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AAR Quality Assurance News

Volume 041 2nd Quarter 2006

2006 Quality Conference

The ISM-RSI-AAR Quality Conference for 2006 will be held in April 2007.

Based on surveys received after the 2004-05 conferences, the 2006 Quality Conference will not be held with the Mechanical Committee Meeting. It will instead be held in April of 2007. More specific information will be sent when details are finalized.

Changes to the M-1003 Program

Anticipated Changes for 2006

Chapter 7 of M-1003 contains the requirements for nonconforming material reporting for the M-1003 Quality Assurance Program. Details are being finalized in late 2006 or early 2007 on a method for submitting QA-7.1 forms, responding on a QA-7.2 form, and accepting the response on a QA-7.3 form on the World Wide Web. Future QA Newsletters and AAR Circular Letters will announce its availability. It is anticipated that training seminars will be conducted when the system is online and ready to go. An instruction manual will be placed on the AAR Website at or to help users operate the new system.

Thank You

Advanced Auditor Training

Special thanks to the following companies for allowing the use of their facilities for advanced auditor training: Pittsburgh Air Brake Company, Mid America Car, Cleveland Track Materials, Herzog Services, Gunderson, GATX Rail, TTX, Union Tank Car Company, Koppers Inc., and Young Touchstone. The fact that several "eyes" are able to review the system and make suggestions for improvements is very beneficial. If you are interested in having your facility participate in a training seminar, contact Joy Cooke at 719-584-0715 or [email protected] for information on benefits and responsibilities of the host or audited facility.


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Are Your Publications Current?

Do you have the most current revisions of the Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices (MSRP)? The latest release dates are as follows: Section A-I 2002 Section A-II 1985 Section B 2003 Section C 1997 Section C-II, V.1 1997 Section C-II, V.2 2001 Section C-III 2003 Section D 1997 Section D-II 2001 Section E 2005 Section E-II 2004 Section G 2004 Section G-II 2004 Section H 2005 Section H-II 2000 Section H-III 1996 Section I 2004 Section J 2005 Section K-I 2005 Section K-II 2005 Section K-III 2005 Section L 2003 Section M 2002 Section N 2005 Open Top Loading Rules, 2003 Changes to the various sections of the MSRP are routinely announced via circular letter along with other important AAR Safety & Operations information. To order updated copies of the MSRP or subscribe to the AAR Circular Letters, contact the Publications Department toll free at 877-999-8824. Section N is a Railinc Publication and should be ordered by contacting [email protected] or 800-544-7245. Please do not call Joy Cooke to order publications.

Views and Interpretations

Answers to frequently asked questions

Q: I have a company that says they are M-1003 Certified but I cannot find them in the registry, why not? A: It could be one of several reasons: (1) It may be that they have been audited to AAR Specification M-1003, but not by an AAR Accredited Auditor. There are several independent auditors who will audit a facility to Specification M-1003 and even issue a certificate; however, it is not an AAR Certificate. To obtain AAR M-1003 Certification, a company must apply to the AAR and be audited by an AAR Accredited auditor. (2) You may be looking at the wrong registry, there are two of them. One registry shows all companies that are certified for products or services, as shown in Appendix A of Specification M-1003. The other registry shows all companies that have voluntarily acquired Certification to Specification M-1003. The criteria for certification are the same regardless which registry a company is on; in some cases, the same company may be on both registries. (3) Perhaps this company is in the new applicant listing at the end of each registry. These are companyies that have applied for AAR M-1003 Certification but have not completed all of the requirements. These facilities are allowed to supply products and services for North American Interchange use for up to 6months while they are actively pursuing AAR M-1003 Certification. (4) They may have had AAR M-1003 Certification at one time, and they have since withdrawn the certification. If that is the case, they would not be listed in the voluntary registry, or they would be listed as withdrawn in the Appendix A registry. (5) The QA Program Coordinator may have made a mistake in the registry and accidentally omitted a company. (6) The company is an AAR Register Tank Car Class F, G, or L facility. In this case, they would not be considered or included as an AAR M-1003 Certified facility as it is not part of their requirements. In any case, for AAR M-1003 Certification verification of a facility, you should request their AAR Certificate. If the AAR Certificate cannot be verified, please contact Joy Cooke at [email protected] with the facility name and commodity (product or service) you wish to verify.

Electronic Information

QA Newsletter and QASE available

The QA Newsletter and the latest Quality Assurance System Evaluation (QASE), dated August 1, 2005, are available in electronic format at under Services, Technical Standards, Committees, and Quality Assurance Committee. To obtain the QASE in Excel format send your request to the QA Program Coordinator at [email protected] Many other items of interest can be found at or

AAR Quality Assurance News 2

Changes to Section J 2006

2006 Changes Delayed

Volume 040 of the AAR QA Newsletter reported tht changes made in 2006 to Section J would be released in August 2006. However, there has been a delay in releasing the changes for comment. Therefore, the deadline for Section J revised pages has been postponed until later this year or possibly next year. More details to follow.

Supplemental Checklists

What are they? Where can I find them? Supplemental checklists contain specific process, documentation/records, measuring, and test and training requirements for select manufacturing processes. Supplemental Checklists are used in conjunction with the QASE, as an aid in identifying specific requirements within the technical requirements. They may be used while conducting internal or external audits. The Supplemental Checklist is specific to AAR technical requirements, such as S-2034 for freight car builders or M107/208 for wheel manufacturers. The complete master list of Supplemental Checklists can be found on page 4 of this newsletter. For a copy of a current supplemental checklist, contact Joy Cooke at [email protected] When requesting a specific supplemental checklist, please request by number or specification name. Supplemental Checklists for facilities that recondition components to specific technical requirements are expected in the near future. It is anticipated that all Supplemental Checklists will be available on line -- along with the QASE -- by the end of the year.

AAR QUALITY ASSURANCE COMMITTEE ROSTER Chairman Mr. James Morris Manager, QA Amtrak Members Mr. Patrick Reidy QA Engineer Norfolk Southern Corp. Mr. David Myers Manager Mechanical Eng. Union Pacific Railroad Co. Vice Chairman Mr. Danny Henry General Manager, QA CSX Transportation

Mr. Russ Ferretti Assistant Director QA Metro-North Railroad Mr. Terry Schindler Manager QA BNSF Railway

RSI QUALITY ASSURANCE WORKING GROUP Mr. Tom Simpson, RSI Mr. Brian C. Blackwell, Standard Car Truck Mr. Howard W. Davies, A Stucki Company Mr. Dale Erickson, Miner Enterprises Mr. Steve Pinkstock, Columbus Steel Castings Mr. Nicholas Matthews, Trinity Industries Mr. Don R. Hardin, Progress Rail Services Mr. Richard I. Brodeur, Okonite Company Mr. John Cutrone, TTX Company Mr. Craig Wieszalski, Cleveland Track Material Mr. James H. Shomo, Johnstown America Corp. Mr. Jeff Hart, Talgo Mr. August J. Pfeifer, ASF-Keystone.

The RPI Quality Assurance Working Group meets on a regular basis with the AAR Quality Assurance Committee to discuss issues of mutual concern. If there is an issue you would like to see on the agenda for discussion, please direct your comments to Mr. Tom Simpson, Vice - President, Railway Supply Institute, 50 F Street NW, Suite 7030, Washington, DC 20001.

AAR Quality Assurance News 3

Master list of Supplemental Technical Checklists (6/19/06)

AAR Standard or Specification

M-101 M-107/208 M-201 M-210 M-211 M-601, M-618, M-620 M-921 M-1002 S-2034 Carbon Steel Axles Wheels, Wrought Carbon Steel Steel Castings and Cast 6/19/2006 3/7/2006 3/7/2006 3/7/2006 3/7/2006 3/7/2006 3/7/2006 3/7/2006 4 4 7 7 3 4 6 3 Revision Date 3/7/2006 Revision Number 2

Purchase and Acceptance Specification for Trucks Coupler, Yoke and Knuckle Manufacturing Requirements Air Brake Hose Cushioning Device Specifications for Tank Cars Certification for Car Builders

Registry of Certified Companies

The latest version of the Registry of Certified Companies was issued on May 26, 2006, via AAR Circular c-10308. A registry of those contractors who have voluntarily complied with M-1003 was issued on the same day via AAR Circular c-10314. Any errors in either of these listings should be brought to the attention of Joy Cooke at [email protected] or 719-584-0715. A new version of both registries should be issued in mid-August.

Calendar of Events

Following is a list of upcoming events of interest to the M-1003 community.

September 2006

AAR Technical Committee Meetings, September 11-15, Colorado Springs, CO

October 2006

AAR QA Committee and RSI QA Committee, October 5, Washington, DC

November 2006

AAR Advanced Auditor Training, November 7-9 Columbus, OH (tentative) AAR Advanced Auditor Training, November 14-16 Torreon, Mexico (tentative)

February 2007

AAR Auditors Conference, February 6&7, Jacksonville, FL This newsletter is compiled and distributed by the Association of American Railroads as a service to its members and contractors certified in the M-1003 Quality Assurance Program. Questions regarding the contents of this newsletter should be directed to the attention of Ms. Joy Cooke, QA Program Coordinator, Transportation Technology Center, Inc., PO Box 11130, 55500 DOT Road, Pueblo, CO 81001, telephone 719-584-0715, email [email protected]

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