the hugoniot elastic limit A computational study of the relations between material properties of long-rod penetrators and their ballistic performance 297 A parametric study of the bulging process in passive cassettes with 2-d numerical stimulations 307 Optical procedures with incoherent light for measuring wave propagation due to impact phenomena 327 Thomas carlyle 1795-1881 - early attracted to proportion and geometry.

214 1998

P Riou, CE Cottenot AS Dinovitzer, M Szymczak, D Erickson D Sherman, T Ben-Shushan JP Billingsley Z Rosenburg, E Dekel Z Rosenberg, E Dekel MP Isay, MB Sayir W Johnson

International Journal of Impact Engineering

331 Foreword 333 Preface 335 Numerical simulation of fragmentation of composite material plates due to impact. 349 Detailed validation of a non-linear nite element code using dynamic axial crushing of a square tube. 369 Constitutive modeling of polymeric foam material subjected to dynamic crash loading 413 Gunpowder: the history of an international technology 415 Book review: explosive loading of engineering stuctures: a history of research and a review of recent developments 417 Book review: explosive e ects and applications

215 1998

N Jones JAC Ambrosio, MFOS Pereira G Belingardi, A Gugliotta, R Vadori A Otubushin J Zhang, N Kikuchi, A Yee, G Nusholtz W Johnson No Author W Johnson

International Journal of Impact Engineering

419 Blast wave transmission along rough-walled tunnels 433 An inverse approach to determine the constitutive model parameters from axial crushing of thin-walled square tubes 451 Penetration of tungsten alloy rods into shallow-cavity steel targets 461 A new analytical model to simulate impace onto ceramic composite armors 473 The measurement of specimen surface temperature in high-speed tension and torsion tests 489 Penetration of concrete targets wtih ogive-nose steel rods

216 1998

PD Smith, P Vismeg, LC Teo, L Tingey E Markiewicz, P Drazetic, P Ducrocq AM Rajendran IS Chocron Benloulo, V Sanchez-Galvez J Harding, DAS Macdougall DJ Frew, SJ Hanchak, ML Green, MJ Forrestal

International Journal of Impact Engineering

499 Denting and fracture of sheet steel by blunt and sharp obstacles in glancing collisions 521 Necking & radial cracking around perforations in thin sheets at normal incidence 541 Rupture of thin ductile tubes by oblique impact of at-nosed missiles: analysis 571 Rupture of thin ductile tubes by oblique impact of blunt missiles: experiments 589 A note on the behind armour e ects from perforated alumina aluminium targets 597 Behavior of a yawed projectile penetrating a thin plate CM Muscat-Fenech, AG Atkins

217 1998

AG Atkins, MA Khan, JH Liu TG Zhang TG Zhang, WJ Stronge PJ Hazell, NA Fellows, JG Hetherington S Satapathy, A Bedford, S Bless

International Journal of Mechanical Sciences

723 Vibration of circular membrane backed by cylindrical cavity 735 Analysis of nonlinear vibrations in metal cutting 749 Robust observer-based omf vibration control of exible linkage mechanisms using piezoelectric lms 761 Experimentalanalyses of collapse behaviorsof bracedelliptical tubes under lateral compression 779 Dynamics of a rotating rayleigh beam subject to a repetitively travelling force 793 Analysis of draw-redraw processes 805 Dynamic stability of cross-ply laminated composite cylindrical shells

408 1998

C Rajalingham, RB Bhat, GD Xistris EP Nosyreva, A Molinari JH Chou, IR Jorng, WH Liao JF Carney Iii, L Wu YM Huang, CY Lee DF Chang, JE Wang TY Ng, KY Lam, JN Reddy



International Journal of Mechanical Sciences

825 835 857 867 887 901 913 927 Automatic balancing of exible vertical rotors using a guided ball Buckling of t-beams under cyclic bending Computational simulation of deformation behavior of 2d-lattice continuum Analysis of superplastic blow-forming in a conical closed- die

409 1998

C Rajalingham, RB Bhat, S Rakheja MS Ellison, E Corona T Adachi, Y Tomita, M Tanaka YM Hwang, JS Yang, TR Chen, JC Huang, WU Wu Experimental measurements of load and strip pro le in thin strip rolling MPF Sutcli e, PJ Rayner Large deformation compression-torsion behaviour of a titanium alloy and its FPE Donne, I Katramados modelling Prediction of forming limit curves of sheet metals using hill's 1993 user-friendly S Xu, KJ Weinmann yield criterion of anisotropic materials Stifness identi cation of laminated composite shafts. TY Kam, CK Liu

International Journal of Mechanical Sciences

937 949 963 977 989 1001 1019 1029 1043 1061 1069 Development of an anisotropic constitutive model for single crystal superalloy for combined fatigue and creep loading Qualitative criteria for dynamic buckling of imperfection sensitive nonconservative systems Plastic limit analyses of circular plates with respect to uni ed yield criterion Contact problems for a wedge with rounded apex Simulation of microscopic shrinkage behaviour in sintering of powder compact Constitutive relations for compressible granular materials using non-newtonian uid mechanics Three-dimensional nite element analysis of cold expansion of adjacent holes Modeling of the mechanical behavior of semisolid metallic alloys at high volume fractions of solid Indentation-induced buckling of organic coatings part 1: theory and analysis. Indentation-induced buckling of organic coatings part ii measurements with impairing particles Obituary prof. nickolai malinin SX Li, DJ Smith AN Kounadis

4010 1998

M Guowei, S Iwasaki, Y Miyamoto, H Deto M Ciavarella, DA Hills, G Monno KI Mori, M Ohashi, K Osakada LA Godoy, SA Elaskar SA Meguid, P Papanikos A Zavaliangos M Papini, JK Spelt JK Spelt, M Papini W Johnson

International Journal of Mechanical Sciences

1071 A stochastic nite element dynamic analysis of structures with uncertain parameters 1089 Transverse vibration of a circular plate with arbitrary thickness variation 1105 Buckling of moderately thick rectangular composite plates subjected to partial edge compression 1119 Comparisons of experimental and theoretical frequencies for rectanggular plates with various boundary conditions and added masses 1133 Axi-symmetric contact problem with frictional heating for thermally nonliner sliders 1145 Plate tearing by a cone 1159 An exact solution for in-plane vibrations of an arch having variable curvature and cross section 1175 Numerical modelling of cold compaction of metal powder S Chakraborty, SS Dey

4011 1998

B Singh, SM Hassan G Singh, P Sundaresan, GV Rao KH Low, GB Chai, TM Lim, SC Sue A Yevtushenko, R Kulchytsky-Zhyhailo BC Simonsen CS Huang, YP Tseng, AW Leissa, KY Nieh P Redanz

International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics

935 947 967 979 993 1013 1027 1039 1061 1069 1089 1111 Identi cation of a localized non-linearity Periodic, quasiperiodic, and chaotic behaviour of a driven froude pendulum. Parametrically excited nonlinear systems: a comparison of certain methods Determination of unknown elastoplastic properties in signorini problem The duhem-hadamard hypothesis in thermo uiddynamics

336 1998

F Thouverez, L Jezequel L Dai, MC Singh P Yu A Hasanov, Z Seyidmamedov M Neumaier, M Lauster, V Lippig, R Waibel, D Straub Characteristic solutions of scalar newton equations in one space dimensions PW Doyle A vanishing di usion process in unsaturated soils P Dangla, O Coussy, R Eymard Nonlinear response of geometrically imperfect sandwich curved panels under ther- T Hause, L Librescu, TF Johnson momechanical loading A note on the ow of a non-newtonian uid lm. FT Akyildiz Investigation of the e ect of the coriolis force on a thin uid lm on a rotating E Momoniat, DP Mason disk. Analysis of turbulentnear-wake developmentbehind an in nitelyyawed at plate. N Subaschandar, A Prabhu Some asymptotic results concerning the buckling of a spherical shell of arbitrary Y Fu thickness



International Journal of Plasticity

301 Experimental analysis of aluminium yield surface for binary al-mg alloy sheet samples. y maeda, m yanagawa, f barlat, k chung, y hayashida, s hattori, k matsui, jc 319 A continuum theory for dynamic recrystallization with microstructure-related length scales. 355 Ratchetting characteristics of 316fr steel at high temperature part i: straincontrolled ratchetting experiments and simulations. 373 Ratchetting characteristics of 316fr steel at high temperature part ii: analysis of thermal ratchetting induced by spatial variation of temperature. 391 Limits to the ductility of metal sheets subjected to complex strain-paths. EP Busso N Ohno, M Abdel-Karim, M Kobayashi, T Igari M Kobayashi, N Ohno, T Igari

144-5 1998

Brem, DJ Lege, SJ Murtha, T Ishikawa

R Mesrar, S Fromentin, R Makkouk, M Martiny, G Ferron 413 Inhomogeneity of microstructure in superplasticity and its e ect on ductility. FPE Dunne 435 On the growth of shear bands and failure-mode transition in prenotched plates: M Zhou, AJ Rosakis, G Ravichandran a comparison of singly and doubly notched specimens

International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping

1 Probabilistic life assessment of chest valve under thermal stresses 7 The integrally hydro-forming process of pipe elbows 11 A parametric study of residual stresses in multi-pass butt-welded stainless steel pipes. 27 Optimal design of multi stage capsule handling multi phase pipeline 37 Estimation on the local mechanical properties of pipeline steels and its welded joints by using microshear test method 43 Analysis of above-ground pipelines on unilateral supports: a neural network approach 49 Stresses and stability for the cone-cylinder shells with toroidal transition 57 Design philosophy of at ribbon wound layered pressure vessel 63 Creep of tubular test pieces in a complex state of stress 67 Deformation and tearing of clamped circular work-hardening plates under impulsive loading 75 A new approach to instability testing of shells

751 1998

R Miroshnik, A Jeager, H Ben Haim SJ Yuan, Z Xu, ZR Wang, W Hai B Brickstad, BL Josefson VC Agarwal, R Mishra X Zhang, L Dorn CC Baniotopoulos W Anwen JY Zheng M Plewa, W Osipiuk HM Wen MD Raisuddin Khan, MA Salam Akanda, MD Wahhaj Uddin

International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping

83 95 105 115 121 125 131 151 155 161 171 Creep and fracture behaviour of english electric mark iii transition welds part a new weldments Creep and fracture behaviour of english electric mark iii transition welds part b ex-service weldments Numerical analysis of limit load and reference stress of defective pipelines under multi-loading systems Finite element analysis for buckling of pressure vessels with ellipsoidal head Leakage via a through-wall circumferential crack in a piping or tubing system under accident loading conditions Factors in uencing the crack-system compliance of a piping systeem A study of nonlinear responses of submersible pressure hull Structural integrity assessment for a awed titanium pipe Symmetric-iterativefe and be coupling method for solving axisymmetricproblems Use of the reference stress method in estimating the life of pipe bends under creep conditions Announcement: second announcement and call for papers, rst international conferenece on nde in relation to structural integrity for nuclear and pressurised components J Parker J Parker

752 1998

HF Chen, YH Liu, ZZ Cen, BY Xu JZ Li, YH Liu, ZZ Cen, BY Xu E Smith E Smith CC Liang, WH Lai, CY Hsu HS Wu, QP Zhong CY Dong, H Antes TH Hyde, A Yaghi, M Proctor No Author

International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping

173 Metallic structures subjected to cyclic loadings: i inadequacy of the elastic anal- L Taleb, M Cousin, JF Jullien ysis for the steady state assessment. 181 Metallic structures subjected to cyclic loadings-ii. a new approach to assess the L Taleb steady state. 191 Numerical analysis of cylinders containing circular o set cross bores LM Masu

753 1998



197 Finite element analysis on relationships between the j-integral and ctod for stationary cracks in welded tensile specimens 203 Pretest fracture assessment of the nesc-1 spinning cylinder under a pts transient 213 Deformation and perforation of cylindrical shells struck normally by nlunt projectiles 221 The methodology for predicting the occurrence of failure events for pressure vessels used in process industry 229 Weight functions from nite element displacements 237 Three-dimensional thermomechanical analysis in circumferentially welded thinwalled pipes 249 The e ect of multiple cracks on the leak-before case of pipe 255 Parametric equations for maximum stresses in cylindrical vessels subjected to thermal expansion loading 263 Fatigue life calculation of awed structures - based on arti cial neural network with special learning set YW Shi, S Sun, H Murakawa, Y Ueda I Sattari-Far, L Dahlberg HM Wen, SR Reid SH Dai SD Pastrama, PMST De Castro TL Teng, PH Chang L Xie LS Ong, JST Cheung, HW Ng, AS Tooth YL Han, X Liu, SH Dai

International Journal of Solids and Structures

2847 Application of homogenization method to justi cation of 1-d model for beam of periodic structure having initial stresses 2861 Crack detection characterization of strain sensing grids 2877 Vibrations of composite circular cylindrical vessels 2901 Stochastic theory of composite materials with random waviness of the reinforcements 2931 An approximate analytical 3-d solution for the stresses and strains in eigenstrained cubic materials 2959 Experimental investigation of transient thermoelastic e ects in dynamic fracture 2975 A numerical investigation of penetration in multilayered material structure systems AG Kolpakov N Fares, R Maloof K Suzuki, G Shikanai, T Chino SP Yushanov, AE Bogdanovich WH Muller, S Neumann

3522 1998

D Rittel HD Espinosa, S Dwivedi, PD Zavattieri, G Yuan

International Journal of Solids and Structures

3007 Postbuckling of anisotropic at and doubly-curved sandwich panels under complex loading conditions 3029 Method of translations for a mode i elliptic crack in an in nite body part i polynomial loading 3043 Method of translations for a mode i elliptoc crack in an in nite body part ii expansion of the fundamental solution into a series 3053 Compressive sti ness of elastic layers bonded between rigid plates 3071 Vibration adn stability of a cracked shaft simultaneously subjected to a follower force with an axle force 3081 The signi cance of anisotropic viscoelastic poisson ratio stress and time dependencies 3097 On the ballistic resistance of multi-layered targets with air gaps 3105 The in uence of coupling on the free vibration of anisotropic thin-walled closedsection beams 3121 Shakedown of creeping structures 3135 An asymptotic lower bound dynamic buckling estimate for imperfect systems under impact loading IV Orynyak IV Orynyak HC Tsai, CC Lee I Takahashi HH Hilton, S Yi

3523 1998

T Hause, L Librescu, CJ Camarda

G Ben-Dor, A Dubinsky, T Elperin D Stefan Dancila, EA Armanois JM Klebanov, JT Boyle B Wu

International Journal of Solids and Structures

3151 Exact and approximate solutions, and variational principles for stochastic shear beams under deterministic loading. 3165 Calculation of vertical dynamic charcteristics of tall buildings with viscous damping 3177 Time evolutionof stress redistributionaround multiple ber breaks in a composite with viscous and viscoelastic matrices. 3213 Circular arch with no instability 3221 Nonlinear viscoelastic stress singularities near free edges of unsymmetrically laminated composites 3239 Asymptotic models of dilute composites with imperfectly bonded inclusions N Impollonia, I Elishako QS Li, JQ Fang, AP Jeary

3524 1998

IJ Beyerlein, SL Phoenix, R Raj FM Detinko S Yi, MF Ahmad, HH Hilton

D Bigoni, SK Serkov, M Valentini, AB Movchan 3259 Bem solution of two dimensional contact problems by weak application of contact A Blazquez, F Paris, V Mantic conditions with non-conforming discretizations



International Journal of Solids and Structures

3283 On the general solutions of transversely isotropic elasticity 3299 A reduced-order analytical model for the nonlinear dynamics of a class of exible multi-beam structures 3317 Methods for calculating stress intensity factors for interfacial cracks between two orthotropic solids 3331 Thermoelastic postbuckling response of strip delamination models 3347 Existence, uniqueness and asymptotic behaviour of solutions to the equations of viscoelasticity with voids 3363 Hyperelastic models for elastoplasticity with non-linear isotropic and kinematic hardening at large deformation 3391 High-order theory of multilayer plates. the impact problem 3405 On the absence of eshelby property for non-ellipsoidal inclusions W Wang, MX Shi MRM Crespo Da Silva W Qian, CT Sun WL Yin F Martinez, R Quintanilla B Svendsen, S Arndt, D Klingbeil, R Sievert AN Shupikov, SV Ugrimov, AV Kolodiazhny, VG Yareschenko V Lubarda, X Markensco

3525 1998

International Journal of Solids and Structures

3419 3455 3483 3497 3519 3539 3573 3595 On perturbations of plane cracks A theory of nite viscoelasticity and numerical aspects The elastic elds of a line force or dislocation in an anisotropic wedge A three-dimensional viscoelastic constitutive model for particulate composites with growing damage and its experimental validation More on stress invariance conditions for the traction boundary value problem of plane linear elasticity On behavior of perfect elastoplasticity under rectilinear paths On the general treatment of multiple inclusions in antiplane elastostatics Exact higher order solutions for a simple adaptive structure

3526-27 1998

AB Movchan, H Gao, JR Willis S Reese, S Govindjee KC Wu K Ha, RA Schapery QC He HK Hong, CS Liu CK Chao, CW Young P Gaudenzi

International Journal of Solids and Structures

3615 3635 3655 3675 3695 3717 3737 3755 3793 3815 3831 Periodic cracking of elastic coatings A heat transfer analysis for quartz microresonator ir sensors Di erential cubaturemethod for static solutions of arbitrarilyshaped thick plates. Fe-analysis of a moving beam using lagrangian multiplier method Antiplane shear crack growth under quasistatic loading in a damaging material Anti-symmetric angle-ply laminated thick cylindrical panels E ects of strain hardening and strain-rate sensitivity on the penetration of aluminium targets with spherical-nosed rods. Numerical simulations of dynamic plastic shear instability under conditions of plane strain. Some observations on the potential functions for transverse isotropy in the presence of body forces Integrated structural control optimization of large adaptive smart structures. 2d and 3d dynamic fracture in viscoelastic materials. GW Schulze, F Erdogen G Boa, W Jiang FL Liu, KM Liew TR Sreeram, NT Sivaneri K Ravi-Chander, B Yang HRH Kabir TL Warren, MJ Forrestal Y Lee, V Prakash MT Hanson

3528-29 1998

H Adeli, A Saleh MJ Danyluk, PH Geubelle, HH Hilton

Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

863 875 901 917 921 931 941 949 957 967 973 987 90th birthday Continuum models in problesm of hypersonic rare ed gas ows past blunted bodies. On the construction of the optimum for any isoperimetrical conditions twodimensional bodies in a super and hypersonic ow. On new properties of the busemann ellipse. On weak oscillations of a gas bubble in a spherical volume of a compressible liquid. Resonance wave interactions in an ice channel. Non-stationary plantary waves in semibounded channels spreading along a meridian. Non-uniqueness examples for the lincaroized problem of a potential ow past semisubmerged bodies. Radiation instability of the circular cylinder in a two-layer uid ow. On the critucal pressure drop for ows through porous media. Slender body dynamics in dense media under conditions of the local interaction model. Constitutive relations for a viscoelastic medium with microtations. LI Sedov GA Tirskii AN Kraiko, DYE Pudovikov

616 1997

AI Rylov ISH Akhatov, NK Vakhitova, GYA Galeyeva, RI Nigmatullin, DB Khismatullin AV Marchenko PA Kruttskii, GYU Malysheva OV Motygin IV Sturova AYU Belyayev NA Ostapenko, GYE Yakunina OYU Dinariyev, VN Nikolayevskii



995 1007 1013 1021 1025 1031 An approach to solving the unsteady coupled electro-mechanical problems for layered media. Plane contact problem of steady-state thermal elasticity involving heat generation. On the theory fo non-linear workhardening of composite materials with ideally elastic inclusions. The dynamics of condensation nuclei in a thermal di usion cloud chamber. On the pressure distribution in the neighbourhood of a propagating crack. Obituary. OD Pryakhina, OM Tukodiva, MR Freigeit DV Grilitskii, VI Pauk IS Makarova, LA Srayev SP Bakanov YUN Gordeyev, VM Entov No Author

Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

1 9 19 31 37 43 51 67 73 81 87 95 103 115 123 133 145 155 159 163 Branching of solutions and polynomial integrals of the equations of dynamics. On the bifurcation of equilibria of mechanical systems with symmetric potential. Bifurcation in the creation of a cycle from a family of equilibria of a dynamical system and its delay. On the asympototic stability of equilibrium of non-autonomous systems. On the stability domains of linear canonical system with periodic coe cients. Near resonant motion in systems with random pervirbations. On continuing the periodic motions of a reversible syste in structurally unstable cases application to the n-body problem. On steady motions of two elastically connected bodies. On the instability in the critical case of a pair of purlimaginary roots for a class of systems with after-e ect. Non-integrability of a rotating elliptic billiard ball. An ideal two-impact model on a clock with analytical strongly isochronous oscillator of free oscillations. On the attraction for automomous mechanical systems with sliding friction. Criteria of functional controllability and invertibility of non-linear systems. Control synthesis in a non-linear dynamical system based on decomposition. Synthesis of control in the problem of time-optimal motion of a point mass to a speci ed position at zero velocity. Synthesis of optimal feedback and stabilization of systems with delay in control. Transient spreading via viscous uid lm over a curved surface. The algebraic structure of an poisson's theory for the equations of motion of non-holonomic systems. Integrable perturbations of the birkho billiard type within an ellipse. Determination of the underground contour of a deepened apron with a constant speed sector in the presence of salt proped waters. VV Kozlov AV Karapetyan, II Naralenkova VI Yudovich AYU Aleksandrov AA Zevin AS Kovaleva VN Tkhai EV Abrarova VS Sergeyev TV Kozlova VV Amel'Kin, BS Kalitin VM Matrosov, IA Finogenko AM Kovalev SA Reshmin, FL Chernous'Ko LD Akulenko, AM Shmatkov

621 1998

NV Balashevich, R Gabasov, FM Kirillova SS Grigoryan, EF Hayretdinov M Fengxiang VI Dragovich EN Bereslavskii

Journal of Applied Mechanics-Transactions of the ASME

1 Constructing exact dynamic elasticity solutions for axisymmetrically deformed plates from classical plate theory solutions 7 Compressive strength predictions for ber composites 17 A thermoviscoelastic dynamic vibration absorber 25 Asymmetric shielding mechanisms in the mixed-mode fracture of a glass epoxy interface 30 A circular inclusion with circumferentially inhomogeneous sliding interface in plane elastostatics 39 Use of simple solutions in regularizing hypersingular boundary integral equations in elastoplasticity 46 In ation of a thick-walled shell which exhibits stress softening 51 Thermal stresses in a generally anisotropic body with an elliptic inclusion subject to uniform heat ow 59 Toroidal vibrations of anisotropic spheres with spherical isotropy 66 Stress concentration in an elastic cossesat plate undergoing extensional deformations 71 E ect of the t-stress in microcrack shielding problems 76 Analysis of conducting rigid inclusion at the interface of two dissimilar piezoelectric materials 85 The energy release rate in the general delamination problem of anisotropic laminates under thermomechanical loads 93 Kinematic description of damage 99 The axisymmetric deformation of linearly and nonlinearly elastic spinning tubes under end thrusts and torques 107 Large de ections of clamped circular plates under initial tension and transitions to membrane behavior 116 Critical speed for oppy disks 121 A theoretical prediction of natural frequency of a ferromagnetic beam plate with low susceptibility in an in-plane magnetic eld Qian Z. Simmonds JG.

651 March 1998

Hsu SY. Vogler TJ. Kyriakides S. Fosdick R. Ketema Y. Swadener JG. Liechti KM. Riu CQ. Poon H. Mukherjee S. Ahmad MF. Haddow JB. Wegner JL. Chao CK. Shen MH. Chau KT. Krishnaswamy S. Jin ZH. Batra RC. Zhao LG. Chen YH. Deng W. Meguid SA. Yin WL. Park T. Voyiadjis GZ. Mcdevitt TJ. Simmonds JG. Sheplak M. Dugundji J. Renshaw AA. Zhou YH. Miya K.



127 Property distributiondetermination for nonuniform composite beams from vibration response measurements and galerkins method 134 On the eigenvalues and critical speed stability of gyroscopic continua 141 Nonlinear waves in strings - the barrage balloon problem 150 Chaotic motions of a dual-spin body 157 A parametric study on the free vibration of noncylindrical helical springs 164 Numerical study unsteady ow around airfoil with spoiler 171 A two-dimensional model of the uid dynamics of an air reverser 178 Three-dimensional axisymmetric piezothermoelastic solution of a transversely isotropic piezoelectric clamped circular plate 184 Elastodynamic solution for the thermal shock stresses in an orthotropic thick cylindrical shell 194 On-line identi cation of hysteretic systems 204 209 218 223 234 242 250 258 266 268 271 273 277 278 Chen WH. Gibson RF. Parker RP. Hall JF. Or AC. Yildirim V. Xu C. Yeung WWH. Muftu S. Lewis TS. Cole KA. Benson RC. Kapuria S. Dumir PC. Segupta S. Cho H. Kardomateas GA. Valle CS.

Chassiakos AG. Masri SF. Smyth AW. Caughey TK. The dependence of the time scale of relative lagrangian motion on the initial Fung JCH. separation Canonical perturbation of a fast time-periodic hamiltonian via liapunov- oquet Butcher EA. Sinha SC. transformation Paradoxes in rigid-body kinematics of structures Mentrasti L. On the dynamics of vibration absorbers with motion-limiting stops Luo H. Hanagud S. Viscoelastic e ects in modeling web handling systems - unsteady-state analysis Guan XF. High MS. Tree DA. A variational framework for solution method developments in structural Park KC. Felippa CA. mechanics Dynamical friction behavior in a forced oscillator with a compliant contact Liang JW. Feeny BF. The transient response of structures using asymptotic modal analysis Reynolds RR. Dowell EH. Performance evaluation of acclerometers to 200,000 g Togami TC. Brown FA. Forrestal MJ. Baker WE. Polycrystalline plasticity - application to earing in cup drawing of al2008-t4 sheet Balasubramanian S. Anand L. Finite element analysis of rolling contact problems using minimum dissipation of Rathore SK. Kishore NN. energy principle A study of solutions for the anisotropic plate subjected to a concentrated force Lamattina B. Klang EC. Eischen JW. Shakedown analysis for trusses and frames Symonds PS. Elastic elds in a polygon-shaped inclusion with uniform eigenstrains Rodin GJ.

Journal of Biomechanics

201 Analysis of inter-fragmentary movement as a function of musculoskeletal loading conditions in sheep 211 Heat-induced changes in the mechanics of a collagenous tissue: pseudoelastic behavior at 37oc 217 Validated computation of physiologic ow in a realistic coronary artery branch 229 239 247 253 263 273 279 285 289

313 1998

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K Perktold, M Hofer, G Rappitsch, M Loew, BD Kuban, MH Friedman Compliance mismatch may promote graft-artery intimal hyperplasia by altering PD Ballyk, C Walsh, J Butany, M Ojha suture-line stresses Standard mechanical energy analyses do not correlate with muscle work in cycling RR Neptune, AJ Van Den Bogert A method to determine the 3-d sti ness of fracture xation devices and its appli- GN Duda, H Kirchner, HJ Wilke, L Claes cation to predict inter-fragmentary movement In vivo knee joint loading and kinematics before and after acl transection in an EM Hasler, W Herzog, TR Leonard, A Stano, animal model H Nguyen A kinematic and kinetic analysis of the sit-to-standtransfer using an ejector chair: BJ Munro, JR Steele, GM Bashford, M Ryan, implications for elderly rheumatoid arthritic patients N Britten Relation between the structural asymmetry of coronary branch vessels and the MH Friedman, Z Ding angle at their origin Instantaneous moment arm determination of the cat knee S Boyd, JL Ronsky En bloc staining of bone under load does not improve dye di usion into DB Burr, CH Turner, P Naick, MR Forwood, microcracks R Pidaparti Global asymptotic stability of bone remodeling theories: a new approach based A Cappello, M Viceconti, F Nanni, G Catania on non-linear dynamical systems analysis

Journal of Biomechanics

295 Tensions of the exor digitorum super cialis are higher than a current model predicts 303 Finite element analysis of the implanted proximal tibia: a relationship between the initial cancellous bone stresses and implant migration 311 Twisting of patellar tendon grafts does not reduce their mechanical properties t muellner, r reihsner, l mrkonjic, w kaltenbrunner, o kwasny, r schabus, m 317 Absorption of energy during vertical whole-body vibration exposure 327 Are regional variations in bone growth related to mechanical stress and strain parameters?

314 1998

JT Dennerlein, E Diao, CD Mote, DM Rempel M Taylor, KE Tanner, MAR Freeman Mittlboeck, V Vecsei R Lundstrom, P Holmlund, L Lindberg AL Lerner, JL Kuhn, SJ Hollister



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Journal of Composite Materials

406 Impact study of sandwich composite structures with delamination 431 Method to predict the e ect of thermal residual stresses on the free-edge delamination behavior of bre reinforced composite laminates 460 A study on the room-temperature curvature shapes of unsymmetric laminates including slippage e ects 483 Prediction of compression strength of unidirectional polymer matrix composites Kwon YW. Wojcik GW. Unger WJ. Hansen JS.

325 1998

Cho M. Kim MH. Choi HS. Chung CH. Ahn KJ. Eom YS. Barbero EJ.

Journal of Composite Materials

504 Progressive damage of unidirectional graphite epoxy composites containing a circular hole 526 Coupon tests of bre reinforced plastics at elevated temperatures in o shore processing environments 544 Design optimization of composite plates - part i - design criteria for strength, sti ness, and manufacturing complexity of composite laminates 572 Design optimization of composite plates - part ii - structural optimization by plydrop tapering Yang F. Chow CL. Hale JM. Gibson AG. Manne PM. Tsai SW. Manne PM. Tsai SW.

326 1998

Journal of Composite Materials

600 E ects of thermo-mechanical properties of composites on viscosity, temperature and degree of cure in thick thermosetting composite laminates during curing process 623 Micro-stress analysis of woven fabric composites by multilevel decomposition 652 Material damping in composite rotors 664 Damage growth investigation in a random ber composite beam by moire interferometry 679 Probabilistic micromechanics macromechanics for ceramic matrix composites Yi S. Hilton HH.

327 1998

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Journal of Composite Materials

702 Loading rate e ect on woven glass laminated plates by penetration force 722 A novel technique for penetrator velocity measurement and damage identi cation in ballistic penetration experiments 744 Computational simulation of interlaminar crack extension in angle-ply laminates due to transverse loading 766 Evaluation of failure criteria for ber composites using nite element micromechanics 783 A study on the e ects of clearance and interference ts in a pin-loaded cross-ply fgrp laminate Wu E. Chang LC. Espinosa HD. Lu HC. Xu YP. Kamiya S. Sekine H. Yagishita Y. Zhu H. Sankar BV. Marrey RV.

328 1998

Discalea FL. Cloud GL. Cappello F.



Journal of Composite Materials

804 Modi ed mixed-modebendingtest apparatusfor measuringdelaminationfracture toughness of laminated composites 829 Microstructural analysis of composite tubes made from braided preform and resin transfer molding 851 Optimum design of thick-walled composite rings for an energy storage system 874 The durability of e-glass vinyl ester composite materials subjected to environmental conditioning and sustained loading 893 Compressive behavior of aramid ber-reinforced pultruded rods Tsai JS. Li SJ. Lee LJ. Ha SK. Jeong HM. Cho YS. Buck SE. Lischer DW. Nematnasser S. Andrews MC. Young RJ. Mahy J. Schaap AA. Grabandt O.

329 1998

Shivakumar KN. Crews JH. Avva VS.

Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

1 39 53 73 87 97 115 119 135 155 171 A space quantization method for numerical integration High accuracy di erence schemes for a class of three space dimensional singular parabolic equations with variable coe cients The ultraspherical coe cients of the moments of a general-order derivative of an in nitely di erentiable function On diagonally iterated runge kutta methods for dissipative odes Hyperterminants ii Asymptotics and zero distribution of pade' polynomials associated with the exponential function A two-stage fourth-order almost" p-stable method for oscillatory problems A locking-free nite element method for naghdi shells An algebraic multilevel iteration method for nite element matrices Expansions in series of orthogonal hypergeometric polynomials Modi ed clebsch gordan-type expansions for products of discrete hypergeometric polynomials Page`s , Gilles Mohanty , R.K. Doha , E.H. Chartier , P. Olde Daalhuis , A.B. Driver , Kathy A. Chawla , M.M. Bramble , James H. Axelsson , O. Sa'nchez-Ruiz , Jorge A'lvarez-Nodarse , Renato


Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

199 A constructive approach to steady nonlinear kinetic equations 213 On the sum of the coe cients of certain linear di erential operators 219 One step semi-explicit methods based on the cayley transform for solving isospectral ows 225 Convergence of rules based on nodal splines for the numerical evaluationof certain 2d cauchy principal value integrals 237 On sums of powers of zeros of polynomials 257 Error bounds for spline-based quadrature methods for strongly singular integrals 263 New boundary element formulas for plane elasticity 275 Equilibrium states for predictor corrector methods 309 Minimal recurrence relations for connection coe cients between classical orthogonal polynomials: discrete case Babovsky , Hans Bavinck , H. Diele , F. Dagnino , C. Lang , Wolfdieter Diethelm , Kai Jeon , Youngmok Usman , Anila Area , I.


Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

1 31 47 63 87 97 107 123 137 159 Water waves di raction by a submerged sphere and dual integral transforms Hybrid methods for solving the educational testing problem An accurate nite di erencemethod for the numerical solutionof the schro"dinger equation A spectral element method for the time-dependent two-dimensional euler equations: applications to ow simulations Asymptotic behaviour of the nonoscillatory solutions of di erential equations of second order with delay depending on the unknown function On the limit relations between classical continuous and discrete orthogonal polynomials Di erence equation models for estimating athletic records On the convergence of wang zheng's method A posteriori and constructive a priori error bounds for nite element solutions of the stokes equations Discrete qmr and bcg in the numerical solution of linear systems of odes Dorfmann , A.A. Al-Homidan , Suliman Simos , T.E. Xu , Chuanju Bainov , D.D. Godoy , E. Dargahi-Noubary , G.R. Petkovic' , Miodrag S. Nakao , Mitsuhiro T. Celledoni , Elena




Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

179 191 199 219 231 On certain generalized incomplete gamma functions Nth root extraction: double iteration process and newton's method Penalty methods for american options with stochastic volatility Asymptotic expansions for trapezoidal type product integration rules Derivation and analyticalinvestigationof three direct boundaryintegralequations for the fundamental biharmonic problem 249 A model-trust region algorithm utilizing a quadratic interpolant 261 A general asynchronous block iterative model with related convergence conditions Miller , Allen R. Dubeau , Franc cedil ois Zvan , R. Santos-Leo'n , J.C. Christiansen , Soren McCartin , Brian J. Su , Yangfeng


Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

117 Approximation order of bivariate spline interpolation for arbitrary smoothness 135 Jacobi sobolev-type orthogonal polynomials: second-order di erential equation and zeros 157 Inverse two-sided laplace transform for probability density functions 171 Discretizations of nonlinear di erential equations using explicit nite order methods 185 The asymptotically optimal meshsize function for bi-p degree interpolation over rectangular elements 223 An adaptive domain decomposition procedure for boltzmann and euler equations 239 Construction of starting algorithms for the rk gauss methods 263 A formula for steplength control in numerical integration 265 A harmonic mean inequality for the gamma function j. comput. appl. math. 87 1997 195 198 Davydov , O.V. Arvesu' , J. Tagliani , Aldo Chen , Benito Babus caron ka , I. Tiwari , S. Laburta , M.P. Endresen , Lars Petter Alzer , Horst


Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

Location of the zeros of orthogonal polynomials with an automatic procedure i A new iterative monte carlo approach for inverse matrix problem Theoretical and numericalanalysis on a thermo-elasticsystem with discontinuities Derivation of the errors involved in interpolation and their application to numerical quadrature formulae 69 Mixed interpolation methods with arbitrary nodes 1 15 37 59 Leopold , Elie Dimov , I.T. Li , Zhilin Chakrabarti , A. Coleman , John P.


Journal of Computational Physics

1 30 Nonlinear resonance artifacts in molecular dynamics simulations The nite element discretization for stream-function problems on multiply connected domains 47 A block pseudospectral method for maxwells equations - i - one-dimensional case 66 Generation of the chapman-enskog distribution 71 A nite-volume algorithm for three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics on an unstructured, adaptive grid in axially symmetric geometry 122 Exact integrations of polynomials and symmetric quadrature formulas over arbitrary polyhedral grids 148 Transport of magnetic ux in an arbitrary coordinate ale code 172 Magnetohydrodynamics of solar coronal plasmas in cylindrical geometry

1401 February 1998

Schlick T. Mandziuk M. Skeel RD. Srinivas K. Vangijzen MB. Vreugdenhil CB. Oksuzoglu H. Driscoll TA. Fornberg B. Garcia AL. Alder BJ. Schnack DD. Lottati I. Mikic Z. Satyanarayana P. Liu Y. Vinokur M. Peterkin RE. Frese MH. Sovinec CR. Lionello R. Mikic Z. Schnack DD.

Journal of Computational Physics

205 On performance of methods with third- and fth-order compact upwind di erencing 233 Generation of turbulent in ow data for spatially-developing boundary layer simulations 259 A higher-order boundary treatment for cartesian-grid methods 278 Multiscale computation with interpolating wavelets 311 Comparison of di erent krylov subspace methods embedded in an implicit nite volume scheme for the computation of viscous and inviscid ow elds on unstructured grids 346 An e cient algorithm for truncating spatial domain in modeling light scattering by nite-di erence technique 370 A three-point combined compact di erence scheme

1402 March 1998

Tolstykh AI. Lipavskii MV. Lund TS. Wu XH. Squires KD. Forrer H. Jeltsch R. Lippert RA. Arias TA. Edelman A. Meister A. Yang P. Liou KN. Chu PC. Fan CW.



400 Two-level hierarchial fem method for modeling passive microwave devices 421 Numerical instability due to varying time steps in explicit wave propagation and mechanics calculations 432 The adjoint method for an inverse domain problem in the directionalsolidi cation of binary alloys 453 An accurate and e cient algorithm for the computation of the characteristic polynomial of a general square matrix 459 Mpdata - a nite-di erence solver for geophysical ows Polstyanko SV. Lee JF. Wright JP. Yang GZ. Zabaras N. Rombouts S. Heyde K. Smolarkiewicz PK. Margolin LG.

Journal of Computational Physics

1 22 37 46 78 85 88 A conserving discretization for the free boundary in a two-dimensional stefan problem E cient characteristic projection in upwind di erence schemes for hyperbolic systems - the complementary projection method A particle algorithm for linear kinetic analysis in tokamak plasmas Discontinuous galerkin nite element method with anisotropic local grid re nement for inviscid compressible ows A lyapunov formulation for e cient solution of the poisson and convectiondi usion equations by the di erential quadrature method There is no error in the kleiser-schumann in uence matrix method Comment on there is no error in the kleiser-schumann in uence matrix method

1411 March 1998

Segal G. Vuik K. Vermolen F. Fedkiw RP. Merriman B. Osher S. Todo Y. Sato T. Vandervegt JJW. Vanderven H. Chen W. Zhong TX. Shu C. Kleiser L. Hartel C. Wintergerste T. Werne J.

Journal of Computational Physics

93 On the schwarz alternating method for oceanic models on parallel computers 112 Reconstructing volume tracking 153 A uni ed method for computing incompressible and compressible ows in boundary- tted coordinates 174 Numerical preservation of symmetry properties of continuum problems 199 The runge-kutta discontinuous galerkin method for conservation laws v - multidimensional systems Debreu L. Blayo E. Rider WJ. Kothe DB. Bijl H. Wesseling P.

1412 April 1998

Caramana EJ. Whalen PP. Cockburn B. Shu CW.

Journal of Computational Physics

1 47 67 80 109 123 129 148 163 182 208 243 264 A conservativeadaptive projection method for the variable density incompressible navier-stokes equations An accurate second-orderapproximationfactorizationmethodfor time-dependent incompressible navier-stokes equations in spherical polar coordinates A time-domain method for the determination of unsteady pressure with a tube of constant cross-section The black box multigrid numerical homogenization algorithm Symmetry reduction of fourier kernels Modi cation of the carrier, greengard, and rokhlin fmm for independent source and target elds On the analysis and construction of perfectly matched layers for the linearized euler equations Parallel multigrid preconditioning of the conjugate gradient method for systems of subsurface hydrology E cient iterative solution of the three-dimensional helmholtz equation Numerical simulations for radiation hydrodynamics - i - di usion limit An e cient shock-capturingalgorithm for compressiblemulticomponentproblems Cellular automata investigations of binary solidi cation Reproducing the ow response to actuator motion

1421 May 1998

Almgren AS. Bell JB. Colella P. Howell LH. Welcome ML. Sha WM. Nakabayashi K. Ueda H. Ehrendorfer K. Ottitsch F. Sockel H. Moulton JD. Dendy JE. Hyman JM. Samson JH. Evans GA. Strickland JH. Baty RS. Hesthaven JS. Brieger L. Lecca G. Elman HC. Oleary DP. Dai WL. Woodward PR. Shyue KM. Kremeyer K. Hofmann LM. Herbert T.

Journal of Computational Physics

271 Castor - normal-mode analysis of resistive mhd plasmas 304 331 370 412

1422 May 1998

Kerner W. Goedbloed JP. Huysmans GTA. Poedts S. Schwarz E. Convex eno high order multi-dimensional schemes without eld by eld decom- Liu XD. Osher S. position or staggered grids A simple nite di erence scheme for multidimensional magnetohydrodynamical Dai WL. Woodward PR. equations Accurate navier-stokes investigation of transitional and turbulent ows in a cir- Priymak VG. Miyazaki T. cular pipe Projection dynamics in godunov-type schemes Xu K. Hu JS.



428 E cient and highly accurate computation of a class of radially symmetric solutions of the navier-stokes equation and the heat equation in two dimensions 445 Second-order upwinding through a characteristic time-step matrix for compressible ow calculations 473 An improved convection scheme applied to recombining divertor plasma ows 489 A fourier-hermite pseudospectral method for penetrative convection 506 A hybrid numerical method for loaded highly resonant single mode cavities 521 Elimination of arti cial grid distortion and hourglass-type motions by means of lagrangian subzonal masses and pressures 562 Fourier collocation splittings for partial di erential equations 581 Comparison of multigrid methods for neutral and stably strati ed ows over twodimensional obstacles 611 On a mistaken notion of proper upwinding Nordmark HO. Huang Y. Lerat A. Knoll DA. Tse KL. Chasnov JR. Hile CV. Kriegsmann GA. Caramana EJ. Shashkov MJ. Costa B. Dettori L. Paisley ME. Bhatti NM. Linde T. Roe P.

Journal of Engineering Mechanics-ASCE

363 Cyclic elastoplastic large de ection analysis of thin steel plates 371 377 385 395 405 414 422 428 435 446 455 463 468 471 476 480 484

1244 April 1998

Banno S. Mamaghani IHP. Usami T. Mizuno E. Threshold between smooth and wavy laminar sheet ow Hu J. Leutheusser HJ. Piecewise linear warping theory for multilayered elastic beams Zuo QH. Hjelmstad KD. Mechanics of bond and interface shear transfer in optical ber sensors Ansari F. Libo Y. Energy approach to rock slope stability analysis Mauldon M. Arwood S. Pionke CD. Investigation of tuned liquid dampers under large amplitude excitation Reed D. Yu JY. Yeh H. Gardarsson S. E ect of panel sti ness on resistance of cladding panels to blast loading Pan YG. Watson A. Vibration isolation of machine foundations by periodic trenches Hawwa MA. Water wave control by submerged pitching porous plate Yip TL. Chwang AT. Estimation of conditional non-gaussian translation stochastic elds Hoshiya M. Noda S. Inada H. Lqg ltr control methodology in active structural control Lu LT. Chiang WL. Tang JP. Updating models and their uncertainties - i - bayesian statistical framework Beck JL. Katafygiotis LS. Updating models and their uncertainties - ii - model identi ability Katafygiotis LS. Beck JL. Upstream boundary of reservoir in dynamic analysis Watanabe H. Cao ZY. Experimental calibration of bifurcation superstructure of nonlinear system Lin H. Yim SCS. Beam-type dynamic vibration absorber comprised of free-free beam Kawazoe K. Kono I. Aida T. Aso T. Ebisuda K. Engelunds analysis of turbulent energy and suspended load Nino Y. Garcia M. Free vibrations of uid- lled orthotropiccylindrical shells vol 123, pg 1130, 1997 Chen WQ. Ding HJ. Guo YM. Yang QD.

Journal of Engineering Mechanics-ASCE

485 502 513 520 529 537 547 556 565 571 576 Present status of second-order closure turbulence models - i - overview review Present status of second order closure turbulence models - ii - applications Optically powered electrical accelerometer and its eld testing Active attenuation of building structural response using robust control Reliability assessment of high-strength concrete columns Elastic subsurface stress analysis for circular foundations - i Elastic subsurface stress analysis for circular foundations - ii Bounding surface models applied to fatigue of plain concrete New seismic testing method - i - fundamental concepts New seismic testing method - ii - proof for mdof systems E cient solution method of eigenproblems for damped structural systems using modi ed newton-raphson technique 582 Simulation of ringing in o shore systems under viscous loads 587 Layerwise composite plate analysis using an element template methodology

1245 May 1998

Jaw SY. Chen CJ. Jaw SY. Chen CJ. Feng MQ. Calise AJ. Sweriduk GD. Diniz SMC. Frangopol DM. Hanson MT. Puja IW. Hanson MT. Puja IW. Pandol A. Taliercio A. Kausel E. Kausel E. Lee IW. Kim MC. Robinson AR. Gurley KR. Kareem A. Xiao WM. Blandford GE.

Journal of Engineering Mechanics-ASCE

591 603 614 622 630 639 648 658 668 684 Plastic model for concrete in plane stress state - i - theory Plastic model for concrete in plane stress state - ii - numerical validation Elastomeric materials used for vibration isolation of railway lines Dynamics of multicell, thin-walled beams with regular cutouts Self-weight subsidence of saturated soft porous media Two-step identi cation approach for damped nite element models Plastic buckling of unanchored roofed tanks under dynamic loads Constitutive modeling of unsaturated drying deformable materials Frequency-domain analysis of o shore platform in non-gaussian seas Closed-form solutions for the response of linear systems to fully nonstationary earthquake excitation 696 Corrected solution of clamped ring plate with edge point load

1246 June 1998

Winnicki A. Cichon C. Winnicki A. Cichon C. Castellani A. Kajon G. Panzeri P. Pezzoli P. Capuani D. Laudiero F. Savoia M. Tuncay K. Kambham KKR. Corapcioglu MY. Herrmann T. Pradlwarter HJ. Elbkaily M. Peek R. Coussy O. Eymard R. Lassabatere T. Kareem A. Hsieh CC. Tognarelli MA. Peng BF. Conte JP. Boedo S. Prantil VC.



699 700 701 702 Stochastic response of o shore platforms by statistical cubicization - discussion Stochastic response of o shore platforms by statistical cubicization - closure Random response to periodic excitation with correlated disturbances - discussion Random response to periodic excitation with correlated disturbances - closure Kareem A. Tognarelli MA. Zhao J. Quek ST. Floris C. Sandrelli MC. Hou ZK. Zhou YS. Dimentberg MF. Noori M.

Journal of Fluid Mechanics

1 23 49 81 109 143 165 181 217 239 265 281 299 313 329 357 Impulsively started ow separation in wavy-walled tubes

359 1998

FEDERICO DOMENICHINI and GIANNI PEDRIZZETTI Prandtl-meyer ows with homogeneous condensation. part 1. subcritical ows C. F DELALE and D. G CRIGHTON Characteristics of endwall and sidewall boundary layers in a rotating cylinder J. M LOPEZ with a di erentially rotating endwall From onset of unsteadiness to chaos in a di erentially heated square cavity PATRICK LE QUE; and MASUD BEHNIA E ects of external ow on compositional and particle gravity currents MARK A HALLWORTH, ANDREW J HOGG and HERBERT E HUPPERT Instability of thermocapillary-buoyancy convection in shallow layers. part 1. R. J RILEY and G. P NEITZEL characterization of steady and oscillatory instabilities Instability of thermocapillary-buoyancy convection in shallow layers. part 2. sup- S BENZ, P HINTZ, R. J RILEY and G. P pression of hydrothermal waves NEITZEL Noise generation by the interaction between ingested turbulence and a rotating S. J MAJUMDAR and N PEAKE fan Torsional ow: e ect of second normal stress di erence on elastic instability in a AARON AVAGLIANO and NHAN PHANnite domain THIEN A numerical study of breaking waves in the surf zone PENGZHI LIN and PHILIP L.-F LIU Re ection of gravity waves by a steep beach with a porous bed GILES L BODY and ULF T EHRENMARK Lubricated plane slider bearing: solution of the inlet problem with upstream free R MALVANO and F VATTA surface The vanishing e ect of molecular di usivity on turbulent dispersion: implications S. B POPE for turbulent mixing and the scalar ux On cusped interfaces YULII D SHIKHMURZAEV The e ects of a favourable pressure gradient and of the reynolds number on an H. H FERNHOLZ and D WARNACK incompressible axisymmetric turbulent boundary layer. part 1. the turbulent boundary layer The e ects of a favourable pressure gradient and of the reynolds number on an D WARNACK and H. H FERNHOLZ incompressible axisymmetric turbulent boundary layer. part 2. the boundary layer with relaminarization

Journal of Fluid Mechanics

1 21 41 73 85 121 141 179 213 229 249 273 295 341 Particle motion in resonance tubes

360 1998

A GOLDSHTEIN, K SHUSTER, P VAINSHTEIN, M FICHMAN and C GUTFINGER Thermocapillary and oscillatory-shear instabilities in a layer of liquid with a de- A. C OR and R. E KELLY formable surface Oscillating foils of high propulsive e ciency J. M ANDERSON, K STREITLIEN, D. S BARRETT and M. S TRIANTAFYLLOU Some aerodynamic aspects of coin-like cylinders M. M ZDRAVKOVICH, A. J FLAHERTY, M. G PAHLE and I. A SKELHORNE Cooperative elliptic instability of a vortex pair T LEWEKE and C. H. K WILLIAMSON A universal time scale for vortex ring formation MORTEZA GHARIB, EDMOND RAMBOD and KARIM SHARIFF Strongly nonlinear convection cells in a rapidly rotating uid layer: the tilted KEITH JULIEN and EDGAR KNOBLOCH f-plane Active control of streamwise vortices and streaks in boundary layers STUART A JACOBSON and WILLIAM C REYNOLDS Surface-wave damping in a brimful circular cylinder CARLOS MARTEL, JOSE A NICOLAS and JOSE M VEGA Turbulent gravitational convection from a point source in a non-uniformly strat- C. P CAULFIELD and ANDREW W i ed environment WOODS Low-reynolds-number ow around an oscillating circular cylinder at low keulegan- H DUTSCH, F DURST, S BECKER and H carpenter numbers LIENHART Monopolar vortices in an irrotational annular shear ow R. R TRIELING, A. H LINSSEN and G. J. F VAN HEIJST Statistical modellingand direct numerical simulations of decaying stably strati ed C STAQUET and F. S GODEFERD turbulence. part 1. ow energetics E ect of axial ow on viscoelastic taylor-couette instability M. D GRAHAM



Journal of Fluid Mechanics

1 25 41 75 117 145 175 189 237 253 275 297 309 333 Conditional scalar dissipation statistics in a turbulent counter ow

361 1998

KATERINA SARDI, A. M. K. P TAYLOR and J. H WHITELAW Natural convection far downstream of a heat source on a solid wall F. J HIGUERA and P. D WEIDMAN Hydrodynamic equations for rapid ows of smooth inelastic spheres, to burnett N SELA and I GOLDHIRSCH order Cavitation erosion by single laser-produced bubbles A PHILIPP and W LAUTERBORN Deformation of liquid capsules enclosed by elastic membranes in simple shear S RAMANUJAN and C POZRIKIDIS ow: large deformations and the e ect of uid viscosities Relative dispersion for solute ux in aquifers ROKO ANDRICEVIC and VLADIMIR CVETKOVIC Topographical scattering of gravity waves J. W MILES and P. G CHAMBERLAIN Dynamics of counter-rotating vortex pairs in strati ed and sheared environments J. F GARTEN, S ARENDT, D. C FRITTS and J WERNE The decay of cyclonic eddies by rossby wave radiation N. ROBB McDONALD The transition from density-driven to wave-dominated isolated ows RICHARD MANASSEH, CHANG-YUN CHING and HARINDRA J. S FERNANDO Withdrawal from a two-layer inviscid uid in a duct LAWRENCE K FORBES and GRAEME C HOCKING The earth's rotation and laminar pipe ow A. A DRAAD and F. T. M NIEUWSTADT Dispersion of a ball settling through a quiescent neutrally buoyant suspension JAMES R ABBOTT, ALAN L GRAHAM, LISA A MONDY and HOWARD BRENNER Laminar-turbulent transition in poiseuille pipe ow subjected to periodic pertur- S ELIAHOU, A TUMIN and I WYGNANSKI bation emanating from the wall

Journal of Fluids & Structures

717 The nonlinear hydroelastic behaviour of exible walls 745 767 793 819 845

117 October 1997

Lucey AD. Cafolla GJ. Carpenter PW. Yang M. Symmetrically oscillating viscous ow over an elliptic cylinder Badr HM. Kocabiyik S. Appraisal of a semi-empirical model for the pressure eld beneath roof corner Williams CW. Baker CJ. vortices Symmetric and asymmetric separation patterns over a hemisphere cylinder at low Hoang NT. Rediniotis OK. Telionis DP. reynolds numbers and high incidences Ballistic waves in high-speed water entry Lee M. Longoria RG. Wilson DE. Boundary layers excited by low frequency disturbances - klebano mode Sengupta TK. Nair MT. Rana V.

Journal of Fluids & Structures

857 873 893 909 929 947 In uence of separation on sound generated by vortex-step interaction Aerodynamics and dynamics of rectangular prisms with momentum injection Flow about cylinders with surface perturbations Simulation of tube bundle vibrations induced by cross- ow Some aspects of heat-exchanger tube damping in two-phase mixtures Liquid slug motion in a voided line

118 November 1997

Howe MS. Munshi SR. Modi VJ. Yokomizo T. Nigim HH. Batill SM. Kassera V. Strohmeier K. Pettigrew MJ. Knowles GD. Bozkus Z. Wiggert DC.

Journal of Fluids & Structures

3 On the existence of a critical smear parameter for cellular vortex shedding from cylinders in nonuniform ow 17 The in uence of trip-wires on the uid-damping-controlled instability of a exible tube in a bundle 33 Unsteady- ow testing in a low-correction wind tunnel 47 On thrust estimates for apping foils 57 Low-gravity propellant slosh analysis using spherical coordinates 85 Cavitation models for structures excited by a plane shock wave 103 The in uence of structural deformation on water jet impact loading 123 Reduction of blu -body drag and suppression of vortex shedding by the introduction of wavy separation lines

121 January 1998

Balasubramanian S. Haan FL. Szewczyk AA. Skop RA. Romberg O. Popp K. Kong L. Hameury M. Parkinson GV. Streitlien K. Triantafyllou GS. Utsumi M. Makinen K. Chahine GL. Kalumuck KM. Bearman PW. Owen JC.

Journal of Fluids Engineering-Transactions of the ASME

2 A tribute to kline,stephen,j. 1922-1997

1201 March 1998

Woodward CJ. Woodward PR.



6 19 23 29 40 48 54 62 70 76 82 83 90 95 102 109 118 125 131 136 140 146 152 160 166 171 179 186 193 200 204 207 209 211 213 Review - di user design and performance analysis by a uni ed integral method data bank contribution review The systematic uncertainty of laboratory ow calibrations Time resolved torque of three-dimensional rotating blu bodies in a cylindrical tank Direct measurements of turbulent boundary layer wall pressure wavenumberfrequency spectra A procedure for using dns databases Turbulence in compressible mixing layers An experimental and numerical study of turbulent swirling pipe ows Analytical model of a side-heated free convection loop placed in a transverse magnetic eld The steady horizontal ow of a wall jet into a large-width cavity Turbulence structure of plane surface-jets in a weak co owing stream for di erent initial wake conditions Experimental measurement in a centrifugal pump impeller vol 118, pg 692, 1996 Experimental study of ow in a high aspect ratio 90 deg curved di user Johnston JP. Keyser DR. Maynes D. Klewicki J. Mcmurtry P. Abraham BM. Keith WL. Parneix S. Laurence D. Durbin PA. Ladeinde F. Liu W. Obrien EE. Parchen RR. Steenbergen W. Ghaddar N.

Homan KO. Soo SL. Martinuzzi R. Zaghloul AM. Alqaraguli W. Baddour RE. Bwalya AC. Johnson MW. Majumdar B. Mohan R. Singh SN. Agrawal DP. Angular range and uncertainty analysis of nonorthogonal crossed hot wire probes Blancomarigorta E. Ballesterostajadura R. Santolaria C. Application of neural networks and fuzzy logic to the calibration of the seven-hole Rediniotis OK. Chrysanthakopoulos G. probe Wing section optimization for supersonic viscous ow Item CC. Baysal O. Combustors for micro-gas turbine engines Waitz IA. Gauba G. Tzeng YS. Multi-fractal signal simulation of local instantaneous pressure in a bubbling gas- Pence DV. Beasley DE. uidized bed - part 1 - signal simulation Multi-fractal signal simulation of local instantaneous pressure in a bubbling gas- Pence DV. Beasley DE. uidized bed - part 2 - chaos assessment Numerical modeling of non-newtonian uid ow in a porous medium using a Inoue M. Nakayama A. three-dimensional periodic array Turbulent friction factor for two-phase - air powerlaw uid ows through hori- Rao BK. zontal tubes Two-phase void fraction and pressure drop in horizontal cross ow across a tube Xu GP. Tou KW. Tso CP. bundle E ects of particulate di usion on the compressible boundary-layer ow of a two- Chamkha AJ. phase suspension over a horizontal surface Pressure drop and heat transfer of magnetohydrodynamic annular two-phase ow Kumamaru H. Fujiwara Y. in rectangular channel Flow visualization in bubbly two-phase hydraulic jump Mossa M. Tolve U. One-dimensional bubbly cavitating ows through a converging-diverging nozzle Wang YC. Brennen CE. In uence of the nuclei on the cavitation inception for di erent types of cavitation Gindroz B. Billet ML. on ship propellers Quantitative evaluation of cavitation erosion Hattori S. Mori H. Okada T. Simple stochastic model for particle dispersion including inertia, trajectory- Etasse E. Meneveau C. Poinsot T. crossing, and continuity e ects Alternate eddy shedding set up by the nonaxisymmetric recirculation zone at the Gri ths AJ. Yazdabadi PA. Syred N. exhaust of a cyclone dust separator An experimental study of swirling ow pneumatic conveying system in a vertical Li H. Tomita Y. pipeline Refractive-index-matching laser velocimetry for complex, isothermal ows Thompson BE. Bouchery O. Lowney KD. Flow regime identi cation in horizontal channels with di erent types of rod Lele HG. Gupta SK. Raj VV. clusters Richardsons annular e ect in oscillating laminar duct ows Yakhot A. Arad M. Bendor G. Asymptotic ow regimes in pulsatile ows of bingham plastics Hammad KJ. Vradis GC. Laser pointing stability and alignment technique Morrison GL. Wiedner BG.

Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics

79 Concentric cylinder end e ects and uid inertia e ects in controlled stress rheom- Hughes , J.P. etry: part i: numerical simulation 103 A model equation for axisymmetric stability of small-gap parallel-plate ows Renardy , Yuriko 133 Spatially resolved stress birefringence and ow visualization in the ow instabil- Legrand , Frederic ities of a polydimethylsiloxane extruded through a slit die

771 1998

Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics

1 Polymer solution characterization with the fene-p model Purnode , B. 21 Parallelisation of an unstructured nite volume code with pvm: viscoelastic ow Dou , Hua-Shu around a cylinder 27 Inertial e ect on stability of cone-and-plate ow part 2: non-axisymmetric modes Renardy , Yriko

781 1998



47 The velocity eld of dilute cationic surfactant solutions in a couette-viscometer Koch , S. 53 Nanorheology of molecularly thin lms of n-hexadecane in couette shear ow by Jabbarzadeh , A. molecular dynamics simulation 61 Strati ed exchange ows of two bingham uids in an inclined slot Frigaard , I.A.

Journal of Reinforced Plastics & Composites

284 Response to - application of piezoelectric paints to damage detection in structural materials 286 A review of ow and compactionmodelling relevant to thermoset matrix laminate processing 319 Structural dynamics of composite wings 361 Prediction of creep properties of laminated composites from matrix creep data Egusa S. Isawasa N. Hubert P. Poursartip A. Santini P. Gasbarri P. Harris JS. Barbero EJ.

174 1998

Journal of Reinforced Plastics & Composites

382 Velocity pro les in the mp region of a co-rotatingtwin-screw extruder- transitions between forward and reverse elements 389 Eddy current, ultrasonic c-scan and scanning acoustic microscopy testing of delaminated quasi-isotropic cfrp materials - a case study 406 A simple comparison of macroscopic failure criteria for advanced ber reinforced composites 446 Shape control of intelligent composite sti ened structures using piezoelectric materials - a nite element approach 462 Compressive strength of composite lattice structures Chandrasekaran M. Karwe MV. Gros XE. Ogi K. Takahashi K. Yeh HY. Kilfoy LT. Goswami S. Kant T. Hou A. Gramoll K.

175 1998

Journal of Reinforced Plastics & Composites

486 Stresses and de ection under transverse loading of antisymmetric angle-ply clamped plates including the e ect of shear deformation 498 Critical strain energy release rate of broken ply composite laminates 512 Characteristics of the interface between a base laminate and a repair laminate subjected to variations in pressure in the repair curing cycle 526 Finite element modelling for the impact dynamic response of composite sti ened shells 545 Modeling approaches for 3d orthogonal woven composites Yeh HY. Tran JV. Chakraborty D. Pradhan B. Jarrah MA. Hoa SV. Goswami S. Tan P. Tong L. Steven GP.

176 1998

Journal of Reinforced Plastics & Composites

580 Finite element thermostructural analysis of laminated composite shells of revolution under asymmetric thermal loading 606 On the e ective moduli of anisotropic composites with aligned ellipsoidal inclusions 626 Characterization of elastic constants and bias angle in glass ber reinforced polystyrene composite 651 Stress relaxation behavior of short pineapple ber reinforced polyethylene composites Rao DM. Sinha PK. Demakos CB. Shonaike GO. Chua SC.

177 1998

George J. Sreekala MS. Thomas S. Bhagawan SS. Neelakantan NR.

Journal of Reinforced Plastics & Composites

674 A multiple percolation approach to emi shielding composites incorporating conductive llers 691 Numerical predictions of progressive damage evolution in particulate composites 712 Slip ow in partially lled screw channel 725 In uence of joint geometry and load regimes on sandwich tee joint behaviour 741 Investigations on the role of foam layers in the failure of glass-epoxy composite subjected to repeated impacts 752 Fracture and fatigue analysis of 15-percent chopped glass ber reinforced ptfe 772 Finite element free vibration analysis of rotating laminated composite pretwisted cantilever plates vol 16, pg 1461, 1997 Olivero DA. Radford DW.

178 1998

Kwon YW. Baron DT. Cheng JY. Xie YF. Bigio DI. Briber RM. Shenoi RA. Read PJCL. Jackson CL. Venkatraman S. KISHORE. Zhang Z. Aglan H. Faughnan P. Bryan C. Karmakar A. Sinha PK.



Journal of Sound & Vibration

295 A dynamic green function formulation for the response of a beam structure to a moving mass 307 Post-critical behaviour of orthotropic circular cylindrical shells under time dependent axial compression 329 Vibrations of base plates in annular cylindrical tanks - theory and experiments 351 Flexural-torsional coupling e ect on vibrational characteristics of angle-ply laminates 367 The in uence of refraction and turbulence on railroad noise 375 On transmission of sound in circular and rectangular narrow pipes with superimposed mean ow 391 On transmission of sound in a non-uniform duct carrying a subsonic compressible ow 403 An approximate method for analyzing vibrating, simply supported circular plates of rectangular orthotropy 407 Vibroimpacts of a du ng oscillator under sinusoidal force 413 Geometric sti ness and stability of rigid body modes vol 207, pg 465, 1997

2103 February 1998

Foda MA. Abduljabbar Z. Mao R. Williams FW. Amabili M. Dalpiaz G. Maeda T. Baburaj V. Ito Y. Koga T. Makarewicz R. Dokumaci E. Dokumaci E. Laura PAA. Vera SA. Vega DA. Sanchez MD. Bhutani N. Kulkarni S. Bapat CN. Elabsy H. Shabana AA.

Journal of Sound & Vibration

415 Frequency analysis of a rotating plate with external beam-supports 431 Increasing the maximum stable rotation speed of a circular disk using speed dependent clamping 441 Volume velocity control of sound transmission through composite panels 461 Stick-slip-separation analysis and non-linear sti ness and damping characterization of friction contacts having variable normal load 483 Principal response of du ng oscillator to combined deterministic and narrowband random parametric excitation 517 An alternative feedback structure for the adaptive active control of periodic and time-varying periodic disturbances 529 Higher-order averaging and ultra-subharmonics in forced oscillators 555 Some exact solutions of the vibration of non-homogeneous membranes 559 Transverse vibrations of a thin rectangular plate subjectedto a non-uniformstress distribution eld Huang SC. Wu CH. Renshaw AA.

2104 March 1998

Stpierre RL. Koopmann GH. Chen W. Yang BD. Chu ML. Menq CH. Rong H. Xu W. Fang T. Bouchard M. Paillard B. Yagasaki K. Wang CY. Laura PAA. Gutierrez RH.

Journal of Sound & Vibration

567 Estimation of operational strains from vibration measurements - an application to lead wires of chips on printed circuit board 581 New admissible functions for the dynamic analysis of a slewing exible beam 593 Dynamic nite element model updating using neural networks 609 A new approach for obtaining normal forms of non-linear systems 627 Dynamics of a tire-wheel-suspension assembly 643 Direct identi cation of elastic constants of anisotropic plates by modal analysis experimental results 661 Flexural vibrations of circular beams 673 The forced vibration of a beam with viscoelastic boundary supports 683 Bootons problem re-examined

2105 March 1998

Seo SW. Kim KJ. Bae BK. Kwak MK. Levin RI. Lieven NAJ. Zhang WY. Huseyin K. Chen YS. Dohrmann CR. Grediac M. Fournier N. Paris PA. Surrel Y. Silverman IK. Fan ZJ. Lee JH. Kang KH. Kim KJ. Elishako I. Colajanni P.

Journal of Sound & Vibration

1 19 39 Free vibration of thick circular cylindrical shells subjected to axial stresses Computation of normal forms via a perturbation technique On the elastodynamic response of thick multilayered plates subjected to impact loads 95 The one-dimensional bending wave counterpart to the acoustic horn and the semi-in nite wedge 123 The convergence of the iterated irs method 133 Neural network approach to locating acoustic emission sources in non-destructive evaluation

2111 March 1998

Matsunaga H. Yu P. Lange KA. Bottega WJ. Petersson BAT. Nijman EJM. Friswell MI. Garvey SD. Penny JET. Spall JC. Maryak JL. Asher MS.



Journal of Sound & Vibration

145 The use of mathematica for the analysis of strongly nonlinear two-degree-offreedom systems by means of the modi ed lindstedt-poincare method 157 Pulse input sequences for residual vibration reduction 179 The 1 1 internally resonant response of a cantilever beam attached to a rotating body 195 The rayleigh-ritz solution to estimate vibration characteristics of building oors 207 A generalized approach for the acoustic radiation from a ba ed or unba ed plate with arbitrary boundary conditions, immersed in a light or heavy uid 227 Small amplitude vibrations of an internally constrained elastic layer 249 Identifying nodes and anti-nodes of complex structures with virtual elements 265 Speci c damping capacity for arbitrary loss angle 273 Free vibrations of uniform timoshenko beams with lumped attachments 277 Hybrid strain-basedthree-node at triangular laminated composite shell elements for vibration analysis

2112 March 1998

Franciosi C. Tomasiello S. Teo CL. Ong CJ. Xu M. Murphy KD. Lee CL. Kato Y. Honma T. Nelisse H. Beslin O. Nicolas J. Roxburgh DG. Rogerson GA. Cha PD. Dym CL. Wong WC. Lee GF. Hartmann B. Cha PD. Pierre C. To CWS. Wang B.

Journal of Sound & Vibration

293 Foreword 295 Report on the proceedings of 1996 india-usa symposium on emerging trends in vibration and noise engineering 301 A uni ed matrix polynomial approach to modal identi cation 323 An emerging trend in experimental dynamics - merging of laser-based threedimensional structural imaging and modal analysis 335 Rapid structural design change evaluation with an experiment based fem 355 Reanalysis of damped structures using the single step perturbation method 365 Structural intensity calculations for compliant plate-beam structures connected by bearings 389 Exact boundary condition perturbation for eigensolutions of the wave equation 409 A frequency domain based numeric-analytical method for non-linear dynamical systems 425 Analysis and design of mu ers - an overview of research at the indian institute of science 435 Multi-pass perforated tube silencers - a computational approach 449 Vibration control in machines and structures using viscoelastic damping 467 Robust control of active constrained layer damping 481 On analog feedback control for magnetostrictive transducer linearization 495 Stochastic optimal active control of a 2-dof quarter car model with non-linear passive suspension elements 507 Studies on model updating using di erent nite elements 513 Damping measurements in ber reinforced composite rotors 521 A new method for determining coupling loss factors for sea 527 Natural frequency constrained optimal structural modi cation using a sensitivity derivative of dynamically constrained mass and sti ness matrices Soedel W. Singh R. Nakra BC.

2113 April 1998

Allemang RJ. Brown DL. Mitchell LD. West RL. Wicks AL. Chu CH. Trethewey MW. Ravi SSA. Kundra TK. Nakra BC. Rook TE. Singh R. Parker RG. Mote CD. Narayanan S. Sekar P. Munjal ML. Dickey NS. Selamet A. Novak JM. Nakra BC. Baz A. Hall DL. Flatau AB. Narayanan S. Senthil S. Ramamurti V. Rao MH. Gupta K. Singh SP. Manik DN. Srivastava RK. Kundra TK.

Journal of Sound & Vibration

537 A vibroacoustic model for high frequency analysis 555 An experimentalinvestigationinto the topological stability of a cracked cantilever beam 571 Modelling, synthesis and dynamic analysis of complex exible rotor systems 593 Energy ow analysis of coupled beams 607 On the physical interpretation of proper orthogonal modes in vibrations 617 Parametric identi cation of vortex-induced vibration of a circular cylinder from measured data 637 A rearrangement of the modal expansion for a damped two-dimensional vibratory system 663 A bem approachto assess the acoustic performanceof noise barriers in a refracting atmosphere 683 On the dynamic analysis of a exible l-shaped structure 689 Dynamic stability of an axially travelling string slider coupling system with moving boundary 702 Interactive aspects in the numerical simulation of the kinetic state of a multi-body system with friction 709 Dissipative control of chaos in non-linear vibrating systems 716 Impedance characteristics of active interior noise control systems

2114 April 1998

Lebot A. Brandon JA. Sudraud C. Fang H. Yang B. Cho PE. Bernhard RJ. Feeny BF. Kappagantu R. Christensen CF. Roberts JB. Muggleton JM. Pinnington RJ. Li KM. Wang Q. Gurgoze M. Fung RF. Huang JS. Chu JJ. Klepp HJ. Ravindra B. Mallik AK. Jayachandran V. Sun JQ.



Journal of Sound & Vibration

729 Identi cation of transverse crack location in exural vibrations of free-free beams 735 Wavelet based compression and feature selection for vibration analysis 761 Free and forced response of mistuned linear cyclic systems - a singular perturbation approach 791 Dynamical viscosity in porous media 801 Impact response and the in uence of friction 819 In uence of an electric eld on diaphragm stability and vibration in a condenser microphone 829 Stability of vibrations of two oscillators moving uniformly along a beam on a viscoelastic foundation 843 New approaches for the study of non-linear oscillators 877 Extensions of the phase space linearization psl technique for non-linear oscillators 907 Comments on joint sti ness control of a one-link exible arm 910 A stochastic reformulation of the power ow equations for membranes and plates 918 Pseudo force-state mapping method - incorporation of the embedding and forcestate mapping methods

2115 April 1998

Boltezar M. Strancar B. Kuhelj A. Staszewski WJ. Happawana GS. Nwokah ODI. Bajaj AK. Azene M. Qian ZW. Begley CJ. Virgin LN. Rajalingham C. Bhat RB. Wolfert ARM. Dieterman HA. Metrikine AV. Iyengar RN. Roy D. Iyengar RN. Roy D. Low KH. Viktorovitch M. Thouverez F. Jezequel L. Shin K. Hammond JK.

Journal of Sound & Vibration

1 23 37 61 75 85 109 121 141 165 173 179 Traveling wave dynamics in a translating string coupled to stationary constraints - energy transfer and mode localization Mach number dependence of the compression wave generated by a high-speed train entering a tunnel Transient behaviour of acoustic gyrometers Ground vibrations due to a rectangular harmonic load The relationship between the real and imaginary parts of complex modes Dynamic response of the standing human body exposed to vertical vibration in uence of posture and vibration magnitude Vibration eigenfrequency analysis of a single-link exible manipulator In-plane vibration of circular arches with variable cross-sections Active noise control of an incoherent line source On the stochastic averaging method of energy envelope Some particular solutions which describe the motion of the rotor Fourier p-element for the analysis of beams and plates Lee SY. Mote CD. Howe MS.

2121 April 1998

Dupire P. Bruneau M. Jones DV. Lehouedec D. Petyt M. Garvey SD. Penny JET. Friswell MI. Matsumoto Y. Gri n MJ. Coleman MP. Tong X. Mrad N. Tabarrok B. Duhamel D. Sergent P. To CWS. Cveticanin L. Leung AYT. Chan JKW.

Journal of Sound & Vibration

187 Noise shielding e ciency in an urban system 215 Dynamic stability of rotating composite shafts under periodic axial compressive loads 231 The direct and indirect power ows of three non-conservatively series coupled oscillators 253 Exact shared modal functions and frequencies for xed and free isospectral membrane shapes formed from triangles 265 Finite element modelling of radiating waves in immersed wedges 275 295 311 321 337 357 365 369 370 375 Walerian E. Janczur R. Chen LW. Peng WK.

2122 April 1998

Wang MQ. Sheng MP. Sun JC. Gottlieb HPW. Mcmanus JP.

Hladkyhennion AC. Langlet P. Bossut R. Debilly M. A variational approach for the study of outdoor sound propagation and applica- Jean P. tion to railway noise Non-linear vibrations of a slightly curved beam resting on a non-linear elastic Oz HR. Pakdemirli M. Ozkaya E. Yilmaz M. foundation Melnikovs method for non-linear oscillators with non-linear excitations Garciamargallo J. Bejarano JD. Experimental and numerical analysis of the steady state behaviour of beam sys- Vandevorst ELB. Heertjes MF. Vancampen tem with impact DH. Dekraker A. Fey RHB. Acoustic eigenfrequencies in concentric spheroidal-spherical cavities - calculation Kokkorakis GC. Roumeliotis JA. by shape perturbation Active control of source sound power radiation in uniform ow Joseph P. Morfey CL. Nelson PA. Comments on fast eigenvalue sensitivity calculations for special structures of sys- Gurgoze M. tem matrix derivatives Comments on fast eigenvalue sensitivity calculations for special structures of sys- Elkady MA. Alohaly AA. tem matrix derivatives - authors reply Boundary conditions in the asymptotic theory for beams of rectangular cross- Kathnelson AN. Serebrianyi E. section A model of sti ness non-linearity in brous material dynamics Rice HJ. Torrance AA. Eikelman G.



Journal of Sound & Vibration

383 The three-dimensional dtn nite element method for radiation problems of the helmholtz equation 395 The sea of two coupled plates - an investigation into the e ects of subsystem irregularity 417 Vibration of multi-span timoshenko frames due to moving loads 435 An analysis of the trans-spectral-coherence for du ng oscillators undergoing chaos 455 Vibration of multi-spannon-uniformbeams under moving loads by using modi ed beam vibration functions 469 Identi cation techniques of structure connection parameters using frequency response functions 481 Thermal non-linear e ects on underwater sound generation by laser radiation 499 Application of a modi ed vlasov model to earthquake analysis of plates resting on elastic foundations 511 Active noise control of acoustic sources using spherical harmonics expansion and a genetic algorithm - simulation and experiment 525 Critical seismic vector random excitations for multiply supported structures 547 Bounds analysis of a beam based on the convex model of uncertain foundation 559 On the existence of weak solutions in the study of beams 564 Transverse vibrations of a circular annular plate with an intermediate circular support and a free inner edge Giljohann D. Bittner M. Mace BR. Rosenberg J. Wang RT. Lin JS. Vaidya PG. He R. Zheng DY. Cheung YK. Au FTK. Cheng YS. Hwang HY. Yadav LL. Sayal VK. Maheshwari KP. Ayvaz Y. Daloglu A. Dogangun A. Martin T. Roure A. Sarkar A. Manohar CS. Fryba L. Yoshikawa N. Grossi RO. Scotto R. Canterle E. Romanelli E. Rossi RE. Laura PAA. Gutierrez RH.

2123 May 1998

Journal of Sound & Vibration

573 The in uence of concentrated masses and pasternak soil on the free vibrations of euler beams - exact solution 583 On acoustic radiation resistance of plates 599 Natural vibration of rectangular plates considered as tridimensional solids 611 Axisymmetric vibrations of solid circular and annular membranes with continuously varying density 623 The steelpan as a system of non-linear mode-localized oscillators, part iii - the inverse problem - parameter estimation 637 Geometric di usion of vibrational energy and comparison with the vibrational conductivity approach 649 Analysis of losses due to rotor vibrations in a high-t-c superconducting ywheel system 663 An e cient algorithmfor dynamic analysis of bridges under moving vehicles using a coupled modal and physical components approach 685 Self-excited vibrations of the variable mass rotor uid system 703 A note on the convergence of the direct collocation boundary element method 721 Vibration suppression and motion control of a non-linearly coupled exible quickreturn mechanism driven by a pm synchronous servo motor 743 Non-classical boundary conditions and dqm 749 A variant of the method of orthogonal polynomials 753 Transverse vibrations of a simply supported rectangular orthotropic plate with a circular perforation with a free edge Derosa MA. Maurizi MJ.

2124 May 1998

Renji K. Nair PS. Narayanan S. Filipich CP. Rosales MB. Belles PM. Gutierrez RH. Laura PAA. Bambill DV. Jederlinic VA. Hodges DH. Achong A. Lebot A. Tonoli A. Bornemann HJ. Henchi K. Fafard M. Talbot M. Dhatt G. Cveticanin L. Juhl P. Fung RF. Chen KW. Derosa MA. Franciosi C. Grossi RO. Albarracin CM. Laura PAA. Rossi RE. Avalos DR. Larrondo HA.

Journal of Sound & Vibration

759 Structural analysis and optimal design of a dynamic absorbing beam 771 Periodic solutions of strongly quadratic non-linear oscillators by the elliptic perturbation method 781 Vibration analysis of beams with multiple constrained layer damping patches 807 Vibration analysis of rotating cantilever beams 829 Power transmission between two nite beams at low modal overlap 855 Mathematical models for the apparent mass of the seated human body exposed to vertical vibration 875 Delayed-x lms algorithm - an e cient anc algorithm utilizing robustness of cancellation path model 889 A fractional derivative railpad model included in a railway track model 905 Periodic solutions of the relativistic harmonic oscillator 909 Monitoring structural health through changes in frequency Kung SW. Singh R. Yoo HH. Shin SH. Hugin CT. Wei L. Gri n MJ. Kim HS. Park Y.

2125 May 1998

Chen YH. Lin CY. Chen SH. Yang XM. Cheung YK.

Fenander A. Mickens RE. Laura PAA. Lamalfa S. Bambill DV.



Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design

1 Simultaneous observation of phase-stepped images for automated photoelasticity 17 Designing against fretting fatigue - crack self-arrest 27 A new calculation procedure for non-uniform residual stress analysis by the holedrilling method 39 The ratchetting of plain carbon steel pressurized cylinders subjected to simulated seismic bending - the e ect of the d t ratio and comparison with nite element predictions 55 Approximate method for the analysis of components undergoing ratchetting and failure 67 On the post-processing of data obtained from cracked components

331 January 1998

Patterson EA. Wang ZF. Moobola R. Hills DA. Nowell D. Petrucci G. Zuccarello B. Moreton DN. Zehsaz M. Yahiaoui K. Mo at DG. Lin J. Dunne FPE. Hayhurst DR. Ciavarella M. Demelio G. Pappalettere C.

Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids

1139 The fracture toughness of a particulate-reinforced brittle matrix 1155 The post-buckling response of a bi-laterally constrained column 1183 Pulse attenuation by kinetically active phase boundary scattering during displacive phase transformations. 1213 Nonlinear e ects in the extension of an elastic space containing a wavy layer inclusion 1253 Some variational formulations for continuum nonlinear dynamics 1279 E ective transverse response of ber composites with nonlinear interface AA Rubinstein, P Wang H Chai J Lin, TJ Pence A Chiskis, R Parnes A Carini, F Genna AJ Levy, Z Dong

467 1998

Journal of Thermal Stresses

105 Thermally induced dynamic stresses in a bi-material sphere 129 Thermoelastic analysis of circular arc-shaped cracks 141 Optimum design of process conditions to minimize residual stresses in injectionmolded parts 157 Thermal fracture of ceramics with temperature-dependent properties

212 March 1998

Zhang XZ. Hasebe N. Chung HD. Beom HG. Choi SY. Earmme YY. Kang S. Hieber CA. Wang KK. Jin ZH. Batra RC.

Journal of Vibration & Acoustics-Transactions of the ASME

1202 April 1998

313 Eigenmode approach for a periodic composite transducer subject to uid loading Varadan VV. Jeng JH. Chin LC. Bao XQ. Varadan VK. 324 Identi cation of properties of nonlinear joints using dynamic test data Ren Y. Lim TM. Lim MK. 331 Identi cation of e ective linear joints using coupling and joint identi cation Ren Y. Beards CF. techniques 339 Designing for optimal energy absorption - 1 - lumped parameter systems Cox SJ. 346 Edge buckling of imperfectly guided webs Lakshmikumaran AV. Wickert JA. 353 Fatigue life prediction of nonlinear plates under random excitations Sun JQ. Bao W. Miles RN. 361 A detailed mechanical model of a double pumper uid mount Vahdati N. 371 A vibrational mode analysis of free nite-length thick cylinders using the nite Wang H. Williams K. Guan W. element method 378 Cumulant based modal parameter extraction of structures Runarsson TP. Jonsson MT. Jonsson GR. 384 In-plane vibration modes of arbitrarily thick disks Tzou KI. Wickert JA. Akay A. 392 Mid-frequency range acoustic radiation from slender elastic bodies using the sur- Wu K. Ginsberg JH. face variational principle 401 Using residual exibility for improved observation of reaction forces in exible Clark WW. Kim JH. Marangoni RD. structures 409 Frequency window implementation of adaptive multi-level substructuring Bennighof JK. Kaplan MF. 419 Identi cation of vibration of cooler tubes with tube-to-ba e impacts Wong SCN. Chan JKT. 426 Industrial noise source identi cation by using an acoustic beamforming system Bai MR. Lee J. 434 Study of the oscillations of a nonlinearly supported string using nonsmooth Pilipchuk VN. Vakakis AF. transformations 441 Predictive maintenance using the rotordynamic model of a hydraulic turbine- Bettig BP. Han RPS. generator rotor 449 A rapidly convergent adaptive controller applied to suppression of random noise Koshigoe S. Teagle A. Tsay CH. transmission 455 Identifying critical elastic scales in structural-acoustic models Shepard WS. Cunefare KA. Ginsberg JH. 461 Parametric instability of a beam due to axial excitations and to boundary Dufour R. Berlioz A. conditions 468 Blades forced response analysis with friction dampers Berthillier M. Dupont C. Mondal R. Barrau JJ. 475 Nonlinear vibrations of elastically-constrained rotating disks Yang L. Hutton SG.



484 Active reduction of radiated noise from a ba ed piston using a volume velocity, feedforward controller 491 Calculating the time-historiesof impactingsystems describedby their receptances 496 Vibration and noise control of the fuselage via dynamic absorbers 503 Calculation of component mode synthesis matrices from measured frequency response functions, part 1 - theory 509 Calculation of component made synthesis matrices from measured frequency response functions, part 2 - application 517 Active control of structure-borne road noise using vibration actuators 524 An approach to vibration control of multiple-pendulum system by wave absorption 534 Modeling and experimental assessment of suspension dynamics of a horizontalaxis washing machine 544 Rotor vibration due to collision with annular guard during passage through critical speed 551 In-plane vibration and crack detection of a rotating shaft-disk containing a transverse crack 557 Adaptive virtual autobalancing for a rigid rotor with unknown mass imbalance supported by magnetic bearings 571 Power ow in linear, active vibration isolation systems 579 High- to low-frequency modal interactions in a cantilever composite plate 588 Vibration analysis of dry friction damped turbine blades using singular perturbation theory 596 Nonlinear dynamicsof a magneticallysupportedrotor on safety auxiliary bearings 607 Venturi tubes - acoustic attenuation with ow loss considerations 614 Railway wheel squeal squeal of disk subjected to periodic excitation 623 Improvement of damping at the micromechanical level in polymer composite materials under transverse normal loading by the use of special ber coatings 628 Free vibration response characteristics of a simple elasto-hereditary system 633 Finite width e ects on the critical speed of axially moving materials 634 Energy and conserved functionals for axially moving materials Naghshineh K. Mason VB. Kamman JW. Lee CH. Byrne KP. Huang YM. Fuller CR. Morgan JA. Pierre C. Hulbert GM. Morgan JA. Pierre C. Hulbert GM. Dehandschutter W. Sas P. Saigo M. Tanaka N. Tani K. Turkay OS. Sumer IT. Tugcu AK. Kiray B. Yanabe S. Kaneko S. Kanemitsu Y. Tomi N. Sugiyama K. Wu MC. Huang SC. Lum KY. Coppola VT. Bernstein DS. Mahajan S. Red eld R. Oh K. Nayfeh AH. Ferri AA. Heck BS. Wang X. Noah S. Selamet A. Dickey NS. Kim Y. Novak JM. Nakai M. Akiyama S. Finegan IC. Gibson RF.

Muravyov A. Hutton SG. Lin CC. Renshaw AA. Rahn CD. Wickert JA. Mote CD. 637 Free vibrations of thick hollow circular cylinders from three-dimensional analysis Popovics JS. Subramaniam KV. - discussion

Journal of Vibration & Control

219 Resonance theory of elastic head waves propagatingin a solid layer in tight contact with a thick solid base 237 Asymptotic separation of the spectrum in notched rods 253 The e ect of vibration isolator properties and structural sti ness on isolator performance 277 Stabilization of periodicsolutions of nonlinear mechanicalsystems - controllability and stability 297 A reduced basis approach to the design of low-order feedback controllers for nonlinear continuous systems 325 The control of an impacting exible link using fuzzy logic strategy Yu SM. Yang PH. Yu T.

43 May 1998

Biscontin G. Morassi A. Wendel P. Norwood CJ. Dickens JD. Vandevorst ELB. Kant AR. Vandemolengraft MJG. Kok JJ. Vancampen DH. Burns JA. King BB. Boghiu D. Marghitu DB.

JSME International Journal Series A-Solid Mechanics & Material Engineering

167 Recent progress in creep rupture analysis of unidirectional composites reinforced with long brittle bers review 178 Thermal stresses in functionally graded material of particle-reinforced composite 185 Mechanical behaviors of bolted joint during tightening using torque control 192 Development of p-version adaptive boundary element analysis system 199 Two-dimensional torsional wave propagation in layered transversely isotropic cylinders 204 Endochronic simulation for multiaxial creep 211 Thermal shock resistances of a joining material of c c composite and copper 218 225 231 243 252 260 267 Ohno N.

412 April 1998

Noda N. Nakai S. Tsuji T. Fukuoka T. Takaki T. Yamaji S. Liu K. Xie SM. Tanimura S.

Pan WF. Chiang WJ. Kurumada A. Oku T. Kawamata K. Motojima O. Noda N. Mcenaney B. Nucleation and growth of creep voids in circumferentially notched specimens Kobayashi K. Imada H. Majima T. Fracture behaviours of cfrp laminates in mode i interlaminar fracture toughness Nojima T. Kusaka T. testing Environmental attack on adhesive joints part i - test equipment Frantzis P. Study on factors controlling low cycle fatigue life Morino K. Nisitani H. Nishimura F. Fatigue fracture behavior of sic whisker aluminum matrix composite under in- Minoshima K. Satoh S. Komai K. phase and out-of-phase tension torsion loading Thermal fatigue life of solder bumps in bga Mukai M. Kawakami T. Takahashi K. Kishimoto K. Shibuya T. Static deformation control of a laminated composite plate with piezoelectric Fukunaga H. Sekine H. Matsuno Y. actuators



274 The in uence of crystalline orientation on the photoelastic property of 100 gallium arsenide wafer 280 E ect of secondary phase on elastic constants for stress measurement of multiphase materials by x-ray and neutron di raction methods 287 X-ray stress measurement of hexagonal polycrystals with 001 ber texture 290 X-ray measurement of residual stress in patterned aluminum thin lms sputtered on silicon wafers Gomi K. Niitsu Y. Tanaka K. Akiniwa Y. Tanaka K. Akiniwa Y. Tanaka K. Akiniwa Y. Inoue K. Ohta H.

JSME International Journal Series B-Fluids & Thermal Engineering

1 7 13 19 28 36 45 52 60 67 77 89 90 103 115 123 130 137 145 151 155 162 170 177 184 191 200 208 214 221 227 233 Alternate blade cavitation on inducer Measurement of droplet size, shape and velocity in diesel sprays using a single and double nano-spark photography method E ects of fuel properties on exhaust emission from di diesel engine Numerical studies of reacting ows over at walls with fuel injection - part 1, velocity anomaly and hydrodynamic instability Interactions of di usion ames in an opposed-jets ow Development of the mixing layer forced by acoustic waves - e ects of acoustic excitation on the turbulent statistics of a mixing lager Stability analysis of boundary layer on a sphere rotating in still uid Experimental and computational study of two-dimensional roughness e ects on the instability of the at plate boundary layer Analysis of motion of bacteria with rotating agella Adiabatic dynamic interaction of an elastic plate with the acoustical liquid of a rectangular cavity Experimental study on drag reduction using exible tubes

411 February 1998

Huang JD. Aoki M. Zhang JT. Mohammadi A. Miwa K. Ishiyama T. Abe M. Akasaka Y. Sakurai Y. Wang X. Suzuki T. Ochiai Y. Ohyagi S. Chen RH. Lin TH. Maekawa H. Baba N. Taniguchi H. Kobayashi R. Fukunishi Y. Ardekani MA. Munakata H. Ono Y. Goto T. Itou M. Takano Y. Dzhupanov VA. Gavrilova EC. Hara F.

Fukuhara M. Nozaki T. Iwatsubo M. Suzuki K. Fluids and thermal engineering - foreword Miyake Y. Smart jet engines - case history of a multidisciplinary research program Greitzer EM. Developments in the understanding of blu body ows Bearman PW. An experimental study of the interaction between grid-generated turbulence and Sakai Y. Nakamura I. Sakai M. Kushida T. a 2-dimensional blu body - e ect of the shedding vortices on the upstream turbulence Re-examination of the reynolds-number-e ect on the mean ow quantities in a Osaka H. Kameda T. Mochizuki S. smooth wall turbulent boundary layer Analytic investigation of the increase in kinetic energy at the shear-free constant- Rood EP. pressure boundary of a uctuating ow Coherent structure modeling and its role in the computation of passive quantity Zhou H. transport in turbulent ows Three-component velocity measurements in turbulent ows using a technique of Takami T. rotating probe with an inclined hot-wire Particle cluster tracking algorithm in particle image velocimetry Okamoto K. Optical measurement of gas-droplet mixture ow in an expansion-shock tube Hirahara H. Kawahashi M. Studies on horizontal axis wind turbine with passive teetered brake and damper Shimizu Y. Kamada Y. Maeda T. mechanism Numerical analysis of the horizontal axis wind turbine with winglets Imamura H. Hasegawa Y. Kikuyama K. Computed e ects of solidity on wells turbine performance Watterson JK. Raghunathan S. Study of the pumping performance of a dry scroll vacuum pump Sawada T. Su Y. Sugiyama W. Takemoto J. Haga S. Correlation of numerical and experimental heat transfer data at the turbine blade Byvaltsev PM. Nagashima T. surface Comparison of two three-dimensional unsteady navier-stokes codes applied to a Hah C. Tsung FL. Loellbach J. turbine stage ow analysis Rotordynamic forces from discharge-to-suction leakage ows in centrifugal pumps Uy RV. Bircumshaw BL. Brennen CE. - e ects of geometry Aerodynamic characteristics of at plates with various angles of attach in oscil- Okajima A. Matsumoto T. Kimura S. latory ow Analysis of ow-induced vibrations in piping systems and circular cylindrical Sadaoka N. Kobashi K. Umegaki K. structures Natural convection heat transfer in an asymmetrically heated vertical channel Darie E. Kimura S. Okajima A. controlled by through ows Control of separation in a conical di user by vortex generator jets Nishi M. Yoshida K. Morimitsu K.

JSME International Journal Series C - Mechanical Systems Machine Elements & Manufacturing

1 13

411 March 1998

Rotordynamic modeling and analysis procedures - a review Nelson HD. Estimation and measurement of the sound power radiated from a circular plate Kang H. Hayashi I. Iwatsuki N. with a solid shaft and a solid cylinder



30 37 46 51 60 68 76 83 90 94 101 108 116 125 134 143 149 156 Pressure pulsation caused by vortex shedding from a perforated plate with holes - e ects of parameters on lock-in phenomenon Active vibration isolation control for a multi-degree-of-freedom structure with uncertain base dynamics X-shaped two-dimensional microphone array system for measuring noise-source distribution on moving vehicles Three-mode response of simply supported, rectangular laminated plates A stabilization method for nonlinear time-delay systems and its dynamics Driving tests and computer simulations of electric wheelchairs on snow-covered roads The morphological responses of cultured bovine aortic endothelial cells to uidimposed shear stress under sparse and colony conditions Maximal unidirectional perturbation bounds for robustness of uncertain singular systems Improved margin of stability of interval matrices Relationship between the structure of human nger tissue and the location of tactile receptors Study on minimumenergy collision-freetrajectoryplanning for rigid manipulators Comparative implementations of a hydraulic-control fatigue testing machine Observer based estimation of tire-road friction for collision warning algorithm adaptation Mechanism of hydrodynamic load capacity generation on a slideway Geometric model based displacement analysis system of mechanisms Turning using extremely small amounts of cutting uids Decision aid for preliminary layout using evaluating function adopting a distance concept - application to forced-convection cooling design of electronic systems A new type of hydraulic shock absorber using electrorheological uid - countermeasures for electric current blocked Sano M. Nishimura H. Kojima A. Takano Y. Abe A. Kobayashi Y. Yamada G. Asakura T. Hiraizumi A. Takano Y. Guo QZ. Tadano S. Tsukada A. Shibano J. Ukai T. Watanuki Y. Kataoka N. Ujita S. Kimura K. Sato M. Lin JL. Chen SJ. Elgindi MBM. Elgebeily MA. Moustafa KAF. Maeno T. Kobayashi K. Yamazaki N. Lee SJ. Yamakawa H. Wang YT. Chang CC. Yi K. Jeong T. Lakawathana P. Matsubara T. Nakamura T. Uchiyama N. Arai E. Igoshi M. Wakabayashi T. Sato H. Inasaki I. Kobayashi H. Murata Y. Nakajima N. Maemori K. Saito T.


485 Orbital tubes 493 Equal curvature and equal constraint cantilevers - extensions of euler and clebsch formulas 505 On small-displacement waves in prestressed bodies with isotropic incremental elasticity tensor 515 A local model for the energy transfer in a saturated static mixture 529 Aspects of passive control of structural vibrations 545 Transition of strati ed ow in horizontal or slightly inclined pipe with elliptical cross section 555 Minimum time control of exible spacecraft by hamiltons principle 567 Deviations induced by tool sharpening in the pro le of three screw pump rotors 577 Cicala,placido 1910-1996 - obituary 578 Cicala,placido 1910-1996 - obituary 581 Strain rates of micropolar continua equivalent to discrete systems Montanaro A.

326 December 1997

Carabelli S. Delprete C. Genta G. Lemaitre GR. Martinscosta ML. Dagama RMS. Palazzo B. Petti L. Harmach A. Gatignol R. Dimeglio A. Finzi AE. Mimmi G. Pennacchi P. Levi F. Antona E. Trovalusci P. Masiani R.


1 Pre-envelope covariance di erential equations for white and nonwhite input processes 11 Static response of composite circular cylindricalshells studied by di erent theories 29 A computational algorithm for second-moment closure turbulence modelling 47 Modelling of elastohydrodynamic lubrication of real solids by real lubricants 59 Stability and morphodynamics 101 Nonlinear loads on gear teeth in single gear transmission

331 February 1998

Caddemi S. Muscolino G. Chandrashekhara K. Kumar DVTGP. Lentini D. Dowson D. Seminara G. Pielorz A. Nadolski W.


111 127 139 161 177 On the nite screw cylindroid represented as a 2-system of screws Permanent waves in slow free-surface ow of a herschel-bulkley uid Modelling the damage induced by pressure transients in elasto-plastic pipes Hyperbolic models of homogeneous two- uid mixtures Kinematic analysis of robotic bevel-gear trains - an application of network model approach 195 Convergence of birkho normal form for essentially isochronous systems

332 April 1998

Ramahi A. Tokad Y. Difederico V. Rachid FBF. Mattos HSC. Gavrilyuk SL. Gouin H. Perepechko YV. Uyguroglu M. Tokad Y. Locatelli U. Meletlidou E.



Mechanics of Materials

125 A micromechanical model of the martensitic transformation 145 Modeling e ects of dislocation substructure in polycrystal elastoviscopla sticity 165 Stochastic modeling of heterogeneous materials a process for the analys is and evaluation of alternative formulations 177 Micromechanics and apparent viscosities of non-newtonian uid suspensions 189 Yield and deformation of an assembly of disks subjected to a deviatoric st ress loading 211 On the stress state at the yield point in symmetric bicrystals in 110 ch annel die compressio n 229 In uence of thermal residual stresses on the composite macroscopic behavi or 241 Experimental and theoretical investigation of the e ect of kinematic hard ening on spherical i ndentation 249 Bounds on the e ective properties of some multiphase matrix mixtures of c oatedsphere geometr y

273-274 1998

Gangho er , J .F. Horstemeye r , Mark F. Frantziskonis , George N. Chen , Chao-Hsun Oger , L. Havner , Kerry S. Hu , G.K. Huber , N. Chinh , Pham Duc

Mechanics of Materials

1 Flow of fractured ice through wedge-shaped channels: smoothed particle hydrodynamics and discret e-element simulations 19 Induced anisotropy and crack systems orientations of a ceramic matrix composite under o -princ ipal axis loading 43 E ects of morphology and orientation on the behavior of two-dimensional hexagonal foams and ap plication in a re-entrant foam anchor model 53 A model for predicting the damage and environmental degradation dependent life of scs-6 timetal r21s 0 4 metal matrix composite 71 Numerical solutions of shear localization in a nite slab 81 Crack growth in brittle solids under compression 93 Compaction of powders containing hard inclusions: experiments and micromechanical modeling 111 E ect of microstructural parameters on the fracture behavior of ber-reinforced ceramics 123 A mechanistic model for fatigue damage evolution in composite laminates Gutfraind , Ricardo Baste , Ste'phane Overaker , David W. III , J.W. Foulk DiLellio , J.A. Lauterbach , B. Bo nnenfant , D. L iu , Yu-Fu

291-292 1998

Akshantala , Nagendra V.

Mechanics Research Communications

371 381 385 395 405 415 421 427 437 443 449 455 467 473 479 On the stability of relative programmed motion of satellite-gyrostat A new integrable problem in the dynamics of rigid bodies Kane's formulation and lie group theory Identi cationof nonlinear characteristics in cushioning package using genetic evolutionary neural networks Opening mechanics of the aortic root: non homogeneous and non isotropic f.e.m. model of biological structure Kutta condition for sharp edge ows A corrected 2d-model of the subsoil response Thermomechanics and kinetics of generalized second-order phase transitions in inelastic materials. application to ductile fracture An instability condition of the deformation process in elasto-visco-non-linear materials Flow rules for porous elastic-plastic materials Cosserat overall modeling of heterogeneous materials Strain localization in stress-resultant theory of shells A rate-type mixed nite element method for large transformations of non-viscous continua Eigenanalysis of edge-cracked free-free timoshenko beam Secondary buckling of an eleastic column with a central elastic support A El-Gohary HM Yehia A Hamdouni Y Liang C Ferraresi C Xu M Wozniak VI Levitas T Desoyer, V Keryvin PM Mariano S Forest J Makowski, H Stumpf P Royis PB Marur B Wu

254 1998

Mechanics of Composite Materials & Structures

Fracture initiation in foam-core sandwich structures due to singular stresses at corners of awed butt joints 23 Model of matrix cracking in carbon ber-reinforced cross-ply laminates 39 On the buckling characteristics of symmetrically laminated cross-ply plates 69 Zigzag and interlaminar equilibria e ects in large-de ection and postbuckling analysis of multilayered plates 1 Silberschmidt V. Bert CW. Malik M. Carrera E. Kroplin B.

41 March 1997

Zenkert D. Schubert O. Burman M.



Mechanics of Composite Materials & Structures

95 Examination of fundamental assumptions of analytical modeling of ber pullout test 113 Isothermal fatigue behavior of sigma timetal 21s laminates .1. experimental results 131 Isothermal fatigue behavior of sigma timetal 21s laminates .2. modeling and numerical analysis 159 Correctors in a beam model for unidirectional composites

42 June 1997

Singletary J. Lauke B. Beckert W. Friedrich K. Dvorak GJ. Nigam H. Baheieldin YA. Baheieldin YA. Dvorak GJ. Schre er BA. Le k M. Galvanetto U.

Mechanics of Composite Materials & Structures

191 209 233 251 267 In uence of bending-extension coupling on buckling of composite columns Vibration and damping analysis of laminated composite and sandwich shells Finite-element modeling of elastic stress distributions in composite materials Micromechanics for particulate-reinforced composites Scaled models for laminated cylindrical shells subjected to external pressure

43 September 1997

Barbero EJ. Godoy LA. Rikards R. Chate A. Biswas R. Henshall JL. Wakeman RJ. Mital SK. Murthy PLN. Goldberg RK. Simitses GJ. Rezaeepazhand J. Sierakowski RL. Tabiei A. Jiang Y. Simitses GJ.

281 Compressive behavior of moderately thick plates with progressive damage

Mechanics of Composite Materials & Structures

297 317 345 361 Application of an improved model for the identi cation of material parameters Response of elliptical composite cylinders to internal pressure loading E ect of compositestructureon strain and failure of laminarand wafer composites Viscoelastic analysis of processing-induced residual stresses in thick composite laminates

44 December 1997

Frederiksen PS. Meyers CA. Hyer MW. Zink AG. Davidson RW. Hanna RB. Kim YK. White SR.

Mechanics of Composite Materials & Structures

5 25 Finite elements for vibration analysis of unsymmetric laminated composite plates Free vibration analysis of composite laminated right triangular plates with the nite-element method 41 Analysis of plain-weave composites subjected to exure 55 Eigenfrequency analysis of completely free multilayered rectangular plates using a higher-order model and ritz technique 81 Cure-cycle simulations of composites with temperature- and cure-dependent anisotropic viscoelastic properties and stochastic delaminations 103 On the use of quasi-static testing to assess impact damage resistance of composite shell structures

51 March 1998

Bhattacharya B. Murty AVK. Bhat MS. Zou ZQ. Whitcomb JD. Chapman CD. Srirengan K. Dossantos JVA. Araujo AL. Soares CMM. Yi S. Hilton HH. Ahmad MF. Wardle BL. Lagace PA.

Mechanics of Composite Materials & Structures

52 June 1998

127 Adhesively bonded composite iosipescu specimens without singular stress elds Han Y. Kumosa M. 153 Process-induced residual stress analysis of as4 3501-6 composite material White SR. Kim YK. 187 Method of initial functions for the analysis of laminated circular cylindrical shells Chandrashekhara K. Rao KSN. under axisymmetric loading

Medical Engineering and Physics

A comparativestudy on di erent methodsof automaticmesh generationof human femurs 11 Initial estimation methods for dipole modeling in localization of epileptogenic focus 21 Insights into the measurement of vertebral translation in the sagittal plane 33 Development and application of a general purpose ambulatory monitor 1

201 1998

M Viceconti, L Bellingeri, L Cristofolini, A Toni JJJ Chen, JG Yeh, JJ Tsai

JM Muggleton, R Allen GW Petley, S Clitheroe, F Clewlow, CD Deakin, AJ Chauhan 40 In vitro analysis of the initial tooth mobility in a novel optomechanical set-up M Hinterkausen, C Bourauel, G Siebers, A Haase, D Drescher, B Nellen 50 Functions of hip joint muscles T Pressel, M Lengsfeld 57 Measurement of impact force, simulation of fall and hip fracture tn gardner, ahrw Grimley Evans simpson, c booth, p sprukkelhorst, m evans, j kenwright, j



T Matsushita, K Nakamura, I Ohnishi, T Kurokawa 70 A portable system for closed loop control of paralysed hand using functional SE Crook, PH Chappell electrical stimulation 77 Use of computed tomography image processing for mapping of human cervical OA Onan, JA Hipp, MH Heggeness facet surface geomatry 66 Sliding performance of unilateral external xators for tibia

Medical Engineering and Physics

83 92 103 109 114 124 132 139 149 153 159 The in uence of left ventricle assist device and ventilatory support on energyrelated cardiovascular variables Mechanical properties and the hierarchical structure of bone An analytical method for the determination of along- bre to cross- bre elastic modulus ratio in ventricular myocardium - a feasibility study Photo-pachometer: an instrumentfor the objective non-contact corneal thickness measurement Quanti cation of holographic fringe data: comparison of an intact and implanted femurs Anistropy of the elastic modulus of trabecular bone specimens from di erent anatomical locations Broadband ultrasound attenuation in the os calcis and its dependence on the receiver aperture size Intervertebral measurement of lumbar segmental motion with a new measuring device The method of micro-displacement measurement to improve the space resolution of array detector Technical note:sensitivity analysis of segment models to estimate the net reaction moments at the l5 s1 joint in lifting Book review:reproducibility of techniques using archimedes' principle in measuring cancellous bone volume, by l zou, rd bloebaum and k n bachus

202 1998

C De Lazzari, M Darowski, G Ferrari, F Clemente JY Rho, L Kuhn-Spearing, P Zioupos AL Yettram, MC Beecham AW Siu DM Katz, S Blatcher, JC Shelton P Augat, T Link, TF Lang, JC Lin, S Majumdar, HK Genant R Strelitzki, JG Truscott YM Zhang, MJ Voor, M Wang, JR Johnson Y Zejie, W Xiaoyi, T Yu, H Huan P Desjardins, A Plamondon, M Gagnon RM Aspden, B Li

Medical Engineering and Physics

161 Strain distribution in the ligament using photoelasticity - a direct application to the human acl 169 A general computing method for spatial cartilage thickness from co-planar mri 177 Computer simulation of the e ect of changing abdominal thickness on the electrogastrogram 182 Variability of the dishabituation of exion re exes for fes assisted gait in spinal injured man 188 Clinical investigation of the pressure and shear stress on the trans-tibial stump with a prosthesis 199 Wear of polyethylene cups in total hip arthroplasty : a parametric mathematical model 211 An algorithm for detecting the onset of muscle contraction by emg signal processing 216 An in-vivo method for biomedical characterization of bone-anchored implants 220 Computer simulation of the measured respiratory impedance in new born infats and the e ect of the measurement equipment 229 Medical engineering and physics 19, 8 711-719, 1997 e ect of surface topography of retrieved femoral heads on the wear of uhmwpes

203 1998

K Yamamoto, S Hirokawa, T Kawada CA Mcgibbon, WE Palmer, DE Krebs MP Mintchev, KL Bowes DJ Nicol, MH Granat, SJM Tuson, RH Baxendale M Zhang, AR Turner-Smith, A Tanner, VC Roberts R Pietrabissa, M Raimondi, E Di Martino S Micera, AM Sabanti, P Dario R Branemark, R Skalak M Schmidt, B Foitzik, O Hochmuth, G Schmalisch JP Paul

Nonlinear Dynamics

207 E ect of coulomb damping on buckling of a two-rod system 225 Dynamics of nonlinear cyclic systems with structural irregularity 245 Analytic approximation of the homoclinic orbits of the lorenz system at sigma = 10, b = 8 3 and rho = 13,926 259 A nonlinear vibration absorber for exible structures 283 Construction of invariant torus using toeplitz jacobian matrices fast fourier transform approach 307 Fluid ow-induced nonlinear vibration of suspended cables vol 14, pg 377, 1997

153 March 1998

Yabuno H. Kurata Y. Aoshima N. King ME. Layne PA. Vakakis AF. Azeez MFA. Oueini SS. Nayfeh AH. Pratt JR. Ge T. Leung AYT. Chang WK. Pilipchuk V. Ibrahim RA.



Nonlinear Dynamics

311 Resonances of a harmonically forced du ng oscillator with time delay state feedback 329 Approximate solution of a class of nonlinear oscillators in resonance with a periodic excitation 345 Inertialess nonlinear systems for information coding 391 A procedure for reducing the chaotic response region in an impact mechanical system Maccari A. Mozuras A. Lenci S. Rega G.

154 April 1998

Hu HY. Dowell EH. Virgin LN.

Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics

245 255 269 283 Improvements to and limitations of latin hypercube sampling Sti ness estimation from random response in multi-mass rotor bearing systems. Wind eld simulation Non-linear systems under delta correlated processes handled by perturbation theory 291 Probability distributions of peaks and troughs of non-gaussian random processes 299 Multinormal probability by sequential conditioned importance sampling: theory and application 309 Probabilistic treatment of brittle fracture using two failure models DE Huntington, CS Lyrintzis R Tiwari J Mann A Pirrotta

134 1998

MK Ochi R Ambartzumian, A Der Kiureghian, V Ohanian, H Sukiasian C Ruggieri

Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series AMathematical Physical & Engineering Sciences

743 763 789 815 835 857 873 885 899 903 Sound radiation by a vortex ring passing near the apex of a conical body On lubricant transport conditions in elastohydrodynamic conjunctions Ignition mechanisms of thermally thin thermoplastics in the cone calorimeter The essential work of fracture and jr curves for the double cantilever beam specimen - an examination of elastoplastic crack propagation Oblique interaction of interfacial solitary waves in a two-layer deep uid Spectral approximations on the triangle Further correspondences between plane piezoelectricity and generalized plane strain in elasticity A poisson-cluster model of rainfall - high-order moments and extreme values Dynamic nuclear polarization of liquid he-3 The empirical mode decomposition and the hilbert spectrum for nonlinear and non-stationary time series analysis

4541971 March 1998

Wang CT. Chang CC. Ehret P. Dowson D. Taylor CM. Nelson MI. Atkins AG. Chen Z. Cotterell B. Matsuno Y. Owens RG. Chen TY. Cowpertwait PSP. Bleaney B. Huang NE. Shen Z. Long SR. Wu MLC. Shih HH. Zheng QN. Yen NC. Tung CC. Liu HH.

Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series AMathematical Physical & Engineering Sciences

997 1031 1049 1073 1109 1129 1145 1169 1197 1217 1241 An elastic-plastic hardening-softening cantilever beam subjected to a force pulse at its tip - a model for pipe whip Rigorous analysis and estimates of s-shaped bifurcation curves in a combustion problem with general arrhenius reaction-rate laws Transition of the light velocity in the vavilov-cerenkov e ect The cauchy problem for quasi-linear hyperbolic evolution problems with a singularity in the time The hybrid e ects in hybrid bre composites - experimental study using twisted brous structures Subharmonic resonance of oblique interfacial waves by a progressive surface wave On a series inequality for limit-circle and nite problems What are the dominant thermomechanical processes in the basal sediment layer of large ice sheets Localization and mode interaction in sandwich structures On anisotropic invariants of a symmetric tensor - crystal classes, quasi-crystal classes and others Applications of fuchsian di erential equations to free boundary problems Wang SH.

4541972 April 1998

Reid SR. Yu TX. Yang JL. Afanasiev GN. Eliseev SM. Stepanovsky YP. Claudel CM. Newman KP. Pan N. Chen KH. Monego CJ. Backer S. Hill DF. Foda MA. Benammar M. Dellisola F. Hutter K. Hunt GW. Wadee MA. Xiao H. Craster RV. Hoang VH.



Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series AMathematical Physical & Engineering Sciences

1255 The spherical phylon group and invariants of the laplace approximation 1269 1283 1301 1323 1337 1357 1371 1383 1407 1445 1457 1469 1499

4541973 May 1998

Carey AL. Eastwood MG. Jupp PE. Murray MK. Mixed boundary-value problems of two-dimensional anisotropic elasticity with Hwu C. Fan CW. perturbed boundaries New results for the herzenberg dynamo - steady and oscillatory solutions Brandenburg A. Moss D. Soward AM. Checks and estimates for material properties i - ranges and simple correlations Ashby MF. Estimates for material properties ii - the method of multiple correlations Bassetti D. Brechet Y. Ashby MF. Transmission of energy down periodically ribbed elastic structures under uid Cooper AJ. Crighton DG. loading - algebraic decay in the stop bands On multiple connectivity and reduction of constants for composites with body Markensco X. Jasiuk I. forces In uence of interfacial surface conduction on the dc electrical conductivity of Lipton R. particle reinforced composites On a conjecture of bennewitz, and the behaviour of the titchmarsh-weyl matrix Brown BM. Marletta M. near a pole Attracting curves on families of stationary solutions in two-dimensional navier- Derks G. Ratiu T. stokes and reduced magnetohydrodynamics Modi ed korteweg-de-vries hierarchies in multiple-time variables and the solu- Manna MA. Merle V. tions of modi ed boussinesq equations Fractal modelling, characterization and simulation of particle-size distributions Martin MA. Taguas FJ. in soil The relationship between damage variables and their evolution laws and mi- Zheng QS. Collins IF. crostructural and physical properties How di erent can colours be - maximum separationof points on a spherical octant Melissen JBM.

Quarterly of Applied Mathematics

201 Large-time behavior of solutions to the equations of one-dimensional nonlinear thermoviscoelasticity 221 Dynamics of a viscoelastic spherical shell with a nonconvex strain energy function 245 A uniqueness theorem for a robin boundary value problem of physical geodesy 259 Asymptotic stability and global existence in thermoelasticity with symmetry 277 The explicit gibbs-appell equation and generalized inverse forms 289 On the feasibility of determining light-source direction from an image 309 An approximation theory for optimum sheets in unilateral contact 327 Penny-shaped crack bridged by bres 341 Morphological instability of similarity solution to the stefan problem with undercooling and surface tension 355 A regularizing e ect of nonlinear transport equations 377 Asymptotic methods for magnetohydrodynamic instability Hsiao L. Luo T.

562 June 1998

Fosdick R. Ketema Y. Yu JH. Otero J. Jiang S. Rivera JEM. Racke R. Udwadia FE. Kalaba RE. Chojnacki W. Brooks MJ. Gibbins D. Petersson J. Haslinger J. Movchan NV. Willis JR. Rubinstein I. Zaltzman B. Otto F. Vishik M. Friedlander S.

Rheologica Acta

97 107 115 122 129 139 151 158 170 182 189 195 High-frequency viscoelasticity of crosslinked actin lament networks measured by di using wave spectroscopy Rheological behavior of cellulose monohydrate of n-methylmorpholine n-oxide solutions - part 1 - liquid state Linear and non linear rheology of a wormlike micellar system in presence of sodium tosylate On pipe diameter e ects in surfactant drag-reducing pipe ows Rheological analysis of highly concentrated w o emulsions

372 April 1998

Palmer A. Xu JY. Wirtz D. Blachot JF. Brunet N. Navard P. Cavaille JY. Hartmann V. Cressely R.

Usui H. Itoh T. Saeki T. Jagerlezer N. Tranchant JF. Alard V. Vu C. Tchorelo PC. Grossiord JL. E ects of demixing on suspension rheometry Graham AL. Mammoli AA. Busch MB. Brownian dynamics simulation for suspensions of oblong-particles under shear Mori N. Kumagae M. Nakamura K. ow Numerical investigations of lagrangian unsteady extensional ows of viscoelastic Xue SC. Phanthien N. Tanner RI. uids in 3-d rectangular ducts with sudden contractions Di erential constitutive equation for entangled polymers with partial strand Archer LA. Mhetar VR. extension Birefringence measurements in extensional ow of polyisobutylene around an ex- Konig T. Buggisch H. panding bubble Optical studies of local ow behaviour of a non-newtonian uid inside a porous Muller M. Vorwerk J. Brunn PO. medium Comments on slip of complex uids in viscometry by brunn,p., muller,m., Dealy JM. bschorer,s. rheol. acta 35-242 1996



196 A note on the slip velocity concept for purely rotational viscometric ows Brunn PO.

SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics

725 737 Solution of the asymmetric mixing problem An asymptotic analysis for a model of chemical vapor deposition on a microstructured surface 753 A variational problem arising from speech recognition 772 A limiting case of di usion in a composite medium 780 Approximation of thermal equilibrium for quantum gases with discontinuous potentials and application to semiconductor devices 806 Traveling waves in natural counter ow ltration combustion and their stability 853 Mathematical analysis of dynamic models of suspension bridges 875 On the determination of radially dependent lame coe cients 904 A simple derivation of the n-soliton solutions to the korteweg-devries equation 912 Modeling the e ectiveness of isolation strategies in preventing std epidemics 926 A linear sampling method for the detection of leukemia using microwaves 942 Two-dimensional convective heat mass transfer for low prandtl and any peclet numbers 961 A parallel shooting method for determining the natural shape of a large scienti c balloon 975 Bearings-only tracking in the plane 999 An energy method approach to the problem of elastic strip 1022 Low frequency behavior of solutions to electromagnetic scattering problems in chiral media

583 June 1998

Kirschner D. Morgan J. Gobbert MK. Ringhofer CA. Piccioni M. Scarlatti S. Trouve A. Bergman DJ. Gardner CL. Ringhofer C. Schult DA. Bayliss A. Matkowsky BJ. Ahmed NU. Harbi H. Lin ZY. Varley E. Seymour BR. Hyman JM. Li J. Colton D. Monk P. Cherepanov GP. Baginski F. Collier W. Williams T. Maybank SJ. Ovaskainen O. Pitkaranta J. Ammari H. Laouadi M. Nedelec JC.

SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics

1043 Optimizing nonadaptive group tests for objects with heterogeneous priors 1060 The inverse conductivity problem with one measurement - bounds on the size of the unknown object 1072 Di usion induced chaos in a closed loop thermosyphon 1094 Transition curves for the quasi-periodic mathieu equation 1116 On the suppression of chaos by means of bounded excitations in an inverted pendulum 1128 On a model transport equation with inelastic scattering 1138 A model of near-wall conductivity and its application to plasma thrusters 1163 On the oscillatory tails with arbitrary phase shift for solutions of the perturbed korteweg-de vries equation 1178 Traveling waves in bu ered systems - applications to calcium waves 1193 Controlled drug release asymptotics 1205 Laura and petrarch - an intriguing case of cyclical love dynamics 1222 The lyapunov functionals for delay lotka-volterra-type models 1237 The long wave limit for a boussinesq equation

584 August 1998

Bruno WJ. Sun F. Torney DC. Alessandrini G. Rosset E. Rodriguezbernal A. Vanvleck ES. Zounes RS. Rand RH. Lenci S. Bobylev AV. Spiga G. Degond P. Sun SM. Sneyd J. Dale PD. Du y A. Cohen DS. Erneux T. Rinaldi S. He XZ. Schneider G.

Shock & Vibration

1 11 27 39 51 69 Modeling and simulation of underwater shock problems using a coupled lagrangian-eulerian analysis approach Explosion gas bubbles near simple boundaries Sensitivity of parameter changes in structural damage detection Optimal vibration suppression in modal space for exible beams subjected to moving loads Bulging modes of circular bottom plates in rigid cylindrical containers lled with a liquid Numerical study on identi cation of time varying parameters of vibration systems Shin YS. Chisum JE.

41 1997

Chisum JE. Shin YS. Jenkins CH. Kjerengtroen L. Oestensen H. Lin YH. Amabili M. Liang YC. Zhen Q. Wang ZS.

Shock & Vibration

77 93 Dynamic behavior of tubes subjected to internal and external cross ows Re ected-after ow virtual-sourcemodel compared to exact calculations for elastic cylinders attacked by planar waves 103 Force-state characterization of struts using pinned joints 115 Laser doppler vibrometer- applicationof doe taguchimethodologiesto pyroshock response spectra Huang YM. Hsu CS. Waldo GV. Ferney BD. Folkman SL. Litz CJ.

42 1997



125 Behavior of uniform anisotropic beams of rectangular section under transverse Chun L. Lam KY. impact of a mass

Shock & Vibration

143 153 163 169 Iterated dynamic condensation technique and its applications in modal testing Torsional vibrations at guide-vane shaft of pump-turbine model Finite element model optimization using diagonal mass matrix Shock protection of portable electronic products - shock response spectrum, damage boundary approach, and beyond 193 Analysis of cylindrical shells using generalized di erential quadrature 199 Substructuring and component mode synthesis review

43 1997

Hou Z. Chen SY. Predin A. Wang BP. Chu FH. Goyal S. Papadopoulos JM. Sullivan PA. Loy CT. Lam KY. Shu C. Seshu P.

Studies in Applied Mathematics

195 Nonlinear wave interactions in nonlinear nonintegrable systems 215 Sediment transport and depositionfrom a two-layer uid model of gravity currents on sloping bottoms 245 Singularities on free surfaces of uid ows 269 Symmetry analysis of abels equation 295 An integrable discretization of a 2+1-dimensional sine-gordon equation

1003 April 1998

Berlo NG. Howard LN. Moodie TB. Pascal JP. Swaters GE. Milewski P. Vandenbroeck JM. Keller JB. Schwarz F. Nimmo JJC. Schief WK.

Studies in Applied Mathematics

311 The interaction of shocks with dispersive waves - ii - incompressible-integrable Axel RM. Newton PK. limit 365 Modulation of gravity waves with shear in water Baumstein AI. 391 Loewner transformations - adjoint and binary darboux connections Schief WK. Rogers C.

1004 May 1998

Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics

165 Damage evolution and energy dissipation of polymers with crazes 175 Dynamic bending of a symmetric piezoelectric laminated plate with a through crack 183 Stress intensity factors for glass- ber reinforced plastics with an in nite row of parallel cracks at low temperatures 197 Interaction between a circular inclusion and a symmetrically branched crack 213 Inplane deformation of a circular inhomogeneity with imperfect interface 223 Stress intensity factors for interface crack in nite size specimen using a generalized variational approach 231 Gauge theory applied to medium with internal structure and defects 237 A model of high speed penetration into ductile targets Jie , M. Shindo , Y. Sanada , K. Lam , K.Y. Kattis , M.A. Shi , J.P. Grinayev , Yu.V. Ben-Dor , G.

283 1998

Thin-Walled Structures

199 Preface: various aspects of thin-walled structures research 201 Research into thin-walled structures at the university of strathclyde - a brief history 213 Umr research on cold-formed steel structures 225 Investigation into thin-walled structures at the technical university of lodz 233 The constrained torsional characteristics of some carbon bre composite box beams 253 On the love strain form of naturally curved and twisted rods 269 Torsional vibrations of open and variable cross-section bars 279 Experimental determination of splitting in axially collapsed thick-walled brereinforced composite frusta 297 Energy absorption abilities of cfrp cyclinders due to impact crushing 309 An engineering approach to crashworthiness of thin walled beams and joints vehicle structures 321 Natural frequenciesof plates with square holes when subjectedto inplaneuniaxial, biaxial or shear loadings 337 Natural frequencies of square plates with reinforced cental holes subjected to inplane loads No Author J Rhodes WW Yu, RA Laboube M Krolak, J Zaras J Loughlan, M Ata AYT Leung M Eisenberger AG Mamalis S Ujihashi D Kecman AB Sabir, GT Davies AB Sabir, GT Davies

283-4 1997



355 Openings in thin-walled steel structures NE Shanmugam 373 Postbuckling behaviour of square compression loaded graphite epoxy panels with R Bailey, J Wood square and elliptical cut-outs

Thin-Walled Structures

1 3 13 31 47 59 79 101 113 129 141 159 175 189 203 235 243 257 273 Preface: cold-formed steel and aluminium structures The treatment of thin-walled aluminium sections in eurocode 9 Shear buckling resistance of steel and aluminium plate girders Ultimate compressive strength of plate elements in aluminium: correlation of nite element analyses and tests Shear strength of tapered aluminium plate girders A simpli ed model of upheaval thermal buckling of subsea pipelines In-plane shear behaviour of pro led steel sheeting Some speci c aspects of elastic-plastic behaviour of pro led steel sheeting and decking On face layer wrinkling in sandwich shells - theoretical and experimental investigations On the design and analysis of continuous sandwich panels The design of perforated cold-formed steel sections subject to axial load and bending The optimisation of cold rolled formed products

291-4 1997

No Author PS Bulson T Hoglund OS Hopperstad, M Langseth, L Hanssen TM Roberts, ACB Newark JGA Croll HD Wright L Sokol MA Stiftinger, FG Rammerstorfer P Hassinen, L Martikainen, K Berner JM Davies, P Leach, A Taylor

MA Castellucci, I Pillinger, P Hartley, GT Deeley Plastic design of pallet rack beams MHR Godley Design of thin-walled purlins for distortional buckling C Jiang, JM Davies Flexural and exural-torsional bifurcation of locally buckled beam-columns KJR Rasmussen, AS Hasham Numerical simulation of lap screw connections LX Fan, J Rondal, S Cescotto The e ect of cold forming on the yield strength of thin gauge steel-hardness test M Macdonald, GT Taylor, J Rhodes approach End xity in cold-formed steel sections using press joining RF Pedreschi, BP Sinha, RJ Davies Cold-formed steel trusses with semi-rigid joints D Dubina, R Zaharia

Thin-Walled Structures

1 3 23 35 55 79 95 111 135 159 181 199 215 239 Preface: plates and shells A study of the buckling behaviour of horizontal saddle supported vessels Elastic buckling of complete toroidal shells of elliptical cross-section subjected to uniform internal pressure Plastic axisymmetric collapse of thin-walled circular cylinders and cones under uniform external pressure Buckling of sharp knuckle torispheres under external pressure Experimental imvestigation of damaged sti ened cylindrical shells Finite element modelling of sling supported pressure vessels The design analysis of light structures with combined aluminium steel sections Probabilistic buckling analysis of plates and shells Postbuckling analysis of thin rectangular laminated plates by spline fsm The ultimate load analysis of thin-walled concrete box beams Shear lag and e ective breadth in rectangular plates with material orthotropy. part 1: analytical formulation Shear lag and e ective breadth in rectangular plates with material orthotropy. part 2: typical results of parametric studies Selected problems of collapse behaviour analysis of structural members built from strain hardening material

301-4 1998

No Author GCM Chan, AS Tooth, J Spence GD Galletly CTF Ross, T Johns J Blachut AC Walker DH Nash, WM Banks, F Bernaudon GT Taylor, M Macdonald, J Rhodes MK Chryssanthopoulos DJ Dawe, S Wang LF Boswell MN Pavlovic, N Tahan, MD Kotsovos MN Pavlovic, N Tahan, MD Kotsovos M Kotelko

Wave Motion

291 Transition radiation in an elastically supported string. abrupt and smooth variations of the support sti ness 307 Description of the dispersive refraction e ect by space time ray method 321 A generalized modi ed kadomtsev petviashvili equationfor interfacial wave propagation near the critical depth level 341 Two-dimensional modulation and instabilities of exural waves of a thin plate on nonlinear elastic foundation 355 Self-consistent schemes in the problem of electromagnetic wave propagation through dielectric media with isolated inhomogeneities Metrikine , A.V. Kopeikin , V. Chen , Yongze Collet , B. Kanaun , S.K.

274 1998



Wave Motion

1 13 25 41 59 69 79 89 Wave propagation along a curved piezoelectric layer Stationary waves in a third-order nonlinear schro"dinger equation Identi cation of dipole sources in a bounded domain for maxwell-s equations Reconstruction of bi-isotropic material parameters using transient electromagnetic elds Surface waves and leaky waves above a porous layer Stability of a modon structuremultipole expansion analysis On the enclosed crest angle of the limiting pro le of standing waves Explicit solutions for carrier waves supporting surface waves and plate waves Babich , Vasilii M. Gromov , E.M. He , Sailing Rikte , Sten Lauriks , Walter Araki , Keisuke Okamura , Makoto Achenbach , J.D.

281 1998

Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Physik

167 194 205 224 251 276 Completed double layer boundary element method for periodic suspensions Absolute instabilities in two-layer gravity driven lm ow with a free surface A uni ed treatment of constraints in the theory of a cosserat point In uence of non-boussinesq e ects on patterns in salt- nger convection On the stationary quantum drift-di usion model Existence theorems for the schrodinger equation involving a critical sobolev exponent 294 Stability properties of the boussinesq equations 322 The asymptotic expansion of gordeyevs integral

492 March 1998

Fan XJ. Phanthien N. Zheng R. Plaschko P. Scha inger U. Oreilly OM. Varadi PC. Renardy YY. Renardy M. Benabdallah N. Unterreiter A. Chabrowski J. Yang JF. Scarpellini B. Vonwahl W. Paris RB.




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