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Computer Based Abacus Games


CBAG is a computer based, interacting abacus learning program conceived and developed by UCMAS India. Children prefer playing games on the computer and they find it to be fun and interesting, if it is interactive in nature. CBAG is a fun based game method of learning and practicing abacus on the computer. UCMAS India offers a very unique and scientifically proven concept (ie). Abacus Mental Arithmetic. It is absolutely a structured program for children in the age group of 4 ­ 13 years. This program helps children to enhance their mental skills, such as concentration visualization, listening, speed, Accuracy memory learning ability, self confidence etc. This concept has been practiced by physically using the abacus tool and subsequently followed by transforming the abstract numbers into beads images thereby creating beads visualization in mind and gradually forming the image memory. However UCMAS India has developed a software called CBAG (computer Based Abacus Games). CBAG is a interacting abacus learning program for UCMAS students because children prefer playing games on the computer and they find it to be fun and interesting. CBAG is a fun based game method of learning and practicing abacus on the computer. Since the most preferable activity of children in class is flashcards, fill in the beads, find complements, oral call outs etc. These kinds of activities are available in CBAG which inculcate interest and motivates the children.

1. Home Practice

Hyperactive students who take keen interest in doing mental sums demand more and more sums, from their course instructors, hence CBAG home practice offers a solution to give more and more practice to a student in any level of abacus.Home practice is also a very useful tool for students who take long leave so that they have adequate exercises to practice during the long summer holidays. This also reduces the burden of p a r e n t s and course instructors by auto correcting the practice done by children on the CBAG and offer immediate results, which motivate the child and shows the level of efficiency by means of timing their sessions.

2. Call out

Orals are a very important aspect of the UCMAS abacus and mental arithmetic course. Apart from the class, the students need to do orals practice at home also to achieve good proficiency in abacus training however we find that a majority are unable to do it at home, because they need help from some other person which is always not possible. Therefore CBAG offers a smart solution to this problem by means of call out. The student can select the number of digits, then the number of rows and also the options are easy, medium, hard, very hard, depending upon his / her ability which is a very challenging and exciting exercise that this computer based video game has offered.

3. Model Paper - National Competition

Children selected for State / National Competition require a lot of model papers ( competition format) for which Course Instructors have to work hard to generate a number of model question papers for this purpose. CBAG self generates (N) number of model papers from 'Z' category to the GL at the click of a button. These papers can be attempted by the child on the computer and each question paper has a pre-determined time limit set. Whenever the child wishes to know their result, a click on the answers option, gives the summary of (i) correct answers (ii) wrong answers (iii) unanswered.

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Computer Based Abacus Games

4. Abacus Games

(I) Fill in the Beads:

Positioning the beads according to the numbers is a very basic exercise taught to children in an abacus class. This can also be practiced using the fill in the beads for the given numbers on the screen. This helps the child to practice positioning of beads on Abacus. (ii) Find Complements: The abacus mental arithmetic program has certain numbers to identify as big friends and small friends. Being thorough with this formula gives the child a strong foundation of the concept which is very essential if the child is to have a smooth progress for the higher levels, Finding the complement helps the child to be thorough themselves with the formula in a fun and game interactive method.

(iii) Abacus Computations: Addition / Subtraction / Multiplication / Division:

The student can select and practice simple addition subtraction, Multiplication and divisions by selecting t h e number of digits and rows for addition and subtraction or by selecting the number of multiplicand into number of multiplier or number of dividend by number of divisors and also select the timing options and start performing the sums that appear on the screen. If the child finishes and submits the sum before the selected time CBAG shows the result immediately, if the child is unable to finish the sum in the selected time then CBAG automatically offers the answers (iv) Flash Cards: As the name suggests flash card, it shows the bead positioning of numbers and this helps children to develop photographic memory and improve concentration and the practice of flash cards can be done in two ways.

Writing Answer on the Note book:

The child selects the number of flash cards and also the time taken in seconds to answer them. The flash cards then appear in quick succession, the child notes down the number value of each flash card on piece of paper and at the end of the session the computer displays all the answers and the child cross checks, with the paper to find out how many answers are correct.

Writing Answer on Computer:

In this option the flash cards appear one by one and the child has to type the answer into the system and click the next button for the second flash card to appear. This goes on until either the time selected or the number of cards selected is over, at the end of it CBAG shows the (i) number of right answer ( ii) number o f wrong answers and ( iii) number of unanswered.

(v) Practice Sums:

The child can select the number of sums and the number of digits and rows as the child wishes to practice t h e sums according to the display on screen and the child has to do the sums mentally and put down answers on a piece of paper. the answers are displayed on the screen below the question for the child to cross check.

Yearly: All India UCMAS Abacus Competition @ Chennai

Yearly: International UCMAS Abacus Competition @ Malaysia

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Yearly: International Grading Examination for Students

All India Moderators Workshop

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Yearly: All India Course Instructors Workshop



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