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Jean Prouve: A Selective Bibliography

Compiled by Aileen Smith, May 2005

This bibliography consists of a selective list of books and articles relating to Jean Prouve. Those books held within the AA Library are indicated with a shelfmark.

Books (Alphabetically by title) Citta: less aesthetics more ethics, in 2 volumes / Biennale di Venezia La Biennale: Marsilio, 2000 ISBN 8820804204

AA SHELFMARK: 725.91.036(45V):72.036 INT


Contemporary masterworks / edited by Colin Naylor St James Press, 1991 ISBN 1558620834


Flying furniture: our architecture rolls, swims, flies / Peter Smithson, Karl Unglaub Koln: Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, 1999 ISBN 3883754056


Furniture by architects: international masterpieces of twentieth-century design and where to buy them / Marc Emery New York: Abrams, 1988 ISBN 0810909022 Jean Prouve / Jean Prouve ISBN 2909187047 Paris: Galerie Jousse Seguin, 1998

AA SHELFMARK: 749.036(44):92PRO PRO

Jean Prouve / Catherine Coley Paris: Editions du Centre Pompidou, 1993 ISBN 285850668X


Jean Prouve: constructeur / Museum Boymans Van Beuningen Press, 1981 ISBN 9062750753


Delft: University

Jean Prouve en Lorraine / Catherine Coley Nancy: Archives Modernes de l'Architecture Lorraine, 1990 ISBN 2864804093


Jean Prouve et Paris / sous la direction de Laurence Allegret et Valerie Vaudou. Paris: Pavillon de l'Arsenal, 2001 ISBN 2907513737

Jean Prouve: highlights 1917-1944 / Peter Sulzer Basel: Birkhauser, 2002 ISBN 3764366958 Jean Prouve: l'idee constructive' / Dominique Clayssen Paris: Dunod, 1983 ISBN 2040106561


Jean Prouve:mobel = furniture / Jan van Geest ISBN 3822897515

AA SHELFMARK: 749.036(44):92PRO GEE

Koln: Taschen, 1991

Jean Prouve: neun ausgewahlte Zeichnungen / exhibition held at the Architekturmuseum, Basel, August ­ September 1984 Basel: Architekturmuseum, 1984


Jean Prouve: oeuvre complete = complete works / Peter Sulzer Tubigen: Wasmuth, vol.1: 1917-1933, vol.2: 1934-1944, vol.3: 1944-1954 ISBN 3803028124


Jean Prouve, prefabrication: structures and elements / Benedikt Huber, Jean Claude Steinegger London: Pall Mall Press, 1971

AA SHELFMARK: 69.002.2:92P HUB

Key buildings of the twentieth century vol.2: houses 1945-1989 / David Dunster London: Butterworths, 1990 ISBN 0408500298 Kunstlerhauser: eine Architekturgeschichte des Privaten / Hans-Peter Schwarz in Zusammenarbeit mit Heike Lauer und Jorg Stabenow Braunschweig: Vieweg, 1989 ISBN 3528086653 Modern movement heritage / edited by Allen Cunningham Spon, 1998 ISBN 0419232303 London: E & F N


Paris architecture, 1900-2000 / Jean-Louis Cohen and Monique Eleb Editions NORMA, 2000 ISBN 2909283518



Premises: invested spaces in visual arts, architecture and design from France 1958-1998 / Bernard Blistene New York: Guggenheim Museum Publications, 1998 ISBN 0810969157 (includes work by Jean Prouve)

AA SHELFMARK: 7.036(44):72.036 BLI (MLC)

Prouve: cours du CNAM 1957-1970: essai de reconstitution du cours a partir des archives Jean Prouve / textes de Jean-Francois Archieri et dessins de Jean-Pierre Levasseur; preface de Hubert Damisch Liege: Mardaga, 1990 ISBN 2870094345 Sitting on the edge: modernist design from the collection of Michael and Gabrielle Boyd / with essays by Paola Antonelli San Francisco: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 1998 ISBN 0847821676


Twentieth century houses: Europe / Olivier Boissier Paris: Terrail, 1998 ISBN 2879391857 (includes Maison Prouve / Jean Prouve) Vision der Moderne: das Prinzip Konstruktion / Catalogue of exhibition held in Frankfurt, June-September 986 / edited by Heinrich Klotz Munich: Prestel, 1986 ISBN 379130755X (includes work by Jean Prouve)


Journal Articles (chronologically by year and month) 2004 `Die Neuerfindung einer Erfindung [The reconstruction of Jean Prouve's Maison Tropicale]' / article by Sabine von Fischer in Werk Bauen & Wohnen vol.91/58 no.9 September 2004 / p.5051 (text in German) 2003 `Jean Prouve: the aesthetic of industry' / Catherine Prouve in Modernism Magazine: 20th Century Art & Design, 6 (2) 2003 / p. 54-65 `Scenographie [Exhibitions]' (includes Exhibition of Three Nomadic Structures by Jean Prouve at Columbia University, New York) in Moniteur Architecture AMC no.138 November 2003 / p.32-34 (text in French)

2002 `Aus einer anderen Zeit: die Mobel Jean Prouves werden wieder aufgelegt [Those were the days: Jean Prouve's furniture is being remanufactured]' / article by Thomas Edelmann in MD vol.48 no.12 December 2002 / p.36-37 (text in German+English) `Jean Prouve: en pioner innen industriproduserte bygningsdeler = Jean Prouve: a pioneer of industrially produced building components' / Bjorn Normann Sandaker in Byggekunst, 84 (7) 2002 / p.24-31 (text in Norwegian+English) `The forgotten man [Jean Prouve]' / Naomi Stungo (Vitra reissuing selected furniture designs by Jean Prouve from the 1930s to 1950s) in World Architecture (107) June 2002 / p.70-71 `Prouve ­ Mobel furl Liebhaber' / Christina Sonderegger (a re-edition of Jean Prouve's furniture designs) in Werk, Bauen & Wohnen (5) May 2002 / p.61-63 (text in German) `Jean Prouve dans ses meubles [Jean Prouve's furniture]' / article by Bertrand Lemoine in Acier pour Construire no.73 May 2002 / p.46-48 (text in French) `Il piu ignoto dei maestri = The least known modern master [Jean Prouve]' / article by Francesca Picchi; Deyan Sudjic in Domus (845) February 2002 / p.86-99 (text in Italian+English) `La Tour Nobel, un signal innovant, La Defense, 1966 [Nobel Tower, a sign of innovation, La Defense, Paris, 1966]; Architects: Jean de Mailly and Jacques Depusse with the help of Jean Prouve' / article by Ingrid Taillandier in Moniteur Architecture AMC no.124 April 2002 / p.86-91 (text in French) 2001 `Jean Prouve y Paris [Jean Prouve and Paris]' / article by Pilar Echezarreta (exhibition at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal, Paris) in Arquine no.17 Autumn 2001 / p.11

`Jean Prouve: mythe et modestie [Jean Prouve: myth & modesty]' / article by Jean Vermeil (exhibitions for the centenary of Jean Prouve's birth at Nancy, Maxeville and Briey) in D'Architectures no.113 September 2001 / p.53 (text in French) `Jean Prouve, 1901-1984' / article by Catherine Seron-Pierre (exhibition of the centenary of Prouve's birth at the Musee des Beaux-Arts, Nancy) in Moniteur Architecture AMC no.118 September 2001 / p.44, 46 (text in French) `Style Prouve' / Jean-Louis Gaillemin in Connaissance des Arts (585) July-August 2001 / p.48-57 (text in French) `Jean Prouve anti-esteta [Jean Prouve, the anti-aesthete]' / article by Francesca Picchi (discusses the exhibition at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal in Paris) in Domus no.839 July/August 2001 / p.21-24 (text in Italian+English) `Jean Prouve, un home moderne [Jean Prouve, a modern man]' / article by Brigitte David in Architecture d'Aujourd'hui no.335 July/August 2001 / p.28-29 (text in French) `Masterpieces 1945-1970' / edited and photographed by Yukio Futagawa (includes Architect's house, Nancy, France, 1954 / Jean Prouve) in GA Houses special 01 June 2001 / p.78-83 (text in Japanese+English) `Ecole maternalle de Ferrieres, Martigues [Nursery School, Martigues]; Architects: J Arati and others; Engineers: Jean Prouve' / article by Florence Sarano in Acier pour Construire no.69 March 2001 / p.38-45 (text in French) `Jean Prouve et la mediterranee [Jean Prouve and the Mediterranean]' / article by Gilles Davoine in Moniteur Architecture AMC no.114 March 2001 / p.25 (text in French)

`Un Tintin de izquierdas: Jean Prouve en su centenario [Jean Prouve at his centenary]' / article by Jean-Claude Garcias in Arquitectura Viva no.76 January/February 2001 / p.70-71 (text in Spanish, English summaries) 2000 `Jean Prouve: house in Nancy, France 1954' / article by Toshiko Kinoshita in A+U: Architecture and Urbanism (10) October 2000 / p.88-101 (text in Japanese+English) `Erweiterungsbauten [Building extensions]' / article by Hubertus Adam and others (includes `Found, cleaned, set up: return of a pavilion by Jean Prouve, built in 1954 as a demonstration of aluminium construction, and rebuilt on the ParisNord Villepinte trade fair ground (Architecture Studio) / article by Wilhelm Klauser) in Bauwelt vol.91 no.9 March 3 2000 / p.32-35 (text in German) 1999 `La pensee technique [Technical thinking]' / article by Alain Guiheux and others (includes Aluminium pavilion [Pavillon de l'Aluminium] for a trade exhibition in Paris in 1954 / Jean Prouve) in Techniques & Architecture no.445 October/November 1999 / p.78-82 (text in French+English) `L'invention du mur-rideau [The invention of the curtain wall]' / article by Catherine Coley, and others (on Jean Prouve's innovations in the area of curtain walling) in Acier pour Construire no.63 September 1999 / p.40-45 (text in French) 1998 `Die Gedanken des Materials. Jean Prouve ­ Modernisme a rebours in Ludwigsburg [Thinking about materials. Jean Prouve ­ modernism against the grain in Ludwigsburg]' / article by Christine Kahle in Deutsche Bauzeitung vol.132 no.10 October 1998 / p.46 (text in German)

`Prouve inventore: 32 brevetti. Renzo Piano: un ricordo di Prouve [Prouve, the inventor: 32 patents. Renzo Piano: memories of Prouve]' / article by Renzo Piano and Francesco Picchi in Domus no.807 September 1998 / p.52-66 (text in Italian+English) `L'intuition mise en oeuvre: maquettes et prototypes aux Ateliers Jean Prouve (1928-1953)' / article by Catherine Coley (Prouve advocated the use of prototypes (as in model building) in Monumental (21) June 1998 / p.70-75 (text in French) `Meubles de Jean Prouve [Furniture by Jean Prouve]' / article by Bertrand Lemoine in Acier pour Construire no.59 June 1998 / p.46-48 (text in French) `Maison individuelle 1 [Individual houses 1]' / article by Anne-Laure Egg, and others (includes The lesson of Meudon: a propos the industrial houses of Jean Prouve: interview with Christian Enjolras, article by Florence Michel) in Architecture Interieure Cree no.280 December 1997 / January 1998 / p.32-35 (text in French, English summaries) 1997 `Imaginaire technique [Imaginary technique]' / article by Cyrille Simonnet and others (includes the work of Jean Prouve, article by Philippe Potie) in Cahiers de la recherché architecturale no.40 1997 / p.47-56 (text in French, English summaries) `Jean Prouve a Beauvallon [Jean Prouve at Beauvallon]' / article by Florence Sarano (examines a house built by Prouve in 1962 using steel, wood, aluminium and glass) in Acier pour Construire no.57 December 1997 / p.44-51 (text in French) `La belle Nobel [The fine Nobel]; Architects (1967): Jean Prouve' / article by Claude Dupuich (examines the Nobel tower (now name the Roussel-Hoechst tower) in La Defense, designed by Jean Prouve in 1967, one of the beacons of the International Style in France) in D'Architectures no.73 March/April 1997 / p.48-49 (text in French)

1992 `Pavillon de l'Aluminium; Architects: Jean Prouve' / article by Richard Klein, and Axel Venacque (built as a showcase for the making and uses of aluminium at the centenary exhibition in Paris in 1954, then dismantled and re-erected at Lille as an exhibition building in 1956, now on the edge of the Eurolille development....its future uncertain) in Architecture d'Aujourd'hui no.283 October 1992 / p.46-47 (text in French) `Jean Prouve e Peter Rice a colloquio [Beyond high-tech]; Engineers: Peter Rice' / article by Niccolo Baldassini (the cantilevered entrance to the CNIT in Paris) in Arca no.64 October 1992 / p.4-11 & 1 folded sheet (text in Italian+English) `Gymnase du Lycee Jean Prouve, Nancy [Jean Prouve school sports building]; Architects: Francois Noel in Techniques & Architecture no.400 February/March 1992 / p.24-25 (text in French) `From construction to design [Jean Prouve]' / article by Jean-Marc Weill in World Architecture (17) 1992 / p.54-57 1991 `Jean Prouve genopdaget [A fresh look at Jean Prouve]' / article by Olaf Lind in Arkitekten (Copenhagen) vol.93 no.7 May 1991 / p. 218-221 (text in Danish) `Jean Nouvel 1981-1991: special issue' / article by Norman Foster, and others in A & V Monografias no.31 1991 / p.2-80 (text in Spanish, English summaries) `Prouve, un Robinson du metal [An interview with Jean Prouve]' / article by Michel Vernes in Architecture Interieure Cree no.240 January 1991 / p.56-61 (text in French, English summaries) `The man who did it all first' / article by Charlotte Ellis (exhibition at the Centre George Pompidou) in Blueprint no.73 December 1990 / January 1991 / p.45-46

1990 `L'idee constructive de Jean Prouve [The constructive ideas of Jean Prouve]' (reprints a text of Prouve's on design on the occasion of an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou) in Architecture d'Aujourd'hui no.271 October 1990 / p.54,56 (text in French) `Jean Prouve `constructeur' (1901-1984) [Jean Prouve `constructor' (1901-1984)]' in Techniques & Architecture no.392 October / November 1990 / p.89 (text in French) `Metallic housing development, Route des Gardes, Meudon, France, 1951' (Architects: Jean Prouve, Andre Sive) in A+U: Architecture and Urbanism no.9 Extra Edition September 1990 / p.134 ­ [139], 263 (text in Japanese+English) `Der Entwurf als beherrschte Bewegung = Le projet comme maitrise du mouvement' / Kenneth Frampton (on the new Stadelhofen Bahnhof in Zurich. Architects: Santiago Calatrava, Jean Prouve) in Archithese, 20 March-April 1990 / p.52-69 (text in French+German) 1989 `Jean Prouve: il progetto della facciata [Jean Prouve: the façade project]' / article by Marco Visconti in Domus no.706 June 1989 / p.80-88 (text in Italian+English) `Itinerario Domus: 47 [Domus itinerary:47). Prouve e Parigi [Prouve and Paris]' / article by Luca Barello, and Aline Marsaglia in Domus no.706 June 1989 / p.V-VIII (text in Italian+English) 1988 `La sedia moderna: progetto, produzione e ri-produzione [The modern chair: project, production, and reproduction]' / article by Enrico Morteo, and Marco Romanelli in Domus no.697 September 1988 / p.76-110, XVII-XVIII (text in Italian+English)

1987 `Jean Prouve, la maison de l'Abbe Pierre [Jean Prouve: the Abbe Pierre housing system]; article by Isabelle Da Costa in Architecture Interieure Cree no.218 June/July 1987 / p.48-51 (text in French) `Jean Prouve reeditions [Jean Prouve reproductions]; Designers: Jean Prouve' / article by Marie-Helene Contal in Architecture Interieure Cree no.216 February/March 1987 / p.103-106 (text in French, English summaries) `Jean Prouve: his own house. Jean Prouve: the master of sheet metal' / Francois Chaslin in GA Houses no.21 February 1987 / p.[8]-25 (text in Japanese+English) 1986 `Tecnica i projecte (1) [Technics and project (1)]' / article by Josep Lluis Mateo, and others (includes An analysis of the personality of Jean Prouve, by Jaume Avellaneda; Everyone makes mistakes: interview with Prouve, by Isabelle Da Costa; A prefabricated school by Jean Prouve, by Lucien Herve) in Quaderns no.171 (1) October/December 1986 / p.2-125 (text in Catalan, Spanish, English) `Prouves anpassungsfahige Elemente [Prouve's adaptable elements]' / article by Peter Sulzer in Werk, Bauen & Wohnen vol.73/40 no.10 October 1986 / p.14-19 (text in German) 1985 `Maison du Peuple in Clichy: ein Meisterwerk des "synthetischen" Funktionalismus? = Maison du Peuple at Clichy: a masterpiece of "synthetic" functionalism?' / article by Bruno Reichlin in Daidalos no.18 December 15 1985 / p.90-99 (text in German+English) `Prouve's people's palace' / article by Charlotte Ellis (multi-purpose building built 1939 with moveable interior walls, architect: Jean Prouve) in Architectural Review no.177 May 1985 / p.40-47

`Pyramidal ­ monumental: Palais Omnisports, Paris; Architects: Andrault Parat Guvan, engineer: Jean Prouve' / article by Christian Enger in Deutsche Bauzeitung vol.119 no.4 April 1985 / p.39-41 (text in German, English summary) `Prouve's prefabs' / article by Charlotte Ellis (prefab houses in Meudon, France, by architect Jean Prouve) in Architects' Journal no.181 April 3 1985 / p.46-51 `Jean Prouve: man of parts' / article by Charlotte Ellis (his house in Nancy, France) in Architects' Journal no.181 February 20 1985 / p.28-31 `Grilles and doors by Jean Prouve: the history of metalwork in the 20th century' / article by Jean-Marie Helwig in Werk, Bauen und Wohnen vol.72/39 no.1/2 January/February 1985 / p.56-64 (text in German, French, English summary) `Prominent persons in high-tech architecture' (includes Jean Prouve) in Space Design no.244 January 1985 / p.11-44 (text in Japanese) 1984 `Jean Prouve (1901-1984): a dazzling builder' / article by Jean-Louis Cohen in Casabella vol.48 no.504 July/August 1984 / p.34-35 (text in Italian) `Palais Omnisports in Paris-Bercy; Architects: Andrault Parat Guvan, engineer: Jean Prouve in Architettura Cronache e Storia vol.30 no.7 (345) July 1984 / p.522-530 (text in Italian, English summary) `Jean Prouve 1901-1984' / article by Laurent Beaudouin, and Isabelle da Costa (includes interview with Prouve on the subject of the house he designed for himself at Nancy) in Architecture Mouvement Continuite no.4 June 1984 / p.52-67 (text in French) `Prouve: construction with finesse' / article by Andre Bruyere in Architectes architecture no.147 May 1984 / p.12-13 (text in French)

`Jean Prouve 1901-1984' / article by Charlotte Perriand, and others (collection of memoirs of Prouv) in Techniques et Architecture no.353 April/May 1984 / p.7-9 (text in French) `Palais Omnisports, Paris Bercy; Architects: Andrault Parat Guvan, engineer: Jean Prouve in Acier pour Construire no.1 1984 / p.2-19 (text in French) 1983 `Jean Prouve: architect-mechanic' / article by Michel Vernes in Architectural Review no.174 July 1983 / p.38-42 `The great tinsmith Jean Prouve' / article by Francois Chaslin in Rassegna vol.5 no.14 June 1983 / p.54-60 (text in Italian, English summary) `Maitre Prouve and Gentleman Loos at the IFA' (exhibition at the Institute Francais d'Archtiecture, Paris) in Architectural Review vol.173 no.1034 April 1983 / p.4-5 `Furniture of Jean Prouve' in Techniques et Architecture no.346 March 1983 / p.128-129 (text in French) `The constructive concept. A comparative look at Prouve and his disciple Norman Foster, the subjects of simultaneous exhibitions in Paris' / article by Wilfried Wang in Building Design no.634 March 25 1983 / p.12-13 1972 `Jean Prouve : book review' / reviewer: Robert LeRicolais in Progressive Architecture no.53 April 1972 / p.128-140 1971 `Jean Prouve' / article by Andrew Rabeneck in Architectural Design no.41 July 1971 / p.431-432

1967 `Prouve...: a house like a village' in Domus (452) July 1967 / p.3-8 (text in Italian+English) `Prefabrication industrial building' / article by Jean Prouve in Bauen und Wohnen no.21 February 1967 / p.41-62 (text in German) 1965 `Industrialisation special number' (includes L'Habitation de notre époque; Jean Prouve / reported by Colin Davidson in Architectural Association Journal no.81 December 1965 1964 `Jean Prouve' / article by Ionel Schein (includes furniture studies) in Bauen und Wohnen no.18 November 1964 / p.267-294 German)

(text in

1963 `The work of Jean Prouve' (includes "Les Jours Meilleurs" House; House at Saint-Die; House at Beauvallon; Panel systems; "Concours Conception/Construction" an industrialized school building system) in Architectural Design, 33 November 1963 / p.511-525 `Jean Prouve: the thin, bent detail' / article by Reyner Banham in Architectural Review, 131 April 1962 / p.249-252 1953 `Casa in aluminio' / Jean Prouve in Domus (288) November 1953 / p.13-15 (text in Italian) `Elementi d'arredamento per la serie' (includes Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouve) in Domus (283) June 1953 / p.22-25 (text in Italian)

1952 `Constructions scolaires prefabriquees' in Techniques et Architecture, 11 (11-12) September 1952 / p.64-65 (text in French) 1946 `'French prefab' in Architect and Building News, 188 October 18 1946 / p.50-51 `French system of prefabrication' in Architects' Journal, 103 June 27 1946 / p.487-491 Website

Compiled by Aileen Smith, Deputy Librarian May 2005


Jean Prouve: A Selective Bibliography

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Jean Prouve: A Selective Bibliography