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AUTHOR Abdi Shiferaw TITLE Assessment of the contribution of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus ( EECMY) to Integrated Development in Rural Ethiopia : the case of Cheri Kebele , Reproductive health needs of out of-school adolescents in Addis Ababa . the case of Mercato and Kirkos . The livelihood of urban refugees in Addis Ababa and the services rendred to them- the case of Jesuit Refugees Services ( JRS) Divorce and its psycho-Social and economic impacts on mothers and their children , The socio-Economic impact of child welfare programme a study on Christian Children's Fund Semen-Ber Project , The attitude and awareness towards female genital mutilation .with particular reference to Gola Michael area Assessment of awareness and behavior regarding HIV/AIDS , the case of main campus female students of Addis Ababa University , The practice of female genital mutuilation and its related problems in Wolaita : the case of Damota Gale Woreda , A study on the attitude of people towards tuberculosis and the role of mass media in tuberculosis prevention and control program : with particular reference to Wereda 11 residents The role of Christian Children's Fund and nature of community participation : with particular emphasis on Edgetber Area Project Coordination Office Youth capacity building as a means of socio-economic development : a case study of capacity building prorgramme rendered by Hapcso , The impact of urban expansion into the rutal communities : the case of Doyogena town , Child labour and associated health hazards : with particular reference to Woreda 8 Kebele 23 and 24 in Addis Ababa , Assessment of the level of collaboration among governmental and non-governmental organizations in the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS The role of NGOs trainees in aleviating the problem of HIV/AIDS among the youth a case study in Action AidEthiopia , YEAR CALL NUMBER 2004 SOC 262/2004

Abinet G/Egziabher Agazi Tiumelissan

2004 2004

SOC 263/2004 SOC 264/2004

Aissetu Barry Alembanchi Molla Asmeret Gebrehiwet Ayenew Hailu

2004 2004 2004 2004

SOC 266/2004 SOC 265/2004 SOC 267/2003 SOC 268/2004

Bereket Roba Berhhanu Woldu

2004 2004

SOC 269/2004 SOC 270/2004

Berhhanu Zewdie


SOC 271/2004

Bethlem Hailu


SOC 272/2004

Dawit Seyum Deribe Teshome

2004 2004

SOC 273/2004 SOC 274/2004

Diriba Welteji


SOC 275/2004

Elias Mengistu


SOC 276/2004

Endalkachew Molla AUTHOR Eyasu Aramde Eyob Tadelle Feven Yewondwossen Getachew Kindu

Assessment of the Ethiopian Children's Fund , TITLE The soocio-economic impact of HIV /AIDS on Iddir associations particular reference to Ras Abate Bwayalew Iddir Land resettlement in Ethiopia : policy and practice a case study on "Humera" resettlement project , An assessment on the services renderd by Wesmcowelfare for street mothers and children organization , Assessment on the roles of handicrats co-operative with particular reference to Ethiopia Carta ' ( ETHIOCA)Weavers' Co-Opreative , An over view of Beta-Israel culture and interaction , Empowering low-income women through socioeconomic schemes : the case of Kebele 03 Women's Saving and Credit Cooperative , The contribution of Ethiopian Orthodox Church to child welfere services : with special reference to Gethesemani Nunnery Child Care Center The role of Oromia Development Association in rural Oromia development programme . Developing entrepreneurship skill among women with disabilities , An assessment of the causes , prevalence and impacts of sexual harassment against female students : the case of Higher 12 comprehensive secondary school , An assessment of the services rendered by Aba Coran Child and Youth Day Care Center , An assessment of the empowerment of commercial sex workers in Woreda 21 Keble 09 and 21 . Socio-cultural factors affecting the role and status of women : the case of Gamo community in Addis Ababa Gulele subcity Kebele 04 Socio-cultural factors affecting the role and status of women : the case of Gamo community in Addis Ababa , Gulele Subcity , Kebele 04 , The role of Osho in integrated rural development : a case study on Burka Lemefo Peasant Association , Aids orphanhood in Dire Dawa : assessment of the problems and coping strategies of Aids orphans ( With particular reference to Woreda 3 ) Socio-economic characteristics of street children in Kirkos ketema ( Kebele fourteen and fifteen ) Assessment of child welfare services provided by Bole Kale-Hiwot Church : ( particular reference to children of broken-Home )


SOC 277/2004

YEAR CALL NUMBER 2004 SOC 278/2004 2004 2004 2004 SOC 279/2004 SOC 280/2004 SOC 281/2004

Getinet Molla Hellina Kassahun

2004 2004

SOC 282/2004 SOC 283/2004

Hizbayesh Getahun


SOC 284/2004

Jibril Abas Kalebe Getachew Kibrom Gebru

2004 2004 2004

SOC 285/2004 SOC 286/2004 SOC 287/2004

Lela Seleshi Mahlet Eyassu Meseret Kassahun

2004 2004 2004

SOC 288/2004 SOC 289/2004 SOC 294/2004

Meseret Kassahun


SOC 290/2004

Mesfin Getachew Mesfin Tesfaye

2004 2004

SOC 291/2004 SOC 292/2004

Meshesha Mamo Meti Ketema

2004 2004

SOC 295/2004 SOC 293/2004

AUTHOR Michael Solomon

Mindhun G/Tsadik Shiferaw Alemayehu

Sisay Donise

Solomon Kebede

Sosena Lemma Tadios Kebede Tedla Mulatu

Teklu Abate Temesgen Ambaye Temesgen Tesfaye Tenaw Kassa Tewodros Atsbeha

TITLE The role of urban agriculture in alleviating urban poverty : the contribution of Jeru Salem Children and Community Development Organization ( JECCDO) A study of the integration of blind students in German Evangelical Church School , Perception of individual risk in relation to HIV/AIDS among students of Training institutions in Addis Ababa: the case of Higher seven middle level vocational & technical training institute , The role of Oromo Self-Help Organization ( OSHO) in famine prevention ; a case to Merti Woreda of Arsi zone , Oromia Knowledge and attitude of AAU female students towards HIV/Aids : with particular reference to preparatory origin students , The problem of street children in Addis Ababa , The problem of child labour : a case study of 30 children in the Addis Ketema district , An assessment of socio cultural factors that affect female academic performance : A case study of Shambu senior secondary school Assessment of socio-cultural factors affecting women's employment opportunity in Ethiopia . The role of HIV/AIDS Secretariat Bureau of Addis Ababa in preventing and controlling HIV/AIDS in A.A, The impact of HIV/AIDS on industrial labour force An assessment of services provided to female street children in Addis Ababa : the case of oprifs , The formation of an association by people living with HIV/AIDS : the case of Tesfasetechin Mariam Mahiber at Entoto Mariam Church . The role of Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA) in defending women's human rights , A sociological study on sexual violence against women in Butajira , Islam and family planning in Desie town , Ethiopia study in gender perspectives , The enceavour or vocational training centers in allevation of unement : the role and contribution of Ethiopian cultural and modern food preparation and catering training center to alleviate the problems of destitute women unemployment with particular reference to

YEAR CALL NUMBER 2004 SOC 296/2004

2004 2004

SOC 297/2004 SOC 298/2004


SOC 300/2004


SOC 301/2004

2004 2004 2004

SOC 299/2004 SOC 302/2004 SOC 303/2004

2004 2004 2004 2004 2004

SOC 304/2004 SOC 305/2004 SOC 306/2004 SOC 307/2004 SOC 308/2004

Tewodros Mengistu Tibebe Nigani Uthaman Hassen Woinshet Damew

2004 2004 2004 2004

SOC 309/2004 SOC 310/2004 SOC 314/2004 SOC 311/2004

Abebech Gobena orphanage & Sehol ,

AUTHOR Wondimu Petros Wubet Girma

Yeneneh Negash

Yewondwossen Tesfaye

Yosef Zegeye

Zelalem Esuendale

Zelalem Zergaw

TITLE An assessment of causes of crime : the case of Wolayta zone correctional center , An impact assessment of the EKHCDP-UM's self help group approach to a sustainable urban community development Nazreth project The impact of institutional care for the social development of orphans : A case study of ten female orphans in Kechene children's home , The effect of the Somali in-migrants on the socioeconomic aspects of Addis Ababa in particular reference to Bole Kifle Ketema , Kebele 02 . An assessment of interventions on prostitution : the case of Addis Ababa Hiwot project of Siddartha Foundation Belgium An assessment of delinquency factors and major prevention methods : A study on 'Ye Dorkera sefer-one of the slum areas in Addis Ababa , Socio-economic condition and Awareness of HIV/AIDS among commercial sexworkers :with special reference to Woreda 14 Kebele 13 ,

YEAR CALL NUMBER 2004 SOC 312/2004 2004 SOC 313/2004


SOC 315/2004


SOC 316/2004


SOC 317/2004


SOC 318/2004


SOC 319/2004


Abebe Chanie An assessment of social policy and the Role of NGOs working on basic education in Ethiopia ( A case study of the three selected NGOs) socio economic assessment of women feulwood carries in addis ababa with perticular reference to kebele-23 worda-11 The situation of sexual harassment of women at the work place and its impact on the victims : a case of 30 working women , The social relationship of people living with HIV/AIDS with particular reference to members of one of the associations of PLWHA , Dawn of Hope Ethiopia An evaluative assessment of the objective and activities of Prosthetitics Orthotics Centre ( POC) in Addis Ababa , Housing problem and squatter settlement in Addis Ababa : the case of Woreda 24 Kebele 15 The role of women in agricultural activities among Jimma Raaree Oromo : South-Eastern Wallaga , 2003 SOC 214/2003

Abebe Kefale Abebual Zerihun

2003 2003

SOC 215/2003 SOC 216/2003

Abiot W/Mariam


SOC 217/2003

Ahadu Takele Alemayehu Desta Ameyu Godesso

2003 2003 2003

SOC 218/2003 SOC 219/2003 SOC 220/2003

Anteneh G/Mariam

An assessment of the contribution of Compassion International Ethiopia in alleviation childrens problems : the case of Arat Kilo Addis Kidan Baptist Church Compassion Assisted Child Development Program , TITLE Juvenile delinquency a big shadow on urban development : socio-economic economic, environmental and cultural study of juvenile delinquency in particular reference to "Woreda 7 Police Station " The problem of Malnutrition among infants in Addis Ababa : with special reference to Ethio-Swedish Pediatric Clinic The problem of women workers with family responsibilities in Addis Ababa : with special reference to Educational Materials Production and Distribution Enterprise , Dual work burden faced by female industrial workers and its impact on family life : a case study of Akaki Garment Factory, Matrimonial relationships among couples working in the same enterprise the case of flight crew members of Ethiopian Airlines. The role of public primary and junior secondary schools in protecting the students from delinquent behaviors: a case study of 25 teenage students from public primary and junior secondary school . The challenge for women to cope with the dual responsiblity of full time factory employment and household responsiblity : the case of 25 working women in Tikur Abay shoe factory The role of the Organization for Social Services for Aids/ Ossa / among the youth, people living with HIV and Aids orphans in Bahirdar (with particular reference to Kebele 10) Opinions of Addis Ababa University community towards affirmative action Determinants of HIV/AIDS risks and averting mechanisms among adolescents : a study on knowledge attitude , practices of students in Menelik II secondary high school , The effect of credit and saving scheme on poverty alleviation in urban areas : the case of Aba Weldetensae Gizaw Mothers anad Children Welfare Association , Dropping out of school causes and consequences : a study of high school dropouts in three high schools of A/A


SOC 221/2003

AUTHOR Anteneh Mulugeta

YEAR CALL NUMBER 2003 SOC 222/2003

Asegedech Eshete


SOC 223/2003

Azeb Semu


SOC 224/2003

Berhanu Tesfaye


SOC 225/2003

Bruck Alemtaye


SOC 226/2003

Daniel Gebremedhin


SOC 227/2003

Dechasa Sisay


SOC 228/2003

Denekew Getahun


SOC 229/2003

Elshaday Kifle Eyosiyas Yilma

2003 2003

SOC 230/2003 SOC 231/2003

Fana Girma


SOC 232/2003

Fikirte Berhanu


SOC 233/2003

Fisseha Andualem

Habtamu Adhena

AUTHOR Hanna W/Meskel Hiwot Tilaye

Hiwot W/Rufael Kibrom Fesseha

Kiros Birhanu

Kumssa Tadesse

Mekonen Tilahun

Mesfin Derso Mestawet Degene

Rediet Abiy

Sahal Mahamoud

Selamawit Getachew Serkalem Bekele Sileshi Zenebe

The role of Amhara credit & saving institution on poverty alleviation : a case study of Dangila town , Awizone , The assessment of the socio-economic background of law-Breaking juveniles : with particular reference to Gojjam Berenda , TITLE Sociocultural study of fistula patients : ( A study conducted at the Addis Ababa , Fistula Hospital ) People's attitude towards street children and the latter's perception of such attitude ( The case of Woreda 11 Kebele 17 Addis Ababa ) The situation of displaced women from Eritrea in kore camp . The role of Women's Association of Tigray in preventing early marriage and crating awareness in the society : with particular reference to Woreda " Degu Temben " Social and economic problems of 14 Aids Orphans who are members of Tesfa Goh Ethiopia Association Addis Ababa Branch , General assessment of the role of agricultural research centers to the integrated rural agricultural development with particular reference to Bako Agricultural Research Center in Eastern Wellega . The critical assessment of preventing and rehabilitating services rendered to Juvenile Delinquents by yoth rehablilation center in A/A. Housing problem in Addis Ababa with particular reference to Woreda 4 Kebele 27 , Knowledge, attitude and practice of people towards VCT and problems which affect voluntary counseling and testing ( VCT) particular in Akaki-Kality area , Child labour exploitation in the informal sector : A case study of 30 children working in metal workshops in Woreda 5 Kebele 18 and 19 , An assessment of the conditions of the displaced Somali in Addis Ababa and their social interactions with Ethiopians with particular reference to the Somali based at Bole Michael area , The problem of Addis Ababa city's solid waste management and its impact : a case study of the Repi area Living conditions of female AIDS orphans : case study of six female AIDS orphans in Tesfabirhan Orphans Association , An assessment of knowledge , attitude and sexual practice of youth towards HIV/AIDS : with particular reference to Ataye senior secondary school


SOC 234/2003


SOC 235/2003

YEAR CALL NUMBER 2003 SOC 236/2003 2003 SOC 237/2003

2003 2003

SOC 238/2003 SOC 240/2003


SOC 239/2003


SOC 241/2003


SOC 242/2003

2003 2003

SOC 243/2003 SOC 244/2003


SOC 245/2003


SOC 246/2003

2003 2003 2003

SOC 247/2003 SOC 248/2003 SOC 249/2003

Sisay Temesgen Solomon Abrha

AUTHOR Solomon Kidane

Solomon Negussie

Tenaw Mengist

Tesfaye Alemu Tesfaye Zeleke

Tizita Getachew Tizita Jemberu

Tsion Yohannes Wondu Degaga

Yenenesh Tadesse

The role of Oromo Development Association to Oromia integrated rural development program , A sociological study of Canadian Physicians for Aid and Reliefs ( CPAR's) assisted activities in particular reference to Lai Gayint project TITLE An assessment on the services renderd by Christian Children's Fund ( CCF) Ethiopia : The case of Merkato Area project . The cause and effect of Delay in marriage in urban area with particular reference of Megenagna Area woreda , 17 Kebele 21 and 24 A/A. Knowledge and sexual behavior patterns related to HIV/ AIDS among College students : A case study of Sidist Kilo campus , An assessment of the incidence causes and effects of sexual assault against female secondary school students , An assessment of factors that contributed to the Decline of traditional religous beliefs and ritual practices among the Oromos of west Shoa : with particular reference to Ambo area The knowledge , attitude and practice of commercial sex workers towards HIV/AIDS in Saris Kuchera' area , Domination intimidation and abuse of wives : a study of the attitude of victim wives of domestic violence towards marriage and family life . The socio-Economic impact of the somali refugees on wereda 17 kebele 20 ( Bole Michael Area ) Population , An assessment of factors affecting the adoption and diffusion patterns of agricultural extension services in Ethiopia : a case study of six peasant associations in the Akaki Woreda , Oromia region , The major adjustment problems of students with physical disabilities in A . A . U . Sidist Kilo campus .

2003 2003

SOC 250/2003 SOC 251/2003

YEAR CALL NUMBER 2003 SOC 252/2003


SOC 253/2003


SOC 254/2003

2003 2003

SOC 256/2003 SOC 255/2003

2003. 2003

SOC 258/2003 SOC 257/2003

2003 2003

SOC 259/2003 SOC 260/2003


SOC 261/2003


Afework Alemayehu Alemu Abebe An assessment of services in Jesuit Refugees Servicel Refugees Community Center , A study of the attitude knoweledge belief and practice of students of higher learning institutions towards HIV/ AIDS : the case of Kotebe College of Teacher Education Peoples' preception of their residential risks : with reference to areas of Addis Ababa that are affected by runoff caused floods (slums of Awarie Area ) Attitude knowledge and perception of Addis Ababa dwellers towards their neighborhoods ( with particular 2002 2002 SOC 204/2002 SOC205/2002

Askale Berhane


SOC 206/2002

Belaynesh Engidawork


SOC 207/2002

reference to Lafto Ayrtena and Piazza areas ) Getachew Kebede The role of the Ethiopian National Association of the Blind ( ENAB) in socio-economic empowerment of the visually impaired persons , TITLE The contribution of micro-credit program in poverty reduction : an assessment of bank assisted micro credit services of Zeway town , Aids The socioeconomic impacts of women in the informal sector on poverty reduction: the case of petty traders in Merkato . Assessment of the youth programme of the Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia with special reference to Ferensay Legasion Youth Center , An assessment of child care and protection programmes carried out by Addis Ababa Police Commission Child Protection Unit , The aftermath and potential threar of aids on service provision: the case of employees in ethoipian electric power corporation 2002 SOC 208/2002

AUTHOR Hirut Berhanu

YEAR CALL NUMBER 2002 SOC 209/2002

Mesfin Tefera


SOC 210/2002

Tamiru Defersha


SOC 211/2002

Tekeste Girma


SOC 212/2002

Tsioum Meaza


SOC 213/2002


Dawit Haile Dereje Assebot Socio-economic impacts of improved stoves business on producers : the case of Addis Ababa / Causes and consequences of conflict between married couples in Addis Ababa : case study of 30 family disputes presented to Ewla . An impact assessment of the Alaba Community Forestry and Conservation Project ( ACFCP) Factors affecting the effective participation of women who own small scale businesses : the case of Cherkos center The impact of unregulated fertility on the well-being of mothers and children in Addis Ababa : with particular reference to Woreda 17 Kebele 18 , Socol-Economic factors affecting households headed by women : A case study of 'Korke' and ' Kerabu' Kebeles ( Alemgena district ) Contributions of rural Women promoting projects towards social and economic empowerment of women / An assessment on the effort of Medhin Social Center to tackle the socio-economic problems of women affected by leprosy / 2000 2000 SOC 193/2000 SOC 194/2000

Eaman Mohamed Elsa Sereke Shimels Gebre

2000 2000 2000

SOC 195/2000 SOC 196/2000 SOC 197/2000

Tewodros Wendmneh


SOC 199/2000

Tiruset Haile Tizita Abate

2000 2000

SOC 200/2000 SOC 201/2000

Tseday Asheber

The consequence of lack of employment opportunities for Ethiopian women : Migration to Arab countries in particular , Knowledge , attitude , awareness and belief of people towards HIV /AIDS in Awash Melkassa town : east Shewa zone in the district of Adama /


SOC 202/2000

Yonas Endalamaw


SOC 203/2000


AUTHOR Abaynesh Merga Abbay Getachew TITLE The role of Gurage Iddir : a case study of konchacha iddir in Addis Ababa ; The problem of poliomyelitis and people's attitude towards polio vaccination : (a case of Cheshire Home for physically handicapped children ) An assessment of the objectives and services rendered by an NGO the destitute old people day care home programme with particular reference to Woreda 3 Kebele 30 in Addis Ababa ; Orthodox-Protestant tension in Ethiopia : a sociological prespective on religious prejudices and social boundaries An assessment of factors that influence Job-Satisfaction of workers : ( with particular emphasis to the workers of Tikur Abbay Shoe Factory ) The role and functions of indigenous NGOs in addressing street children problems : the case of forum on street children -Ethiopia ( FSC-E) ; Female paryicipation in primary education in bench- maji zone The role of NGOs in alleviating the problem of HIV/AIDS among the youth : the case of Save Your Generation Association / SYGA/ , The present condition of tuberclusis in Addis Ababa , its extent and impact and the role of Ministry of Health : with a particular emphasis to Woreda 25 health center , The peoples of south Omo and the characters in the novels of Fikremarkos Desta : an assessment in relation to the fictional portrayal of Ethnography and the role of anthropologists , The predicament of " Chile sefer" a study of the impact of the Addis Tyre Factory on the inhabitants of "Chile sefer The role of women in agricultural activities among Abbay Chomman Oromo north-Eastern Wallega ; YEAR CALL NUMBER 1999 SOC 160/1999 1999 SOC 157/1999

Abebaye Hailu


SOC 158/1999

Addise Amado Alelign Melaku Dessie

1999 1999

SOC 159/1999 SOC 161/1999

Aster Asfaw


SOC 162/1999

Begashaw Abera Daniel Melese

1999 1999

SOC 163/1999 SOC 164/1999

Dawit Tekle


SOC 165/1999

Dessalegne Mulaw


SOC 166/1999

Edlam Aberra Feyera Assefa

1999 1999

SOC 167/1999 SOC 169/1999

Fitsum Tarekegn

The situation of the convention on the rights of the child in Ethiopia and how it affects street children : (A case study on street children from few selected areas of A/A. regarding the implementation of the convention on the rights of the child and their awareness of the convention) Aging : as a social problem an assessment of the efforts of " Medhene social center " to tackle the problems of old people in Addis Ababa ; TITLE General assessment of Bako elementary school for the blind ; The institution of family arbitration and its impact on women ; The problem of beggary among youth : case study at traffic lights in Addis Ababa ; Female headed families and juvenile delinquency in Addis Ababa at Woredas 13 , 14 and 15 ; The better way for grass-root develpment ; Survival strategies of female headed households in Addis Ababa : a case study of selected households in GurdShola ( Woreda 28 , Kebele 04) Mothers' employment and the familly : a case study of 16 employed mothers in Mitichell Cotts and PVT. LTD.CO., Political participation in views of Ethiopian Protestants Church and its implication ; The social effects of Aids on the Elderly ; Poverty and the strategy for its alleviation : the case of African village academy ; The effect of childbearing on socio-economic situation of women The effect of displacment on elderly : a case of Kore camp ; The contribution of World Vision International Ethiopia to integrated rural development : a case of health service activities provision in " Wake Tiyo Mia " peasant associations ; Family planning and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church ; Assement of the rehablitative effect of hiv/ adis counselling An assessment of the living conditions of displaced people in Kore No. 3. shelter center ;


SOC 171/1999

Getinet Zegeye


SOC 172/199

AUTHOR Hamid Mohammed Hiwot Belay Leggese Dabesa Lemlem Sinkineh Lulit Berhanu Metasebia Solomon

YEAR CALL NUMBER 1999 SOC 171/1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 SOC 173/1999 SOC 174/1999 SOC 175/1999 SOC 176/1999 SOC 177/1999

Michael Deneke Mosisa Kena Mulualem Gurmessa Regat Tesfamariam sara Negussie Sara Tadiwos Solomon Ayalew

1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999

SOC 178/1999 SOC 179/1999 SOC 189/1999 SOC 181/1999 SOC 182/1999 SOC 183/1999 SOC 184/1999

Sophia Assefa Theodros Alemayhu Wondafrash Assefa

1999 1999 1999

SOC 185/1999 SOC 186/1999 SOC 188/1999

Yonas Tesfaye

Street children's knoowledge and attitude of HIV/AIDS : a studyconducted in four selected sites of Addis Ababa ; Aspects of the conditions of muslim women in Addis Ababa : a comparative study of Oromo and Harar wives ; The contribution of Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus to child welfare with special reference to Durame hostel ;


SOC 189/1999

Zemzem Shikur Zerihun Yohannes

1999 1999

SOC 191/1999 SOC 192/1999


AUTHOR Abebe Zewge TITLE Assessment of problems in health service utilization by rural pregnant women with particular reference to Ambo Woreda , West Shoa Zone The Somali refugees in Ethiopia with particular emphasis to camabokar refugee camp. The social role of Mosque in the community : a case study of two Mosques in Jimma , effect of child labour on children socio-economic development a case study on twenty shoe shine childern in to kebeles: woreda 6 kebele 04 and 05 addis ababa Urban ghetto and the dilemma of the child girl : a case study of 30 teenage girls in slum area / The role of care-Ethiopia and community participatory in development in Woreda 16 , Kebele 06 . An assessment of Entoto community based child care project of compassion international. Attitude of female students towards family planning with particular reference to Minilik secondary school ; A case study on African refugees in Ethiopia with particular emphasis on Dimma refugee camp. Preferential treatments of local people to psychiatric illnesses : a focus study on two traditional and modern healing systems in the city of A.A Study on nature and scope of occupational disability in selected manufacturing industries. An evaluation study of child care services based on oneto- one sponsorship: the case of teo christian childern's fund projects in A/A. The problem of alcoholism in the city of Addis Ababa. Assessment of community participation in food for work in Ethiopia project ETH 2488 / III " rehabilitation & development of rural lands & infrastructure " with particular emphasis on Adama Woreda . YEAR CALL NUMBER 1998 SOC 120/1998

Abraham Sewonet Akmel Nuri Aslefch Endale

1998 1998 1998

SOC 121/1998 SOC 122/1998 SOC 124/1998

Berhanue Wolde Bezu Lemma Biniam Addis Cherinet Hirpo Christopher Lianyang Dagmawi Alemayehu

1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998

SOC 125/1998 SOC 126/1998 SOC 127/1998 SOC 128/1998 SOC 123/1998 SOC 129/1998

Damtew Alemu Ephrem Mergia

1998 1998

SOC 130/1998 SOC 131/1998

Fisseha Zelleke Fithanegest Gebru

1998 1998

SOC 132/1998 SOC 133/1998

Frehiwot Gebeyehu Gebeyehu Bekele

Gebrekidan Hadush Heran Sisay

AUTHOR Hiwot Negatu Kifle Mengesha Lomi Yadeta Meron Ayele Kifle

Roza Ashenafi

Seifu Aseres Tilahun Lemma

Tilahun Seyoum Tsegaye Gudeta Woldekidan Kifle Yasmin Mohmmed

Yonas Taddesse

Zelalem Asfaw

Introduction of vegetable to Debay-Tilat Gen Woreda , Misrak Gojjam project area of agri-service Ethiopia . An assessment of community participation in farmAfrica's community forest and wildlife conservation project : the case of Lemen Worko site . Social and acadamic problems of blind students in addis ababa universty slidst Major factors affecting female students' enrollment and participation in selected senior secondary schools in Addis Ababa : a gender prespective . TITLE Problems of women small-item sellers around Merkato area. The problem of graveyards in Addis Ababa : a comparative study of some selected graveyards The effect of domestic violence against wives in Woreda 16 , Addis Ababa / An assessment of a self-employed association . The case of Birhan Addis Ababa Driving Instructor and Vehicle Owners' Association . A study of community based provision of child care service under the Biblical Baptist Church : the case of Arat Kilo child care and community development . An assessment of family planning in Ethiopia with particular reference to Gondar . An assessment on the social welfare services in Addis Ababa with a particular reference to Mickey Leyland Children's Home. The role and condition of factory women workers: the case of Adei Abeba yarn factory. The occurrence of power vacuum due to transition of government Gender related child treatment within the family: the case of 15 families from 2 Kebeles in Woreda 7-Kebele 31 and 32. An assessment of the service rendered by " integrated holistic approach -urban development project " ( IHAUDP) to destitute elderly people . The impact socio-economic problem on the educational performance of female students ( with particular reference to two selected senior high schools in Addis Ababa ) Participation of community in water supply development in Wachulefa area ( with particular emphasis on women )

1998 1998

SOC 134/1998 SOC 135/1998

1998 1998

SOC 136/1998 SOC 137/1998

YEAR CALL NUMBER 1998 SOC 138/1998 1998 SOC 139/1998 1998 1998 SOC 140/1998 SOC 141/1998


SOC 144/1998

1998 1998

SOC 145/1998 SOC 147/1998

1998 1998 1998 1998

SOC 150/1998 SOC 151/1998 SOC 152/1998 SOC 154/1998


SOC 155/1998


SOC 156/1998


Gebreselassie G.Tsadik Effects of the rural credit scheme and the social programmes of relief society of Tigray ( REST) on rural women of Tigray : A case study of two Woredas . 1996 SOC 110/1996

Girma Yadeta Shewasemash Worku

Sofia Moges Tadesu Zewdie Yilma Zeleke AUTHOR Alemayehu Bisrat Azmera W/Hana

Traditional belief systems and religious practice of the northeastern Wallegga : The case of Jidda Oromo . The assessment of the youth program of the Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia with special reference to Woreda 10 youth project An assessment of rehabilitation services for EX-Lepers in woreda 23 , The problem of street children with particular reference to Woreda 5 Kebele 07 , Condition of crime iin Addis Ababa , TITLE Is prostitution the last resort ? Case study of prostitutes in two Kebeles of Addis Ababa , An assessment of the programmes carried out by Christian Children's Fund (CCF) in A. A. (with a particular reference to Woreda 2 Kebele 11 ) The Gurage urban migrants , the case of Wereda 17 Kebele 17 of Addis Ababa . The problem of durg abuse in Nazareth : a case study of thirty young people who abuse drugs . The problem of women's education . A study on the impact of air pollution caused by the Addis Ababa Cement Factory on the inhabitants of Woreda 20 Kebele 46 . Prevention and rehabilitation of youth delinquency in four slum Kebeles of Teklehaimanot areas .

1996 1996

SOC 111/1996 SOC 113/1996

1996 1996 1996

SOC 114/1996 SOC 116/1996 SOC 119/1996

YEAR CALL NUMBER 1996 SOC 105/1996 1996 SOC 104/1996

Dula W/Senbet Ephrem Assefa Etsegenet Hailemariam Fisseha Alazar

1996 1996 1996 1996

SOC 106/1996 SOC 107/0996 SOC 108/1996 SOC 109/1996

Menbere Taddesse


SOC 112/1996


Abebe Ashagre Adugna Debessa The case and effect delay in marriage in urban area with particular reference of Lideta woreda ( Woreda 22) , Role and place of indigenous forms of copperations in Socio-economic life of Jimma Arjoo Community ( Eastern wallega ) An assessment of the situation of street children in two Kebeles : Wereda 4, Kebele 37 and 38 . Attitudes of teacher towards teachers' associations of Ethiopia with particular reference to schools in Addis Ababa ( TAE) An assessment of why family planning is in-effective in Ethiopia with particular reference to Addis Ababa ; An assessment of Ministry of Education ( head office ) workers saving and credit cooperative association . The general living conditions of Ethio-Eritean war displaced women in Addis Ababa with particular reference to Jalmeda camp; 1995 1995 SOC 089/1995 SOC 090/1995

Amir Abdurahman Ayalew Bezabih

1995 1995

SOC 091/1995 SOC 092/1995

Biresaw Geremew Demowz Workie Eden Teshome

1995 1995 1995.

SOC 093/1995 SOC 094/1995 SOC 095/1995

Gebeyehu Dejene Gedu Anbesse Geletta Tessema Sara Emiru

AUTHOR Seyoum Dessiye Solomon Abebe Solomon Hailu

Provision of health service by Menilik IInd hospital , Catholic Cathedral clinic and Mengenagna poly clinic . A case study of five Bar maids on their situation and attitude towards rehabilitation . Ider : its role in the development and social change with particular reference to Wereda five . Assessment of socio-economic condition of street sweepers in relation to working condition with particular reference of Zone 5 health bureau TITLE Institutional care for orphan children; with particular reference to Jari Terre des Hommes Children's Village. Urbanization in Nazareth. The role of Tigray Development Association in Tigray rural development program.

1995 1995 1995 1995

SOC 096/1995 SOC 097/1995 SOC 098/1995 SOC 100/1995

YEAR CALL NUMBER 1995 SOC 101/1995 1995 1995 SOC 102/1995 SOC 103/1995


Aklilu Nega Berhanu Geletu Ethnic based Edir among the Sodo Gurage : the case of Melco . Children of broken home and ways of assistance with special reference to Geja Kalehiwet Church child and youth day care center . The rehabilitation of ex-servicemen with special emphasis to the activities of Ethiopian Evnagelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY) Women training for self-employment ( with particular reference to Family Development Project-FADEP) Rehabilitating marginalized women with special emphasis on Catholic Archdiocese Women's Promotion Centre . An experience of aging in Addis Ababa a case study of one elderly women who lived in Addis Ababa : Mrs. Negatua Dibaw ( an anthropological approach) . Comparative study of common types of crimes reported to the police in Addis Ababa during 1982 and 1986 E. C. General assessment of Mekannisa elementary school for the deaf , A study of the services renderd by the Ethiopian Kaleheywot Church development programmes , with a particular reference to Kuriftu children's care center , Impact of unbalanced growth between student-population and physical facilities on teaching-learning environment in some selected junior high schools in A. A. 1994 1994 SOC 076/1994 SOC 077/1994

Beyene Gudeta .


SOC 078/1994

Bizuayehu Andarssa Elizabeth Seleshi

1994 1994

SOC 079/1994 SOC 080/1994

Hailemeskel Mesfin


SOC 081/1994

Lulu G.Selassie Melesse Tadesse Mulugeta Eyoel

1994 1994 1994

SOC 082/1994 SOC 083/1994 SOC 084/1994

Nigussie Teka


SOC 085/1994

Nuru Ahmed Tamrat Shenkoru

The problem of malnutrition among infants in Addis Ababa with special reference to Woreda 13 , The role of Redd Barna-Ethiopia in promoting childoriented communities ( with particular reference to Woreda 11 , Kebelle 14 , Addis Ababa) Levels and differentials of infant and child mortality in Addis Ababa

1994 1994

SOC 086/1994 SOC 087/1994

Teshome Adno


SOC 088/1994


AUTHOR Assefa Getahun Bayable Balew Demeke Techane Elias Seid Fetlework Abebe G.Hiwot Berihun TITLE Disciplinary problems in some selected junior secondary schools in Addis Ababa . A study of the impact of unregulated fertility on the wellbeing of mothers in Addis Ababa . The role of handicraft cooperative with particular reference to weaving cooperative in Addis Ababa . The sociological study of Catholic Relief Service in relation to materials and child health in Emdibir Center . A study on 20 family of Ex-servicemen in Kefitegna 13 Kebele 06 . An assessment of health institution in the light of family planning services : with particular emphasis on ' Shero Meda ' health center . The role and impact of the training school and remand home for boys of Addis Ababa , in correcting juvenile delinquents . The general assessment of women's participation on employment in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia with particular reference to A/A. The prevalence of HIV infection and its impact on prostitutes Living and working conditions of street girls : a case study of twenty female street vendors in Kirkos market area . The role of non-governmental organization in solving the problems of youth : with particular reference to day / Comparative study on the attitude of couples towards marriage with special reference to Addis Ababa A case study of Ministry of Culture workers . Abortion as a social problems in Jimma town , SouthWestern Ethiopia . A study of the refugee counselling service of the Ethiopian Orthodox church . The religious and traditional aspects of funeral customs YEAR CALL NUMBER 1993 SOC 049/1993 1993 1993 1993 1993 1993 SOC 050/1993 SOC 051/1993 SOC 052/1993 SOC 053/1993 SOC 054/1993

Gebremedhin Demissie


SOC 055/1993

Genet Debebe


SOC 056/1993

Kebede Mirra Makda Getachew Manahlosh Yohannes Meaza Kebede

1993 1993 1993 1993

SOC 057/1993 SOC 058/1993 SOC 059/1993 SOC 060/1993

Minia Desalegn Odhong , J. Ajak Rahel Mesfin

1993 1993 1993

SOC 061/1993 SOC 062/1993 SOC 063/1993

Samuel Abiyou Sebsib Belay Simegne Eshete

AUTHOR Tabeyin Gedlu Tabeyin Gedlu Tamene Geremew Tamrat Yigezou Tassew Shiferaw Tsegaye Tadesse Yilma Sunta Yilma Tadesse Yohannes W.Michael Zewdu Wondimu Emebet Kebede Fantu Tsegaye

practised by the followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church . Food for work case study of Concern's project Higher 4 Kebele 36 . Housing problem in some selceted Kebeles of Addis Ababa , An assessment on the activities of CPAR ( Canadian Physicians for AID and Relief ) in Selale Awraja-with particular emphasis on Nono-Harbu Kebele peasant association , Yaya Gulale Woreda , ) TITLE The impact of early marriage on Ethiopian women a case study at fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa . The impact of early marriage on Ethiopian women a case study at fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa . A case study of 20 prostitutes in Keftegna 5 , Kebeles 06 and 12 in Addis Ababa , The contribution of a Seventh Day Adventist Chuch , its mission in Ethiopia . Some features of marriage and divorce in Addis Ababa , Prevalence of intestinal parasite (Special reference to A. L. E. R. T. hospital) The impact of polygamous marriage on family formation and church in Wolaita . The existing sanitation condition of Addis Ababa-with particular reference to Kebele 29 of Higher 7. The role of Eddir in Addis Ababa with particular reference to zone Hulet Eddir , Fidelity in the translation of red tears

1993 1993 1993

SOC 064/1993 SOC 065/1993 SOC 066/1993

YEAR CALL NUMBER 1993 SOC 067/1993 1993 1993 1993 1993 1993 1993 1993 1993 1993 1992 1995 SOC 067/1993 SOC 068/1993 SOC 069/1993 SOC 070/1993 SOC 071/1993 SOC 072/1993 SOC 073/1993 SOC 074/1993 SOC 075/1993 SOC 031/1992 SOC 032/1992


An assessment of the adequacy of services rendered by Emmanuel Psychiatric Hospital . An assessment of the objectives and services rendered by region "14" health center with particular reference to Sheromeda health center . Sanitation and morbidity pattern in city of addis ababa Central cults and beliefs among Keffa, southwest Ethiopia . The general assessment of Pestalozzi Children's Village Foundation with particular reference to Higher 21 , Kebele 23 Project . A study of the services rendered by Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus Day Child and Youth Care Centers with a particular reference to Urael Evangelical Church Day Child and Youth Care Center .

Getachew Assefa Kifle W/Michael Mentwab Mekonnen

1992 1992 1992

SOC 034/1992 SOC 035/1992 SOC 036/1992

Meseret Ababe


SOC 037/1992

Mesfin Seifu

Rahel Demeke Serkalem Brehanu Shumet Gebeyehu Sitotaw Assaye Taffese Negash

Taye Mekonnen Teklehaimanot G.Ghiorghis Wakuma Gebri Wassie Kebede Zergaw Lemessa

Assessment of the condition of Chat habituation in Addis Ababa University ; the case study of thirty students of Sididt kilo campus . Divorce and its effects on society . THE development of addis ababa as a city with special emphasis on its housing problem Youth attitude towards Aids with particular reference to Yekatit 12 comprehensive senior high school . The study of Slum areas in Addis Ababa with particular reference to Basha Woldie Chelot . Contribution of peasant Agricultural Development Project / PADEP/ to rural development . / With particular reference to PADEP VI / Housing problems and conditions in Addis Ababa with particular focus on Kebele 17 , Kefetegna 11 . THE teaching of english vocabulary in grade six the case of megabit 28 and shimbit elementary schools in bahrdar An assessment of the condition of malnourised children at BA'ATA clinic in Addis Ababa , Causes of crime and how to rehabilitate the criminals Rehabilitation of ex-leprosy patients a case study of the Addis house and office furniture enterprise.


SOC 038/1992

1992 1992 1992 1992 1992

SOC 039/1992 SOC 040/1992 SOC 041/1992 SOC 042/1992 SOC 043/1992

1992 1992 1992 1992 1992

SOC 044/1992 SOC 045/1992 SOC 046/1992 SOC 047/1992 SOC 048/1992


Andom Mosazghi Mengistu Lule Mesfin Shuge Student's crime and delinquency in Addis Ababa. Marriage in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Assessment of the effect of education and work status on fertility of women in the regions of Oromiya , Amhara and Addis Ababa ; Impact of traditional medical practitioners in urban Ethiopia. 1991 1991 1991 SOC 26/1991 SOC 027/1991 SOC 28/1991

Neghsti Kifleyesus


SOC 029/1991


Taddese Kenaa The impact of Road Transportation on economic and social development in Ethiopia. 1986 SOC 025/1986


Bizuayehu Lakew Kiflu Habtu Peteros Belete Some cultural aspects of the Sidamo Cond itions of ambsa public bus service and its future prospective in addis ababa Determinants of vocational aspirations of ethiopian school children 1984 1979 1979 SOC 024/1984 SOC 022/1979 SOC 023/1979


Abebech Alemneh A study of the impact of community center on urban development in Debre Marcos . 1973 SOC 010/1973

Alemayehu Mekuria Alemtsehay Zeleke AUTHOR Almaz Gebre Kidane

Bekele Zeleke Demissie Deressa Getachew Negash

Urbanization is one of the major factors that contributes to the spread of prostitution in Addis Ababa , A study of domestic course program given at Aware community Center . TITLE Attitude of blind students of the Haile Selassie I University towards other ( sighted ) students in the University , A study of the role of the Dorze Sefere in the urban center Study of street-boys in Addis Ababa. The understanding (knowledge ) of parents about the causes of polio with children suffering from poliomyelities in the Cheshire Home . Indigenous marriage practices among the Oromo of Ilu Abbabor . A study of the problem of female servants with particular reference to the ladies who are trained at the Aware Community Center . "Street children as a special subsection of the labouring child population : a case study of twenty children . " Women and employment situation in Addis Ababa , Housing problem in Addis Ababa with particular reference on Kebele 33 of Woreda 3.

1973 1973

SOC 011/1973 SOC 012/1973

YEAR CALL NUMBER 1973 SOC 013/1973

1973 1973 1973

SOC 014/1973 SOC 015/1973 SOC 016/1973

Gezahegn Belachew Million Desalegne

1973 1973

SOC 017/1973 SOC 018/1973

Tensay Taye Tirist Grishaw Zenebe W.Michael

1973 1973 1973

SOC 020/1973 SOC 019/1973 SOC 021/1973


AUTHOR Abebe Hailu Alebachew Aberra Geday G/Wahid Getachew kifle TITLE Illiteracy as a draw back to the socio-economic development of Ethiopia. Malnourished children in Addis Ababa , A case study of twenty prostitutes in Addis Ababa. The impact of institutional life on the adaptability of youth to life in the society seen from Tensae Berhan Orpahnage A study on the problems encounterd professional social workers in Addis Ababa Social work an evaluative study. Destitute elderly beggars in Addis Ababa : with particular reference to Holy Saviour , Saint Marry , Holy trinity Churches and their surroundings . Emotional and physical abuse of children : nature and magnitude of the problem . The problem of ignorance in child upbringing practice among the mothers in Medhanealem rehabilitation center YEAR CALL NUMBER 1972 SOC 001/1972 1972 1972 1972 SOC 002/1972 SOC 003/1992 SOC 004/1972

Sileshi Kebede Tareketch Mekete Tesfu Beraki

1972 1972 1972

SOC 006/1972 SOC 007/1972 SOC 005/1972

Tsegureda Abraham Tsige Wongel Tekleab

1972 1972

SOC 009/1972 SOC 008/1972


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