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Mowgli's Brothers

by Rudyard Kipling

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Before Reading Activities

Pages 8-9 1 a) 7, b) 6, c) 1, d) 3, e) 5, f) 4, g) 2 2 a) rocks, b) pond, c) stream, d) huts, e) cave, f) ploughed fields, g) hill 3 Likes, Dislikes 4 a) F, b) D, c) T, d) D, e) F, f) T

Pages 10-11 1

2 a) 2, b) 5, c) 6, d) 3, e) 1, f) 7, g) 4 3 a) pride, b) army, c) troop, d) herd, e) swarm, f) parade 4 a) 3, b) 1, c) 5, d) 6, e) 4, f) 2

5 Hello, my name is Mowgli. I am a boy but I don't live in a village with other people. I live in the jungle with my brothers the wolves. I like living in the jungle. It's fun, but sometimes it's a little dangerous too.

Mowgli's Brothers

TABAQUI Page 16 a The wolves of India hate Tabaqui because he runs about causing problems and telling tales. b The wolves are afraid of Tabaqui when he goes mad. c He compliments Father Wolf's children to their faces.

THE LAW OF THE JUNGLE Page 21 The Law of the Jungle says that man is the weakest and most defenceless of all living things and it is unsportsmanlike to touch him.

THE MAN CUB Page 25 a They are protective. They are careful not to hurt him and the say he is brave. b The man cub is not afraid of the wolves.

EVERY DOG BARKS IN HIS OWN YARD Page 29 It means that you are brave when you are in your own protected area or environment.

BAGHEERA AND BALOO Page 39 It is not fun to kill a small child: Bagheera Children are not dangerous: Baloo

THE RED FLOWER Page 53 fire

THE PACK MEETING Page 61 The leadership of the pack is open because Akela missed his kill. Bagheera says that Shere Khan has no right to speak because he is a tiger, not a wolf.

MOWGLI AND THE PACK Page 65 Akela wants to save Mowgli. He says that Mowgli eats, sleeps and hunts with the wolves and that he never breaks the Law of the Jungle. He says that Mowgli is their brother in everything except blood. Mowgli was spoken for and accepted by the pack according to the Law of the Jungle. Bagheera wants to save Mowgli. He says that he paid for him with a bull when the wolves accepted Mowgli into the pack. Shere Khan wants to kill Mowgli. He says that Mowgli was his meat from the start. Mowgli is a man and no one can look him between the eyes. No man cub can run with the people of the jungle.

FIRE Page 68 The wolves jump back in terror. They are afraid of the fire. Man uses fire for light, heat, protection, cooking, destroying things, as a weapon in fights.

After Reading Activities

Comprehension Pages 76-77

1 a) F, b) T, c) T, d) T, e) F, f) F, g) T, h) F, i) F, j) F, k) F, l) T, m) F, n) F, o) T 2 a) Because he causes problems and tells tales and when he goes mad he bites everything in his way.

b) Because he wants to kill Mowgli and because he creates problems for the wolves. c) Because they cannot look at him between the eyes 3 a) 3, b) 6, c) 1, d) 5, e) 9, f) 7, g) 2, h) 8, i) 4

Characters Pages 78-79 1 1 c) wolf, 2 b) bear, 3 e) jackal, 4 a) panther, 5 f) man, 6 d) tiger 2 a) wolves, b) brave, c) alone, d) gently, e) Frog, f) eat, g) family 3 1 Shere Khan, 2 Mowgli, 3 Baloo, 4 Bagheera, 5 Akela, 6 Tabaqui

Plot and theme Pages 80-81 1 1 a), 2 d), 3 f), 4 g), 5 b), 6 j), 7 c), 8 h), 9 i), 10 e) 2 a) F, b) T, c) T, d) F, e) F, f) F 3 a) 3, b) 2, c) 3, d) misses (Possible answers) 4 a) Because it is unsportsmanlike and animals that eat man become mangy and lose their teeth. b) Because they must be accepted by the pack. c) Because cubs are too easy to kill. They must first prove that they are able to kill and defend themselves. d) Because this means he is weak and not able to defend and protect the pack.

Test Pages 82-83 1 a) 1, b) 2, c) 3, d) 3, e) 3 2 a) 2, b) 3, c) 1, d) 2, e) 1, f) 3, g) 2, h) 1, i) 1, j) 2



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