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Winy Maas/MVRDV: A Selective Bibliography

Compiled by Aileen Smith, November 2007

This bibliography consists of a selective list of books and articles relating to Winy Maas / MVRDV. Those books held within the AA Library are indicated with a shelfmark.

Books (Alphabetically by title) 36 propositions for a home = 36 modeles pour une maison / Peripheriques Basel: Birkhauser, 1997 ISBN 3764359218 (includes MVRDV)


Archilab's future house: radical experiements in living space / edited by MarieAnge Brayer and Beatrice Simonot London: Thames and Hudson, 2002 ISBN 0500283575 (includes MVRDV)


Architectural detail: Dutch architects visualize their concepts / Ed Melet (includes MVRDV) Rotterdam: NAi Publishers, 2002 ISBN 9056621858

AA SHELFMARK: 69.02:72.036(492) MEL

Artificial landscape: contemporary architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture in the Netherlands / Hans Ibelings Rotterdam: NAi Publishers, 2000 ISBN 90556621564 (includes MVRDV)

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(492):712.036 IBE

Cities in transition / Henco Bekkering Rotterdam: 010 Publishers, 2001 ISBN 9064504156 (includes MVRDV)

AA SHELFMARK: 330:711.433 BEK

Citta: less aesthetics more ethics / Biennale di Venezia Venezia: La Biennale: Marsilio, 2000 ISBN 8820804204 (includes MVRDV)

AA SHELFMARK: 725.91.036(45V):72.036 INT

Costa Iberica: MVRDV / edited and developed by MVRDV: Winy Maas and others; texts edited by Jennifer Sigler and Penelope Dean Barcelona: Actar, 2000 ISBN 8495273195

AA SHELFMARK: 711.455.03(46)+(469):301.2 MVR

Extra-ordinary / IN-EX Projects Basel: Birkhauser; Paris: IN-EX Projects, 1999 ISBN 376436128X (includes MVRDV)


Farmax: excursions on density / edited by Winy Maas and Jacob van Rijs with Richard Koek Rotterdam: Uitgeverij 010, 1996 ISBN 9064502668

AA SHELFMARK: 711.4.036(492):92MVR MAA

Five minutes city: architecture and [im]mobility: forum and workshop Rotterdam 2002 / Winy Maas and others Rotterdam: Episode Publishers, 2003 ISBN 9059730038


Housing: new alternatives, new systems / Manuel Gausa Basel: Birkhauser; Barcelona: Actar, 1998 ISBN 376435870X (includes MVRDV)

AA SHELFMARK: 728.1.036(4) GAU

Images of glass II / A+U: Architecture and Urbanism no.353 Publishing, 2000 (includes MVRDV)

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036:691.6 ARC

Tokyo: a+u

KM3: excursions on capacities / MVRDV ISBN 8495951851

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(492):92MVR MVR

Barcelona: Actar, 2005

Land arch / Quaderns, 217


Barcelona: Quaderns, 1997

(includes MVRDV)

Metacity/datatown / MVRDV; text by Winy Maas, edited by Jennifer Sigler Rotterdam: 010 Publishers, 1999 ISBN 9064503710

AA SHELFMARK: 711.4.01.036:92MVR MVR

Millennium house: Peggy Deamer studio and seminar 2000-2001, Yale School of Architecture / edited by Nina Rappaport (includes contribution by Winy Maas) New York: Monacelli Press, 2004 ISBN 9781580931236

AA SHELFMARK: 728.6.036.5(73):37 PEG

MVRDV: Maas van Rijs de Vries 1991-1997 / El Croquis, 86 Croquis, 1997

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(492):92MAA CRO

Barcelona: El

MVRDV 1991-2002: stacking and layering, artificial ecologies / El Croquis 86+111 Madrid: El Croqis Editorial, 2003 ISBN 848838629X

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(492):92MVR CRO (MLC)

MVRDV at VPRO / introduction by Jaime Salazar ISBN 8489698600

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(492):92MVR SAL

Barcelona: Actar, 1999

MVRDV Files: projects 002-209 / A+U Special Issue, November 2002 Tokyo: a+u Publishing, 2003 ISBN 4900211567

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(492):92MVR MVR

MVRDV Files: projects 069-349 / A+U Special Issue January 2007 Tokyo: a+u Publishing, 2007


MVRDV: works and projects 1991-2006 / Michele Constanzo Milan: Skira, 2006 ISBN 9788876246494

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(492):92MVR COS

(Re)Active architecture / Quaderns, 219 (includes work of MVRDV)


Barcelona: Quaderns, 1998

Reading MVRDV / edited by Veronique Patteeuw 2003 ISBN 9056622870

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(492):92MVR PAT

Rotterdam: NAi Publishers,

RheinRuhrCity: die unentdeckte Metropole = the hidden metropolis: the regionmaker, ein Leitprojekt der Initiative StadtBauKulture / MVRDV; edited by Winy Maas Ostfildern-Ruit: Hatje Cantz, 2002 ISBN 3775712003

AA SHELFMARK: 711.2(43):711.433.036 MVR

Single-family housing: the private domain / Jaime Salazar, Manuel Gausa Basel: Birkhauser; Barcelona, Actar, 1999 (includes MVRDV)

AA SHELFMARK: 728.3.036(4) SAL

Skycar city: a pre-emptive history / edited by Winy Maas and Grace La Barcelona: Actar, 2007 ISBN 9788496540583


Space fighter: the evolutionary city (game:) / MVRDV/DSD; in collaboration with the Berlage Institute and MIT; book editors Winy Maas and others Barcelona: Actar, 2007 ISBN 9788496540736


Superdutch: new architecture in the Netherlands / Bart Lootsma London: Thames and Hudson, 2000 ISBN 0500341788 (includes MVRDV)

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(492) LOO

Un-private house / Terence Riley New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1999 ISBN 0870700979 (includes MVRDV)

AA SHELFMARK: 728.3.036:72.036 RIL

XS: big ideas, small buildings / Phyllis Richardson, edited by Lucas Dietrich London: Thames and Hudson, 2001 ISBN 0500341818 (includes MVRDV)

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036:624.047.1 RIC

Journal Articles (Chronologically by year and month) 2007 `MVRDV Files 2: Projects 069-349: part 2' / article by Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries in A+U: Architecture and Urbanism (436) January 2007 / whole issue (text in Japanese+English) `Winy Maas in interview' / article by Noel Brady in Architecture Ireland no.223 January 2007 / p.24-26 `Deconcentrated concentration ­ an interview with Winy Maas of MVRDV' / article by Frank Kaltenbach in Detail vol.46 no.3 March 2006 / p.142-145 (text in German+English+summaries in Italian+French) 2006 `Interview met Winy Maas van MVRDV [interview with Winy Maas of MVRDV]' / article by Harm Tilman in Architect (The Hague) vol.37 no.1 January 2006 / p.20-23 (text in Dutch+ summaries in English) `Barcode, Bjorvika, Oslo; Architects: MVRDV, A-Lab, DARK Arkitekter' / article by Ole Moystad and others in Byggekunst vol.88 no.3 2006 / p.12-31 (text in Norwegian+English) `Coding in architecture: Interview with Winy Maas' in Projekt vol.48 no.2 (437) 2006 / p.24-31 Slovak+summaries in English) (text in

2005/2006 `Paris: the projects for Les Halles: MVRDV project' / article by Winy Maas in Casabella vol.70 no.739/740 December 2005/January 2006 / p.96-99 (text in Italian) `Les Halles, Paris, 2003: MVRDV entry' / article by Winy Maas in Arca Plus vol.12 no.1 (44) 2005 / p.34-37 (text in Italian+English) 2005 `Thinking big' / article by Aaron Betsky (Profile of Winy Maas of MVRDV) in Azure, 21 (163) October 2005 / p.62-67 2004 `Shock and awe' / article by Zoe Blackler (interview with Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries of MVRDV) in Building Design no.1645 October 8, 2004 / p.9 `Ein offentliches Verfahren [Competition to redevelop the Les Halles quarter, Paris]' / article by Sabine von Fischer (includes entry by MVRDV and Winy Maas) in Werk Bauen & Wohnen vol.91/58 no.9 September 2004 / p.60 (text in German) `Building codes: Winy Maas interview' in Perspecta no.35 2004 / p.54-61 2003 `Strumenti per costruire citta [A tool to make cities]' / article by John Thackara (Winy Maas of MVRDV talks to John Thackara about new ways to understand the city) in Domus no.861 July/August 2003 / p.88-93 (text in Italian+English)

`MVRDV: moderlli urbani e progetti sperimentali per I nuovi paesaggi metropolitani = MVRDV: urban models and experimental projects for new metropolitan landscapes' / article by Maurizio Scarciglia in Metamorfosi (45) April-June 2003 / p.8-13 (text in Italian+English) 2002 `MVRDV Files: projects 002-209' / article by Naomi Shibata and others in A+U: Architecture and Urbanism no.11 supplement November 2002 / p.6-232 (text in Japanese+English) `MVRDV en piles [Piles of MVRDV] ` in Cahiers de la Recherché Architecturale et Urbaine (11) May 2002 / p.49-62 (text in French) `MVRDV. Apilamiento y estratificacion 1997-2002 [MVRDV. Stacking and layering 1997-2002]' / article by Cristina Diaz Moreno and others in El Croquis no.3 (111) 2002 / p.4-275 (text in Spanish+English) 2001 `Utopia and reality ­ an interview with Winy Maas' / article by Andreas Gabriel in Detail vol.41 no.8 December 2001 / p.1458-1461 (text in German+summaries in English, Italian, French, Spanish) `Zartes Fleisch [Pig City]; Architects: Winy Maas of MVRDV' / article by Winy Maas in Archithese vol.31 no.6 November/December 2001 / p.76-79 (text in German) `Hog heaven; Architects: Winy Maas of MVRDV' / article by Liane Lefaivre in Architecture (New York) vol.90 no.8 August 2001 / p.62 `Dutch hyperrealism: interview with Winy Maas of MVRDV and Villa VPRO as example' / article by Lene Dammand Lund in Arkitekten (Copenhagen) vol.103 no.5 March 2001 / p.2-7, 8-11 (text in Danish) `3D City: multiplying urban capacities' [Studio at the Berlage Institute with Winy Maas and Wiel Arets] in Hunch: the Berlage Institute Report (3) 2001 / p.94-131

1999 `City limits [interview] `/ article by Raymund Ryan, Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs in Metropolis, 18 98) May 1999 / p.74-79 1998/1999 `Datascape: the final extravaganza' / article by Winy Maas in Daidalos no.69/70 December 1998/January 1999 / p.48-53 1998 `Positiv and Negativ: Doppelhaus in Utrecht [Positive and negative: semidetached house in Utrecht]'; Architects: Bjarne Mastenbroek of De Architectengroep and Winy Maas / MVRDV' / article by Klaus-Dieter Weiss in Deutsche Bauzeitschrift vol.46 no.12 December 1998 / p.47-52 (text in German) `MVRDV Town [exhibition and book review]' in AA Files no.35 Spring 1998 / p.64-69 `Villa KBWW, Utrecht: Bjarne Mastenbroek & MVRDV' / article by Bart Lootsma in Architecture d'Aujourd'hui (316) April 1998 / p.22-35 (text in French+English) `Experimental double house, Villa KBWW, in Wilhelminapark, Utrecht (Bjarne Mastenbroek and Winy Maas)' / article by Hubertus Adam in Bauwelt vol.89 no.3 January 16, 1998 / p.102-105 (text in German) `Duplex house [Villa KBWW] in Utrecht, Netherlands (Bjarne Mastenbroek & Winy Maas)' / article by Olaf Winkler in Baumeister vol.96 no.5 May 1998 / p.27-31 (text in German+summaries in English) 1997/1998 `Datascapes 2: Winy Maas and Jacob van Rijs' / article by Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Bart Lootsma in Berlage Cahiers (7) 1997/1998 / p.38-45

1997 `Villa KBWW. Dubbel woonhuis in Utrecht van Bjarne Mastenbroek en Winy Maas [Villa KBWW. Double house in Utrecht by Bjarne Mastenbroek and Winy Maas]' / article by Robbert Roos in Archis no.11 November 1997 / p.29-33 (text in Dutch+English) `Villa VPRO; Architects: MVRDV' / article by Winy Maas in AA Files no.34 Autumn 1997 / p.18-23 `MVRDV 1991-1997' / article by Luis Moreno Mansilla and others in El Croquis, 86 1997 / p.4-177 (text in Spanish+English) 1996 `Urbanitat light = Urbanization light' / article by Winy Maas in Topos: European Landscape Magazine (17) December 1996 / p.5157 (text in German+English) `MVRDV ` / article by Bart Lootsma (brief profile of MVRDV architects) in Architecture d'Aujourd'hui (306) September 1996 / p.66-69 (text in +English) 1994 `Opzoek naar een stedebouwkundige architectuur: werk van MVRDV [Work by MVRDV]' / article by Janny Rodermond in Architect (The Hague) vol.25 no.12 December 1994 / p.62-79 (text in Dutch)


Compiled by Aileen Smith, Deputy Librarian November 2007


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