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Wednesday - Saturday October 12 - 15, 2011 John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center



Shared Passion for Healthy Vision and Better Life

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ACADEMY 2011 Boston

6AM Tuesday, Oct. 11 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4


5 6 7 8 9 10 11PM

Registration 1 - 8 PM Affiliate Education 7 AM - 5 PM

Registration 6:30 AM - 7 PM

Wednesday, Oct. 12

Technology Pavilion 6:30 AM - 8 PM Product Breakfasts 7:00 - 7:50 AM Education 8 AM - noon Fundamentals of Leadership 8 - 11 AM Plenary Session noon - 2 PM Education 2 - 5 PM

Exhibit Hall Attendee Welcome Reception 5:30 - 7:00 PM Exhibit Hall open 5 - 7:30 PM

Evening Section Symposium 7:30 - 9:30 PM

Poster Set-Up 7 - 9 AM

Poster preview 9 am; with authors; 10 am-12 noon Odd; 2 - 4 pm Even; 4 - 5 pm ALL

Sect. Bus. Mtgs. 6:30 - 7:30 PM

Registration 6:30 AM - 6 PM Technology Pavilion 6:30 AM - 6 PM

Thursday, Oct. 13

Product Breakfasts 7:00 - 7:50 AM

Fundamentals of Leadership 8 - 11 AM Education 8 AM - noon Hirsch Memorial Symposium 8 - 10 AM AAO Press Conference 8 - 10:30 AM

Intermediate Leadership 1:30 - 3:30 PM Education 1:30 - 5:30 PM AAO Business Meeting 5:30-6:30 PM Corp. VIP Reception 6:45 - 7:30 PM

Exhibit Hall open 11:30 AM - 3:30 PM Use your vouchers for lunch in the Exhibit Hall

Poster Set-Up 7 - 9 AM

Poster preview 9 am; with authors; 10 am - 12 noon Odd; 1:30 - 3:30 pm Even; 4:30 - 5:30 pm ALL

Registration 6:30 AM - 6 PM

Friday, Oct. 14

Technology Pavilion 6:30 AM - 8 PM Product Breakfasts 7 - 7:50 AM Section Bus Mtgs 7 - 8 AM Awards Program 8 - 10 AM Education 10 AM - noon Education 2 - 6 PM Alumni Receptions 7 - 9 PM Australia Party 9 PM

Exhibit Hall open 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM Use your vouchers for lunch in the Exhibit Hall

Poster Set-Up 7 - 9 AM

Poster preview 9 am, with authors; 10 am - 12 noon, Odd; 2 - 4 pm , Even; 5 - 6 pm ALL

Registration 6:30 AM - noon

Saturday, Oct. 15

Technology Pavillion 6:30 AM - 3 PM Product Breakfasts 7 - 7:50 AM Education 8 AM - noon AOF Luncheon 11:30 AM - 2 PM New Fellow/ Emeritus Recept 6:30 7 PM Education 12:30 - 4:30 PM

Residents Day 8 AM ­ 4:30 PM; Residents and Students Networking Luncheon 12:15 - 1:15 PM

President's Banquet 7 - 11 pm

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Letter from the President

DearColleagues, Academy2011BostonwillbetheMeetingoftheYear:cuttingedgescientificresearchthat willimproveyourpractice,educationofthehighestcaliber,andverycoolsocialevents whereoldfriendsreminisceandnewfriendsmeet. OurAmericanAcademyofOptometry'sAnnualMeetingoffersawidearrayofclinically pertinentcontinuingeducationcoursesandthelatestresearchinoptometryandvisionscience.ComediscoverallthatAcademy2011Bostonhastooffer.Youcanchoosefrom250 hoursoflecturesandworkshops,10Sectionsymposia,hundredsofscientificpapersand posters,andfunsocialevents.Thisyear'sPlenarySession,"Today'sResearch,Tomorrow's Practice®:MildTraumaticBrainInjury,"willfeatureanoverviewofmildtraumaticbraininjury,includingtheclinicalpresentation,evaluation,andinsightsabouttheclinicalcomplications.TheMonroeJ.HirschSymposium,"Omics,"takesattendeesbeyondgenomicsand intoareassuchaslipidomics,glycomics,andproteomics. Thisyear'sExhibitHallwillbeespeciallynotablewithmorethan200boothsdisplayingthelatestproducts andtechnology.TheJohnB.HynesVeteransMemorialConventionisinthecenterofdowntownBoston. Thereissomethingforeveryone,andwehavefivefabuloushotelsdesignatedforourmeeting,includingtwostudenthotels.Youwillbeonlystepsawayfromdining,museums,shopping,lobster,oysters,and somemust-seesites!Pleasetakesometimetolookoverthisprogrampreviewtoseealltheexcitingevents inthisupcomingmeeting. IlookforwardtoseeingyouatAcademy2011Boston! Sincerely,

KarlaZadnik,OD,PhD,FAAO President

P.S. Stop by our membership booth in the exhibit hall (# 819) or the information desk to become a Candidate for Fellowship. The application fee is waived if you submit it at the meeting. That's a savings of $60! If you're already a member, stop by to say hello to each other, Academy staff, and future Fellows!

The Personal Program Planner (PPP) is a tool for creating as detailed an agenda as you need for scheduling your days at Academy 2011 Boston. Check it out on the Academy website:!

Member Benefit!

· FellowsandCandidatessave$300onregistration! · StudentandResidentMembers­Enjoythebestoptometriceducationforonly$50!Youhave twowonderfulhotelstochoosefrom:HamptonInnBostonandMidtownBostonHotel.Both hotelsare$179/night.

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SECTION Symposia!

The Academy's Sections have developed excellent symposia in each of the areas of optometry and vision science. Join them at the following events! Joint ARVO/AAO Symposium, sponsored by the Section on Cornea, Contact Lenses & Refractive Technologies and the Vision Science Section "Presbyopia ­ Accommodation, Surgical Restoration, and Visual Performance of Multifocal Corrections"

Thursday, October 13, 1:30 PM, Room 304

Session 1: Accommodation and Surgical Treatments for Presbyopia Moderator:SureshViswanathan,OD,PhD,FAAO · AccommodationandPresbyopia,AdrianGlasser,PhD · AdvantagesandDisadvantagesofRefractiveSurgery BasedTreatmentsofPresbyopia,IanCox,PhD,FAAO

Evening Symposium, co-sponsored by the BVPPO and Disease Sections "Pediatric Optometry"

Wednesday, October 12, 7:30 AM

Moderator:BruceMooreOD,FAAO · · · CorticalVisualImpairment:CurrentConceptsand Knowledge,BarryS.Kran,OD,FAAO PediatricGlaucoma,JosephSowka,OD,FAAO StrabismicTalesfromtheCrypt:WhatOptometrists NeedtoKnowaboutNeuro-ophthalmology,Mitchell Strominger,MD PharmacologicalTreatmentofStrabismus,StephenP. Christiansen, MD CongenitalCranialDysinnervationDisorders,DavidG. Hunter, MD, PhD

· ·

Session 2: Adaptation and Visual Performance of Multifocal Corrections Moderator:DesmondFonn,OD,DipOptom,MOptom, FAAO · BlurAdaptation,MichaelWebster,PhD · EvaluationofthePerformanceofMultifocaland"Accommodating"IntraocularLenses,JamesWolffsohn, PhD, FAAO VisualPerformanceofMultifocalContactLenses,Craig Woods, BSc (Hons) PhD, PCerOcTher, MCOptom, DipCL,FAAO GhostingwithBifocalandMultifocalCorrections,Pete Kollbaum, OD, PhD, FAAO

Cornea, Contact Lenses & Refractive Technologies "The Past, Present, and Future of the Hydrogel Lens: A 50th Anniversary Celebration"

Friday, October 14, 3:00 PM

Section Awards & Schapero Lecture to follow

Generously co-sponsored by

Shared Passion for Healthy Vision and Better Life



Binocular Vision, Perception and Pediatric Optometry (BVPPO) "Pediatric Optometry"

Friday, October 14, 3:00 PM, Room 310

Moderator:BruceMoore,OD,FAAO · · · · TheInfantAphakiaTreatmentStudy(IATS),Eugenie Hartmann, PhD NewConceptsinUveitis,DanielleLedoux,MD MassachusettsPilot:NationalCenterForChildren'sVisionandEyeHealth,JeanE.Ramsey,MD,MPH ChildAbuseandtheOptometrist,DeborahEappenMD

Moderator:ClarkeNewman,OD,FAAO · TheBeginning:MaterialDevelopment,RichardPearson,MPhil,FBOA(HD),FCOptom,DipCLP,DipOrth, FAAO · · · TheEarlyExperience:FromtheSoflenstotheCSI, DonaldR.Korb,OD,FAAO TheFirstGameChanger:TheDisposableLens,Barry Farkas,OD,FAAO TheSecondGameChanger:SiliconeHydrogelLenses andRemainingClinicalChallenges,DesmondFonn, OD, DipOptom, MOptom, FAAO IsMyopiaReal?,BrienHolden,PhD,DSc,OAM,FAAO TheFutureoftheHydrogelLens,HarvardSylvan,OD

· ·

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SECTION Symposia

Disease Lawrence Gray Neuro-Ophthalmic Disorders Symposium

Thursday, October 13, 1:30 PM, Room 312

Moderator:LeonardV.Messner,OD,FAAO · EyeTrackingAbnormalitiesasanIndicatorofConcussion,LauraJ.Balcer,MD,MSCE · · · ChronicTraumaticEncephalopathy,ChristopherNowinski ApplicationsofOpticalCoherenceforNeuro-ophthalmicDisorders,MarkSawamura,OD,FAAO NeuroimagingStudiesforNeuro-ophthalmicDisorders, H.SimonGhazi-Birry,MD,OD,PhD

"The Role of Research in the Optometric Profession," co-sponsored with the Vision Science Section

Wednesday, October 12, 3:00 PM, Room 208

Moderators:KennethSeger,OD,MSc,FAAO;Michael Giese,OD,PhD,FAAO · FromRecruitmenttoaSuccessfulCareer,EarlSmithIII, OD, PhD, FAAO · · · ResearchforCliniciansinAcademicOptometry:NavigatingtheChanges,SueCotter,OD,MS,FAAO PreparingtheClinicianScientist:LessonsfromAcademic Medicine, Dennis Siemsen, OD, MS, FAAO UsingResearchinTeaching,MichaelD.Twa,OD,PhD, FAAO

Low Vision "Cortical Plasticity"

Thursday, October 13, 3:30 PM, Room 210

· · · · · CorticalReorganizationinMacularDegeneration, NancyKanwisher,PhD ProbingandGuidingPlasticitybyNoninvasiveBrain Stimulation,AlvaroPascual-Leone,MD,PhD ProjectPrakash:IlluminatingLives,IlluminatingScience,PawanSinha,PhD CorticalPlasticityanditsImpactonFunctionalVision, EliPeli,MSc,OD,FAAO CorticalPlasticity:FriendorFoe,DanielDilks,PhD

Primary Care "Myopia Progression, Control and Prevention"

Wednesday, October 12, 10:00 AM, Room 302

Generously sponsored by

Moderator:Christine Wildsoet, OD, PhD, FAAO · MultifocalLensesfor MyopiaControl: EvidencefromAnimalStudies,MariaLiu,OD,MD, MPH, MBA · · · MultifocalLensesinEsophoricChildren:Applicationfor Myopia Prevention and Control, Thomas Aller, OD MyopiaControlwithCornealReshapingContact Lenses,JeffWalline,OD,PhD,FAAO SurgicalTreatmentofRefractiveErrorinPediatricPatients,JamesHoekel,OD,FAAO

Optometric Education "International Cooperation in Optometric Education," co-sponsored with the ASCO International Optometric Education (IOE) Special Interest Group

Wednesday, October 12, 10:00 AM, Room 207

Moderators:YiPang,OD,PhD,FAAOandMelissaPadilla, PGDiplomate,PublicHealth · ASCOIOE2011Survey,DavidLoshin,OD,PhD,FAAO · InternationalProgramExperiences: o o o o InternationalReviewBoard,CharlesM.Wormington, OD, PhD, FAAO InternationalResearchCollaborations,FrankThorn, OD, PhD, FAAO InternationalElectiveandClinicalExternshipCollaborations, Bina Patel, OD, FAAO ChallengesandTriumphsofInternationalEducationProgramDevelopmentinOptometrybetweena USandaForeignUniversity,StephenR.Chun,OD, FAAO

Public Health & Environmental Vision "The Health Care Reform Act in 2011: Examples of What Works for You and Your Patients"

Thursday, October 13, 10:00 AM, Room 208

Moderator:KevinM.Jackson,OD,MPH,FAAO · HistoricalContextandActualContentsof2010Health CareReform,MichaelS.Sparer,JD,PhD · · HealthCareReform'sEffectsonthePracticeofOptometry, Barry J. Barresi, OD, PhD, FAAO HealthCareReform'sImpactonOurPatientsandthe Nation'sPublicHealth,GeorgesC.Benjamin,MD, FACP,FACEP(Emeritus) TheMassachusettsExperiment.WhatCanBeLearned FromtheRecentExtensiveHealthReformEffortinMassachusetts?,W.LeeBall,OD,FAAO


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TheAmericanOptometricFoundation(AOF)isoptometry'slargestsource ofscholarships,fellowships,residencyawardsandgrants.Throughendowmentsandourcorporatepartners,thisyeartheFoundationwillgive over$400,000tooptometry'syoungestandbrightest.AOFisthephilanthropicarmoftheAcademy.Thisisyourchancetoinvestinthefutureof optometry!

WithyoursupporttheFoundationraisedover$190,000atAcademy2010SanFrancisco, anewrecord.Helpuscontinuethedrivein2011.Thereareseveralwaysyoucanhelp: · · · · · · Donatewhenyouregister Donateyourspeaker'shonorarium ContributeanitemtotheSilentAuction BidonanitemintheSilentAuction VisittheAOFboothintheexhibithallanddontateorcompleteapledgeform IncludeadonationwhenyouRSVPfortheAOFCelebrationLuncheon

AOF President, Dr. Cathie Amos,welcomesnewEzell Fellow,Dr.AvaBittner


AsthecountdownbeginstoAcademy2011Boston, don'tmissyourchancetoparticipate.Ifyouarean optometricartisanorhaveanitemthatshowcasesthe areainwhichyoulive,pleaseconsiderdonatingitto thisyear'sAOFSilentAuction.Lastyear'sauctionraised over$10,500insupportofFoundationprograms. Please contact Tracy Kitts, Foundation Coordinator, at [email protected] planstodonate.Yourdonateditemsarein-kind,tax deductiblecontributionsatfairmarketvalue. TheAOFSilentAuctionbeginsintheExhibitHalland concludesattheCelebrationLuncheon.Arriveearly tojoinothersupportersandcheckouttheselectionof diverseitemsupforbid.


Saturday, October 15th 11:30 AM ­ 2:00 PM

Join the American Optometric Foundation in Boston aswecelebratethe2011awardrecipientsandhonor thecontributorsandsponsorswhomaketheFoundationtheleadingsupporterofoptometriceducation, research, and leadership. Lookforyouronlineinvitethissummer.

Remember that all donations to the Foundation are tax deductible. We encourage you to include the Foundation in your estate planning. Talk with AOF volunteers and staff in Boston.


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The Armed Forces Optometric Society

Monday & Tuesday, October 10-11, 2011

AFOS-TheAOA's12thlargestaffiliatewillconveneits43rd annualmeeting. Thevenuewillprovideinformationandanopportunity todiscussissuesandprovidecontinuingeducationfor optometristsinallbranchesoffederalservice(Department ofVeteransAffairs,Army,Navy,AirForce,PublicHealth Service, and Civil Service). Thisyearwillincludebreakoutsessionsforallmembers withtheirindividualserviceCEOs,thegeneralmembership reception,theannualbusinessmeetingbytheofficersand councilmembersatlarge,theAFOSpresident'sreception, andcontinuingeducationbyournation'sfinestlecturers. AFOSwelcomesallpotentialmemberstoregisterasguests andjoinusforourconference. Formoreinformationortoregisterfortheconference,

Ocular Nutrition Society "Boston's Best: A New England Approach to Nutrition Science for Ocular Health"

October 11, 2011

9 AM - 4 PM, followed by the wildly popular "Cabernet, Chocolate and Chatter" meet and greet the speakers social hour

PresentersincludeexpertnutritionscienceMDsandPhDs frommajoruniversities,includingtheFreemanSchool ofNutritionScienceatTuftsUniversity,Universityof Massachusetts,UniversityofNewHampshire,University ofTennesseeatMemphisandothers. ChecktheONSwebsiteforfurtherinformation, includingregistrationdetails,speakersubjects,biosand symposium location.

Optometric Council on Refractive Technology (OCRT)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TheOCRT's8thAnnualRefractiveTechnologysymposium isheldthedaybeforeAcademy2011Boston.The brightestmindsinrefractiveandcataractsurgerywill discussthelatesttechnologyandtrendsinpatientcare featuringcasestudiesoncomplicatedandunusualcases. Themeetingalsoincludespresentationsonthemost recentresearchinrefractivetechnology.Themeeting isinteractive,providingauniqueforumtoshareyour ideas,thoughts,andexperienceswithyourcolleagues. EighthoursofCOPEapprovedCEwillbeawardedto attendees.Theregistrationfeeincludesacontinental breakfastandlunch. FormoreinformationonOCRT,pleasevisithttp://www.,contact [email protected]

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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)

Wednesday, October 12, 12:00 ­ 2:00 PM


Monroe J. Hirsch ResearchSymposium


Thursday, October 13, 8:00 ­ 10:00 AM

Thestudyofbiological"omics"hasbeenexponentially increasingduringthelastdecade,particularlyasitrelates tonewscientifictechnologiesthathaverevolutionizedthese fieldsofstudy.The"omics"fieldsextendbeyondgenomics andintoareassuchaslipidomics,glycomics,andproteomicsinadditiontomanyotherareas,althoughproteomicsis oftenconsideredthenextlogicalsequentialstepbeyond genomicsstudies.Proteomicsisthelarge-scalestudyof proteins,whichincludestheentirebodyofproteinsexpressedbyacellorsystemintermsofstructureandfunction.Whilethese"omics"fieldsareextensionsofgenomics, theyareoftenconsideredmorechallengingfieldsofstudy asasystem'sgenomeisusuallyfairlyconstant,whileits proteome,forexample,candifferfromcelltocell. Youwillheardiscussionsaboutthescientific"omics"fields ofstudy,withparticularemphasisonproteomics,inaddition todiscussingtheirapplicationstoophthalmicresearchand ultimatelyclinicalpractice.Featuredspeakerswillbe: · StevenA.Carr,PhD,aseniorscientificleaderinprotein biochemistry and proteomics, leads the Proteomics PlatformattheBroadInstitute. · PabloArgüeso,PhD,oftheSchepensEyeResearchInstitute,whoseresearchfocusesononeofthelastfrontiers ofmolecularbiology--glycobiology--analyzesthesugars thatcoatthesurfaceoftheeyeanddecipherstheirrole inprotectingtheeyeagainstdehydrationandpathogen invasion. TomNorton,PhD,FAAO,oftheUniversityofAlabamaat Birmingham,studiestheneurobiologicalmechanismthat operatesinthejuvenileeye. RichardLee,MD,PhD,aresearcherattheMcKnightVisionResearchCenter,focusesonthemolecular,cellular, proteomic,andneurophysiologicbasisofglaucomain experimentalandhumanmodels.

Inthetraditionofbringingthelatestonanimportantgeneralhealthissue,thetopicfortheBostonPlenarySessionis MildTraumaticBrainInjury(mTBI).Youwillgainanoverviewofthismajorhealthproblemduringthissession. DouglasSmith,MD,Director,CenterforBrainInjuryand Repair,UniversityofPennsylvania,willprovideanoverview oftheconditionofmTBI,includingtheclinicalpresentation, evaluation,andinsightsabouttheclinicalcomplications. ThiswillbefollowedbyapresentationbyWilliamMilberg, PhD,andReginaMcGlinchey,PhD,ofHarvardMedical School,ontheeffectsofmTBIastheyexistinacomplex matrixofbiological,psychologicalandsocialissues. VeteransoftheIraqandAfghanistanwarsaresuffering fromtheeffectsofhighlytraumatizingeventsandexposure tohighenergyblaststhatoftenleavethemwithcognitive andemotionalproblemsthatmakereadjustmenttocivilianlifeverydifficult.Studiesofthispopulationcanprovide insightsintothemechanismsofsymptomdevelopmentand recovery in mTBI in the non-military population. Youwilllearnmoreabouthowthishealthissueisaffecting thenation.Youwon'twanttomissthisexcitingpresentation.



Thispresentationwillmakeyouthinkaboutgeneticsandhowit relates to you as a health care practitioner.

Awards Program & Lectures

Friday, October 14, 8:00-10:00 AM

Youarecordiallyinvitedtohelpuscelebratethisyear'shighlyrespectedawardrecipientsbyattendingtheannual AcademyAwardsProgram.Joinusintheexcitementandcamaraderieasthefinestintheprofessionarehonoredby theircolleagues. TheAmericanOptometricFoundation'sGlennA.FryAwardrecipient,andtheAcademy'sCharlesF.PrenticeAward recipient,willgivelecturepresentationsontheirresearchfindings.Continentalbreakfastwillbeprovided.Onehourof CEcreditisearnedforattendingtwohoursoftheprogram.

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StudentTravelFellowshipsforAcademy 2011Boston...ComeandGetThem!

TheAcademywantstohelpyougettoAcademy2011Boston!Academymeetingsarenot onlyawonderfulopportunityforstudentsto learnaboutcuttingedgeresearchandtechnologiesfromoptometry'sgreatestminds,but alsoachancetonetworkwithyourpeersand establishedpractitioners! TheAcademywillprovideanumberoftravel fellowshipsof$750tostudentsandresidentsto attendthisyear'smeeting.Thesefellowships areawardedbasedonaccomplishmentsand potential in optometric research and education. Othercriteriausedbythereviewersinclude theapplicant'sonepagestatement,thefaculty evaluation,andthequalityoftheabstract.Each studentmayonlybetherecipientforonetravel fellowshippermeeting. FormoreinformationaboutAcademy2011 Bostonandstudenttravelfellowships,please visittheStudentTravelFellowshippageonthe Academy2011Bostonwebpage:http://www. aredueThursday,July14,2011.Recommendations are due Monday, July 18, 2011.

Join us for Product Information Breakfasts ­ NEW!

Join us this year at Product Information Breakfasts each morning at 7 and 7:20 am. The Academy will provide continental breakfast to attendees, and companies share important information about their products and services. No cost to attend, no CE provided. Just product information you need for your practice to thrive! Breakfast schedule and locations will be distributed via email prior to the meeting, and will be in the registration bags.

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Rooms/ time 8 am Ballroom B/C Ballroom A

NO-01 Kelly Malloy ________________________ Neuro-Ophthalmic Manifestations of Stroke CEE

Room 302

OP-01 Jeffrey Varanelli, Nicholas Colatrella ________________________ Pharmacology A to Z

Room 304/306

GL-01 Jeffrey Liebmann, Andrew Hartwick, Keith Martin ________________________ OGS*/AAO Joint Symposium Part I: Contemporary Glaucoma

Room 309

JP-01 Robert Dister, Michael Harris ________________________ Do You Meet The Standard of Care for Optometry? P-01 ________________________ Papers: Optometric Education

Room 310

BV-01 Wendy Marsh-Tootle ________________________ Update on Ocular and Neural Complications of Premature Birth PS-01 Michael Cymbor ________________________ To B(scan) or not to B(scan)

Room 311

CL-01 Jeffrey Sonsino, Muriel Schornack ________________________ Scleral Lenses: High Tech vs. Low Tech Evaluation CL-02 Luigina Sorbara ________________________ Case Studies: Fitting Keratoconus patients with the use of Videokeratoscope


9 am

PO-01 Steven Ferrucci ________________________ Co-Managing Vitreal Injections

10 am

AS-03 Thomas Freddo ________________________ The Medical Work-up of the Red Eye CEE

11 am

GO-02 Christine Wildsoet, Maria Liu, Thomas Aller, Jeff Walline, James Hoekel ________________________ Primary Care Section Presents: Myopia Progression, Control and Prevention


Jeffrey Liebmann, Chris Johnson, Robert Fechtner ________________________ OGS/AAO Joint Symposium Part II: Clinical Insights in Glaucoma

P-02 ________________________ Papers: Public Health

PO-02 Maynard Pohl ________________________ Perioperative Management of the Corneal Transplant Patient

Anthony Adams, Joseph Shovlin, Loretta Szczotka-Flynn, Kelly Nichols, Mark Willcox, Lyndon Jones ________________________ OVS Presents- Cornea and Contact Lenses: Biofilms and Biodeposits Clinical Impact


12 noon 2 pm

Ballroom B-C SE-01 Douglas Smith, William Milberg, Regina McGlinchey Plenary Session: Today's Research, Tomorrow's Practice®: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

PS-03 Steven Ferrucci ________________________ Update on Age-related Macular Degeneration P-03 ________________________ Papers: Glaucoma - Ocular Disease#1 OP-02 Blair Lonsberry ________________________ Systemic Antibiotic Management of Infection and Ocular Disease CEE LV-04 Jennifer Gustafson _________________________ Visual Sequelae of Traumatic Brain Injury P-04 ________________________ Papers: Binocular Vision/ Pediatrics CL-04 Susan Gromacki ________________________ Challenges and Solutions for Contact Lens Care in 2011

3 pm

AS-06 Leonid Skorin ________________________ Extreme Dermatology

PH-02 Peter Bickel, Gary Mancil, Clifford Brown ________________________ Screening Combat Veterans for TBI Related Vision Problems: A Public Health Model BV-02 Marie Bodack ________________________ AD(H)D, ASD, SID? What do those Initials Mean to Children and ODs?

P-06 ________________________ Papers: Contact Lenses #1

4 pm

GL-03 Edward Chu ________________________ Under Pressure: Ocular Perfusion Nocturnal IOP and Eye Disease

GO-05 Kimberly Reed ________________________ New Perspectives in Glaucoma Cataracts and Antioxidants

5 pm

7:30 - 9:30 PM BVPPO and Disease Joint Symposium: Pediatric Optometry

*Optometric Glaucoma Society *International Optometric Education

Rooms/ time 8 am

Ballroom A

GO-06 Leonid Skorin ________________________ Visual Illusions or Hallucinations


Room 302

Room 304/306

Room 309

PM-01 Richard Soden, Richard Madonna ________________________ Optometric Management of Age Related Eye Diseases

Room 310

BV-03 Yi Pang ________________________ Current Trends in Treating Amblyopia

Room 311

CL-05 Thomas Quinn ________________________ Modern Management of Presbyopic Contact Lens Patients CEE


9 am

AS-07 Nicholas Colatrella, Jeffrey Varanelli ________________________ Chemical Injuries of the Cornea NO-02 Richard Madonna, Patricia Modica ________________________ Optic Neuropathy Grand Rounds: Differentiating Glaucomatous vs. Non-Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathies CEE

SE-02 Lyndon Jones, Jason Nichols, Steve Carr, Pablo Argüeso, Tom Norton, Richard Lee _____________________________________________________________________________ Monroe J. Hirsch Research Symposium: Omics

10 am

SD-04 Thomas Freddo ________________________ Conjunctival and Lid Margin Lesions: Links to Systemic Disease

GO-07 Kelly Thomann, Nancy Wong ________________________ Visual Fields: An Interactive Approach

PS-05 Diana Shechtman ________________________ Re-classifying CNV

PH-03 Derek Mladenovich, Jerry Vincent, Imran Khan ________________________ Optometric Missions ­ the Public Health Approach

BV-04 Kristine Hopkins ________________________ Plus, Minus Prism, and Therapy: Managing Accommodative and Vergence Dysfunction

P-08 ________________________ Papers: Contact Lens

11 am

PS-06 Mohammad Rafieetary ________________________ Reading Between the Lines OCT interpretation

12 noon 1:30 pm

GL-04 Richard Madonna, Michael Chaglasian ________________________ Identifying Assessing And Managing Progression In Your Glaucoma Patient OP-03 Tammy Than ________________________ Ophthalmic Therapeutic Update CEE SD-05 Megan Hunter, Michelle Marciniak ________________________ Lab Results are back! Now what?

Exhibit Hall Lunch

CL-06 Suresh Viswanathan, Adrian Glasser, Ian Cox, Desmond Fonn, Michael Webster, James Wolffsohn, Craig Woods, Pete Kollbaum ________________________ Joint ARVO*/AAO Symposium: CCLRT* and Vision Science Sections Present: Presbyopia ­ Accommodation, Surgical Restoration, and Visual Performance of Multifocal Corrections SD-06 W. Lee Ball, Diana Shechtman ________________________ Managing Diabetes: Small Steps Big Rewards for Your Patients and Your Practice RS-02 Susan Gromacki, Jeffrey Krohn ________________________ Quality of Life in LASIK and PRK: New Pre- and Postoperative Patient Management Strategies BV-05 David Kirschen, Daniel Laby ________________________ Minefields (Life and Sight Issues) in Pediatric Eye Care CL-07 Christine Sindt, Edward Bennett, Loretta Szczotka-Flynn, Thomas Quinn ________________________ Contact Lens Safety Net: Expert Answers to Commonly Asked Consumer Questions

2:30 pm 3:30 pm 4:30 pm 5:30 pm

OP-04 Bruce Onofrey ________________________ Pharmaceutical Update: Everything You Wanted to Know About Drugs-but were afraid to Ask CEE GO-09 Paul Karpecki ________________________ Technological Innovations that Uncover Hidden Ocular Diseases

GO-08 Michael Cymbor ________________________ HD OCT Case Presentations: From Cornea to Retina GO-10 Michael McGovern ________________________ Vision and Balance: An Optometric Survival Guide

P-10 ________________________ Papers: Retinal Imaging and Glaucoma

BV-06 Marie Bodack ________________________ Eye "Owies" ­ How to Treat Pediatric Anterior Segment Disorders GO-12 John Kaminski ________________________ Understanding Your Challenging Geriatric Cases: Gerontology Insights For the Eye Care Professional

CL-08 Muriel Schornack, Lynette Johns ________________________ Scleral Lenses: What We Know, What We Need to Know CL-09 Dawn Lam, Annie Chang ________________________ Bitoric Bonanza

GO-11 Richard London ________________________ Management Options for the Diplopic Patient


*Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology *Cornea, Contact Lenses & Refractive Technologies

Wednesday - Thursday

Room 312

SD-01 A. Paul Chous, Jeffry Gerson ______________________ What's New in Diabetes: Keeping Up to Date AS-02 Matthew Garston ______________________ Viral Diseases and LookA-Likes

Room 313

Room 210

LV-01 Steve Gill ______________________ Visual Impairment and Rehabilitation in a Residential Facility for the Developmentally Disabled LV-02 Khadija Shahid, Ben Szirth ______________________ The Bionic Eye: A Review of How Close We Are to Replacing the Human Eye

Room 208

AS-01 Etty Bitton ______________________ A Closer Look at the Ocular Tear Film

Room 207

GO-01 Charles Wormington ______________________ Genetics & Family History: The Clinical Essentials

Room 206


Room 202

LDR-1 Fundamentals of Leadership I: What is Leadership?

8 am

Topic Area Key

AS Treatment & Management of Ocular Disease Anterior Segment Continuing Education with Examination Contact Lenses Binocular Vision/ Pediatrics Glaucoma General Optometry Jurisprudence Low Vision Neuro-Optometry Pharmacology Papers Public Health Practice Management Peri-Operative Management of Ophthalmic Surgery Treatment & Management of Ocular Disease: Posterior Segment Refractive Surgery Management Systemic/Ocular Disease Workshop

PH-01 Imran Khan, Olivier Girard ______________________ Ergonomics in Optometry: A Public Health Perspective To Recognize And Manage Computer Vision Syndrome David Geffen, James Owen, Marc Bloomenstein ______________________ Complications of the Refractive Patient RS-01 Yi Pang, David Loshin, Charles Wormington, Frank Thorn, Bina Patel, Stephen Chun ______________________ Optometric Education Section with the ASCO IOE* SIG Present: International Cooperation in Optometric Education GO-03

WK-01 Jerry Paugh, Alan Sasai ______________________ Advanced Techniques in Dry Eye Diagnosis: Meibomian Gland Evaluation

Posters open

Rick Weisbarth, Barbara Caffery, David Kirschen, Harue Marsden, Julie Schornack

9 am



Anthony Cavallerano, Jerry Cavallerano ______________________ Evidence-Based Retina

WK-02 Eli Peli ______________________ Fitting Peripheral Prisms for Hemianopia

LV-03 Ian Bailey ______________________ Assessment of Impaired Functional Vision

Authors Odd

10 am 11 am 12 noon 2 pm


Ballroom B-C SE-01 Douglas Smith, William Milberg, Regina McGlinchey Plenary Session: Today's Research, Tomorrow's Practice®: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

AS-04 Sherry Bass ______________________ The Genetic Mysteries of the Corneal Dystrophies and Degenerations GR-01 Gerald Selvin, Anthony DeWilde, Elliot Kirstein, Langis Michaud, Muriel Schornack, Jerome Sherman, Alex Garcia ______________________ Ellerbrock Presents: Grand Rounds I WK-03 Diane Adamczyk ______________________ Public Speaking Workshop AS-05 Clark Chang, Kristen Fry ______________________ Update on Cornea Collagen Crosslinking - The Year in Review LV-05 Kierstyn Napier-Dovorany ______________________ Basic Low Vision in Primary Care P-05 ______________________ Papers: Ocular Disease SD-02 Barbara Caffery ______________________ Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases and the Eye Authors Even

Exhibit Hall Open 5:00 ­ 7:30 PM


GO-04 Michael Giese, Kenneth Seger, Susan Cotter, Dennis Siemsen, Earl Smith, Michael Twa ______________________ Optometric Education and Vision Science Sections Present: The Role of Research in the Optometric Profession

P-07 ______________________ Papers: Ocular Surface

WK-04 Caroline Pate, Elizabeth Steele ______________________ Getting a Better View of the Fundus

3 pm


All Authors

4 pm


7:30 - 9:30 PM BVPPO and Disease Joint Symposium: Pediatric Optometry

5 pm


Room 312

PS-04 Robert Dunphy, Douglas Rett ______________________ Clinical Management of Retinal Disease

Room 313

Room 210

LV-06 Robert Greer ______________________ Low Vision by the Numbers: Understanding logMAR, VAR, Print Size and Contrast Sensitivity

Room 208

SD-03 William Townsend ______________________ Thyroid Disease and the Eye: What We Must Know

Room 207

Room 206

WK-05 Kelly Thompson, Dennis Light ______________________ Gonioscopy and Identification of Normal and Abnormal Angle Structures


Room 202

LDR-2 Fundamentals II Karla Zadnik, Sally Dillehay, Peter Bergenske, Linda Casser, Steve Eyler

8 am

WK-06 Elizabeth Steele, Caroline Pate ______________________ Enhancing your Peripheral Retinal Examination: BIO and Scleral Indentation GR-02 Gerald Selvin, Jerome Sherman, Edward Chu, David Krumholz, Tina Porzukowiak, Jeffrey Cohen, Doug Rett ______________________ Ellerbrock Presents: Grand Rounds II

LV-07 Robert Dister, Michael Harris ______________________ Legal and Ethical Considerations in Driving with Low Vision LV-08 Judith Goldstein ______________________ Managing Vision and Patients in the Anti-VEGF Era LV-09 Robert Greer ______________________ Low Vision by the Numbers: Prescribing High Adds and Hand-held Magnifiers PH-04 Kevin Jackson, Michael Sparer, Barry Barresi, Gteorges Benjamin, W. Lee Ball ______________________ Public Health & Environmental Vision Section Presents: The Health Care Reform Act in 2011 WK-07 Walter Potaznick, Irwin Shwom ______________________ Everything You Wanted to Know about Punctal Occlusion

Posters Setup/ Preview

9 am

Authors Odd

10 am 11 am

Exhibit Hall Lunch

NO-03 Leonard Messner, Laura Balcer, Christopher Nowinski, Mark Sawamura, H. Simon Ghazi-Birry ______________________ Disease Section Presents: Lawrence Gray Neuro-ophthalmic Disorders Symposium WK-08 David Damari ______________________ Vision Therapy in a Primary Care Practice: A Systematic Approach to Optimal Patient Care P-09 ______________________ Papers: Low Vision PM-02 Michael McGovern, Richard Soden ______________________ Medical Coding and Billing: Will your Records Survive an Audit by a Third Party Payor?

12 noon

Authors Even LDR-3 Intermediate Leadership Dennis Pardo WK-09 Sherry Bass, Jerome Sherman ______________________ Hi-Tech Workshop in the Detection of Glaucoma and Retinal Disease

Exhibit Hall Open 11:30 ­ 3:30 PM

1:30 pm

2:30 pm 3:30 pm

All Authors

GL-05 Kathy Yang-Williams ______________________ New Horizons in Glaucoma Surgery

GL-06 Elliot Kirstein ______________________ How to Talk About Glaucoma

WK-10 Michael Twa, Jeffrey Walline, Andrew Mick ______________________ The Art of Writing a Scientific Abstract

Eli Peli, Daniel Dilks, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Pawan Sinha, Russell Woods ______________________ Low Vision Section Presents: Impaired Vision and Cortical Plasticity


P-11 ______________________ Papers: Optics and Refraction #1

4:30 pm 5:30 pm

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Rooms/ time 8 am Third Floor Ballroom A Ballroom C Room 302 Room 304/306 Room 309 Room 310 Room 311


9 am 10 am

SD-07 Bruce Onofrey ________________________ Ten Tests that can Save Your Patients Life/Sight AS-08 Paul Karpecki ________________________ Anterior Segment Grand Rounds CEE

Ballroom B Awards Ceremony with the Prentice and Fry Lectures (Receive one hour of credit for the two hour ceremony)

BV-07 Susan Cotter, Angela Chen ________________________ Clinical Management of Esotropia: Snippets & Nuggets GL-07 David Hicks ________________________ Visual Fields in Glaucoma GO-13 Todd Peabody, Kimberly Kohne ________________________ Today's Research Applied Today BV-08 Donald Teig ________________________ Training Visual Performance of the Athlete: a Structured Program and Useful Drills CL-10 Mark Andre, Patrick Caroline ________________________ Custom Soft Contact Lens Design and Fitting

11 am

GL-08 Elizabeth Muckley ________________________ Advances in Glaucoma Surgery

GO-14 Dennis Fong ________________________ Up Close & Personal ­ Visual Advantages of Individualized Digital Progressive Addition Lenses

12 noon 2 pm

GL-09 Joseph Sowka ________________________ Closure Controversy: Making the Right Choices in Angle Closure Glaucoma

Lunch in Exhibit Hall, Exhibit Hall Open 11:30 ­ 2:30 PM

SD-08 Jeffry Gerson, A. Paul Chous ________________________ Multiple Sclerosis: Some Basics Worth Understanding NO-04 Larry Richardson ________________________ A Clinical Approach to Neuroanatomy and Neuro-optometry CEE GO-15 Valerie Sharpe, Christian Thompson ________________________ "On-Call" The OD in the ED PM-03 Bhavani Iyer ________________________ Establishing a Comprehensive Vision Rehabilitation Program ­ a Successful Medical and Business Model GO-16 Dominick Maino ________________________ 3D Vision Syndrome (3DVS): A Technologically Driven Visual Impairment CL-11 Michael DePaolis ________________________ Contact Lens Management of the Corneal Surgery Patient

3 pm

AS-09 Alan Kabat ________________________ New and Emerging Perspectives on MGD and Dry Eye GO-17 Sherry Bass ________________________ The Differential Diagnosis of Functional vs. Pathological Vision Loss CEE PH-05 Richard Mangan ________________________ MRSA ­ A Cause for Concern

4 pm

AS-10 Joseph Shovlin, Michael DePaolis ________________________ Recognizing Treating and Avoiding Microbial Keratitis In Contact Lens Wear PS-07 Jerome Sherman ________________________ The Diagnosis of Retinal Disorders Invisible to Ophthalmosocopy Utilizing 2011 Technology

OP-05 Greg Caldwell ________________________ Oral Pharmaceutical Agents for the Treatment of Ocular Pathologies

BV-09 Bruce Moore, Eugenie Hartmann, Danielle Ledoux, Jean Ramsey, Deborah Eappen ________________________ BVPPO* Section Presents: Pediatric Optometry


Clarke Newman, Richard Pearson, Donald Korb, Barry Farkas, Desmond Fonn, Brien Holden, Harvard Sylvan ________________________ Section on CCLRT Presents: The Past, Present, and Future of the Hydrogel Lens: A 50th Anniversary Celebration Followed by the Section Awards Ceremony

5 pm

GO-18 Susan Cotter ________________________ Presentation Tips for a Tip-Top Lecture

6 pm Rooms/ time 8 am

*Binocular Vision, Perception & Pediatric Optometry *Audience Response Systems

Third Floor Ballroom A

GL-10 Leonid Skorin ________________________ ALT, SLT, LPI, ECP: Glaucoma Laser Alphabet Soup

Ballroom C

GO-19 Ron Melton, Randall Thomas ________________________ Rapid Fire Rounds CEE

Room 302

PS-09 Khadija Shahid, Ben Szirth ________________________ Fundus Auto Fluorescence and High Resolution OCT Technology for Novel Detection of Vision Threatening Disease PS-11 David Krumholz ________________________ Buckle Up! Repairing Retinal Detachments by Scleral Buckle

Room 304/306

PS-10 Diana Shechtman ________________________ Holes: Hold `em or Fold `em

Room 309

P-16 Papers: Anterior Segment

Room 310

BV-10 Tawna Roberts ________________________ Contacts For Kids

Room 311

CL-13 Paul Gifford, Kate Johnson ________________________ Orthokeratology Lens Fitting and Troubleshooting Through Corneal Topography Analysis ­ Understanding Data And Case Studies


9 am

GL-11 Murray Fingeret ________________________ The Secondary Glaucomas

PS-12 Steven Ferrucci ________________________ New Technology in the Management of Age-Related Macular Degeneration PS-13 Joseph Pizzimenti, Carlo Pelino ________________________ Diseases of the Vitreous Humor: No Laughing Matter GO-22 Joseph Pizzimenti, Carlo Pelino ________________________ Essentials in Optic Nerve Disease CL-15 Eunice Myung Lee ________________________ A Survival Guide to Pediatric Contact Lenses

BV-11 Amy Langford, Amy Sullivan ________________________ Clinical Decision Making In Pediatric Eye Care: Case Presentations GO-21 Kimberly Reed ________________________ You Are What You Eat

10 am

PO-03 Paul Ajamian ________________________ Co-Managing the New IOL's

BV-12 Richard London ________________________ Binocular Anomalies Resulting From Pathological Causes: Thyroid Myopathy, Myasthenia, Multiple Sclerosis

CL-14 Gregory DeNaeyer ________________________ Troubleshooting Scleral Lens Complications

11 am

SD-11 David Bright ________________________ HIV- What Has Changed in 30 Years?

CL-16 Milton Hom, S. Barry Eiden ________________________ Multifocals: a Multi-Brand Approach to Fitting Presbyopes with Contact Lenses

12 noon 12:30 pm

GO-23 Louis Catania ________________________ A"Quality of Vision" and "Customized Correction" It's all About Spherical Aberration and the Pupil CEE GO-24 Albert Woods ________________________ Imaging Studies for Primary Eye Care SD-12 Muriel Schornack, Alan Kwok ________________________ The Optometrist's Role in Managing Chronic Graft versus Host Disease AS-13 Greg Caldwell ________________________ Ocular Manifestations and Treatment of Allergic Disorders

Lunch Break

GL-13 Elizabeth Muckley ________________________ Critical Evaluation of the Optic Disc in Glaucoma PM-04 Loretta Ng, Khan Lau ________________________ Conducting FDA Clinical Trials in your Practice BV-13 Katherine Weise ________________________ Peds Lids CL-17 Matthew Lampa ________________________ Precision Prescribing of Soft Toric Contact Lenses

1:30 pm

OP-07 Bruce Onofrey ________________________ Systemic Medications for Special Populations: Treating the Young and the Old

PM-05 Walter Whitley, Jason Miller ________________________ Elevating your Practice with Advanced Business Insight

GO-25 Kenneth Seger ________________________ Non-Traditional Eye Care: Folk Cures, Home Remedies and Other Unusual Treatments our Patients Might Try PO-04 Jim Owen, David Geffen ________________________ Every Thing New with Intraocular Lens and Cataract Surgery - What the Optometrist Needs to Know

CL-18 Dave Kading ________________________ Hybrid Lens: Recent Developments and Historical Perspectives CL-19 Thomas Quinn ________________________ Six Steps to GP Success

2:30 pm

SD-13 Joseph Pizzimenti ________________________ The Eye in Obesity CEE

NO-05 Kelly Malloy ________________________ Neuro-Ophthalmic Manifestations of Cancer

SD-14 Carlo Pelino, Mahsa Salehi ________________________ The Ocular Manifestations of Impending Stroke

3:30 pm


4:30 pm

Friday - Saturday

Second Floor Room 312 Room 313 Room 210 Room 208 Room 206 Posters 8 am 9 am

Posters Authors Odd CEE CL BV GL GO

Topic Area Key

AS Treatment & Management of Ocular Disease Anterior Segment Continuing Education with Examination Contact Lenses Binocular Vision/ Pediatrics Glaucoma General Optometry Jurisprudence Low Vision Neuro-Optometry Pharmacology Papers Public Health Practice Management Peri-Operative Management of Ophthalmic Surgery Treatment & Management of Ocular Disease: Posterior Segment Refractive Surgery Management Systemic/Ocular Disease Workshop

Ballroom B Awards Ceremony with the Prentice and Fry Lectures (Receive one hour of credit for the two hour ceremony)

P-12 ______________________ Papers: Ocular Disease WK-11 Melissa Vitek, Srihari Narayanan, ______________________ Intramuscular and Intravenous Injections Workshop LV-11 Khadija Shahid ______________________ The Psychology of Vision Loss: Understanding Psychosocial Impacts of Visual Impairment/ Blindness and Incorporating Appropriate Patient Counseling LV-12 Michael Fischer, William O'Connell ______________________ Low Vision Technology Update 2011: Computer Video and More P-13 ______________________ Papers: Contact Lens WK-12 Meredith Whiteside, Nimesh Patel, John Shan ______________________ Advanced Examination of the Retina: Scleral Indentation and Retinal 3-Mirror

10 am

11 am


Lunch in Exhibit Hall, Exhibit Hall Open 11:30 ­ 2:30 PM

Gerald Selvin, Jennifer Gustafson, Stanley Hatch, Linda Jackson, Alan Kwok, Kelly Richmond, Michael Lyons ______________________ Ellerbrock Presents: Grand Rounds III GR-03 WK-13 Blair Lonsberry ______________________ Get to Know Your Audience: Incorporating ARS* Technology to Your Interactive Presentation LV-13 Lori Grover ______________________ Using Contact Lens Care To Treat Vision Impairment in Adult and Pediatric Patients: A Key Component of Vision Rehabilitation LV-14 Susan Leat ______________________ Pediatric Low Vision Management: Making a Start WK-15 William O'Connell, Michael Fischer ______________________ Technology Workshop for Low Vision Providers PS-08 Stuart Richer ______________________ Retinal Multi-Spectral Imaging and Ocular Preventive Medicine P-15 ______________________ Papers: Functional Visual Assessment All Authors P-14 ______________________ Papers: Refractive Error WK-14 Stephen Byrnes, Ronald Watanabe ______________________ Fitting GP Contact Lenses Beyond the Limbus Authors Even

12 noon 2 pm


3 pm


AS- 11 Ernie Bowling ______________________ Scratching the Itch of Ocular Allergy SD-09 David Bright ______________________ Important Mental Health Conditions - What You Need to Know

4 pm


5 pm


6 pm Second Floor Room 312

SD-10 Jeffrey Joy ______________________ Metabolic Syndrome: What is it and What are its Possible Retinal Complications?

Room 313

Room 210

LV-15 Ana Perez ______________________ Managing Peripheral Field Loss from Fitting to Training

Room 208

Room 206

WK-16 Elizabeth Steele, Caroline Pate, Keshia Elder ______________________ In-Office Laboratory Testing for the Optometrist

Residents Day

Room 207 SE-03 ______________________

8 am

GL-12 Andrew Mick ______________________ The Trabecular Meshwork: Its Role in Glaucoma Pathogenesis and as a Target of Therapy AS-12 Julie Tyler ______________________ Anterior Segment Ocular Trauma ­ Urgencies and Emergencies

WK-17 Paul Harris, Marc Taub, Glen Steele ______________________ Clinical Workshop: Getting the Most Out of Retinoscopy at Distance and Near P-17 ______________________ Papers: Contact Lens

GO-20 Malinda CafieroChin, Cathy Marques ______________________ Prosthetic Eyes: Causes to Complications

Residents Day Papers

9 am

OP-06 Mika Moy, Christina Wilmer ______________________ Assessment of Reading in Low Vision CEE

10 am

11 am

Lunch Break

GR-04 Gerald Selvin, Kelly Malloy, Lynn Greenspan, Brooke Messer, Andrew Rixon, Ahmad Fahmy, Sherry Day ______________________ Ellerbrock Presents: Grand Rounds IV P-17 ______________________ Papers: Optics and Imaging WK-18 Lectures & Workshops Committee ______________________ Submitting Courses for the Lectures and Workshops Program: A User's Guide

Student/Resident Networking Lunch

12 noon 12:30 pm

Residents Day Papers Amphitheatre Posters

1:30 pm

P-18 ______________________ Papers: Ocular Disease

P-19 ______________________ Papers: Miscellaneous

Larry Thibos, Michael Twa, Kathryn Richdale ______________________ Ezell Fellows Present: Imaging


2:30 pm

3:30 pm

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4:30 pm



StopbytheMembershipBooth(#819)intheExhibitHall! · Ifyou'reanoptometryorvisionsciencestudent,jointheAcademyasastudentmember.It'sonly$30 fortheentiretimeyouareinoptometryandgraduateschoolplusyouryearofresidency. · BecomeaCandidateforFellowship.Applicationfeesarewaivedifsubmittedduringthemeeting(that's asavingsof$60) · AskavolunteerFellowanyquestionsyoumayhaveaboutmembershiportheAcademy · EnterthedrawingtowinaPresident'sBanquetticket!


TheAcademyencouragesoptometrystudents'participationincontinuingeducation.Studentsaretomorrow'sleadersanditisimportantthattheykeepupwiththelatestpractices.Academy2011Bostonprovidesstudentswithawidearrayofopportunitiestoattendlecturesgivenbythebestintheirchosenprofession.Studentsareencouragedtoattendcoursesatthemeetingthatareofinteresttothem.Thesearea fewofthemanyexcitingprogramsandevents!

Plenary Session: Today's Research, Tomorrow's Practice®: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Wednesday, October 12 ­ noon ­ 2:00 PM Hirsch Memorial Research Symposium: "Omics" Thursday, October 13 ­ 8:00 ­ 10:00 AM Awards Program Friday, October 14 ­ 8:00 ­ 10:00 AM

Thisisafantasticopportunityforstudentstomeet andnetworkwithstudentsfromotherschools. Stafffromresidencyprogramswillbeavailableto answerquestions.

Student & Residents Networking Luncheon Saturday, October 15, 12:15 ­ 1:15 PM

Coming Soon: A new Student Event at Academy 2011 Boston!

Come Party with Us Australian Style! Friday, October 14, 9:00 PM

Join hosts from the Brien Holden Vision Institute ( as we enjoy great music with friends. The Australia Party is back and better than ever! Check the Academy website for the latest updates.

ResidentsDayatAcademy2011Boston Saturday, October 15, 2011

Residentswillhavetheopportunitytopresenttheirwork!Paperswill bepresented8:00am­Noonandposters,1:30­4:30pm. Thisspecialeventiscreatedjustforresidentstoshowcasetheirwork withmeetingattendees.Grandround-typecasesaredueSeptember 1,2011forResident'sDay. Presentationsshouldbeapproximately15minutes,andPowerPoint® istherequiredmethodforallpresentations.HIPAArulesinvolvingpatientidentificationmustbefollowedbypresenters. ToreceiveacomplimentaryregistrationforAcademy2011Boston, residentshavetheopportunitytoworkfortheLectures&Workshops Committeeforonehalfdayofthemeetingeitherintroducingspeakers ormonitoringCEattendance. Formoreinformationortoemailcasereports,contactHelenViksnins [email protected]

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ACADEMY Registration

SavetheDate! MeetingandHotelRegistrationOpens April 25

Youcanregisteronlineat toregisterviaemail,[email protected]toAmericanAcademyofOptometry;C/OCISTEMS;501WytheSt.,Alexandria, VA 22314. Onceyouregisterforthemeeting,youwillreceivealinkthat willallowyoutomakeyourhotelreservations.UntilAugust 8,youmustregisterforthemeetingpriortomakinghotel reservations.

Registration Rates

By Aug. 12

Fellows/Candidates*(B)(Member) Optometrists/VisionScientists*(Nonmember) Honorary/Emeritus*(B)(Member) L&WCourseLecturer*(Member) L&WCourseLecturer*(Nonmember) Life*(B)(Member) Student/Resident/Librarian*(Member) Student/Resident/Librarian*(Nonmember) OGS/Academy2011Boston*(B)(Member) OGS/Academy2011Boston*(B)(Nonmember) Guest(Nonmember) ExhibitsOnly­1Day ExhibitsOnly­3days Fellows/Candidates*-1Day(Member) OGS/AllDayWednesday*(Member) OGS/AllDayWednesday*(Nonmember) OGS/WednesdayMorning*(Member) OGS/WednesdayMorning*(Nonmember) $380 $680 $125 $130 $250 $0 $50 $100 $380 $680 $95 $35 $100 $235 $235 $275 $0 $0

After Aug. 12

$430 $730 $175 $180 $300 $0 $75 $125 $430 $730 $145 $85 $150 $260 $300 $260 $300 $0 $0


$480 $780 $225 $230 $350 $0 $85 $135 $480 $780 $145 $85 $150 $270 $310 $270 $310 $0 $0

The Personal Program Planner (PPP for short) is a tool for creating as detailed an agenda as you need for attending Academy 2011 Boston. Check it out on the Academy website:

Optometrists/VisionScientists*-1Day(Nonmember) $275

*Feesincludealleducationalprogrammingexceptworkshopsandleadershipcourses.Banquetincludedonlywherenoted (B);allotherfoodfunctionsincludedintheregistrationfee.

Submit your Candidacy for Fellowship or student application by July 28 to take advantage of the early bird member rate.

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HOTELS for Academy 2011 Boston!

Sheraton Boston Hotel (Headquarters Hotel) - $265/night

39 Dalton Street, Boston, MA 02199

Highlights: The Sheraton Boston Hotel is connected to the Hynes Convention Center and The Shops at Prudential and Copley Place viaindoorwalkways.ItisfourmilesfromLoganAirportandblocks fromtheFinancialDistrict,trendyNewburyStreetandFenwayPark. ThehotelhasafitnesscenterandishometoNewEngland'slargest indoor pool.

Hampton Inn Boston (Student Hotel) $179/night (Student ID required at check-in)

811 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02118

Highlights:ThishotelisoneandahalfmilesfromtheHynes Convention Center. It provides complimentary shuttle service toandfromtheairport,theCoventionCenterandmanyother touristsites.Thehotelprovidescomplimentarybreakfastand hasabusinesscenter,fitnesscenterandindoorpool.Thereis adayspanextdoor.

Hilton Boston Back Bay - $265/night

40 Dalton Street , Boston, MA 02115

Highlights:ThishotelistwoblocksfromtheHynesConvention 220 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115 Center.ItiswalkingdistancefromFenwayPark,SymphonyHalland Highlights: ThishotelisahalfamilefromtheHynesConvenNewburyStreet.Thehotelhasafitnesscenterwithanindoorpool,a tionCenter.Thehotelispetfriendly.ItisclosetoBostonCombusinesscenter,childcareservicesandmuchmore! mons.Adjoiningroomsarealsoavailable.

Midtown Boston Hotel (Student Hotel) $179/night (Student ID required at check-in)

Boston Park Plaza - $246/night

50 Park Plaza at Arlington Street, Boston, MA 02116

Highlights:Thishotelislocatedabout1.2milesfromtheHynes ConventionCenter(shuttlewillbeprovidedfromhoteltoconvention center).ItiseasilyaccessibletoworldrenownedNewburyStreet, FaneuilHallMarketplace,theTheatre&FinancialDistrictsandmany historicsites.Spaciousfeeloffloortoceilingwindows.Fitnesscenter,businesscenterandmuchmore!

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Boston - Sophistication Meets History

BostonisabeautifulblendofstylishsophisticationandhistoricNewEngland charm.Youcandiscoverthecity'spastwhileenjoyingitsdistinctivelymodern edge. Boston'scalendarisfilledwithextraordinarymusicalandtheatricalproductions,newexhibitionsandalltimefavorites,walkingtours,trolleytoursand festivalsofallinterests. AstrollthroughPublicGardenissimplydelightful.BostonHarborhasa varietyofsitestosee,fromharborcruisesathighnoontoromanticsailsat sunset,fromwhalewatchesoutontheoceantopeople-watchingalongthe newHarborWalk. ShoppinginBostonisfunallyearround.Shopsrangefromhighendtobargainshopping. There'shistorytobeenjoyedaswellasthefreshestlocalseafood.Attendone ofmanyethnicfestivalsortakeatourofBoston'sLittleItaly.Trysomeofthe award-winningfour-starrestaurantsorneighborhoodbistros. ExploretheBeaconHillgardens,thecourtyardoftheIsabellaStewartGardnerMuseumandtheenclosedgardenatTrinityChurch. There'ssomethingforeveryone!

Boston Public Garden


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Shared Passion for Healthy Vision and Better Life


Thiscoursewillfocusonthetopicssuchasdefinitionsof leadership,thedifferencesbetweenleadershipandmanagement,traitsandcharacteristicsofleadership,andusing leadershiptoinfluenceorganizationalculture. RickWeisbarthOD,FAAO;BarbaraCaffery,OD,MS,FAAO; DavidKirschen,OD,PhD,FAAO;HarueMarsden,OD,MS, FAAO;JulieSchornack,OD,MEd,FAAO Wednesday,October12,8:00am­11:00am $50fee(Students$10)

INTERMEDIATE LEADERSHIP COURSE: How Navigating Through Peaks and Valleys in the Present Can Help Make You a More Effective Leader

Thiscoursehighlightsthesimpleyetprofoundlessons fromtwobookswrittenbyworld-renownedauthorSpencerJohnson,MD:Peaks and Valleys and The Present. Dennis Pardo, OD, MPH, FAAO Thursday,October13,1:30to3:30pm $75fee(Students$20)­includesrequiredbooksfor course

FUNDAMENTALS OF LEADERSHIP ­ PART II: Putting Leadership into Action

Thiscoursewillexaminetherealworldaspectsofleadership andhowtoputleadershipintoaction. KarlaZadnik,OD,PhD,FAAO;SallyDillehay,OD,EdD,FAAO; PeterBergenske,OD,FAAO,LindaCasser,OD,FAAO;Steven Eyler,OD,FAAO Thursday,October13,8:00am­11:00am $50fee(Students$10)

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ExperienceaFirst-Class ExhibitHall!

StopbytheExhibitHall.Meetcompany representativesfromallovertheglobe andexperiencethelatestproducts, technologyandequipmentinoptometry andvisionscience.Useyourvouchersto enjoylunchintheexhibithallThursday and Friday.

Exhibit Hall Hours

Wednesday, October 12

5:00­7:30 PM

Thursday, October 13

11:30 AM­3:30 PM

Friday, October 14

11:30 AM­2:30 PM

Attendee Welcome Reception

StopbytheExhibitHallafterattending youreducationalsessions,haveadrink, a bite to eat and say hello as the AcademywelcomesoneandalltoAcademy 2011 Boston.


Wednesday, October 12

5:30­7:00 PM

Academy 2011 Boston Exhibitors (as of March 29, 2011)

Abbott Medical Optics AcuityPro/VisionScienceSoftware,Inc AdvancedVisionResearch Allergan AmericanAcademyofOptometry American Optometric Foundation ArtOpticalContactLens Bausch+Lomb BlanchardContactLens,Inc. BrynMawrCommunicationsLLC Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc CIBA VISION Compulink CooperVision, Inc. DemandForce DesignsforVision DGHTechnology,Inc. DiagnosysLLC EnhancedVision EschenbachOptikofAmerica Essilor EssilorInstruments EyeDesigns EyePhotoSystemsInc. eyefinity/Officemate Eyemaginations Fashion Optical Displays FCI Ophthalmics FirstInsightCorp GoodLite Haag-Streit/RelianceUSA HeidelbergEngineering Heine HydrogelVisionCorp. ICAREUSA Inspire Pharmaceuticals Keeler Instruments Leiter'sRXCompounding LombartInstrument M&STechnologies MassachusettsCollegeofPharmacy& Health Sciences MedOp Inc. Metro Optics Mountain Computer Systems National Vision Inc. Nidek NOVASoutheasternUniversity Ocular Nutrition Society Ocusoft,Inc. OIS Optos Optovue ParagonVisionSciences Precision Vision Quantel Medical ReviewofOptometry SmileReminder Telscreen VISTAKON VSP WEBSYSTEM2

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CONTINUING Education AllCE,AlltheTime®!

Earn 34 hours of Continuing Education credit at Academy 2011 Boston! All CE, All the Time® means COPE-approved CE is available for all lectures, workshops, scientific presentations, section symposia, and Academy special events, such as the plenary session.

Lectures and Workshops:

Learnfromthebestintheprofession!Over250 hoursoflecturestochoosefrom! · Here'showthismeetingisdifferentfromallthe rest:noneedtoregisterforindividualcourses. Everylectureisopentoallregisteredparticipantsonafirstcome/firstservedbasis. Workshopsareavailableatanadditional charge.Youmustberegisteredforthemeeting toenrollinaworkshop.Registerearly­popularhands-onclassesfillquickly. COPEapprovalpending. ThereareCEE(TQ)lecturesofferedeach day.Examinationswillbemailedtothosewho requestthem. Scientific and Clinical Education Papers Cuttingedgeresearchpresentedinfifteenminute lectures.

Residents Day Saturday, October 15, 8:00 AM ­ 4:30 PM


It'sbackagainthisyear!Comehearcurrentresidents present papers and posters on their cases or researchprojects.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

8:00 AM 10:00 AM 2:00 PM 8:00 AM 10:00 AM 1:30 PM 3:30 PM 10:00 AM 2:00 PM 4:00 PM 8:00 AM Course Neuro-Ophthalmic Manifestations of Stroke The Medical Work-up of the Red Eye Systemic Antibiotic Management of Infection and Ocular Disease Lecturer(s) Kelly Malloy, OD, FAAO, Diplomate, Neuro-ophthalmic Disease Thomas Freddo, OD, FAAO, PhD Blair Lonsberry, OD, MS, MEd, FAAO Thomas Quinn, Jr., OD, MS, FAAO Richard Madonna, OD, MA, FAAO and Patricia Modica, OD, FAAO Tammy Than, MS, OD, FAAO Bruce Onofrey, RPH, OD, FAAO, FOGS Paul Karpecki, OD, FAAO Larry Richardson, OD, FAAO Sherry Bass, OD, FAAO Ron Melton, OD, FAAO and Randall Thomas, OD, MPH, FAAO Mika Moy, OD, FAAO and Christina Wilmer, OD, FAAO Louis Catania, OD, FAAO Joseph Pizzimenti, OD, FAAO

· ·

Scientific Program

Thursday, October 13, 2011

LearnaboutthelatestinresearchattheAcademy's ScientificProgram.AllScientificProgrameducation issubmittedtoCOPEforCEapproval.Pleasenote that you must attend at least 60 minutes in any paperorpostersessiontogetCOPE-approvedcredit. Section Symposia - Featurethemostknowledgeableandrespectedlecturers.Seepage4for detailedprograminformation. Scientific and Clinical Education Posters ­ Offeravisualpresentationofcuttingedgeresearch, instructive case reports, clinical education and clinical trials.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Modern Management of Presbyobic Contact Lens Patients Optic Neuropathy Grand Rounds: Differentiating Glaucomatous vs. Non-Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathies Ophthalmic Therapeutic Update Pharmaceutical Update: Everything You Wanted to Know about Drugs, but were Afraid to Ask Anterior Segment Grand Rounds A Clinical Approach to Neuroanatomy and Neuro-optometry The Differential Diagnosis of Functional vs. Pathological Vision Loss Rapid Fire Rounds

Saturday, October 15, 2011

10:00 AM 12:30 PM 2:30 PM

Applied Pain Management in Primary Eye Care Quality of Vision and Customized Correction: It's all about Spherical Aberrations and the Pupil The Eye in Obesity

Please note: CEE exams are offered offsite. Forms to request exams will be available on the Handout CD.


Thisresourcemakesiteasyforyoutoaccessyouremailandstayintouch withyouroffice.FinditintheexhibithallinHynesConventionCenter.


ThisisanothergreatresourceforyoutoaccesstheInternet,stayintouch withyouroffice,checkyouremailandprintyourboardingpasses.Itwillbe onthesecondflooroftheconventioncenter­convenientlylocatednearthe classrooms.TheAcademyismovingtoa"greener"meeting.Thiswillbethe lastAcademymeetingwhereprintingwillbeprovidedatthemeeting.Allof thelecturematerialswillbeavailableonlinebeforethemeeting;pleasebe conscientiousoftheamountofpaperyouprintonline.HelptheAcademy protecttheworld'sresources.

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Non-profit US Postage PAID Permit #3732 Bethesda MD

6110ExecutiveBoulevard,Suite506 Rockville,Maryland20852USA

ANNUAL President's Banquet


(Black Tie Optional)

Comecelebratethisspecialoccasion!Thisisthe lasteventofthemeeting,anditrecognizesthe accomplishmentsofnewFellowsandDiplomatesasthey reach these career milestones. Join us in this memorable occasionwithyourfriendsandcolleagues. Therewillbenoticketexchange.Useyourbanquetticket foradmissionintothebanquet.Seatingwillbefirstcome, firstserved. Fellows,pleasedonateyourbanquetticketatthe Academyinformationdeskorexhibitbooth(#819)ifyou areunabletoattendsothatastudentcanenjoythis wonderfulevent.


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