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The Architectural Association Library Luis Barragan : a selected bibliography This bibliography contains a selected list of books and journal articles on the work of Luis Barragan. Books held in the Architectural Association Library will have the shelfmark noted.

Books (arranged alphabetically by title) Architects on architects / Susan Gray editor; foreword by Paul Goldberger. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2001 ISBN 007137583X (includes Carlos Jimenez on Luis Barragan) Architecture of Luis Barragan / Emilio Ambasz. New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1976

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(72):92BAR AMB

Armando Salas Portugal photographs of the architecture of Luis Barragan / essays by Ernest H Brooks New York: Rizzoli, 1992 ISBN 0847814823 (includes Luis Barragan: his work: concepts, reflections and personal experiences) Arquitectos contemporaneos de Mexico / Louise Noelle 9682427843 Mexico, DF: Trillas, 1989 ISBN

Arquitectos mexicanos: al fin del milenio / Fernando de Haro Lebrija, Omar Fuentes Elizondo Mexico, DF: Editiorial Arquitectos Mexicanos, 1999 ISBN 9685150001 Arquitectos Mexicanos III: forma luz y color / Fernando de Haro, Omar Fuentes. Mexico, DF: Arquitectos Mexicanos Editores, 2000 ISBN 9685336008 Barragan: complete works / edited by Paul Rispa. ISBN 050027889X Barragan: complete works / edited by Paul Rispa edition, 2003 ISBN 1568983220 London: Thames and Hudson, 1996

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(72):92BAR RIS

New York: Princeton Architectural Press, revised

Barragan: obra completa / Jose Buendia Julbez; Antonio Fernandez Alba; Alvaro Siza; Antonio Toca AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(72):92BAR RIS Fernandez Seville: Tanais Ediciones, 1995 Barragan: space and shadow, walls and colour / Daniele Pauly in association with Jerome Habersetzer AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(72):92BAR PAU Basel: Birkhauser, 2002 ISBN 3764366796 Builders in the sun: five Mexican architects [Juan O'Gorman, Luis Barragan, Felix Candela, Mathias Goeritz, Mario Pani] / Clive Bamford Smith New York: Architectural Book Publishing Co., 1967


Casa Mexicana / text and photographs by Tim Street-Porter; introduction by Marie-Pierre Colle New York: Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 1989 ISBN 1556700970 Contemporary masterworks / edited by Colin Naylor. Chicago/London: St James Press, 1991 ISBN 1558620834 (includes San Cristobal, Mexico City 1967-68 / Luis Barragan)

Daylighting for sustainable design / Mary Guzowski New York: McGraw-Hill, 2000 AA SHELFMARK: 72.017.2:628.9 GUZ ISBN 0070254397 Espacios Mexicanos: once casas contemporaneas / text Miquel Adria, photographs by Sebastian Saldivar. Mexico DF: Editorial RM, 2000 ISBN 968520800X Grounds for change: major gardens of the twentieth century / William Howard Adams. Mass; London: Little, Brown, 1993 ISBN 0821219022 Houses of the century / Anatxu Zabalbeascoa. Boston,

London: Cartago, 1998 ISBN 1900826127

Invisible gardens: the search for modernism in the American landscape / Melanie Louise Simo, Peter Walker Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 1994 ISBN 0262231778

AA SHELFMARK: 712.036(73) WAL

Key buildings of the twentieth century vol.2: houses 1945-1989 / compiled by David Dunster. London: Butterworths, 1990 ISBN 0408500298 (includes Own house, Tacubaya / Luis Barragan) The life and work of Luis Barragan / text Jose Ma. Buendia Julbez, Juan Palomar, Guillermo Eguiarte. New York: Rizzoli, 1997 ISBN 0847820572 Light and space: modern architecture 1 / edited by Yukio Futagawa; introduction Paolo Portoghesi; AA SHELFMARK:72.036 FUT text Riichi Miyake Tokyo: ADA Edita, 1994 ISBN 4871405524 Luis Barragan / Rene Burri Luis Barragan / Yutaka Saito London: Phaidon, 2000 ISBN 0714839604 Tokyo: TOTO Shuppan, 1992 ISBN 9681847423


Luis Barragan / Yutaka Saito 2nd edition Tokyo: TOTO, 2001 ISBN 4887061439 Luis Barragan: busqueda y creatividad / Louise Noelle Autonoma de Mexico, 1996 ISBN 9683637884 Mexico, DF : Universidad Nacional

Luis Barragan: classico del silencio / Enrique X de Anda Alanis Bogota: Escala, 1989 AA SHELFMARK:72.036(72):92BAR DEA (GALL) ISBN 9589082513 Luis Barragan: dilatazione emotiva degli spazi / Louise Noelle ISBN 8886498233 Torino: Testo & Immagine, 1997

Luis Barragan: house and atelier for Luis Barragan, Tacubaya, Mexico City 1947; Los Clubas, suburb of Mexico City 1963-69 / text Emilio Ambasz; edited and photographed by Yukio Futagawa / Global Architecture 48 . Tokyo: ADA Edita, 1979 AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(72):92BAR GLO (MLC) Luis Barragan: Mexico's modern master, 1902-1988 / Antonio Riggen Martinez. New York: AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(72):92BAR RIG Monacelli Press, 1996 ISBN 188525444X Luis Barragan: the Phoenix papers / Ignacio San Martin Studies, 1997 ISBN 0879180854 Tempe: ASU Center for Latin American

Luis Barragan: the quiet revolution / edited by Federica Zanco ISBN 8881187434

Milan: Skira, 2001

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(72):92BAR ZAN

Luis Barragan: a review of journal articles 1982-1987 / Dale E Casper ISBN 1555907296

Vance Bibliographies, 1987

Luis Barragan's gardens of El Pedregal / Keith L. Eggener; foreword Marc Treib. New York: AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(72):92BAR EGG Princeton Architectural Press, 2001 ISBN 1568982674 Luis Barragan Morfin 1902-1988: obra construida / compiled by Jose Alvarez Checa and Manuel Ramos Guerra Seville: Consejeria de Obras Publicos y Transportes, 1989 ISBN 8487001815


Modern architecture: Mexico.../ editor Shelly Kappe Architecture, 1981

Santa Monica: Southern California Institute of

The new modernist in world architecture / Patricia M Snibbe, Richard W Snibbe. New York/ London: McGraw Hill, 1999 ISBN 0070594848 Pritzker architecture prize 1980: presented to Luis Barragan / sponsored by the Hyatt Foundation. AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(72):92BAR HYA (GALL) US: Hyatt Foundation, 1980. Private architecture: masterpieces of the twentieth century / Roberto Schezen; introduction Peter Blake; text Susan Doubilet ISBN 1580930085 (includes Gilardi House / Luis Barragan)


Seis arquitectos mexicanos / Jorge Glusberg.

Buenos Aires: Ediciones de Arte Gaglianone, 1983

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(72) GLU

Understanding modern: the modern house as it was and as it is today / Andrew Weaving with Lisa Freedman. London: Quadrille, 2001 ISBN 1903845165

Journal Articles (arranged by year and month of publication)

2003 `The presence of the past: architecture and politics in modern Mexico' article by Keith L Eggener ; `An overview of contemporary Mexican architecture' / article by Miquel Adria; `The Barragan House: a space of inhabited solitude' article by Federica Zanco; in A + U: Architecture and Urbanism no.389 February 2003 / p.18-29, 74-79, 114-129 (text in Japanese+English)

2001 Masterpieces 1945-1979 / edited and photographed by Yukio Futagawa (includes Barragan House, Mexico City, Mexico, 1947 / Luis Barragan in GA Houses special 01 June 2001 / p.28-35 (text in Japanese+English) `Mexican waive' / article by Helen Thomas (review of exhibition at the Design Museum, London) in Building Design no.1478 March 2001 / p.26-27

2000 `Drawing new conclusions ­ Luis Barragan: the quiet revolution' / article by Richard Ingersoll (review of exhibition of drawings by Luis Barragan at the Vitra Design Museum, Weil-am-Rhein) in Architecture (New York) vol.89 no.9 September 2000 / p.67-69, 150

1999 `Postwar modernism in Mexico: Luis Barragan's Jardines del Pedregal and the international discourse on architecture and place' / article by Keith Eggener in Society of Architectural Historians Journal June 1999 / p.122-145 `Between modernity and tradition: reflections on Barragan' / article by Humberto Ricalde in Issues in Architecture, Art and Design vol.6 no.1 (1999) / p.88-99

1996 `Luis Barragan: the process of discovery' / article by Ignacio San Martin in Landscape Journal vol.15 no.2 Fall 1996 / p.99-112 `Barragan in Mexico City / article by Laura Bossi in Domus no.781 April 1996 / p.113-120

1995 `Expressionism and emotional architecture in Mexico: Luis Barragan's collaborations with Max Cetto and Mathias Goeritz' / article by Keith L Eggener in Architectura vol. 25 no.1 1995 / p.77-94

1994 `Fond memories of place: Luis Barragan and Ricardo Legorreta: an interview' / article by Wayne Attoe in Places (Cambridge, Mass.) vol.9 Winter 1994 / p.34-43 `The Pritzker Architecture Prize laureates, 1979-1994' / article by Jay A Pritzker and others (includes Luis Barragan 1980 ­Satellite City Towers, Queretaro Highway, Mexico City / Egerstrom House, Cuadra San Cristobal, Los Clubes, Mexico City' in Zodiac no.12 September 1994/February 1995 / p. 50-65 (text in Italian+English) `Das lob der einfachheit [Praise of simplicity]' / article by Wilhelm Kucker and others (includes `Luis Barragan: abstract architecture' / by Ingeborg Flagge in Architekt no.9 September 1994 / p.510-514 (text in German, English summaries) `In the world of Luis Barragan: 9 article special in Artes de Mexico no.23 March/April 1994 / p.86-111 `Farg och arkitektur [Colour and architecture]' / article by Johan Martelius and others (includes `Luis Barragan's architecture' by Stefan Nybert) in Arkitektur (Stockholm) vol.94 no.2 March 1994 / p.14-19 (text in Swedish, English summaries)

`In farbe [In colour]' / article by Gerhard Auer and others (colour confessions by contemporary architects, including Luis Barragan) in Daidalos no.51 March 15 1994 / p.24-43 (text in German+English)

1992 `Luis Barragan: the sweet memory of fountains' / article by Antonio T Fernandez in A+U: Architecture and Urbanism no.265 October 1992 / p.20-33 (text in Japanese+English) `Profile: Luis Barragan' / article by Carlos Gonzalez Lobo and Interview: Ricardo Legorreta' / article by James Steele (Ricardo Legorreta talks about the influence of Luis Barragan, his friend and mentor, and his own work in and outside Mexico) in Mimar no.43 June 1992 / p.54-61, 62-67

1991 `Luis Barragan' / article by Robert Harbison in AA Files no.21 Spring 1991 / p.71-77

1990 `A ray of Mexican light: Luis Barragan [exhibition review]' / article by Robert Harbison (exhibition at the Architectural Association, London, 1990 in Architects' Journal vol.191 no.11 March 14 1990 / p..92-93

1989 `Luis Barragan' / article by Louise Noelle Mereles and Enrique Browne (Emotional architecture: homage to Luis Barragan, by Louise Noelle Mereles and Composition in colour: Barragan and De Stijl, by Enrique Browne) in Arquitectura Viva no.7 September 1989 / p.38-41 (text in Spanish) `El colour [Colour]' / article by Pedro Hereu and others (includes Mere walls of colour: on the work of Luis Barragan, by Xavier Monteys; Luis Barragan works: Casa Barragan, Tacubaya, Mexico; Capuchine Convent, Tlalpan, Mexico; La Arboledas public spaces, Mexico; San Cristobal tables, Mexico; Casa Gilardi, Mexico) in Arquitectura (Madrid) vol.70 no.277 March/April 1989 / p.42-85 (text in Spanish+English) `Legorreta remembers Barragan [obituary]' / article by Ricardo Legorreta in Progressive Architecture vol.70 no.2 February 1989 / p.23 `Luis Barragan 1902-1988: Mexican architect of the poetic imagination' / article by Amy Gray Light in Architecture (AIA) vol.78 no.1 January 1989 / p.23

1988 `America sur [South America]' / article by Ramon Munagorri and others (includes Timeless labyrinths: the work of Luis Barragan, by William Curtis) in A&V Monografias no.13 1988 / p.18-23 (text in Spanish, English summaries)

`Stille: das werk des mexikanischen architekten Luis Barragan [Silence: the work of Mexican architect Luis Barragan]' / article by Bernhard Widder in Bauforum vol.21 no.128 1988 / p.45-48 (text in German)

1987 `Barragan retrospective [exhibition review]' / article by Miguel A Baltierra (retrospective exhibition in 1986 at the Rufino Tamayo Museum of Mexico City) in L.A.Architect April 1987 / p.6-9 `The context of Luis Barragan's Mexican architecture' / article by Anibal Figueroa in Center: a journal for architecture in America vol.3 1987 / p.42-49

1986 `Emotionel arkitektur [Emotional architecture]' / article by Emilio Ambasz in Skala no.7 December 1986 / p.10-13

1984 `Maison a San Angel, Mexico' ; Architect: Luis Barragan in Architecture d'Aujourd'hui no.234 September 1984 / p.96-100 (text in French)

1983 `Barragan's masterpiece: a visit to his own house' / article by Susan S Szenasy in Connoisseur vol.213 no.859 September 1983 / p.[64]-71

1982 `Luis Barragan: the influential lyricist of Mexican culture' / article by Mario Schjetnan in Landscape Architecture vol.72 no.1 January 1982 / p.[68]-75

1981 `The last work of Luis Barragan' / article by Olivier Boissiere in Architecture (Revue de L'Ordre des Architectes) no.27 August/September 1981 / p.18-19 (text in French) `Gilardi House in Mexico City'; Architects: Luis Barragan in GA Houses no.8 May 1981 / p.60-65 (text in Japanese+English) `Luis Barragan' / article by Mariano Rivera Velazquez and others in Arquitecto (Mexico) vol.5 no.20 March/April 1981 / p.22-35 (text in Spanish) `Luis Barragan: reflections on aspects of his work: water, air, light, earth' / article by Ramon Xirau, Luis Mariano Acevez, Jose Luis Benlliure, and Federico Silva in Arquitecto (Mexico) vol.5 no.19 January/February 1981 / p.52-75 (text in Spanish)

1980 `Seclusion and serenity' / article by Olivier Boissiere (Gilardi Residence, Mexico; architects: Luis Barragan) in Domus no.611 November 1980 / p.26-27 (text in Italian+English) `Chapel for the Capuchinas Sacramentarias, Tlalpan; Architects: Luis Barragan' in GA Document no.2 Autumn 1980 / p.122-127 (text in Japanese+English) `Building of the quarter. The Gilardi House; Architect: Luis Barragan' and `Barragan on Barragan: formal address by Luis Barragan, Dumbarton Oaks, Tuesday June 3, 1980, accepting the 1980 Pritzker Prize' in Archetype vol.2 no.1 Autumn 1980 / p.22-29, 30-31 `Imponderable substance: Casa Gilardi, Mexico City; Architects: Luis Barragan, and Raul Ferrera' / article by Emilio Ambasz in Progressive Architecture vol.61 no.9 September 1980 / p.138-141 `The works and background of Luis Barragan' / article by Yasutaka Yamazaki in A+U = Architecture and Urbanism no.8 (119) August 1980 / p.3-32 (text in Japanese+English) `The haunting art of Luis Barragan: winner of the 1980 Pritzker Prize, richest in architecture' / article by Nora Richter in AIA Journal vol.69 no.7 June 1980 / p.30-32 `Luis Barragan ­ alchemist of architecture' / article by Juhani Pallasmas in Arkkitehti vol.77 no.4 1980 / p.50-52 (text in Finnish, English summary)

1979 `Architecture: Luis Barragan' / article by Barbara Goldstein (Folke Egerstrom House, outside Mexico City; architect: Luis Barragan) in Architectural Digest vol.36 no.2 March 1979 / p.[100-107], [158]

1971 `Designing for a dry climate' (three works by Luis Barragan: Egerstrom house and stables, San Cristobal; Chapel, Tlalpan Convent; watering troughs, Las Arboledas subdivision) in Progressive Architecture vol.52 August 1971 / p.50-[57]

1968 `1938-1968, 30 anos de arquitectura' / article by Hector Mestre and others (includes Luis Barragan) in Arquitectura Mexico no.100 April-June 1968 / whole issue `The construction and enjoyment of a garden accustoms people to beauty, to its instinctive use, even to its accomplishments' / article by Luis Barragan in Via: the student publication of the Graduate School of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania no.1 1968 / p.73-87

1956 Barragan a citta del Messico' In Domus vol.321 August 1956 / p.1-7 (text in Italian) `Experimental museum, Mexico City' in Progressive Architecture vol.37 December 1956 / p.87-91

1953 `Il Pedregal di citta del Messico' / article by Gio Ponti in Domus no.280 March 1953 / p.15-22 (text in Italian) `The gardens of the Pedregal: contemporary design in land subdivision in Mexico' / article by Horace Fleisher in Landscape Architecture vol.43 January 1953 / p.49-53

1952 `Gardens for environment, Jardines del Pedregal' / article by Luis Barragan in American Institute of Architects Journal vol.17 April 1952 / p.167-172

1951 `Jardines del Pedregal de San Angel' in Arts and Architecture vol.68 August 1951 / p.20-26, 46

1935 `Children's park: Parque de la Revolucion, Guadalajara, Jalisco: designed by Luis Barragan, architect; Juan Luis Barragan, engineer in Architectural Record vol.78 September 1935 / p.165-169 `Recent work of a Mexican architect: Luis Barragan' in Architectural Record vol.77 January 1935 / p.33-46


Compiled by Aileen Smith, Deputy Librarian August 2003


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